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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  November 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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bring them packages and food when a gunman opened fire on his bus. >> a young extinguished. schwartz was killed during a second attack when a palestinian gunman opened fire on cars stuck in a traffic jam. windows shattered by gunfire. it happened near the west bank, south of jerusalem. >> we are all joineding to as one community in our grief. runningback this rab/ runningback this rably said he did not know ez/ sa/ personally did not know ez/ sa/ personally, but said he was a member of the shy cool youth group. he said he was in israel. >> the pw+eflt/ of the best of r+/ of our kids spend the year
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complete this kind of activity where you reach out, we want our best kids to feel connected to their identity. >> ezra's family members belonged to the temple here behind me, sharon temple. the rabbi here said they were not prepareed to make a comment at this point. we receiveed a brief statement from the school in brookline extended in brookline extending sympathy in brookline extending sympathy, saying the entire community is devastated. reaction continues to in on social media. we'll continue to sort through that and bring
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a gray and gloomy day on boston common, but today, things are starting to change. "stormtracker"radar is lit up, "fox 25"chief meteorologist has been tracking these showers all afternoon. the rain could get heavier as the night goes on. >> we expect that to happen. scattered showers. we said it wouldn't be much during the daylight hours. heavier rain to our west, we'll start to work on it, some spots, still seeing some showers. we are seeing rain activity there. also through southern new hampshire and the northern tier of massachusetts. look at the southwest. look at the heavier rains. along the new jersey /pennsylvania border. this tra/ skwrebg/ treu/ will push it toward southern new england. that's what i expect to have to happen. this is the rain we are talking about. the heaviest along the coast, stay heaviest along the coast, staying well to our south.
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later on. it will not be the worst of what we have seen. let's take you through 7:00 and watch how the heavy rain coming into new england during the 9:00 hour. especially in western massachusetts. we'll be tracking that later on tonight, the back edge getting into western mass already by 1:30 in wofter by 3:00 in the morning and coming toward boston during the morning drive. we'll be talking about some of the heaviest rain coming through in time for you to go to work and school. there is still plenty to go through before the storm system moves out. i'll show you what the weekend is looking like behind the storm system. police say this man broke into an amory and stole high-powered guns. he is from massachusetts, but he was >>. >> wei want to start with robert who learned more about
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how the fib tracked him down. robert is live in long island where the man was taken into custody last fight. >> it happened in this parking lot. you can see it's a fairly busy parking lot. it happened around 7:00 last night. federal agents and massachusetts state police working with local police were able to move in on the suspect. he surrendered without any issue. this is a couple hundred miles away from where the suspect last lived, but we are learning he has connections to the new york area. >> i'm glad he is caught and i'm glad he is in custody. >> this is the scene in westbury new york after state and federal investigators moved in on james walker moral less. investigators say he broke into the u.s. army reserve last saturday and stole 16 military grade rifles and pistols, leaving many people concerned. >> i think there needs to be more security. reporter: federal investigators say moral less, who!woe was on a gps monitoring
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device while awaiting a trial for child rape charges broke in and used a pry bar to break in. police say he was wearing a gps monitor. on november 14th, surveillance video shows the a man entering the building with a duffle bag. the weapons alarm is triggered. following day after mid-tphaoeug/. sur/ veil shows a suspect vehicle departing the area. that morning at 7:30, the army reports. the feds believe -- -- the feds have not said whether the 16 guns have been located, but they did say they any terrorism blot any terrorism plot.
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hearing and ton at 6:00, we'll tell you how police were able to connect moral less to the crime using dna samples. that part of the story, just ahead. tonight, "fox 25"did some digging on james moral less, we are learning more about his past, crystal hanes continues our coverage with that part of the story, crystal. >> we know from court documents he was a father and has been living here for at hraoeflt/ the last few years. i soak with a neighbor at his last known address and he describes what he thought were s.w.a.t. teams going into an apartment next door. the people here in cambridge are shocked. i did speak with the police commissioner and he tells me he has grave concerns about the communication and at least part of this investigation. >> convicted batterror, accused
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thief. 34 -year-old army reserveist james moral less -- -- >> he's a good person. >>reporter: he said he was shocked when what he described as s.w.a.t. teams with dog entered his neighbor's hospital entered his neighbor's hospital. >>reporter: . >>reporter: i knocked next door the unit listed in paperwork for moral hrez/ and got no response. "fox 25"pulled his records and documents so a 2013 conviction for assault and battery. last may, he appeared before a judge on middlesex superior court and ordered to wear a monitoring bracelet. the same bracelet he is said to have cut off taourg/ amory robbery.
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>> i was not aware he was on probation. nor had a bracelet. we weren't -- -- we are involved to some degree with the fbi. >> i think there was somewhat investigation. reporter: police commissioner tells me their department weren't even notified more rals/ die sraoeuted his probation. >> we don't know about the bracelet right away. we could have helped if we knew about the bracelet breach. >> we did reach out to the department of probation and have not heard back yet. coming up at 6:00, i dig deeper
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. here is what we know, right now. -- -- identify now. -- -- identified based on skin samples. there were 9 more arrests in belgium and the french military continues to bomb isis targets. so far, 35 targets have been destroyed. bob is following the latest developments. reporter: walker, elizabeth. it took more than 24-hours to get confirmation of this ring leader's death. that's because his body was unrecognizable. final confirmation coming from a dna match to his saliva. >> the ring leader suspected of orchestrate orchestrating the attacks in
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>> with the death of this individual, to take down the entire network. reporter: french authorities announced he was killed during an intense 7 hour raid -- -- he had previously been involved in 4 previous foiled plots. presidential candidate hilary clinton spoke about combating the islamic state. >> it's time to begin a new phase and intensify and broaden our efforts. to deny isis control of territory in iraq and syria. >> with isis now threatening for attacks worldwide. lawmakers have called for a block on syrian refugees. >> today, the house overwhelmingly approved a bill to halt syrians and iraqi refugees from entering the state until it is determined
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risk. the white house said they will veto that legislation legislation. much more on how our lawmakers voted in 20 minutes. developing to day, a new warning about isis. u.s. intelligence said they are aggressively working to create chemical weapons. >> isis has used basic chemical weapons begins weapons against kurdish forces stkpwhr-fplt/. >> u.s. looking into a new isis video threatening an attack on new york city. times square and what appears to be a bomb being tucked into a man's jacket. nypd said they are aware of the video. the city's police commissioner said this is not a new threat. stkwhr/ they seek to create fear. they seek to intimidate. we will not be intimidated and we will not live in fear. reporter: earlier this week, isis released a video
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>> an abg/ tv violence for the intentional dismissiveness -- -- >> hate on the portraits of black university professors. the reason some students say they are glad this happened. >>. >> a young girl's murder hunting her family and police for decades. tonight new england unsolved reexamines the case and finds out the new step case and finds out the new steps being taken stkpwhr-fplt/ steps being taken stkpwhr-fplt/. >> rainshowers spotty for most part, seeing some here on cape cad. heavier rain expected. i'll show you when it gets here and when it moves out. >> decision meaning anyone under the age of 21 will there's a better way to for you: lahey hospital and cardiac teams pioneering innovative treatments... and neurosurgeons at the forefront of spinal surgery... right here. america's largest live-donor liver transplant program... right now.
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the right outcomes... for who matters most. lahey hospital and medical center
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banning company work ares from praying the games. they would ban professional athletes from taking part. the attorney
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daily tpapbtd/sy sports. reporter: shraoes/ not. she is calling these the new rules of the road, saying in part they arement to protect your wallet. the attorney general telling us her proposal, the first-of-its-kind of consumer protections in the country. >> it's my belief this is the best path forward when it comes it protecting consumers and minors an the likes. reporter: she is looking to ban draft kings from extending credit to players and see wants to set up a tiered system to put all of the players on a level playing fields. >> as i look at the criminal laws that ally to gambling, it is not clear they apply to this new agency. >> i know all of my friends are controlled by fantasy football and draft kings and i think from a college perspective,
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that's why the attorney general is doing that. it makes sense. >> draft kings has the characteristics of gambling. there are many kids in college and they are dedicating alot of their funds to that. >> for its part, draft kings issued a statement saying they have some concerns with the regulation, but intended to work with the attorney general to be sure it's operating in the best interest of its customers. so, what's next? a public hearing is set for january and the attorney general expects to have these regulations in place by next winter. not everybody is on board with this. at 6:00, we talked to a local lawmaker that has a problem with the age limit set and why he said it ought to be lowered. . >> >>.
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couple expected to move in tkaour/ daylight. it's at night we expect the heaviest. live "stormtracker"to zoom down and find the lighter but persistent showers, provincetown and into east or leans, seeing some of the later shower activity off to the west is where the heavy stuff is, especially down the coast in here. look at some of the yellow showing up here. we are taking ourselves into new jersey. there is jackson, hamilton, new jersey. heavier rain toward i-95. it's moving towards up. we'll get some of it overnight tonight. it doesn't look as juicy as it has the last couple of days with s+uplt/ of the heaviest rain. tornados in the metropolitan atlanta area. that's moving out to sea. we'll get some of this, a northeastern jog to this. what is coming up from the coast to new jersey that
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will move in here. time line. future cast shows shower activity increasing in coverage through 7:30 this evening. watch how yellow and orange makes its way up -- -- we will be tracking heavier downpours moving into wooster county. let's fast forward, lighting up the radar even more in massachusetts through the late night and early morning hours. we are at 2:00 am, back edge is coming through coming through wooster, quick move moving front. into boston in the early morning hours. at 4:00, tracking heavy rain aheavy rain coming through boston, along the corridor and through massachusetts. continuing to progress to the east at 6:00, your morning drive figures to be rather wet tomorrow. as far as what we are looking for for rain threat are looking for for rain threats. heavy rain, a high threat yesterday, but it looks like there will be some heavy downpours. gusty winds still a
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possibility especially if you get one of the downpours. i have lowered the lightening threat. thunderstorms not a big possibility with that. not impossible -- -- the back edge of the storm system, coming through boston, shifting to the south and cape cod through 6:30 and off shore for most by 9:00. then the sun is out, looking like a pretty nice afternoon. rain totals will not be as high as they once were. nearly an inch in boston. now, closer to a half inch, figure a half to three-quarters depending on the heavy downpours -- -- up to an inch in the the outer cape where you will see the rain leave last. high temperatures tomorrow with sun poking out. back into the 50s. 53 concorde back into the 50s. 53 concorde. here's the the seven-day forecast. your weekend always in view showing the temperatures moving in.
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back to sunshine and cooler air to start neck week. only 42 for a high on monday. coming up in the next half hour. trouble with tsa that leaves a little boy in tears. >> that was my favorite toy. >> that little boy's toy was taken away at the airport. what it was and why agents said it couldn't go with them. >>. >> an early gift in time for the holidays, gas prices continue to drop. why they could fall below $2 a gallon
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controversial topic in the days after the paris attacks. what to do with syrian refugees what to do with syrian refugees? u.s. house approved a bill to add more background checks. >> jacqueline is on capital hill where repblgs/ hraeugs/ passed despite a veto threat from the president. >>. reporter: supporters say the american people need to be protected from terrorists, trying to take van of the refugee resettlement program. >> she's individuals who!woe are coming in from a war zone that has individuals that are threatening the united states.
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made a last-minute pitch to persuade democrats to oppose the bill. the obama administration sending their chiefs of staff and head of homeland security to make the case. >> now, more than ever, we must stay true to our values. our enemies want to divide us. we must remain strong and united in the face of this evil. reporter: just before the vote, house members heard from immigration experts who said that the screening process is adequate. one said what the bill would require d h s to do can't be done. >> in the chaotic situation we have in syria, or libya or afghanistan, what little information that might have existed has probably gone up in smoke or at the very least is inaccessible to us.
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jacqueline fell, "fox 25"news stkphr-fplt/ boston cardinal o'malley issuing a statement about the syrian crisis. it reads in part -- former subway spokesman jared tpoeg/le sentenced to 15 years in jail after pleading tkpweuplt/ tkpweuplty. his extreme diet caused him to develop a sexual disorder. he lost nearly 3 300 pound says on a die kret/ of
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subway sandwiches. >> tonight on new england unsolved, we uncover the new steps taking to track down a killer. discovery on looking at the some showers moving toward us. seven-day
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>>. >> keep the umbrella handy. heavy rain is moving in. >> we wanted to get over to kevin. when can we expect some of the heavy stuff to move in? >> it will not be as heavy as yesterday. prepreur/ for that this evening. you will get wet more likely on the way out of the game. but there are showers that are showing up around lowell for instance north of boston, sprinkles cups will you the city and some of the suburbs. charlesburg see the suburbs. charlesburg seeing that. it continues towards the northeast. i had a tweet message from one of my followers saying it is misting in handover. this is the heavy south, metropolitan, that yellow and orange heavier rain will move eastward towards us
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hours away, real heavy stuff, severe weather stays well to our south. we are getting luck our south. we are getting lucky there. watch how the yellow and orpb/ starts to move in. we'll be tracking some of the heaviest downpours moving towards wooster and event actually toward boston. new, right now, a possible sign of hate on campus university. someone put tape over the portraits of black professors. we sent stephanie to get answers. what did you learn about this case? >>. reporter: mark some students said they are happy this incident happened. they don't condone it, but they say perhaps some sort of change are investigate are investigating who exactly put that tape there. the portraits hanging here right behind me. the black tape now removed. >> it was an act of violence for the intentional
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dismissiveness of black professors on this campus. >> calling this a clear hate crime. exam pus/ police are investigate investigating black electrical tape found on portraits of black professors at harvard law school. >> it's an overt act of intolerance and race intolerance and racism. reporter: hours after the defaced portraits were discovered, we spotted several campuses, one officer said they are stationed there to make sure everyone remains calm. >> i think students are tapping into a lot of sentiment and emotion taking place across the nation. reporter: that sentiment seems to be growing, yesterday, a black lives matter rally was held in porter square. one said he is tpwhrad/ someone put the tape over these portraits because it's forcing the community to discuss racism on campus. >> i think the good outweighs the bad. we are having
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reporter: professors staff and students met to discuss the ongoing issue ongoing issue off racism. students say these demands are -- -- aren't new, but they are hope hoping for a new outcome. >> i with implore people across the nation to have this kind of discourse. reporter: harvard black law students association releaseing a statement within the last 45 minutes saying they actually pressured the university to open to students. they say in the meeting the dean admitted to ongoing racial issues here on campus, coming up at the 6:00 hour, the group inside of the meeting very upset, but fearful about speaking out publicly. 4 boston police officers are recovering after making an arrest involving meth
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called to brookline street to investigate a man breaking into a car. when he was found, an unknown substance was found on him. police called on fire crews to test the substance and determined it was used to cook meth. >>. >> new at 5:00, crews are work >> new at 5:00, crews are working to clean up after this mess right here. it happened the at reveer beach park wail. crews are trying to find out what caused the break. . >>. >> new at 5:00, brooklyn police
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assaulted a woman. suspect was last seen running down warwick road. >> we are looking to determine the cause of an early morning house fire. everybody got out safely. part of the roof collapsed. students met with the school superintendent on a program. we showed you yesterday how 200 students stageed a protest in the school gym. students say funds are being diverted from popular exka/ curricular activity exka/ curricular activities to things they believe are unnecessary. >> we are hoping to establish a monthly meeting so that we can not only make sure that our voices are being heard, but make sure that progress is being made. >> teacher's association voted no conty dense in the superintendent in the school committee meeting tuesday. the teacher blamed her for not hire teacher blamed her for not
5:33 pm
the student musical and other programs running. >>. >> some employ kwraoeus at a local housing authority with 6 figure salaries. weathers, ahead, a little boy's favorite toy taken at the way at the airport. tsa said the toy couldn't go home with a boy and his dad. the price at the pump is driving in a good direction. building a better bank starts with looking at something old, like this...
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>> >>. >> the i r s-frplt/ has new weapons to attack weapons to attack protect your identity at tax season. safeguards to keep kims from claiming your tax returns. if you file online, you will notice more security questions and prompts to verify your i d by e-mail. they launched an education campaign. >> everyone needs to be actively safeguarding their
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updates. >> last year. the irs flagged 3 million potentially fraud hrept/ tax rushes. now, new data explains why gas prices have been able to remain so low. opec nation producing more oil. a strong u.s. dollar is contributing to u.s. dollar is contributing to. >> the demands, almost double than it was this time last year than it was this time last year, su/ the plyside was 4 times as much as as last year. we have alot of oil sitting waiting to be used. >> i was going to say, a trade >> i was going to say, a trader's jacket we just saw. that crass incredible. according to a triple a national average, a gallon of regular gas could dip below $2 by the middle of december for the first time since 2009. >> >>.
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about to get a major up grade. all-new at 6:00, changes aimed at getting you the information you need during an emergency. spotty showers, href/ier rain moving at us from the southwest. when that will get here. when the worst of it will be and when it gets out of here. the body of a 19 -year-old woman found here on the side of
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arrest .
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reporter: theresa corely was 19 years olded on december 6th. 1978. vibrant young woman from belling ham working hard to put herself through college. that night, theresa had one thing on her mind, getting head home. it with days later, her body was found in a ditch on the side of the road. nearly 40-years later, her family is trying to figure out why. >>reporter: one of theresa's sisters -- -- >> it was senseless what happen >> it was senseless what happened to her. >> the nightmare of theresa corely's final hours began at a bar in downtown frank khreupb/ where tres/ sa/ and her friends were celebrating a friend's birthday. theresa got into an argument and walked home. she started a 14 mile hike. 3 men picked her up and brought her
5:40 pm
apartment where things spiraled out of control. >> i was told she was held down and raped. reporter: according to police officer, she ran out of the apartment between 4:30 in the morning. she started to hitchhike where 2 different drivers picked her up. both told police theresa was intoxicated and angry. >> at 1978, that was a police station. this is where the last driver dropped theresa off last driver dropped theresa off, in front of the phreuts/ station. a few more team saw her hitchhiking. she was less tan a mile away from home, theresa corely never made it. reporter: the next morning, it was clear to theresa's family that something was wrong family that something was wrong. stkhr/ we were in a state of panic that she hasn't come home. it was so unusual. reporter: over the years, police have talked to the lee men that took her to the apartment. it turns out there was a tweuflt/. another man that has captured the attention
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about him and i'll tell what you theresa's family is doing right now to find her killer. that's coming up at 10:00. i'm bob ward for new england's unsolved. >> >>. >> aaron hernandez could soon be tried in 2 different states at the same time. he faces a civil trial in florida in february. in late january, he goes on trial in boston for a double murder in the south end. "whitey is fewerous prosecutors have charged contempt. "according to the sister, whitey told her he is a mess and wants to come up and kill them. whitey is serve kill them. whitey is serving for murder. >> >>. >> final 2 paintings stolen from a businessman have been found. the paintings were turned into a retireed phish
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agent in the boston area recent agent in the boston area recently. total of 6 paintings were stolen in 2013. 4 of them recovered at a pawn shop in los angeles. 3 people have been arrested so far. all 6 paint arrested so far. all 6 paintings will be on display at the portland museum of art. a foot of snow in colorado a foot of snow in colorado. now into the deep south, damaging rain and wind. in seattle, state of emergency after storms interest left 3 dead and caused widespread damage. >> it was this huge bang and the house shook and i'm like wow, the lightening hit the house. my husband got up and said "no,a tree came through. >> ". >> after your house has been robbed, you are not going to sleep easy for awhile. >> at its peak, the storm caused more than one million people to lose power throughout the area. winds will be out gusting
5:43 pm
depending on how heavy the rain is. that's not going to cause much in the way of damage. but it will be a soggy ground, it could looseen up smaller trees. be aware of that, we'll be watching it closely. seeing showers go on by. we'll switch to live doppler radar. seeing this to be persistent. also in the lowell area. seeing rainshowers and back here through wooster, a couple of showers starting to show up. a closer look at the wooster area along the highway it looks like 290 going through wooster and along the mass pike. here's the heavier rain, new york city the heavier rain, new york city, hudson valley, stretching back to new jersey. there is new york city. tom's river, new jersey. yellow is what i wanted to show you. that's moving toward the front. within the next couple of hours, tornado activity mark
5:44 pm
fringe of the same system, here getting off the carolinas right now. >>. >> some showers and heavy downpours notice how radar lights up. it is not out of the possibility you we could see a thunderstorm. that's where we can get some of your strongest tkpwufrts, comes through wooster by 2:00 in the morning and into the boston
5:45 pm
during the morning drive. this takes you through 6:30, going to it doesn't look to be potential for heavy downpours lower threat, not seeing the activeive, but if it tarts to pile up, we'll add that into the forecast tomorrow morning, getting out of here. 9:30 in the phorpbgs/, everybody getting into sunshine for the afternoon. rain totals. about a quarter-inch in wooster. that ramps up to a half inch. mostly done except out here in cape cod where we can get an inch for the last batch. watching the rain developing closely to see how heavy it will be. it's going to be a little
5:46 pm
comes through tonight. saturday, only 48 a few rainshowers, while it will still be above average for this time of the year. >> it might be hard to see. but i have a few snow flurries here. >> >>. >> we are following breaking news. a local teen shot and killed during a terrorist attack. we learn more about why that teen traveled there.
5:47 pm
the tsa >>. >> a little boy. reporter: little levi loves to soar when his uncle bought him a buzz lightyear toy on his first trip to disneyworld, his father said he was ecstatic,
5:48 pm
but the souvenir that meant so much to levi was the thing that caught the attention of t-frpbgts/ s a at the fort lauderdale international airport. agents stopped the 2 claiming -- -- >> we couldn't go on the plane, yet because they said it looks too much like a gun and you can't bring guns on the plane. >> according to the tsa website, realistic replica of firearms muff be checked. tka+eufd/ and levi only packed carry ones for the trip. with for where to took the toy, tsa took it. >> once he realized they weren't giving his toy back, he immediately started to crying, tears streamen tears streaming down his face. >>reporter: why did it make you so sad? . >> because they threw it in the trash. >> we understand it is scary, but taking a toy from a 5
5:49 pm
national security. it was all it could -- -- all i could do to not breakdown with him. local affiliate asked the t s-frpblgs/ a for a statement and the agency said they want to investigate before they comment >>. >> new at 5:00, officials say a sol/ man genetically modified to grow twice as fast is to eat. the fda ruled the salmon can't be grown in the u.s. they -- -- >> despite factory changes, lines are out the door to get a
5:50 pm
pair of l l bean boots. the boots are backlogged again for the third straight holiday season. >>. >> now at 6:00, breaking news, a local teen killed in a terror attack in israel. what the 18 -year-old was doing there and how his heartbroken family found out. the man suspected of stealing 16 high-powered guns from a wooster amory, tracked down in new york. what we are learning about his past that had him on police radar, already. local housing authority workers making way mormony than they are allowed to. >> whaped when we confronted executive director about a $2
5:51 pm
breaking news, sa/ sharon teenager killed in a terrorist attack -- -- ezra's family said at this point, they miss their son. he was in israel in what is known as the gap year where a lot of jewish young people immerse themselves in their culture. they said he was delivering food to soldiers. >>reporter: you knew ezra personally? >> yes. >>reporter: what kind of
5:52 pm
person was he?
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