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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 23, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. breaking now at 4:00. an animal shelter goes up in flames. why fire fighters say they were lucky to get any of the animals out alive. a babysitter accused of abducting a toddler and leaving her alone on side road. the new deabout that woman's past as she gets ready to go to court. and the of the day week that will be the busiest for thanksgiving travel. new new england news coverage starts now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: hope you had a great you weekend. this is monday, november 23. i am daniel miller julie i am julie grauert.
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a chilly and blustery day ahead. shiri spear shows us the towns and cities stuck in the 30s all day, shir. >> shiri: that's right. the cold air coming in. and what you might notice the little blips of purposeam after sleet and snow trying to get down to the ground. what we have is mostly in the form of a few raindrops south shore down to the cape and islands. there is a chance you will see a couple of snowflakes but with a temp of 39 in plymouth, no way that is going to stick to the ground. 40s for the cape. we are starting to cool down further inland. worcester down to 34 degrees. we will be back to freezing. keene already there at 32. boston waking up to 39 degrees. but you your temperatures will drop. so futurecast looks like this. by 6:00 this morning, we have temperatures in the -- mostly teetering around that 32-degree mark. plymouth down to 34. rain will be focused over the cape by 6:00 and by 8 a.m. it will be gone. noontime comes along and temperatures warm back into the upper 30s. they stay steady through the afternoon.
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look at that, barely coming out of the 30s across most of the interiors. highs, 36. up to 42 if you were lucky and clearing and blustery. 30s almost all day long. we have a lot to talk about from wind to wind chills coming up. julie, back to you for an early check on the roads. >> julie: moving along nicely at this early hour. route 1, 93 south wide open. pike looks good through framingham and the weston tolls tolls. through brighton, a handle of cars. 24 on the pike to mass avenue. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. breaking news morning in paxton. flames consume an animal shelter killing dozens of cats and dogs that were inside. fire fighters were first calmed to the sweet pea friends of wet to the sweet pea friends of wetland animals around 10:45. fire chief said the building was completely engulfed by the
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they were worried that all of of the animals inside were killed. about five dogs were rescue and seven dogs and around 30 cats were believed to have died in the fire. fire fighters say that building is a total loss. that investigation sunday way this morning to determine what started the fire. happening today, the baby happening today, the babysitter charged with kidnap babysitter charged with kidnapping a toddler in hamilton is on her way to court. the baby was found naked and alone on the side of the road miles from her home. abigail hanna of topsfield is accused of breaking into a home in hamilton and kidnapping 2-year-old linden alber while her parents were sleeping. hours later strangers found the dmild raleigh. fox25 brought you coverage all weekend. the girl's head was shaved and a large bruise on her head. she is out of the hospital and safe with her parents. hanna worked with the family in the past. as fox25 was first to report, hanna was arrested at the salem emergency room early sunday morning. fox25 will be in court for
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today's arraign number newburyport. watch the hearingline. watch the fox25 news app or go to stay with us for continuing coverage throughout the morning coverage throughout the morning. just coming up on 4:04. a package store clerk turning the tables on a would-be armed robbery robber robber that happened sunday afternoon at walpole package store on route 1. that man showed a sharp object that looked like needle and threatened to give the clerk aids. instead of handing over cash, he grabbed a weapon of his own pulling a baseball bat from behind the counter. customers are supporting him. >> enough is enough sometimes. he did the right thing. stirms that's what you got to do. >> daniel: no one was hurt and the would-be robber took off without any cash. police are looking for a white man between 5'10"and 6 feet tall and he left the store in a white suv. developing this morning in belgium, schools and public transit are shut down as police continue to search for gunman
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involved in the paris attacks. the country has been on high alert and police fear a terror attack is i believe meant. they carried out 22 raids and arrested 16 people. some of the terrorists who attacked paris were based in belgium. police are asking people to stop post being ongoing tornadoes their neighborhood so they don't give up any police locations. new fears in france as well this morning as several hazardous materials suits are missing from a paris hospital. the news follows warning from french officials that terrorists may be plotting chemical or biological attacks. a state of emergency remains in effect in france. ten days ago, 130 people were killed in a series of coordinated terror attacks across paris. this morning french police are making a new plea to help identify one of the paris attackers. a picture of a third man involved in that attack on the soccer stadium where france was playing germany. french national police posted his picture on twitter yesterday. all three. attackers died trying to enter the stadium. today we are expecting to
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hear new testimony from a state trooper in the murder trial of a danvers teenager. 16-year-old quill lip chis; accused of raping and murdering his math teacher colleen ritzer his math teacher colleen ritzer. jurors watched chism pacing the school for 90 minutes at one point wearing a ski mask. the school in a recycle -- bin. investigators found her body in the woods behind the school. a beverly man is in court accused with strangle accused with strangling his wife a week ago. edith axleshearer died from edith axleshearer died from injuries. he walked into the police station saying he just killed his wife. he is being held without bail. investigators in norton are hoping to learn more about a man killed during a standoff with police. officers troushd a home on adelia road around 10:30. fox25 was on the scene as this was breaking yesterday morning. a person called 911 and said a
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man was attempting to get inside a safe containing a hand inside a safe containing a handgun. shots were fired at the first officer who arrived on the scene. he returned fire and pulled back until a swat team could enter the house. once inside they found one man dead. >> no scall routine. i am glad that the officers are safe, and i am comfortable of saying that the actions of the officer not only saved his life, but the lives of the fellow officers. >> glad it is over with and got resolved. unfortunately, no one died in the process dan the man inside the home has been identified as 48-year-old kevin murray of moulton. an autopsy will be conducted today. a woman was also in the home and she managed to escape 4:07. fire fighters say broken gas main fueled an aggressive fire in hyde park, but they are still trying to figure out what caused it. our crew was on scene as flames poured out of the house on greenwood avenue saturday night.
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yesterday, investigators continued looking for the cause, but couldn't inspect the basement because of water. five people including a fire fighter and two young children be okay. a boston man accused of ambushing people he met through judge today. dorchester is charged in robbery robberies. in each case the victims agreed to meet a man at an address in the city. one they arrived, a man with a gun showed up and robbed them. they found evidence of both robbery robberies during a search of austin home. hundreds stand in the rain to honor a sharon teen who died during a terrorist attack in israel. it happened at ezra shah wart's funeral. schwartz was killed last week in jerusalem when a gunman open fired on a traffic jam. mourners tell fox25 they are having a difficult time coming to terms how he sdpid not a freak accident, that is the
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thing. it is not. it was on purpose. it is not fair. he was 18 and he had a whole life ahead of him. >> the brandeis vigil committee is holding a vigil for schwartz and other victims of the attack. campus. the vigil was at 6 p.m. on the great lawn. this morning we are learning three weapons stolen during a worcester armory have turned up near yankee stadium. the new york city police department said a homeless man found the guns in a trash bag friday morning. it happened days after police made an arrest in the army reserve center robbery. james morales was arrested in new york and will be brought to worcester to be charged in federal court. the "new york post" said morales once worked in a hospital on the same property of the armory. eighth guns that he is accused of stealing are still missing. members of the boston jewish committee will meet with mbta officials of ads they say
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are offensive. the add is from the palestinian advocacy project saying that israel kills a palestinian child every three days helped by money it gets from the u.s. according to the "globe" guidelines only ban political ads about specific candidates but not the mbta. now the mbta that is planning to ban all future political ads within the next few months. more than 1200 massachusetts voters are expected to protest some state senator's planned trip to israel. december 4, ten senators are making an economic and cultural trip to israel. a human rights group said legislators are endorsing israel policies against palestinian and the group should not make the trip. the protesters are set to gather outside the statehouse at 10 a.m. everyone is getting ready for thanksgiving and the roads are ready to get busy too. mass dot tallied numbers and sounds. last year 95 last year 9500 people hit the roads the monday before thanksgiving.
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tuesday was the busiest day with 700,000 drivers. last year we had snow and rain on wednesday which made those numbers even lower. aaa is predicting travel will be up this year. we will have you covered right here on fox25 all morning before you pack up and go. shiri and julie will be, of course, watching the weather and traffic all week, so stay with us. >> that's where we come in every ten minutes you are going to get traffic and weather all morning. a look at those live drive times. an easy 13 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the headed eastbound. i will take you out for a live look at the pike in a few minutes. >> shiri: . >> shiri: hi, julie, a few people at home. cloud cover and lingering showers south and east of boston and we will see the clouds clear out. 39 degrees. 34 at 5 a.m. and 33 at 6 a.m. when temperatures finally bolt both tomorrow out next. a good samaritan shot while trying to help people. the whole thing was caught on camera. the crime he was trying to
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stadium. >> the newest clue in the latest boston art heist does case.
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the new this morning, the fbi says surveillance video in the infamous gardner museum art heist has given police no solid lead. three months since the new video was shown to the public. the surveillance footage shows a man walking in the museum
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made out of $500 million worth of artwork. according to the globe, tips have poured in but no credle leads of who this person was and why he was there. the paintings were stolen in march of 1990 by two robbers posing as police officers. this saturday, a private funeral held in winthrop for 2-year-old bella bond. the case of pwlael bond was in june when a trash bag was found on deer island. for xhonts she was known as baby dough but her moth era she wille bonder a her boyfriend were charged with murder. she will be buried next to her paternal grandmother. they were crossing main street. the witness saw the 16-year-old in the middle of the road and stopped to help, but before he could get help, the girl was whit another car. the paper said both cars stayed on the scene and a 9-year-old
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girl was hit by the first car and not seriously injured. no word on their conditions this morning or if the drivers will face any charges. and police are investigating what caused a da deadly crash in central new hampshire. two people died when their car was hit on route 9. a car crossed the center line and hit them. it does not appear that drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. new this morning, drug maker pfizer is expected to buy the maker of botox. the deal will be worth more than $150 billion. the take over is one the biggest in the health industry biggest in the health industry's history. pfizer has a location in cambridge. no word how it will affect both companies. as we get closer to black friday, wal-mart is announcing plans for cyber monday. they will start their online sales sunday night around 8:00. kicks off their cyber week that runs through december 4. the company says it doesn't
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sales just one day anymore. 4:16. a look at that early morning map and get to the drive times in a moment but here is the map where you can see things moving along nicely. expressway you are flying at the speed limit right now which is a rare thing for using the expressway. looks good from framingham through the weston tolls and nice and light through bright nice and light through brighton. live drive times. 12 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. nine minutes on the expressway president braintree split to the exit to the pike. something we do want to mention, shiri, are some of the side roads and neighborhoods might see a might see a little slippery condition, nothing may jour just to be aware of. >>reporter: a couple of spots. why? because temperatures are dropping now. moisture on the roads from yesterday and last night's rain. temperatures heading back to freeze this morning for a recipe to get a couple of slick spots out there. we want to you be careful. maybe pay attention to the temperature readding if off this temperature gauge in the car this morning.
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winds are also going to gust 20 to 35 miles per hour. strongest for the cape, that's where you have gusts that are pretty inch that range. that will result in wind chills that will result in wind chills. yep, wind chills. i think this is officially the first time i have talked about this evening this season. wind chills feel like they are freezing all day long. dry conditions in boston and we have got this little strip of snow and sleet trying to get down in the ground right behind this rain. we will have to keep a close eye on the south shore for couple of snow flakes. look at the temperature in plymouth, 38 degrees even if we get sleet or snow to the ground not being able to stick. 12-mile-per-hour winds in plymouth. this is going to be a little slower to clear out than boston slower to clear out than boston, but keep with the clouds until 8:00 until at least partly sunny at 10 a.m. still just 38 degrees though. 40 at noon is the warmest you will see. at that point full sun.
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and it is a little bit breezy, the 15-mile-per-hour winds. we will clear out sooner. by 8:00 partly to mostly sunny. 38 degrees. frosty at 8 a.m. in boston and if we are lucky we will get back into the upper 30s this afternoon. real chilly day and cooler in worcester at 34 degrees. we already cleared out here. we will continue with the sunshine and look at these temperatures. 30 at 6 a.m., 30 at 8 a.m., back to 35. that's it at noontime today. theled coldest afternoon we have seen so far this fall. i want to you prepare yourself and wear the winter gear today. sure. the last of the rain going to move out in two hours, and after that clearing conditions. to futurecast you are looking pretty good. 6 a.m., the last of the rain from the outer cape. in comes the sunshine with the wind, and the afternoon will feature blustery and bright conditions. i really don't have any travel
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concerns today unless you are not dressed for it. unless you are not dressed for these chilly temperatures. 40 in norwood. 39 in boston, beverly and lawrence. 35 in worcester. but we are actually going to hit those around noontime today and the temperature will just simply start to plummet. overnight we will be back to the 20s, folks. a bitter overnight. when you wake up tomorrow morning, those are the temperatures we are going to find. for the day tomorrow, we are back into the low or the mid-40s, so go up by a couple of degrees. this is the way below average. average high is 49. we will start the week here chilly and about 45 degrees on wednesday. and big travel days here coming up. by thursday, 56 degrees. and how about 60 by friday. talk about a turn around by the end of the week. here is your seven-day forecast feature featuring mostly dry weather. as we hit next weekend a mix of rain and snow on saturday. 60 degrees. and sunday 42 with partly sunny skies. and just a fyi, if any of do you have travel plans here for the day tomorrow, you can see
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quiet yet but the closer you go to the great lakes and new york, the better your chance of getting ocean-effect snow showers, albany, syracuse, you are potential legal going to encounter a couple of flakes. new england looking nice and quiet into your tuesday and we will take a closer look at your wednesday weather coming up. back to you guys. 4:21. days away from a controversial hunt at popular hiking area. coming up at 4:30, why people are protesting before the first shots are fired at the blue hills. plus sometimes it is point tolls try fight mother nature.
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a medical student who tried to save a young woman from being kidnapped is recovering from a gunshot wound. police are looking for a gunman they now know has an extensive criminal background. the whole thing was caught on surveillance video. the gunman grabbing the woman and the med student approaches. the gunman shoots the student in the stomach. he tries to shoot the student in the head and his gun jammed and he runs off. new orleans police are investigate investigating a shooting at a
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breaking last night at 10 breaking last night at 10. a music video was shot at the same time, and a parade was converging on the area. two groups were firing on one another. right now police say 16 people were shot. no word on how serious their injuries are. 4:25. from his new york city are not take anything chances in the wake of the paris attacks. this weekend they held training sessions to prepare for the worst of situations. the multiagency training drill took place in an abandoned sub took place in an abandoned subway station. police set up two different terrorist scenarios. the exercise were planned over a year ago and even more critical after the attacks in paris. >> these exercises are vitally nesticly in light of all this is going on in the world a this particular point in time. in new york city we are at this time very well prepared and continually improving our prepared spnts homeland security secretary says no specific or credible threat to the u.s. and americans should go about their normal holiday
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brown university is plan brown university is planning to spend big bucks to address diversity on campus. the president of the university unveiled a 19-page action plan to tackle racism on campus. the plan will cost $100 million and will add race and ethnicity to teaching and research topics to teaching and research topics. this all comes after a student visiting from dartmouth was aggressively detained by a campus police officer while attending a conference for latino students. thanked for calling attention to injustice at ivy league school. a fall river teen will be laid to rest after her brave battle can cancer. 17-year-old janelle eaton died saturday night and they are calling for the mayor of fall river to name a day of service in her honor. they want people to do an act of kindness and pay it forward in her memory. she had a rare form of bone cancer that spread to her brain. last week she was given her diploma so she could graduate from high school. her funeral will be held this wednesday.
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'tis the season to start shoveling at least if you live in the midwest. look at these conditions. thick snow coated parts of wisconsin dropping as much as 10 to 20 inches of snow. the temperatures dropped turning all this snow into ice. the national weather service forecasted 20 degrees or lower west. take a look at the snow falling on this football stadium in iowa. nine inches of snow fell there over the weekend and every time the crew went out to clear it away, just kept falling. oh. they didn't give up. they had the field in good shape for the iowa perdue game on saturday. adele and her new album are everywhere right now and the high-profile appearances appear to be paying off. the record she is about to
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