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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 23, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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breaking now at 4:30, dozens of animals killed when a shelter burned down. the dramatic scene as fire fighters saved as many animals as they can. the story everybody is talking about. a baby sitter accused of kidnapping a local toddler and leaving her alone on side of the road. what fox25 uncovered about where police found the suspect hours after the girl was rescue hours after the girl was rescued. extra eyes on the patriots game tonight. how events overseas are impacting security at gillette stadium. complete new england news coverage starts now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> good monday morning, everyone, 4:30 on november 23. i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. we appreciate your company. if you have thanksgiving shop if you have thanksgiving shopping to do, we are expecting the coldest afternoon so far this fall. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear showing us who is seen freezing temps this morning. >> shiri: they are coming in. marshfield at 31.
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significantly. probably some of the warmest temperatures that you will find today. near middleborough, pen broke as well. the potential for a little sleep and a couple of snowflakes falling from the sky snowflakes falling from the temperatures like this will not have much luck over the cape. a little patchy rain let. over an inch of rain. dry boston at 39 dry boston at 39. still the roadways a little bit damp this morning from that overnight rain. woburn, lowell at 38 degrees. is where temperatures are start is where temperatures are starting to cool down, because clouds are really starting to thin. so we are back to freezing in new ipswich, new hampshire. leominster at 35 degrees. worcester and shrewsbury both at 34 degrees. and like i said, continuing to fall. so 7 a.m., we will have a lot of temperature readings very close to 32 out there. not just in central massachusetts, but even out into metro west. watch out for a couple of slippery spots. not expect anything kind of widespread black ice this morning, but something to be aware of.
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noontime 39 degrees. breezy but turning very bright this afternoon. blustery and 38 degrees at 3 p.m. we are back down to freezing at 7:00 this evening and that means for the pats game here at gillette, at 8:30 tonight, i have 28 degrees. mostly cleared. definitely chile out there. i will show you how cool it will be for your thanksgiving forecast forecast. back to you for a check of the roads. >> if you were getting ready to head out the door, keep in mind of the slippery spots in the suburbs. pike moving along fine. good. a dark look at the zakim bridge but nothing slowing you down there at the moment. live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes on 128 south from peabody to weston. breaking news morning in paxton. flames consume an animal shelter killing dozens of cats and dogs inside. fire fighters were first called
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rutland animals around 10:45 rutland animals around 10 :45 last night. the fire chief says the building was completely engulf building was completely engulfed by the time they arrived. they were worried all the animals inside were killed. five dogs were rescued and seven dogs and 30 cats were believed to die. workers climbed into kennels to comfort surviving animals. fire fighters gave other dogs objection again at the scene. the building is a total loss. there is an investigation this morning to determine what started the fire. happening today, the baby sitter charged with kidnapping a toddler in hamilton is on her way to court. the baby was found naked and alone on the side of the road miles from her home. abigail hanna of topsfield accused of breaking into a home in hamilton early friday morning and kidnaping 2-year-old linden albers while her family was still sleeping. strangers found the child in rowley. the girl's head was shaved and
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a large bruise on her head. she is out of the hospital this morning and safe with her parents. hanna had worked for the family in the past. as fox25 was first to report, hanna was arrested at the salem hospital emergency room early saturday morning. fox25 will be in court for today's arraignment. you can see the hearing online. use the fox25 news app or go to tape with us for continuing coverage throughout the morning coverage throughout the morning. a robbery suspect threatens a clerk with a syringe. the confrontation captured on this surveillance video in walpole. this morning, investigators say the suspect promised to give the clerk more than just a need the clerk more than just a needle prick. jessica reyes is live at the store with the images that police want us to see. good morning, jessica. >>reporter: good morning, daniel. police say the suspect is still on the loose. he came into the east walpole package store and threatened the clerk with a syringe and then took off. surveillance video here. you can see that suspect threatening the store clerk
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with what looks to be like a needle. police said he told the clerk if he didn't give him money, we give him aids. happened at the east walpole package store. the clerk did act pretty fast and pulled out baseball bat to scare the would-be robber away. the clerk did not want to speak to our crews on camera but regulars said they are glad he stood up for himself. >> it is sad that they resort to this, but i am glad he was there to be able to protect himself and kind of upsetting for the person who decided this is where they had to go. >>reporter: police say that suspect may be driving a white suspect may be driving a white-colored suv and police did tell our crews that he got away without any merchandise or cash. coming up in the next half hour coming up in the next half hour, a brief description of this suspect from police. live in walpole, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. it is now 4:35. and we want to get to developing news morning in belgium. schools and public transit are shut down as police continue to
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search for a gunman involved in the terrorist attacks. the country has been on high alert since last week and police fear a terror attack is imminent. yesterday, police carried out 22 raids and arrested 16 people. some of the terrorists who attacked paris were based in belgium. police are asking people to stop posting on social media of ongoing raids in their neighborhood so they don't give up any police locations. new fears in france too. this morning several hazardous material suits are missing from a paris hospital. the news following warning from french officials that terrorists may be plotting chemical or biological attacks. the state of emergency remains in effect in france. ten days ago 130 people were killed in a series of coordinated terrorist attacks across paris. this morning french police are making a new plea to help identify one of the paris attackers. this is a picture of the third man involved in the attack on the soccer stadium where france was playing germany. french national police posted his picture on twitter yesterday. all three of the attackers died trying to enter the stadium.
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hear new testimony from a state trooper in a murder trial of a danvers teenager. 16-year-old quill lip chism is accused of raping and murdering math teacher colleen ritzer two years ago. jurors watched video of chism pacing the school for 90 minutes at one point wearing a he wheels her body out of school in a recycling bin. investigators found her body in the woods behind the school. a beverly man will be from court accused of strangle court accused of strangling his estranged wife a week ago. she died from her injuries saturday night. murder. he walked into the beverly police station saying he just killed his wife. he is being held without bail. investigate hope hoping to learn more of the man police. officers rushed to a home on azalea road around 10:30 saturday night. fox25 was on the scenes that was breaking yesterday morning. a person called 911 and said a
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safe containing a handgun. police say shots were fired at the first officer who arrived on scene. he returned fire and pulled back until a swat team could enter the house. once inside they found one man dead. >> no call was received. i am glad that the officers are safe. and i am comfortable in saying that the actions of the officer not only saved his life but the lives of his fellow officers. >> i am glad it is over with and got resolved. unfortunately someone had to die in the process. >> daniel: the man inside the home has been identified as 48-year-old kevin murray of norton. an autopsy on his body is expected to be conducted today. police say a woman was also in the home. she managed to escape unharmed. fire fighters say a broken gas main fueled an aggressive fire in hyde park, but they are still trying to figure out what caused it. our crew was on scene as flames poured out of the house on greenwood avenue saturday night night. yesterday, investigators continued looking for the cause
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but couldn't inspect the basement because of water. five people including a fire fighter and two young children were hurt, but they are expected to be okay. 4:38. hundreds stand in the rain to honor a sharon teenager killed by an terror attack in israel. the vigil came a day after ezra schwartz's funeral. more than 1,000 people showed up to say goodbye to 18-year-old ezra schwartz. schwartz was killed last week in jerusalem when a gunman open fired on a traffic jam. mourners tell fox25 they are having a difficult time with coming to terms how he died. >> not a freak accident. it is not. and it is not fair. he is 18 and has a whole life ahead of him julie the brandeis public affairs committee is holding a vigil for schwartz and the other victims of the attack. they posted on their facebook page that schwartz had friends on the campus. three weapons stolen during a break in at a worcester armory has turned up near yankee stadium. the new york city police
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department said the homeless man found the guns in a trash bag. it happened days after police made an arrest in the army reserve center robbery. james armstrong morales was arrested in new york blue be brought back. he worked in the hospital once at the same property of the armory. 13 of the high-powered guns morales is accused of stealing remain missing. pats fans can expect extra security at gillette stadium with tonight's match-up with buffalo. the first home game since the terror attacks in paris. the mbta be increasing security on the trains that fans can take to the stadium. passengers may be searched once they arrive in foxborough. we will have complete highlights and post game tomorrow on fox25 morning news. a look at the live drive times. south of town 9 minutes from 228 to the braintree split. we will let you know as soon as they start to increase. but first meteorologist shiri spear.
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sustained winds, 9 miles per hour in boston. we have got winds into the 20-mile-per-hour range right now for the cape and islands and gusts 30 if not 40 miles per hour. we will show you coming out, what kind of impact that will have on wind chills. even as we head into the afternoon next. boston police under the microscope. coming up at 5:00, the number of officers with 20 or more public complaints on their record, and the biggest issues people have against the officers. a man is struck by a boat on a caribbean vacation.
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took 4:43. a businessman critically injured during a boat crash in hospital. john benet of keene was on a small boat in st. maarten when he was run over by a speed boat boat. to his chest. relatives say the hospital on the island was not equipped to care for him, so they raised $25,000 for an air ambulance to fly him hope. >> is entire pelvis is crush. his pelvic girdle whole area was crushed. broken four ribs. he has a chest tube. >> he is the owner of the elm street market in keene. his family says he will need several surgeries in order to recover. a. a new effort to protect a bird that closes beaches every year. looking to a plan to protect
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predators. they want to help communities birds. breeding grounds at state beaches are closed to the public. experts are hoping that state plans are ready by next summer. begin next week at blue hill reservation. local activists protested the approved hunting. experts say it is necessary to cu rb the deer population and keep it healthy. but they say they released false information about the deer population. hunting haven't been legal at blue hill for 120 years and activists want to keep it that say about hundreds of thousands here. families come in here. people hike. people bike. a place for the public. not a place to hunt. >> daniel: the controlled hunt was announced in october. the first round will be next monday and tuesday. the boston bruins are going back to back with wins over the
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lead. celtics in new york looking to sweep a home and home with the nets, but this one was all brooklyn, in the second thomas robinson combined for the nice alley-oop right there.isaiah thomas will get the bs back into the game. nice little 3 pointer. thomas had 27 points in the hate to including that 3. avery bradley doing the steal and goes up coast to coast with the lay-up and wasn't enough. the nets win just their third game of the season. final score 111-101. patriots quarterback tom brady probably doesn't rake his own leaves but you know he will play in them. he posted this picture on facebook. he is buried in a bile his dog scooby. no word if scooby was flagged for roughing the passers. get that, julie. >> julie: i get that. >> daniel: brady and the pats face the bills tonight ot gillette stadium.
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your chance to win a t-shirt. contact tom tom on twitter and --ed to -- toed to on twitter and use the hash tag fox25 and hashtag contest. >> julie: can we play. >> daniel: i want to play. >> julie: i want t-shirt. you are moving along nicely and so early that you are getting ready to head out. too much. route 1, 93 south looking good. a dark look at the zakim bridge right now. here are those live drive times. 15 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 39 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. fox25 meteorologist shiri spear joining us now, and we have a very chilly -- what could be the chilly the chilliest afternoon so far. >> a lot of cold air coming in back behind yesterday's cold front. still a couple of lingers showers from the south shore down to the cape and islands, about you
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about but these are going to be moving out. i see them ending by 7:00 on the cape. and then cool an really breezy air will come non. it will also clear us out so it will be a good-looking day, but a really chilly one. the rain totals coming in from yesterday's rain, 1.32 inches in orleans. over an inch in orleans. brewster, fair haven, oak bluff brewster, fair haven, oak obviously southeastern massachusetts kind of took the brunt of that rain. but even boston, we got a third of an inch of rain yesterday. since midnight, we have added a couple hundreds of an inch of rain. kind of an ugly last 24 hours. 39 degrees right now in boston, but the winds already coming out of the northwest at about 15 miles per hour. and, again, that wind that is going to dry us out, cool us down, and also hold temperatures steady in the 30s. almost all day long. the coldest afternoon we had in fall. and we are lucky if we get back up to 39 later this afternoon. 6 a.m., still partly cloudy. 37 degrees. mostly sunny.
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and 36. and then we are clear by 10 a.m. and we stay clear for the rest of the afternoon. these are wind chills right now because already a little bit out there and feels like between the 30s and between that wind 24 degrees. in worcester feels like 33 in boston. feels like almost freezing there. look whap what happens as we get into the afternoon president winds get a little bit stronger. the temperatures don't move that much. going to be colder this afternoon and it will be right now. by noontime a feels-like temperature of 26 in worcester. but 30 in boston. going to feel like it is freezing almost all day long. that's why you have to bundle up. 7 a.m., you can see the last of the rain showers moving out with the future cast and in come the sunshine. we will see the wind here but certainly going to be pretty active for the second half of the day. high temperatures i know they said it is going to feel like freezing. high temperatures that happen pretty early in the day close to 39 in boston. 35 in worcester. 38 in manchester. 40 in plymouth. 42 in hyannis.
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low temperatures tonight are going to land in the 20s. that means it is going to be freezing with 20s when you wake up all the way from southern new hampshire to boston down to the cape. it is going to be a bitter start to the day tomorrow. high temperatures that are then able to rise into the low and mid-40s. worcester not even that warm, 38 for your high tomorrow. 43 in boston. 42 in fitchburg. 44 in plymouth and in portsmouth, new hampshire. so another chilly day here for tomorrow. stay clear for tuesday, wednesday seeing a lot of sunshine. thursday for thanksgiving it thursday for thanksgiving itself. turning out to be a pretty warm thanksgiving. i am going to go with an average temp of 56 degrees. just bear in mind when you wake up here on thursday morning, we are going to be in the 20s and 30s. highs ranging from 52 to 58 degrees and we will need that because the week is so chilly. wednesday is a big travel day. take a look with mostly sunny across new england. temperatures that are going to be stuck in the 40s for most of us.
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really from maine up until new hampshire, vermont. right over to new york, in fact right over to new york, in fact. even syracuse where we have a couple of ocean-effect snow showers. by wednesday those are long gone. like the way that wednesday is working out for your travel plans. the next rain in fact timed for saturday, following as both rain in the morning and a little mix with snow later in the day. back to you, guys. >> julie: all right, shiri. a true performer never let's anything stop the show. [singing] >> julie: even when the interruption is the hiccups. what are you going to do. the performance that earned this young boy more than just a standing ovation.
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gas prices are on their way down as millions of americans hit the road for the thanksgiving holiday this week in in massachusetts the price of a gallon of regular is at 2 of a gallon of regular is at 2:11. $.02 lower than last week and way down from $2.92 a gallon. in new hampshire the price of a gallon is down $2.07. down $.03 from last week and $.080 from a year ago. good news and bad news for the top seller at the box office. "the hunger games part two" dominated taking in 101 million. but the final film came in $20
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million below the first weekend total of "mockingjay part 1." the 007 "specter" was the second most popular movie in the u.s. can't get enough of her, adele smashing records. her new album 25 is forecasted to sell more than $2.5 million copies in its opening week. that will break the record set by the boy band in sync when they sold 2.4 million copies. two-thirds of adele's albums were sold in digital copies. told to keep off of all stream told to keep off of all streaming sites like spotify. breakfast is the most important meal of the day. those who ate breakfast scored higher on tests. the students had twice the ods of getting above average grades of getting above average grades. researchers also man found
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the different. fire officials are warning people to be careful. more fires break out on thanksgiving than any other day of the year. 87% of to r those fires are tied to cooking. make sure to use a timer to keep the oven doors closed. holiday fires are caused by frying a turkey as well. a one town miracle baby bon on a cruise ship has finally made it home. in august kaden morgan was born three months early while his family was family was on a cruise. since then he has been in several hops in puerto rico land while doctors watched him put on necessary weight. the whole time his family was not sure if we like it home alive. >> we had to pray and ask for some kind of miracle to happen, and they are an answer to a miracle. >> julie: a company called air medtrans ported the boy down to utah. the main concern is the change in elevation, but doctors are closely monitoring his oxygen level. gassing up and getting out
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of town. when the thanksgiving travel rush really starts. plus, we continue to follow breaking news out of paxton. animals trapped when a shelter goes up in flames. how fire fighters and employees at the shelter work together to rescue as why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing
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why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
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breaking now at 5:00, fire consumes an animal shelter full of pets. the tragedy unfolding in paxton the tragedy unfolding in paxton. a baby sitter accused of kidnapping a toddler and leaving her alone on the side of the road. new details about the woman's past as she prepares to go to court in just a few hours. protecting patriots fans at gillette. how patriots plans are affecting security oversees for pats fans. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on the fox25 morning news on this monday morning.
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november 23.
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