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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 24, 2015 1:00am-1:30am EST

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>> announcer: now with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 10:00 complete new england news coverage. >> the worldwide travel alert issued to u.s. travelers on the move during one of the biggest travel reports of the year. good evening everyone i'm mark ock. >> i'm elizabeth hopkins. the state department making that announcement because of recent terror threats. tonight fox 25's jim morelli is live at logan airport and talking to passengers. jim? >> reporter: this travel alert is in effect through february of 2016 that would be next year but it concerns itself especially with the holiday travel season period and it is concerned with not only actual terrorists but with copycats.
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>> the busiest travel season of the year and a broad and frightening warning from the u.s. department of state. a travel alert that basically says americans could be at risk anywhere in the world. >> the government really can't pinpoint the exact places that americans have to be most cave. >> but the government is specific about potential threats. current information suggests that isil, al-qaeda, and other terrorist groups continue to plan terrorist attacks in multiple regions. it continues these attacks may employ a wide variety of tax ticks. there wouldn't be an alert if there wasn't some the alert notes that extremist targets in the past have included porting events theaters open markets and aviation concerns. and it's advising americans to be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid large clouds or crowded places. >> at logan airport we caught up with a group of
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home from europe. a trip which began the day of the paris attacks. >> i think it's very concerning. i think we've all been aware of it all week long and thinking by the but trying not to let it interfere with what we were doing. after 9/11 i went travelling, tight was very nerve nerve-racking until i got there. our homeland security expert tell us us that there are some 900 isis-related investigations in the united states coming up at 11:00, we will talk to some international passengers and get their take. jim morelli, fox 25 news. also tonight this former baby-sitter ordered to undergo a mental evaluation after being accused of leaving a 2-year-old on the side of the road last week. fox 25's brought that you hearing live on the air and new tonight we are going through the search warrant that led police to abigail's door. our ted daniel is here with the details. ted?
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>> reporter: as we've been reporting mark authorities believe abigail hannah kidnapped and torture a little girl she once baby sat. tonight we have a copy of the warrant to search lana's hope. it says police were looking for a number of things in connection to the crime, including cigarettes, bloody clothing, hair clippers and any object that could cause blunt trauma. >> reporter: hallucinations, memory loss, suicidal thoughts just some of the psychotic symptoms described by a court psychologist when abigail hannah faced a j heaving a heavy winter jacket court officers helped the 21-year-old baby-sitter stand. >> she's not tried to cut herself today but it's not clear whether or not she is intending to at some time today. >> reporter: the child her head shaven and had sustained burns from what appeared to be a cigarette. >> reporter: according to the documents obtained by fox 25, hannah became a suspect only hours after lyndon went missing on friday morning from her parents hamilton home.
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that could assist in the investigation and they alluded to a former baby-sitter that was terminated. police went to speak with hannah at her family's home a short time later. the paperwork says she pulled in immediately after them. with dirt on her hands and twigs in her hair. police tried to get hannah town lock her phone but she claims she couldn't remember the password. when they asked about lyndon hannah initially said she didn't know the family. burt then according to police she said she had baby sat for them one time the parents knew they kept the house. we asked northeastern university criminologist case. >> she's an attractive young woman, engaged to be married, she had a lot of things going for herself. the one thing that is missing was mental health. in court it was revealed
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that hannah recently suffered a miscarriage. earlier she announced she was engaged. hannah will be held in a mental health facility where she's expected to undergo a full mental health evaluation. police also question a person who lives with her family at their home. the interesting detail that person revealed new at 11:00. live in our control room. ted daniel, fox 25 news. >> now our coverage of the story continues on our website where you will find the raw video of today's court hearing as well as the full statements from abigail hannah's family and the family members of the lyndon alvers. we are talking about a wind chill. storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz it will be below freezing for a lot of people their way to work in the morning? >> it already is. we have clear skies, good for the daytime. temperatures only in the 40s for highs. here is live storm tracker showing you where some of
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how about medfield 22 . milton checking in at 27 to the northwest into middlesex county look at fitchburg and royalton, massachusetts 26 in auburn some of the coldest temperatures you will find this southwest, new hampshire 21 west dover, 20 in vermont the area of the mount snow. so both of those making snow know doubt about it. >> there are cold temperatures and elizabeth mentioned wind chills.
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>> progress of weapons. several of the weapons were discovered in a park he is also facing unrelated child rape charges. a couple has been charged in connection of a woman whose body found burn on the train tracks in bridgewater. julian and thannion scirs were arrested on charges of witness intimidation and misleading police. they lied about where they were after admitting to being with 29-year-old ashley on the day she died. she's a new jersey native was found earlier this month. volunteers packing supplies back to a paxton shelterer -- shelter. it's heartbreaking loss for so many who turned out for a vigil tonight. is live. the owners say they will rebuild? >> they do say that and i'll
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tell you it was a large crowd that gathered here tonight outside the now burntdown animal shelter you can see behind me here in packston. less than 24 hours ago that many of the same people arrived here to helplessly watch as firefighters carried out the lifeless bodies of these cats and dogsmented bruno, ben. >> reporter: holding candles volunteers who dedicate their lives to animals weep as they read the names of more than 50 cats and dogs who died at this paxton shelter overnight. >> now they have a home but it's in heaven. >> reporter: a fire ripped ripped through late sunday night killing 14 dogs and 39 cats. vets, firefighters and volunteers rushed to the nonprofit no kill shelter. some received oxygen at the scene but only four dogs and two cats would survive.
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we know and just cuddled with them. >> the same supportive community that gathered to remember the animals also donated food and supplies so sweet pea can rebuild. we have a very strong love for animals we couldn't sit back and watch it happen we >> investigators say the fire was accidental likely caused by an electrical issue or heating issue. volunteers had been raising money to update the shelter soon but organizers say that plan isn't over. sweet pea hasn't finished its work. >> rebuild, grow, maybe we have animals that have to be saved and we're going to do it. >> reporter: volunteers tell me that unfortunately one of the two surviving cats ran away and is still missing at this time there's still trying to find that cat. now as for those four injured dogs we're told that one is more critical than the rest. but all four will have a
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long recovery ahead. if you would like to help out the shelter you can find out how at our website live in paxton tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. just one day of testimony this week in philip chism's murder trial but evidence presented today difficult to observe. the jury was shown an image with blood on his hands and jeans where teacher colleen ritzer was raped and murdered. they were also shown the surveillance of chism buying a movie ticket with ritzer's credit card. experts testified about human blood found on chism's clothes and on the box cutter recovered from the backpack. the judge gave jurors the rest of the week off urging them avoid talking about the trial over thanksgiving. prosecutors say tonight two half brothers lured a man with a drug scene before shooting him to death in blackstone. we've been following this story for you since friday. tonight will hodges and brendan bates are being held
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not guilty they told him that he were going to rob guan dealer then shot him dead instead. police want you take a good look at this here. they say the man told the store clerk he would give him aids if he didn't hand over the money sunday afternoon. he ran off when that clerk turned the tables by pulling out a baseball bat. regulars here say they're for himself. >> it's sad that people resorted to this but i'm glad he was able to be there to protect himself and upsetting for the person who decided this is where they had to go. police say that suspect may be driving a white s.u.v. and the clerk chased him the off before he could get away. >> skyfox flying over a beached wail this afternoon. there was some good news the
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5:00 we have learned that as that whale was leaving the waters off kingston it hit a channel buoy. they will have a team out there tomorrow to see if the whale will resurface. super bowl 50 in san francisco less than four weeks after that tom brady will be back in court as the nfl's deflategate appeal is heard. new today in the u.s. district court of appeals settology a court date of march 3rd when it will hear oral arguments in new york. both the nfl and brady's camp agreed to an expedited hearing with a goal of wrapping up the case prior to the start of 2016. we're following developing news out of france tonight where police have found what could be a suicide vest in a garbage can. they checked that area for any other possible threats. a french tv station is reporting that the possible vest contained the same explosives used by the paris attackers. in belgium authorities
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say they're keeping brussels at high alert until monday. security forces could be seen patrolling the streets today hoping to contain any possible terror attacks. the rest of belgium will stay at the second highest level. the prime minister says that the school and the subway system will reopen gradually starting on wednesday. hundreds of candles lit tonight for this teenager from sharon. we first reported last week when the 18-year-old was shot and killed during a day of attacks in israel. over last few hours students and faculty remembered his life during a vigil at brandeis university. that's where we find fox 25's malini basu live on the campus in wall. that malini? >> reporter: mark, just last night thousands of people showed up to ezra's funeral. today we could tell you there were hundreds of people that showed up to pay respects for the 18-year-old they say they just have that connection with him. under the bright moon and chilly temperatures hundreds gathered for a candlelight vigil in honor of ezra schwartz. ezra was killed in israel
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while studying abroad. a day filled with so many other attacks. >> our one source of light is the memories of those who we have lost. >> reporter: students and staff from brandeis university lit candles, stood side by side in a circle and shared memorable stories. >> he was always an optimistic character i remember him shooting parody videos and goofing around. >> reporter: the 18-year-old was volunteering in the west bank on thursday. he was delivering food to israeli soldiers when he was killed. a gunman started shooting into cars that were stuck in a traffic jam. he had nowhere to go. >> it's ridiculous that you took away someone who is so special to a lot of people and he has to lose his life at such a young age. we always like would mess around just like he would always be the one who wanted to experience things and we
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wish the best for his family. >> if they need anything there's a huge community out here that's going to support them any way we can. >> and tonight during the patriots game we could tell 18-year-old. friends also tell us that ezra was the kind of guy who would always go the extra mile for anybody and everybody. for now we are live in waltham tonight, malini basu, fox 25 news. a brockton teenager is hospitalized with head trauma after being hit by two cars on sunday. this lapd on north main street in front of an elementary school. 16-year-old and a 9-year-old girl were both hit by a car. police tell us that the 9-year-old was pushed into a southbound lane. both the drivers stopped. so far no charges have been filed. high bail for the man charged in a cat phishing robbery spree. they didn't show his face in court today. prosecutors say he pretended
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website and lured five men to meet when the men arrived austin robbed them at gunpoint. he has been ordered held on bail $75,000. new york reports is calling out massachusetts for what are being called weak seat belt laws. the governor's highway safety association says that the state is among more than 30 in the u.s. lacking strong rear passenger seat belt laws. nationwide in 2013, nearly 900 people above the age of 8 were killed when they were riding in back seats unretrained. experts say -- unrestrained. experts say they should consider stricter laws. a stretch of the 93 near the zakim bridge just before pilgrim's highway both have made the list of the 30 worst bottleneck in the nation. the list was ranked by the american highways users alliance. drivers are stuck in traffic here for more than 2.1 million hours a year. that's a long time. secretary of transportation anthony fox says more money
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nation's roads. >> this thanksgiving what america is getting is a preview of what we can expect to occur over the next 30 years if things go unchecked. >> the start of a solution could be close though in congress where house and senate negotiators are hammering out a deal on the first long-term highway decade. >> announcer: now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> it is cold outside you know that but it's already down to freezing even in the 32 right now under clear skies. winds are still blowing between five and 10 miles per hour sometimes gusting a little bit higher. temperatures dropping into the upper 20s in the city tonight. back to 37 that's it. by 10:00 in the morning going for the 40s for highs. worcester the city is 25 25. the city may be a degree or two cooler going down into back up to 34 by 10:00 a.m. it gets even colder there
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20s back here keene matches worcester at 25 . tonight you have an idea of what you're looking like northern worcester county and generally these are all the main reporting the stations where they have their instruments cited we can look in between those sites and find some of the colder temperatures. medical field 22 -- medfield 22 and it's 28 happen. going onto the north headed toward lowell 29 in the city of lowell, 26 chelmsford, pelham, new hampshire you're at 26 right now. this brings you into southwest and south central new hampshire. at the lake you know they will start making snow if they haven't already. 20 in dover about that same temperature at mount snow. then all the way down to cape cod looking for some warmer temperatures
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generally yes in the 30s orleans. but check this out in the . up the coast of plymouth it is only 27 right now. oh, there's a breeze, too, factor that in and it feels like this. 17 23 boston and 19 in portsmouth. it is a cold november night. yet continue to talk about a mild spell coming for the holidays. first of all this morning start out cold enough it snowing in maine. we had sunshine here in southern new england. there are flurries trying to move toward us from the west that have been breaking apart all evening long. across across the country no big storms until you get to the pacific northwest. none of are you heading there at this late hour. there's what future cast looks like in the morning. sunshine for us there are clouds coming in that sun shine and a few clouds
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mixing in as the sun goes down. mostly clear skies tomorrow night. another cold morning coming up for wednesday. sunshine for wednesday into wednesday afternoon. if you are doing your travelling on wednesday again no issues. how about some high temperatures for tomorrow? about the same as what you had today maybe a couple degrees warmer. 46 taunton, 45 in scituate tomorrow afternoon to the northwest and middlesex county lowell at 42 into southern new hampshire 44 nashua, north shore 44 and ipswich tomorrow afternoon. your seven-day forecast takes you through some topsy-turvey temperatures. mild temperatures by thursday thanksgiving temperatures really zipping up there into the 50s for us on thursday. your high temperature on thanksgiving will average 56 with plenty of sunshine. it gets even warmer for your black friday shopping. 61 for a high. that comes with rain in the evening though and a cooldown by next weekend. a family in desperate need for at home nursing for their later boy. later all new at 11:00 the family blaming a shortage
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and they're not alone. their battle to change things just ahead at 11:00. first the opioid crisis in new jersey now getting a serious look from washington. after the break, what hundreds of millions of dollars in emergency funding could go to to combat addiction. the warning from police to home owners over burglaries. what could be linked to a rise in crime in some local neighborhoods.
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right now police are warning homeowners about an increase in robberies around methuen. as fox 25's stephanie found out it's something nearby which is apparently linked to that rise in break-ins. >> police told us robbers are actually targeting the neighborhoods for the very same reason a lot of people have chosen to move here. take a look you can see that these areas are surrounded by wood so they're quiet and they're remote. >> it's scary i never knew about it. >> for deal he moved to northeast methuen because it's peaceful and had no idea that robbers are targeting this city. in just the fast few weeks, maple street and others have
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all been hit. >> they break in with the knowledge that when you come out of the house you are right into some thick brush and food. have you good cover and then they can work. >> methuen police chief says police now respond to three to four break-ins a day. all these police departments are now working together. >> just feet from the methuen line where backyard. they don't know what they're doing if they're just out there for recreation or if they're out there scoping out the neighborhood. to scare suspects away. >> methuen police told us they typically see break-ins go down in january once that holiday season is over but until then they're asking
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everyone to be high alert. in methuen, stephanie quinu fox 25 news. dracut police are warning holiday shoppers to be mindful when setting your delivery times for on-line purchases. police say this is the worst time of year for theft saying it's just too easy for thieves to grab those unoccurred packages from your doorstep. you can set up specific delivery times or request signatures or even have the items shipped to the closest u.p.s. or fedex store for pickup. new hampshire senator anychabeen is pushing for -- jeanne shaheen is pushing for funding for openoid treatment. >> it's so important because this really becomes such an epidemic virt eye everyone knows someone who has been touched by this. >> throughout new england and across the country now. this fund willing hopefully get allotted and they'll be able to take care of people who need it. dozens of firefighters from across the state honored
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country and heroic actions. >> the 26th annual firefighters award were held today from m.i.t. several awards were given out to firefighters for not only going above and beyond at work but also for their work in their community. governor charlie baker also taking a moment to thank our local heroes for putting their lives on the line every shift they work. >> thank you all for knowing that every single day may come with a surprise that nobody anticipated and that that surprise in many cases will go way above and beyond what most of us think of as a hard day at the office. >> state fire marshal helped firefighters manage stress and the emotional tolls their job causes. >> after the break a new england's unsolved special. fox 25's bob ward walks us through local cold cases police and families are still searching for answers about.
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