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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 27, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> i'm a lawyer. . now at 4:00, a beloved son is shot and killed outside of a fenway bar. police are searching for clues on what would have been the victim's 30th birthday. black friday is under way. the big ticket item that people have been looking for all day long. and donald trump is mocking a reporter's disability. >> i don't know what i said. i don't remember. how trump is defending himself this morning. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage this morning, this is the fox25 morning news. >> catherine: good morning to you, it is friday, november 27, happy friday, i am catherine parrotta in for julie grauert today. you might need to the check calendar and listen to your forecast.
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warm and sunny for all your black friday shopping today. but storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear, it is not going to last long. you are tracking cooler and wetter weather over the weekend wetter weather over the weekend. >>reporter: yes, big changes if you love the warmer weather. this is your day. 50s on the map boston at 51 and norwood, 51. bedford, 50 degrees. worcester a little cooler at 49 worcester a little cooler at 49. dmil nashua, 39 degrees. anyone going out in southern new hampshire, temperatures will be a little bit cooler there as well, hyannis down to but you know what, the only problem is a little bit of fog out there this morning and a little bit of cloud cover. 6 a.m. rolls around, temperatures that will still be right around 50 degrees. right around upper 40s. by noontime, we are warming to about 60 degrees. this is going to be some of the brightest weather that we get today with sunshine. just a couple of scattered clouds mixing in. by 5 p.m., any evening shoppers out there, i still want you to be ready for the 50s. still going to be mild out there.
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highs from 58 to 66 degrees. patchy fog and mist just early this morning. real, real 1309y stuff and this afternoon featuring partial sun and really warm weather. break down the big cooldown and wet weather coming up. back to you catherine for check on the roads. >> catherine: perfect weather to put up the lights. on the road a couple of cars. at the map, 93, 128 you are moving just fine and then going a little bit west of the city here on the pike, all in the green as well. we don't anticipate too many problems today but we are going to continue to give you a check on the roads this morning because i know a lot of you may be heading out to get the deal. a look at the mass pike, no too much company out there right now. a look at some of of the drive times. on the pike from the weston to the ted williams. take you only 13 minutes on route 9 from 495 to speen street. 17 minutes. on 128 from university ave to the tolls. a 12-minute ride for you there. no arrests this morning in the shootings of the person who
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open fired on a bar near fenway park killing a commuter rail conductor and injuring three others. that shooting was breaking on the fox25 morning news yesterday, and this morning we know the victim know the victim a victim of hyde park. today would have been his 30th birthday. they do not believe cherry was the target. the event was leading on who's on first on gnocchi way. >> send us the footage. give us the information. on thanksgiving, we shouldn't have this kind of problems occurring. >> catherine: a history of problems at who's on first a month ago where several women were hurt. an altercation that may involve a star player. video of philadelphia center jalelil okefor. the 19-year-old was being taunt
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the 19-year-old was being taunted by someone near the club when the altercation happened. tmz says no arrest were made. the 76ers are aware of this incident. the rush is on across the country as black friday shopping is in full swing. out. three hours ago these shoppers were allowed in the dedham best buy. fox25 checked in and the line was forming. some shoppers skipped turkey. they became prepared with activities to keep them busy. >> i passed the time by eating a lot of snacks and playing soccer in the parking lot. >> catherine: black friday in new hampshire goes under way before the leftovers cooled. stores old yesterday and the lines in rockingham park are tomorrow. shoppers are out in force at the south bay center in dorchester. the best buy opened just after 1 a.m. a long line of cust mevrs
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wrapped around that building well before midnight and a large number of employees were on hand to offer police and get shoppers to the register. those who waited in line said the sacrifice was worth it. >> a little crowdedness and shoveyness and waited this long, but it is awanted the tv, it is a christmas present to me to so i came to get it. >>reporter: to avoid a crush, employees only let 15 people into the store at the same time into the store at the same time. shoppers at the wrentham outlet will find more security. uniformed and undercover officers will be stationed inside and outside the mall in all response to the recent terror attacks in paris. the outlets said the mall is a tourist destination so as taking precautions. no specific threats against the shopping center. many people are getting the deals without sacrifice deals without sacrificing family time this year. more shoppers are cashing in on deals online with a record billion dollars of sales happening on thanksgiving. the number of people shopping on mobile devices is also up.
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to be set with 29% more people using a mobile device to shop. if you have plan to head out to shop, fox25 has you covered. our stephanie coueignoux is out at the south shore plaza and her first live report coming up at 4:30. new this morning, fox25 is working to get more information about this woman reported missing when she didn't show up for thanksgiving dinner. betty keizer's son-in-law said she was supposed to spend the time with her family. she lives in foxborough. a report has been filed. a former millis police officer is dead a week after he was indicted for faking a shootout. 24-year-old brian johnson was found inside his home yesterday morning. the district attorney's office do not suspect foul play and they are not investigating his death as a homicide. an autopsy will be performed to determine how johnson died. just last week, fox25 reported johnson was formally charged for shooting at his own cruiser a high school. he told investigators he blacked out. prosecutor also no longer
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johnson's death. happening today, a protest is planned for chicago's busiest shopping district all over of the shooting death of a teenager. this video i can't laquo n mcdonald's death. the police officer is accused of shooting the officer more than a dozen time. they plan to use the busiest shopping days of the year to describe what they call a pattern of violence by police >> the laquon mcdonald video is not just an isolated incident. >> the reality is our children are scared. >> they don't know. they don't understand what is going on. they have no hope. >> catherine: the officer involved in the shooting is being charged with first-degree murder. the protests are being organized by jesse jackson and the goal is to damage black friday sales and force the resignation of the police commissioner. protesters want a federal investigation into the department. norwood police are searching for a cold-hearted criminal who stole money meant
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to help kids with cancer. this is video from a surveillance store on walpole street street. you can see a man inside aj's market grab the can meant for the jimmy fund. he grabs the can. donald trump is facing go p backlash. the reporter denies a reporter the reporter denies a reporter's physical disability. he denies the reporter was even disabled. athena jones has more on the battle. >>reporter: . >>reporter: donald trump under fire again, this time for seem fire again, this time for seeming to mock a reporter's disability >> the poor guy -- oh, i don't know what i said -- oh, i don't remember! he is like i don't remember -- oh, maybe that's what i said. >>reporter: "new york times" reporter serge cotleski has a condition that causes contortions in. he wrote a story of trump allegedly saying that he saw
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the 9/11 attacks. >>reporter: he said this week he did not recall finding anyone who said there were thousands or even hundreds of people celebrating the fall of the twin towers as trump has claimed. trump denies mocking kovalesky saying in a statement in part, if he is handicapped, i would not know, because i do not know what he looks like. if i did know, i would not say anything about his appearance. he previously worked at the "new york daily news" where he covered thump. the latest eyebrow-raising moment who said recently he wishes the election was next week. >> i wish we could move the election up. in a lot of countries you are allowed to pick your date for the election. i want to pick my date for the link. want it, like, next tuesday. i want it on tuesday. >>reporter: right now polls show trump leading nationally and in the early states of iowa and new hampshire, but there are still more than two months
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before republican voters start making their pitch. and the crew at td garden will be busy today. the boston bruins will hit the nice just a few showers. the bs host the rangers in a black friday manatee nay. the hard wood goes down because the celtics are home tonight and host the wizards at 7:30. the patriots receive the patriots receiving front. wide receiver danny amendola returned to the practice field. he was listed as a limited participant in yesterday's practice, but a chance costill play on sunday in denver, the season is over. they placed him on injured reserve with a high ankle spray. the ferry that ran between maine and nova scotia want it released from custody. it was seized to cover outstanding debts. the cruise owner has posted a
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bond to cover the debts and they hope to charter to other clients. tracking weather and traffic every ten minutes. look at our map, really not a lot of trouble spots out there and south of the city, 93 going and south of the city, 93 going north and 128 going north going north and 128 going completely in the green if you were headed to the shopping malls today. pike. one orange spot as you are going through framingham and otherwise the map looking good at this hour of the morning. a live look at the pike as you approach brighton. really not too much company out there right now. keep in mind if you are traveling back from thanksgiving, the toll plazas, all 18 of them in massachusetts say offer you free coffee until 5:00. you have more time to take advantage of that. on 24 take you it minutes. 3 from the split to the pike nine minutes there. and millions of americans -- >> shiri: the biggest problems on the roads are patchy fog down to providence rhode island. quarter-mile visibility in keene. and nashua watching for patchy dense fog.
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i will tell you when to expect that to lift coming up next. all right, millions of americans are heading out to start their christmas shopping, but paying for those gifts can look a little different. the new security precautions to keep sensitive information out of the hands of hackers. up next, hundreds of thousands of lights are lit up
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the iconic
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thousands of people turned out for this. the annual festival of lights kicked off. the event features 300,000 lights and nativity scenes from all own the world. today marks the 62nd annual lights festival and the trip has become a family tradition. >> my family has always come and we love to be here overing this. >> my family it it. and their family did it and taking the young ones. >> catherine: the lights are on through january 1. admission and parking is free. a group of boston paramedics are being hailed as heros this morning. the group was called to take an expectant mother to the hospital, but before she got there she was already in the final stages of lane and too late to move her. they ended up delivering that baby at the home. the mother had a difficult pregnancy and several complications during that delivery. the paramedics said they were prepared for every scenario. >> we were all -- of course, we have been trained and all experienced and able to handle this and everything worked out
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>> catherine: the mom and new baby is doing as well. a major announcement for the police officer who nearly died during the shootout with the bombers. dick donohue and his wife, kim, are having another baby. sergeant donohue said thankful to the newest addition of the donohue family set to arrive in april. hashtag happy thanksgiving. boston storefronts are getting pricier. rank boylston as the 7th most expensive street in the u.s. for office space. it has an average rent of more than $67 a square foot. that means landlords can raise prices 1.3 times faster than other cities and the newest office space building set to be finished next summer already has record high leases. the most expensive streets in u.s. is sandhill road in san francisco's silicon valley near stanford university. and look at traffic and keeping a check on you as we go through the morning. here you are. the roads are moving just fine. zooming a little bit on the map here.
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city you are doing okay. everything is in the green right now. zooming out a little bit north of the city. 128, 93. headed into the city doing fine at this hour, and a couple more cars out there but nothing too much getting in your way. a pike you are looking at right now. traffic moving fine and drive times for you. route 3 will take you ten minutes, 24, nine minutes and 895 from 49 5 to 12812 minutes there and now over to fox25 storm team meteorologist shiri spear. a wet forecast this weekend but a warm forecast for today. >> shiri: warm forecast. warmest of the week in fact. freezing temperatures concern will be real low. couple of spots in southern new hampshire are at risk for dropping into the lower 30s. but overall we are so warm this morning. we are simply going to skip that and any kind of heavy rain. all we have is a moderate risk of fog. we have it out there now but where we have dense fog could get misty and might feel damp for you. right now 51 degrees in boston.
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it is mostly cloudy here. we have some 12-mile-per-hour winds. not all that bad though. it will be gusty from time to from time to time today. at 6:00 this morning, 49 degrees. 51 again by 8 a.m. at 10 a.m., middle 50s and up at 60 degrees by 2:00 in afternoon. brighter skies for the second half of the day. right now worcester at 49 degrees. notice we have got those same, mostly cloudy skies. and we will tap into on and off clouds. think it will be a decent day. partly sunny. we have 8 a.m. at 49. 52 by 10 a.m. and by lunchtime in the mid if not the upper 50s. not record-setting heat but definitely warm. a look at your high temperatures for today with 61 in boston to beverly to portsmouth, new hampshire over to bedford and fitchburg. 62 in nashua. i have 6 in plymouth and 61 in hyannis this afternoon. brighter over southeastern massachusetts with a few more clouds rolling across areas
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north and west of boston, but, i mean, can you beat that? 4 p.m.? morrison and clouds. i can tell that you much. in the evening, clouds will thicken up and after midnight thundershowers will actually develop, and you can see this is our saturday morning forecast involving scattered showers on this front. it is not incredibly juicy, so showers are still going to be kind of widely dispersed here. not going to be a constant rain. not everybody is necessarily going to see it. i do see it lasting at least through noontime, area south in the mass pike. futurecast a little bit underdone. a couple of showers around and even during the course of the afternoon, we will keep a close eye on southeastern massachusetts should this front slow down and be slower to really move away from the area. otherwise dry conditions developing north to south, and we will start to see the clouds very gradually erode. i would count on a lot more clouds and showers than anything else tomorrow. i think if you were looking for a little sunshine, we got to look toward sunday.
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temperatures in the 20s and 30s and during the afternoon, looking nice. a slice of sunshine and clouds to the north and clouds to the south and still going to be worth watching that front if perchance it swings back up toward us. increase the clouds and watch for a couple of showers in southern new england. right now going with a partly sunny forecast here on sunday and staying optimistic, but saturday definitely involves some scattered showers across the cape and islands. tomorrow around 50 degrees. near steady temperatures all day and upper 40s on sunday. find it cooler as you travel northward. spots like salisbury at 46 degrees and mostly cloudy skies and widely scattered showers. 47 and comparable temperatures on sunday, but all sunshine points north of boston. here is a look at your seven here is a look at your seven-day forecast for the weekend falls view. into early next week, 43 with sunshine on monday. tuesday, we have building clouds with overnight into wednesday rain in the forecast before we clear out again on
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back to you, catherine. >> catherine: all right. a singer is smashing records and making money. the singer giving target a big boost in holiday sales.
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surprise visitor as an intrude a man that caused a security scare at the white house is expected to face criminal channels. he sumped the executive fence. he wearing an american flag around his body and and to be carrying an envelope. the president and his family were home celebrating thanksgiving. the man the secret service agents with guns drawn captured the man. the mother had left her new the mother had left her newborn baby will not be prosecuted. the safe haven law does apply even though the baby was left in an unusual spot. video of the mother shopping at a nearby dollar store justice minutes before the child was left. the presidents of russia
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forward until isis is defeated. both united by atrocity both united by atrocities by isis. the terrorist attack and the downing of the russian jet. the biggest outcome, putin now says he is ready to cooperate with a u.s.-led coalition against the terrorist organization. putin promised consultation with the u.s. in the coming days. members of a california band performing when terrorists attack their contest are recalling the horror of the night in paris. the eagles of death members were on the stage when terrorists open fired on the crowd. they are grateful for all of the support from fans after the massacre. >> i want to thank everyone for everything they have done for us. i don't think -- i don't think any of us could handle it without the bizarre really unique support especially from our french -- the kids that were there. i feel like we are in it together especially now. and i am really grateful for that.
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attacked during that attack on that concert hall. massachusetts governor charlie baker is still concerned of allowing refugees from syria that the commonwealth. the governor tells the "herald" he plans to talk to the state department of the process to screen refugees before they are allowed in the u.s. he was one of 30 governors who oppose having refugees from syria in the u.s. two of the terrorists in paris posed as refugees to enter europe. hundreds of high school football players now have a memory that will last for ever. they can say they played in the first game at fenway park in 80 years. one of those games needham and wellesley. the great play at the end of the first half. intercepts the pass and runs 97 yards the other way for a touchdown. those were the last points scored in the game. needham wins. the oldest public school rivalry to a score of 12-7. fox25 looks at this at our needham more than a game that
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the other game boston latin take on boston english and finds daniel bowen on the right side. he makes one defender miss and gets by a second before reaching the end zone. the wolfpack ends to win by a final of 20-6379 head coach retires with a win after 43 retires with a win after 4 3 years at latin. happening today, black friday will look different in one busy city. why hundreds of people plan to protest in the middle of a shopping frenzy. police want to find a man in this surveillance video.
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now at 4:30 now at 4:30. a family devastated as police reveal a beloved son is shot and killed outside a busy fenway park fenway bar. the clues that they hope will lead them. if somebody cuts in line they will be laid out as i keep going on to get the purchase
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