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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:45pm EST

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>> gus: the celebration continues at stanford, as the cardinals defeat notre dame in spectacular fashion 38-36. gus johnson, joe klatt, what a game. >> joel: how about that. i'm still trying to take in what we just saw. there was a team, i would be remiss if i didn't start with notre dame. their season, you think about the injuries that they have had, what they had to deal
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with, and to be in this position with a red shirt freshman quarterback with stanford on the road 4 of the last 5 games. you think they might run out of gas. all of the credit in the world to the fighting irish. they had a wonderful season. unfortunately, it ended two points short. they're not going to be in this college football playoff. and then six lead changes? and the senior, kevin hogan, this guy has had such a unique career following andrew luck. he comes, in loses his father last year, guy plays with the weight of the world on his shoulders. and he played his best games of his career in his 34th win tonight, in his last home game here at stanford stadium. he was really terrific. i thoment he was calm in the pocket. he picked up some first downs with his feet. then when it was on his right shoulder or nothing, to get the ball down the field in order to give ukropina a chance at the field goal, he made the play. he made the play.
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kevin hogan, was tremendous tonight. >> gus: all right, so kevin hogan, age to really scratch out his nickname "gritty" a gritty performance, as stanford wins the football game. our molly mcgrath had a chance to catch up with kevin hogan after the game. >> molly: kevin, your final game at stanford stadium, and it's rivalry game, over a team that you grew up cheering for and your father's alma mater. where does this win rank in terms of career moments? >> number one all-time, number one of all-time. to come out here on senior day against an amazing notre dame team. and fight to the end. they went out with a score, 30 seconds left, but that's the way the game went. we figured whoever had the ball last was going to come out on top. made a great catch and ukropina ice in his veins. >> molly: this game always ends in dramatic fashion. you beatly good notre dame team.
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what does this say about what you can accomplish moving forward, head noogs the pac 12 championship game and beyond? >> just means we have to keep stacking them. we got two in a row, we have good team next week at leave eye stadium. but just -- levi stadium. we'll keep it going. feels good to get this trophy. >> congratulations, kevin. >> thank you. >> gus: stanford wins the legends trophy as they defeat notre dame. up next for the cardinal pac 12 championship game against usr. -- usc. 38-36 the final, an instant classic as stanford comes back to beat the fighting irish. next we will be in indy for the big 10 championship game, number 4 iowa takes on number 5 michigan state for a conference title and a possible playoff berth. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox. that wraps it up from here in stanford. for joel and molly, i'm gus
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johnson saying so long.
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o. tonight, we learn more about the massachusetts native killed in the colorado clinic shooting. hi, everyone. i'm blair miller. before becoming a police officer garrett swayze's passion was ice skating. he trained with olympic medalist nancy kerrigan. john monahan spoke with kerrigan about the loss of her childhood friend.
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>> reporter: nancy was emotional as she remembered the man she says was like a brother to her. kerrigan satisfies she practiced for hours on the ice, fond memories like many others here in melrose. o he. sharing memories of had her close childhood friends and skating companion garrett swayze. >> but as kids she was literally like a little brother to me. >> reporter: kerrigan and swayze practiced together for years on the ice. >> saw him every day and we trained together in burlington boston. >> reporter: kerrigan, now like many in greater boston, mourning the tragic loves the melrose native gunned down running to help people at the planned parenthood in colorado springs. melrose's mayor was a high school classmate. >> he made his mark here and his
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they were always be remembered. >> reporter: another classmate and current melrose police officer sharing his thoughts on the phone with fox 25s. it's not shock what over that he would have been one of the officers responding to a shooting. >> reporter: nancy kerrigan also not surprised that garrett risked his own life to try to save others. >> yeah, of course. always. always. putting someone else first. yeah. not surprised that's the career path he took. >> reporter: police here in melrose tell fox 25 they plan to send their color guard to colorado for swayze's funeral. in melrose, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. a law enforcement official says the suspected shooter said, quote, no more baby parts after the attack. it is perhaps our first glimpse into the possible motive.
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>> reporter: early saturday morning, officers escort their fallen brother, as his body is taken away from the scene of yet another tragic shooting. garrett swayze was one of three people shot dead at a planned parenthood in colorado springs. 9 others including 5 others were injured in the attack. >> i started bleeding. i was looking at him and saw blood. >> reporter: police believe this is the man he was looking at, 57-year-old robert deer. >> we can certainly infer what it may have been in terms of where it took place and the manner in which it took place but we don't have any confirmation from any of the investigation yet as to what the precise motive was. >> reporter: planned parenthood delivers reproductive healthcare and sex education to women and men across the united states. it has come under attack before. in a statement president obama didn't mention the controversy surrounding planned parenthood but he did offer praise to
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swayze and the other responders. it's a sediment echoed by their colleagues. >> they laid their life on the line today to prevent the disaster today that we witnessed getting worse. >> reporter: as the community mourns the dead, the survivors are left shaken by the incident. [ inaudible ] it's not right. it's not right. >> reporter: andy rose, fox 25 news. of course, that situation in colorado has shaken up a lot of people, including officers at university of colorado springs. here's a photo taken today an officer being consoled by the school's mascot. certainly a powerful image there. and friday's shooting has planned parenthood clinics across the country now on high alert. police have stepped up security outside boston's clinic on com ave. a patrol car is now stationed
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boston mayor marty walsh tells fox 25 the city will be taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe. >> for the foreseeable future we'll have extra security because of the incident of what what happened in colorado. three people lost their lives and we want to make sure that something like that doesn't happen in our city. >> planned parenthood of massachusetts said in a statement they are working with police to make sure patients and staff are safe. still ahead here tonight, more reaction of officer swayze's death and the reason the past 30 days had been especially tough on that colorado springs community. new tonight, the cause of fire in brockton is now under investigation. those heavy flames breaking out around 9:00 tonight. when our cameras arrived on the scene, firefighters were still in that area but there were no visible flames. the city's fire chief tells us the home was vacant but there is evidence that people were squatting inside. one firefighter was being evaluated after getting debris in his eye. a man has life-threatening injuries after being hit by a car.
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state police tells us it happened just before 7:00 tonight. the 56-year-old victim was kroging the three lane road when he was hit. the driver stayed on scene and not likely to face any charges. moving on, the patriots quest for perfection. another weapon out with an injury. danny amendola will not play against the broncos tomorrow night. not leaving tom brady with a lot of options, is it? don't tell him that, blair, nobody makes lemonade out of the quality lemons he's given by brady. sunday night he'll have to squeeze out as much offense as possible from whoever wears that patriots uniform. amendola out against the broncos, as you said, and so are jamie collins and tightened michael williams. all three players remained home and did not travel with the team to denver tonight. how will they survive without amendola and others? according to brady and gronk you just have to dig deep and have faith in the guys that you've got. >> definitely a challenge.
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and whenever you see a challenge, you gotta rise up. the players gotta step in and take bigger roles, whatever coach is playing, gotta go out there and do it well. >> mental toughness is what it comes down to. we're off to a good start but it really doesn't mean anything. whatever happens after this is what's gonna matter to our season, and this is when we need to start playing good. >> even with all their injuries, the patriots are 3 point road favorites sunday night. much more on the pats coming up in about 40 minutes on our fox 25 saturday night sports wrap. blair. >> all right, see you then. a chilly night across the region. the people visiting quincy market tonight, certainly bundled up. rob, we have seen some major temperature swings in just the past 24 hours. >> yeah, i can put it to the numbers for you, 10, 15, and some spots 20 degrees colder now than the exact same time last night. puts us at about 41 degrees currently in boston. got 32 in orange. 39, the current temperature in bedford. the forecast for tonight is a little bit on the tricky side.
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if you watch this satellite and radar, the rain is long gone. not expecting number that. clouds are starting to break apart. you can see some clearing in and southern vermont. here's the catch, is that cool ground. got about a quarter inch of rain during the day on saturday. cool air over that damp ground could lead to some patchy fog. did see that in the last hour in disappeared. that's basically what we're hours. there, fog. otherwise a clearing trend and overnight lows dipping back to 34 in boston, 27 in norwood and 29 in beverly. much cooler than last night. and the cooling trend continues monday. not out of the question o we could see some flurries tomorrow night. show you that on futurecast in just a few minutes. new tonight, surveillance video capturing scary homes for four people in worcester. the people were about to cross chandler street on friday when the suv suddenly came at them. if you look closely here in the video, the suv was stopped, but
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a truck hit the suv, sending it forward. luckily no one there was hurt on the street or in that suv. also new here tonight, the last of four men charged with raping a u-mass student three years ago expected in court on monday. the trial for 20-year-old caleb womack was supposed to start earlier this month but a psychologist says he was depressed and not fit for trial. he was ruled competent last week. four suspects visited the dorm room in october of 2012 and the other three defendants were convicted. a funeral was held trade for 2-year-old bella bond, known for months as baby doe. a pink quilt covered the child's casket today following a private ceremony in winthrop. loveland stood over her burial site in the same cemetery as her paternal great-grandmother. boston police commissioner william evans worked on belly bella's investigation since her body was found in june. he says even though investigators have found some answers, the situation is still
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heart-breaking. >> to see a young child, you know -- lights out like that, it's tough. you know, i have three kids. a lot of us have children. and that's the hardest part of this job. >> bella bond's remains were island in june. millions of people shared this media before she was identified in september. bella's mother and her boyfriend are facing charges in her death. state police investigating a crash on the pike in auburn involving a tractor/trailer, a box truck and pickup truck. here you can see some of the damage in these photos. it happened around 4:00 this morning near exit 10. three drivers were taken to the hospital. they're expected to be okay. police say the accident caused about 120 galveston diesel fuel to spill. this man's accused of breaking into a home in sharon. police say rahshon stokes committed the crime on furnish street and say stokes lives on that street, as well.
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the suspect is due in court on monday. as we speak, the fallout from the russian jet shooting continues. to punish turkey russia is posing spanks sanction on the nation, even banning some goods. we've been tracking this developing situation. >> reporter: russia has launched a financial attack on turkey, targets both country's trade relations in what has been a dramatic and tense military and political drama this week. today russian president vladimir putin signed a decree for a temporary ban on import and be labor contract between turkish and russian companies and turkish nationals working for russian companies and president putin calls for a ban between both countries and russia has extended -- suspended its travel arrangement with turkey, disrupting the tourism industry driven in large part by
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>> reporter: the move comes just hours after the turkish president said his country was quote/unquote truly saddened by the downing of the russian jet and that, these are his words, we wish it hadn't happened, really the closest to an apology that we've heard so far. still both turkey and russia have taken hard-line stances refusing to admit any wrong-doing. on thursday putin said the attack was a, quote, treacherous stab in the back by turkey and that it was driving relations with russia into a dead end. adding to the military concerns, russia deployed its s-400 missile system to its western syrian base just 30 miles from the turkish border but it's not military action or the political firestorm that may be driving relations into a dead end, but now money. that said, the turkish president has requested a meeting at the climate conference in paris with vladimir putin. putin wouldn't take a call earlier this week.
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we'll see if he takes the meeting. in jerusalem, fox news. children who survive bone cancer can often experience some trouble growing. here in the next 30 minutes, just how fast a new technology can now change the lives of kids who have already overcome so much. plus, this incredible video, a crash in the breakdown lane, just misses those three people. how fast that driver was going at impact. but first, a loaded assault
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what else police say they foun an arsenal of weapons. this story break on fox 25 morning news today. the search started around 12:30 this morning and police say they found all of this right here, a loaded rifle, magazines and a survival kit in the backyard of a house on wade street. officers followed the suspects trial wait pond where police think the suspect stole a row boat to try to get away. a home hit by gunfire overnight. eryka rishi has been talking with the neighbors about the violence rocking their neighborhood. >> this is a nice neighborhood but police say the only problem they've had is with speeding but a neighbor says that all changed this morning. >> i didn't know if it was fireworks or gunfire.
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>> reporter: but it was a this sunday got this woman to call 911 around 5:00 this morning. she asked us to conceal her identity because she's still shaken up after learning the noise she heard was gunfire at her neighbor's house. >> the cop said it was a shooting next door. >> reporter: police tell us it's part the investigation, but nine bullets striking a single house indicates intent, and all of them hit around the ground-level windows with one getting inside. even the car out front was struck. neighbors say that is a home no stranger to trouble. there was a big heroin bust there but that family moved out. >> reporter: we tried to learn about the residents who live there now, but no one was home. >> you see a child coming once in a while but mostly average neighbors.
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>> they would say hi, that's about it. all this neighbor knows is she wasn't what she signed up for when her family moved to the neighborhood in may. >> a lot of shootings and gangs and i wanted the complete opposite for my children. that's the reason why we purchased our house here is because of the safety. makes me want to go inside and not let them go outside and play. >> reporter: still the no suspects at this hour but police not said there is any reason for the public to be alarmed. fox 25 news. boston police at the bar where a 20-year-old man was killed earlier this week. he was hit by a stray bullet outside who's on first. friday was supposed to be his 30th birthday. right now the killer is still on the loose and boston police say the bar is creating an unsafe environment. >> we can't keep having this violence up there, you know.
11:25 pm
fenway's a great area. that doesn't happen up there but this particular club is obviously drawing the wrong clientele and we gotta fix it. >> mr. evans also told us a hearing for who's on first will be held at a later date and the club will have to answer questions about weapons being taken into the building. a new study suggest teens in new england are reluctant to step in when they see dating and sexual he aggression. that study from the university of new hampshire looked at how high school students respond. 1/3 of those surveyed say they did not want to intervene out of fear of causing problems. researchers calling for more programs to encourage intervention. cities and towns here in massachusetts getting a break on the cost of under par can. it will cost $20 per dose which is about a $50% discount from the drugmaker. some local police and fire departments are using the drug
11:26 pm
opiates on patients. now this week's mass most wanted. >> reporter: detectives in quincy are looking for this man. they say he broke into an office building and stole a laptop and cash from two different businesses. he was wearing a beaded prayer bracelet and a medium size pendant on a chain. if you have any information, give police in quincy a call. our next case brings us to the southshore plaza where police say this man walked out with a pair of expensive sneakers from a foot locker store, medium build and height, if you can help police track him down, call police in braintree. and another shocking case, this one in boston where police tell us this woman stole three pairs of leather pants worth more than $2,000 from the store on burlston street. if you happen to know who she is, contact boston police. >> all of those cases come to us from law enforce ment's web site mass most wanted.
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site right now, after three centuries, the most famous tune in the world may soon reveal more secrets. still ahead here tonight, what researchers hope will help crack the mist reeve king tut once and for all.
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the president's trip to a to. wanting banks and credit unions to help look for signs of fraud targeting the elderly. we have reported on many cases here where the elderly with persuaded to give a large amounts of money to strangers not knowing it's a scam. experts are trying to make sure workers look for signs of people being exploited financially. an 18-year-old was killed in an attack in israel. ezra schwartz died earlier this month when a palestinian gunman opened fire on a van he was in. he graduated from high school in brookline and was taking a gap year to study abroad before going to college. police hope new surveillance images can help them track down a man stealing tools from lowe's stores. police say he did this about a month ago and left without paying. they also say the suspect hid other loads in massachusetts as well as some in rhode island and connecticut. if you happen to recognize that person or the car right here,
11:30 pm
call police. well, the u.n. is getting ready to hold a conference on climate change. president obama will be there. but as molly hennen burger reports, not everyone in washington is pleased with that. >> reporter: the republicans are concerned that the president may not seek approval from the senate for any new international climate change agreement. president obama has indicated the u.s. plans to give $3 billion to the united nation's green climate fund. many will go to developing countries to try to help them reduce carbon pollution. the president says there will be a strong message to paris. >> next week i will be joining president franc ois hollande and world leaders in paris for the global climate conference. a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be detoured
11:31 pm
for our children. >> i want to make it clear to the administration as well as to foreign diplomats across the globe who are looking for u.s. dollars which is the lynch pin of this conference, without senate approval, there will be no money, period. >> reporter: democrat senator joe mansion from the coal producing state of west virginia joined other republicans in urging the president too allow the senate to, quote, exercise its constitutional role to approve any agreements that comes from the meeting in paris and earlier a group of senate republicans sent a letter to the president saying, quote, we support international dialogue problems. our constituents are worried that the pledges you are committing the united states will strengthen foreign economy at expense of american workers. they're also skeptical about sending billions of their hard-earned dollars to government officials from developing nations.
11:32 pm
the obama administration says the green climate fund and u.s. financial support for it is a, quote, clear priority for the president. in moisture, molly hennenburg, fox news. hey tonight, this video is sure to make a heart skip a beat. how fast the driver is going before that wild wreck. 41 degrees right now. get a reinforcing shot of cool air t i absolutely love my new york apartment,
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o. >> overall i think you'll find tomorrow's weather, probably the better of the two weekend days. that could lead to ocean-effect flurries. not really expecting any impacts from that. our next weather-maker coming tuesday night into the area. our high temperature tay was 60 degrees. that was at 6:00 a.m. this morning. our low temperature 41 and our can current temperature. in other words temperatures have been falling ever since 6:00 a.m. tomorrow and will continue to fall through the overnight hours.
11:35 pm
41 right now in boston. 42, the current temperature in norwood. some spots will wake up to temperatures in the 20s tomorrow morning. waking up early to sunday services, expected to be a lot colder. 60 degrees this morning. some spots will wake up to the mid- to upper 20s tomorrow morning. almost a 30-degree difference from your saturday morning to sunday morning. fall look closely you can see how skies are fairly clear across most of new hampshire. southern vermont seeing clearing trends and worcester county seeing that trend. just as the clouds start to clear higher up in the atmosphere, we've got cold air moving over very damp ground. about a quarter of an inch of rain on saturday and cooler air could lead to patchy fog.
11:36 pm
so don't be surprised if you see that until about 9:00 tomorrow morning. then clearing skies. the exception would be the cape and the island. no loud might linger a little longer into sunday morning but by sunday afternoon expecting nothing but sunshine everywhere. overnight sunday night into monday morning. blowing in over the still relatively warm water and that could lead to some ocean-effect clouds, maybe a flurry or sprinkle or two out at the cape and the islands. futurecast really impressed a little bit earlier in the day but later on kind of backed off of it. next weather-maker will be this one. area of low pressure currently centered near the four corners. that will be moving northeast. that will bring us rain tuesday
11:37 pm
night into wednesday before it gets here, it will impact the game tomorrow. the patriots and broncos snow likely 1 to 3-inches during the game, game time at kick-off, temperature 19 degrees will be one of the coldest of the season so far. seven-day forecast back at home with your weekend always in view. 47, that's the high temperature for tomorrow. 20s just about everywhere monday morning. really chilly start as we go back to work monday morning. 40 monday afternoon and a good chance of rain and probably a wind-driven rain tuesday night into wednesday. the morning mourning in colorado will continue for the three victims in the planned parenthood attack. earlier in the newscast we heard from those who knew officer garrett and we have more now on those remembering him in colorado. >> reporter: officer garrett swayze was a loving father of two, a former championship ice skater and a leader in his church. also a devoted police officer
11:38 pm
duty when a man opened fire at a planned parenthood clinic colorado springs. >> reporter: 44-year-old swayze was an officer for the university of colorado colorado springs campus on duty friday when he heard the call of shots fired and rushed to the scene. >> i've known for about 10 years, and throughout that entire time watched him faithfully serve others and place others before himself in nearly every situation. >> reporter: kirk, a pastor with swayze at his church, was there when swayze's wife had to tell their two young children what happened to their dad. >> the crys and sobs of children learning that their daddy was never return something something that will probably be etched in my mind for the rest of my life. >> reporter: swayze was born in melrose, massachusetts. a graduate of melrose high school. the mayor there saying as a class of 1989 graduate, i remember him to be a kind and
11:39 pm
friends dedicated to his skating career and excelling at all areas. a six-year veteran of the police force law enforcement was his second career after retiring from figure skating. he competed in the 1995 national championships and won a junior national nights 1992 in orlando. >> there is -- garrett was the most selfless person i knew always there as kinds of my confidant, my brother. >> reporter: his skating partner talked to swaysy's mother on the phone. >> she wanted me to remind everyone that he died in the line of duty and that there's no time that he ever would not have done that. swasey moved to train at the training center at olympics and say he defined himself through
11:40 pm
his faith. >> here's a man who stands on principle, loves christ, and obviously, you know, he might not be in alignment with the abortion industry, but he'd be willing to go in and lay down his life for those people. tonight. you can stay with fox on-air and online as the investigation into colorado springs continues. and that shoot something the city's second mass shooting in less than a month. on october 31st, three people springs before police shot and killed the gunman. authorities say the heavily armed man shot each one in random attacks. investigators have not said a motive for those shootings. we could be on the verge of a new chapter in one of the world's greatest discoveries. minutes from now, what researchers are hoping to find inside the tomb of king tut. plus, we're going to take you inside the technology designed
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