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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  November 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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field. tonight, the news is just about as good as it can be. just a minor knee injury for gronk. >> mark: breathe. pats offense taking a lot of hits. >> elizabeth: julian edelman broke a bone in his foot. >> mark: danny amendola with a knee injury of his own, so gronkowski was the path's last big target. tom leyden joining us now and with no gronk, things look grim for the defending super bowl champsism e. when you consider who they lost and how much firepower is sidelined, losing the best tight end in the league, long-term would be a cruel cruel blow to the defending champs, but injuries part of the game and the pats will just need to figure out a way to forge ahead. the good news is that gronk's injury not as bad as it first appeared to be last night. when the cart is brought out on the field, you fear the worths, but it's been labeled a right knee strain and he'll miss one to two weeks. his reaction on the field was night, would set up a panic
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here's tom brady on the dennis and callahan show. >> he's such a big part of our -- what we do as an offense, so it's always tough losing great players, and i know what he's been through in his career, when you see him laying there, it's very tough to see, you know, hopefully, you know, he gets it checked out today and hopefully he'll be back at some point. >> deep breath. could have been much worse. hopefully the rest of the troops who are getting healthy will be back on the field and gronk will rejoin his teammates game for the texas and titans. it's a pain tolerance issue at this stage. >> mark: denver broncos having fun at the patriots expense. brady posted this photo, the caption, let's go. denver called out brady's photo and said, it was clever, but they made a little -- [indiscernible] we're counting down to the kickoff for sunday's pats games. the patriots will take on the eagles, right here object fox 25.
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kickoff at gillette, 4:25 p.m. and plenty of coverage sunday leading up to the game and after the game. pregame coverage starts on the fox 25 in the morning which airs from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and the fox nfl sunday pregame show is on from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. at 1:00 p.m., the super bowl champion seahawks take on the first place vikings and then the pats and eagles kicking off at 4:25 p.m. complete post-game coverage at 10 and 11 and news a23458 cies on the sports wrap at 11:30 p.m. more breaking news now. a $15,000 reward is being offered for the recovery of weapons, stolen from the army reserve center in worcester. 16 guns were taken two weeks ago, most were recovered, but the f.b.i. wants to recover the remaining six handguns. the missing guns are sig model pistols model p228. the guns will have unique u.s. government etching. >> elizabeth: a teenager shot near a boston school, that shooting put three schools in the area into lockdown.
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sharman sachetti is live in roxbury where police are looking for suspects. >> the reporter: we're live here at malcolm x boulevard. the shooting happened across the street, in a park, right by a middle school, we're being told that the victim, who is 16 years old, and a boston public school student, made his way across the street, and was found in this area, right by this high school, madison park. where we're told he's not a student, but this is the area where he was found. the shooting happening just after noontime in a park by the timothy middle school off mat come x middle school. it sent three nearby schools including madison park vocational technical high school and the o'bryant school of math and science into what's called safe mode. >> basically, we turn off the lights, and then we cover the windows, so like, nobody can see from inside out, you know, and then we go to one side of the room, so everyone knows everyone in that room.
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>> this woman was in her basement anatomy class and all clear. police confirmed to us that the victim is a bps student, but not at madison park. we've learned he arrived late for school and left early today, and he is expected to survive. >> we practice these drills. >> kevin is the executive director at madison park. he tells us the school responded the way it should have and now needs to get back to business as usual. >> although these things have occurred in the neighborhood, we do have to get back to the business of educating students. >> >> the reporter: and in fact, that lockdown order was lifted around 1:30 p.m. again, we're being told the students who was a victim is expected to survive, was not a student here at madison park. according to police. but nobody is confirming exactly where, which exactly school he was a student at. we'll keep following it, still no arrests tonight. we're live in roxbury, sharman >> elizabeth: now when the shooting happened, we alerted
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to get breaking news, traffic, weather and other important information, download the fox 25 app for your phone or tablet. it's free-for-all of your devices. >> a few snowflakes in milton this morning, a very cold start to the work week. boy, can you really see it right there. oh. 38 degrees driving in this afternoon here to work. tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is tracking rain coming up. >> kevin: yes, wet, not white coming up tomorrow and 38 degrees the high temperature at logan airport. these are the snow flurries being picked up by live doppler radar, coming in off of the ocean. look at that. sometimes coming down at a little more moderate flurry than just the light stuff, but still, nothing accumulating out there. temperatures this evening in the 30's. boston slipped to 37. freezing cold in some spots, but lowell, mid 30's. lowell, 35. kingsborough at 34 degrees, back to worcester county, temperatures are pretty close to freezing, even below freeze, fitchburg at 31. royalston at 30, auburn, you're 33 degrees right now. off to the north of there in southern new hampshire, there
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are some towns below freezing here as well or at least at freezing, last i checked. 31. vermont, upper 20's, so it's definitely cold this evening, dover down into the mid 20's. these temperatures live as we're looking at them with live storm cape, generally in the 30's across the area. what i'm tracking next is this rain moving toward the area. if it arrives too quickly, could be a touch of ice. where that could be a problem and with the heaviest rain will be here too. >> mark: traffic a i alert in taunton, a tractor-trailer has overturned on the ramp from route 140 to route 124. the ramp is closed while crews work to clear up the mess. >> elizabeth: men arrested on weapons charges, following a weekend manhunt is being held without bail. police found an assault rifle, bulletproof vest, a hatchet and other weapons in the home of dean largess of lester. he was wanted on domestic violence charge and when police came calling early on saturday, he took off.
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firepower they found in that homemade him incredibly dangerous. largess evaded police for a day before he was caught in royalston. lawyers for convicted marathon bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev, will be arguing for a new trial in federal court tomorrow. dzhokhar tsarnaev's lawyers want the new trial in a new location, saying there is no way a local can be objective. dzhokhar tsarnaev was sentenced to death earlier it year for his role in the 2013 attack. defense admitted that he and his brother carried out those bombings, but argued his brother was the mastermind. >> mark: drinking while he was driving. that's what police in bow, new hampshire say a man was doing when he hit and kill a mother of two. his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. crystal haynes outside the court and learning more about the lives lost. crystal? >> the reporter: well, mark, i can tell you that alexander burke's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit, and manchester police tell me that's why charges were upgraded against him.
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isabel batista, her family mourning her loss. they were too heartbroken to see burke face a judge in court hyped me today. >> so -- behind me today. friends and family mourning the loss of 47-year-old isabel penna batista, the mother of two was killed when police say alexander burke of bow crashed into the honda she was a passenger in, early sunday morning in manchester. >> the impact caused one of the rear set passengers unfortunately deceased on scene. >> four others, including burke's passengers were injured. the charges were upgraded to aggravated dwi and homicide. burke's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. >> in new hampshire, it's .08, so if you're above .16 or higher, it's aggravated. >> fox 25 pulled the police report where 45-year-old christa glen allegedly told detectives, she and burke were drinking spiced rum during the day and while in their vehicle at the
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we spoke to a good samaritan who helped at the crash scene. >> she's dying in my arms. i go, just hang on, hang on. >> as the judge set high bail for alexander burke, a makeshift memorial was set up for his alleged victim. martin arnas is a family friend and will be remembered for the way she lived, rather than how she died. >> it was wrong, which -- >> how does that make you feel? >> i request say nothing. >> the reporter: now, burke's bail was set at $500,000. cash. in part, due to his extensive criminal record. we'll talk about that coming up at 6:30 p.m. what we found there. for now, reporting in manchester, new hampshire, tonight, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: within the last two hours, the man accused in a deadly planned parenthood
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court for the first time. 77-year-old robert lewis deer skuicih held without bail. he wore a white vest and only spoke once, telling the judge, he did not have any questions. deer is accused of killing colorado police officer and melrose david, garrity swa zoo zey. friends. victim discussing their loss. >> doesn't make any sense. as a soldier, when you leave war, that's with you're supposed to quit losing soldiers. >> elizabeth: deer has the same public defender as colorado theater shooting gunman james holmes. he is due back in court on wednesday. u.s. government is warning americans in afghanistan that they are expecting an imminent attack in kabuly` 48 hours. u.s. embassy in kabul husband urged americans in that country to avoid moving around the capital city. officials have not released any details about potential threats or how the attack might be carried out.
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near the bataclan concert hall is back open after terrorists killed dozens there in a coordinated attack earlier this month. bullet holes and other damage still a visible reminder of the horrors that happened inside. more than 80 people died in the bataclan concert hall, when gunmen entered and opened fire on the crowds on november 13th november 13th. and it is now believed that the paris terror attack suspect has made it to syria. french intelligence services say suspect salah abdeslam escaped to syria, but they are not commenting on how they got there. police also believe that he bought ten detonators from a fireworks shot in northern paris before the attack. >> the reporter: a violent case of road rage. in a man in court accused of following a couple home and threatening them with a pellet gun. how that couple says it all started with an innocent comment. >> mark: something is happening near boston's border that handy happened in more than 100 years. why some are saying a plan that takes aim at the deer population problem is just too dangerous. >> kevin: first of two batches
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of rain set to arrive tomorrow. i'm tracking both of them and a timeline on with to expect those rainy periods. >> the reporter: was danvers high school teacher colleen ritzer still alive after the vicious attack in the girl's bathroom. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment
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>> mark: prosecution rests in the trial of a teen killer accused of murdering his popular math teacher, but not before the jury saw the chilling fine
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>> elizabeth: the teenager's lawyers are trying to get the rape charges thrown out against him. >> mark: it's all surrounds the question of whether colleen ritzer was still alive when she was first attacked in the high school bathroom. bob ward explains the importance of that piece of information. >> the reporter: this is likely the last that the chisholm jury will see of colleen ritzer alive. here is colleen on the left, talking to a fellow teacher in the hallway, just minutes before the brutal attack began that would take her life. 16-year-old phillip chism is accused of following colleen ritzer into a bathroom, where colleen ritzer was strangled, stabbed and raped and on the stand, forensic pathologist described ritzer's neck injuriesism e. to the neck area, there were 12 stab wounds an >> the reporter: colleen ritzer's body was found buried in the woods behind danvers high school. chisholm's defense team wants the rape carriage against chism
5:16 pm
dropped, arguing in a hearing after testimony that colleen ritzer could not have survived of the attack in the bathroom, she was already dead when chism took her body into the woods. >> she was killed in the bathroom. she didn't suffer any other kind of injuries that would produce that kind of bleeding. >> the reporter:: but a prosecutor alleges, it is possible, the attack on colleen ritzer continued in the wood and for the first time, we hear a possible motive for this unthinkable crime. >> the commonwealth suggestion is that this was a sexually motivated homicide and he didn't get a chance to finish the sexual assault in the bathroom and did something else in the woods where he spent far more time. >> the reporter: so after 36 witnesses presented over seven days, the commonwealth of massachusetts has rested its case against phillip chism. it's now up to his lawyers to try to convince a jury that this trial isn't about guilt or innocence, it's about his state of mind at the time of the murder. in salem, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> a new bedford man whose body was found in a park over the weekend has been shot. witness was found 66-year-old
5:17 pm
man unresponsive around 11:00 p.m. saturday night near brook lawn park. he was pronounced dead an hour later. police are investigating it as a homicide. the standard times reports robbery may have been the motive. penna was a vietnam vet and worked action the city's veteran agent for three years. >> elizabeth: things are returning to normal after a scare after winnisquam high school. investigators received a vague but violent threat. the high school and middle school were placed on lockdown as a precaution. after police swept the schools, students returned to the normal schedule at lunch. chilton police and the f.b.i. are locating the person responsible for that threat. that happened this afternoon. they say it was not a credibility threat. -- credible threat. the 30's right now. but they were in the 30's all day long. check this out. 38 boston and in bedford, for a high temperatures today. stuck up 40 and 41 south of boston and plymouth and norwood.
5:18 pm
chilly after we saw snow flurries blowing off the water. video earlier from milton, some down the coastline. this evening, there are no flurries out there, just cold enough if anything were falling, they would be flurries. rain heading hour way, coming off the coast, it's the first of two batches of rain this week that are going to come on in. so this one comes toward us tonight and notice the northern fringe, it's spotty, but when you have temperatures at or below freeze, all you need is spotty to cause problems. it is possible some of these sprinkles make it into western new england, talking about the northwest hills of connecticut, into the berkshires and southern vermont, where there could be a touch of ice. something i'll be tracking and watching closely tonight. i'll keep you posted via twitter and in our newscast. it's something in the back of my mind, wasn't you to be aware of it. there's another batch of rain, there's snow too. the snow part of it is for you, northern new england, not for southern new england when that arrives. first the temperatures tonight under mostly cloudy skies. dropping into the mid 20's for you in southern vermont and that's why, i'm concerned out
5:19 pm
there, and into western massachusetts, if anything arrives, as a sprinkle, it can freeze on contact. freezing rain, it's that time of rear. worcester, you're not going to get rain, but if you do, temperatures are cold enough it could be a problem, so watch that as well. i'm not expecting showers to reach you during the coldest part of this storm system. in boston, staying above freezing all night under mostly cloudy skies. we'll have to watch the immediate western suburbs, dropping to freezing or below. futurecast showing there can be breaks in the clouds tonight and through the morning tomorrow, but it is still going to be mostly cloudy. the computer models are undercutting the amount of cloudiness we're going to have out there. we've had it all day long most locations. through the day tomorrow, here come the rainshowers. we'll see s. some of the sprinkles. western berkshires, that's where there can be a problem first thing in the morning, but when the rainshower activity arrives in bulk, into the south shore and worcester county, it's going to be later in the morning and into the middle part of the day, lunchtime. warm enough that this is just rain coming in and not icing anything up. the rain moves through in spurts and it could be they havesque
5:20 pm
like the batch of yellow, just to the west of boston, metro questions and closer to the storm system out over cape cod and the islands. this goes on by and we'll get break late tomorrow night with just some sprinkles left over. warm enough it's just rainshowers, but still, there will be sprinkles out there. high temperatures tomorrow will be chilly. 42 westborough, 42 sudbury. 42 whalen for the high temperatures. fast forward into wednesday and watch what happens. more showers arriving middle of the day, really picking up in intensity, south of boston, during the later part of the dave and evening drive. so here's your seven-day forecast. your weekend is always in view, it looks better than what you have for the weekend. temperatures on the cool side with showers, even some steadier rain tomorrow. then on wednesday, another shot through. looks like rain will be around, we clear it out by the weekend, with cool temperatures and sunshine all weekend long and this weekend. we're collecting coats for families if need. bring a gently worn court to jordan's furniture in redding. we'll be there 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. more details on my facebook
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page, join me, shiri and sarah this saturday. >> elizabeth: tonight, your phone calls are more private, but could it come at a cost. why some say sweeping changes in the federal government could put national security at risk. >> mark: also ahead, all new in the next half-hour, the troubling facebook page being linked to harvard and why it's causing concern on campus. >> elizabeth: but first, a major hack attack. the big named company that was hit and how it could have put millions of parents and children's personal information at risk. >> mark: fox 25 investigates is digging deeper and uncovering stories that matter to you. from new ways to battle the heroin epidemic to finding out in state statutes are not being enforced.
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and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. said the u.s. is prepared to act, but also stressed that this must be a global effort. president aimed to ease concerns from critics who say reducing carbon emissions will lead to a slower economy. >> we've proved that strong economic growth and a safer environment no longer has to conflict with one another.
5:25 pm
they can work in concert with one another. >> mark: the country is the world's largest pollution emitter. the chinese president said any agreement must take into account the differences among nations. boston is now not the only city to say no to the 2024 olympics. hamburg, germany, voted this weekend to end the city's bid to host the summer games. it was close. the no vote won out with just over 51% of the vote. hamburg was one of five cities left in the running alongside rome, paris, budapest and los angeles. you remember, boston pulled out months ago after widespread push >> elizabeth: the first police officer to face trial in the death of freddie gray appeared in a baltimore courtroom this morning. officer william porter is charged with involuntary manslaughter, among other charges. you'll recall that 25-year-old freddie gray died after suffering a severe spinal injury. no cameras are allowed in court and experts say that could change protests. >> that changes the dynamic.
5:26 pm
in on every detail as they come out. >> elizabeth: freddie gray's death sparked days of violence in april, including the fiery destruction of a pharmacy in downtown baltimore. there were a handful of protesters outside the courthouse this morning. a hearing in worcester today in a lawsuit against bill cosby. three women are suing cosby for defamation in connection with sexual assault allegations. in all, more than 40 women have publicly accused him of sexual misconduct. cosby lives in western massachusetts and denies any wrongdoing. >> mark: vtec says the personal information of five million of its customers and their children may have been stolen by hackers. the hong kong based company says the hack includes kids' names, birth dates and genders. for adults, the hack involves passwords, ip addresses an download history. vtec makes smart watches and inno tab tablets. somebody a firing a escaped with prescription own over there is
5:27 pm
dangerous. >> the reporter:: the safety measures in place, some residents say isn't enough. >> elizabeth: take a look at the incredible pictures. how police say a case of road rage caused this dangerously close call for one driver. >> mark: another driver says another driver threatened them and chased them down. the bizarre en p (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... pflip your thinking about buying
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>> mark: dangerous drive a quincy couple says a complete stranger threatened them with what turned out to be a pellet gun. >> elizabeth: today that man faced charges. heather hegedus is live outside quincy district court and you spoke with that couple. >> >> the reporter: just a bizarre incident. they thought what was an unoffensive comment and the next thing they knew, this total stranger was threatening them, following them in his car and to mask matters worse, the couple had some young people in their car with them who they mentor, but they imagined to catch some of it on cellphone. take a look at this cellphone video. the victims of an alleged road rage incident, captured that helped police track down the suspect.
5:29 pm
the man getting into the car there with the smoked plates. it all started outside this quincy restaurant after an offhand comments in quincy couple made about it being smoky outside the place where they just enjoyed a sunday brunch. >> we came out and we saw smoking a huka. >> we turn and looked at each other and said there's a lot of smoke in that car and i think he took that as we were tacking beep about him. >> they say that's all it took to set off 21-year-old matthew freeman of quincy, who minutes earlier was his bus boy. freeman asked them if he had a problem and proceeded to follow them home in his car. >> all the way from mccabe, over here, he swerved in behind us, we tried to turn, so we have to go left in the left only lane, he goes anyways, comes right back in front of us. >> free man got out of the car, held this realistic looking gun to christopher's face and threatened to blow christopher's head off.
5:30 pm
>> my girlfriend safe, my kids safe. >> friday man was arraigned on armed assault to murder. but free man claims the couple knew it was a pellet gun and has an entirely different version of events. >> the parties all involved knew this was about a pellet gun and the desire to guy one and somewhere along the line, the desire changed and that's why there was a confrontation, but it wasn't a chasing situation. >> and we have just learned that tonight, freeman is now out on $5,000 cash bail, but he has been ordered to stay away from the victims, and any witnesses. now, coming up on the fox 25 news at 6:00 p.m., what happens when we caught up with freeman's family outside of court here. for now reporting live outside quincy district court, heather >> >> elizabeth: well, it's certainly a gray and gloomy day out there in sharon. a work week off to a real cold start and fox fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz has the details on all the cold air headed our way.
5:31 pm
>> the reporter: breaks of sixteen at least in sharon and that's something that a lot us did not have. earlier today in my town, i had a little bit of clouds. in the south shore, especially, you had flurries around. breaks in the clouds tonight, allowing the temperatures to drop before this arrives. this rain moving through the mid-atlantic states and into pennsylvania, and the only concern, immediately anyway, is this rainshower activity out ahead of the main body of it, moving towards southern new england. there's also more rain back here, that's going to affect us on wednesday, so a couple of days of tracking rain to come. temperatures right now, near freezing, worcester is 33 degrees and mostly cloudy. your temperature dropping into the 20's overnight tonight, so you can see the concern here, back thank you keene new hampshire, it is freezing already, it is going down into the 20's out this way as well. translate that westward in to southern vermont add the berkshires and temperatures there, below freezing, as some of the sprinkles start to. could. the ones out ahead of the main body, this takes any to the early morning hours, 630 hamm, a sprinkle -- 630 hamm, a sprinkle here or there in western massachusetts and western connecticut.
5:32 pm
there can be a couple of spots of ice if these showers make it on in. the heavier showers, more steadier showers arrive around lunchtime, we'll track it through the afternoonnd a the second batch too. >> elizabeth: take a look at the damage here, it was caused by a road rage crash in vermont. these images are new at 5:00 p.m. vermont state police say a silver pickup truck forced this car off the road, sending it into a reflector post. no one was hurt. it happened before 7:00 a.m. this morning on interstate 91 south in westminster. in you know anything about the other driver, you're asked to n could tact police. >> mark: maldin man convicted in the killing of a local army veteran has been sentenced to life with no parole. a jury found eugene tate guilty of first degree felony murder, accused of shooting afghan vet joe popola shortly after popolo returned home from a tour. his family telling us tonight they found the justice for joe they've been seeking. but they'll never get him back. >> while the memories of joseph are so beautiful, with that
5:33 pm
comes the realization he is gone. every time this real station hits your heart, it is devastating. >> mark: he was killed at a friend's home in stoneham. police say he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> mark: boston e.m.s. tells the globe the average response time climbed to 6.8 minutes, up from 5 1/2 minutes a few years ago. e.m.s. says a surge in 911 calls is responsible for longer response times and says it's a nationwide trend. boston's e.m.s. chief says so far it has not stopped people need. >> elizabeth: boston police are still looking into a body that was discovered in a burned out car in mattapan. police were called to the parking lot on river street late saturday night. they tell fox 25 they found the inside. earlier this months, a. would's body was found inside a burning car in worcester. police arrested the man and charged him with misleading the investigation. >> mark: two pictures to show
5:34 pm
you of a robbery in manchester, new hampshire. police rob goslin soupette getting away with -- superette, getting away with cash. >> elizabeth: police are looking for who left this house riddled with bullets. neighbors tell fox 25 they were shaken up. police believe the house was off. >> mark: police of looking for whoever hit up a market in methuen over the weekend. a suspect entrepreneurers the store and quickly rounds the counter, it happened saturday on haverhill street. police say the man had a knife, threatened to stab the clerk if money wasn't handed over. the clerk wasn't hurt but the robber ran off with $300. an employee at a gas station nearby says he's nervous. >> i feel scared, because if that happens to me, you know, we're neighbors, it could happen to anybody. >> mark: take a look at the video. police say piece a white man,
5:35 pm
with any information. state police make a traffic stop and find this stash of illegal items. new at 5:00 p.m., troopers tell us they pull over a car in route 128. police say the man had a car stolen from georgia plus drugs an other weapons. another passengers had brass knuckles. both men were arrested. >> elizabeth: a planned parenthood clinic in clairmont, new hampshire, is reopened after police say it was badly damaged by a hatchet wielding kid. this is video from when the attack happened on october 21, three days after a gunman killed three people at a colorado springs planned parenthood. clairmont police say their keeping an extra eye on the facility. >> the reporter: a billion dollars in cost overruns to expand the green line. fox 25 investigates is learning more about the legal action the state could take to get this project back on track. >> mark: a 9-11 program comes to an ends. why it could be keeping your phone calls more private, but some say, it could put national security at risk. >> elizabeth: first, the social media page that's concerning
5:36 pm
5:37 pm
you're watching the fox 25 >> elizabeth: an on-line threat that shut down the university ofically for the day was apparently poet elevated by the deadly police shooting of a black teenager. >> mark: federal investigators arrested 21-year-old students dean. he threatened to execute nine white students or staff, to
5:38 pm
equal the number of times a teen was shot by chicago police. video of that police shooting was released last week, sparking protests. classes and activities at the university of chicago were cancel for the day as a precaution. >> elizabeth: a controversial facebook page not launching an investigation into harvard university. the page is called white students union at harvard university and it claims it was established to defend the "inherent rights of white europeans." it touts the connection to the school, while pushing back against its black lives matter movement. harvard spokesperson saying tonight at this point it remains unclear who is behind the creation of the unauthorized accounts. however, we are closely monitoring the situation. the university's office of general counsel is currently investigating. u.s. defense secretary ash carter is speaking tomorrow. the former harvard professor will speak with international affairs director, gram ellison and douglas dillon. the conversation will take place tomorrow at the kennedy school of government at 6:00 p.m. carter replaced chuck hagel as defense secretary in february. >> mark: democratic presidential
5:39 pm
launching a new focus on job creation in boston today. clinton launched the hard hats for hillary initiative, calling for $275 billion in new federal spending on infrastructure. clinton -- on the republican side, new jersey governor chris christie getting the endorsement from the "unionleader," says chris christie is best suited to lead, because he tells it like it is. >> iconic new hampshire real estate developer renee plumber also endorsing chris christie. donald trump wasting no time knocking chris christie, saying chris christie expense more -- spends more time running for governor in new hampshire than being governor. chris christie said he's just happy trump noticed him. >> glad he took notice, even if he can only do them in 140 characters or less, that's the best way he communicate. >> mark: christie has spent more time in new hampshire than any other g.o.p. hopeful. >> kevin: tracking two batches
5:40 pm
of rain, and if it arrives early enough, could be a touch of ice. where i'm watching that for a problem. >> the reporter: protesters upset that deer hunting is underway for the first time in overa century.
5:41 pm
next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. p head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about
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>> mark: deer hunting at a local reservation is happening for the first time in more than a century. and some protesters aren't too happy about it. hunting finished for the day about 45 minutes ago. >> elizabeth: it all starts back up tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. fox 25's stephanie quinu is live at the reservation in canton and some people are calling this a public safety issue. >> the reporter: that's because people actually live right across the street from blue hills reservation, which is where we are. you can see the bright orange flyer on the tree, warning people about deer hunting, but some people we spoke with, say this flyer does nothing to prevent stray bullets. >> get somebody firing a weapon over there, that's dangerous. >> the reporter: tom lives just
5:43 pm
down the street from where hunters are tracking deer. today, 89 hunters spread across hundreds of acres, in hopes of hunting deer, including mike robinson, who came up empty. >> no, no luck at all. for me, i got snorted at first thing this morning in the dark and that was about it. >> the department of conservation and recreation says safety is a top priority. the state required all hunters to take a safety course, they posted signs, warned hunters, and everyone must wear bright orange. but he says, the state has to address deer overpopulation because it's killing the environment. >> this is not a healthy forest right now. and it's because of the overpopulation of deer, so we're taking steps to fix that. >> not everyone agrees hurting deer is the answer. in fact, as we were talking, a woman approached, very upset and confronted him. >> he would like to go in and look there. >> i'm afraid you can't today. >> why, because the deer are
5:44 pm
there and you don't want to publicly share that information and what's going on? shame on you. >> protesters showed up to make sure nothing got out of hand. the police commissioner says he won't rest easy until things return to normallism e. it makes you a little uneasy. you don't know who's out there with a gun. >> the reporter: and in just the last 20 minutes, the state told me hunters killed 26 deer today. the hunters will be back out tomorrow as well as next monday and tuesday. in the 6:00 p.m. hour, the reason state officials told me they didn't have deer hunting, the public would be at even greater risk. in canton, stephanie quinu, >> elizabeth: more details on the blue hills reservation, covers about 7,000 acres, from quincy to deadham and milton to randolph, north of i-93. there are five different zones that are designated for deer hurting. hunters. each hunter is assigned to a
5:45 pm
hunt in that area. >> kevin: not even winter yet, but severe weather hitting hard in parts of the united states, tonight. five of those in kansas, where black ice created treacherous road conditions. farther east in oklahoma, a state of emergency in effect. freezing rain, ice and sleet making a mess in all 77 counties in that state. roads are completely coated in ice and the storm has knocked out power in hundreds of thousands of home. in texas, extreme flooding causing big problems. heavy rains turned roads into rivers. dallas has already beaten its all-time yearly rainfall robbed. we still have a months to go. december starts tomorrow after all. this is a storm we're talking about. we've talked a lot about el nino and how it affects the weather patterns. typically, you get a juicier storm patterns dipping down in to the rockies and southern part. that's exactly what we're seeing
5:46 pm
that is snow, falling on the back side of the main part of the storm system. eventually, that portion of the storm gets to us. the snow, chances are, in northern new england. this rainshower activity is first. and this is the stuff that's pushing northward toward us tonight. right now, there are some breaks in the clouds, there are a lot of clouds out there. there was some flurries earlier today. nothing falling from the sky in southern new england, even through much of new england in fact. temperatures though, are near or below freezing, look at this, 31 in orange, 30 in keene. 33 worcester, warmer in boston, but look at plymouth at 32. hyannis, 32. province town, 27 degrees. here you're not going to have rainshowers in the middle of the day. not a problem. but the places to the west, back through westfield and beyond, western mass, northwest connecticut, southern vermont, that's where you can see sprinkles arriving early in the morning and low temperatures in brattleboro at 23, keene at 21, worcester at 26, we're going to have to watch northwest worcester counties and points westward for any sprinkles that pop up. these would be extraordinarily light. we're not talking about an ice
5:47 pm
happened across the country, you this. tonight, there may be breaks in the clouds, the clouds will fill back in and here is what i'm concerned about. some little light showers, sprinkles, ahead of the main body of the spring, showing up with it's cold out early in the morning. that could cause spotty icing back here. i'm not getting you all hyped up about an ice storm like we've seen in worcester county, just in recent years, but still the possibility of some spots back here. make sure you check in with me later on tonight for the latest on that and shiri first thing in the morning panned that will be very important with this forecast. there are the rainshowers coming in during lunchtime, when it's warmer and not an icing situation. heavier rain especially south of boston, but there are yellow hiding behind the word boston on the north shore, back through southern worcester county. it can be heavy rain at times. it won't be raining all the time. that's the storm system going mostly to our south. we're just getting clipped by t. the next part will come on wednesday. high temperatures tomorrow on the north shore, with the
5:48 pm
the afternoon, 40 salisbury. 44 in beverly and lynn. back to the west into middlesex, hudson, 41. shirley 41, natick at 42. southward to norfolk county, dedham, 45 degrees and worcester county, generally around 40. petersham, 39. above freezing safely. this is the rainshower activity that comes wednesday not so much in the morning but middle of the day and into the afternoon when it's heaviest especially south of boston. that's round two of the rain coming our way. seven-day forecast includes both of those, tuesday and wednesday. 100% chance of rain both days. not for every spot in every hour of the day, but there will be rain around. and this weekend, by the time we get to the weekend, you know it's always in view. temperatures will be cool on saturday, about 48 degrees with snow flurries overnight in to early saturday morning and sunshine for the bulk of the day and 52 with sunshine on sunday. >> mark: fantasy sports game is facing change. legal scrutiny has several companies pulling out of the u.s. market. or seriously considering it, including canada's stars draft
5:49 pm
new york. boston-based draft kings, along with fanduel and yahoo! offering the on-line contests in most states. industry experts say there's little concern the industry is in trouble, since companies are till barely making a dent in the market. >> elizabeth: target's web site getting a lot more traffic than it can handle for cyber monday. if you tried to log on today, you were likely met with an apology from the retailer. the site went down at 10:30 a.m. with intermittent service throughout the day, despite less monday traffic than last year. target began offering deals yesterday ahead of cyber monday. and the 55-pound drones are said to be able to deliver packages of up to five pounds in under 30 minutes. how about that for instant delivery, ock? >> mark: exactly right. >> elizabeth: they'll fly under 400 feet. they'll use technology to dodge object kills. amazon first talked about the drone deliveries in 2013, so far, they haven't been approved. >> mark: sign of the times. we are following several new
5:50 pm
stories ahead. new information to a story week. but the green line expansion project, $1 billion over budget. new at 6:00 p.m., the legal action the state might take to get the project back on track. plus, for the first time in a century, deer lunts something allowed in the blue hills reservation. why it could help investigators solve a missing persons investigation. >> elizabeth: new at 5:00 p.m., why at least one i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients...
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now more private. >> mark: jack jacqueline feld talks with a privacy advocate. >> the reporter: a secret government surveillance program, exposed by former intelligence contractor edward snow den is over. as of sunday, the senate security agency will stop automatically collecting data about millions of americans phone calls. >> this program was definitely one of the most significant data collection programs about every day citizens. >> the reporter: the n.s.a. says it wasn't listening to the phone calls of everyday average law abiding americans. the agent sill was collecting information, known has metta data, which includes dates and
5:54 pm
lengths of phone calls, as well as logs of call times. nows the has -- has to first get -- now the n.s.a. has to first get a warrant for phone calls connected to terrorism. >> the n.s.a. is only getting limited relevant information, relative to a specific phone number they're investigating. >> the reporter: this summer, the head of the senate intelligence committee tried to extend the surveillance program. he says, ending it hurts the nation's fight against terrorism. >> i don't believe that the threat level has dropped to a point where we can remove some of the tools, if anything, the threat level has gotten higher. >> the reporter: the program started after 9-11. the n.s.a. says the program has prevented acts of terrorism. in washington, jacqueline feld, fox 25 news. >> the law still gives the government access to the information, except the massive database now remains with telephone companies, not the n.s.a. >> elizabeth: gas prices continue their steady decline in the bay state. aaa says the cost of a gallon of
5:55 pm
last week, to $2.06. the price is 79 cents lower than a year ago. in the meantime, gas prices in the granite state are actually rising. prices bumped up by more than a cents to $2.07, 75 cents better than this time last year. >> mark: buses seem to levitate. tonight, we may have an explanation. here is the video, if you haven't seen it yet, watch closely, got it circled in red right here, as the vehicle seemed to jump in the middle of this busy intersection in china. well, tonight, city leaders say it's not a case of the pair bra normal, don't be worried. a steel cable got caught up on a sanitation vehicle, tripping the three cars. wow. >> elizabeth: that's amazing. i would have thought that there was some sort of microburst or something when you see that. i would not have thought -- >> either that or hand earthquake. >> elizabeth: anything but a cable. it really is incredible. it almost looks like one of the videos that somebody doctored to make you think something happened. >> mark: exactly.
5:56 pm
to film a movie. that was real, it happened, the garbage truck and the cable are to blame. now at 6:00 p.m., breaking news, a patriots star sidelined, what an mri just revealed about gronk's knee. >> the reporter: a billion dollars in cost overruns to expand the green line. fox 25 investigates, as the state reveals what went wrong and why there's still no clear path forward. >> a few snow flurries out there today. now i'm tracking heavy rain and when that arrives and how it i affects your day. >> elizabeth: developing at 6:00 p.m., schools locked down after a student gets shot. what we're learning about the search for the person who pulled the trigger. >> elizabeth: so this is something pats fans never wants to see. the team's star tight end rolling around in excruciating pain, but tonight, there's good news. rob gronkowski only has a minor knee strain. i'm elizabeth hopkins. >> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom. the pats might have lost
5:57 pm
an impressive win streak, but many feared. the knee injury will sideline the star for one to two weeks, but a lot worse when gronk was carted off the field last night for sure. the pats offense has taken a lot of hits. running back dion lewis is done with a torn acl. julian edelman broke a bone in his foot and wide receiver dany injury. sports director tom leyden joins us. no gronk, no problem, but only because he's coming back. >> kevin: i didn't like seeing that laundry list of injuries being rattled off, but he is not coming back immediately. they will like i be without rob against the eagles and possibly the next week against the texans. it's a matter of pain management at this point, but when you consider what the alternative could have been, it is a deep sigh of relief across new england. gronk's history with the right knee had the fans reacting last night, that was the knee injured two weirs ago, so imagine what you would think if you took a direct shot like that on a surgically repaired knee. probably hurt like heck and he likely feared the worst himself.
5:58 pm
so patriots fans weren't the
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