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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 30, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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so patriots fans weren't the only ones panicking in the moment. tom brady, this morning, relieved, as he talked to the guys on the dennis and callahan show. >> he's such a big part of what we do, it's always tough, losing great players, and what he's been through in his career, when you see him laying there, it's very troubling to see. you know, hopefully, he gets checks done today and hopefully heel be back at some point. >> the reporter: crunch the numbers, add gronkowski to the list of injured players and more than 60% of the patriots officer offensive production will be on the bench when they play the eagles like always, they have to figure out a way to win. >> mark: we want to hear from you tonight. we're asking our facebook friends after last night's injuries, how successful do you think the patriots will be this season. super bowl champions, afc champions, afc loss or another lost? go to our facebook page. we're counting down to kickoff
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the sunday's pats games. the patriots will take on the eagles right here on fox 25. kickoff, 4:25 p.m. and plenty of coverage leading up to and after the game. pregame coverage starts on the fox 25 news, which airs from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and the pregame show from 11 to 1. at 1:00 p.m., the defending champion seahawks will take on the first place vikings, then the pats and eagles kick off at 4:25 p.m. we'll have complete post-game coverage of fox 25 at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. and join us for extended interviews and analysis on fox 25 sports wrap at 11:30 p.m. investigates has learned the state could sue the contractor selected to expand the green line after cost overruns approached a billion dollars. this month, fox 25 investigates revealed that the state was warned four years ago that the project's cost could skyrocket. kerry kavanaugh was the only television reporter there today as the mbtaover site board discussed the problems that forced the state to stop this
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kerry? >> the reporter: the green line expansion project when the overruns approach the billion dollar mark. today, transportation analysts says the mbta should have seen the cost overruns coming, warning that fox 25 investigates first revealed last week. >> there's no single answer, nears to silver bullet. there's no way to do this and get back on track. >> independent consulting firm, the berkley group, told massdot and the mbta fiscal control board, mistakes allowed the green line expansion costs to go off the rails. >> there were multiple problems, they interacted with each other to produce a result that is clearly unacceptable. >> the reporter: transportation secretary stephanie pollack says it was a combination of the lack of a reliable cost estimate, too much focus on construction schedules, and the mbta's failure to effectively manage the project. >> how do you award a contract that you know is overbudget? >> the mbta did not open the expansion project to bids. instead, it chose a company that
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awarding the contract to white and quette. fox 25 investigates obtained this previously redacted federal risk assessment report from 2011. it called the green line project fairly complex, and said the certain elements were out of the direct control of the contractor as well as the mbta. >> did the state ignore the warnings? >> there were clearly problems that were identified in detail today by the look back consultant. but they were not just about the cost of the project. >> the reporter: the final risk assessment report issued last fall notes the lack of competition as a potential for additional bid risk, because there was only one bidder. the mbta halted work on the project this fall, when the contractor raised the price tag on the $1.9 billion project by nearly a billion more. so the board went in to executive session today to
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discuss possible litigation, but secretary pollack wouldn't say whether she thought the state should sue any of these contractors to recoup the board overruns. the board will meet next month to discuss whether and if the green line expansion project should move forward. for fox 25 investigates, i'm kerry kavanaugh. >> elizabeth: now if you want to see kerry's original fox 25 investigates story, you can, it's going to air in its entirety immediately following the wmur news 9 at 6:00 p.m., in -- on the fox 25 at 6:00 p.m., on our fox 25 investigates special. >> now to a live look at the temperatures in your area and as can you see right here, some are below freezing. it's cold in some places, but meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, you're also tracking some rain headed our way. >> kevin: that means the temperatures better warm up or else that rain is not going to be just rain, but they will. comes closer. this morning, there are snowflakes flying on the south shore and immediate boston area. had video earlier today from milton. there are the rainshowers or south. the storm system will come off
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the coast the first of two to affect us this week. the main concern is the rainshowers activity that's racing out ahead of this storm system, because tonight, while temperature in boston will stay above freezing in the city, under mostly cloudy skies, you go to the west out to worcester county and temperatures dropping below freezing and into the 20's. farther west and into the northern portions of the area, into southern vermont, temperatures dropping into the mid 20's. if the showers arrive quickly in the morning, you could be dealing with spots of ice. i am getting increasingly concerned about that. northern mass and potentially to southern vermont. it tends to be overdone with the computer models, but the spots where you see yellow, certainly showing the potential for some of the rainshowers and the potential for a little bit of ice. something we'll keep tracking an update with the timeline in a few minutes. >> elizabeth: now to a developing story at 6:00 p.m. three schools had to be put on lockdown after a student was shot. now this all happened this afternoon near malcolm x boulevard in roxbury and tonight, police are looking for
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the person who pulled the trigger. sharman sachetti is live in that neighborhood with a closer look at the investigation. >> the reporter: we're here live on malcolm x boulevard outside the madison park vocational high school. the shooting happened up the stairs in a park. and we've learned that the victim actually came down this way, ran across the street, and was found on a bench, closer to this high school, and we've learned he's 16 years old, and so far, there are no arrests. >> it was very nerve-racking, very nervous,. >> more than 3,000 students, at two high schools and a middle school, sent into lockdown after a shooting at a roxbury park. >> i feel like i can't go to school and be safe at schoolism e. this happened after noontime in this park by near malcolm x boulevard. it sent that school and madison park vocational high school and the o'bryant school of math and science into what's called safe mode. >> turn off the lights and then we cover the windows, so like,
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nobody can see from inside out. you know. and we go to one side of the room, so everyone knows if anybody is in that room. >> police confirm the victim is a 16-year-old boston public school student but not hat madison park. he arrived late for school and left early today and he is expected to survive. >> it's the world. it happens. hopefully, no one got seriously injured. we're just trying to get an he education. >> the reporter: kevin mccaskill sales the school responded the way it should have and now needs to get back to business as usual. >> although these things have occurred in the neighborhood, we have to get back to the business of educating students. >> the reporter: and all of those schools were lifted from lockdown, or safe mode as they call t around 1:30 p.m. this afternoon. again, no arrests. we've learned the 16-year-old student who was shot it was understood, he is expected to survive, and counseling is available to students and faculty, should they need it. live in roxbury, sharman
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sachetti, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: we sent out an alert out on our fox 25 app shortly after the student was shot. if you want to stay up-to-date on breaking news throughout the day, download the app, it's free, search fox 25. >> mark: a maldin man convicted, eugene tate, was found guilty of shooting joe puopolo in july of 2013, shortly after puopolo returned home from a tour of duty in afghanistan. his family telling us tonight they found justice for joe they've been seeking but they will never get him back. >> while the memories of joseph are so beaut you full, with him -- beautiful, with him comes the realization that he is gone. every time this realization hits your heart, it is devastating. >> mark: pope low was killed at a friend's home in extent ham. he was in the wrong place during a drug deal gone bad. >> elizabeth: a $15,000 reward is being offered for 16 guns taken two weeks ago from the army reserve center.
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remaining six handguns. the missing guns are pistols, model p28. the f.b.i. says the guns will have a unique u.s. government kevin bradley. a man arrested on weapons charges is held without bail. police say they found an assault rifle, a bulletproof vest, a hatchet and other weapons in the home of dean largess of lester. largess was wented in a domestic vie vince charge. officer say the firepower found in his homemade him incredibly dangerous. largess evaded police for a day before he was call in royalston. >> mark: lawyers for convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev will be arguing for a new trial. the lawyers saying there is no way local jurors could be objective. the defense admitted that dzhokhar tsarnaev and his brother carried out the bombings, but argued his brother was the mastermind. >> elizabeth: more than 54 cats
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removed from a mobile home in newburyport and police say it is hoarding. 84-year-old man who police are trying to leprechaun. the animal control officer tells the newburyport news that they are frantically looking for homes for those cats. >> mark: facebook page leads to an investigation at harvard university. the page is called white student union at harvard university and claims it was established to defend the inherent rights of white europeans. a touts a connection to the school, while pushing back against the white lives matter harvard spokesperson saying at this point it remains unclear who was behind the creation of the unauthorized accounts. however, we are closely monitoring the situation. the university's office of investigating. >> elizabeth: things are returning to normal after a swear at winnisquam high school in chilton. school leaders received a vague but violent threat. the high and middle schools were placed in lockdown as a precaution. after police swept the school, students returned to their
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chilton police and the f.b.i. located a person responsible for that threat this afternoon and say it was not credible. >> a man and his girlfriend takes kids out to eat and have a terrifying experience they'll never forget. >> he's like i will blow your head off and he didn't do it sarcastically but he was dead serious. >> mark: how the ride ended with the man pointing a gun at them. >> the reporter: a manchester, new hampshire mother killed in a dui accident. tonight, the man accused in her death faces a judge. >> elizabeth: new at 6:00 p.m., for the first time in 100 years,
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>> mark: well, braking news right now. the u.s. attorneys office just telling us there has been a second arrest in the worcester arm river superior arrest case. 26-year-old ashley biggs by of dorchester is upped arrest for being in possession of an m4 assault rifle from the armory. another man is under arrest. biggs by was arraigned today. more details as we get them. >> elizabeth: state police are urging hunters to be on the look outfor the remains of a missing man who may be in the woods. jamie robertson is it presumed dead. he disappeared nearly two years ago after police say men posing as constables kidnapped him. investigators hope his body will finally be return to his family. christine mc mccarthy is in milton. this may provide new hope for a family that's looking for closure. >> the reporter: well, the park ranger tells me that just a
6:15 pm
couple of hours ago, a man arrived here, identifying himself as robertson's father and said he was hoping that the word was getting out about the possibility of his son's body being here at the blue hills reservation. >> the reporter: we still have an unresolved, we believe, to be homicide case. >> the reporter: staff at the blue hills reservation will hand out flyers like this on tuesday, asking deer hunters to help in the search for a man missing for nearly two years and presumed dead. >> we know it's a needle in a haystack, but stranger things have happened. >> james jamie robertson was 37 when police say he was lured from his avon home on new year's day last year by men dressed as constables, saying robertson needed to be drug tested as part of the probation. four men have since been charged in connection with the showner, a deadham police officers accused of lending his department issued equipment to james finey. >> the body has been dumped in
6:16 pm
>> investigators don't know if that wooded area is here, but evidence they cannot discuss in the still active case suggests he could be. >> hunters in particular have been quite helpful in discovering and finding missing people in the past, so we hope to use this opportunity to get the word out to those hunters here in the blue hills. >> they urge hunters to look out, not only for skeletal remains, which would typically be reported anyway, but also for rocketerson's clothing. >> -- robertson's clothing. >> be alert. nature of the beast, we figured the worst has happened. we want to bring mr. robertson home for the family. >> the reporter:: and that closing that the d.a. referred to is listed here on these flyers, handed out to hunters, starting tomorrow morning. that hunting going on from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. that closing is a -- clothe something a red or maroon sweatshirt, as well as blue jeans, a black t-shirt and brown shoes.
6:17 pm
to keep an eye out but hikers, not just in the blue hills the state. christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: as we mentioned, deer hunting is happening in the blue hills state reservation for the first time in more than 100 years and still ahead at 6:00 p.m., why the state says it can help keep you safe on the roads and also prevent brush fires. >> mark: we have learned the name of the victim in a deadly weekend crash in jefferson, new hampshire. 21-year-old mason cliche was killed when his car went off the road and hit a utility pole. cliche was a senior on the state university soccer team. the crash is under investigation, but police say speed and alcohol may have been factors. >> elizabeth: it is taking longer for emergency crews to respond in the city of boston. boston e.m.s. tells the globe that the average response time has climbed to 6.8 minutes. and that's up from 5 1/2 minutes just a few years ago. e.m.s. says a surge in 911 calls is responsible for the long response times and they say it's
6:18 pm
a nationwide trend. boston's e.m.s. chief says so far, it has not stopped people from getting the help they need. >> kevin: those are snowflakes, if you look closely enough, they're going to see flurries and that is milton, massachusetts, earlier today, shot by one of our fearless photographers out there, braving the elements. it was cold and it's still cold this evening. doppler radar picked up the flurries, south of boston, blowing in off of the ocean and tonight, what i'm tracking is this rain, down the coast, in the mid-atlantic area and into pennsylvania and actually, the rain coverage is increasing here in pennsylvania. it's something i'm a little concerned about, we'll have to watch that. this is a storm that's bringing all -- or has brought all the icing problems. there's been a deadly icing storm to the west out in kansas and oklahoma. part of this storm something is also going to affect us. first things first, the rainshowers for tomorrow. with temperatures around, even below freezing, it becomes a little bit of a concern. you're not going to get rain here while it's 28 in plymouth or 21 in hyannis. it's farther west, worcester
6:19 pm
county, worcester, for instance, is 32. i don't expect icing here, but it's cold enough for it. temperatures will be in the upper 20's overnight. back here through keene, new hampshire, it is down to 30 degrees, under cloudy skies, and your temperature dropping into the low 20's tonight. translate that westward into southern vermont and western massachusetts. and you can understand where the problem could occur. not a widespread issue, but i'll take you to 6:00 a.m. in the morning, through futurecast and notice the green showing up in the berkshires and litchfield county, and some of this will try to make a run at northwestern western county and southern vermont as well. it would just be spots of showers, but cold enough, you can get a spot of icing. just be aware of that in the morning, check with shiri first thing in the morning or check that fox 25 weather app to see where exactly the showers are and what your temperature is so that you don't have any surprises. meanwhile, the bulk of the rain moves in later on in the morning and afternoon. when it is mild enough, chilly, but mild enough, it would be rain, not freezing coming on through. heavier rainshowers through the afternoon, evening drive, heavier spots of rain to come on
6:20 pm
by. most of that pushes by in the evening and certainly by the time time i'm talking to you during the 11:00 p.m. newscast, there won't be another batch. 44 taunton. 47 hyannis. to the west, cooler. break of sun to start the day, but it will fill in quickly. your best chances to the north, most of us cloudy and the showers, 41 shoes bury, 42 in raymond, new hampshire. let's pick it up now, wednesday morning, 5:00 a.m., yes, some rainshowers still around. it's mild enough for just rain and these fill in again middle of the day and into the afternoon when the heaviest will hit for your evening drive on wednesday. here's your seven-day forecast. shows you have the shower threat the next couple of days, tuesday and wednesday. at times come down heavily as well. we'll be tracking it every step of the way. windy conditions behind it with snow flurries on thursday and friday into saturday, another batch of flurries. this weekend always in view, start out on the cool side and we'll be collecting coats for
6:21 pm
bring a gently worn coat to jordan's in redding. more details on our facebook page. hope you can join me, shiri and sarah this saturday. >> the reporter: an apparent case of road rage captured by the victims on cellphone. coming up, here from the victims about what happened to set it all off. >> mark: plus, new developments in the murder trial of the high school student prosecutors say killed his math teacher. the charges defense lawyers are
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>> elizabeth: the u.s. in afghanistan that they're expecting an imminent attack in kabul within the next 48 hours. the u.s. embassy in kabul has urged americans in that country to avoid moving around the capital city. officials have not released any details about the potential targets or how that attack might be carried out. >> mark: tonight, president obama and other world leaders are in paris addressing climate change and it comes in the wake of the terror attack in france. what the leaders did to honor the victims. >> like this may not come again. >> the reporter:: over 150 world leaders gathered if paris on monday to discuss an issue that impacts everyone. global climate change, the conference of parties, or koch 21 is an annual forum with the goal of reducing green house gas emissions worldwide. in his speech, president obama said the u.s. is prepared to act, but also stressed that this
6:25 pm
>> the united states of america not only recognizes our role in creating this problem, we embrace our responsibility to do something about it. >> the reporter: obama also aimed to ease concerns from critics who say that reducing carbon emissions will lead to a slower economy. >> we have proved that strong economic growth and a safer environment no longer has to conflict with one another. they can work in concert with one another. >> the reporter: the paris summit comes 17 days after a major isis terrorist attack, that took the lives of 130 people. the summit began with a moment of silence to honor the victims. later, president obama and russian president vladimir putin met to discuss the situation in syria, and the overall strategy for dealing with isis. the president argued today's summit is a rejection of what isis stands for. >> we salute the people of paris
6:26 pm
conference go on. >> >> elizabeth: boston isn't the only city to say no to the 2024 olympics. hamburg germany voted this weekend week -- no weekend to -- boston pulled out months ago after widespread push back. tonight, a man and his girlfriend are sharing their scary encounter with fox 25. >> mark: they say a stranger followed them home and pulled a gun. >> >> mark: how lunch with those children turned in to something all of them will never forget. plus -- >> danvers high school teacher colleen ritzer, was she still alive after that vicious attack in the girl's bathroom. as the state rests its case, it's a very important question. >> elizabeth: and the mother of two, killed by a drunk driver over the holiday weekend. we're hearing from a heartbroken family friend and exposing the
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
driver police sa >> mark: we continue to follow the breaking news at 6:30 a.m. there has been a second arrest in the worcester armory arrest case. ashley biggsby is arrested for being in possession of an assault rifle from the armory. >> elizabeth: gronk's injury report topping our other top
6:29 pm
the team's star tight end walked around in pain after a tough hit last night to the denver broncos, but tonight, we learned rob gronkowski has a minor knee strain and should only be sidelined for one to two weeks. much better prognosis after gronkowski was carted off the field. police are looking for a man to shot a teenage student. that shooting putting three schools in lockdown near malcolm x boulevard. the student who was hit is expected to survive. >> mark: tonight a man is accused of following a couple home and threatening them with a gun. heather hegedus spoke to a couple who say they have no reason why a complete stranger was intent on scaring them. >> that man faced a judge on serious charges. the quincy couple tells me this all started because of a comments they made between themselves, that they didn't think was offensive. next thing they knew, this man was threatening them and following them in his car. >> he's like, i will blow your head off and he didn't do it
6:30 pm
sarcastically, but dead serious. >> the reporter: scary moments tore a quincy couple who police say a man who followed them home is a totaling a stranger. take a look at the cellphone photo they captured of the suspect in his car. it all started yesterday, outside the quincy restaurant. jackie logan and christopher hamm had gone to lunch with teens they mentor. they made an innocent comment about it being smoky outside, and set off a restaurant bus boy, who was sitting in his car. >> they came out and we saw a suspect smoking a huka. >> we turned and looked at each other and said there's a lot of smoke. >> matthew freeman asked them if they had a problem and proceeded to follow them all. >> all the way from mccabe over here, he's swerving behind us, anyways, comes right back in front of us. >> freeman got out of his car, held this realistic looking gun to christopher's face and threatened to kill him. turns out it was a pellet gun, but they didn't know that at the
6:31 pm
>> keep my girlfriend and kids i mentor safe. >> the reporter: freeman was indicted on three counts of assault with intents to murder. his family had no comment. >> the party involved knew this was about a pellet down and desire to buy one and somewhere along the line, the desire changed but it wasn't a confrontation. it wasn't a chasing situation. >> the reporter: tonight we learned freeman is out on $5,000 cash bail, but he's been ordered to stay away from the victims and any witnesses. he'll be back in court in december. reporting outside quincy district court, heather hegedus, fox 25 news. >> elizabeth: just a few hours ago, the man accused in a deadly planned parenthood shooting in colorado appeared in court for the first time. 57-year-old robert lewis deer is being held without bail. he wore a white vest and only spoke once, telling the judge, he did not have any questions. people and wounding nine others in a shooting at the clinic friday that led to a police standoff.
6:32 pm
melrose native, garrity swazee was shot to death. an iraq war veteran and mother of two was also killed. a clairmont new hampshire clinic was reopened after police say it wielding boy. this video from the attack after it happened on october 21. the reopening comes three days after a gunman killed three people as we mentioned at that colorado springs planned parenthood. clairmont police are keeping an extra eye on that facility. >> mark: state is resting its case against its teenager accused of killing an raping a popular danvers high school teacher. bob ward was in the courtroom and as the trial moves forward, lawyers for phillip chism are trying to get rape charges >> the reporter: is colleen ritzer still alive inside this recycling bin, that phillip chism is pulling through the hallways and parking lot of danvers high school. that's the disturbing question chism's lawyers are raising, as
6:33 pm
phillip chism is accused of attacking colleen ritzer in a girl's bathroom before burying her body in the woods behind the high school. >> she was killed in the bathroom. she didn't suffer any other kinds of injuries that produced that kind of bleeding. >> the reporter: but prosecutors are pushing back, for the first time, saying this was a sex crime. and that the attack on colleen ritzer could have started in that bathroom and continued in the woods, where authorities say colleen ritzer was violated with a tree branch. >> the common suggestion is that this was a sexually motivated homicide and he didn't get a chance to finish the sexual assault in the bathroom and did something else in the woods where he spent far more time. >> the reporter: after 36 witnesses, presented over seven days, the commonwealth of case against phillip chism. it's up to his lawyers to try to convince a jury that this trial isn't about guilt or innocence, it's about his state of mind at
6:34 pm
in salem, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> mark: be sure to follow bob on twitter, he is in the courtroom each day tweeting live updates on the high profile case. his twitter handle is at bward3. >> elizabeth: people were bundled up in downtown sharon this afternoon, trying to beat the cold temperatures. it started off cold this morning, it's still cold now and it's going to get colder tonight. but fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, you're tracking some rain on top of all of this. >> kevin: milder temperatures will come with the rain. mild enough that it's just rain for the most part. it's something we'll be watching very closely, but temperatures out there tonight are below freezing in many towns. this is the rain you were talking about elizabeth, tracking it. coming off the coast to our south, that's where the main storm center is going to stay but out ahead of it, to the north, rainshowers pushing toward southern new england, through new jersey and pennsylvania. it's down to freezing worcester to orange. below freezing in keene, but also below freezing plymouth. hyannis, '30s 1 degrees. chatham at 30, but those are the places where it's going to be around 30 and into the 30's later on tonight and first thing in the morning.
6:35 pm
back here it's going to be into the 20's. but this is also the place where it's going to be dry. it's to the west, where i'll be watching for the first raindrops to start to appear. futurecast takes you overnight and first thing in the morning, 6:30 a.m. shiri will be tracking the showers coming on in and there could be a couple of spots of showers in western new england where it could be cold enough to be a spot of ice. that's the first concern. then the showers move in as the air gets milder through the middle of the day and afternoon. most of the rain falling coldly in the 40's. track the first batch of rain and the second one too for >> elizabeth: with the cold temperatures and rain arriving now is a good time to download the fox 25 weather app. look at the radar, see the seven-day forecast and get severe weather alerts. it's all free, search fox 25 weather on your device. >> mark: we are learning more about the mother of two killed weekend,. >> elizabeth: ing and we're learning more about the man who police say caused that wreck, while drinking spiced rum. crystal haynes reveals his 19
6:36 pm
page criminal record. >> the reporter: good evening. manchester police say alexander burke's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit, and charges in this case were upgraded against him. meantime, his allege victim isabel penna and her family, mourning the loss here, and in fact, they were too heartbroken to come to court as he faced a >> the reporter: so friends and family mourning the loss of 47-year-old isabel penna batista, the mother of two was killed when police say alexander burke of bow crashed into the honda she was a passenger in, early sunday morning, in manchester. >> the impact caused one of the rear seat passengers unfortunately deceased on scene. >> four others, including burke's passenger were seriously injured. charges against the 31-year-old were upgraded today to aggravated dwi and negligent homicide. manchester police tell me burke's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. >> we do believe that he poses a significant danger.
6:37 pm
history, dating back to 2003. >> the reporter: fox 25 learned burke has charged from new hampshire and florida. including burglary and bail jumping. today, i pulled the police report where 45-year-old christa glen allegedly told detectives she hand burke were drinking spiced rum during the day, and while in their vehicle at the time of the crash. and as the judge set high bail for alexander burke, a makeshift memorial was set up for his alleged victim. martin is a family friend and tells me, penna will be remembered the way she lived rather than how she died. >> i don't have too much i can say. he's wrong. which -- >> how does that make you feel? >> it's all i can say nothing. >> the reporter:: burke's bail was set at $500,000 cash. he's due back in court next months. reporting in manchester, new hampshire, crystal haynes,
6:38 pm
>> mark: a new bedford man whose body was found near brookline park. he was pronounced dead an hour later. police say their investigating it as a homicide. the standard times reports robbery may have been the motive. he was a vietnam vet, and worked as the city's veterans agent for three years. >> elizabeth: a hearing in worcester today in a lawsuit against comedian bill cosby, three women are suing cosby for defamation in connection with sexual assault allegations. in all, more than 40 women have publicly accused him of sexual misconduct. cosby lives in western massachusetts. he denies any wrongdoing. look at the damage here caused by a road rage crash in vermont. vermont state police say that a silver pickup truck forced this car off the road, sending it into a reflector post. no one was hurt. it happened before 7:00 a.m. this morning on interstate 91 south in westminster. if you know anything about the other driver, you're asked to contact police. >> mark: democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton launching a new focus on job
6:39 pm
creation in boston. clinton launched the hard hats for hillary i have initiative. calling for $275 million calling for spending on new infrastructure. clinton was endorsed by boston mayor marty walsh. new jersey governor chris christie getting the endorsements of new hampshire's largest newspaper. the "unionleader" saying chris christie is best suited to lead, because he tells it like it is, and isn't shy about it. new hampshire real estate developer plumber also endorsed the christie position today. and the run. christie and others wasting no time, getting back to the campaign trail in new hampshire after the thanksgiving holiday. christie is in loudon for a town hall meeting. florida senator marco rubio spent the afternoon at a town hall meeting in laconia before heading to a barbecue with scott brown in rye and former maryland governor and martin o'malley making stops in manchester, north conway and somersworth. target's web site getting a lot more traffic than it can handle today for cyber monday. if you try to log on, you likely were met with an apology from
6:40 pm
the site went down at 10:00 a.m. this morning with intermittent service throughout the day. this happened despite expectationings of less monday -- expectations of less monday traffic. target began offering its deals yesterday ahead of cyber monday. >> the reporter:: protesters upset that deer hunting is now underway for the first time in overa century at this reservation. the public safety concerns from both sides of the issue. >> elizabeth: but first, how two
6:41 pm
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>> elizabeth: for the first time hunt something allowed at the blue hills state reservation and new at 6:00 p.m., the state tells us it's an effort to lower the risk for brush fires and help drivers avoid hitting them on the highway. largess evaded police about it. stephanie quinu was questioning a state official when a protesters got right in the middle of it. >> the reporter: the deputy commissioner who oversees the deer hunting told me there have been two recent forest fires here at blue hills, and he says, it's all because deer have been eating away the vegetation that would normally have prevented the fires from spreading, but not everyone agrees deer hunting will help with public safety. dozens of protesters lined up just across from blue hills reservation, this afternoon. for the first time in 120 years the state is letting selected hunters go in to the woods and hunt deer.
6:44 pm
>> i heard shots this morning, up until about 8:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., 9:00 a.m., and then it died off and there wasn't anything after that. >> the department of conservation and recreation deputy commissioner says by lowering the deer population, the public will benefit. >> all the vegetation that's there, that can stop forest fires isn't there anymore. in fact, there were two forest fires in the blue hills this summer that were 20 plus acres. >> the reporter: twotory safety concerns -- lyme disease has increased in the area and so have car accidents involving deer. but not everyone feels deer hunting is the answer. in fact, as we were there speaking with fisk, a woman approached and confronted him about the issue. >> this is an urban area. you're going to hurt somebody. deer are going to run across route 128. >> we've taken every measure possible to make sure it's safe. >> the reporter: tom is concerned about his safety. >> there's a deer right over there, taking a shot at my elk and deer. >> the reporter: he says they
6:45 pm
have taken every precaution, from taking safety classes for officers, to closing down certain roads. the state told me that today, 26 deer were killed, now there's going to be another day of hunting tomorrow and then two more next monday and tuesday. i also asked, whether the state would extend or expand this deer hunting program, and they told me, so far, it's too early to tell. in canton, stephanie quinu, fox 25 news. >> mark: more details now. the reservation covers about 7,000 acres from quincy to dedham and milton to randolph, north of i-93. there are five different zones designated for deer hunting. total 196 permits were issued to hunters. each hunter is assigned to a specific zone and they can only hunt in that area. >> elizabeth: we want to show you a picture that's gone viral. is that the best selfie of 2015? i mean, even the eagle is smiling. the two brothers here, they snapped a picture with a bald eagle after rescuing it from a
6:46 pm
caught a video of the newly freed eagle flying off into the canadian wilderness, anonymous though all bald eagles belong to us. i assume he flew south. i hope so if he's an american. the full video is on our fox 25 facebook page. >> mark: now to a crash that had the internet wondering what happened. check out the video from china. we circled it for you. at one point, you see cars appear to levitate. the video of the levitating cars was finally explained after pictures showed a steel cable had been stuck under a nearby sanitation truck, which tripped up the three cars. >> kevin: in the boston area and southward, you'll see them there on live doppler radar. every once in a while, white appears off the ocean and comes on in here. look, it wasn't accumulating snow, just flurries.
6:47 pm
in boston. rainshowers on the coast, milder air here and another storm until middle of the country, produced serious ice conditions out in kansas and oklahoma in particular. it's producing snow on its back to the north. this. however, there may be snow on the back end of it in northern particular. temperatures in boston dropping into the 30's and staying there under cloudy skiles. off to the west of boston, off to worcester county, dropping into the upper 20's here, but it through the morning commute, which would preclude ice interesting happening. off to the north and west, southern vermont, low and mid 20's and back there to southern vermont, western mass and western connecticut i'll be watching closely tonight, because our latest futurecast data just came in. glad you stuck with us. 6:30 a.m., rainshowers don't want to reach in to the but western connecticut and some here. but i'm going to be watching for any of the spots to make it in to western mass overnight and
6:48 pm
fers thing in the morning. shiri will be tracking it as well. it will be cold enough out there that it could cause a spot or two of ice. not a huge concern, but it's a concern. it's something i want to make sure i tell you about. don't want to leave anything out. by the afternoon, showers become more numerous. steadier rain south of boston into later tomorrow night and north shore and the boston area. high temperatures tomorrow, to the west and south of boston, are just generally going to be in the same realm, generally in the tournaments. brockton, 46. bridgewater, 45 degrees. north and west in middlesex and southern new hampshire forks 3 nashua, -- 43 nashua. chilly day to be sure. fast forward to wednesday, a lot of clouds and new timeline and showers coming through, late morning into the early afternoon, at times heavily and continuing in to the evening hours, especially south of boston and into wednesday night. next couple of days. by thursday, it's going to be windy and colder and a couple flurries on the back side.
6:49 pm
you go and by friday, a lot of clouds around still and more clouds as the day goes on in fact and the potential for snow flurries friday night into early saturday. your weekend is always in view. saturday, 48 degrees after a morning flurry. break in to sunshine. that's the day for the coats for kids collect. join us in redding for that. sunday, milder, sunshine and temperature about 52 degrees, but the cooler weather continues into early next week, so no big warmups and no big snow storms, just rainstorms the next couple of days, tuesday and wednesday. >> we have more on the injury to rob gronk and what it means to the patriots as they get to play the eagles. and red sox come to terms with a
6:50 pm
what it means for the andrew: the one thing about soccer that i like the most is when i put my uniform on, the age just leaves me. the ages leave all of us. we simply become kids again. i think all of us play for that very reason. it makes us the child we once were. the years just glide away, and i'm back to where i was. you are that little andy guy who used to be down in me, and i get to be that person all over again. my name is andrew, and bluecross blueshield has me. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful...
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>> it is a site that none of us ever wants to see again. rob gronkowski getting hurt and being put on a cart around taken off the field.
6:53 pm
an mri revealed it's a knee strain. that news as good as you can hope for. it should be a one to two week recovery process, but there was a palpable level of concern from gronk's teammates before they knew exactly how long he would be out. >> we've been through a lot, he's a tough guy. hopefully it's not too serious. we'll see. our fingers are crossed. >> it's hard to put it into words. the guy has been through a lot, you know, so it means a lot to this football team, you know, we love him as a teammate, and we just praying for the best. >> the reporter: no better number cruncher in boston than our producer mike. i've tweeted this out on our twitter feed. gronkowski, julian edelman and lewis have accounted for more than 50% of the patriots offense itch production this year. not included is danny amendola, who gets that up up over the 60% mark. amendola might be back against the eagles, but it's clear,
6:54 pm
someone will needs to step up in their absences. what did you think about the referees last night? a questionable call on patrick young and an inexcusable call against rob gronkowski moments before he was injured. how that is pass interference, i really don't know, and apparently, i am not alone. here's tom brady on the challenge of being on the short end of bad calls. >> they just feel like there's a pushoff, it's obviously, different than what i saw, i'm looking at it too, but they are the ones with the flags and they brought it, you know, you hate to see it come down to stuff like that, but some days you get the call, some days you don't. >> red sox made a move today, dave dom brow ski said he was looking for a veteran outfiledder to support the trio he has in the outfield. chris young agreed to a deal with the sox. batted .252 this year with 42rbi's and 14 homeruns. not going to rock your world, but a suitable depth guy that
6:55 pm
the sox needed to had to the roster before spring training. we'll wrap it up with this. how cutthroat is life when you're with the patriots? >> that's chris harper. he muffed the punt last night. the hope is he goes through waivers and they sign him to the practice squad. >> lesson learned. >> won't do that again. >> >> elizabeth: you know, it's interesting to see the snow coming down. even here in i think milton we saw video of snow coming down. >> kevin: i'm just worried about what happens if i miss a forecast. rain the next couple of times tuesday an wednesday and we clear it up a bit on thursday into friday. but there can be snow flurries as the colder air arrives thursday evening in to friday morning. saturday and sunday, lots of sunshine and temperatures right around the 50-degree mark. so no huge cooldown coming our way, but it is a cool, raw night out there.
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