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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 30, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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now at 10:00, a stolen assault rifle and a unique tattoo leads to brand new arrest in the worcester weapons theft case. the link between that woman and the other suspect already in jail. tracking rain moving up the coast. temperatures below freezing the chance for any icing. packaging picked up and stuffed in a bag. the video residents say they were most likely --. a local man upset after an annual holiday tradition is nearly cancelled over a war of words. why he says he's won the right to call this a christmas tree. >> announcer: complete new right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. developing off the top at 10:00 this woman you now the second arrest in a worcester stolen weapons case. police say she had one of the assault rifles missing good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> i'm elizabeth hopkins. news of that avs breaking
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new tonight our ted daniel connection. under arrest. >> reporter: her name is elizabeth. tonight we have learned morales. authorities believe she helped him sell several of the stolen guns when morales was arrested he gave her up. >> reporter: 26-year-old dorchester. according to a federal indictment examined by fox 25, bigsby initially claimed she didn't know anything about the guns. but that story fell apart when investigators restored pictures that had been deleted from her phone. look closely at the tattoo on the back of bigsby's hand near her middle finger. now look at this picture. authorities say that's bigsby's hands with the distinctive tattoo holding one of the stolen handguns. as fox 25 has been reporting, former army reservist james morales is charged with stealing 16 weapons from a
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armory on november 14th. the day after the heist the indictment says morales met with bigsby and an unidentified man at bigsby's apartment on page street. authorities allege bigsby was involved in the sale of some of the guns. according to the indictment, bigsby had arranged for him to meet a black male with dread locks who later brokered the sale of five handguns stolen from the armory to two clean cut hispanic males. so bigsby appeared in a federal courtroom in worcester this afternoon. she remains in the custody of the u.s. marshals. according to the indictment, a third man has also been connected to the stolen guns. what we know about him new at 11:00. live in our control room. ted daniel, fox 25 news. some more details now a $15,000 reward is being offered for the recovery of the rest of those weapons stolen from the worcester armory. 10 of the 16 stolen guns have been recovered,
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but the f.b.i. wants to find the remaining six handguns. the missing guns are six .9-milimeter pistols. the f.b.i. says those guns will have unique u.s. government etching. really cold today and tonight now the threat of rain that's moving in tomorrow. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here with when it will hit your area. >> this cold and rain not a good combination, mark. let's hope they don't meet up. but tonight some clearing in the skies that allow temperatures to drop significantly in the boston area it's in the 30s generally when you get out past watertown to woe woburn it's 29 westin 26 . to the northwest in the immediate lowell area it's 30. tewkesbury and pelham, new hampshire, carlyle you are down to 27 . to the south of boston you think warmer not so much. some 20s here. brockton to hanson and over to hanover. to worcester county 20s here as well. fitchburg leominster with a couple 30s. 29
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then in the southwest, new hampshire, also in the 20s here. what i'm watching is some showers heading our way. a couple of those sprinkles getting here early enough could cause some icy the spots in parts of the southern new england. we'll talk about when that will arrive and take a timeline you through the rain. stay up to date on that storm track with the fox 25 weather app. it's free to download to your apple or android devices. packages swiped from the complex. people living there say they were stolen and they have it on camera. fox 25's jim morelli is live spoke to victims of that theft. jim? >> reporter: elizabeth, this is the you busiest time of companies apparently that's creating some opportunities for thieves, at least that's what they're telling you us here in south boston. >> reporter: it's the holiday season in south boston and look what's this? what appears to be santa claus in reverse. >> unfortunately it's that things happen. >> reporter: twice this month residents tell fox 25 packages have been stolen
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on e street. both times the supposed thefts were caught on surveillance tape which show a man loading multiple bags with delivered boxes. >> even more surprised that someone was able to enter the building as quickly as they did. you don't buy a new condo in the city hoping someone will pick the lock in five >> reporter: wade says residents claiming to have been ripped off in the past 10 days filed reports to boston police over the weekend. though fox 25 could not immediately confirm that. but we did find that this is a problem in -- southie not confined to this building. >> reporter: alex lives on west seventh street. he has had several packages stolen from his front stoop. >> i have been getting now. that. but not everyone has the opportunity to do that. >> reporter: tonight the e street condo building where residents claim two lobby rip-offs in the past 10 days got new locks on the doors.
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city. so living in a brand new building you would hope these things don't happen but yeah, it's definitely a . >> reporter: you know the opportunities coming up at 11:00, we'll talk with a company that may have a possible remedy to the problem of packages left on home. live in south boston, jim morelli, fox 25 news. more collective gasps leading to huge sigh of relief across patriots nation right now. gronk in a lot of pain on the field tonight we know the star tight end won't miss too much playing time. tom lieden here. >> reporter: probably the best news you could hope for. no ligament damage to rob gronkowski's right knee and it's just a strain which means he shouldn't miss much time at all. gronk's history into the right knee had to play into the reaction that's the knee ago. imagine what you would think if you took a direct shot repaired knee. probably hurt like heck and
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himself. so patriots fans weren't the only ones panicking in that moment. the recovery time expected to be about two weeks. tom brady this morning relieved as he talked to the guys on the dennis and calahan show. >> he's such a big part of what we do so it's always tough losing great players and honestly knowing what he has been through in his career when you see him playing there it's very tough to see. hopefully he will be back at some point. >> now, we wait to see how badly dante high tower is injured. he sprained his m.c.l. last night in denver the patriots best linebacker so you don't want to lose him for any extended period of time. >> we do not. tom, you thank you. we are counting down to the kickoff the patriots will take on the eagles right here on fox 25. kickoff set for 4:25. we'll have plenty coverage leading up and after the game. pregame coverage starts bright and early airing from
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fox nfl pregame show is on from 11:00 to 1:00. at 1:00 the seahawks will take on the first place vikings. then the pats and eagles kick off at 4:25. we'll have complete post game coverage on fox 25 news at 10:00 and 11:00. then join us for extended interviews and analysis on fox 25 "sportswrap" at 11:30. three schools put in lockdown after a 16-year-old student is shot in roxbury. tonight police are still looking for the gunman. it happened just after noon time in a park near the tennessee middle school off malcolm x boulvard in roxbury. madison park vocational technical high school, the owe bryant school of math and science were all sent into safe mode for about 90 minutes. police tell us the victim is a boston public school survive. we want you to take a look at these surveillance pictures of a robbery in manchester, new hampshire. gosselin cigarette last night getting away with cash. the suspect is between 18
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average build. call police if you know anything about the crime. state resting its case against a teenager accused of killing and raping a popular danvers high school teacher. prosecutors claim today the murder of colleen ritzer was a sex crime and the attack started in the school bathroom and continued in the woods. chilling surveillance video of chism pulling the recycling bin with ritzer inside shown. the report claims ritzer died in the bathroom is fwriing to get rape charges dropped. a man charged with opening fire at the colorado planned parenthood clinic. robert lewis dear is accused of killing three people including a police officer who grew up in melrose. mary maloney reports. >> the initial charge is murder of the first degree. >> reporter: robert dear appears by video in an el paso, county, courtroom. the 57-year-old wore a provective vest and had his hands cuffed. >> do you have any questions about glove these rights, sir?
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>> reporter: investigators say friday dear opened fire in and around a planned parenthood clinic killing three people. among them police officer garrett swayze, an elder in his church and former champion figure skater. the 44-year-old leaves behind a wife and two kids. 29-year-old iraq war veteran pierre stewart also died he had two daughters. his family said stewart called 9-1-1 during the take cover. and jennifer a mother of two also lost her life. she was 35. nine other people mostly police officers were injured in the attacks. a law enforcement official says after the shooting dear mentioned "baby parts." earlier this year, antiabortion activists released a series of eight under cover videos which show planned parenthood staff discussing the transfer of fetal tissue for research. planned parenthood says the videos were heavily edited and inaccurate. prosecutors vncht released a motive for the planned parenthood attack but we may
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dear is expected to appear in court again to be formally charged. i'm mary maloney reporting. a young couple says they were chased down and threatened on the road. >> he was like i will blow your head off. he didn't do it sarcastically but dead serious. >> in the next half hour what they say happened before that driver pulled a gun on them and the kids in the back seat. winter happens it's a new line brought to you by the mbta. the reason behind that new message to riders tonight. a billion dollars in cost overruns to expand the green line. fox 25 investigates is learning more about the legal action the state when they told me that i was diagnosed with cancer, all i could think of was my kids and that i didn' t want to leave them. i beat cancer, but it is still scary. now i have a pre-existing condition. so, if republicans take away obamacare, breast cancer survivors like me could be denied coverage. if hillary's in the white house, she's going to continue obamacare, so that i don' t have to worry anymore. i trust her, and i know she's going to fight
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get 15% off, cyber monday only. huntedders will gearing up for the second day of gear hunting in the morning. first day saw hunters kill 26 deer and several protestors taking a stand. people who live nearby say they don't feel safe. >> they are right over there and taking a shot at them. >> the state says the hunting will actually improve public safety since culling the heard will cut back on the spread of lyme disease and car accidents. hunters will be back out there tomorrow and again next monday and tuesday. the state police are urging those hunters to keep an eye out for the remains of a missing man who may be in those woods. that man disappeared nearly two years ago. after police say he was kidnapped by men posing as constables. fox 25's christine mccarthy is live in milton now. christine, that man's family is looking for closure? >> reporter: that's right, i spoke with jamie robertson's
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hours ago and of course they say they're heartbroken and they have been for nearly two years ever since they saw their son leave their house never to return. but they say they now have new hope that their son's body may finally be recovered. >> it's a daily heartache. >> reporter: jenny and david robertson's lives have been empty when their 37-year-old son jamie was lured from their avon home by men dressed as constables claiming they there were for a probation drug test. >> all i remember with them the back of the car. >> reporter: four men have been charged in robertson's kidnapping including former dedham police officer michael showner accused of providing equipment to the ex-boyfriend of jamie's girlfriend. paperwork with his picture it on. they guns and handcuffs. >> reporter: jamie's parents have accepted what
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determined that their son is dead. but they have new hope that his body may finally be found. staff at blue hills reservation will hand out these flyers to deer hunters on tuesday. urging them to be on the lookout for jamie's remains. >> we do believe at this time that the body has been dumped and what we have learned to be a wooded area. >> reporter: jamie was the father of two small children and the robertson's try to focus on those memories. >> he had a happy walk, he he loved his kids. >> reporter: they say closure will never happen but finding their son's body will start the healing process. >> if something comes of this it will be a small miracle but a welcome miracle. we want him home. we want to find out what happened to him. >> reporter: now this is one of the flyers that hunters will be receiving first thing tomorrow when they start hunting at 5:00 a.m. and the reason that officials are focusing on this area the blue hills reservation area is not only
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area but also because a final ping of robertson's phone was tracked to nearby canton. but officials do say that they're urging everyone hunters as well as hikers not only in this area but everywhere across the state to keep an eye out for any skeletal remains or robertson's clothing. in milton tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. to developing you news now the u.s. government is warning americans in afghanistan that they expect an imminent attack in kabul within the next 48 hours. urged americans to avoid moving around the capital city. officials have not released any details about potential targets or you how the attack might be carried out. it is you now believed that paris terror suspect french intelligence services say suspect salah abdeslam escaped to syria but they're not kmenting on how he got. there police also believe he bought 10 detonators from a fire workshop in northern paris before the attacks. also tonight the street near the bataclan concert hall is back open.
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damage still a visible reminder of the horrors that happened inside. more than 80 people were executed in that concert hall. the white house sending a letter to governor baker regarding the resettlement of syrian refugees. new at 10:00 the globe reports that the president's chief of staff sent a letter. part of the writeups the u.s. said in them the state department would provide interested governors with monthly updates on the nationality, age range and gender of refugees resettling in their state. governor baker has previously expressed concern resettlement. a few hours lawyers for convicted marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev will argue for a new trial in federal court. tsarnaev's lawyers want the trial in a new location saying there's no way a local can be objective. tsarnaev was sentenced to death earlier this year for his role in the 2013 attacks. the defense admitted that he and his brother carried out the bombings but argued his brother was the mastermind. a man arrested on weapons charges following a
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held without bail tonight. police say they found an assault rifle, a bullet-proof vest, hatchet and other weapons in the home of dean larges of leicester. he was wanted on domestic violence charges. when police came calling early saturday he took. on offers say the amount of firepower they found in his homemade him incredibly dangerous. he evaded police for a day before he was caught in royalton. fox 25 investigates has learned that the state could sue the contractor selected to expand the green line after cost overruns came to mover a million dollars. the state was warned that skyrocket. kerry kavanaugh was the only twig reporter there today as the mbta oversight board discussed the problem that forced the state to stop this project. >> there's no single answer. there's no way you can just track. >> independent consulting firm the berkley research group told mass dot and the fiscal control board
10:20 pm
line expansion costs to go off the rails. >> there were multiple problems, they interacted with each other to produce the result that is clearly unacceptable. >> transportation secretary stephanie poll lock says it was a combination of the lack of a reliable cost estimate, too much focus on construction schedule, and the mbta's failure to effectively manage the project. >> how do you award a contract that you know is overbudget? >> reporter: the mbta did not open the expansion project to bids instead it chose the company that would design and construct it. rewarding the contract. through a freedom of information act request fox 25 investigates obtained this previously redacted federal risk assessment report from 2011. it called the green line project fairly complex said certain elements were out of the direct control of the contractor as well as the mbta. did the state ignore the warnings? >> there were clearly problems that were identified in detail today
10:21 pm
but they were not just about the cost of the project. >> reporter: the final risk assessment report issued last fall notes the lack of competition as a potential for additional bid risk because there is only one bidder. >> the mbta halted work on the project this fall and the contractor raised the price tag on the $1.9 billion project by nearly a billion more. since our story first ran the mbta and mass dot has heard from transportation analysts who believe that the mbta could have predicted some of these cost overreturns. three meet again next week to discuss whether and if the green line expansion project should move forward. we reached out again after the meeting today to the contractor they have no comment. for fox 25 investigates i'm kerry kavanaugh. fake page dedicated to defending the rights of white europeans. the creator is a mystery but claims ties to harvard university.
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the family of an army veteran. they were read in court as the killer was sentenced.
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>> nothing left except ash and debris after a fast moving fire destroyed a 18th century you house. the fire broke out around 10:00 this morning on hilldale avenue. firefighters arriving were not sent inside that home because of the condition. the you house was declared a complete loss around 11:30. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. a malden man convicted in killing of a local army veteran has been sentenced to life with no parole. jury found eugene tate guilty of first-degree murder felony murder last week. he accused of shooting and killing afghan vet shortly after he had returned home from a tour. his family telling us tonight they found the justice for joe they have been seeking but they'll never get him back. >> while the memories of jos rev so beautiful with them comes the realization that he is gone. every time this realization hits your heart its devastating. >> he was killed in a friend's home in stoneham. police say he was in the wrong place during a drug deal gone bad.
10:24 pm
discovered in a burned out car in mattapan. police were called there to the parking lot on river street late saturday where they found the remains of a white man in his 50s. earlier this month a woman's body was found inside a burning car in worcester. police did arrest a man and charged whim misleading the investigation. vermont state police say a silver pickup truck forced this truck off the road. it happened just before 7:00 this morning on interstate 91 south in westminster. if you know anything about the driver you are asked to contact police. two words one controversy over a tree lighting. the debate between a local school district and a veteran who says he was forced to change the tradition. it's so cold out there right now i'm telling you about some rain that's
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this message. boston is now not the only city to say no to the 2024 olympics. hamburg, germany voted this weekend to end the city's bid to host summer games. it was close but the no vote won out. hamburg was one of five cities left in the running alongside rome, paris, budapest and los angeles. boston pulled out months ago after widespread pushback.
10:27 pm
game is facing change. legal scrutiny has several people pulling out. including star fantasy. draftkings along with fanduel and yahoo! still offering their on-line contests in most states. industry experts say there's little concern the industry is in trouble since companies are still barely making a dent in the market. snow on the tracks delays at the stations the mbta wants to you know that winter happens. >> yeah, it does. that is the new message from the t it's raising eye you brows especially after last winter's mess. our malini basu is live in newton with reaction. >> reporter: elizabeth and mark, winter is what just about three weeks away who can forget the horrible and miserable commute day after day waiting or even on trains while the mbta is now letting passengers know if we have a horrible winter like that again we will do what we can. >> the next time you're on
tv-commercial tv-commercial
10:28 pm
come across this sign winter happens but we know you still need to get there. >> it's just reality. i mean, you deal with it. >> reporter: after getting tortured by mother nature last year riders face delay after delay and shutdown it. >> wasn't just the amount of snow it was the humidity and the wind it and was almost like we were in antarctica. >> reporter: the mbta is letting people know -- >> i think they are saying they're going to make a more concerted effort to get the commuters to their destinations. >> i think they're trying to say that they're not going to do anything else. >> reporter: clear channel will be donating at least 86 digital billboards seen along state highways. 80 screens and seven different locations and at least 50 posted on buses, and 500 of them on the trains. >> they're just trying to warn people i think about the reality of the system that is aged that probably needs to be fixed in another way.
10:29 pm
on that it. >> was really bad trains time. >> reporter: lindo who you heard from early said in her 55 years she has never ever dealt with a winter like that. she also thinks that boston just isn't equipped for all of the snow maybe it's just time for an upgrade. for now live in newton, malini basu, fox 25 news. forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> boy is it cold. temperatures have dropped into the 20s in most suburbs. it's in the 30s cambridge and boston. lowell temperatures are still around 30 , 31 but chelmsford is 28, tewkesbury and carlyle 27 this evening. some stuff on the south shore you will find very much the same. like 28 in hanover and 29 in brockton.
10:30 pm
in northern worcester county. 25 in fitchburg right now it's 27 back here in royalston. north borough you're at 29 leominster at 28 . the southwest, new hampshire you know the drill it's in the 20s here as well. temple 25. 23 with some of the coldest temperatures you will see are in southeast and southern vermont right now. look at -- western mass important to note those temperatures especially in western massachusetts into southern vermont. future cast will show although these clouds are breaking up for now there are more coming from the south. i will show you future cast in just a moment. plenty of rainshowers to the south there's another storm system out to the center of the country. we're going to get some rain. problem is you don't want the rain to mesh with the temperatures being below freezing. check this out the first rainshowers arriving into western mass. otis massachusetts at 32 , springfield 33
10:31 pm
you get the idea it is below freezing back here as these showers start to arrive. things isolationed up that can be a on problem in the spots in western massachusetts into northwest worcester county into southern vermont. tracking tonight. i will fast forward at 10:00 temperatures seem to be climbing above freezing as the next batch of showers arrive. can still be some spots especially in the connecticut river valley. we'll have to watch. that otherwise a cold rain moving in middle of the day through the afternoon and evening can get heavy tomorrow night at times. a break into wednesday morning then more rain arrives right through the day wednesday and into wednesday night. so we have a couple days some of shower activity coming on in here with some of the heaviest happening at times tomorrow night again wednesday night. here's some of the high temperatures you will be facing tomorrow these are on the chilly side for sure. we're finishing up november as the eighth warmest november on record. even though it was quite mild. 42 sudbury and in concord
10:32 pm
natick at 43 afternoon. go to the south of boston off the metro west area and braintree at 45. reply mouth 46 tomorrow afternoon. back there into worcester county temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s. when you get back into southwest new hampshire into southern vermont you will find those temperatures just in the afternoon after those very cold starts. we'll have to watch closely for any icing first thing in the morning. that's when meteorologist shiri spear will be here to watch that four. cool temperatures tomorrow a little bit milder wednesday. no danger of any ice from that rain that's coming on through. as the cold air comes rushing in thursday and friday. it may kick off a few flurries. maybe a few more thursday and friday. but once those flurries clear the area and the clouds too friday and saturday are both looking bright. cool saturday temperature about 48 and 52 on sunday. on saturday this weekend we're collecting coats for families in need. bring a gently worn coat. we'll be there between 10:00
10:33 pm
afternoon. there are more details on our facebook page and on hope you can join me, shiri and sarah this saturday. the mother of two killed by a drunk driver over the holiday weekend. >> stay tuned for the fox 25 news at 11:00 we're hearing from a family friend and exposing the lengthy criminal record of the driver who is accused of drinking behind the wheel. first a young couple driving one minute facing down the barrel of a gun next. the terrifying encounter they say they had with another driver on the road. the controversial
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a crowd swarming a chicago jail tonight as the chicago police officer accused in the shooting death of a black 17-year-old was released. after posting $150,000 bond. jason van dyke is the officer seen in the video absolute ing mcdonald 16 times last october. that shooting has sparked protestors throughout the city since i had was released and van dyke was arrested.
10:37 pm
shut down the university of chicago for the day was apparently motivated by that deadly police shooting. federal investigators arrested 21-year-old student jabari dean. they say he threatened to execute 16 white male students or staff on the quad. equal the number of times officer van dyke shot mcdonald. classes and activities at the university of chicago were cancelled for the day as a precaution. controversial facebook page not launching an investigation at harvard university. the page is called white student union at harvard university and claims of established to defend the inherent rights of white europeans. the harvard spokesperson saying tonight at this point there remains unclear who is behind the creation of the unauthorized account. however we are closely monitoring the situation. the university's office of general counsel is currently investigating. president obama and more than 150 world leaders are in paris for a major summit on climate change. the conference and parties
10:38 pm
goal of reducing greenhouse emissions worldwide. president obama speaking today trying to ease concerns from critics who say that reducing carbon emissions will lead to a slower economy. >> president obama: we've proved that strong economic growth and a safer environment no longer has to conflict with one another. they can work in concert with one another. >> president obama also met with the president of china whose country is the world's largest pollution emitter. the chinese president said any agreement must take into account the differences among nations. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton laung launching a new focus on job creation. clinton clinton launched the initiative. clinton was endorsed by boston mayor marty walsh over the weekend. on the republican side new jersey governor chris christie getting the endorsement of the union leader. saying christie is best
10:39 pm
tells it like its and isn't shy about it. the real estate developer rene plummer also endorsing christie today. bernie sanders taking a break from the campaign for elective surgery today. 74-year-old vermont senator undergoing an outpatient hernia surgery at george washington university hospital. he's expected to resume his schedule tomorrow. millions of customers and their kids possibly affected bay data breach. the kids tech company admitting personal info was compromised tonight. >> it has always been known as christmas tree lighting until now. the reason the school
10:40 pm
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tonight a man is accused of following a couple home gun.
10:42 pm
spoke to the couple who say they have no idea why a complete zranger was intent on trying to scare hem. >> he was like i will blow your head off. he didn't do it car sasstically. >> reporter: scary -- sarcastically. >> reporter: scary moments for a quincy couple. take a look at the cell phone video they captured of the cell phone and car. it all starts yesterday outside this quincy restaurant. jackie logan and christopher ham had gone to lunch with teens they mentor. they made an innocent comment about it being smokey outside and set off a restaurant busboy sitting in his car. >> we came out and saw a guy smoking a hookah. >> there's a lot of smoke in that car. >> reporter: jackie and christopher say 51-year-old matthew freeman asked them if they had a problem then proceeded to follow them home. >> all the way mccabe to over here.
10:43 pm
>> reporter: eventually they say freeman got out of his car and held this realistic looking gun and threatened to kill him. turns out it was a pellet gun but they didn't know that at this time. >> my was keep the kids. >> reporter: freeman was arraigned and his family had no comment but freeman's attorney did speak and offered an entirely different version of events. >> that the parties all involved knew that this was about a pellet gun and the desire to buy one. somewhere along the line that desire to buy changed and that's why there was a confrontation. but it wasn't a chasing situation. >> reporter: tonight we have learned freeman is out on $5,000 cash bail but he has been ordered to stay away from the victims and any witnesses. he will be back in court in dempts reporting outside quincy district court. i'm heather hegedus, fox 25 news. a woman and her dog pulled from icy waters in utah and it's all caught on camera. someone walking by says he just happened to be in the right place at the right
10:44 pm
floating so he dialed 9-1-1. the video shows the officer racing to the scene using a device he had in his patrol car to help the woman and the dog to safety. the victim was in the water for about 10 minutes and was treated for mild hypothermia. kids technology manufacturer v-tech saying the personal information of five million of its customers and children may have been stolen by hackers. the hack includes kids names, birthday dates and genders for adults the hack involves passwords, i.p. addresses. now v-tech makes a variety of toys including smart watches and tablets. new hampshire veterans says that school officials wanted to remove the word christmas from the tree lighting ceremony. fox 25's kathryn burcham sat down with the veteran about why he says he has earned the right to call it a christmas tree. >> reporter: this is the moment john fletcher prepares for all year when
10:45 pm
>> i have been doing this for so long it's my christmas present to me. is to make these kids happy. >> reporter: but this year year it all nearly fell apart when fletcher went to marlboro elementary to distribute these flyers promoting the event to students he was turned a. >> i would two days later i got a call from s.a.u. telling me i could not put this fly enter the school unless i removed the word christmas. >> reporter: in an e-mail obtained by fox 25 the superintendent told fletcher to revise his flyer to say holiday tree lighting. >> it's not a holiday tree it's a christmas tree. if you want a holiday tree then do it for valentine's day or columbus day or whatever you want that's a holiday tree. >> reporter: fletcher was so offended he wrote they hadtorial in the local newspaper saying i respect all rights always have but do not take away our rights because you may offend someone else. >> in this case this political correctness has gone too far. >> reporter: fletcher served
10:46 pm
and his grandson just graduated from the army reserves. he says his family has dedicated their lives to protecting the right of free speech, and he should be afforded the same. >> i'm offended. i was offended. i don't see how you can take christmas out of christmas. >> reporter: but despite the controversy fletcher said he won't let it stop him and will still take joy in put the santa suit on at the tree lighting ceremony this weekend. the superintendent did not respond to our request for comment. kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! >> it never gets old does it. there it is hundreds out at the annual tree lighting ceremony in copley square special guests on hand for the event included old st. nick himself. rudolph and some musical guests. the boston pops.
10:47 pm
for the tree lighting. the late mayor menino used to attend these. >> the 40th year that nova scotia gave us that tree and the premier of nova scotia which is like the mayor here also attended. but it had to be so cold out there it. >> was chilly kevin. >> snow flurries tonight look how cold it is out there. we have clearing skies in many locations cold enough now we talked about this a little while ago for freezing rain advisory through central massachusetts. right along the connecticut river valley along i-91 to springfield also eastward this does not include worcester county. there can be a spot of ice. it is 25 and 28 in wayland. it is 30 to the the northwest in woburn. in lowell tonight it's 31 , 27 for new pepperell. so south shore we're seeing temperatures in the 20s right now as well.
10:48 pm
in hanover, 29 in brockton. if you are thinking snow, you by the way, temperatures up above us will be too warm. any flakes will melt. that's why it's a freezing rain advisory. here's that 25 in fitchburg. our last stop will take us into southeast and south central vermont. northwestern massachusetts where it's 23 in clarksberg, 20 in wilmington, vermont that's why if any showers got in there five thing in the morning it can cause some flash icing or freezing rain advisory. so we'll explore that a little bit more coming up at 11:00. we'll talk about the timeline and the rain for the rest of us. >> you can watch as the vehicles. tonight city leaders here say this is not a case of the paranormal although it certainly looks like it doesn't it. crazy. it turns out what you are seeing here is a steel cable that got caught in a sanitation vehicle and tripped up the three cars.
10:49 pm
injury to rob gronkowski as the patriots turn the page to sunday's matchup to philly. the celtics riding on the back of avery bradley tonight in miami. cyber sales are storming in with ultra hdtv deals. ultra hd huh? i'll look good enough to eat. [ gasps ] oh no... samsung ultra hdtv
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cyber monday is arriving at with 15% savings sitewide. expect a 100% chance of me doing no work on monday. shouldn't have said that on air. get 15% off, cyber monday only. >> target's website getting a lot more traffic than it can handle today. if you tried to log on today you were likely met with an apology from the retailer. the site went down with 10:00 this morning with internet service throughout the day. this happened despite expectations of less monday traffic this year. target began offering its deals yesterday ahead of cyber monday. we all did it we all looked at the tv and said me. with the injuries piling up seeing the best tight end in the game go down the last thing the patriots wanted but 24 hours later the prognosis significantly more
10:52 pm
-- upbeat. despite how down they were last night in denver. >> he has been through a lot. he's a tough guy hopefully it's not too serious. we'll see. all our fingers are crossed. >> it's hard to really put it into words. he has been through a lot and also it means a lot to this football team. we all love him as a teammate. we are just praying for the best. >> our producer brilliant with the numbers. i also tweeted this graphic. gronkowski have accounted for more than 50% of the patriots offense this year not included in this graphic danny amendola who gets that number up and over the 60% mark. now amendola might be back against the eagles but it is clear that someone will need to step it up moving ahead. celtics were brutal last night in orlando but tonight they were looking to win the back-to-back games for the eighth straight time.
10:53 pm
that may never happen again in the nabb but did it tonight thanks to average -- nba but it did tonight thanks to avery bradley. he put together a nice run. chris bosh nailed this three to make it a one-point game at 81-80. but the celts countered with a barrage of long balls admire them with me. avery bradley. then jay crowder and finally get this, jared sullinger from deep. opening it up 21-12 to close out the game. celtics get an impressive road win. >> dave dombrowski said he wanted a veteran outfielder and he went out and got it done. young spent the last year and a half with the yankees he batted 252 this year with 42 rbis, 14 home runs. not going to rock your world but a suitable depth guy that the sox needed to add to the reporter before spring training.
10:54 pm
more than a depth guy. the all-time home run leader on the verge of signing a deal to be a coach with the miami marlins. don mattingly is the manager bonds retired just over eight years ago has done some instructional stuff in spring training with the giants. how cutthroat is life when you're a patriots rookie well, you better not make a mistake like chris harper did last night. chris harper released last night by bill belichick. he do hope to sign him to the practice squad if he clears waivers. guns, drugs, tattoos a boston woman arrested in the theft of weapons from a worcester armory. how investigators say she's connected to a crime where some high powered weapons are still missing. tracking rain moving into the area tomorrow. it will get here in time for any icing. temperatures will be below freezing. winter happens? >> it's just reality. i mean you deal with it. >> the message the mbta is trying to get across as the snow moves in. who's paying for it? >> announcer: complete new
10:55 pm
right now. this is fox 25 news at 11:00. developing news at this hour the boston woman under arrest here accused of playing a role in the heist of high powered guns from a worcester armory. hi i'm elizabeth hopkins. >> i'm mark ockerbloom. this was breaking at 5:00 and 6:00 new tonight we are learning more about the suspect how investigators are connecting her to the crime. fox 25's ted daniel has been going through court paperwork and a lot of detail in those pages, ted? >> reporter: certainly is, mark. as fox 25 has been reporting former army reservist james morales is the one charged with making off with 16 guns from a worcester armory. at the time morales was wearing a g.p.s. monitoring device in connection to another unrelated crime. authorities say the monitoring information shows morales came to boston the day after the heist to the home of a woman name ashley bigsby. 16 high powered guns stolen from the military, some sold on the streets of boston.
10:56 pm
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