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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  November 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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named the middleman or in thise a middle woman 26-year-old ashley bigsby. bigsby lives in an apartment building on page street in dorchester. where tonight nobody wanted to speak with us. according to court documents, authorities searched it during the sweep on the the floor of the living room the apartment agents observed what appeared to be a large capacity magazine. and authorities say they found more evidence when they restored pictures deleted from bigsby cell phone. in this one look closely at the tattoo on the back of bigsby's hand near her middle finger. now this picture authorities say that's bigsby's hand with the distinctive tattoo holding one of the stolen six hour handguns. the indictment says bigsby was an associate of james morales. the man charged with breaking into a weapons vault at a worcester armory on november 14th. bigsby is accused of helping
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according to the indictment bigsby had arranged for him to meet a black male with dreadlocks who later brokered the sale of the five handguns stolen from the armory the two clean cut hispanic males. >> reporter: the question now will there be another arrest. the court documents include the name of the man bigsby introduced morales too. he's described as morales' roommate and he brokered the sale of those five guns in boston. although his name is all over the paperwork we don't know what it is because every time it appears it's been redacted. the reason why he's not being publicly name or charged right now that is unknown. live in our news room, ted daniel, fox 25 news. more details now a $15,000 reward is being offered for the recovery of the rest of the weapons stolen from the armory. 10 of the 15 stolen guns have been recovered including all of the m-4 rifles. but the f.b.i. wants to find the remaining six handguns. the missing guns are six
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model p 228 the guns will have unique u.s. government etching. here it is cold out there we have some raven on tap for this week. fox 25 storm tracker weather chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz is here with the timeline. kev, we're probably still a little behind on rain, right? >> we are behind. we don't have rain when it's this cold. it's down below freezing we are touring around toward lowell where it's 28 in shell manyford, pepperell, 27 . south of the boston you will find the same idea. milton you are 31 to the west of boston out to worcester county 25 fitchburg its down to 29 now in auburn you are hanging on to 30. 20s southern vermont 20s. all this adds up to the fact we have some rain moving toward these very cold
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coming from the southwest. all of this means there will have to be a freezing rain advisory out here in central and western massachusetts that has been expanded through berkshire county into the albany metro area now. broofl it was just for the connecticut river valley. could be extended farther north into southern vermont as well. bottom line is spotty icing. we'll talk more by the make sure you check with shiri in the morning. seemingly swiping packages according to residents it's happening in south boston. it's a big time of year for this crime. you spoke with victims. yeah for sure. the problem with package deliveries being stolen is something that's very common around this time of year especially because of christmas many, many deliveries and we also found that many people have no idea how to handle it and they are wondering what is going to happen to those packages. >> reporter: it's the
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boston and look what's this what appears to be santa claus in reverse. twice this month residents tell fox 25 packages have been stolen from this condominium lobby on e street. both times the supposed thefts were caught on surveillance tape which show a man loading multiple bags with delivered boxes. >> even more surprised that someone was able to enter the building as quickly as they did. you don't buy a new condo in the city hoping that someone will pick the lock in five seconds. >> reporter: wade says residents claiming to have been ripped off in the past 10 days filed reports with boston police over the week though fox 25 could not immediately confirm that. but we did find that this is confined to building. >> i can see how -- alex lives on west seventh street he's had several packages stolen from his front stoop. getting everything shipped to work now.
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opportunities to do that. >> we allow customers to shop on-line and have their packages delivered during one hour delivery window. especially during the holiday season you know that's happening to a lot of people. >> now stoop is not a free service it's $4 you can also subscribe to a monthly service as well. they are hoping to have a big holiday season so they can expand in the future. live in south boston, jim morelli, fox 25 news. three schools put in lockdown after a 16-year-old student is shot in roxbury. tonight police are still looking for the gunman. it happened just after noon time in the park off malcolm x boulvard.
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into safe mode. police tell us the victim is a boston public school student is expected to survive. a new bedford man has been found shot. witnesses found 66-year-old donald unresponsive around 11:00 p.m. saturday near brook lawn park. he was pronounced dead an hour later. police say they are investigating this as a homicide. standard times reports robbery may have been the motive. he was a vietnam vet and worked as the city's veterans agent. more than 54 cats were in a shelter after being removed from a mobile home in salisbury. police say it's one of the worst cases of animal hoarding they have seen in years. the cats belong to an 84-year-old man who police are now trying to help. animal control officer tells the newburyport news they are frantically looking for homes for the cats. hundreds are gearing up for the second day of deer hunting at blue hills reservation in the morning. first day saw hunters cull 26 dear and protestor over safety concerns.
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willing improve public safety since culling the heard will cutback on the threat of lyme disease and car accidents involving deer. huntsers will be back out there tomorrow and again next monday and tuesday. >> state lease are also urging deer hunters to be on the lookout for remains of a missing man. jamie robertson is presumed dead nearly two years after police say men posing as constables kidnapped him. we spoke to his family who said jamie was at loving father of two kids. they also told fox 25 they have new hope that his body may be found. >> in terms of this it will be a small miracle but a welcome miracle. we want him home. we want to find out what happened to him. >> police urge hunters to look out not only for the skeletal remains but also for robertson's closing. they believe robertson body was dumped in a wooded area. four men have been charged. a mother of two kill by what police say was a drunk driver who was not only intoxicated but drinking
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new hampshire. fox 25's crystal haynes spoke with those who knew that mother. >> so now we lost a good person. >> reporter: friends and family mourning the loss of 47-year-old easy bell. the mother of two was killed when police say alexander burke of bow crashed into the honda she was a passenger in early sunday morning in manchester. >> the impact caused one of the rear seat passengers, unfortunately, deceased on scene. >> reporter: four others including burke's passenger was seriously injured. charges against the 31-year-old were upgraded today to aggravated d.w.i. and negligent homicide. manchester, police tell me burke's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. >> we do believe he poses a significant danger. he does have 19 cases of history dating back to 2003. >> reporter: fox 25 has learned that burke has charges from new hampshire and florida including burglary and bail jumping. today i pulled the police report where 45-year-old krista glen told detectives
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spiced rule during the day and while in their vehicle at the time of the crash. as the judge set high bail for alexander burke a makeshift memorial was set up for his alleged victim. a family friend and tells me pena will be remembered the way she lived rather than how she died. >> i don't have too much i can say. >> you how does that make you feel? >> burke's bail was set at $500,000 cash. he's due back in court next month. reporting in manchester, new hampshire, i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. state resting its case against a teenager accused of killing and raping a popular danvers high school teacher. prosecutors claiming that the murder of colleen ritzer was a sex crime and the attack started in the school bathroom and continued in
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chilling video with chism pulling a bin with ritzer inside. defense claims ritzer died in the bathroom is trying to get rape charges dropped. in just a few hours lawyers for dzhokhar tsarnaev will argue for a new trial in federal court. they want the new trial in a new location saying there's no way a local can be objective. tsarnaev was sentenced to death earlier this year for his role in the 2013 attack. the defense admitted that he and his brother carried out the bombings but argued his brother was the mastermind. the man accused in a deadly planned parenthood shooting in colorado appeared in court for the first time today. 57-year-old robert lewis dear is being held without bail. he wore a white vest and only spoke once telling the judge he did not have any questions. dear is accused of killing colorado police officer and melrose native garrett swayze. mother of two and iraq war veteran were also killed. friends of the victims discussing the loss today it.
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a soldier when you leave war that's when you're supposed to quit losing soldiers. >> dear has the same public defender as colorado shooting james hoemps. freezing rain advisory lining up for the timeline of when this rain is coming and how cold the temperatures will be. a memory card with a story tonight a local police department wants to hook that card up with its owner.
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is to developing you news now. the u.s. government is warning americans in afghanistan that they are expecting an imminent attack in kabul within the next 48 hours. u.s. embassy in kabul has urged americans to avoid moving around the capital city. officials have not released any details about potential targets or you how the attack might be carried out. it is now believed that the paris terror attack suspect had -- has made it suspect salah abdeslam escaped to syria but they got. there police also believe he bought 10 detonateors in northern paris before the attacks. also tonight the street near the bataclan concert hall is bullet holes and other damage still a visible reminder of the horrors that happened inside. more than 80 people were executed in that concert hall. the white house sending a letter to governor baker
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governors regarding the resettlement of syrian refugees. part of the writeups the u.s. state department would provide interested governors with monthly updates on the nationality, age range and gender of the refugees resettled in their states. governor baker has previously expressed concern about refugee resettlement. franklin police asking for your help tracking down the couple in this photo. a sergeant found a memory card with that photo on it on the pavement of a franklin parking lot. it appears they took a trip to san francisco that is the them. police want to make sure they get their memories back. the picture was posted on the franklin account. we all know it winter is inevitable it's coming but the mbta wants to you know that they're aware of it, too. launching a new campaign to let riders know winter happens. fox 25's malini basu spoke with riders on and what they think. >> we all know that old man
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three weeks away. who can forget the horrible and miserable commute we all had while the mbta is basically saying hey if we have another one of those winters we will do whatever we can. the next time you are an mbta bus or train you kma across this sign winter happens but we know you still need to get there. >> it's just reality you deal with it. >> reporter: after getting tortured by mother nature last year, riders face delay after delay and shutdown it. >> wasn't just the amount of snow it was the humidity and the wind it and was almost like we were in antarctica. >> reporter: the mbta is letting people know. >> i think they are saying they're going to make a more concerted effort to get the commuters to their destinations. >> i think they're trying to say that they're not going to do anything else. >> reporter: clear channel will be donating at least 86
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along state highways. 80 screens and seven different locations and at least 50 posted on you buses train. >> they're just trying to warn people i think about the reality of the system that probably needs to be fixed in another way. >> it was really bad. trains were out for weeks at a time. >> reporter: linda who you heard from also tells fox 25 that was the worst winter she has dealt with in her 55 years. linda also thinks that boston just isn't equipped for all the snow and she upgrades. for now we are in newton. malini basu, fox 25 news. >> announcer: now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> it is cold out there no doubt about it. some freezing cold temperatures to the west through. watertown, 29 for you new woburn but 26 carlyle and 25 in westin. there are some chilly temperatures back here. chelmsford to tyngsboro and
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getting off easy either. hanson is 30 but it's 29 in brockton. it's also 30 at the coast in duxbury this evening. to the west in worcester county some 20s here. fitchburg 24 . holden is at 31 but north borough at 28 as well. southeast south central vermont into northwestern 21 and 22 right along the the connecticut river. those valley locations tend to hold the cold air that's why when we're talking about potential for some freezing rain that was a place that i highlighted as that month 10 with the breaks in the clouds temperatures have been dropping. there are more clouds to our southwest though there's some rain in here, too that's creeping up into northern jersey and around new york city. in fact when i switch over to live doppler radar it's happening in the new york city radar. you can clearly see some of the rainshowers coming
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that's all pushing towards southern new england tonight. it's trying to get here when it's still too cold. that's why originally the connecticut river valley again the valleys holding the cold air have that freezing rain advisory when i talk to you at 10:45. by 11:00 the national weather service in albany which has jurisdiction over berkshire county added that to make everything gel so the potential for some into litchfield county and central connecticut as well. what that means is first thing in the morning any sprinkles that arrive can fall into freezing air can you be dealing with a touch of icing. pittsfield 30, springfield 32 that green showing the rain just arriving. rain because it's too warm up above us for snowflakes to make it above ground level. it will warm up fairly quickly although there will be some spots especially in the river valleys that will hold on to freezing temperatures. that's why until noon time is when this freezing rain advisory will go. the steady ier arrives and
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some heavier downpours here as well. making it in here by late tomorrow night. we'll get a bit of a break into early wednesday morning commute then more rain arrives at times coming down heavily most of the time light to moderate though and tapering off to showers wednesday night in milder air. the weather threats will be ice the low threat. heavy rain and moderate threat coming down heavily at times and wind not really a factor. here's your seven-day forecast with your weekend in view. 46 for a high tomorrow afternoon. we'll start out real cold with the rainshowers. 100% chance of rain both days. it just means you are likely to see some rain at some point. thursday a couple flurries around as the cold air comes applying in. sets us up for a weeker that will be on the chilly side to start. full sunshine and 48 it's that day this week we're checking coats for families in need. bring a gently warm coat.
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celtics showing us a little something tonight bouncing back from a lousy effort last night in orlando with a very impressive
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it really was avery bradley with the big effort tonight. 25 points to lead the celts. that three made it 70-59. they did put together a nice run in the fourth quarter. chris bosh nailed the three to make it a one-point game 81-80 but the celts countered with a barrage of long balls. first it's avery bradley then jay crowder believe it or not sullinger who is out deep. it was 21-12 the run in the fourth quarter. celtics get a very impressive road win. so rob gronkowski diagnosed with a knee strain which is great news considering what could have been the case when that surgically repaired right knee was hit last night. tom brady talking about his thoughts on gronk. >> he has been through a lot he's a tough guy. hopefully it's not too serious we'll see. all our fingers are crossed. >> it's hard to put into
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lot and also it means a lot to the football team we all love him as a teammate. just praying for the best. >> sorry about that that was a different sound bite that was from the guys last night. the referees were horns in the denver game that has been the overriding theme in the season. bad call on patrick cheung and terrible call on gronkowski right before he got hurt. tom brady how do you deal with being on the short end of the stick of these lousy calls? >> they just feel like they're a pushoff. it's obviously different than what i thought and i'm looking at it too they're the ones with the flags and they throw it. you hate to see it come down to stuff like that some days you get the calls some days you don't. the red sox have add depth to the outfield. chris young agrees to a multiyear deal. dave dombrowski wanted some experience. young spent the last year and a half with the yankees batted 252 this year. 42 rbis and 14 home runs.
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when a yankee becomes a red sox isn't it? that's the general consensus when that happens? >> it's also when a red sox becomes a yankee. >> that's even weirder. >> jacoby ellsbury. >> no love lost when those guys leave town. >> clemens. >> wow. [laughter] we have mike right? >> yes, we did. he did a 16 game winner for us. dating myself here. here's the seven-day forecast. elizabeth is like who's that. rain in nice couple days but it will come in dribs and drabs. freezing rain advisory back to the berkshires because of that. shiri will have the very latest and tracking the ice out there. it won't be an issue for worster and eastward. certainly just beyond worsted werl be watching closely. -- worcester we'll be watching closely. a chilly start to the weekend.
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