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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 1, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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everyone, just about 30 on tuesday, december 1. i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. appreciate your company this morning. cold weather to greet you this morning. fox25 stormtracker weather meteorologist shiri spear is timing out a warm-up and whether we can get above freezing before the rain arrives. >> shiri: yeah, really important because that rain is pushing out toward areas like hartford, connecticut now. although it is dropping as rain, the surface is still freezing. what is happening as it is turning into glaze and it will turn into a little bit of freezing drizzle. that is something we will have a close eye on this morning because we will get a little of that into central massachusetts that into central massachusetts, southwestern new hampshire, western massachusetts, it will get slippery. it only takes trace amounts to wreak havoc on the streets. right now though worcester in great shape, 30 degrees with mostly sunny skies. worcester at 24. londonderry, new hampshire at 21. the clouds have yet to thicken up. boston itself at 34 degrees but the burbv all in the 20s.
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watching, and then we have to cross out eastern massachusetts cross out eastern massachusetts. upper 20s to lower 30s. we have the clouds on the move toward you now. so this is what i am expecting. 7 a.m. about 26 degrees. slippery spots inland, western massachusetts, but as we travel through the rest of the morning and we see this little bit of drizzle develop, by noontime today, can he could have -- before noontime we could have some of those ice some of those icy areas western massachusetts westward and in and around the boston area i think it is just going to be plain drizzle into the afternoon. the showers continue. they turn steadier into the evening hours with temperature at about 40 degrees by 7 p.m. i have got even more rain in your wednesday forecast. we are going to break that down in a few. right now julie, back over to you for a check of those roads. >> julie: shiri, things moving along nicely at this hour. we are in bright green which means nothing is slowing us down. 93 south, route 1, also look good. as you can see zakim bridge live open. live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike from 495
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9 minutes on the expressway president braintree split to the pike. 22 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. just coming up on 4:32 this morning and we begin with breaking news overnight. a massachusetts marine has just been found guilty of killing a transgender woman. lance corporal joseph scott pemberton was convicted by a court in the philippines. he has been sentenced to 12 years in jail. he was accused of strangling and drowning the victim in a hotel bathroom last year. it happened after he realized the victim was born a man. the marine was in philippines taking place in joint exercises at the time. attorneys for the boston marathon bomber will be discussing an appeal for a new trial. catherine parrotta is live in south boston where attorneys, catherine, are expected to argue that dzhokhar tsarnaev had no shot at a fair trial. >> reporter: that is the argument they are expected to
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and this hearing is expected to begin around 10:00 this morning. according to an investigation by the u.s. attorney's office that was tweeted yesterday, dzhokhar tsarnaev will not be present for this. and his lawyers will be here and they will be arguing that he should be granted a new trial and it doesn't come as a surprise at all. tsarnaev was formally sentenced to death back in june. his lawyers filed a paperwork for an appeal. the defense filed another motion in october arguing the trial venue in boston was impossible. today the judge will review that motion requesting a new trial in a different venue. this is not the first time his legal team has argued for a change of venue. they argued to have the trial moved several times saying that the jury pool in eastern mass was tainted an couldn't be unbiased. they took the argument to a federal appeals panel in february and the trial did take place in boston. dzhokhar tsarnaev was convicted in april for his role in the marathon bombings and subsequent manhunt.
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over 260 injured. right now dzhokhar tsarnaev is on death row and being held at a super max facility in colorado. again, according to the u.s. attorney's office, he will not be here today for this be here today for this hearing and this is really just the beginning 80 pales process but that motion for a change of venue is not the only thing in place here. coming up, we will tell you about other factor has here as well coming up next half hour. live in south boston, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. it is now 4:34. huntering will be back at blue hill reservation today looking for deer, but police are hoping they will bring peace to the family of a missing man. fox25's michael henrich is live in milton what investigators are telling hunters to keep an eye out for. michael? >> reporter: well, julie, we are not too far away from the start of the hunt once again at blue hills reservation, not just for deer, but this morning for justice as well. as we see behind me in the parking lot, the hunters and those administering the hunt
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now this family who i am about to tell you about, they are hoping for a measure of healing and a family left wondering what happened to their son for nearly two years. jamie and david robertson say their son jamie was 37 when he was lured away from their avon home on new year's day last year. while investigators have determined jamie is dead, his body has not been found. so this morning staff at blue hill are handing out flyers to hunters urging them to be on the lookout for jamie's remains, of course, but also his clothing, something they would not normally report or see as standing out of the orlando. describing jamie's red maroon sweatshirt, blue jeans and brown shoes. a discovery that could help his family heal. >> if something comes of this and the small miracle that it would be a welcomed miracle. we -- we want him home. we want to find out what
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>> reporter: back to the case. it continues to deeply disturb jamie and david. three men have been accused in the killing including a former dedham police officer. in a way people that don't hunt can help at 5:30. live in milton, michael henrich live in milton, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. defense attorneys for a danvers teenager will take over in a high-profile murder trial. fill up chism is accused of killing and raipdzing his math teacher two years ago. they will look at his mental status at the time of the crime status at the time of the crime. they will call family members including chism's grandfather of their family's history of mental illness. several experts that evaluated chism are expected to take the stand as well. before the prosecution rested, jurors heard and saw graphic testimony before rit graphic testimony before ritzer's death. they watched numerous surveillance videos of chism inside danvers high school with bloody hands.
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recycling bin to wheel ritzer's body in the woods outside the school. they heard testimony from 36 witnesses. yesterday the prosecution suggested that ritzer's murder was sexually motivated and not a psychotic episode. bob ward will be inside the courtroom tweeting live during the testimony. the suspect in a deadly shooting at a planned parenthood in colorado will be back in court. 57-year-old robert lewis dear faced a judge for the first time yesterday. he wore a white vest and spoke just four words. the public defender represented movie theatre gunman james holmes. dear is charged with first-degree murder in the death of three people including police officer garrett swazey who lived in melrose. the other victims are a mother of two and a man who served in iraq. the white house has sent a alert to governor charlie baker and rest of the country's governors offering a report on the syrian refugees. the u.s. state department will
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refugees reset ling in the u.s. it will include monthly updates on the nationality, age range and gender of refugees. governor maker is concerned not the refugees coming to massachusetts. this morning a new bedford shooting victim is being remembered as a tireless advocate for veterans as police search for his killer. depina helped develop a shelter and counseling center for at and counseling center for at-risk veterans. he was shot sunday night. he was driving cab when the shooting happened. prosecutors say robbery was likely the motive. new bedford and state police are investigating. boston police are increasing patrols around several city schools today. this follows a shooting outside of madison parks high school in roxbury. a 16-year-old student was shot in the leg yesterday. he is expected to survive. students were locked inside madison park and to nearby schools 90 minutes after the shooting.
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police are checking whether the shooting was gang related. this morning people are looking to see if a man recognizes a person on camera acowsed of robs a store. this man got away with cash on somerville street. old. if you recognize him, you are asked to call police. there are new locks on the doors this morning at a condo building in southie where a man was caught on camera taking packages that weren't his. the surveillance video showing him at work. he fills bags with other people's packages. people in the east street building say it is happening twice and they are a little shocked how the man easily gets into the building. >> even more surprised that somebody is able to enter the building as quickly as you did. you don't buy a new condo in the city hoping that someone will pick the lock in five seconds. >> julie: neighbors have reported the theft to police. fox25 learned that other people in the south end had the same
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a break for patriots fans whose feared the worse of rob gronkowski. he had a sprained right knee. no ligament damage. the tight end is expected to be good to go by the playoffs. in recent weeks, the pats offense have lost dion lewis, julian edelman and danny amen julian edelman and danny amendola with injuries. the pats will host the eagle here's on fox25. kickoff at 4:25. and plenty of coverage leading up to and after the game. pregame coverage starts on the fox25 morning news a theirs from 6 until 10. then the fox nfl show is on from 11 to 1:00. at 1:00 the defending seahawks will take on the first-placed vikings followed by the pats and the eagles. sunday night complete post-game coverage on the fox25 news at 10:00 and 11:00. and join us for extended coverage coming up on the fox25 sports wrap at 11:30.
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weather together every ten minutes a look at those drive times. easy 9 minutes from the braintree split. drive times are not always reflective of how the road conditions may be. and that's where shiri joins us to point out roads that may be in western, central mass. >> shiri: you got it. 25 to 35 if you were leaving the house right now. i have increase in clouds. no rain locally yet, but after 7:00 this morning, we will watch out for drizzle and freezing drizzle. by 5:00 this evening as you head home from work, 30s and 40s. i will map out how long this wet weather will particular around coming up. black friday, cyber monday, now giving snus coming up, a new evident to give charities the help they need this holiday season. imagine being this driver. a signs about through a wind a signs about through a windshield narrowly missing the
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what happened leah: i just was thinking any minute could be the minute. and the minutes kept passing. we both kind of relaxed and thought, "she'll come when she's ready." [ grunting ] woman: it's a girl! leah: and she did. woman: a big girl! [ olivia crying ]
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take a look at this picture. a driver in vermont survives this crash on interstate 91. his car was hit by a metal post that flew right through the front windshield. the post barely missed the driver. it was hut by a pickup truck that did not stop. a quincy man is accused of following a family home and threatened to kill them.
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after looking at cell phone video of the incident. jackie and christopher were in a restaurant parking lot when they made a comment about smoking. they say freeman was smoking nearby and was offended by the comment. the couple followed them home and threatened them with a realistic pellet gun to scare them. >> he comes to the door shaking the door, threatening us. get out of car, get out of the car, swearing. he held the gun at my head and said he will blow my head off and he is not afraid to shoot. >> reporter: the couple was in the parking lot to buy a pellet gun from freeman and backed out of the deal. freeman is charged with two counts of armed assault to murder. he is out on bail and due back in court this month. as a beverly woman continues to mourn a woman's death, they want to make sure her sons are cared for. edeath blackburn died over a week ago and her sister is caring for the 6 and 8-year-old son.
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education cost. under $20,000 has been raised. the goal is $50,000. the mbta may be slashing its workforce to help cover a big budget gap. the t needs to erase $242 million of deficit. the "lowell sun" says top official is requesting a retirement program and elimination of unfilled position to cut spending. the proposal does not include any lay jawvrs. the mbta has 5600 workers. 1,000 will be he will i believe gore early retirement. if you are on a long road trip, south beach is not the worst place to be. finding avery bradley in the corner the green go up by 11. the heat made a run, but then boston -- ooh, that was pretty. bradley hits from way beyond the line and ray crowder from the right wing.
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the five-game trip continues thursday night in mexico city against sacramento. take a look at the roads right now starting with the map where usually at this early hour, things are bright green which means they are moving along without too many issues. orange around the base of the split. expect a few delays there. zakim bridge and leverett connector wide open. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. getting ready to head out the door, fire up that heater because it is chilly out there. >> it is chilly and turning wetter as we go throughout day. for this morning expecting a little bit of freezing drizzle in western new england this morning. the big question is, it reach central massachusetts out toward, say, the worcester area and up toward keene and
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those are areas to stay on alert for any kind of precipitation or drizzle this morning as it has a potential for creating ice. heavier rain for the evening commute and on and off rain on and off through the day tomorrow in is the system that is coming toward us. this wave of rain this morning. this wave of rain overnight tonight. in wave of rain overnight tomorrow night. so we have just so much mt. way of wet weather to get through in the next 48 hours. zooming in locally, still w567 zooming in locally, still w567ing us and clouds. still shaping up dry. the only freezing drizzle on the map is out toward hartford, connecticut, but boston you shape up like this. 34 degrees. you are obviously one of my warmer spots. clouds move on in. a couple of breaks of sunshine early this morning. 34 degrees at 6 a.m. 8 a.m. 36 degrees. 42 by 10:00 this morning and highs in the middle 40s where we see that steady we see that steadier rain really form during the course of the afternoon. out in worcester today, 30
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the burbs in the 20s. you are still clear. clouds will quickly move on in. cloudy by 8 a.m. i will not be surprised to have a little sprinkle between 8 and 10:00. problem with that, 8 a.m., 31. by 10 a.m., 36. we could be looking at a couple of icy spots. nothing widespread but a couple of icy spots in central massachusetts. noontime 39 best and kind of in the safe yonz for the afternoon and -- sglochb for the afternoon zone for the afternoon. and i am going to step in and say we have indications we will get spotty dress here at 10:00 this morning and if it happens to worcester or fitchburg or springfield or keene or brattleboro. falls as liquid and freeze today the ground. we don't love that. by 1 p.m. it is warm and above freezing. more of these scattered showers potentially into the boston area. and for 4 p.m., this is when things will start picking up in time for the evening commute
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we tap into a period of rain that extends into the overnight hours. and then for the morning commute tomorrow, a little good news, it appears we will have a little lull in time for sending knew work early tomorrow. high temperatures today 46 in boston. 41 in worcester. 42 in keene. 45 in lawrence. and 48 in hyannis and the islands all the way into the lower 50s. tomorrow, we have a lot more 50s on the map. a milder but a wetter day as well. you it looks like we are going to see a little bit of a break. we are not done yet. by noontime scattered showers are back and in time for the evening commute again, we have got another wave of the steadier, heavier rain that goes into early, early thursday goes into early, early thursday morning i expect improvements possibly ending with a couple of snowflakes across western new england. the seven-day forecast. 40s with developing rain. tomorrow on and off rain and 52
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turning windy and blustery on thursday as we dry out, 49 degrees. don't be shocked to see a couple of flurries but friday 46 degrees. just a couple of flurries overnight into the weekend which is looking spectacular. back to you, guys. >> julie: shiri, talk to you soon. a new warning on restaurant menus. the major cities putting salt content right out in the open. cars floating in an intersection. no trick. what caused thos if you gave your primary care a check up, how would it do? let's look at lahey health doctors and nurses who know who you are and care how you feel... check right where you live... check many locations and convenient hours check looks like we're off to a very healthy start. what's next in primary care for who matters most: you. lahey health. lahey hospital and medical center beverly hospital addison gilbert hospital
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the woman who posted this picture of her dog with its mouth tairped shut is being charged with animal cruelty. we shared this story last week and it blew up on our web site. police in north carolina is charging the woman and it is the right thing to do. she can face up to 150 days in jail. one of the hottest holiday toys is being blamed for a house fire in louisiana. the family watched a new hover board explode before their eyes and their home caught on fire. several companies sell hover boards but this one came from a company called fit turbo order company called fit turbo ordered on for $300. the actual cause is under investigation. a real-life grinch is caught on camera in virginia stealing christmas lights from check him out there. the family started decking the halls but then went to bed, and that night, this man snuck in and took the lights. police are still looking for the man who they have not yet identified. a veteran in marlborough,
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town is trying to take christmas from him. john fletcher prepares all year to dress as santa and flip the switch at the town's annum tree lighting -- annual tree lighting ceremony. they told him to replace the word "christmas" from "holiday word "christmas" from "holiday." and not having it. >> i am offended and i was offended. i don't see how you can take christmas out of christmas. >> julie: fletcher served four years in the air force and his grandson just graduate grandson just dwraj grated from the doctor graduated from the army reserve and he said his family fought to protect free speech. wal-mart's web site got more than they could handle. met with an apology from the retailer. the site went down at 10:00 yesterday morning with intermittent service throughout the day. this happened despite expectation of less traffic this year. target began offering its deals days before cyber monday. the fantasy sports game is changing in the u.s.
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companies pulling out of u.s. markets or seriously considering it. this includes canada star draft new york. boston-based draftkings and its rival fanduel and yahoo are offering their online contests in most states. v-tech the maker of digital ties have been hacked putting the personal information of 5 million people at risk and some of those people are children. v-tech sells tablets and electronics. they have been able to hack names, addresses and passwords and database that compromises the names, database and birth dates of children because it could allow someone to pinpoint a child's physical address. a mysterious video going viral. buses seeming to levitate on a road in china. here is the video. watch as the videos seem to jump in the middle of the busy intersneng china.
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it is not a case of a paranormal, a steel cable got caught in brush and got caught up under the tires of the sanitation vehicle and actually tripped the three cars. 4:56. not waiting for santa. new at 5:00, experts say more and more people are getting themselves what they want for christmas. the rewards people are offering to boost people buying for themselves. and we continue to follow breaking news this morning. a local marine convicted of killing a transgender woman overseas. violent attacks. best-selling brand is giving you more. with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash
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now at 5:00, the boston marathon case heading back to federal court. why his lawyer said he never had a chance at a fair trial here. a new arrest in a worcester armory robbery. how investigators said the suspect's tattoos helped them catch her. and this man is picking up packages that aren't his.
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condo building as police search
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