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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 1, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now at 6:00, we are waking up to frigid temperatures and we are tracking rains that could turn roads icy. timeline when the drizzle will turn to downpours. police make a second arrest in connection with a gun heist in worcester. how a deleted photo led to new charges. and the case of boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev back in federal court and what his attorneys will ask for to keep him from death row. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, 6:00 on this tuesday morning. a brand-new month. it is december 1. we appreciate you being with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy tsar saand i am sara underwood. we have got another cold morning out there. you will definitely want to bundle up this morning and warm up your car before heading out. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear also looking at some rain ahead. >> shiri: yeah, and the problem is as this rain moves
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toward hartford and springfield area. coming in as freezing drizzle. worcester still dry at 29. boston still dry at 24. plymouth dry at 26. beverly at 23. and nashua at 20. a lot of these locations are starting out with clear skies. but as the clouds thicken up and they move through the morning hours, they will have to drag that drizzle along with it. 7 a.m. still dry, guys and by the time they hit around 10:00, and the worcester area potentially creating icy roads in central massachusetts. by noontime, finally warming above freezing. and more and more of these showers develop tloo into the afternoon and temperatures in the 40s. 40 to 46 today. beware of icy spots far western massachusetts. after that the rest of us see developing rain today. it continues for almost 48 hours. and the timeline when it finally wraps up coming up shortly. now julie grauert with live
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accident? >> julie: 24 northbound route 123 in brockton. delays building back to 106 in west bridgewater. these drive times in just a minute. first head north and a little bit of slowing on the expressway near morrissey boulevard. starting to slow down toward the cloverleaf on 93 south. live look at route 1 in saugus. volume reasonable as you approach lynn fell parkway. drive times. 13 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. to 128. 16 minutes on 95 as you approach 128. sara and gene, back to you. >> sara: all right, julie. breaking news overnight, a massachusetts marine has been found guilty of killing a transgender woman. lance corporal joseph scott pemberton of new bedford has been convicted of homicide by a court in the philippines.
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in court this morning pemberton is accused of strangling and drowning 26-year-old woman in a hotel bathroom last year. prosecutors said it happened after pemberton realized that the woman was born a man. the couple met in a bar hours before invested killed. he received a sentence of 6 to 12 years in jail. it is still unclear at this hour when he will serve that time. boston marathon bomber was sentenced to death back in june and now nearly six months later and now nearly six months later, his lawyers returned to court to arguing for a new trial. fox25's catherine parrotta live outside federal court in south boston. dzhokhar tsarnaev not expected to appear himself. >> reporter: that was according to information tweeted out by a u.s. spokesman. dzhokhar tsarnaev is not expected to be here today. this hearing is scheduled around 10:00 this morning, and his lawyers will argue that he be granted a new trial. and really this does not come
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tsarnaev was sentenced -- formally sentenced back in june and in july, his defense team initially filed paperwork for an appeal and part of a motion of an appeal and related to a supreme court ruling everybody ud after tsarnaev's trial. this centers on the legal definition of a crime of violence a distinct that carries city offer penalty carries city offer penalties. the court struck down part of that definition as being unconstitutionally vague. the defense team said this ruling should turn off the convictions on the 15 counts and reopen the entire penalty phase. dzhokhar tsarnaev was convicted earlier this year for his role in the 2013 marathon bombings and subsequent manhunts. it pour people were killed and more than 260 injured and this is not the only component to this appeal, the request for a new trial and defense team filed a motion on december 30 asking for a new trial in a new venue. they did argue that having a trial here in boston was
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defense before. they moved to get the trial moved from boston several times before the trial even began. the latest attempt they made was back in february before the trial actually started in earnest in march. so seemingly, that part of the today. they are only focusing on the supreme court decision from june focusing on that language. in case you were wondering where that term crime of violence comes up in the charges, it comes up in about 15 of them, and i looked through the verdict form from april and give you some example april and give you some examples of where the language can be found coming up in the next hour. coming up in south boston. this dorchester woman is facing charges in connection with a gun heist at an armory in worcester. police say she initially lied about knowing about the stolen weapons, but police found some incriminating evidence on her cell phone. daniel miller is here now with details. >> daniel: sara, good morning. the woman will remain behind bars as police continue to look
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her name is ashley bigsby charged with weapon possession. prosecutors say she helped james morales sell five of the 16 guns stolen from the weapons vault at the armory. morales is charged with breaking into the armory on november 14. in court documents, a picture from bigsby cell phone shows a woman with a tattoo holding a gun. bigsby has the same tattoo. she is holding one of the stolen guns. she helped morales get rid of those guns. 10 of the 16 guns have been found including all of the m-4 rifles. the six missing handguns are all .09-millimeter pistols. they are offering a reward for the rest of the weapons. we will keep you updated on the story.
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fox25 morning news. a new bedford shooting victim is being remembered a as a tireless advocate for veterans as police search for his killer. donald depina served in vietnam and a former veterans agent in new bedford. he created a shelter and counseling center for at risk veterans. depina was found shot near brookline park. he was driving a cab when the shooting happened. robbery was the likely motive. new bedford and state police are investigating. a malden man convicted of killing a local army vet is now serving life without parole. eugene tate was sentenced yesterday. last week a jury found him guilty of first-degree felony murder discussed in july of 2013 it happened after puopolo returned home from serve returned home from serving in afghanistan. the family said they found the justice they were seeking, but it still won't bring him back >> the memory >> the memories joseph are so
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realization that he is gone. every time realization hits your heart, it is devastating. >> reporter: puopolo was killed at a friend's home in stoneham. police say he was in the wrong place during a drug deal gone bad. suspect in a deadly shooting at a planned parenthood n colorado will be back in court tomorrow. 57-year-old robert lewis dear faced a judge for the first time yesterday. he wore a white vest and wore just four words. the public defender also represented, rather, movie theatre shooter james holmes. dear is charged with first-degree murder in the death of three people including police officer garrett swayze who -- garrett swayze who lived in melrose. a man in this video is sorting through packages that is not his. residents said he broke into a luxury condo and stole boxes right from the lobby. it happened twice last month and both incidents were caught on surveillance video.
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residents say this is a huge problem during the holiday season, jess. >> they do, sarah. this happens more and more as you get closer to paris. police say this has happened over the past month in more than one neighborhood. now over the past couple of weeks. people who live in this brand-new condo street on east street say they have had packages stolen twice. both thefts were caught on surveillance tape. you can anniversary this video, a man loading several boxes into bags here. condos here run from half a million to just under a million dollars here. a whom lives in the building said the locks on the doors were changed just last night. >> we are even more surprised that someone is able to leave the building as quickly as they did. you don't buy a new condo in the city hope that someone will pick the lock in five seconds. and east street is not only place where this is happening. people on west 7th street say stolen there. coming up in the next hour, we
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was a victim of the last several times. live in south boston, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. a break for patriots fans who weared the worse when rob gronkowski was hurt on sunday night. fox sports said gronkowski's injuries are a injuries are a right.knee. no ligament damage. in recent weeks, the patriots has lost starters dion lewis, julian edelman and danny amen dole la to jertion dole la to dole la to to injuries. kickoff live at 4:25 and we will have plenty of coverage sunday leading up to and after the game. fox25 morning news which airs from 6 until 10. and then the fox nfl pregame show from 11 until 1:00. at 1:00, the defending nfc champions seahawks will take on the first-place vikings followed by the pats and eagles followed by the pats and eagles. sunday night the complete post-game wrap-up at 10 and 11. and join us for extended
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the fox25 sports wrap at 111:30 the fox25 sports wrap at 111:30. traffic and weather every ten minutes and traffic is continuing to climb shiri? >> shiri: conditions in the 20s. 23 degrees. still looking nice and clear and quiet toward 7 a.m. 26 degrees and upper 20s by 8 a.m. first come the clouds. then come the showers. i will show you when to plan around rain in town coming up. st. state police are asking hunters to look for more than just deer this morning. how they are hoping extra eye solve a murder case. and so far, elizabeth warren has remained silent when it comes to a presidential endorsement.
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new this morning investigators in indonesia say a faulty rudder control system led to the crash of a asia air plane. all 162 people on board were killed. the ntsb reviewed the data recorder and found that the pilot tried to respond to the problem, but the plane stalled and crashed en route to singapore. maintenance records show the plane had rudder problems 23 times in the year before it crashed. military now deciding whether more american troops will be sent to fight isis forces in syria. 50 special forces commandos
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they will advise advisors work they will advise advisors working to defeat isis. if the effort is successful, more special operations troops could be sent to syria. white house has a new point lane in the fight against isis. robert mali has been named the senior advisor to the president. his sole purpose is to work to defeat the islamic state. defense secretary ash carter will testify before congress about the fight against isis. the white house has sent a letter to governor charlie baker and the rest of the country's governors offering reports on syrian refugees. the state department will give tailored information on refugee tailored information on refugees reset ling in the united states. the information will include monthly upupdates on the nationality, age, range and gender of refugees. governor baker is not concerned of not having enough information of refugees coming to massachusetts. donald trump is heading to the granite state today. the republican presidential candidate will hold a rally in waterville today. the event begins at 7:00
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athletic club. his visit comes just days after new hampshire's biggest newspaper the union leader endorsed new jersey governor chrischristie for president. meantime democratic candidate bernie sanders is back on the campaign trail. yesterday the 74-year-old vermont senator had an elective hernia surgery and took the day off. all but one of the country all but one of the country's female senators stuff stuffed for hillary clinton at a fundraiser. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren did not attend the event last night. warren signed a letter urging clinton to run in 2013, but have not yet endorsed her for this campaign. clinton didn't mention warren's absence and didn't answer questions about it afterwards. comment. 6:16. good morning, everyone. i want to add an accident to one i toll but in the last report. near 123. new accident though. 95 northbound right at 140 in between foxborough and mansfield.
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almost up to 495. as we shift north, things starting to slow down a little bit on 95 as you approach can none what i call this elbow. expressway also starting to backup. you can see all of those brakes lights past the gas tanks. 14 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the braintree split. 25 minutes on 124 from 106 to 128. 22 minutes on 95 to 128 22 minutes on 95 to 128. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. you tweeted this out and i know you are keeping an eye on any morning drizzle that falls because it will because result in icy roads. down. >> shiri: tricky timing with that, julie. we are watching to see if the rain moves in before we weed out those freezing temperatures. the greatest threat will be out across western massachusetts. the threat although low for ice does exist in central massachusetts this morning. the heavy rain, the fog, those are going to be players in our
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but this is where we are going to have some problems this morning. freezing rain advisory, western massachusetts, western connecticut, even though worcester is not involved in this advisory. i could see through noon, a couple of patching of ice on the roadway even in central massachusetts. so far so good. we did have this little blast of freezing rain pass over springfield. no reports of it getting down to the ground there, but i am getting some light rain reports coming out of connecticut already for us here. it is just clouds increasing. so we are looking pretty good in boston. we will see a little bit of morning sunshine. 35 degrees at 8 a.m. cloud thicken up quickly and by lunchtime, don't be surprised with a little drizzle in place with temperatures making their way into the upper 40s. now take you out to worcester. one of the areas that i mentioned i am concerned about some freeze some freezing this morning. because 8 a.m., 30 degrees. as we get a little sprinkle on that 30, even though it will be rogue, that will create some problems. this is something that i am
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this morning by 10 a.m., 36 degrees. we shall see that threat of freezing rain really dissipate toward noontime today and we start seeing more consistent drizzle from there straight into keene, new hampshire. southwestern new hampshire. create creating icy roadways. high temperatures, though, get into the lower 40s in spots like worcester and keene. we get up to 45 in bedford and lawrence and boston today. beverly, 47 beverly, 47. portsmouth, new hampshire, 44. upper 40s from the south shore down to the cape and islands. so obviously we are not going to have that same concern over any kind of freezing once we hit the afternoon and we see temperatures there in the 40s. weather by the way. screen. this is about 48 hours worth of rain that we are going possible to coping with. not raining the whole time here not raining the whole time here, but by noontime, see a little bit of drizzle, even patchy stuff along the coast coastline, any of us at risk and during the afternoon, almost hit or miss showers.
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mostly lighter rain by the time we hit 7 a.m. tonight. we have a better chance of steadier at times heavier rain working its way in southeastern massachusetts. and although you see things taper off a little bit toward the morning commute here tomorrow, it doesn't stay dry. by lunchtime, we have more of those scattered showers turning heavier and steady heavier and steadier during the late afternoon and evening eventually winding down once we hit thursday morning. thursday at 7 a.m. as the colder air coming in we will have to watch for a switch or mix with snowflakes out across western new england. your seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view. working why your way to the 40s working why your way to the 40s. 52 with on-and-off showers. thursday the whole thing ends in the morning and we get a couple of flurries that exist into the afternoon that turns blustery with a high of 49. 46 on friday. we get overnight flurries into a nice bright weekend with highs in the 50s. and this weekend, we are also collecting coats for families in need.
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i want those to be my memories. blue cross blue shield. a dramatic shootout by police caught on camera. it happened in downtown atlanta last night. [sirens] [gunfire] >> gene: police were trying to pull over a wrong-way driver and the driver sped up and ran into a pole. the driver was arrested and the passenger started firing at police and the gunman was found dead a short time later. right now not clear how he died and no police officers were hurt. a chicago police officer accused in the shooting death of a black 17-year-old is out of jail. jason van dyke is the officer seen in the video shooting la
6:24 am
laquon mcdonald 16 times. the shooting was last october and it was released last week. ited protests across chicago and across the country. van dyke is charged with murder. a woman who posted a picture of her dog with its mouth taped shut is being charged with animal cruelty. we shared the story last week and it blew up on our web site. police in north carolina say that charging her is the right thing to do. she could face up to 150 days in jail. ing up this hour. a new tool outside of brooklyn businesses geared to keep pets safe. the special kennel is called dog parker and can be locked and unlocked with a membership card. co-founder said keeping dogs safe was the big inspiration. >> dogs running away, and the dogs getting anxious or in a fight with another dog on the street. a whole lot of things that they don't like the option of tying their dogs up. >> the idea is being met with
6:25 am
it is being tested at various locations around brooklyn. new health regulation also go into effect. large restaurants will be required to warn customers if a menu item will contain more salt than people can consume in a day. researchers show that salt is a major contributor to heart attacks, strokes and more. it will go into effect and won't result in any fines until march of next year. switching to sugar-free drinks won't save your teeth in a new study out of australia show tooth decay of drinkers from suing rear drink and sugar from suing rear drink and sugar-free drinks are just about the same because of a chemical mix of the acids, not just sugar. and also new at 6:00, the popular hazelnut spread nutella refuses to create a custom because of her name. jars. but a little girl australia was isis.
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state. the little girl said she was named for an egyptian god before the terror group became so well known. well, gadgets and app made specifically forechildren are the target of hackers. the disturbing situation of information stolen from millions of those popular devices. as we head into the morning hours, drizzle in western massachusetts. threats for seeing ice there area. tonight through the day tomorrow, more than an inch of rain. we will take you through it hour by hour coming up. a driver is nearly impaled
6:27 am
a new england roadway. . next at :30, hunters again wait next at :30, hunters again waiting for sunrise to get under way at blue hill. within the next 20 minutes, they will be able to open fire on deer to help control the state's population. but officers are asking them to look for something else. how this can save a missing person's case. details coming up. but first a very cold start to the month of december. good morning, everybody. i am sara underwood. >> gene: i am gene lavanchy. first day of winter for meteorologist like shiri spear. so if you feel a bounce in her step. >> shiri: am i excited? >> gene: generally aren't you? >> gene: generally aren't >> gene: generally aren't? you weather geeks like this stuff. >> shiri: actual winter will
6:28 am
later on in december, but us meteorologist from a weather point of view, december, january and february are our coldest month. we consider this meteorological winter. >> gene: i will be on board with this. >> shiri: looking at some of the numbers, least snowy the numbers, least snowiest record for boston and worcester. >> gene: have that trend continue for the rest of the winter. >> shiri: we deserve it, julie >> shiri: we deserve it, julie. precipitation over western new england and anything we get down to the ground is falling as rain and it is going to freeze. i don't expect that to be a widespread issue but i am going to have a real close eye for the rest of the morning in spots like worcester at 29 degrees. leominster at 26. rindge new hampshire at 19. clouds moving in those spots and little drizzle through the morning. natick at 24. boston still looking mostly clear at 34 degrees. salisbury, 32. and temperatures in the 20s in brockton, but the clouds are starting to fill in there down to duxbury at 31 degrees. freeze
6:29 am
freezing in sandwich at 32. and freeze and freezing in truro at 32. 34 in boston and a lot of burb s. berare of drizzle in place by noontime. steady showers by 3 p.m. heaviest rain by o'clock. highs in the 40s and we will tell you how long it lasts coming up. now standing by, julie grauert a look at the roads this morning. julie, how are things doing. >> julie: dealing with a few accidents on the road. an accident at 140 in between foxborough and mansfield. waiting for accident to clear on route 124 near 123 northbound. new accident to report on route 3 northbound before union braintree. a look at the expressway as it is jammed. live drive times. 36 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue a little over half an hour on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 43 minutes on 93 south from 495
6:30 am
gene and sara, back to you. breaking overseas, a marine from massachusetts found guilty of killing a transgender woman. >> this crime happened when the marine is stationed in the philippines. daniel miller is following the latest developments on this conviction which can also impact u.s. military operations in the philippines. >> that's right. lance corporal joseph scott pemberton was acquitted of murder and found guilty of homicide. this is video of the marine arriving in court this morning. his case has generated international attention and strained relations between the u.s. military and the pill mean know government. -- filipino government. he is accused of drowning a 26-year-old woman in a hotel bathroom last year. prosecutors say it happened after he realized the victim was born a man. the marine was in the philippines making part in joint military exercises. the couple had met in a bar
6:31 am
he could receive six to 12 years in jail. not clear where he will serve that time. filipino officials have demand filipino officials have demanded that he remain in their custody but a treaty between the united states and the philippines gives the u.s. military jurisdiction over servicemembers charged with crimes in that country. the case has sparked protest in the philippines with some calling for all u.s. military members to leave. daniel miller, fox25 morning news. these flyers are being handed out to hunters with hopes of finding a missing man from aron. his family says finding his body will bring closure to this troubling case. michael henrich live outside the blue hills reservation where the hunt is about to begin coming up at sunrise, michael, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gene. the hunters are coming simply for the deer, but authorities are asking them to use that time in the woods to also be alert. and you can see there are some folks already here as this hunt prepares to get under way and
6:32 am
from here hoping that some clues will be found. >> he had a happy walk. he had a beautiful smile. he loved his kids. >> reporter: jenny and david robertson try to remember good times with their son, jamie. he was 37 when he was lured away from their avon home on new year's day last year. >> daily heartache. >> reporter: while investigators determined jamie is dead, his body has not been found. now jamie's parents hope his body may finally be recovered during a deer hunt. staff at blue hills reservation are handing out these flyers to hunters urging them to be on the lookout for jamie remains and clothing. >> we do believe at this time that the body has been dumped and in a wooded area. >> reporter: the facts of the case continue to disturb jenny and dave. they say men dressed as constables lured jamie away from the home claiming they were there for a probation drug test.
6:33 am
his kidnapping. among them., former dedham police officer michael schoner accused of pro riding alleged electronic equipment to the alleged alleged boyfriend of jamie's girlfriend. >> they had guns and paperwork. >> reporter: red or maroon sweatshirt, blue jeans and brown shoes to help the robertson family heal. not only hunter bus hikers throughout the state of massachusetts are being asked to keep a keene eye out. not only the skeletal remains would be reported but article of clothing described of clothing described on that flier. reporting live, michael henrich reporting live, michael henrich. the boston marathon bomber was sentenced to death back in june, but today his lawyers will return to court in south boston.
6:34 am
tsarnaev a new trial. fox25's catherine parrotta has covered this place from the beginning and catherine is at federal court with what they can expect. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, gene. the hearing will start at 10:00 in federal court and dzhokhar tsarnaev's defense team will be here and he is not expected to be here according to information tweeted out by the u.s. attorney's office yesterday. tsarnaev is being held at a super max facility in colorado right now but his defense attorneys will be arguing that he should be granted a new trial and this doesn't come as a surprise. he was convicted back in june and as soon as july his defense team filed an appeal but today's hearing will focus on part of a demotion for a new trial and part related to a supreme court ruling issued after tsarnaev's trial. it centers on a legal definition of a crime of violence that carrying city offer people tees. the court struck down part of that, that and to be unconstitutionally vague.
6:35 am
convictions on the 16 counts and reopen the penalty phase. tsarnaev was convicted earlier this for his role in the marathon bombings and subsequent manhunt. four people were killed and more than 26 were more than 26 were injured. that terminology crime of violence and where it was used in the case. managed to bring up the proposed verdict form back in april and took a look at some of the counts and i want to describe how to makes an appearance. count three, for example, a a firearm. one of the pressure cooker bombs in relation to a crime of violence in this case the crime of violence is to the use of a weapons of mass destruction. we discover that terminology crime of violence again. that relates to bombing of public use. it does make an appearance several times in the charges and some of the sub counts as well. so how it will come into play if there is a new trial. if the new trial is granted that is something that we will certainly see as this new
6:36 am
this hearing tonight plays out. will keep you updated on that. this isn't the only factor coming into play in the request for a new trial. and we will go into some of that next half hour. for now live in south boston, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. this morning defense attorneys for a danvers -- will take over in a high profile murder trial. murder trial. 16-year-old phillip chism is accused of killing and rape accused of killing and raping his high school teacher colleen ritzer. the case will involve chism's mental stat pus. the defense is expected to call family members including chism family members including chism's grandfather to testify about his family's history of mental illness. several experts who evaluated chism are expected to take the stand as well. and before the prosecution rested, jurors heard and saw graphic testimony about rit graphic testimony about ritzer's death. they have watched numerous surveillance video of chism inside danvers inside dan very's high school with -- dan very's high school with bloody hands.
6:37 am
he used a recycling bin to wheel her body outside into the woods behind the school. jurors have heard testimony from 36 witnesses and yesterday the prosecution suggested that ritzer's murder was sexually motivated and not a psychotic episode. fox25 bob ward will be inside the court room tweeting. the family of a beverly woman continues to mourn her death and now making sure that her two sons are well cared for her two sons are well cared for. edith fletcher died a little over a week ago. her estranged husband is charged with her murder. her two young children are in the custody of the victim's sister. she started a fund to raise money this morning. just under $20,000 has been raised. the goal is to raised 50,000. a quincy man is accused of following a couple home threatening to kill them. police arrested 21-year-old matthew freeman after they looked at cell phone video of the incident. jackie logan and christopher ham say they were in a restaurant parking lot when they made a comment about smoking.
6:38 am
nearby and was offended by the comment. the couple said he followed them home and threatened them with a healistic-looking pellet gun like this. >> he came to the door threatening us. get out of the car. get out of the car. he held the gun to my head and said he will blow my head off and he is not afraid to shoot me. >> the couple was in the parking lot and were going to of the deal. he is due back in court later this month. a driver in vermont is nearly impaled during a crash on interstate 91. his car hit a metal post that blew right through the wind blew right through the windshield. the post barely missed a driver. he hurt his hand but didn't go to the hospital. police say the man's car was forced off the road by a pickup truck. the truck did not stop. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. right now a 49 minute commute on 9 south from andover to zakim bridge.
6:39 am
20s and 30s right now still looking dry. rain in place at 5 p.m. 30s and 40s. i will show what you time that rain moves into your town coming up. now at 6:41 this morning. this adorable picture has gone viral. the last-minute change that is make making this shot with santa so popular. plus, the marines collect toys for tots every year. the major retailer that is now banning the charity from inside his stores.
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this message. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. the mbta may be cutting its worktors to make up a budget gap. the t needs to erase a $242 million deficit. the top official is proposing an early retirement program and the elimination of unfilled positions as a way to cut spending. the proposal does not include
6:43 am
the mbta has 6500 workers. about 1,000 will be eligible for the early retirement option. dozens of signs are popping up at mbta stations letting riders know that the t is ready for winter. the signs look like this. they say winter happens, but no, you still need to get -- but we know you still need to get there. and chances are you will see the signs anywhere you go. clearchannel is donating 86 digital billboards along state highways and at least 50 signs on buses and 500 more on trains. 6:46 this morning. a veteran in marlborough, new hampshire says his town has tried to take christmas from him. john fletcher prepares all year to put his santa suit on and flip the switch at the town's annual tree lighting ceremony. but school official this year told him to replace the word christmas with "holiday" and he is not having it. >> i am offended and i was offended. i don't see how you can take
6:44 am
>> gene: fletcher served four years in the air force, and his grandson just graduated from the army reserve. he says his family has dedicated their lives to protecting the right of free speech. and he should be afforded the same. people in ohio are outraged that marines collecting toys for tots at a wal-mart are not allowed to stand inside. for nearly 15 years, one former active-duty marine said he has been allowed to stand inside and collect toys and money, but this week there was a big change. they made him stand outside in the cold. when shoppers heard his story, they decided to complain. >> you he is there to collect toys for children who don't have -- that need a christmas. >> i said why can't they let you inside. this is crap. >> sara: wal-mart says it is their policy not to allow people to solicit from inside the store, and they say if it happen in the past, the store was breaking the rules but they promised some kind of compromise next year.
6:45 am
trying to solve the mystery behind a pair of baby booties. it was shipped to colorado 50 years ago from a now-closed cambridge business. the "globe" report they didn't make it to colorado and instead ended up in an abandoned storage unit in the south. now the tennessee man who purchased the contents of that unit want to know to they were for. the package was mailed january 1960 from the crest company in cambridge. it is now 6:48. good morning, everyone. those accidents i was telling you about on 24, 95 and route 3 have all cleared. start with the pike now, miles per hour as you made eastbound through framingham. shifting north, a little bit of slowing picking up in the wilmington area of 93 south. route 1 in saugus jammed which is pretty typical for this time of the commute as you approach lynn fell parkway. from 128 to the tobin. 48 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector.
6:46 am
from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and here we go. 48 hours of on and off rain starting later this morning. grab the umbrella and expect that you probably will see some wet raindrops over the next few days. >> shiri: grab that umbrella and don't put it down. whatever you need to do, we need it this morning, tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening. it goes on and on. a few icy spots across western massachusetts this morning, watching so closely to spots like worcester into central mass for the potential of quick little sprinkle that could freeze up on the ground. otherwise steadier rain will arrive in time for the evening commute, and we have on and off here tomorrow. got. this morning it will be this light and patchy rain. this evening it will be this steadier rain. rain. so we have got waves. it is not going to be raining the whole time, but right now a much closer look have a couple of raindrops falling over the
6:47 am
locally, still dry. we have the clouds rolling in. boston at 34 degrees right now. one of my hot spots, yes, and but clouds are going to be rising and at 8:00 this morning rising and at 8:00 this morning, you will still have probably a couple of breaks of sunshine out there, boston northward. it is going to be 35 degrees. 42 at 10 a.m. by lunchtime, 45. and by lunchtime, i anticipate there will be a couple of sprinkles reaching even the coastline. arrives a little sooner in worcester. 29 degrees is your current temperature. it is freezing there. clouds are on the move into town already at 8 a.m. 30 degree. and i hear if we do have a quick sprinkle and 30 degree out. it is freeze as ice to the ground or the sidewalks. this is why i am putting this in my forecast. we climb up to nearly 40 by lunchtime today which means we weed out that threat for any kind of icy areas. future cast by 10 a.m. and i realize still looks very involved here.
6:48 am
we could see indications of a couple of very light and patchy showers around town at 10:00 this morning reach being central massachusetts anywhere from keene to fitchburg, worcester down to norwood. could be a little bit of drizzle that spreads into the boston area over to the coast by noontime today. anything we get will be real patchy. and through the afternoon, it was almost hit and miss activity. you can see the steadier rain really not getting in here until we hit the evening hours, and continuing into the overnight hours. high temperatures do land in the mid-40s today. obviously no icing into the afternoon. nor will there be tomorrow with highs into the 50s. on-and-off showers throughout your wednesday. ending there on thursday with a couple of snowflakes on the at 49 degrees. 46 here on friday with a 46 here on friday with a couple of overnight flurries into your early forecast, and then sunshine for the rest of the weekend.
6:49 am
analysts predicted cyber monday sales wouldn't be a wrong. the huge numbers called in during online sales yesterday and the new way that people are shopping that added to success. if your house looks like clark griswald's, it could lead
6:50 am
new at jeb bush: here's the truth
6:51 am
from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
6:52 am
v-tech, the maker of digital toys for children have been hacked putting personal information of at least 5 million people at risk and some of those people are children. v-tech sells tablets and electronics as educational tools. hackers were able to sell adults profile information including names, addresses and passwords. they also compromise database that contains the names, gender an birth dates of children. some even this pictures of the children. this has people much more concerned because could allow someone to pinpoint a child's physical address. well, cell phone users still cling to unlimited data plans will be paying more. at&t plans to raise the cost of unlimited data to $35 a month. a $5 increase is the first rate
6:53 am
at&t stopped offering unlimited data five years ago and many customers are grandfathered in. verizon, t-mobile and sprint have raised their data prices in recent months. big changes to the new generation of iphones. "usa today"report the i-phone 7 might be getting rid of its headphone jack. instead ear buds will plug in through the phone's lightning port. experts say it is all in an attempt to make the iphone 7 even thinner. apple is not commenting on the rumor. the iphone 7 is expected to be unveiled next fall. target's web site got a lot more traffic than it could handle on cyber monday. many shoppers were met with an apology from the retailer. the site went down with intermittent service throughout the day. this happened despite expectations of less traffic this year. and despite predictions that the online sales will be lower, cyber monday 2015 broke
6:54 am
an alis projected cyber monday sales to drop off -- or top off at a record $2.9 billion. that is up 12% from the previous year. the biggest sellers, more sales were driven by mobile phones than ever before. also tvs. x-box video game, apple mini and ipad air 2 the big movers yesterday. >> cerp. forget regifting. this time me gift something all the rage. the growing trend to award yourself when you shop for others, shiri. my big concern are some icy spots mostly out west. into this evening's commute. tomorrow morning rain and fog. i am going to time out those showers when we come back. vehicle suddenly leaving the ground with no warning. no need to call ghost busters catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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