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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  December 2, 2015 1:00am-2:00am EST

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web bella's father under arrest just days after she was laid to rest. and fans sounding off tonight about star pitcher david price. the team agreeing on terms to bring him to boston. the huge deal in the works. and the gene altering idea that could lead to a cure to cancer. we get an explanation from a doctor at boston children's hospital.
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is not over yet. -- treery, cold. good evening, everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> we'll see the showers again tomorrow. kevin lemanowicz has the timeline. freezing rain out there. and that's the problem. most of the rain is warm enough that it's not an issue but it's been a problem all day long in new hampshire and vermont and tonight a little change to the advisory. southern new hampshire you're out it and vermont you're not. 31 degrees, warner, new london and new hampshire, 31 and 32 degrees. 32 in farmington, new hampshire and near freezing in the lakes region, as well. there are showers here in massachusetts. this is all just regular rain, though. at least it's not freezing. worcester, a break in the city but the suburbs seeing some showers, still, and heavy rain still happening out here by cape cod. we see this happening at times too. over here in harwich you'll find
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down hard. and especially along great western road and over in labotny lane you're seeing the rain overhead right now. out west, there are more showers seems to be breaks in the pattern too. there will be a break by the morning commute just by the time the rain arrives. a timeline on all of it, ahead. obtaining an internal memo from a local police department showing money is missing from an evidence room. fox 25 investigates. malini basu is live in framingham now where a veteran of the force is under investigation. moll knee. mark, fox 25 investigates has been trying to get answers from the district attorney's office for months now. they would not confirm, they wouldn't deny it and same goes for the attorney general's office. they wouldn't confirm and they wouldn't deny. tonight fox 25 has learned there is an officer on paid administrative leave and now a criminal investigation. >> reporter: just before 4:00 yesterday, framingham police
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memo to all of the officers, headlined evidence room investigation. fox 25 was able to get a copy of that memo. in part, as you may know, the massachusetts attorney general's office is investigating the theft of money from the police department's evidence room. fox 25 has learned the officer in question is a 30-year veteran who was in charge of the evidence and detail bureau. the town manager would only say this. >> at this point in time, i can't confirm, and i won't deny that there's an investigation. you are aware of an internal email that i just had the opportunity to look at earlier today. >> reporter: sources say the investigation started after police were told to check on him after an argument with his wife. now, those officers are part of the investigation. the memo vaguely states, some officers have been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury this week. >> tonight sources tell us well over 15,000 dollars is missing and that number is also most
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coming up at 11:00, we'll tell you exactly how investigators were tipped off about this in the first place. for now, we are live in framingham, malini basu, fox 25 news. the father of baby bella busted for shoplifting just days after his daughter's funeral. news of the arrest was breaking during the fox 25 news at 6:00. tonight fox 25 ted daniel has details from the police report, and ted, that report also includes what police say happened after he was handcuffed. >> yeah, not good. according to the police report, joe am rows oh shot his mouth off in a police car on the way to jail and quotes from the police report. it appears he wanted the officers to know who they had in
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>> amorosa helped organize the service for the little daughter he claims to have never med met. fast-forward this afternoon in the hope depot shopping center. boston police tell fox 25 a store security guard flagged down an officer on foot patrol. the officer was made aware of a man who tried to leave the store merchandise. including an expensive saw. according to the police, the morose is a. do you know who i am? i'm baby dough dough's dad. now you can tell everyone you arrested baby bella's father. >> the arrest report also tells us amorosa said this, that cop was an expletive. i should have run. that cop would never get me. >> while searching amorosa, boston police say they found several hypodermic needle inside one of the pockets of his cargo pants.
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tonight remember him from bella bond's tragic story. not all the memories are good. >> it sounds like it's a little less general enthan it came across initially. >> sad. maybe he's grieving. it's a little less genuine. >> and in addition to that expensive saw, the police report says amorosa tried to walk away with a pair of safety glasses, gloves, and a few other items. i did try to contact him on his cell phone tonight and make several calls, but those have not been returned. this is not his first brush with the law. new at 11:00, some of the prior struggles that joe amorosa has been in. reporting live in dorchester news. a local neighborhood shocked as the fbi swarmed a home there. agents carrying out bags of possible evidence from this home on washington street in norwood. they will only tell us tonight that it was court ordered and part of an ongoing investigation. neighbors say the home has been owned by the same families for generations. a young family safe tonight
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they change escaped a fast-spreading fire inside their historic home. flames were first spotted earlier tonight at 8 oak street. one firefighter received some minor cuts and the siding on a make house melted from the heat. but the fire was contained just to that one home. we're learning more tonight new hampshire. the fire chief says the flames started in attic but grew quickly until parts of the roof collapsed. no one was hurt. but the fire left 17 people homes, including two children. at one point 60 firefighters were on the scene. they say it was a challenge to get water to the house. there's still no word on the cause of the firire. o o he. tsarnaev was sentenced to death for his role in the 2013 bombings. today tsarnaev's lawyers told
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supreme court ruling calls into question 15 of the 30 counts against him. they argue those counties likely influenced jurors when they decided he deserved the death penalty. for that reason they say he deserves a new trial. the judge has not ruled on ." developing tonight, the major deal in the works to make star pitcher david price a member of the red sox. the team and price agreeing on terms this afternoon. sports director tom leyden is here to break down what teams seems to be a monster deal and a new video that gronk just posted about his health. >> yeah, it's the richest contract for a pitcher ever in major league baseball, and it's pretty clear that's what it was going to take for the red sox to land this prized free agent this off season. seven years, $217 million. david price has pitched seven full seasons in the majors. among the best in the last decade. he won the cy young award in 2012 with the race, traded to the tigers in 2014, and traded
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he strikes out guys, eats up innings, he saves your bullpen staff. and all of those ingredients exactly what the red sox were looking for. a friday news conference is expected to formally introduce price after he passes his physical on thursday night. story centers around the health of rob gronkowski. he wanted to speak out about his knee injury and did so directly tonight on bleacher here's what he had to say. >> i just want to say, thank you to my friends and family and all the fans out there for the support the last two days. i'm thankful that it's nothing serious. i'll be working hard to get back out on the field as soon as possible, and when i'm 100%, feeling good, i'm cleared by all the doctors, the team, that's when i'll be back. >> those are words the patriots fans want to hear and hopefully sooner rather than later. another big day in boston sports. we'll have more on david price, his had history with the red sox and david ortiz specifically, coming up in sports.
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>> the patriots will take on the eagles right here on fox 25 on saturday, kick-off at 4:25. we've got you covered. pregame coverage starts on the fox morning news from 6:00 until 10:00 and then the pregame show is on from 11:00 to 1:00 and then the seahawks will take on the first place vikings and then the pats and eagles kick off at 4:25. we'll have complete postgame coverage on fox 25 at 10:00 and 11:00 and jonus for extended interviews and analysis on fox 25 sports wrap at 11:30. check out this bunch of patriots fans right here. that was vanessa, and at 5:00, 6:00, 10:00 and 11:00 with her husband jason and their three adorable boys. and they're all ready to go there. you start them at a young age. >> yeah, you start themmer, right. >> exactly right. they gotta get on board. >> big patriots fans. already love tom brady and they
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>> and julie edelman in the bunch. we want to welcome you and your family to be here on fox 25. >> excited to be here. why electric can film may not be the only price you're paying when you string up your christmas lights. >> the way some marathon bombing and manhunt survivors joined together today to spread generosity. and guns inside nfl stadiums. the idea that just press clean and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours.
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you and roomba from irobot
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>> the fight against isis. the defense secretary announcing the u.s. will send more special forces to iraq and syria to help fight the terror group. the special operators will conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence and capture isis leaders. nash carter would not say exactly how many forces will be deployed but said they will add to the dozens sent to northern syria last month. more details now, secretary carter also actually in our area tonight.
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harvard university's institute of politics about the challenges of getting the terror group off balance . >> secretary carter says the department is constantly looking at new ways to strike isis. a pedestrian fighting to survive tonight after being hit by a car in wareham. police say the driver was drunk and also hit a parked car. fox 25's katherine burcham spoke with witnesses who say the suspect didn't even know he'd hit a man. >> and neighbors who came rushing to help tell us, they found this trail of destruction ending there behind that telephone pole where the victim was lying in the street, and it
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to tell that suspect driver that all of this was his fault. >> you see that car, he was coming through there. >> reporter: police say the 44-year-old man should have been safe. he was standing here on the sidewalk when he was struck. >> and a lot of people are rushing out from my home and i realize there's a man on the ground. right in a row. >> reporter: don gomes says the victim had just left gomes' cousin's house and walking home when police say mark beginnerson swerved into his path. our camera followed the debris after police say gibberson's truck veered right off onset avenue, hit a parked car, drove through a yard and hit a telephone pole before striking the victim and tossing him into the street. >> when i came out, he went, i just blooped out for one second. >> reporter: gomes says gibberson claimed to be distracted, police say he was
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was clear something was wrong. >> we thought he went off the road and said i hit somebody? he didn't even know that he hit somebody? >> reporter: no. >> reporter: gomes and others comforted the vitt until police arrived. tonight gibberson is under arrest leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. as you can see from photos, there were the scene, it appears gibberson was driving some sort of work vehicle, though, police tell me he shouldn't have behind the wheel at all because he has a suspended license. he is in jail tonight, and police tell me he will likely face even more charges. live in wareham, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. investigators say 18-year-old alexander mills and an unnamed 16-year-old shot and robbed donald subpoena after he picked them up in his taxi. police say the teens tried steal the cab, crashed and took off.
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make the arrests. >> that was just one terrific individual. how people can take a life of someone like this is just beyond my imagination. >> the defense claims mills has a history of mental illness. he's being held without bail and will undergo a psychiatric evaluation. a stratum new hampshire man under arrest tonight after a long standoff with police in hampton falls. parts of route 8 were shut down for hours today as teams from several towns surrounded a home on exeter road. police say they were called to the scene when the suspect time dialed 911 to report an overdose and then allegedly made some kind of threat that led to a major police response. 37-year-old mark tracy later surrendered peacefully. he was the only one inside that home. take a look at the scene from a gas station in new hampshire. police are searching for the man who used lighter fluid and the threat of starting a fire to rob a clerk. the worker was inside a locked booth. police say the man poured
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threatened to ignite it. the clerk handed over the cash and the suspect ran off. tomorrow reported sites in a murder trial where collier richard's body was bury. in court today the jurors heard evidence of mental health problems running in chism's family. the 16-year-old is charged with the rape and murder of his math teacher two years ago. right now a police union is discussing whether off-duty or retired officers should be allowed to carry guns in the nfl stadiums. it's an issue brought up in the wake of the horrific attacks at paris. john monahan is here now and the group says it could save lives. >> they do, it's not just any union. it's the national paternal order of police, which says on and off-duty cops are the best bet for stopping a terrorism attack inside a stadium. >> reporter: the idea, huge sporting event need more guns to
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personnel. >> certainly a novel idea. security experts think the idea could work but needs to be examined closely. this push on the heels of the paris terror attacks by isis, stadium. the national fraternal order of police is behind it, sending a letter last month to nfl commissioner roger goodell. it says in part, well-attended venues and areas are being deliberately targeted by the radical killers who do not intend to survive the assault. the nfl responded that protect the public is best served by on-duty officers carrying guns. in 2013, the nfl implemented a stadium gun ban, but fans say off-duty cops on hand with guns make everyone safer. >> i don't have a problem with the off-duty cop carrying a weapon anytime, if they're sober. >> i think it's a great idea that they're able to carry it. you know, it makes it hopefully
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>> reporter: the patriots told fox 25 they do not comment on security issues. todd says it is an idea worth looking at. >> we all recognize that we're in dangerous times and harnessing and leveraging off-duty resources from police departments is a great idea but it's gotta be rolled up correctly. >> the head of the boston patrolman's unit tells fox 25 he supports the idea and so do police unions in cincinnati and detroit. the nfl, however, stands by its ban on guns unless officers are on duty. i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. a quiet drive interrupted by a deer on a windshield. wow. the shocking new video shared all over social media tonight. and what happened right after that cruiser was hit. >> last night we told you about the local veteran who says he's earned the trite call his event a christmas tree lighting. all new tonight, the response
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wanted to tone down that making sure the two sons are well taken care for. her estranged husband is charged with the murder. their two young can children are sister. she started a fund to raise money for their education as this afternoon just over $20,000 has been raised. the goal is $50,000. >> chelsea police officers are credited tonight with staying calm in the face of extreme danger when they were confronted by the distraught armed man. here you see 27-year-old francois joemon in the lobby of the chelsea police department around 2:30 in the morning the past weekend. police say he was trying to
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he pulled a knife on officers and asked them to shoot him. police were able to dub subdue the man with a stun device and take him into custody. the head of the chicago police department fired in the wake of a protest over the shooting death of a black teen by a white officer. >> the mayor says he asked mccarthy to resign. city officials have been accused of covering up the evidence for more than a year before a tape of the shooting of dequon mcdonalds was released last week. the mayor says he plans to create a task force on law enforcement accountability and chicago native deval patrick will serve as a senior adviser. we are getting a response tonight from the marlborough new hampshire school system after a veteran claims the town him. we told you last night at 10:00, john fletcher prepares all year to put on his santa suit and flip the switch at the town's annual tree lighting ceremony. but this year school fishes told him to replace the word christmas with holiday.
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telling us they celebrate religious freedom their students enjoy and the school board could grant an exception in this case but no appeal to them has been made. extra security surrounded cambridge middle school today after an anonymous bomb threat. the threat came in just before 7:00 this morning. police did a sweep of five buildings but say they didn't find anything suspicious. at that point the school district decided to continue with classes as normal. the extra security was just a precaution. slowly but surely a paxton animal shelter recovering from a devastating fire that killed dozens of dogs and cats. early this morning, the shelter posted good news to this facebook page. it has a mortgage to buy a kennel it's been leasing for several months and now the shelter plans to renovate it as its surviving animals continue to recover. the fire chief told fox 25, the fire was likely caused by an electrical issue. >> amema, cancer, could diseases genes? in just 15 minutes, answers from a doctor with boston's
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and some places the rain is
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places the cold >> two people arrested today harassing hunters there. as we showed you last night at 5:00 and 6:00, the reservation is open for deer hunting for the first time in decades. the man who was arrested will face hunter harassment charges. a 19-year-old woman is being held on $50,000 bail tonight accused of stealing this hard cider truck and then crashing it into a barn in maine. police say nicole diamond was drunk and high on heroin when she stole the truck from a 7-eleven in portland and led police on a chase for several miles. the truck eventually slammed into this barn spilling cases of cider. she was released from the hospital tonight and will be arraigned tomorrow morning. tonight we are learning about cuts to federal heating assistance. this winter some massachusetts
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less than they did last year. >> kerry kavanaugh reports from math mad pan where one agencies believe these cuts will have many families struggling to stay warm. >> reporter: the 60-year-old math mad pan resident lives alone on a fixed income. >> i live on disability, we don't get a lot of money. >> reporter: harris says that money gets even tighter in the cold winter months. she relies on federal heat assistance to get her through. but this year denise and thousands of other families are getting less. >> people are struggling to hold on. >> reporter: john deere is the president of aecd, one of massachusetts largest community action agencies that distributes the federal dollars earmarked for heating assistance. >> that's the most they can get? >> no. >> reporter: drew says the maximum benefit this year for oil is $900 for qualifying massachusetts families. that's down from $1,095 in 2014. because of federal budget cuts,
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getting less money to handed out $133 million this year down from $146 million from last. drew says when families can't afford to heat their homes, they can make dangerous decisions. >> i've seen space heaters, a lot of gimmicks. >> reporter: drew says his agency alone had 10,000 applications for heating assistance as of november 1st. he expects that number to more than double, despite slightly less expensive utility costs and even if the winter is milder than the last. >> it's really hard when you're struggling with one income. >> and drew says he'll be legislature to kick in some funds for heating assistance here in massachusetts, something he says they declined to do last year. in mad pang, kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. >> already starting breezy let mes of the winter out there.
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some places an icy rain. >> we're watching it happen from 5:00 to 7:00 and it continued into the evening beyond that. here in southern vermont, southern new hampshire and central new hampshire, seeing some spots of rain. you see the color change in here denoting there's a possibility for some icing. let's switch over to the temperatures. now, the areas that you see shaded are where the freezing rain advisory continues. i've been up until 7:00 or 10:00, now until 4:00 a.m. for these areas. but taking out southern new hampshire, you're now out of the freezing rain advisory but look at some of these temperatures farther north to warner and new london. 32 and 31 degrees up this way. a lot of 33s and i mentioned this during our earlier newscast, in case you mixed it, it can be 336 feet above the ground where temperatures are supposed to be taken but at the ground level, just six feet lower, can be a degree colder and that's where you may have some icing. if you see 31, you are definitely below freezing at ground level and 32, as well. 33 is marginal.
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continue. in this case, you get slightly milder air. freezing air is sitting off the ground. rain here in northern massachusetts. seeing that in peabody and bedford, as well. gonna slide this over to the west here in worcester county. coming down a little harder and north of the route 2 corridor. seeing some heavy rain out here in spurts today. right now some of the heaviest is just off of nantucket and
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orlenes and providence town. the heavy rain is coming down route 6 into sandwich right now. some of the roads affected road. live storm traffic can bring us down to street level to pinpoint that but you can see there seems to be a break in the action in the afternoon and i do expect that overnight tonight and also expect more rain to come moving in. notice this batch of rain. it's gonna ride up along the front and as the front comes eastward, we're all gonna come to southern new england. the break after midnight through the morning hours and here comes the next rain through the morning. really picking up during the latter morning commute. some breaks at times but more showers through the evening. it takes to you 6:00, and look at the heavier batches of rain
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we have another soggy day ahead of us. no doubt about that. your seven-day forecast showing you that sogginess, the colder air comes rushing in with flurries on thursday, and by this coming weekend, always in view, gonna be chilly but sunny on saturday with temperatures dropping as we move into winter this weekend, we're collecting coats for families in need. so get on out there and come say hi to us. bring a gently worn coat to reading, massachusetts. we'll be there from 10:00 until 2:00 p.m. come on out and say hi to myself, shiri and carrie and bring a coat. well, new at 11, we'll tell you how new york city is tackling the sodium problem starting with all the big chain restaurants. and tonight the 45 billion ways he's making sure his daughter's generation has a
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>> well, slashing the workforce to help cover a big budget gap. the teal needs to raise $4.2 million deficit. an early retirement program and the elimination of unfilled positions is a way to cut spending. the proposal does not include any layoffs. the mbta has 6500 workers and about 1,000 would be eligible for the early retirement option. a new study shows the record number of terror arrests in the u.s. this year, that report
1:33 am
56 people have been charged with isis-related crimes so far in 2015. now, that's the most terror arrests since 9/11. three of those charges happened right here in massachusetts. david wright and nicholas robenski were arrested in june in connection with a beheading plot that left a man dead. the list also includes alexander chicol owe who police say was plotting to bomb a local christie held a meet and greet today hoping to build momentum after gaining endorsement from the state's largest paper, the union on saturday, christie focused his event on security and antiterrorism credentials. >> donald trump tonight under fire right now for some comments he made about muslim americans celebrating the 9/11 attacks. he says he also may consider charging cnn $5 million to show
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trump says he would donate the money to veterans. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren was the only female senator that did not join hillary clinton at a fundraising event monday night. clinton never mentioned warren's absence last night and even ignored a question about it after the event. two years ago warren signed a letter encouraging clinton to run and so far has not formally introduced the former first lady or any other candidate. >> the state department has released another 700 pages of emails from hillary clinton's private server. some are about the attacks on benghazi but none earth shattering. most of them personal correspondence. so far about two-thirds of the total pages have been released in the clinton archives. marathon bombing survivors paying it forward, the generous ways they are now helping others on what's being called giving tuesday. plus the way researchers are actually trying to alter
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just press clean from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot
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>> it's an approach that are changes our nation. >> reporter: hundreds of scientists, federal regulators and doctors are at the international to the. doctors believe they could soon alter or delete sections of dna to eliminate diseases before birth. that's where this technique should be used for cosmetic advantages like making a baby's hair red or changing their eye color from brown to blue. >> reporter: amanda clark calls the summit an opportunity for families devastated by disease. her husband died from a rare form of colon cancer last year. the same disease killed joe's father ej in 2012. her daughter mira has a 50/50 chance of carrying the same deadly gene. >> it's important to me as a
1:37 am
everything i can to help. >> reporter: one of the goals of the summit will be to create a guideline for summit its around the world. position 25 news. the wop accused of taking this picture after duct taping they are dog's mouth shut has now been found and charged with animal cruelty. the picture with the caption "this is what happens when you don't shut up" went viral overnight weekend causing outrage all over facebook, sparked a police investigation as police tried find the woman who posted it. katherine la mansey has ties in connecticut and once lived in florida. she was located last night in north carolina and will be in court for the animal cruelty charge later this month. facebook founder mark zuckerberg announcing two major events today, the first, the birth of his daughter max. the second is a massive charity initiative. zuckerberg and his wife priscilla are pledging to give away 99% of their facebook shares in their lifetime. right now that has a value of, get this, $45 billion. in a letter to the newborn
1:38 am
to make the word a better place. police officer is called to arrest a woman for shoplifting and then paying for her tab. this is officer michael a member of the police department and while investigating the shoplifting he learned the woman had stolen the items to bake a cake for her son so instead of arresting her, he paid for them. he says he didn't do it for the attention but saw an opportunity to help. nice job. >> today is giving tuesday, a day dedicated to helping others and has been around for three years. today fox 25's elizabeth hopkins met up with boston marathon bombing survivors who are paying it forward on giving it tuesday. >> reporter: you've likely seen it on twitter and on facebook. it's called giving tuesday, and it's giving back to the tune of tens of millions of dollars in just a few short years. >> have you been doing a lot of shopping this season? >> i'm just starting now. >> reporter: rick donahue is
1:39 am
years gift giving has taken a lesser role to charitable giving. >> the last 2 1/2 years of my life has been a journey of recovery and giving back to my community in whatever way i can. >> reporter: donahue was shot and almost killed in a front tonight takes in the boston marathon bombers, taken to mount auburn hospital he was given life-saving care. this year he's using giving tuesday as a way to rally support and funding for the hospital. ballroom dancer amputee adrian davis is using giving tuesday to raise money and awareness for limits for life. >> it's a good time in the season to give and not just receive. >> reporter: davis and donahue are not alone. the giving tuesday movement is credited with raiding $45 million in 2014 alone and raising overall giving by more than 7%. in massachusetts, residents are among the top 10 in the country for donation. that money makes a difference. donahue knows it firsthand. he's now expecting his second son, due on the same date as his shooting three years ago. >> one of the worst days in your
1:40 am
significance and be one of the best days of your life. >> absolutely. we're excited. >> and giving tuesday isn't over yet. you can still donate to the charity of your choice and overall goal. in rollington, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. a neat way to give back. great job. internet connection? it could be because of your christmas lights. >> maybe we won't put them up this year. electrical interference from holiday decorations could actually teenage up wi-fi connections. here. blinking lights are apparently the worst. experts say set up your lights as far from your router as possible to make it a little bit better. >> there you go. beautiful governor charlie baker and the boston children's chorus lighting the state house christmas tree earlier tonight. the event also featured a
1:41 am
the theme, make it a massachusetts holiday. >> the rain that's out there right now, there's been some icing spots too we need to talk about. there are the showers right there and there's where the problem is. really southern new hampshire, you're taken out of the freezing rain advisory now. but check out crawford really ignoring the whole thing about advisories. still freezing there. and new boston, out of the advisory but still 32 degrees. don't let your guard down, there are cold temperatures farther north than expected. you need to be careful of that, the bottomline is the advisory extends until 4:00 a.m. from much of new hampshire and into maine and through midnight is when it's closer to southern vermont. we'll see what happens to that. but even then a few spots of ice. rainshowers in northern worcester county and to the southshore. you're seeing some of the heavier downpours just off of
1:42 am
th right over here where you find all the seals and maybe a great white shark. we're watching more showers to the southwest of there starting to move towards southern new england and another batch coming with a cold front tomorrow. you see it there from atlanta georgia and into the carolinas. we'll be tracking all of that and the newest information coming in right now at 11:00. >> the grocery store is planning to open the next store in the mayor says it will be located in the meadow glen mall, wayman's already has stories in four other locations and also hopes to open a store in fenway. >> packages stolen. new at 11:00, the items that doorstep. a huge deal for david price. he is just what the doctor rotation. but how will things go with david ortiz?
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latest on rob shocking new dash-cam video capturing the moment a deer crashes into a police cruiser in kentucky. you can see the deer came out of nowhere just as fast as it hit the glass, it was gone. the cruiser was damaged but the officer was not hurt and that dear ran away into the woods. i bet some people were saying oh dear when they heard how much david price would be paid.
1:44 am
in baseball hiss rue but you knew that's what it was going to take to bring price to town. it is a hefty price to pay but in this day in age we're living, you make the big commitment with the hope it pays immediate dividends. the sox are on the hook for $217 million over the course of next seven seasons. it starts at 30-mil per year for
1:45 am
he has an opt-out clause after 2018. he won the 2012 cy young and made it second in voting for this year's award. 104 career wins.
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and we can talk about that. don't forget the history between price and david ortiz. back in 2014, back and forth between these two, ortise is hit in the back and somebody else is
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