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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 2, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> the fatherf bell bond is facing shoplifting charges. the pricey item he is accused of stealing and what he told police when they put him in cuffs. the man walking home when witnesses say he was struck by an out-of-control truck. the tale of destruction left at the scene. >>announcer: complete news coverage starts now, there is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: hello, everybody, 6:00 on this wednesday morning. hope your morning is off to great start. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. a wet morning. a lot of drizzle and fog. jewel yule has your drive times in just a -- julie grauert has your drive times in just a minute, but shiri spear will lay out the morning for us all. >> shiri: ugly morning at that and things are not looking good. the fog could be worse, it has been worse, i do not have dense for. two-mile visibility in boston. a little bit worse in nashua.
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you will be in and out of that fog no matter where you are driving this morning. chances are you are leaving the place. kind of mist that is sitting at 39 in worcester. there your rain from keene back to orange and especially out to the springfield, massachusetts area with much cooler temperatures there only in the middle 30s. 8 a.m. we really don't have much changing but there will likely be a couple of those showers over central massachusetts and you can see by noontime, here it is lunch hour is go going to be a wet one. temperature wise, you have gained a couple of degrees and mostly running in the low to mid-40s. 50s in place. and the warmest location today and into the afternoon, the evening commute. we are going to have some scattered showers. it will not be a steady rain
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40 to 54 this afternoon. giant range in temperatures. steady rain as we go. and break down those hot spots. julie grauert with live drive time traffic. julie, one of those mornings it could get busy. southbound. two lanes blocked after columbia road. as we shift over to the pike green means that slow is decent green means that slow is decent. you can see how wet the roads are and how that is lingering leaving disvisibility a challenge. live drive times 25 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 22 minutes on expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 29 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. >> gene: remember, you can always get the forecast on the fox25 weather app, severe weather alerts, live radar and the seven-day forecast. it is free to download on any
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just days after burying his daughter, the father of john bellemore is arrested for shoplifting. >> boston police say he tried to steal hundreds of dollars of tools from a home depot. fox 25's jessica reyes is live in dorchester where officers say he failed shopping cart and tried walk right out the door. >> he did, sara and accused of using his daughter's case to try to influence the officer who arrested him. once he was in police custody yet afternoon, they say they found much more than just stolen merchandise on him. just three days after leaving his daughter to death, amoroso was arrested trying to steal $6 was arrested trying to steal $650 worth of merchandise. a security guard flagged down a police officer after watching amaroso in the aisles. police also found hypodermic needles in his pocket when he
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amoso said do you know who i am, i am baby doe's dad. it you can tell everybody you arrested baby doe's father. her body was found in trash bag back in june only known as baby doe for month until her mother and boyfriend were arrested for her murder. as he was being transported to the south boston substation said that cop was an expletive. i should have run. that cop would never get me. we spoke with shoppers and they say this -- this is some of the reaction to the arrest. >> sounds like everything is a little -- >> sad. maybe he is grieve maybe he is grieving. and that's his -- or maybe he is just a drug addict who is grieve grieving. >> reporter: from here amoroso be booked. coming up in the next half hour, the big ticket item he is here. live in dorchester, jessica reyes, fox25 news.
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the dan very teen murder trial will visit important sites in the case testimony will continue in the phillip chris imtrial. -- phillip chism. the grandfather testified to the history of mental illness. one of chism's friend spoke of his behavior few days before ritzer was killed. >> i thought it was strange. i knew him as a very excited person. very outgoing. talking to us a lot. getting to know us. and then all of a sudden he just got quiet. >> phillip chism did not look at anyone as they testified and in the afternoon he asked to go back to his cell rather than attend a midday motion hearing. this afternoon, jurors will visit the scene of the dan very high school. dan very schools have a halfday to students will not be there. >> reporter: the convicted marathon bomber owes $80 million to families of the 2013 attack.
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submitted claims in the case against dzhokhar tsarnaev. the payment is mostly symbolic. this comes as tsarnaev's defense pushes for a new trial in an appeals hearing. his attorneys believe a death sentence should be thrown out because of a recent supreme court ruling calls into question 15 of the 30 counts against him. the judge has not yet ruled on the request. a wareham man is facing charges after he struck a pedestrian while driving under the influence. the 44-year-old victim is seriously hurt. mark giverson was drunk when he drove his car off onset avenue, through a yard, and hit a telephone pole before hissing telephone pole before telephone pole hitting the victim. giverson had no idea what he did. >> he thought he just went off the road. he said i hit somebody? >> reporter: he didn't even know that he hit somebody? >> no. >> sara: that witness said
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disoriented and said he just looked down for a second. fox25 also learned that giver fox25 also learned that giverson was driving on a suspended license. three people in worcester are recovering after the car they were in slammed into a van. the driver of a toyota lost control and struck an empty minivan on grafton street. the worcester telegram reports that the area was closed for more than an hour as police investigated. one of the three people injured is in critical condition. new hampshire police are looking for a man they say threatened a cleric with lighter fluid. the suspect seen in this photo at the window of the booth early yesterday morning at a speedway gas station on masapeic street in manchester. the man poured lighter fluid on the booth and threatened to ignite it. the guy ran off. this morning police are looking for this man caught on camera stealing packages from outside a home in pawtucket, rhode island. you can see him walking away from the john street house with the packages in the
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police say that clothes and two tames. a scheme to steal money from the mohegan sun. she would switch extra chips for winning blackjack by a dealer. they have surveillance video of the dealer placing a $100 chip in the stack of $5 chips every time he paid her out. rivera and mariano have both been charged with larceny. former massachusetts governor deval patrick is going back home to chicago joining the city's task force on police accountability. yesterday patrick will serve as a senior advisor to train and oversea police officers. this comes as chicago's major asked the police superintendent to resign. demonstrators have filled city streets for weeks protesting the shooting of a black teen by a white police officer.
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are looking for and a pricey signing. signed pitcher david price to one of the largest contracts one of the largest contracts in baseball history. he has 104 wins in his career over seven seasons. price earned the cy young award pitching for the rays in 2012. he pitched in detroit and toronto. we are waiting to hear from the red sox of an official news conference to make the announcement. a rare piece of injury information coming from the new england patriots. patriots who never comment injuries have released statement saying rob gronkowski as a bone bruise and a sprain of his right knee. he placed a message on his own >> thank you to my friends and family. i am thankful it is nothing serious and working hard to get
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>> neither gronk nor the patriots gave a time table when he will return to action. not expected to play on sunday when the patriots host the eagles. and we have got you covered all day long. pregame coverage starts with the the with fox25 morning news that airs from 6 until 10. then the sunday pregame show from 11 until 1 1:00 the sea from 11 until 1 1:00 the seahawks take on the first place vikings and patriots and eagles kick off. sunday night the fox25 news at 10 and 111, and join for -- and 10 and 11 and join for news and analysis at sports wrap at 11 analysis at sports wrap at 11:30. baseball's controversial home run team is about to return to a major league dugout for the first time in years. the miami marlins is close to hiring barry bonds as a hitting coach. he was offered the job and expected to accept it. he was linked to steroids use
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and a supreme court overturned his vex into using performance his vex into using performance-enhancing drugs. weather and traffic weather and traffic every ten minutes. to columbia road. shiri. >> shiri: if you were hitting the road, the fog and the drizzle. 37 now. 37 at 7:00. 38 by 8 a.m. i will show you when the rain turns heavier again coming up. she is accused in one of the worst cases of child abuse the state has ever seen. why lawyers for this local mom are back in court trying to get some of the charges against her dropped. plus, thousands of dollars are taken from the evidence room at a local police department. this morning, a veteran officer could face charges for what is missing from that evidence room.
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about the tip jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this
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we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
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6:14. meteorologist shiri spear here. light to even moderate rain falling in new hampshire and vermont. peterborough gets blasted by moderate rain and rain extends into the connecticut river valley out into massachusetts. the same rain that will be moving through to boston later this morning. thousands of dollars of police evidence is missing this morning. after weeks of calls and e-mail
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e-mails, fox25 has confirmed that a veteran officer is under investigation. daniel miller is here with what we found out. >> daniel: sara >> daniel: sara, good morning. fox25 investigates has obtained an internal mail about the incident. at a 30-year veteran is now on paid administrative leave. they confirm he was in charge of the evidence and detail bureau. police chief ken ferguson sent a memo to all officers that reads the massachusetts attorney general's office is investigating the theft of money from the framingham evidence room. the town manager would not reveal any other details when we asked.spin can't confirm or deny that there is an investigation. you are aware of an eternal e-mail that i just had the opportunity to look at. >> daniel: the investigation happened when they were told to check on the welfare of a
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argument with his wife. some members of the force have been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury. so far no comment from the attorney agency office. again, well over $15,000 is missing and that money may grow. we will continue to keep you posted on this investigation. in the newsroom, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. chelsea police officers subdue a man who walk into a police station with a knife and asked officers to shoot them. you can see the incident. he is in the station at 2:30 in the morning. police arrested him and he is charged with assault. a new hampshire man accused of attacking police officers will face a judge. mark tracy was arresteds a his parents home. he threatened officers who responded to a report of an overdose. after holding police at bay for four hours. no signs that he overdosed or
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good morning, 6:16. but when you have weather like we are dealing with outside. it gets slower and faster. let you know about an accident southbound, but two lanes are blocked after columbia road; however, traffic northbound heavy and steady right now. as we shift north of town, slow spots 93 south as you approach the cloverleaf. route 3 through billerica. a live look at the expressway and a parking lot out there right now. we don't usually see this until closer to 7, 7:15. your life drive times. 29 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 37 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 25 minutes on 128 as you move to the weston tolls. i don't want to make light of it and do the cheer, but u-g-l it and do the cheer, but u-g-l-y. what an ugly day out there. >> shiri: what does that spell >> shiri: what does that spell, ugly.
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usually we see the fog improve as we go throughout the day. one of those days to some degrees, we are always going to have fog with us. drizzle and fog this morning. steadier rain moves in by lunchtime today and blustery conditions tomorrow with just flurries. i know very low impact. just flurries. with the time being that rain moving out into keene, new hampshire at 36 right now. worcester at 39 degrees. boston at 39 as well. so at least temperatures for the most part above freezing. i got my eye on couple of spots in southwestern new hampshire but boston, radar picking up mostly most conditions. a little misty. by 10 a.m., 44 degrees. 47 at 2 p.m. our high temperatures today will happen very late. look how much warmer over southeastern massachusetts with middle-30s and 50 degrees in man in ticket. my hot spots later on with 54, hyannis.
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48 in boston today. 46 in worcester. only 44 in keene, new hampshire. again, that happens late so the warm-up is going to be very, very slow today. kind of a cold rain falling. if you were timing things out thinking of when you want to leave the house in worcester that rain moving in. lowell, 8:27 lowell, 8:27. in boston, 8:36. just after 9:00 in brockton and plymouth at 9:49 this morning. this is not going to be a cripple crippling rain. it is no the going to be a pouring rain. but it is going to be much steadier than what we have right now. continues through lunchtime. see things ease up. scattered showers and not done with the rain or the fog here in for the dinnertime hours. we get more blast not just steady but possibly heavy rain into the overnight hours. i think our futurecast is a little bit underdone with that
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but the gist of it is offshore. morning commute tomorrow has a lot of clouds around. one or two sprinkles at the coast and flurries inland. the big weather story tomorrow the freezey conditions moving on in. gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour. blustery and calming down. set-up where we could see any set-up where we could see anytime flurries in southern new england so northern new hampshire into northern maine, getting a couple of inches in the forecast. caught on partly to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures-wise more 40s and 50s on the map. but like today, the temperatures will be off. friday, 46. and highs 48 on saturday. by sunday, 52. you know what else is great for the weekend, well, hopefully we will pay you this saturday for the coats for kids drop-off
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i will be there, sarah will be there and kevin lemanowicz will be there. we are out to collect some clothes and do good work for family that need warm weather dpeer. you can get them at our facebook page. genetically modified babies could become the thing in the near future. the important thing of altering d n a and what local doctors are saying about the new
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a 19-year-old woman in maine is facing a number of charges this morning for stealing a hard cider truck and crashing it into a barn. nicole diamond was drunk and high on heroin when she stole the angry orchard truck at a 7 new hampshire eleven. the owners are devastated by the loss. >> a beer truck that crash into the barn. i come down and the beer truck in the barn. everybody knows that it is nickels corner. >> gene: the woman involved in the crash was released from the hospital and will be arraigned later this morning.
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volkswagen in the wake of the emissions scandal. sales plunged at the same time last year. the german automaker that up to 11 million diesel cars came with software that can cheat emissions test. the volkswagen has replaced their ceo and offer cash payments to people affected in the u.s. black friday broke records more than clothes and toys. more americans purchased guns than any day on record. the fbi say they processed 18 the fbi say they processed 185,000 background checks on largest retail sales day about 5% more than black friday last year. police releasing more information on the death of bobby bobbi kristina brown. whitney houston's daughter died at the age of 22 after being found unresponsive. the search engine the top people looked up the iphone, caitlyn jenner and her daughter
6:25 am
and then the video game mine and then the video game minecraft. the trailer for the new "batman versus superman" movie is out and things look really intense. that is cambridge ben affleck getting unmasked by on screen superman played ahenry cavill. my husband will make me go ethat one. >> gene: i bet affleck will be good as batman. >> sara: he looks good. a woman says her breast implants almost killed her. >> sara: the disgusting discovery that doctors found growing under her skin. the biggest knew san is definitely the fog. second to that is heavy rain. somewhat limited today. not expecting any flooding but i have got an hour-by-hour look at the wet forecast coming up next.
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the fbi surrounds a local home only by the same family for decades. >> it's like a dream. what's going on -- or nightmare
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now your local forecast from meteorologist shiri spear and the fox25 stormtracker weather team. now at 6:30, heads up if you were hitting the roads now.
6:29 am
dreary, dreary day out there. so take it slow. as you can see the shot on the mass pike. the vehicles are moving and they are moving along with a little running room, but they have slowed down which is the way to go. >> sara: the way to go. stay home. take a day off. good morning, everyone, november 2. thank you so much -- december 2 thank you so much -- december 2. thank you for joining us. i am sara underwood. >> gene: and i am gene lavanchy. temperatures are not freezing so you don't have to worry about ice. the -- >> i am pretty clear that sara underwood declared this movie day for anyone interested in staying home. one of those -- ank days. visibility in boston doing okay, but visibility under a mile in hyannis down to the vineyard. two-and-a-half-mile visibility in portsmouth, new hampshire. fitchburg, one and a half. pretty widespread fog and not dense fog. in and around the area, a lot of mid- to upper 30s. i can see a little more drizzle
6:30 am
kind of that misty condition where you don't have any significant areas of green here significant areas of green here. look at how warm it is. marshfield down to plymouth at 45. brewster at 48. jaffrey is 35. hillsboro at 36 degrees in new hampshire. barre at 36. and worcester at 39. further inland. much colder rain. and very slow warm-up. 36 degrees right now with fog and clouds and will little bit of mist. showers back in play. we have on and off straight through the afternoon. we have them warming up through the evening and 7 p.m., 48 degrees about what do you know rain and some fog out there. i do have some improvements that i am going to go over coming into town in the next 24 hours. i will break those for you coming up. but -- how are things shaping up right now. >> my advice is to avoid the expressway. use the back roads and of the accident on the expressway
6:31 am
two lanes are blocked at columbia road create columbia road creating gridlock conditions in the northbound you will see a live picture of that in just a moment. the other slow spot i wanted to highlight on the pike eastbound as you head through framingham. here are all of those brake lights, very slow going on expressway and plus it is wet and foggy like shiri mentioned. over to those live drive times, 39 minutes on pike from 495 to mass avenue. 15 minutes on the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. almost up to 50 minutes on the expressway. every time we check in on that drive time it seems to increase. i will have an eye on it all morning. gene and sara, back to you. >> gene: you can always get the forecast on your accuweather app. it is on any apple or android device. 6:32. a field trip for jurors in the phillip chism murder trial. they will go to the high school where the teenager is accused of murdering his teacher. >> reporter: students have a half day so the j ircan tour the building and the bathroom where the horrific crime took
6:32 am
catherine parrotta is live outside of the courtnow salem where the defense now has this case. good morning, catherine. >> good morning, sara, before the jury takes that field trip, will listen to more testimony after they heard witnesses brought in by the defense giving them an ideas of phillip chism's background. >> do you clear you have a clear understanding. >> yes. >> reporter: phillip chism was able to go back to his cell. but his lawyer calling witnesses to the sound including his own grandfather. the defense are discussing issues of his mental health. barberi testified of the history of mental health issues including his grandmother hospitalized in salem in the '70s.
6:33 am
not once but many times. >> was she in the hospital for a long time? >> yes. >> chism his grandfather or his life-long friend from tennessee. pretty much like my brother. >> reporter: also taking the stand, tanner's mother of how phillip chism acted phillip chism acted around his own.for while it was hateful to see how phillip treated his mother. >> my husband addressed if he was going to come around that he had to be respectful to her. >> reporter: the judge did send the jury home after that morning of testimony; however, phillip chism did request that he be able to return to his cell for the afternoon missing allowed. now also some other testimony allowed from danvers high school students. we will hear from them coming up next hour. live in salem, catherine
6:34 am
days after holding a private funeral for his daughter, police took this mug daughter, police took this mugshot of bella bond's father. he was caught trying to shop he was caught trying to shoplift and when police questioned him, he a bizarre reply. outside the home depot in dorchester where security stopped him right at the door there. good morning, jess. >> good morning, sara. bella bond's father was arrested a this home depot in dorchester yesterday afternoon, and he mentioned his daughter, bella, who he claims he never here. take a look. this is his mug shot. fox25 obtained a police report and said the security guard was watching amaros o when he left the home depot with $650 worth of merchandise including a large gas powered chain saw. flags. as amaros o was being arrested he said, quote, do you know who
6:35 am
you can tell everybody that you arrested baby doe's father. he held a private funeral for his 2-year-old daughter, you pwlael. her body was found in a trash bag on deer island back in june bag on deer island back in june. he was known -- she was known as baby doe for months until her mother and mother's boyfriend was arrested for murder. we are learning what police found on amaros o when he was arrested this afternoon. jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. 6:36. a massachusetts mother accused of living in a home with the bodies of three dead children wants the state law thrown out. erika murray of blackstone faces two charges including two counts of murder. one of the charges is infant death concealment out of wedlock that dates back to the colonial era. you the attorney said no rational basis for a law that applies to unmarried woman.
6:36 am
she is accused of killing several children and having others in a home where filth was knee-high. 15-year-old alexander mills and an unnamed 16-year-old shot and robbed donald depina. the teens tried to steal the cab but crashed. the victim's friends are shocked that this happened to depina who was a well-known veteran in new bedford. >> he was just one terrific individual. how people could take the life of someone like this is beyond my age in nation tsara police used surveillance to arrest the scene. and we are -- go ahead. >> gene: looking for answers why the fbi swarmed a house in norwood. it happened at this home on wall street street. you can see agents carrying out bags of possible evidence. all fbi told us it was on going and part of an ongoing investigation. neighbors said they never saw
6:37 am
>> nothing wrong at all. this is crazy, still, i am really surprised at the fbi is here srt of like a dream. what's going on -- or a nightmare. >> gene: neighbors tell us the same family has owned that house for generations. a new hampshire house is in ruins as a fast-moving fire leaves a family homeless. flames destroyed the 1 flames destroyed the 115-year-old building in exeter last night. a woman, cher children and pets all escaped -- a woman, her children and pets all escaped unharmed. one fire fighter went to the hospital with a cut on his leg. the he has was so intense. this fire destroyed a large home in bedford, new hampshire. yesterday flames started in the attic around 1:00. several people live in that okay. 60 fire fighters had to trek
6:38 am
determine the cause. new this morning, students at brandeis have ended a 12-day sin-in. administrators agreed to respond to some of their demands. the protest on november 19. hundred ofs of students marched into the office and vowed to occupy it until demands were met. better treatment and inclusion for black students. this winter families who rely on federal heating assistance will be getting less money. the maximum benefit is $90 for qualifying family qualifying families down from 2014. a community action committee tell they fear this will not be enough money for some family enough money for some families to make it through the winter. >> this is not a welfare program. this is an emergency heating assistance program to make sure that family that families and children have a chance to get through the winters.
6:39 am
getting less money to distribute than last year because of federal budget cuts. fog and ring are really crashing down on your morning commute and we are continuing to track weather and traffic. 46 minutes on 93 southbound from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. julie? >> the same fog and rain slowing things down on your evening commute. 35 to 45 is the general rule with those wet conditions at 5 p.m. a steadier rain in place 40 to 50 degree 40 to 50 degrees. take you hour been how of the increasing showers and slight warm-up coming up. one of the best golfers in the world is sitting at home playing video games. the startling update on tiger woods's back injury and why he may never return to the golf course. but first, allowing guns in sports stadium. why these officers say let catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday-
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6:43. meteorologist shiri spear here and i am seeing now a couple of steadier sprinkles working their way into northbridge, southbridge, spencer into the greater worcester area up to athol and gardner as well into southwestern new hampshire. i know little things on the screen, but temperatures are starting to run above freezing just about everywhere. firearms are banned from nfl stadiums but the police union want some people to bring them in. fox25's daniel miller is here with more on how the attacks inspired the request. >> daniel: sent a letter to commissioner roger goodell asking that off-duty officers be allowed to carry weapons. the largest police union said armed officers are the best way to stop a terrorist attack inside the stadium. this is not response to the paris soccer attacks. a security expert tell us how it might work. >> a good way to do that is to
6:44 am
supplemental resource to security team. security forces at the team along with detail officers. this way you bring police officers in and you have them in that off-duty capacity would separate that aspect that they are socially and then eliminate the alcohol consumption and some of those different concerns. >> daniel: the decision to allow or ban guns at games was up to teams and venues before a league-wide directive prior to the 2014 season. the nfl says protecting the public is best served by on doing officers carrying gun. in the newsroom, i am daniel miller, fox25 morning news. uber's ceo says boston police commissioner is wrong to want more background checks. the ceo defended his screening process during an appearance at. commissioner william evan called for fingerprint-based. they only reveal arrest history
6:45 am
ub irdoes not want to discriminate against drivers based on a past arrest. more u.s. troops are heading to iraq to fight isis. pentagon sources tell usa today that up to 150 special operation troops will be sent to the region in addition to 50 who were sent there last month. they will be tasked with conducting raids, freeing theatres. after briefing congress, the des fence secretary visited massachusetts. he delivered an address at harvard university's institute of politics tampa talk about the challenge taking it to is is where terrorist groups feel safe. >> to make isil wonder -- when they go they go bed at night. who is coming into the window. that stakes advantage of the agility, the range, the mobility, the
6:46 am
intelligence only we have. secretary carter says the pentagon is constantly looking at new ways to strike isis. good morning, 6:46, and it is a real challenge out on the roads right now. the expressway has been giving us trouble all morning from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road northbound. because of his accident southbound from earlier, right on columbia road and we have seen residual delays on the northbound. pike through framingham. average speeds of 31 miles per hour. live look at the expressway and you can see all those rain drops on our lens. brake lights just as far as you can see. leave 15, 20 minutes early if you can. 4 43 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 31 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. storm team meteorologist shiri spear has your hands full.
6:47 am
an overall yuck factor. >> shiri: one of those dank days, julie, where you want to load up on the layers and protect yourself from the elements. it is not treacherous out there but we have been using the world "ugly" sums it up -- the word "ugly,"sums it up perfectly. a little bit of a lull into the afternoon and batch number two of the rain that comes through tonight. this is what we are dealing with now, and i want to time out some of the steady out some of the steadier light rain as it moves toward us. again this will be high impact. might want to leave before that steadier stuff moves on in from manchester and nashua, new hampshire from 7:20. and lowell by 7:45. boston at 8 :20. new bedford, 9:16. falmouth just before 10:00 this morning. we could see a couple of pockets of steadier drizzle develop up ahead of that. and that is steady again. 39 degrees in boston. visibility is doing okay right
6:48 am
though we can see awill the of fog in an around town or southern nauch new hampshire southern nauch new england. look how slow this warm-up is in the upper 40s through the afternoon. we hit our high temperatures late today. so when you see me saying, you know, 48, perhaps 50 degree. don't count on getting there by noontime today. it will really take time see those warmer temperatures move on in. by noontime today, we have that steadier rain in place from boston all the way wack across western massachusetts. again travelers in southern new hampshire, southern new england hampshire, southern new england. have time to step out. by 4:00 today, it breaks up a little bit here. we will still have spot showers to get you home from work. we are also still going to have some fog although nicely not -- something you pick up on and for the evening hours here, we have more rain in the picture and occasionally tonight, not
6:49 am
future cast underdoing it a little bit and downpours. and and before the sun even comes up. we are left with lingering clouds into the morning commute. perhaps a sprinkle at the coast perhaps a sprinkle at the coastline, flurries inland. wind will be a big story for the day tomorrow. partly cloudy and mostly dry and the winds will gust 30 to 40 miles per hour. not going to i do any kind of damage that i am seeing right now. it is just going to be cooling down and turn blustery and talking about wind chill. and some accumulating snow in northernmost new england. heifer here it is just flurries folks. a look at your high temperature, 49 in boston. 53 in plymouth. 44 in keene, new hampshire. for the day tomorrow, we have got temperatures looking somewhat similar and we are going to reach those very early in the morning. that means we are going to be cooling down all throughout your thursday to give you a better idea of that with our seven-day forecast and that weekend always in view. a closer look at that thursday forecast in boston. 50 degrees at 6:00 in the
6:50 am
we have upper 40s though by 8 a.m. an back to 44 degrees by 4 p.m. weekend looking awesome. 40 degrees on saturday and 52 on sunday. bright and dry conditions starting on friday. back to you, guys. a facebook announcement comes with some big news from a new dad. what mark zuckerberg revealed about the future of his fortune that is such a big talker this morning. it is a season for giving. this year can do a good deed and meet your favorite
6:51 am
new at 7:00, who coined the term "side bread?" because there's nothing "side" about this bread. it may look like the moon. but it's the star of the show. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear
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we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
6:53 am
a celery recall stemming from a e. coli recall has now expanded. it spans a dozen states and include products sold at major grocery chains like wal-mart, sam's club and target. the contaminated brand from taylor farm specific was found in salad kits and vegetable trays. this has not reached massachusetts. moldy breast implants nearly killed her. cell phone video of the mold cell phone video of the mold-covered implant removed from the woman's body. she began gaining weight,ing her victim and getting sores
6:54 am
now she is telling her story to warn other women. >> i literally willed myself to live and will myself to get this message out here. this is my purpose. this is why i am here. >> the doctor who diagnosed her says she has seen this in 25% of implants. defective va lves caused the mold to grow. a scientific breakthrough could eliminate diseases from our genes. hundreds were in d.c. this week for an international summit on gene editing. doctors believe they could alter or delete sections of dna and can eliminate diseases before birth and can change traits like hair and eye color. a doctor from boston's children hospital is under discussion whether this is ethical or not. >> a transformative technology going to have a huge impact on human disease but also raises knees very, very futuristic concerns.
6:55 am
the summit to create a guidelines for scientists to follow as they pursue the research. founder of facebook giving away much of his family's fortune to honor his daughter's birth. mark zuckerberg and wife priscilla announced birth of their child. they will donate 99% of their facebook shares over their lives. a value of 45 billion. even with 1% left, they will still have $45 million. in a letter to their newborn daughter, they say it is their way to make the world a better place. the most popular baby names for the years are out. baby center released the list for girls, sophia, emma, ava, olivia and mia. for boys, jackson, aidan, liam, lucas and noah. and a social media trend among baby games in some are naming their offspring after intragram
6:56 am
ark maro and hudson. other trend naming character after the hit tv show "empire." >> gene: cookie would be one. >> luscious. lucious -- >> gene: trending. gene and sara are not. >> gene: that is a bummer. 6:57. police try to get answers from a disoriented driver on the north shore. his reaction after striking a person with his car. the biggest weather news that i have in place this morning will be the fog. second to that come second to that coming into play later on this morning. flooding risk will be very low today. not expecting that, but i have an hour-by-hour look into that wet forecast today next. . forcing iphone user he is
6:57 am
the major move how you how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... then you make it... nothing like this. you make a capital one caf\. someplace more relaxed. with free wi-fi and banking advice... without all the "double talk." and checking accounts with no minimums... or fees. then you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking
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