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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 3, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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on a rampage inside a holiday party. the dangerous things found inside their home overnight. developing at home, a violent threat made against several local schools. where parents and students will be dwreeted by police this morning. a team of officers paying respect for these fallen officers. the role in the service to honor the life of this massachusetts native. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good morning, everyone, 4:30 on thursday, december 3, i am julie grauert. >> michael: i am michael henrich in for daniel miller. new details on that mass shooting in california, but first we check the weather to get out the door. more fog. >> shiri: i do have more fog and wet wither if you were hitting the road from plymouth southward.
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it will run late and the foggy solid waste is not that bad. chatham visibility four miles but not great. and not as bad as north shore and the seacoast of new hampshire. half-mile visibility in beverly and lawrence in portsmouth, new hampshire and probably getting worse before it gets better. dense fog in keene and concord, new hampshire. nashua taking on quite a bit of fog and so is orange. i have my eye out there for dense fog continuing through 7 and 8:00 and turns very breezy through the afternoon. 48 degrees at noontime. for sprinkles and flurries. there. >> things look very nice. pike wide open. route 1 moving along just fine as you can see on the zakim, nothing is slowing you down. 24 minutes on the pike from 495
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nine minutes on the expressway. there are several big breaking development overnight on that mass shooting in san bernandino, california. >> we now know the suspects were a marry were a married couple with a 6 were a married couple with a 6-month-old child. one of the suspects is a 28-year-old man a health department employee who worked at the inland regional center where 14 people were killed. police are now searching the suspect's home. this morning the fbi has not ruled out terrorism as a possible motive. fox25 sara underwood here is with more on the suspects and what is taking place in california right now. >> sara: good morning to both of you. lots of new breaking details this morning. police say the shooters were 28-year-old syed farook and 27-year-old tashin malek. both were killed in a gun battle with police hours after the shooting and right now the fbi has their home surrounded. >> come to the front door. this is the fbi. >> sara: that was the i shall
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s.w.a.t. team when a robot was sent in to search for devices. a large boom was heard from inside that home. they did have pipe bombs and other devices on them. right now investigators do not have a motive for the killing. it happened during a holiday party for county employees. the male suspect syed farook worked as an environmental specialist for the health department. overnight police say he had been at that party. >> he did leave the party early under some circumstances that were described as angry or something of that nature. that is the situation we were following up on when we encountered him. >> sara: we have learned that syed farook traveled to assault and battery dee arabia. they had no reason to believe that the couple was planning something like this. >> i have no idea. i have no idea why would he do that. why would he do something like this.
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i am in shock myself. >> we are learning very little about victims. 14 killed, 17 others wounded. more than 600 people you were in the building at the time of the shooting. shooting survivors were escort aid way from the scene. they walked out with their arms raised to prove they were not a threat. all government buildings in the san bernandino area will be closed today and tomorrow. only central employees will report to work. in the newsroom, sara underwood in the newsroom, sara underwood, fox25. president obama is being briefed on the investigation in california and following the shooting, the president spoke out about what he calls a pattern of mass shootings that has no parallel. he spoke to cbs news and says certain laws need to be changed certain laws need to be changed. >> we have a no fly list where people can't get on planes, but those same people who we don't athrough fly could go into a store right now in the united states and buy a firearm, and there is nothing we can do to stop him. >> michael: the president
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checks on potential gun battle checks on potential gun battles. >> julie: the chase played out in a busy neighborhood. police urging everyone to protect themselves. >> they are after somebody. they are killing that guy. >> julie: that is cell phone video from a man standing blocks away from where police shot and killed the two suspects. you can also hear the sound of gunshots on police video as officers close in. >> we are at san bernandino and sheden. san bernandino and sheden. we can see one guy down. one guy in the back of a car. >> julie: police say those suspects were shot and killed at the scene. they were in that black suv. those dressed in assault-style clothing. >> michael: terrifying moments for those friends and family inside the center in san bernandino. the only information they had were text messages from them. work.
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we are all locked in offices on the floor. please pray for us. >> many clung to >> many clung to messages as their loved ones were at the mercy of killers. from one family, hearing from their daughter was not enough to put them at ease. >> at least knowing she is okay. we don't know because it is still going on. that is the scary part. the unknown still of the whole situation. >> michael: they waited for those answers, many gathered to pray for those inside and for the officers conducting the manhunt. here at, local hospitals will monitor and learn from the emergency response to yesterday emergency response to yesterday's mass shooting. the head of the emergency department response at mass general told fox25 they were studying the treatment of the victims. mgh has a mass casualty protocol that they are constantly updating after major events of violence. many of the lessons after the marathon bombings are used in hospitals nationwide. >> now first responds are taught to provide direct pressure to bleeding wounds and
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bleeding with that supply tourniquets. more are carrying tourniquets on their person based on the lessons from the boston marathon bombing. >> michael: treatment on the field will continue to evolume. >> julie: the shooting is the deadliest since the sandy hook in 2012. 55 mass shootings where people were shot. based on the numbers the third mass shooting since the one that killed three at a planned parenthood facility last week. fox25 is monitoring all of the new developments from this shooting both on air and online shooting both on air and coming up in the 7:00 hour, boston police chief dan linski will be back in studio to talk about how police will collect evidence and where the situation goes from here. pirnt parents and students.
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for gun violence at the school. we are live where extra security will be mr. n place when the first bell rings. >> reporter: good morning, michael. parent are waking up to the news that police will greet their students. the vaser lane upper school in the fresh pond area of cambridge. we just learned about this threat around midnight. a spokesperson with the cambridge public schools says police learned of an anonymous e-mail threat of gun violence overnight. that threat specifically daringted -- targeted middle school, the amigo, putnam avenue and vaser lane school by name. while these schools will be open, police are open, police are doing a number of things to make sure students are safe. the buildings have been locked in alarm since 10:00 last night and cambridge police and cambridge school security will be doing a detailed walk through of all schools mentioned in the threat at 6:30 6:30.
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saying police will be present throughout the building throughout the day in every school, not just the three mentioned in the threat and will continue until the conclusion of afterschool activities. staff and students will be required to enter through a supervised front entrance at all cps school buildings. just two days ago on tuesday morning. cambridge police learned of a bomb threat of the same school. the all clear was given after students resume their day. extra security at all of the middle schools throughout the day on tuesday. now in just about two hours from now, police and school security will be here going through the school, making sure things are safe and secure before students get here this morning and will be here live as that is happening. later this morning we will be hearing from parents and students. live from cambridge, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. it is now 4:39. new this morning overseas, british warplanes have carried out air strikes in syria hours after the department vowed to bomb target.
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britain's decision to join the fight against isis. the air strikes in response to the terrorist attacks. details of britain's targets are expected to come out later today. happening this morning the melrose honor guard going to colorado for the you funeral of the local man killed in the planned parenthood shooting. garrett swazey was born in melrose and after ice-skating he found his calling as a police officer. he was killed in a shooting at colorado springs. they are leaving from logan. during our 7:00 hour, we plan to catch up with them at the airport before they fly out. this morning worcester police are hoping surveillance video will help catch two men accused of killing a mother of three. the brutal attack happened yesterday morning on murray avenue. police found 31-year-old sherife hill stabbed to death on the street. we are only showing the aftermath of the attack but the men are seen stabbing the victim multiple times before
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hill's family is crushed. >> i want them to be found. it is a really hard time for all of us because she didn't deserve this. >> hill's family said she was a talented singer with a scholar talented singer with a scholarship with berkeley and dealing with mental illness. a vigil of candles and flowers was growing at the scene in worcester. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. a live look at zakim bridge. things wide open right now but you can expect to see spotty fog during the commute. here is meteorologist shiri spear. >> shiri: yeah, we have fog out there and a couple of sprinkles from the south shore to the cape. 40 to about 50 degrees right now. and not usual that i am going to say that is our warmest time of the day. 30s and 40s when you drive home from work. when the winds really start to pick up next. a local clerk finds herself in a middle of a dangerous situation. a robber threatens her with a gun. coming up new at 5:00, what is missing in this video that police say could lead to an arrest. a scare on the ice at a
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. we are updating that break news from san bernandino, california. police are searching the homes of the suspects in the shooting at a center. the suspects were a married couple killed in a gun battle with police.
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them as syed farook and tashfeen malik. police say farook attended a holiday party where the building took place. he left the party in an angry manner according to witnesses before the shooting. at least 14 people were killed. 17 others were wounded. continuing coverage all morning continuing coverage all morning. there are more people trying to get gun licenses in massachusetts. this is because people want to arm themselves in the wake of recent violence. fox25 visited mass firearms in holisston. one of the biggest gun stores and training centers. during the black friday weekend, the number of people that enrolled in gun safety classes required to get licenses more than doubled. >> people are starting to come to the realization that these things could happen to me. maybe it is time to stop looking to just outside sources the government, police police departments to protect me because they can't be there all the time. >> julie: critics santa fe congress doesn't act, the mass shooting will get worse.
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player is suspended for possible role for two fights in the back bay. the philadelphia 76ers benched okafor for two games. tmz released video of a fight. it happened the same night of another fight that was also caught on camera. the incident. police arrest a suspect in the stabbing of a everett high school football star. our cameras were there as police brought 19-year-old do the courthouse. according to the herald, the victim told mercia's facebook page and said he was the one that stabbed 17-year-old marvin fedna. friday. tonight, the boston celtics game of the season. the celtics and sacramento kings will face each other in mexico city. the first time the celtics play in mexico. a sold-out crowd of over 22,000 people is expected.
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border playing a final game in edmonton. trailing in the third, david krejci finds zdeno chara in front. big z fires home from the slot. ooh, no goals. go to a shootout. bruins miss all three attempts but jordan -- edmonton win 3-2. bs fiscal gary tomorrow night. fire fighters say quick fire fighters say quick-thinking teammates helped save a man at a new hampshire hockey rink . a 59-year-old man collapsed after going into cardiac arrest after going into cardiac arrest. none of the teammates or rink employees had medical training but used a defibrillator to save him. >> to have that to save his life before we could get to the ambulance or the fire department to get here really means a lot. >> michael: the rink had it for six years but this is the first time anyone had ever had to use it. the victim is recovering at home this morning. it is now 4:47. good morning, everyone. looking at the map, things moving along nicely.
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93 south, route 1, moving along nicely. you can see zakim bridge wide open. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 22 minutes on 128 as you head from peabody to the weston tolls. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear joining us, and did i hear something about 50 degrees overnight. i did hear that warm of a temperature. >> we did yesterday's high was at 11:59 p.m. and 51 degrees and today's high was midnight at 51 degrees. now temperatures reason doing guys and cooler air moving today and it almost counteracts the typical warm-up we would see. we have pretty flat temperatures. couple of degrees lower from where we stand. this is the warmest we are going to get. turns windy as this whole thing moves on in as well. we will see these showers move out as this system draws away from us. this one never totally makes it in, but we will have to watch
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the afternoon and a couple of sprinkles in the warmer spots. any travelers to and from the south shore, the south coast, the cape and islands, that's where we have a little bit of drizzle in the picture. boston, it is cloudy. not sure why. it is nice and clear. 50 degrees still in the city, but temperatures are dropping. check out where we stand. temperatures are falling. 49 at 6 a.m. 8 a.m. 48 degrees. we hit 47 at 10:00 this morning. and then we don't move again until we hit 4 p.m., and we continue to drop. there will be a loit of clouds around today, but i think the bigger story will end up being the wind. so we are trading yesterday's wet weather for windy weather today. and you can see these winds will be gusting 30 to perhaps even 40 to 50 miles per hour today. for all of this, it is going to turn very, very blustery. right now i do not have any wind advisories issued but something that the national weather service is going to
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that later this on this morning and 7:00 this morning, most of our rain is going to be pulling away from the outer cape. i wouldn't be surprised if we still have a little sprinkle there. the rest of the a area like i said on and off clouds. a little opt miss pick tampa a little cloud cover. best chance of a couple of those flurries to keene and brattleboro, vermont and a couple getting into the boston area or one or two flakes making it down into southeastern massachusetts. temperature-wise today, it is going to be, you know, like i said, those kind of flat temperatures. 49 in boston. 52 in plymouth. 46 in fitchburg. here is your seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view because tomorrow it is simply the sunshine at 46 degrees and nice and bright over the weekend with 50 on saturday and we go up by another 5 degrees on sunday and we keep it bright through monday. back to you, guys. breaking news overnight in the oscar pistorius case. a court overturned his manslaughter conviction. the new more serious charges
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up next, dozen dozens of birds flying over raw meat that
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an investigation because of today hillary clinton will be back campaigning through the granite state. sharman sacchetti will be on trail land bring you updates all morning long and tonight on fox25 news at 5 and 6. people are spending more on
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the average monthly bill hit a record of $99 this year. cost has been rising 8% a year since 2010. experts say because so many people are choosing no the to pay for cable tv. 1 million customers dropped out of their cable service over the past six months. springfield services are trying to get to the bottom of a hit-and-run crash involving a woman in a motorized wheelchair woman in a motorized wheelchair. the 29-year-old was hit trying to cross the road tuesday night. a black mercury sable stopped briefly and took off. the license plate fell off at the scene. a few minutes later the same car was reported stolen. police recovered the car and are sweeping it for evidence. this man is charged with hit this man is charged with hitting a pedestrian while driving drunk in wareham. mark giverson and in court as a prosecutor painted a picture of what happened. the video showed the aftermath of that crash on onset avenue. police say giverson lost control, slammed into a parked car and veered into a man standing in a parking lot.
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island hospital and is in table condition. new hampshire police are hoping to find stolen items donated to operation santa claus. thousands of dollars of tools and gift cards vanished between november 25 and 30. they were kept in a state owned concord. the donations were supposed to holiday. some happy some happiness. the tree on boston common will be lit. the festivities begin at 6:00 tonight. this, of course, is video from last year. tonight mayor marty walsh will be joined by members of the canadian mounted police in the. members of "elf the musical" and other musical guest also take the stage. the lights will go on and will end with fireworks. people in chicopee are thinking twice before buying meat at your local wal-mart. you may want to see this and may not. kind of gross. they found real birds inside
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packaging. the health department says 17 birds were removed from the store and the meat was discorded but people say there was more -- discarded but people want to do more to keep birds at bay. following developing news overnight. two army pilots killed in a helicopter crash. we are collecting information and will bring you the latest at the top of the hour. we are updating that breaking news in california. two shooters identified as a married couple overnight. what police are searching for
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. now at 5:00, police identify a married couple they identify opened fired on a holiday party in california. the family of the shooters speaking out overnight. >> why would he do this. why would he do something like this. i have absolutely no idea. i am in shock myself. >> daniel: police are raiding the gunman's home. the extreme caution taken as they dig for answers.
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messages from inside the shooting scene where 14 were killed. >> we are freaking out. please pray for us. >> we are so scared. she kept saying i am so cared right now. >> sara: the limited information police have been able to give the family about the victims this morning. developing here at home this morning, a violent threat made against several local schools. the extra security measures that will be in place when students show up. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: it is 5 a.m. on this thursday, december 3. i am daniel miller in for gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. new details revealed overnight in that mass shooting in california including the identifies of the gunmen. but -- the identities of the gunmen, but first a foggy drive into work. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear has your forecast shiri shiri an incredibly different forecast.
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this morning, the rain from
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