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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 3, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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this morning, the rain from lymouth and new bedford and cape and islands with temp notice 50s. temperatures will drop and rain will dry up. 61 now in boston. 30s in nashua and keene much cooler in that direction and some of the worst spots. northeastern massachusetts, southern new hampshire. quarter-mile visibility in beverly and lawrence and nashua and plymouth. bad news. that is dense fog that will last us between 7 and 8:00. 7 a.m. rolls around. the last of the raindrops from the outer cape. tons of clouds still leftover and keep an eye on southern vermont, southwest new hampshire at noontime. temperatures will be in the upper 40s in boston, and they are not going to move from what you see on the screen here into the afternoon. static temps. on and off clouds. a temperature in and drizzle in boston. overall looking at your day being 99% dry. 42 to 49. mostly cloudy skies with a few flurries.
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threat coming up in a couple of minutes. but now julie grauert standing by with live drive-time traffic. good time to hit the road, julie? >> julie: always a great time to hit the road. before 6 a.m., you are usually moving along fine. no exception. route 1, 93 south moving good. moving along from framingham to the weston tolls. the zakim bridge moving over the bridge and leverett connector without major delays. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 8 minutes on prey from the braintree split to the pike. daniel and sara, back to you. this hour, we have several big breaking developments on the mass shooting in san bernandino, california. >> sara: we now know the suspects were a married couple with a 6-month-old child. one of the suspects is a 28-year-old man who works at the inland regional center
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>> daniel: police are searching the suspect's home and they have not ruled out terrorism a possible motive. terrorism a possible motive. more on the suspects and what is taking place. >> a lot of new information coming into the newsroom. the shooter is 28-year-old syed farook and 27-year-old tashfeen malik. both were killed in a gun battle with police after the shooting. right now the fbi has their home surrounded. >> come to the front door. this is the fbi. >> reporter: that was the warning issued by s. w. a. t. team before a robot was september in to search for explosive devices. overnight a loud boom was heard from inside that house. the suspects did have pipe bombs and other devices on them bombs and other devices on them. and right now investigators don't have a motive for those killings. police say it happened during a holiday party for county employees in this building. the male suspect syed farook worked as an environmental specialist for the local health department.
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had been at that party. >> he left the party early under circumstances that were described as angry or something of that nature. was the information we were following up on when we encountered him. >> reporter: late last night farook's brother-in-law said the family had no signs that the couple would be capable of doing something like this. >> i have no idea. i have no idea. why would he do that? why would he do something like this? i have absolutely no idea. i am in shock myself. >> reporter: as of right now we know very little about the victims. at least 14 people have been killed. 17 others wounded. more than 600 people were in that building at the time. the shooting survivors were escorted away from the scene. they walked out with their arms raised to prove to police they were not a threat. at this point, police believe there may still be explosives devices inside the center.
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their baby with family members yesterday morning and never came back. here in the next 30 minutes, are the connection the suspects had with saudi arabia and what president obama is saying about another mass shooting in this country. blair miller, fox25 news. >> sara: blair, the chase for the suspects came out in a neighborhood. police are urging people to protect themselves. >> they are after somebody. they are killing that guy. [gunfire] >> sara: that is just incredible cell phone video from a man just standing blocks away from where police shot and killed the two suspects. you can also hear the gunshots on police radios as officers close in. >> we are at san bernandino and s+ hedin. we can see one guy down. one guy in the back of a car. >> sara: police say both
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they were in that black suv that you see there both dressed in assault-style clothing. >> . be a an terrifying moments for the family and friends for those inside the inland center. the only information they had was text messages from their loved ones. >> emergency situation at my work. shooter on-site. we are all locked in offices and on floors. please pray for us. >> their loved ones were at the mercy of killers and police continue to search for answers. for one family, hearing from their daughter wasn't enough to put them at ease. >> just knowing she is okay -- we don't know, but it is still going on, so -- that is the scary part the unknown still -- of the whole situation. >> daniel: as they waited for answers, many gathered together to pray for those inside and for the officers conducting the manhunt. the shooting in san bernandino is the deadliest shooting in the u.s. since the sandy hook massacre in 2012.
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post, there have been 355 mass shootings where at least four people were shot in 336 days this year. based on the numbers this is the third mass shooting since the one that killed three at a planned parenthood facility in colorado last week. fox25 is monitoring all of the new developments from this shooting both on air and on shooting both on air and online. coming up in our 7:00 hour, a former boston police superintendent chief dan linsky will be back in studio to talk about how police will collect evidence and where the investigation goes from here. 5:06 right now. developing in cambridge this morning. an overnight alert for parents and students. police got an anonymous e-mail threatening gun violence at the middle schools. fox25's jessica reyes is live in cambridge this morning with the extra security that will be in place when the first bell rings. good morning, jessica. >> reporter: good morning, daniel. right about now parents are waking up to the news that police officers will greet their children when they get to
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couple of hours, and we know the school we are outside of right now, the vasser lane upper school was one of the schools named in this threat. this school is in the fresh pond area of cambridge. we just learned about this threat around midnight. a spokesperson with cambridge public schools said learned of an anonymous threat overnight. the threat targeted middle schools in the district mentioning ate me go school, putnam avenue upper school by name. while all schools in the district will be open today, police are doing a number of different things to ensure students are safe when they get to school today. first, the buildings have been locked down and alarmed since 10:30 last night. and this morning cambridge police and cambridge school security will be doing a detailed walk through of all of the schools mentioned in that threat at 6:30 in just about an hour and a half from now. police released a statement saying police will be present throughout the building, throughout the day in every cps school, not just the three
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will continue until the conclusion of afterschool activities. staff and students will be required to enter through a supervised front entrance at all cps school buildings. two days ago, they learned of a bomb threat for the same schools. an all clear after a search and students resumed their school day. the same schools were targeted in this threat we just land about this morning. again cps school officials and cambridge police will be doing a walk through at 6:30 to make sure things are safe and secure before students get to school this morning. we will get to you live while it is happening. it is happening. jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. two army pilots are dead after their helicopter crashed near fort campbell in tennessee near fort campbell in tennessee. the army said they were driving in an apache chopper during a routine training mission when it went down around 7 o'clock. the helicopter was found near a river and on fire.
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new this morning overseas, british warplanes carried out air strikes hours after the parliament agreed to bomb isis target. president obama applauded the decision to join the strikes against isis. currently the french and u.s. are conducting air strikes in syria. information of britain's target will happen later today. the melrose honor good going to colorado to go to the funeral of the man killed in the planned parenthood. garrett swazey grew up in melrose and after a career in ice-skating he found had is career as a police officer. he died in the mass shooting in colorado springs. they are leaving logan in the 7:00 hour. we plan to catch up with them before they fly out. a new hampshire man accused of killing his parent
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burning down their shows expected to plead guilty. 40-year-old matthew dion fled to florida after police say he murdered his parent. he wasn't found by police until june. he is expected to plead guilty to arson and murder and faces seven and a half to 15 years in prison. the man known as belly -- baby bella's biological father is out of jail. police charged 32-year-old joseph amoroso with shoplift agent the home depot in dorchester. he too i had to use note right as baby doe's father to manipulate police. a judge ordered amoroso to stay away from that shopping center. he is due in court in january. looking for this man on surveillance video robbing a salem, new hampshire gas station. the man showed the woman working a gun and demanded cash. he made off before police showed up. investigators say he has a scar near his upper lip. police hope someone will recognize him from this surveillance video.
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an oxford man has been arrested on child porn charges. child joyester was involved in a file sharing information. he admitted to downloading and sharing the images. police found the information involving his crime under his bed. 13 minutes on the pike as you are headed from the weston tolls into boston. shiri. if you were headed out there now, the biggest issue, you will find area fog. now 51 degrees. look at these temperatures dropping 6 a.m., 49 degrees. 48 by 7:00 this morning. i will show you how long these temps will continue to drop coming up next. a local mother is stabbed on the street in worcester. her family devastated. >> it is a really hard time for all of us right now because she didn't deserve this. >> the surveillance video that captured the moment she was attacked. dupe duping a customer out of thousands of dollars. how she got a woman to drain
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and bluecross blueshield has me. shopping? just waiting for inspiration to strike. and there it is! genius. of dunkin' coffee. get 3 pounds for $19.99, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin'. updating that breaking news san bernandino, california right now. police are searching the home of the suspects in a deadly shooting at a government center. overnight, investigator says suspects were a married couple police. investigators have identified them as syed farook and tashfeen malik. police say farook had attended
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where the shooting took place. at least 14 people were killed. 17 others wounded. but president obama -- what president obama is saying about this new violence coming up in 15 minutes. an arlington woman is behind bars accused of scamming an elderly widow out of thousands of dollars. police say 24-year-old anisa police say 24-year-old anisa yeag stole $100,000 from the 84-year-old. she started working for the woman as a housekeeper and said she needed the money for a terminal brain tumor. she used the money to vacation in miami. she is charged with larceny. a nashua man sentenced in a drunk driving crash that killed her son. will spend seven years in prison after pleading guilty to negligent homicide. the son was in the car when the car rolled over on the everett strike in merrimack. his blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit.
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the testimony. >> my son and to -- when my son was born, you know, and the saddest day and toughest day of my life is when my son was gone. >> daniel: he died at the scene. one of the reasons nguyen took the plea deal so his wife didn't have to testify in the case. a local clothing brand scores a deal with major league baseball. sports lifestyle brand 47 can now put its name on mlb clothes and accessories and sell the merchandise at home and abroad. before the deal, the company could have only sell certain items and only in the u.s. and parts of europe and canada. a new hampshire water park has a new owner after a publicity stunt by its former owner failed to attract new investor. the liquid planet water park sold yesterday for $950,000 to the company that owns whales
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the former owner chained him self to slide for 16 days to keep the money -- to raise money to keep the business. the new owners want to open the park in the spring. now 5:16. good morning, everyone. startingen the expressway. always a good time to head out the door because we are not seeing high volume yet. 128 northbound and southbound also moving along well. pike itself wide open from framingham through the allston/brighton tolls. this is what i mean by wide open, only a handful of cars out there hour. live drive times 22 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 11 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. steaks stormtracker weather meteorologist shiri spear is joining us. shir, the brief walk from the car into the studio wasn't as bitterly cold as earlier this week. >> shiri: really warm. one those backwards days. starting warm and getting cooler once we go.
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temperatures will stop moving for the rest of the day. a few rain drops still out, a few snowdrops. most of your day is dry. we have this early fog that will happen 7, 8:00. afternoon, winds turn into the big story and tons and tons of sunshine starting tomorrow going through the weekend into early next week. right now 51 degrees in boston. i am actually surprised to see us back up to 51. we were up at midnight and i was expecting that to be the warmest time of the day. we actually achieve our eyes during the morning commute. with with we go up by another degrees. visibility is fine in boston it visibility is fine in boston itself. a lot of clouds around this morning. we drop you do 48 degree. by 7 a.m. by 9 a.m., 47 degrees and we don't move from there during the afternoon. turns out to be a partly to mostly cloudy days and with those clouds and will form, we have a chance of a couple of sprinkles to a couple of flurries to get down to the ground.
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46 degrees right now in worcester and you can see temperatures expected to drop and stay in the lower 40s for the rest of the day. plymouth, i know off couple of nearby raindrops here, so we are talking drizzle as you head out the door this morning. and we have got temperatures here that stay warmer. close to 50 degrees for the whole day there, but you can see where we are only at 39 in keene. temperatures there also not going to move very much so much going to move very much so much, much cooler inland. future cast at 67 a.m. have a lot of the raindrops pulling from the outer cape. winds pick up. winds will gust from 30 miles per hour inland to 40 to 50 miles per hour along the coast and the cape. notice the best chance for a couple of those flurries today will remain over southwestern new hampshire, western massachusetts, but a couple of those either flurries or like i said a little bit of a sprinkle could get down into the ground well into southeastern massachusetts. so, of course, we will be watching that closely. kevin lemanowicz will have
5:20 am
p.m. this will tend to be the time where the flurries come to an end. we have got a couple of bits of snow continuing in northern new england, but winds do not die down until we get into the day tomorrow. so it is still going to be kind of breezy, chilly start to your friday. friday. place. you have to head into vermont or even new york to hit the tomorrow. so the best risk for snow, any kind of accumulation will stick across northern new england an southern new england. a couple of snowflakes will not stick to the ground because the afternoon temperatures above freezing with 47 in boston. 42 in worcester. 42 in keechbz and 50 degrees 42 in keechbz and 50 degrees in southeastern massachusetts. the weekend always in view. tomorrow will be a little cooler. high of 46 degrees and sunshine through the weekend with 50 on saturday. 55 on sunday, and even 52 and nice and bright on monday. more rain tuesday night into wednesday and don't forget over the weekend we are hoping to
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drop-off day from 10 to 2:00 in reading. i will be there along with sarah wroblewski and kevin lemanowicz and you can get details on how you can help and the kind of items we are looking for on our facebook page and back to you. all right, shiri, a high school football star attacked hours after a big game. now police have made arrests. coming up the social media post police say helped lead them to their suspects. and also.
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became an today marks 16 years since the worcester cold storage killed fire fighters. fire fighters will ring a bell to mark the original time that the call came in. following the fire, the fire department changed many of their procedures and policy. isis released a beheading video of a man they call a russian spy. in it the victim confesses to working with russian intelligence. the executioner talks to russian president vladimir
5:23 am
saying you will not find peace in your homes. it comes on the heels of a russian am bombing campaign. prosecutors say officer william porter could have saved freddie gray's life if he pushed a button on his uniform to call for a medic. he was not involved in the original arrest. more than seven months ago freddie gray died in baltimore police custody and triggered a series of violent protests across the country. parts of southeast india are dealing with torrential flooding. downpours are blamed for 200 deaths. the navy are called in toes retu people. we know that 15 students and staff members from phillips academy are in india. school officials say they are waiting out the floods and they are safe. they expect them home by tuesday.
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all she did was buy a cake but she has become a symbol of kindness. lisa aldridge ordered a cake. instead of being angry she instead of being angry she it didn't look the way she wanted it to, with you they thanked those who do it. the one that did the cake was a woman with autism that normally stock shelves. >> it was something to be happy about. i get all these messages from families that struggle. it breaks my heart all the meanness that people have to endure because they are not just like everybody else. >> reporter: after lisa posted the picture on facebook the story was shared thousands of times. lisa said it is important to remember it is always important to be nice. a disgusting find inside a grocery store. birds picking at packages of meat inside this store. what happened when employees saw this video. a giant range from the 50s
5:25 am
the north shore and central massachusetts and 30s in southern new hampshire. i will share with you why temperatures were a little bit backwards and what it means for your afternoon. we continue to follow breaking developments in a mass shooting in california. party. overnight, we learned that a married couple was behind this.
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updating that breaking news now in california this morning. if you are just waking up, police have identified the shooters as a married couple with a 6-month-old baby. right now authorities are searching their home. it is several miles from the shooting scene where 14 people were killed during a holiday party just yesterday. good morning, everybody. it is thursday, december 3. i am sara underwood. >> daniel: i am daniel miller in for gene lavanchy. the very latest on that breaking news in just a moment. but first, there is rain on the forecast. stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear is here with more. good morning, shiri. >> just about the next two hours because we have rain showers from plymouth southward to the cape, the south shore, the south coast area and the island. the rest of the region looking mostly dry but very damp overnight and this is leading still. not bad across the cape and islands. as we head north of boston to the north shore, northeastern massachusetts.
5:29 am
lawrence and portsmouth and now. nashua visibility up by a little bit since we checked it last hour. new hampshire. keene, half-mile visibility. things are not looking good for travelers southern mass and northern new hampshire. a.m. guilt with a 7 a.m. temperature of 45 degrees. but you will want to check the fox25 weather app because we have a giant range in temperatures right now. by noontime today, about 48 and we don't move through the. all afternoon we hover close to where you are right now with a couple of flurries and sprinkles. we clear it out very late tonight. i am going to break down the more likely areas to see a little bit of wet weather today coming up. julie grauert with live drive you-time traffic. what are those drive times going to look like now. >> we will see the drive time increase because of a new accident there. 24 northbound right before 128 in randolph.
5:30 am
starting to stretch back to 139 starting to stretch back to 139. shifting up north of town, route 1 route 1, 93 south looking good. live look at the zakim where we are seeing significantly more head lights then when we checked in on this spot. live drive times. 12 minutes from 123 to 128. 22 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. sara and daniel, back to you. >> sara: all right, julie. back now to that breaking news. several breaking developments overnight on that mass shooting in san bernandino, california. >> daniel: we now know the suspects were a married couple one of the suspects is a 28-year-old a health department employee. people were killed. suspect's home. a portion of that neighborhood hour. this morning, the fbi says it can not rule out terrorism as a possible motive. fox25's blair miller is here with more on the suspects and what is taking place in
5:31 am
good morning, blair. >> blair: good morning, daniel and sara. the shooters were 28-year-old syed farook and 27-year-old tashfeen malik. both were killed in the gun battle with police hours after the shooting. and right now the fbi has their home surrounded. >> come to the front door. it is the fbi. >> blair: what you heard right there was the warning issued by swat teams before a robot was sent in to search the home for explosives explosive devices. a loud boom heard from inside the house. the suspect had pipe bombs and other devices on them. right now investigators don't have a motive for the killings but it happened during a holiday party. the male suspect syed farook worked as an environmental specialist for the local health department. overnight, he had been at that party. >> he left the party early under circumstances described
5:32 am
nature. that was the emergencies information we were following up on when we encountered him. >> blair: this morning we learned that syed farook traveled to saudi arabia and returned home with a wife. they had no reason that the couple were planning something like this. >> i had no idea. i have no idea why would he do that? why would he do something like this? i have absolutely no idea. i am in shock myself. >> blair: as of right now we know very little about the victims. 14 people have been killed. 17 others wounded. more than 600 people were in that building at the time. the shooting survivors were escorted away from the scene. they walked out with their arms raised to prove they were not threat. all government buildings in the san bernandino valley will be closed today and tomorrow only in. essential employees will go to work. what the suspects had on them at the time including more ammunition and pipe bombs.
5:33 am
top of the hour. live in the newsroom, blair miller, fox25. and president obama is staying briefed on the investigation in california. following the shooting, the president spoke out about what he calls a pattern of mass shootings that had no parallel. he told cb s news that certain laws need to be changed. >> we have a no fly list where people can't get on planes, but those same people we don't allow to fly could go into a store right now in the united states and buy a firearm and there is nothing that we can do to stop them. >> the president also called for stronger background checks on potential gun buyers. here at home, local hospitals say they will monitor and learn from the emergency response to yesterday's mass shooting. the head of emergency -- the emergency department response at mass general told fox25, they were studying the treatment of the victims. gh has a mass casualty protocol they are constantly updating
5:34 am
many of what they learned have been used in hospitals nation been used in hospitals nationwide. >> now first responders are taught to apply direct pressure to bleeding wounds and if they can't control the bleeding to supply tern kets. more are carrying tern kets on them now based on what they learned in the boston marathon bombing. >> daniel: doctors say treatment will continue to evolve. the one of the deadliest shootings since the sandy hook massacre. there have been 355 mass shootings where at least four people were shot in 3. people were shot in 3 36 days this year. based on the numbers, this is the third mass shooting since the one that killed three at a planned parenthood facility in colorado just last week. and fox 25 fox25 is monitoring all the new development both on air and online. coming up in our 7:00 hour. former boston police
5:35 am
linsky will be back in studio to talk about how police will collect evidence and where the investigation goes from here. 5:36 right now. a violent murder on a street in worcester takes the life of a local mother. police say this crime was all caught on surveillance video. fox25's catherine parrotta is live at the scene in worcester where a make lift memorial has been set up to remember the victim. goode good morning, catherine. >> reporter: good morning, daniel on murray avenue in afghanistan. just behind me on the sidewalk you can see where that memorial is today. police are asking for the public's help in finding whoever is responsible for this woman's murder and the attack as you mentioned was caught on camera. we are only going to show you the end of this video and in it, you can see emergency crews arriving to help the victim, but in the video, the woman can be seen walking down the street with two people just before they attack her, stabbing her multiple times, even once she is on the ground. it happened on murray ave around 4:45.
5:36 am
rie hill and her family devastated. >> she was top of her class. graduated top of the class. a full scholarship to berkeley college. she was a really good person. >> reporter: hill's family said she struggled with mental illness. one family member said schizophrenia and she was a mother of three and talented singer. they are working with police to find her killer and i wanted to show you as we come back out here live. the to are that had those surveillance cameras. if our photographer can come back a little bit this way, just across the street from where we are standing near this memorial today. that is where the cameras located that caught the incident on tape. you will hear from the owner of the for coming up in the next hour. catherine parrotta, fox25 news. happening today, the dorchester woman involved in stealing weapons from the worcester armory will go before a judge. prosecutors say ashley bigsby helped sell the stolen guns. charged with weapons possession
5:37 am
she will be in word federal court at 3:00 this afternoon. stay with fox25 news app for any developments and a full break down on what happens in court tonight on the fox25 news at 5 and 6:00. on the heels of the attack, we have a developing situation in cambridge. at midnight, police and public schools issued a warning about a violent threat against the middle schools. an anonymous e-mail was sent in threatening gun violence. all schools will be open today. cambridge police and the superintendent released this statement saying, police will be present throughout the building, throughout the day and in the schools, not just the three mentioned in the threat and will continue for the conclusion of afterschool activities. staff and students will be required to enter through a supervised front entrance at all cps school buildings. and the threat was directed specifically at the amigo school with, putnam ave, upper school.
5:38 am
schools before 6:30 this morning. they believe the person behind the this gun threat is the same one that e-mailed a bomb scare on tuesday. we are in cambridge this morning monday they are as it develops. new this morning a south african appeals court has convicted oscar pistorius of murder. the court overturned a manslaughter. pistorius never provided a acceptable ex-pla face for shooting his girlfriend. the man known as blade runner will have to go court for a new sentence. he is currently under house arrest. a professional basketball player is suspended for his possible role in a two fights in theback bay. benched julian okefor for two games. t m+ z showed video of a fight. it happened the same nigh
5:39 am
police arrest a suspect in the stabbing of a everett high school football star. cameras were there when they proud osmond mercia. a victim showed the mercia's facebook page and he was the one that stabbed 17-year-old marvin fedna. fedna's friend hoed the page to the police and he was arrested. he will be back in court friday. an easy 17. minutes on expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. shiri? >> shiri: areas of a fog out there. temperatures in the 40s to 50 degrees. 30s and 40s at 5 p.m. when the winds really kick into gear next. a christmas play is put on hold. the controversy sounding a judge's position to ban one school's live nativity. a local man suddenly collapses on the ice.
5:40 am
rescue crews said made made t you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
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i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. s all."
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updating that breaking news from san bernandino, california. fox news is now reporting that police have found explosives at the home of the suspects in yesterday's deadly shooting rampage. police are now searching that home. at least 14 people were killed. 17 others wounded in the shootings. continuing coverage rite here all morning long. meanwhile, there are more people trying to get gun licenses in massachusetts. gun store officials say this is because people want to arm themselves in the wake of recent violence. fox25 visited mass firearms ins who histon one of new england's largest gun stores and training centers. in the number of people to enroll to get gun safety licenses have more than doubled licenses have more than doubled. >> people are coming to the realization that these things could happen to me. maybe time to stop looking for outside sources, the
5:43 am
because they can't be there all the time. >> reporter: whoever critics say if congress doesn't act, the mass shootings will get worse. happening today lawmakers will discuss a bill to set the smoking age to 61. 60 state reps and senators have find on to the bill. several cities and towns across massachusetts have already raised the smoking age and boston is considering it as well. this new bill will enforce it on a state level. tonight, the boston celtics will play their most unusual game of the season. the celtics and the sacramento kings will face each other in mexico city. this will be the first time that the celtics play in mexico that the celtics play in mexico. a sellout crowd of 22,000 expected. trailing in the third krejci finds zdeno chara in front. big z in the slot.
5:44 am
the bruins miss all three attempts and everyly score attempts and everyly scoring for the oilers. bs fiscal gary tomorrow night. quick thinking saved man at a hockey rink. a 59-year-old collapsed in the locker room before going into cardiac arrest. it nobody in medical training but they used a if he fib later to save him. >> to have that to save his life before the ambulance or fire department to get here really means a lot. >> the rink had the device for six years but the first time anyone has ever had to use it. the victim is recovering at home this morning. good thursday morning, it is now 5:47. i want to start with this accident on 24. it is right at 128 in randolph. and those delays used to stretch back to 139. now they are going back into avon until that is cleared. also seeing slowing on expressway. average speeds at 24 miles per hour. here is a look at those live
5:45 am
12 minutes on route 3 from 224 to the braintree split. up to 24 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 12 minutes on 95 as you approach 128 approach 128. however, i also want to remind you dealing with dense fog in northeastern mass and new hampshire seacoast where shiri joining us and will break it down. >> reporter: that will be with us until 7 8:00. that cooler drier air that will be moving in during the course of the day. as it is, these showers over southeastern mass ending around 7:00 this morning. i know we see flurries and snowflakes on the maps. most of that stays in northern new england. we could see a sprinkle or a temperature in make its way in here. right now though it is the cape and travelers for the islands. the south coast where we are seeing those rain drops continue. it was raining overnight. you will find the roadways are damp. 51 degrees in boston. and look at this 59 by 7:00
5:46 am
the afternoon. warmest time of the day right now. a little bit backwards. as we get into the afternoon layer especially when you continue to have push how the winds are going to turn into the big weather story. 40s if not 50 miles per hour for the cape. the worst of the afternoon but the wind doesn't come to an end until we come into the day tomorrow. notice we don't have a lot of on and off clouds, but when we turn this breezy, a this unsettled, i see indications there could be a little sprinkle or little temperature in around town. cold enough to all fall as snow but plenty of spots well above freezing this afternoon and melting on its way down and even if it does get down as a temperature in, it will melt once it hits the ground. 5 p.m. your drive home from
5:47 am
by the time i will see the flurries tapering off not being an issue anymore. 47 in boston. 46 from portsmouth, new hampshire down to lawrence. 48 in plymouth. 50 in provincetown and on the vineyard. temperatures at 43 in worcester. 46 in fitchburg. 42 in keene, new hampshire this afternoon quite cooler, 10 degrees cooler across massachusetts. back into the 20s and 30s. and for tomorrow, 45 in boston. 43 43. and close to manchester, new 49 norwood. 47 in plymouth and 46 in portsmouth, new hampshire for your friday. here is your seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view. i know everybody wants a good look at that weekend. right now let's go with -- sunday for your pick of the weekend. i can go with either day because warmer and saturday
5:48 am
upper 40s or lower 50s a ton of these middle 50s. 54 in beverly and nashua, about 51 in worcester. 50 in chatham and i can us going a little above that. we will watch eastern and all be rain wean flurries and winds and temperatures dropping. after this it all gets better. back to you. >> dozens of birds over raw meat that is for sale. an investigation because of what is on this video. stay with us for the very latest on the mass shooting in southern california. we will have the latest on the
5:49 am
inspiring work that nonprofit
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today hillary clinton will be back campaigning through the granite state. in just a few hours. she will be in manchester for an event. fox25 sharman sacchetti will be on the trail and will bring you any updates from the event all morning long and tonight on the fox25 news at 5:00 and 6:00. people are spending more
5:52 am
the average monthly bill hit a record of 99 this year. cost has been rising 8% a year since 2010. experts believe because so many people are choosing not to pay for cable tv. 1 million customers dropped out of their cable service over the past six months. new hampshire police are hope hoping to find stolen items donated to operation santa claus. thousands of in tools and gift cards suddenly vanished between november 25 and 30. they were kept in a state-owned van locked inside of a garage in concord. donations were supposed to go to children during the holidays to children during the holidays. happening today, the tree on boston common will be lit. the festivities began at 6:00. this is video from last year. mayor marty walsh will be joined by members of the canadian mounted police and nova scotia. members of elf the musical and
5:53 am
guests will take the stage. >> people in chicopee are thinking twice of buying meat at their local market at wal-mart. they saw live birds picking apart the packaging. a customer took this picture you are looking at now. the chicopee health department said 17 birds were taken from the store and the meat discard the store and the meat discarded. they want to see more done to keep birds at bay. 5:56. breaking news in southern california. coming up at the top of the hour, police searching the home of the married couple who open fired on a holiday party. the dangerous discovery the dangerous discoveries police have made inside their house. and developing news in cambridge this morning. several schools on alert after anonymous threat surfaces against those cools. the extra security measure students will see this morning when they arrive at class. as for weather threats today. i think wind will be the biggest nuisance out there as it strengthens this afternoon. shortlived fog that will be a
5:54 am
morning and a couple of flurries around timeline on if you gave your primary care a check up, how would it do? let's look at lahey health doctors and nurses who know who you are and care how you feel... check right where you live... check many locations and convenient hours check looks like we're off to a very healthy start. what's next in primary care for who matters most: you. lahey health. lahey hospital and medical center beverly hospital addison gilbert hospital
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we have not ruled out terrorism. >> sara: breaking news overnight in the deadly california shooting. the motive is still is mystery but new information about the suspects. police say the husband and wife are responsible for the country are responsible for the country's latest deadly rampage country's latest deadly
5:56 am
down in a shootout with police,
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