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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 3, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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down in a shootout with police, and rinow the fbi has their home surrounded. what has just been found at the scene. as we watch what happens in california, extra security is being beefed up at schools at home. the serious threats targeting a local school district and what is being done this morning to protect students and teachers. >>announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, december 3. i am daniel miller in for gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. active police station in california. more details in just a moment. storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear is here with a look at the thursday forecast. >> and the thursday forecast starts off like did yesterday with fog and showers right now little rain left. and temperatures in the 50s worcester at 34.
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otter item i have a close eye on, the dense fog in beverly, lawrence, portsmouth and travelers up in the north shore and the seacoast will see the worst of it until 7 or 8:00 this morning notice temperatures are dropping by 7 a.m. what i am expecting to happen is i take a little dpip and rise through these temperatures don't move until the afternoon. a slight chance of a temperature in or sprinkle. temps 42 to 48 degrees. i will break down the threat in a couple of minutes but first julie grauert with live drive time traffic. julie, info on a new accident? >> julie: shiri, the accident on 124 at 128. those delays continuing to increase past 123. so we are seeing that increase in the drive times as well in the drive times as well. slow on the expressway. average speeds 24 hours as you
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the number of taillights are increasing. the live drive times. 32 minutes on 24 because of that accident from 126 to 108. easy 12 minutes on route 3. 13 minutes on route 5 approaching 128 daniel and sara, back to you. >> 6:02. several breaking news on the mass shooting in san bernandino mass shooting in san bernandino, california. >> sara: overnight we learned that the suspects were a married couple with a 6-month married couple with a 6-month-old baby. they recently returned from saudi arabia. police confirm the male suspect was a county employee that attended a holiday party and. he was a devout muslim but never talked about religion at work. the fbi had that home surrounded and new this hour, officials are confirming that explosives have been found in the home. fox25's blair miller is following the new details including what is taking place
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>> blair: new morning 28-year-old syed farook and 27-year-old tashfeen malik were prepared for an extend tended assault. they had magazines and ammunition on their body. right now fbi has their home surrounded. >> come to the front door. this is the fbi. >> blair: in that video you can hear the warning issued by swat teams before a robot was sent in to search the house for explosives explosive devices. the couple were each carrying a ar-15 rifle and a pistol and police chase that couple two miles from the initial shooting site. police sourceing will saying that the suspect's vehicle had multiple pipe bombs and the suspects had go pro cameras strapped to their body armor that included more ammunition stuffed in their vests. right now investigators do not have a motive for the killings. police say it happened during a holiday party for county employees. that male suspect syed farook
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specialist for the health deposit department. his brother-in-law came forward saying there is no signs of any of this. >> i had no idea. i had no idea why would he do that. why would he do something like this i have absolutely no idea. i am in shock myself. >> as of right now we know little about the victims. 14 people have been killed, 17 others wounded. shooting survivors walked out of that building with their arms raised to prove to police they were not a threat. at this point, police believe there may be explosive devices inside that center. relatives say the suspect left their baby with family members yesterday morning and never came back. here in the next 30 minutes, the connection the suspects had to saudi arabia and what president obama is saying about another mass shooting in this country. live in the newsroom, blair miller, fox25. and the chase for the suspects played out in a busy neighborhood. police urging everyone to protect themselves.
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oh, they are killing that guy. get the tape. >> daniel: cell phone video from a man standing blocks from where police shot and killed two suspects. could you hear the sound of gun could you hear the sound of gunshots on police radios as officers closed in. >> we are at san bernandino and shedin -- san bernandino and shedin. one guy is down. one guy in the back of a car. >> daniel: police say both suspects were shot and killed at the scene. they were in that black suv. both dressed in assault-style clothing. >> sara: absolutely terrifying moments for family and friends of those inside the center in san bernandino. the only information they had were text messages by their loved ones. >> emergency situation at my work. active shooter on-site. we are locked in offices on the floor. please pray for us. >> reporter: many clung to
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loved ones were at the mercy of killer. for one family hearing from their daughter wasn't now put them at ease. >> relief knowing she is okay. we don't know, but it is still going on. that is the scary part the unknown still of the wheel situation. >> reporter: as they waited for answers, many gathered together to pray for those inside and for the officers conducting the man hunt. new details on the sent we are this was all happened. it was known for doing inspiring work. the nonprofit was in 1971 and offers recourses and -- resources and programs for developmental disabled children and adults. they provide service for everyone from infants to senior citizens and families connected to the center say their lives have been forever improved by the work there. >> daniel: the shooting in san bernandino mark the 355 bernandino mark the 355th shooting since the sandy hook
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we had more mass shootings than calendar days this year. look at these number. how many mass shootings they have seen each month and the most recent was last week. the attack at the planned parenthood facility in colorado colorado. june saw the most shootings with a total of 44 that included the horrific shooting at a charleston, south carolina church. fox25 is monitoring all the new developments from the shooting on air and online coming up in our 7:00 hour former boston police superintendent dan linski will be live in studio of how police will collect evidence and where the investigation goes when the sun comes up on the west coast. 6:07. we are following developing news out of cam page where police are stepping up patrols at all of the city's schools. the second time that an e-mail has threatened violence this week. fox25 jessica reyes is live at the middle school, one of the schools mentioned in this
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>> reporter: that's right. the upper school in the fresh bond area cambridge. you can see it right here students will be near just about an hour and one of the schools mentioned in the threat and in 30 minutes police will be here to walk through the school make things are in control before students get there. we learned about this around midnight. they learned of a threat of gun violence. targeted and three schools in the district. amining go, put a.m. in and vasser school. the schools will be open but they are doing a number of things to make sure students are safe when they get there. not only will they be doing the walk through but the buildings have been locked and alarmed since 10:30 and the school system released statement system released statement police will be present throughout the building and throughout the day in every
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mentioned in the threat. staff and students will be required to enter through a supervised front entrance at all c ps school buildings. on tuesday there was an anonymous bomb threat mailed in of the targeted schools that were mentioned and the one that police told us about. police are going to be here in just about 30 minutes with school officials going through, walking through these schools making sure everything is safe and security and will be back here. we are live in cambridge, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. testimony will continue tomorrow mt. murder trial of the danvers teen accused of killing his math teacher. jurors walked the crime scene yesterday. chism murdered his math teacher colleen ritzer and then left her body behind the school.
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not mentally stable at the time not mentally stable at the time. the new hampshire man accuse man accused of killing his parent and burning down their house is expected to plead guilty. 40-year-old matthew deion fled to florida in march. dion is expected to plead guilty today to arson and murder. he faces seven and a half to 15 years in prison. happening today, the dorchester woman involved in stealing weapons from the worcester armory will go before a judge. prosecutors say ashley bigsby helped steal the stolen guns. charged with weapons potential. will be in worcester federal court at 3:00 this afternoon. stay with the fox25 news app for any developments and a full breakdown of what happens in court tonight on the fox25 news at 5:00 and 6:00. the man known as baby bella the man known as baby bella's biological father is out of jail this morning. police have charged 32-year-old police have charged 32-year-old
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he tried he tried to use his note right as baby doe's father to manipulate police. a judge ordered amoroso to stay away from the shopping center. a professional baseball player is suspended for his role in two fights in the back bay. benched ja lishtion, l aka for for two games. tmz sports released video of week. it happened the same night of another night caught on camera. boston police are investigating the incident. we track traffic and weather we have ten minutes. this is what you will see in many places. fog for the second day in a row fog for the second day in a row. we will have your drive time in a moment. first here is shiri. >> waking up to 51 degrees in boston. mild start to the day. we continue to cool down. 7 a.m. 49. by 8 a.m. 48. we will show you how warm those
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fox news is now reporting that police have found explosives at the home of the suspects in yesterday's deadly shooting rampage. police are now searching that home. at least 14 people were killed. 17 others wounded in the shooting. and in 15 minutes, much more including what we learned overnight about the married couple that police say caused this chaos. new this morning overseas, british warplanes have carried out air strikes in syria after the parliament voted to bomb isis targets. president obama applauded the decision to join fights against isis. the air strikes are in response to the terrorist attack. currently the french and u.s. are conducting air strikes in syria. he tells about britain's targets are expected to come out later today. isis has released another militant beheading video this time of a man accused of being a russian spy. the still shot of that 8-minute video. in it he confesses to working
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the executioner talks to russian president vladimir putin and the russian people saying you will not find peace in your homes. it comes after a russian bombing campaign to push out isis. developing this hour, two army pilots are dead after their helicopter crashes near fort campbell in tennessee. flying an apache chopper when it went down. the helicopter was found near a river and was on fire. the cause of the crash has no the been identified. parts of southeast indo yea are dealing with serious flood -- india are dealing with serious flooding. downpours are blamed for 200 deaths. the navy has been called in to rescue people and this morning we know that 15 students and three faculty members from phillips academy are in india. they are waiting out the floods and are safe. they expect them home by tuesday. this man has been charged with hitting a pedestrian while driving drunks in wareham.
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yesterday as the prosecutor painted a picture of what happened. the video showed the overmath of the crash on onset avenue. giverson lost colt, slammed into a -- lost control, slammed into a parked car. the victim was taken to a rhode island hospital and is in stable condition. springfield police are trying to get to the bottom of a hit-and-run crash involving a woman in a motorized wheelchair. the 28-year-old was hit while trying to cross boston road tuesday night. witnesses say a mark mercury sable stopped briefly and took off. the license plate fell off at the scene. a few minutes later the same car was reported stolen. police recovered the car and are sweeping it for evidence. it is now 6:17 on this thursday. that accident on 24 is in the process of being cleared out. we are seeing very slow conditions through avon and back to 123. slow around naponset. up to north of town where you can see slowing on route 1 in
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also slow as you approach the cloverleaf on 93 south. here is a look at some of that fog on route 1 in saugus. and shiri will have more on how that is kind of sticking with us today. live drive times. 17 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. still low on 24 because of that earlier accident. 31 minutes florida 123 to 128 31 minutes florida 123 to 128. speaking of that fog. shiri saying beware of dense fog early and afternoon we switch over to wind. a busy day to look forward to. >> trading one or the other and yesterday was wet weather. turning into a windy day and that is really the biggest weather story of our thursday here. just a few snowflakes, a couple of rain drops. nothing that will really accumulate and ruin your day. 99% of it will run dry. afternoon those winds kick into gear and tons of sunshine between friday and monday this week. current conditions still looking a little bit soggy out across the cape and islands
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look how warm it is there in the 50s. good morning boston at 51. looking mostly cloudy. 44 in lawrence. 40 in portsmouth, new hampshire where we have dense fog in place right now. we have to watch it on the road we have to watch it on the road zero visibility. problematic. southern new hampshire this morning. look at this we barely warm up. 8 a.m. 41 degrees. afternoon middle 40s. that's about it. you are really only going up 5 degrees here. look at boston, 51 degrees and mostly cloudy. oh, we spent almost all day in the upper 40s. temperatures actually drop as we head through the morning and they don't move once we get into the afternoon. so future cast here 7 a.m. i expect that most of the rain is going to be pulling away from the outer cape. i think that is the last spot. we will have a little sprinkle at the same time. areas like ipswich, portsmouth, manchester, lowell. we will have to keep an eye on you guys for fog until 8:00. breezy conditions roll in for the afternoon. winds gusting 30 to 50 miles per hour.
6:20 am
especially down to the cape here. but these winds are create but these winds are creating these kind of unsettled pattern these kind of unsettled pattern. on and off clouds with those on and off clouds. the best chance for know will be well be well off to the north and west and we will see a couple of flurries fall down to the ground. some will melt especially southeastern massachusetts. but a couple of flurries. a couple of sprinkles. i can not rule them out although most of you will stay dry. future cast into the overnight hours counting on dry, clear conditions. still blustery as you wake up tomorrow morning and the winds melt away during the day. we tap into dry sunshine. you have to head into new york or vermont to bump into the clouds and flurries. as for the snow chance, any accumulation well to the north in northern new england. we don't see any accumulation because 47 in boston. 42 in keene. 43 in worcester this afternoon. 48 in norwood and plymouth. 47 in beverly and a look at your seven-day forecast for the
6:21 am
we will go up to 46 degrees under mostly sunny skies. the weekend starts in the upper 40s. 40s, lower 50s on saturday. sunday both days but sunday we will see more mid. 50s around town. monday and next week and middle of the week rain showers. over the weekend as well, we hope to see you this saturday for the cope drop-off day from 10 to 2 at jordan's furniture in reading. details on our facebook page and a local house cleaner takes a trip to miami on her employer a trip to miami on her employer's dime. still ahead, the lies she allegedly told the elderly victim about her health to
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the m+ anew r gene will jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
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. overnight the court overturned an earlier manslaughter period manslaughter verdict. the court said that pistorius never had an acceptable explanation for shooting and killing his girlfriend reeva
6:24 am
he will have to go to court to hear a new sentence. he is currently under house arrest. prosecutors say officer william porter could have saved freddie gray's life if he pushed a button on his uniform to call for a medic. porter was not directly involved in gray's original arrest but did check up on him during his trip to the police station. more than seven months ago, freddie gray dialed freddie gray died in baltimore police custody and triggered violent protests across the country. the mayor of chicago say he will not quit in the wake of controversy surrounding the shooting of a black teenager. rahm emanuel fired the city's police chief. critics want him to step down as well but emmanuel trusts the voters who put him in the office for a second term. he did create a task force on law enforcement accountability. former massachusetts governor deval patrick will lead that task force. a high school nativity play
6:25 am
the performance has been -- in indiana has been called off. a judge said it is unconstitutionally endorsing religion. the community doesn't think this is fair. >> part of, like, the concourse tradition for years and all of a sudden it is not allowed? >> sara: students have created t-shirts in support of the play t-shirts in support of the play. an official hearing will be on the case in january. but for now, the ban stands. and we continue to follow the very latest breaking news out of san bernandino, california this morning. the fbi has found explosives inside the home of a married couple responsible for killing 14 people. new at 6:30 before new at 6:30 new at 6:30, cell phone video from inside that office building as swat teams help survivors get to safety. one thing i am watching a giant range in temps to pwevrp giant range in temps to beverly
6:26 am
to the 30s in nashua and keene. what that means for your afternoon temperatures coming up. and weeks after a everett football star was stabbed, police made an arrest. the facebook post that broke jeb bush: here's the truth you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism.
6:27 am
that will determine the fate of the free world. the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our total destruction. we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
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now at 6:30. brand-new information has been emerging overnight on the steadilyest shooting rampage since sandy hook. while you were sleeping police confirmed that a married couple
6:29 am
they were shot and killed in a dramatic shootout with police. right now there is an ongoing search at their home. and lots to update you on on this thursday morning. good morning to you. i am sara underwood. >> daniel: and i am daniel miller in for gene lavanchy today. we are following the latest developments on that deadly shooting, but first fox25 storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear is here with a look at today's forecast. quite interesting you said at 4:00 our high at midnight. >> we are at our high at midnight. 51. but we are getting it this morning. either way cooler. dense fog in lawrence. portsmouth, lawrence, new hampshire. some of the worst travel northeast massachusetts in southern new hampshire. boston itself doing a-okay and we have got a lot of other reporting stations saying they are doing just fine. this will linger until 7 or
6:30 am
40s in the burbs. look how to warms up into southeastern massachusetts. couple of sprinkles theft couple of sprinkles left. 54 in brewster. 50 in plymouth. 50 in bridgewater versus 42 degrees in worcester and fitchburg. 37 in am hurst, new hampshire. 36 in hillsboro, new hampshire 36 in hillsboro, new hampshire. a giant range in temperatures. keep the fox25 weather app handy to keep an eye on temperatures. and get your custom day planner and get your custom day planner. noontime 48 degrees and turns breezy with a couple of flurries into the afternoon and i will show you the prime locations coming up. julie grauert with live drive time traffic. where are your problem spots. >> accident on 24 have cleared. a new accident 95 in foxborough near 140. delays stretching back into mansfield. s a we shift north, seeing those residual delays with average speeds of 24 miles per hour from the earlier accident. to the pike slow spot as you
6:31 am
through brighton where there are quite a bit of space between those cars. 18 minutes on the pike between 495 and speen street. and 23 minutes on 95 as you approach 128. daniel and sara, back to you. several breaking developments on the mass shooting in san bernandino, california. >> sara: overnight we learned that the suspects were a married couple with a six married couple with a six-month-old baby and they recently returned from saudi arabia. the male suspect was a county employee who attended a holiday party at the building but left early. he was a devout muslim and never talked about religion at work. the couple's home was surrounded right now and officials are confirming that explosives have been found in the home. fox25 blair miller has new details about what is inside that building. >> blair: sara, new this morning the shooter is
6:32 am
27-year-old tashfeen malik were prepared for an extended assault. they had several magazine of ammunition on their body ammunition on their bodies when they were killed by police, and right now the fbi has their home surrounded. >> come to the front door. it is the fib. >> blair: that right there was the warning issued by s.w.a.t. team before a robot was sent in to search the house for explosive devices and this morning fox news is reporting that the couple were each carry that the couple were each carrying a ar-15 rifle and pistol and police chased that couple two miles from the initial shooting scene. the suspect's vehicle had multiple pipe bombs in it and the suspects had go pro cameras strapped to their body armor including more ammunition struched to their -- stuffed to their rests the attack was not a random act. >> there had to be some degree of planning that went into it of planning that went into it.he didn't go home, put on
6:33 am
back on a spur-of-the-moment thing. >> blair: investigators don't have a motive for the shooting. it happened during a holiday party for employees. the suspect syed farook went to the party and then left after something angry. and his brother-in-law said they never expected anything like this. surreal images are coming from inside the inland regional accidenter where the shooting happened. listen as a police officer work to escort survivors out of the building. >> relax. relax. i will take a bullet before you do, that's for damn sure, be cool, okay. >> sara: that officer promises to risk his own life to keep those workers safe. you can hear them whispering nervously as they are led out of the building. president obama is being briefed on the investigation in california following the shooting. the president spoke out about what he calls a pattern of mass shootings that have no parallel shootings that have no
6:34 am
he told cbs news, certain laws need to be changed. >> we have a no fly list where people can't get on planes, but those same people we don't allow them to fly can go into a store right now in the united states and buy a firearm and there is nothing that we can do to stop them. >> daniel: the president called for stronger background checks on potential gun buyers. and politicians running for president tweeted their thoughts and prayers following the shooting. the new york daily news points out that prayers may not be enough with the front page reading, quote, god isn't fixing this. connecticut senator chris murphy echoes that saying saying prayers haven't been enough since the sandy hook massacre in his state three years ago. he took to twitter to to call for gun control laws. your thoughts should be for steps to stop this carnage. your prayers should be for your prayers should be for forgiveness if you do nothing again. here at home local hospitals will monitor and learn from the emergency
6:35 am
shooting. the head of the emergency department response at mass general told fox25 they were studying the treatment of the victims. mgh has a mass tragedy protocol that they are updating. doctors say many of the lessons they are learning after the marathon bombings are now used in hospitals nationbide. >> but now first responders are taught to apply direct pressure to bleeding wounds. if they can't control the bleeding to provide a tern ket. more are carrying tourniquets based on the lessons by boston marathon bombings. >> doctors say treatments on the field will continue to evolve. fox25 is monitoring all the new developments from this shooting both on air and on line. coming up in the next hour, former boston police superintendent and chief live in studio to talk about how police will collect evidence and where the investigation goes from here.
6:36 am
cambridge police are stepping up patrols at all the city schools. there have been two anonymous e-mail threats e-mailed in this week. fox25 jessica reyes live at vasser middle school. anden unmarked police cruiser just showed up about two minutes ago. >> that unblacked this was one of the schools named in the threat and in the past ten minutes or so, we have seen some people walking around this front lobby area, and any minute now, we know police will be walking halls with school security going through this entire building making sure everything is safe before students get here to start their school day. take a look. new video from outside the school. you can see that unmarked black suv parked outside and you can also see one uniformed officer inside with a k-9 unit. they are going to be walking the hall of all three schools
6:37 am
the amigo, the putnam avenue middle school and here at the vasser lane middle school. this is one the number of things cambridge police are going to do to make sure students are safe. on top of the walk through, all buildings are locked and secure and alarmed since 10:30 last night and the school system released a statement saying police will be present throughout the building, throughout the day in every cps school not just the three mentioned in the threat. and will continue until the conclusion of afterschool activities. staff and students will be required to enter through a supervised front entrance at all school buildings. just two days ago on tuesday morning, cambridge police learn morning, cambridge police learned about a bomb threat toward the same schools. the all clear was given after a search. and students resume their day, but police made sure to have extra security on hand when students show up that morning. so once again, we know that the walk opinion through will be starting the next couple of minutes. you can see -- you can see a
6:38 am
now going around the perimeter of the building with a k-9 of the building with a k-9. there are also officers inside the building that we can see now. looks like this search is going around making sure everything is can he kerr here right now. they will be doing this over the next half hour to hour before the students get here this morning. when they do get here we will be talking to him and their parent. for now live in cambridge, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. an also this morning, police are searching for the suspects in the murder of this worcester mother killed on a city street and all caught on surveillance camera. catherine parrotta is live at the police department where officers are working this case. >> reporter: good morning, sara. i did just check the facebook page for the worcester police department to see if they posted any updates. they have not. i reached out to the worcester police department this morning. at last check, they were asking for the public's help in tracking down the suspects in this case and as you mentioned
6:39 am
on camera. >> baa things with the family right now. >> reporter: with tears in her eyes the sister of 31-year-old sherice hill sat in the sherice hill sat parking lot. shocked because of the m.r.f. the aspiring singer and mother of three. >> she was a really good person person. >> reporter: they say she was stabbed multiple times on murray ave. >> somebody had to see something. turns out that somebody did.i have been here 45 years and i thought i saw it all until i saw what happened here. >> reporter: bob kirsch is the owner of kirsc liquors. his security cameras captured whole incident. >> it was horrible. something you don't want to sigh. a gruesome murder. >> reporter: we are showing the portion of the murder after that when emergency crews arrived on the scene but the video show two men attacking hill multiple times, stabbing her even after she falls to the ground. police have the video as they
6:40 am
hill's family wait to look for answers after a crime leaving them with so many more questions. >> i want to know -- whoever did this to my sister i want them to be found. a very hard time for all of us right now because didn't deserve is this. >> and another of hill's sisters said even though sherice did have her struggles with mental i will reasons, an extremely talented young woman and you will hear more from her on that. live from worcester. catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. police arrest a suspect in the stabbing of a everett high school football star. our cameras were there as police brought 19-year-old osmond mercia to the court house. the victim showed the brother the facebook page and said he is the one that shot marvin fedna. his brother showed the page to police are which led to mercia's arrest. he will be in court on friday. an arlington woman is behind bars accused of scaming
6:41 am
en elderly woman out of $1 en elderly woman out of $100,000. the woman stole $100,000 from the 84-year-old. she started working for the the woman woman as a house cleaner and needed money for surgery on a brain tumor. shep actually used the money for a vacation in miami. she is now charged with larceny she is now charged with larceny. a 47-minute commute on 93 southbound in 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri. >> shiri: 42 to 52 degrees. i have the timeline on when the winds really strengthen coming up. a disgusting sight in the meat department at a massachusetts store. the viral video that is getting across of attention this morning. before the first flakes fall, the governor is vowing to fix
6:42 am
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update updating breaking news from california. federal officials say the weapons used in yesterday's deadly shooting were purchased legally. the suspect, the married couple used two assault rifles and two handguns. used hours after the rampage that where 14 people died. we will have updated news all day long. hillary clinton will be in the granite state in just a few hours. she will be in manchester for an event. fox25's sharman sacchetti will be on the trail with her and will bring any updates from the event all morning long and tonight on the fox25 this at 5 and 6. happening today, lawmakers will discuss a bill that will set the legal smoking age across the state at 21 years old. 60 state reps and senators have signed on to the bill. several dozen cities and towns across massachusetts have raised the smoking age, and boston is considering it as well. but this new bill will enforce it on a state level.
6:44 am
governor and mbta fishes rolling out their plans to keep trains moving in winter. they say the mbta is much better to handle the snow. a new ad campaign, new plows and a new refurbished snow and a new refurbished snowzilla. but riders sayages, not words that will make them happy. >> slogans are nice and delivering good service is a whole lot better and we will believe it when we see it. >> sara: the governor says the t is spenting $85 million to upglade and fix a failing system that failed during the record snow fall. he is promising better communication including setting up an emergency. good thursday morning, everyone. it is now 6:47. here is a look at this accident right at 1407 right at 1 40. you can see those delays stretching through mansfield almost into attleboro right now almost into attleboro right now.
6:45 am
from framingham into natick and right near the weston tolls. take to you route 1 in saugus. look at that fog. it is increasing significantly since the last time we checked in on this live shot. hard to make out all of those head lights but you can see them and pretty slow going. live drive times. 29 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 53 minutes from 495 south to the leverett connector. 30 minutes on the expressway from braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri that fog on route 1 in saugus is very dense. i tweeted out a picture a half an hour ago. i said this is the worst of it, not the case. >> shiri: the problem is it can always get worse before it gets better. hardest hit by that fog right now is going to include the north shore up to the seacoast. travelers in the northern eastern massachusetts and southeastern massachusetts. that is where we are going to see the brunt of the fog. travelers to the cape, we have got a couple of you snowflakes working their way into the
6:46 am
we see couple of those as well in the form of a couple of flurries. the big picture is a generally dry one. still a little damp from the overnight rain. visibility is doing just fine right now. a little bit of a weird temperature forecast today because we already had our warmest time of the day. 8 a.m. down to 48 degrees. 47 at 10:00 and we stay at 47 straight through 2:00 this down. the big story is going to become the wind as we get into the afternoon. winds will be gusting around 30 miles per hour inland. 40 to possibly even 50 miles per hour down along the coast and the cape this afternoon and this evening when we get the worst of it. so it will turn very, very blustery and we get this blustery set-up in fall and get flurries. i don't think flurries only here in southern vermont and southwestern new hampshire. i can see a couple of those flurries reaching boston and southeastern massachusetts, likely melting on their way
6:47 am
one two patchy sprinkles. bear in mind the chances are fairly low and does exist so most of us will stay dry and things quiet down around 5 p.m. the threat of flurries will diminish overnight. the wind we will continue to see. 47 this afternoon in boston. 46 in lawrence and portsmouth new hampshire. 48 in plymouth. a couple of 50s ft. a couple of 50s a couple of 50 for the cape and island. worcester at 43 today. keene and orange only at 42 this afternoon. we will be back into the 20s and 30s. a little warmer in the city and along the coastline versus the inter i don't remember and northwest winds -- interior and northwest winds around 10 to 20 miles per hour. gusts up around 40 at the coastline. during the day, winds diminish. sunshine for the day. low to mid-40s and looks like a spectacular friday and weekend. a seven-day forecast with the weekend in view. tomorrow 46 under mostly cloudy skies.
6:48 am
but you will wake up to the 20s both days. cooler on saturday and boston at 48 degrees. plymouth, 49, worcester, 45. a couple of spots struggled and even got up to 50, but we gain several more degrees on sunday with high in the middle 50s. 50s and going strong on monday. by tuesday, we will be watching a coastal storm for possible rain showers into wednesday at the coastline. back to you, guys. >> all right, shiri. 6:51 now. the owner of a new hampshire water park was chained to the top of the slide for weeks hoping to stop the sale, but the pro tests didn't work. coming up, how much that park just sold for at auction. we continue to follow breaking news out of san bernandino. the the fbi has found explosives inside the home of a married couple responsible for the latest mass shooting. in 30 minutes, a former boston superintendent will join us
6:49 am
you will not hear from our president: we are at war with radical islamic terrorism. it is the struggle that will determine the fate of the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. their aim is our we can't withdraw from this threat or negotiate with it. we have but one choice: to defeat it. vo: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of
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discover unexpected treasures, pfor the people who least expect it. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. a new hampshire water park has been auctioned off after a publicity stunt from its former owner failed to promote new investor.
6:51 am
company that owns whales tale water park. the liquid water former owner chained himself to slide for 16 business. the new owners want to open the park in the spring. people are thinking twice of buying meat at their local wal-mart. they claim they saw real birds inside the store picking apart the packaging. a customer took this video. the chicopee health department said 17 birds were removed from the store and the meat was discarded but people say it is not enough to keep them shopping there. >> that bothering me. >> i won't get my meat there no more. >> i don't consider birds in the store safe. a tsar wal-mart has said they have additional safeguards but will not say what the additional safeguards actually are.
6:52 am
applebee's. applebee's. they will only serve it on request. applebe's and ihop are the only ones to do the plan. entertainer nick cannon gets a new gig and not on screen. radio shack has hired him as his chief creative officer. try tries to work its way out of bankruptcy. he will work on educational products, hold events and even implement play list for the company store. radio shack said they hired him to help the company appeal to millennials. well, the ugly christmas sweater trend has grown, and some have the wallets of the creators of uglychristmas creators of two brothers in detroit capitalized on the trend and their sales have skyrocketed ever since. this year they are on track to sell more than $5 million worth of ugly sweaters.
6:53 am
you do not own an ugly sweater. >> daniel: you are absolutely right. >> 6:5. an elementary school student is going to class for the first time as a girl. the lesson plan that was scrapped to teach kids about the transgender community. and what people are doing to rally around that 6-year-old. shiri. >> shiri: winds will turn into our big issue today. strengthening winds this afternoon. this morning a decent fog. we will give you a timeline on each of those elements next. and we continue to follow breaking news out of san bernandino where new information about the shooting is coming out every hour. coming up at 7:00, what we have learned about the weapons used in there's a better way to specialized surgery that's right for you: lahey hospital and medical center. cardiac teams pioneering innovative treatments... and neurosurgeons at the forefront of spinal surgery... right here. america's largest live-donor
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