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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  December 4, 2015 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> why do i wind her up? a new hampshire woman, one of the wounded but still alive. how family and friends say she stayed strong in the terrifying minutes after being shot. >> a school trip to paris canceled. >> parents have legitimate fear beside sending their children abroad right now and think it's pretty reprehensible that they would keep this money. >> the travel company says parents just need to pay the cancellation fee.
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say it's not putting enough cash back in their pockets. >> and the new face of drug addiction. how locals are helping pets left abandoned by their owners in trouble. >> we begin at 10:00 with brand-new images tonight just released by police in san bernardino california, showing just how powerful and deadly the weapons used by yesterday's shooters really were. good evening, everyone. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa wells. here's what we know right now. 12 of the 14 victims killed yesterday were san bernardino county employees. we know 18 of the 21 injured were also employees. late tonight an associated press source says police are looking for a man right now who may have purchased two of the rifles used in yesterday's attack. >> there's a lot to get to tonight, christine mccarthy is live in new hampshire where one of the wounded survivors is from, but first let's get to fox
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suspect's possible well, authorities concluded their most recent news conference about a half an hour ago. one of the first responding police officers gave a chilling account of the massacre as it was unfolding. no word tonight from investigators about terrorism being the motive, but we do know it's something they're taking a hard look at. >> reporter: a name, a face, and now a possible motive. today the saudi arabiaen industry in washington d.c. confirmed that syed farook visited in the summer of 2014 and came home with a new wife and possibly new ideology. authorities are trying to determine if the mild mannered county health inspector became radicalized during the 9-day trip. >> he was not on our radar scene. >> reporter: no, saeed farook was not on a watch list but
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he's associated with are. according to the associated press, farook communicated by phone and social media with at least two people currently being monitored by the fbi. >> when we entered, there was fresh gun powder and the smell of gun powder in the air. >> reporter: tonight san bernardino police lieutenant mike madden, a 23-year veteran, provided a first hand account of the carnage he witnessed. he was one of the first to respond to the inland regional center. he described a horrific scene, bodies everywhere. >> it was unspeakable. the carnage that we were seeing, the number of people who were injured and unfortunately already dead. and the pure panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need and needing to be >> farook and his wife lived in redlands california, a 15 minute drive from san bernardino. tonight investigators continue to scour their home and so far they've found 4500 rounds of
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before the attack the couple left their six-month-old daughter with her mother. a new question was raised about the number of shoot that's right may have been involved in the attack working to bring you more on that new at 11:00. live in our newsroom, ted daniel, fox 25 news. also tonight, the names of the 14 people killed in yesterday's mass shooting have been released. they include 52-year-old nicholas a coworker of the gunman, a jew, very outspoken about matters of faith on social media. 37-year-old michael wetzel, a father of six, he was a san bernardino county health worker from lake arrowhead. a friend of the family says his wife posted to facebook in the middle of the shooting looking for him. his youngest child is just 1. these two young men, among 14 killed, 12 of them were county workers as mentioned earlier,
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ranging in age from 26 to 58. >> to christie mccarthy now live in hemsfield, new hampshire at the home of a woman who was shot but survived yesterday's horrific attack. >> well, a lot of relief here in new hampshire. but also a lot of sadness and shock that such an act of cruelty, evil, hatred could affect such a small community like this one. >> reporter: amanda gas car's mother had just finished decorating he church when she returned home to the terrifying news. >> pastor a arthur miller says amanda was shot in the leg, strap shrapnel entered her head and arm. >> maybe an hour from when we
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we actually confirmed she was in stable condition. >> reporter: amanda left in 2012 and working as an environmental health specialist from the san bernardino county department of health. >> amanda helped out a lot of people during that tragic event with players and comforting people that were wounded. >> reporter: indeed, diane posted on facebook the following statement about her daughter, one of her first comments to us was that somehow this situation could be used to witness for the lord. her faith is so strong. she was praying with other victims while she was lying there bleeding. we praise god for sparing her life. >> she got shot in the leg and they're worried about, apparently, the bullet had nicked some of the bone. >> reporter: amanda happens to be recovering in the same california hospital where she was born. her church family is rooting for her. >> we're relieved but of course feel sorry for the other people who aren't doing well. and amanda did go into surgery today. thankfully, she is expected to
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her parents have flown o of new hampshire and are at her bedside in california tonight as she recovers. live in hinsdale new hampshire, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. stadium just blocks away from the site of yesterday's shooting. speakers taken to a podium as the community tries to heal. what's happening there throughout the newscast. >> we are getting an inside look tonight at that building where the shooting happened. this video here shows officers rescuing the survivors. dozens of people who ran and hid for their lives when the gunfire erupted. >> try to relax. everyone try to relax. i'll take a vote. just be cool, okay. >> amazing words of strength from that officer who promised, as you just heard, to risk his safe. you can hear them all whispering nervously as they are led out of the building. no stranger to active shooting situations after the
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several people in watertown attending an active shooter training seminar, they learned about the alice program which is taught to kids in the schools, called for alert, lock-down, inform, counter and evacuate. >> if you're in the workplace and know the doors are secured and all of a sudden you see someone who's -- obviously should not in that workplace, this is something you should not tell anybody but something to be aware of. keep your head swivelled, just like you're on the road, looking out for motorcyclers and bicyclists. you should do that in your every day life. >> reporter: and the officers say always be aware of all the exits around you. in 20 minutes we go inside a training facility for a demonstration on some of the best ways to protect yourself in a similar situation. and yesterday's tragedy may have kids asking questions, asking psychologists how to handle the
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amendments today. it's all ahead at 10:00. a woman hit by a car on com ave. boston police telling fox 25 the victim has life-threatening injuries. we can tell you at this hour the woman who was struck is in her 50s. she is currently being treated over at beth, israel. a woman is in the hospital with serious injuries after police say a car hit her and drove off in quincy. it happened just before 5:00 off bergeon parkway. the man is in his 50s. the vehicle is a dark four-door station wagon, possibly a volvo. hear what the victim did when the vehicle stopped. >> the operator got out and got into his vehicle and left. >> the woman is in serious condition at boston medical center. call police if you witness the crash. officers say the car will have front end damage. a new hampshire flight attendant is accused of slapping a coworker and hitting a u.s. marshal during a flight. here's some video of joanne snow
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charlotte, north carolina earlier this week. prosecutors say the assault happened on an american airlines flight from charlotte to germany. even though the assault accusations were out, there the airline allowed snow to work on a flight back to the u.s. just two days later. snow denies the charges and will be back in court friday for a competency hearing. an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire and killed right outside fenway on thanksgiving morning. tonight police have someone under arrest. fox 25's stephanie quinnu tells us why the man's lawyers claim he is a victim. >> reporter: sherry's family court. their loved one shot and killed after a shooting outside this fenway bar. the man police say was involved chargedded with a number of counts, murder, though, not one of them. >> at this point it's very premature, trying to figure out the exact sequence of events that took place. >> reporter: standing behind this door in court today, the suspect, dominique grady, stayed out of view just one day after
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inside attic of this dorchester home. >> he was hiding in the installation in that cross feed. >> reporter: in court today is the prosecutor john papis outlined the evidence, he says linked grady to the shooting. he says video shows grady and another person get into an argument outside who's on first while patrons were leaving. >> suddenly and without warning an altercation erupted involving the defendant and second individual. within seconds, your honor, the brandished firearms in each fire multiple times. >> reporter: deputy sherry shot and killed, three others hurt. carpenter grady is now charged with 5 counts, including carrying a firearm without a license and assault and battery attempt with a firearm. carpenter grady's family was also in court today, but they didn't want to comment. fox 25 news. a wind dee day leading to a chilly night out there right now.
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now and kevin, at least we'll see a little bit more sun tomorrow, right? yeah, it's clear out there after some flurries earlier today. check this out in northern new england, several inches of snow. that's about to end but the backside of that intensifying storm system, the same one that brought us the rain yesterday. temperatures right now don't seem so bad. >> 30 worcester and 34 in boston. certainly low pressured off some degrees there. and when the wind gusts a little there 20, 30 miles per hour in some spots, it feels even colder than that. hour by hour tonight... more and more helpless dogs
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>> i'm sure they have seen a lot that we don't even know. >> the dangerous and deadly he democratic those owners are now dealing with that's making hard for local shelters to keep up. we know the biggest show at last year's super bowl was the postgame celebration. but in the next half-hour, find out the band who will be rocking this year's halftime. and hundreds of people living below logan fired up about airplane noise. the reason one mother says she can't even let her son ride his
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with a vigil to remember victims of yesterday's mass shooting. hundreds of people have gathered as the community tries to heal. >> hundreds of people gathering in worcester tonight to pay tribute to the worcester six. on this day in 1999 six firefighters were killed in an
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community. >> an elderly man defrauded a woman out $100,000 but police say it was all a big lie. >> i was completely trusting of her. i thought she was a poor girl who was trying to make a little money here work for me. >> reporter: 18-year-old harlan worked out a deal to do some housecleaning and take care of his cat. >> he said that initially she did come over five days a week but eventually that began dropping off. >> reporter: in court today, prosecutors say she was making up stories to get money out of donald, recently telling them she had a brain tumor and needed $30,000 for a surgery. he helped her with the money and police say she went to miami instead with her fiance on the day she said she was having the surgery. >> she called me on the phone,
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and the operation went well. i guess she was calling from miami where she went down with a boyfriend on my money. >> reporter: outside court today, her fiance only doing this when we tried to get her side of the story. her attorney told the judge lega thought the money was a gift. >> she never asked for them, she did accept them. >> reporter: donald telling us he learned a tough lesson. >> not gonna trust people as much as i did. >> and police say the money that's left over that's still in her account is frozen until this is all sorted out. robert ghoulston, fox 25 news. a judge in worcester ruled a man who sparked a manhunt too dangerous to be released. he was arrested in royalston on sunday after police found multiple guns and rounds of ammo in his home. court documents say officers found a blood-stained fully-loaded, ar-15 rifle with a searching his home. terrifying moments for a
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convenience store in salem. you can see the robbery play out in the surveillance video. the man grabs the cash and runs off. here's the clue, though, investigators say he has a scar near his upper lip. the puppies in this video will be okay, but police have made two arrests after a number of other sick and dying dogs were sold to new hampshire residents. during new hampshire police say some of the dogs died of a very contagious virus when they were south carolina. the animal rescue league is now caring for seven of the dogs. the two men arrested face mutt charges including selling diseased animals. >> as a response, the faa hosted a forum to hear residents' concerns. officials from passport, logan airport and several elected representatives were in attendance. a lot of people in attendance as you can see right here. they started since new gps generated flight path its, went into affect at logan.
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mother told us her son was almost hit by a car because of plane noise. >> he ran out of the house to go play with the kids in the neighborhood and i couldn't catch him and saw a car coming and yelled stop, and i yelled it at the top of my lungs and he didn't hear me. the reason why he didn't hear me is because there was a plane flying right over our house and it was so loud it drowned out my voice he. >> representative lynch tweeting out the strong message communicated by the faa regarding the issues of the airplane noise. this issue is something fox 25 has been covering now for weeks. jean filed a special report on the recent spikings of complaints. you can watch that online at a student's trip canceled after the isis attacks. parents asked for a refirsthand but tonight complain what the
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isn't enough. >> vanessa, this is something students have been doing for decades, going overseas to study language and culture, and a group of kids here from st. john paul ii high school in hyannis were supposed to go to pair news the spring and then came the terrorist attacks and then came the canceling. >> reporter: for bradford's son, it was supposed to be a trip of a lifetime on spring break. >> we signed up up for the trip on november 1st and the 13th was the attack in paris. >> reporter: bradley's son attends st. john paul ii's high school in hyannis. one of several french students not going to paris because of canceling the trip is the easy part. getting a full refunded from the organizer, well, not so easy. ef education tours is charging each traveler a $300 cancellation fee. >> we think it's absurd begin that parents have legitimate fears about sending their children abroad right now.
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cambridge, tells fox 25 while there are significant costs associated with making even minor changes to group travel plans, we are absorbing those costs in order to offer flexible alternatives. alternatives, which include revising the itinerary, changing the destination, delaying the trip or accepting a travel voucher. station bradley says charging a cancellation fee is unfair. >> we didn't cancel just for the sake of canceling. we canceled because there's a right now. >> reporter: fox 25 spoke with a parent from west virginia. >> and in my situation, i have a 12-year-old son that is very frightened. over what has happened in paris and travel agencies, to me, they just don't care. >> some of the parents down here tell us that they weren't the
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that the kids were paying for them with money they earned over the summer. live in hyannis, jim morelle, fox 25 news. cars with exploding airbags and faulty ignitions and more, the reason your family could wind up behind one of those vehicles before they ever get fixed. and the man seen here is accused of breaking into a local bakery. the way police say he was able
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those glass cases, s. police say no one was injured when the man crashed into a home today at the intersection of brookfield road and staffer street. police say the driver admitted
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10:30 this morning. the home was declared structurally sound after the crash. officers say this is the second crash at that intersection in two days. the man of a baltimore police officer were begin a look inside the van where he died. officer william porter is one of six police officers accused in gray's death. jurors heard testimony today on whether or not the police department's policy on seat belts was properly followed in the incident. police are looking for this man caught on surveillance video breaking into a medford pastry shop. you can see him rummaging around through the cabinets. police say he got in by forcing open the rear door around three north carolina the morning on november 20th. police say these four people were part of an organized crime ring accused of taking thousands of dollars of merchandise from the rockingham mall in salem, new hampshire. police say around 2:00 yesterday the four people pictured here and one juvenile were witnessed
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officers say they were taking items via an online store stealing the items to sell. >> what to do to protect nurse an active shooter situation. coming up, we're taking you step by step to a demonstration inside a training facility. very important steps you should take to make sure a gunman doesn't even know you're there. and sprinkles all going away
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a vigil in california to remember yesterday's victims of that mass shooting. mass shootings are causing more people in massachusetts to sign up for gun license registration classes. fox 25 camera tonight bringing us inside this packed class in everett put on by the boston firearms training center. more than 1,000 people are also expected to attend a self-defense class on saturday. >> would you know what to do in an active shooter situation? it's really top of mind for so many after several cases of recent violence. fox 25's crystal haynes goes inside a training facility to get potentially life saving tips. if a killer came into your office, guns drawn, would you know what to do? >> people don't want to talk about it. have to have a plan, workplaces. they have to think about it. >> reporter: law enforcement
1:27 am
about it since columbine and restrategizing in the wake of the san bernardino shootings. civilians like you and i... >> we would try to have people assume that this is an empty room. >> reporter: are going to training centers like the mass firearm school in holiston to learn how to fight back without a gun. >> and you barricade yourself inside somewhere? do that. >> reporter: ken walked me through some of the basics using this training room. >> get out of the line of sight and make yourself invisible. if i'm in this corner, nobody can see me. nobody can hear me. it's very difficult to do but could save your life. >> reporter: try to get yourself and as many people as you can out of danger. >> reporter: rather than just opening the door and exposing yourself, to really understand that right now i can see directly ahead of me. i open it more, i can see a little bit more. if i start see a threat or i see a place where i can escape to, i can either react and close the door or i can get out and get to a place that may be more safe. >> the number one tip, when in an active shooter situation, is
1:28 am
do be armed with the proper information. >> all these studies have shown the act of legal threats have to come quickly. >> reporter: and open fire in san bernardino burlington police officers were completing an active shooter training. >> waiting for special teams to arrive but nowadays you can't do that. minutes and seconds are so important to stop a potential threat. >> crystal haynes, fox 25 news. we asked a doctor at mass general about talking to your children about the san bernardino tragedy. if you have older kids, talk to them but make sure they still focus on other things. >> know the world is not necessarily safe but we need to help them see that we can make it as safe as possible and do everything we can so you you cannot get distracted or worried or excessively concerned about harm or danger, and keep on track. >> and when it comes to teens,
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to keep the dialogue with them open about these kinds of incidents. >> attracting showers and snowshowers. flurries earlier this evening. they've melted away. this is where they were earlier into the berkshires and southern vermont. plenty of snow northern new england, still snowing in northeast maine but pulling out of there after several inches of snow has fallen. so no storms for southern new england this time but getting colder out there and these storms will eventually take that turn. >> your temperature gets knocked down to 30 and at least is feels-like temperatures. you'll feel it on your hands, your earlobes, tip of why you are nose.
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anymore. if you were with us at 5:00 and 6:00, you would see 35 mile-per-hour wind gusts in some places but these are 20 to 25 miles per hour in some locations tonight. when you get a gust like that he makes the windchill just a little colder. certainly cold healing about late tonight. 41 in boston now. but skies are clear and temperatures will continue to drop, going down into the 30s lots of sunshine. when you wake up, as much as you can get, won't be any clouds around. worcester 87. the last of the clouds going down to below freezing tonight. warping you up to about 10:00 in the morning. in manchester, new hampshire, still have clouds four. the last lingering clouds pulling away, going down to freezing overnight as skies clear out and hyannis on cape cod it's a little milder. 74 degrees under clear skies there and your temperatures as well dropping down into the upper 30s overnight tonight. so generally a lot of 30s and some 20s for low temperatures tonight.
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weekend, at least for the mornings but hold on. futurecast shows we are clearing out tonight if you haven't already and through the morning tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. there are some clouds starting to pop up in the north, it will stay dry and if you see it dry in massachusetts, that's the worst of it. tomorrow night there will be clearer skies and sunny on saturday. metro west, westborough at 47... temperatures generally in the 40s in the southshore. to the north of southern new hampshire, try to get southern new hampshire's temperature out there, there we go. 47 degrees in nashua and 45 seabrook right at the coast. now on saturday, look at this, you're waking up to sunshine. north and south across new
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charge, sinking air and also means plenty of sunshine for you. that's what you're looking forward to this weekend. you know what, that will continue into sunday, as well. you'll see it here if the seven-day forecast, tomorrow with a cool but sunny day. now this weekend, overall, we're looking at conditions that are going to be very chilly in the mornings. no doubt, with clear skies, your temperature is going to drop. it'll be dry out there. but the mild afternoons and all sunshine all the time this weekend. your weekend's always in view. look at the temperatures. temperatures are gonna be in the 50s. should have been 52. and 55 for your high temperatures this weekend. in fact, those are the correct ones this weekend. mild temperatures in the afternoon. still we're collecting coats for families in need and need your help. bring a gently worn coat to joden's furniture between 10:00 and 2:00 on this saturday. there are more details on hope you join us this saturday. we always look forward to seeing through. flooding on a busy local street. >> new at 11:00, the chef who says the flooding ruined dinner
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new tonight, the national recognition, the young new hampshire boy with autism is getting, the pages of a magazine.
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of bil >> the u.s. military is combating all posts to women. >> they'll be allowed to drive tanks, fire mortars and lead infantry soldiers into combat.
1:35 am
rangers and green berets, navy sees, marine corps infantry, air force para jumpers and everything else that was >> the decision comes just months after the first woman graduated from the army ranger school. marine corps ruled for months at one point suggesting all male squads are more effective in combat than integrated groups. the new rules will require women to qualify for the position and meet minimum standards. they go into affect in april. a fight continues for the family of a winchester family killed in the benghazi terror attacks and the family says they're entitled to the policy taken out before signing on as a security contractor. last year the cia said it would fix the policy, which denied them the pay-out. but his sister say they still have not seen a cent. two gun control amendments filed today in the senate.
1:36 am
on the terror watch list from buying guns and the other requiring universal background checks before gun purchases, the same legislation introduced after the deadly sandy hook shootings. we first told you at 6:00 how our local delegation votedded. new hampshire republican senator kelly ray ott voted against the plans. democratic senator jean shaheen of new hampshire and elizabeth warren and ed markey of massachusetts voted for the amendments. wbdj dedicated their new studio to fallen colleagues and it's now called studio a. the reporter and photographer were gunned down during a live report in august. since the shooting parker's father has been an advocate for gun control. and next month, bill cosby's wife will be deposed for the first time in his sexual assault lawsuit. numerous women say the comedian sexually assaulted them. the deposition will happen in springfield, which is about an hour away from cosby's home in western massachusetts.
1:37 am
february. cars on the recall list landing back on lots and in driveways. the chance your family could end up with one before its safety flaws are fixed. and the latest victims of
1:38 am
why local sheet remembers saying >> a new twist to the growing heroin epidemic in our area. we discover more pets being
1:39 am
they're hooked on the dangerous drug. >> and shelters cannot do a whole lot about it. >> when people and dogs are ready for help, like, what do we do? >> reporter: chris levins has two passions in life, animals and addiction. she began working with hope for new hampshire recovery center after her sewn stepdaughter succumbed to heroin. >> our mission is to help anyone that walk us in the door to our community center. >> reporter: and last weekend curly showed up. the fluffy white dog was left by his owner who wanted to seek treatment for opiate addiction. believe 79 struggled to find a local shelter that had room for curly. >> we have no beds, we have no kennels. >> reporter: it's nothing carolyn vanderhorse has to say nearly every day now, it's something she has to say as assistant manager at manchester's animal shelter she's seen a huge influx over the past six months of dogses surrender from drug homes. >> they may their choices and the animals are the ones to suffer because of that.
1:40 am
says the shelter can't accept some pets because legally they still have owners even if they're addicts and unable to care for themselves or their pets. >> this is a personal pet. so legally, they can't just turn in this other person's dog. >> staff at the animal shelter are working together to compile a list of temporary housing for pets whose owners are addicted and hope to raise money to provide that as a resource at manchester's recovery center. kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. state lawmakers are discussing a bill that would set the legal smoking age across the state at 21 years old, in the 60-state reps and senators have signed on to the bill including stanley rosenberg. several dozen cities and towns across massachusetts have already raised the smoking age. boston is considering it as well but this new bill would enforce it on a state level. legal marijuana will bring several senators to colorado. winchester democratic senator jason louis will lead the delegation next month observing
1:41 am
california, a state where recreational pot is legal. the committee will issue its report in february but senate president's family rosenberg says it's unlikely any one ballot initiative would pass. massachusetts has already made medical marijuana legal. the trip is being funded privately. facebook announcing it will begin testing live video. the site announced a small percentage of users with iphones will get a chance to try it. live lets you watch what you're seeing in realtime facebook says you'll also be able to subscribe to broadcasters and be notified when they are live. record number of cars under recall for deadly airbags, faulty ignition switches and other detects. bill campbell tells us if a bill passed day it would allow the drivers to get behind the cars. >> reporter: it's the single part of the new 1300 page transportation bill that has auto safety groups revved up.
1:42 am
put a used recalled vehicle on the lot without fixing it first. >> put a new coat of paint, make it look good but it's still not safe. >> the bill says rental car companies must fix recalled vehicles before loaning them out but the same doesn't go for dealers who are selling used cars. auto safety experts call that a legal loophole. >> reporter: but most vehicle recalls do not require grounding the car. many republicans agree. a house republican aide told me if a government mandate place as burden on a small business then it should be opposed. >> they always argue that consumer protection cost you more money but in the end you're less likely to have a breakdown or accident. there are plenty of costs on that end, too. >> reporter: auto and safety groups say before buying a used car, check the vehicle identification number online to make sure it's not under recall. in washington, kyla campbell, fox 25 news.
1:43 am
lighting taking place earlier on the column. it featured lots of performances and an appearance by julian ettleman. good to see him getting around because a lot of people want to see him back on the football field. >> we had some flurries around here tonight, you can see that on the radar, white and blue shadings give it away. to the north and maine, verifiable snowstorm. in fact, look at this picture sent into us from the northern most paint of maine along the canadian border where they picked up over 7-inches of new snow. nice stuff, right, temperatures right now in southern new england. not so bad for this time of here in southern new england in the winter. you get a windchill that drops those temperatures down 10 degrees. 30 what it feels like in worcester and 34 in boston. actual temperature will be dropping below freezing down to 31.
1:44 am
in boston, the temperature will stay in the 30s overnight low temperatures, 37 for instance, 41 with full sunshine by 1:00. and the northshore checking you out and finally going south to hyannis. sunshine out there and cape cod when you wake new the morning, after a clear night. 30s. it will be cold in the mornings this weekend but temperatures in the afternoon will be decidedly undecember-like. we'll be talking about that weekend forecast and the latest numbers coming in right now. talk to you at 11:00. he captivated fenway park with an amazing voice in an aspiring story. >> and this week we interviewed christopher duffy ahead of his singing at the national park this year. he lives with autism and blind. he told fox 25 he was so excited to singing on the big stage, sports illustrated now sharing country. cold play will hmm super bowl 15's halftime show.
1:45 am
best-selling albums and known by such hits as clocks and via maryland. it is england. the new album is due out friday. super bowl 50 will take place at levy stadium in santa clara, california on sunday, february 17th. let's get the patriots in there. which one doesn't fit here? up next, we talk football, basketball, and baseball. roger clemens retiring his number at fenway and david price and handing him his new number to wear. we've got the latest price presser update for you. and you are looking live again at a vigil in san bernardino california where a vigil for shooting victims is just wrapping up. at 11:00, what we're learning about the victims and a husband and killers. boston's getting millions of
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why sosososo just press clean and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot
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a teammate ambros junior committed suicide over the summer and the team told fox 25 they are playing this season for him. the undefeated hyde park cowboys are headed to florida to play for the national junior pee-wee division 2 championship. o. >> good luck to the cowboys. in their last four seasons, the patriots have lost a total of 12 games you have to go back to two seasons ago between the cardinals and ravens in weeks 2 and 3.
1:48 am
>> reporter: 4-zen eagles. fairly certain that gronk won't play sunday, and it's pretty certain that we won't get another joint press release announcing his game status anytime soon, here's another certainty, scott cameron needs to step up. he says he's ready. >> gotta accept the challenges in front of you and, you know, that's more intention and you gotta do the best you can. taking a closer look at the gronk effect. counting play-off games, the
1:49 am
games without gronk, but they score 6 less points in those games without him and brady's pick percentages a lot higher. the next five games are all about survival, surviving by winning anyway you can. should roger clemson number 21 be up in right field at fenway? it's a question we've been asking you on facebook and on our web site all night long and plenty of have responded with about 60% of you saying yes. here are some thoughts on retiring rogers' number from both clemson and the red sox. >> i think cooperstown is the measuring stick largely for that decision. so i wanted to play out, thankfully i don't have a vote in that process. that's totally up to them. again, something i have no control of. that doesn't equity my mind. >> way back when when josh called me, i said run with it, get after it, i hope it brings you as much fun and luck as it did for me. obviously they kept it in a drawer somewhere, i guess. >> it is more probable than not
1:50 am
introduced at a press conference at fenway sometime tomorrow. price is scheduled to take his physical tomorrow, and if he passes in time, the sox will most likely have a press conference. hey, great night for the bc women's basketball team in indiana. time running down and it's andover's own nicole with a game-winning score at big ten acc challenge tonight. congrats, ladies.
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