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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  December 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the f.b.i. has taken over the investigation tonight, and investigators say and they are still searching for a motive, but it is possible these two were planning a second attack. all this information comes as we get our first look inside the home of the shooters. >> at some point, while san bernardino, california wasunder way, officials say 27-year-old female shooter, tashfeen malik, posted a pledge of allegiance to isis leader baghdadi. >> mark: as of today, based on the information and the facts as we know them, we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> the reporter: officials have not said how they know she made the he is post, only that malik's statement was made under a different name, that the attacks may have been inspired by isis. terrorism analyst paulcrook shank explains. >> i'm going to take ownership
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big way, i'll use it to inspire other attacks. isis are instigating these kind of attacks over social media, reaching out to people, directly in the west, to encourage this form of violence. today, the landlord allowed the media into the couple's home, no objection from police. a look in to the life of a couple that law enforcement sources say was self-radicalized although the couple was not on any watch list. the family says they had no idea. farook's sister says she's not sure if she can forgive her brother. >> do you think your brother deserves to be forgiven? >> that's a hard question. i don't even know if i would forgive him, because of what he did. >> vanessa: a little over an hour arc the head of the f.b.i. addressed the nation. he stressed that at this point, the agency believes there is no indication the shooters were
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director james comey says he understands concerned being raised across the country. >> this is very unsettling for people across the united states. we hope you will not let fear become disabling, but try to channel it to an awareness of your surroundings, to get you to a place where you are living your life, but if you see something that doesn't make sense, you say something to somebody. >> vanessa: the director also says the couple did not appear on the f.b.i.'s radar screen before the shooting on wednesday. >> mark: more details, new still photos of evidence from the shooters has been released by the police, all of it recovered between the shootout between the husband and wife and police. now, there are two large guns, you see them right here, two handguns recovered from the scene. this is a bagful of ammunition police found. 76 rounds were fired by the gunman during the shootout. the killers had more than 1600 rounds on them, and inside their s.u.v. at the time and this of course is the black s.u.v. that belonged to the suspects. its windows and tires shot out by police.
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>> vanessa: tonight, we're learning more about the lives lost in this horrific shooting. michael westfield was married with six children and loved coaching his daughter's soccer team. he was 37 years old. in a facebook post, his wife replica handguns may asks for prayers. bonita came to the united states at the age of 18, to escape iranian persecution. she was married to a police officer, had three children, ages 10, 12 and 14. she was 46 years old and robert adams, 40 years old and also a father. he was a health specialist for san bernardino county. his daughter savannah was just 20 months old. adam's wife jenny was his high school sweetheart. you can read much more about the victims on our web site, you'll also find new information on the suspect and their backgrounds, as well as more pictures from inside their home. be sure to stay with fox 25 on its air and on line as this investigation continues.
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tonight within the past 90 minutes. lawrence police arrested the man accused of causing a huge scare in the city of boston. the man seen put ago suitcase next to a homeland security vehicle. >> vanessa: the bomb squad was brought if and blew up the suitcase. it happened on the water front not too far from the federal courthouse, shutting down atlantic avenue in the area for hours. fox 25's stephanie quinu is live in boston, where police blew up that suitcase. >> we just got the mug shot of the suspect into our newsroom. police now identifying him, as 50-year-old man of lawrence. hours after that explosion, take a look. you can see two homeland security officers still stationed at this building. this is where police say the man dropped off the suitcase and a source telling us, he took a selfie as he left that suitcase behind.
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away. a large explosion in the seaport area of boston, after police blew up a suitcase found next to a homeland security vehicle. >> we heard it, it was pretty loud. again, that's unsettling for a lot of people especially we know who the marathon, that happened a couple of years ago. >> rickey works just next door and says he had just arrived when police swarmed the area and evacuated everyone. >> given homeland security and the nexus of where he put the suitcase, and seeing some components inside, we erred on the side of caution. >> boss police commissioner says this all started midmorning when a homeland security officer spotted this man leaving a suitcase near his vehicle. his image captured on surveillance video. the officer went inside the building, reviewed the video and saw the man acting strangely. >> it look like he left it there, more on purpose, and just
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the scene,' they as they detonated the suitcase. >> they put it over the by the tree and detonated it. >> commissioners evans says it doesn't appear the suitcase contained any explosive devices. aside from clothing, police found wire attached to a power source, possibly a radio. a source told fox 25 it was meant to look like an explosive device. >> unfortunately, it's acracy world we're living in and that's why we tell people, if they see something, say something. >> and this afternoon, the pan is charged with planting a hoax device. we also looked into his background and found back in 2007, he was arrested in florida and charged with trespassing and failure to leave property when the owner asked him to. police tonight though want to stress that there is no threat to the public. and coming up, at 6:00 p.m., the
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they always look into when faced with this type of situation. in boston, stephanie quinu, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: breaking news now from brockton, where a 15-year-old student is accused of hacking into the facebook account of another student to post a threat. that threat indicated the student and his cousins were going to plant three bombs at brockton high and shootup the school. police were alerted by a concerned parent. this was the fifth bomb threat at brockton high in the last eight months. >> mark: also tonight, four people are dead and a community is in mourning, after haranguing fire tears through an apartment building in lynn overnight. that fire broke out after midnight, but a lot of families were asleep. >> vanessa: you saw this breaking on the fox 25 morning news and tonight, fox 25 has team coverage. christine mccarthy learning more about the people who raced to rescue the people inside. fox 25's katherine burcham and
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katherine? >> the reporter: fierce flames shooting -- [inaudible] three families. on the top floor, kimberly's father woke to smoke, drifting through his family's home. >> we just got out from the back door. >> the reporter: her family raced down the back steps through blinding spoke, she could hear the screams of the people who lived on the second floor. pleas for help that continued to haunt her. >> there was -- they was trying to get out. they were asking for help. crawled along the floor to drag two people from that second floor apartment, a woman in her 60's and an 18-year-old woman, both had serious injuries, but are alive tonight. four others, they lived with, died inside the fiery building. those who got out, liked this family, are grateful, but question why they survived and others did not.
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i am really glad they're safe, but for the people on the second floor, they lost four. >> >> the reporter: we want to apologize for the technical difficulties, but i do want to get back to an important piece of information that i just received from the state fire marshals office. they are seeking interviews from anyone who might have been around this area, or who took video of the fire as it first started in the first few minutes of that blaze. now, one other key to this investigation, according to the fire marshal, is whether there house. at 6:00 p.m., we'll hear from one resident about what they said the status of the smoke alarms was before the flames broke out. for now, live in lynn, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. horrific tragedy could have been a lot worse, if not for several heroes who ran into the burning build to go save people inside. christine mccarthy continues our coverage with that part of the story. christine? >> the reporter: well, there was
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here in lynn, and while residents say that they're mourning the loss of those four people, they're also thanking rescuers. >> i couldn't even believe what happened. >> the reporter: in the wake of an incredible tragedy, word spread of acts of hire row. >> this is the biggest fire i've ever seen and they somehow imagined to get in and rescue two different people and they would have rescued more, but it got too out of control. >> the reporter: fire officials too applauded the rescue. >> it was absolutely amazing. i've been a firefighter in lynn for 32 years, it was one of the most spectacular rescues i've seen. >> the reporter: but it wasn't just firefighters who did the rescue rescuing. best of your knowledge building and carried an -- burning woman to safety. >> by the time he got to her and grabbed her, she was already out of here. >> the reporter: perez evacuated his own family, leaving everything he owned behind.
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grandma, and -- >> the reporter: despite their combined efforts, the flames were too overpowering to save everyone. four people on the second floor didn't make it. >> really nice people, really nice neighbors, and i feel sorry for the family. >> the reporter: and neighbors i talked to say they know just who passed away on the second floor or they at least have a good idea by now, but firefighters are not yet ready officially to release the names of those who died. we're live in lynn tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> when the news of this deadly fire broke this morning, and we first alerted you on the fox 25 app to get breaking news, traffic, weather, and other important information, download the fox 25 app for your phone or tablet, it is free-for-all devices. >> vanessa: if you have plans tonight in the city of boston, or anywhere else, it will be dry and a little bit windy out there, but fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz has a beautiful weekend on tap for us. kevin? >> all right. here it is, the clouds are already starting to melt away.
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afternoon as the cold air is taking over the area, mixed with the sun we had and those clouds also had a few snow flurries, but you had to go to western new england for a couple flurries snow. they had up to eight inches in places up there from yesterday's storm and continuing today with snow. it's 41 worcester and 46 in boston. southern new england. temperatures feel different when you factor in the wind. you know about the windchills. when it's blowing 15 miles per hour in worcester and 12 in boston, we're not talking about damaging winds, but it makes it feels colder. worcester, 33, boston, 41. so that's going to be the scene this evening as you walk around town and getting out for whatever you're doing on this friday night, it's going to be chilly, but skies will be clearing and by the time you get up in the morning, you're looking at sunshine and that will be sticking with you through the middle of the day at the very least and temperatures will respond. i'll show you the mild temperatures expected this weekend, straight ahead. >> mark: breaking news at fenway park, might say christmas came early this year. red sox making it owe firm, they
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they have their ace, signing the leftie to a seven year deal. he says he loves boston. he made a reference to snow today. apparently. island starting expected to be official lint dued at fenway -- officially introduced at fenway park. with it happens, we will bring it right here on the fox 25 at >> the reporter: a new york psychiatrist who makes $300 an hour, takes the stand and tries to convince a jury that phillip chism was mentally ill when colleen ritzer was brutally murdered at danvers high school. but can he sway the jury. >> vanessa: trouble on the tarmac. a new hampshire flight attendant loses her cool with her own crew. what she said on a plane that could land her behind bars in a federal prison. >> a blow to the city of boston, casino lawsuit. fight. p (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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>> vanessa: one man is dead after a fishing boat sank off the coast of gloucester, it broke down off thatcher island, a wave crashed over the bow and the boat began taking on water quickly. the three men on board was forced to abandon ship. rescue crew performed cpr former governor more than one hour an a man but were unable to revive him. >> mark: big blow to boston mayor marty walsh, a judge
5:17 pm
block the everett casino. fox 25's political reporter sharman sachetti asked him. >> mayor walsh tells me he's looking at his options after this latest ruling, but when we asked him about it, he didn't use the word appeal. the city of boston filed the suit to try to block the $1.7 billion casino from going up in everett. the city's lawyers argued the casino would cause major traffic problems at sullivan square and already congested charlestown. the judge said the state gaming commission had in fact acting appropriately and did not violate the gaming act in awarding the win casino to everett. >> the city has spent a million dollars. at what point does this become a waste of taxpayer money? >> i'm waiting to see. i don't view it as a waste of taxpayer money. it's money being used to represent the people of this city and that's what my job as mayor is to do, is to do that. >> the judge also dismissed revere's lawsuit again the gaming commission, ruling the
5:18 pm
sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: let's take a live look outside right now at the zakim bridge, where traffic is moving pretty well on this friday evening as people head home for the weekend and so far this weekend is shaping up to be a pretty good one, rise, kevin. >> kevin: sure if, if you like sunshine, but if you like it to be colder, you're going to have to wait longer. those clouds are melting away this evening. they took over this afternoon for a good portion of the area, but they will go away now that the sun has gone down. thatly awe hour temperatures to drop from where they are. 45 in fitchburg. a bit of a breeze out there. not damaging winds certainly, but it's enough to hold on to your at once in a while with higher gusts. consistent winds blowing between 10 and 15 from boston to worcester on the pike. higher out there at province town coming from the west and northwest. so cold air is rushing on in here, kicked off the sprinkles and flurries around much of new england and steadier snow showers in northern maine, where you already have a fresh snow cover up that way.
5:19 pm
that breeze factored in. 33 worcester and 39 in orange. so clearing skies overnight tonight, certainly by the time ock is talking to you at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., we'll have mostly if not totally clear skies. first thing in the morning, sunshine. we'll stop it at lunchtime saturday, sunny still. you'll be coming out to redding at jordan's furniture for our coats or kids drive and into the evening, it dealers out as well. sunday, another day of full sunshine if you can take it. in fact, right through the afternoon and for the patriots game as well. here's where we're looking at temperatures hour-by-hour, dropping down through the 30's in worcester, down to freezing by 5:00 a.m. in the morning. could actually drop a couple more degrees from there too before the sun gets high in the sky. this takes any to boston, dropping through the 40's, 37 by 5:00 p.m. notice the clear skies the clouds we have now, going away and we are clearing out. take you to ipswich, the north shore, 30's. 34 by 5:00 p.m. and any clouds you have will be clearing out the next several hours and
5:20 pm
here's how temperatures will responds with that sunshine. this is nice if you like it mild. 52 methuen, 48 in essex tomorrow afternoon. boston and metro west, temperatures will be very similar. we'll be seeing a lot of 50's tomorrow. quincy at 51, cambridge at 51. brookline, 49. braintree at 52 degrees. and let's go to the south shore as well, while we're at it. 51 degrees if plymouth and bridgewater. carver, 52 and sciate, 49 degrees for a high temperature tomorrow afternoon. a fairly mild looking day with all that sunshine coming up on sunday, gets a little milder still, you're going to see that in your seven-day forecast. here is your weekend in view, it's tomorrow. 51 degrees. 54 on sunday. this will kick off at gillette late in the afternoon. around 50 degrees. the sun is starting to go set. monday, 53 degrees again. so our next chance for significant rain looks to be tuesday into wednesday. that's that coastal storm, but i'll caution you this. whether or not it's going to significant rain to the area,
5:21 pm
enough that we have to watch it very closely and track it. look at the timeline on that and i'll have that for you coming up next half-hour. >> mark: following breaking news, the boston red sox. the team officially introducing their new ace, david price. >> vanessa: let's get right to fenway park. >> when you start partaking in such a monumental decision for an organization, which to me is so significant, to be in a spot in which you can bring one of the best pitchers in baseball, a true number one, that makes us so much better in so many ways and as tom mentioned, not only, very fortunate, not only on the field, but lindy ruff the field. -- but off the field, and in the clubhouse. so what david brings to us is a plus in so many ways. so before i introduce some other family members, that are all
5:22 pm
officially to you the new pitcher for the boston red sox, david price. david? [applause] >> thank you. obviously, mr. werner, mr. henry, dave, you know, you guys you made it easy for me. i mean, this is a place that has, you know, winning in their history, i definitely think they have winning in their future. they want to win, they know how to win. we're extremely young and that's what i want to be a part of. you know, i want to be a part of a team that's as young as we are and that can stay young the way that we can, just to be around those guys, to help them to be a part of something like this, the passion from the fans, the passion from the community.
5:23 pm
winning in their blood, and not just with the red sox. obviously, what the patriots are capable of doing, the bruins, celtics, this is a place that wins, and this is a place that expects to win, and that's what i want to be a part of. i'm very thankful for it. i'm thankful for my family being able to make it out to this, and i'm excited, i'm thrilled, i'm happy to be a red sox and i'm ready to help this organization, this city win. so thank you. >> thank you, david. there are a few members of the price family here, and i'm not going to introduce all of them, because there's a lot, which we're very happy to have them here, but i do want to first acknowledge david's parents, bonnie and debbie, if they'll please stand. [applause]
5:24 pm
and we have some special presentations to tiffany and to debbie here from the boston red sox organization. and also, if the rest of the price extended family could please stand, we would appreciate it. they're all here. [applause] before we take questions, it's the appropriate way that we make sure you're properly attired, and to offense, you look great, but i think you'll even look better here as john and tom would like to make a presentation to you. of your new jersey number. and boston red sox hat. >> mark: there you see david price, press conference at fenway park, number 24. made famous by dewey events prior to that. david price officially a member of the boston red sox, he'll put on his jersey, wear a cap,
5:25 pm
wants to be a part of this city and winning tradition. not only being a member of the city of boston, but the city that has celtics, bruins and a rich tradition of winning. >> he says it's a place that has winning in its blood, one of his former teammates, posted on facebook, he is worth every single penny that he will get paid by the red sox. an exciting day, number 24. >> mark: seven years, $220 million, two time era champ. looking good. it. >> vanessa: he looks good in that jersey. >> hosting him i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept
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enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about buying your next one. >> state's highest court will not hear an appeal from parishioners of a shuttered church.
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francis cabrini will not have their appeal heard. the parishioners said they will continue to ask archbishop to hear the apeople. >> vanessa: a new england coast, the canadian maritime province, and goes as far west as the great lakes. the map was among 70 others that disappeared back in 2005. the library's map center curator was able to local the map at and -- teak dealer. >> mark: a flight attendant causing big trouble on board a plane,. >> vanessa: what she said to her own crew that could land her in prison. >> mark: the f.b.i. saying the san bernardino shootings now being investigated as an act of terrorism. and just into the newsroom, we heard from the accused shooter's family and what they're saying coming up. >> vanessa: lawrence miss arrest
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>> vanessa: we begin at 5:30 p.m. with breaking news. the f.b.i. is now investigating the deadly mass shooting in california as an act of terrorism. as we've told you, tashfeen malik and her husband, farook shooters.
5:31 pm
radicalization, but were not part of a broader network. >> there's a lot of he evidence in this case that doesn't quite make sense, so we're trying to be very thoughtful to understand it and to make sense of it, so we understand the full stents extent of what we have here. >> vanessa: the media was allowed inside the home of the killers by the landlord. he said the police gave him permission. the home in redland, california appeared like any other home. but it appeared authorities were there, shatters a record ared glass, paperwork from the f.b.i. listing evidence that was taken from the home, all visible. amid the chaos, baby clothes, toys and a crib, serving as a remind of a 6-month-old baby who is you no without parents. >> mark: phones representing farook's family holding a news conference in the past half-hour. >> >> vanessa: the family is not buying the accusations that farook was inspired bring isis. >> what evidence is there of that, what are you pointing to? in what ways did they express sympathy? >> his exact quote is the investigation so far has
5:32 pm
radicalization, by the killer, potential inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. he did say that there is no indication that he was part of a local cell or bigger cell, but these are his words. >> he's trying to say it was inspired by, but what i've read so far, i mean, we're all learning, because the investigation is ongoing. we're the attorneys for the family not the investigators, so none of us have all the information right now, but from what i've read, all i've seen is that somebody looked at something on facebook. there was another thing -- there was another article i read that said that the f.b.i. had investigated people who farook allegedly spoke to, but even those people that the f.b.i. had investigated, nothing came up for any of those people. >> vanessa: again, the family of the shooter saying we should not jump to conclusions about any terror connections to the san bernardino shooting. >> mark: also breaking, a man who allegedly dropped a suspicious suitcase near a homeland security vehicle in
5:33 pm
around 3:30 p.m., 50-year-old james terra pagnity was arrested. the suitcase was dropped near a rear tire on atlantic avenue. there were wires and a power source inside. the explosives unit blew up the object, and determined there was no threat to the public. terrapignaty is charged with planting a hoax device and will be arraigned. >> vanessa: in the murder trial of accused teen killer, phillip chism the stakes could not be higher. >> mark: the now 16-year-old chism was mentally ill when popular danvers high school teacher colleen ritzer was attacked. bob, the defense has a lot riding on this witness. >> the reporter: yeah. everything is riding on this witness. the defense has already told the jury that phillip chism is the killer, that he did unspeakable things to the body of colleen ritzer, but the defense is also trying to say that phillip chism
5:34 pm
to prove that with this witness. >> it's my opinion as a result of mental disease or defect, he lacks substantial capacity to conform his conduct to the law. >> dr. richard dudley, a new york psychiatrist is the most important witness for phillip chism's defense and the best hope the defense has for trying to convince the jury that phillip chism was mentally ill when colleen ritzer was raped and killed at danvers high school two years ago. dr. dudley interviewed chism seven times this year. dr. dudley told the jury, chism is delusional, that he thinks of himself as a ninja and he testified, chism has been hearing voices in his head since he was ten years old. >> they made him feel humiliated, degraded, which in turn made him upset and angry, which if turn, made him depressed and withdrawn. >> dr. dudley also testified that phillip chism suffered disorganized thinking, a symptom
5:35 pm
it's a finding that dr. dudley clung to under intense cross-examination. prosecutor alleging the murder of colleen ritzer was premeditated. >> and you believe when he brought not only his fullback pack, but two draw string backpacks to school that morning, he was experiencing psychosis. >> yes, i do. >> when he brought a box cutter psychosis. >> yes i do. >> when he brought gloves to experiencing psychosis. >> that's correct. >> when he brought not just the red sweatshirt he was wearing but -- >> some very tough cross-examination there. now the doctor said that he reviewed some of the video high school before and after the murder. and he said, he thinks that phillip chism in that video was episode. coming up at 6:00 p.m., you'll hear why he says that. live in salem, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: after a wet and windy day, things are drying out. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz
5:36 pm
>> kevin: it is, of course, it's all relative. some people like it to be cold and snowy for the christmas season, but it's not happening in southern new england, not yet. there have been flurries in new england. northern new england has seen snow. we're just getting some of the chill especially overnight and really each morning this weekend, despite the mild afternoons we'll have. it is 46 in boston, with a lot of clouds around right now. those clouds will be melting away through the evening and dropping into the 30's overnight. worcester, it is 41 degrees, again, there are clouds out there, they're going to go away. temperature dropping to freezing or even below overnight. back here in keene, new hampshire, 43 degrees there with some clouds. they'll be dropping down to about 31 overnight. and really, even up to 5:00 a.m., which is where the temperature goes to, could drop a degree or two in the upper 20's. upper 20's back there and with a bit of a breeze out there this evening, not real strong but enough to give you a chill. feels like it's only 33 in worcester and 41 in boston. feels like 40 in province town. how cold you'll be waking up to all over the area first thing in the morning and the mild rebound
5:37 pm
sister in a mass shooting at a brookline planned parenthood. tonight, what liam is telling me must be done about mass shootings, still happening some two decades later. >> vanessa: plus, the new plan to give high schoolers incentive
5:38 pm
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>> mark: an american airlines flight attendant from new hampshire, accused of throwing a home. >> vanessa: a junk ordered that she seek psychological treatment
5:40 pm
jessica reyes has more on her comments that could have landed her behind bars. >> the reporter: flight attendant joanne snow of stratham, new hampshire, left the north carolina courthouse tuesday, accused of causing a mass he scene on an international flight she was working on. snow is accused of attacking her fellow crew members and two air marshals on an american airlines flight from charlotte to frankfurt, gather men. according to an affidavit written by a federal air marshal marshal, a half-hour into the flight she was slapped and 45 minutes later accused of shoving collar of another air marshal and also allegedly tried to unlock the plane door as it taxied on the runway in germany. in the affidavit, that air marshal is quoted as saying, snow was acting irrationally and in a man terms of accumulation that caused concern for -- manner that caused concern for the safety and security of the flight. she is also accused of acting strangely in court that day. when asked if she had an
5:41 pm
do you really want to know. she later told the judge, i want to go home and see my son, more than you know. >> mark: that was jessica reyes reporting. >> vanessa: family and friends saying their final goodbyes today to a police officer shot and killed during an attack at a planned parenthood clinic. a funeral was held today for officer garrity swasey, a melrose native and one of swasey's clears talked about his boston ties during the ceremony today. >> he was boston strong. and thank god, that he came to colorado springs and became colorado springs strong. and last friday, he showed us that strengths in his devotion to his community. >> vanessa: someway say swasey was one of three people killed when robert lewis deer opened fire outside a colorado planned parenthood facility. >> kevin: temperatures will drop. there's a windchill out there too. i'll show you the temperatures, what it feels like outside and how mild we get there weekend. >> vanessa: it is supposed to be a healthier alternative to
5:42 pm
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>> vanessa: the feds are about to start regulating e-cigarettes, for the past year, fox 25 has been telling you about health concerns and safety risks associated with this >> mark: jacqueline feld explains the new rules and talks with vaping advocates who say the new rules would shut down the industry. >> the reporter: e-cigarettes helped chris hughes quit that drugsnal smokes, so he decided to quit his management job and open a vape shot. his small business could go out of business if proposed federal rules on e-cigarettes an other products are finalized. >> the reporter: it will remove access to adult smokers to the products. >> the reporter: proposed rules from the f.d.a. require federal approval for flavored nicotine juices sold in vape shops. coming in to compliance could cost millions and take thousands
5:45 pm
every single product. that's just not something that's realistic. >> e-cigarettes an vaping are a $2 billion a year industry. it's estimated there are about 9,000 vape shops across the country, as well as a thousand manufacturers and wholesalers. a surge in nicotine poisonings and visits to the e.r., prompted the congress to step in and regulate. teens are turning to the electronic devices. >> it's too often sort of a gateway, started with e-cigarettes, they ends up smoking tobacco stick regular traditional cigarettes. >> there's also questions on the long-term effects of vaping. early evidence shows it isn't as harmful as smoking, but some of the chemicals could have potentially dangerous side effects. in washington, jacqueline feld, fox 25 news. >> the obama administration is reviewing the proposed f.d.a. rules, they could be finalized this month. the f.d.a. already regulates cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, roll your own and smokeless tobaccos. >> vanessa: a plan for students to earn more college credits in
5:46 pm
ohio senator rob portman introducing the amendment. the plan encourages high school and college partnerships that allows students to take college classes in high school. portman was inspired after a visit to dayton high where students successfully completed college courses. >> when they get to college, their costs are less, because they've already got credit. >> the plan is part of the bill overhauling no child left behind. the senate is likely to pass it in the next few days. >> congress is about to give a big boost to local road projects. they passed a five year funding bill for the nation's highways and road conditions in our major area, a big part of the concern. according to the d.o.t., 42% of massachusetts roads are in poor condition and in new hampshire, 54% of roads are in poor condition. >> we can help to address some of the choke points that are in that transportation system and give the economy a shot in the arm. >> mark: massachusetts senator elizabeth warren did not vote for the $305 billion bill. she says provisions in the bill
5:47 pm
chrysler is recalling more than 100,000 cars over brake concerns. the company says some dodge darts could leak oil into an area that could damage the car's power bracing features. so far, seven crashes and two injuries have been linked to the defect. it affects 2013 and 2014 models. >> vanessa: an e. coli outbreak linked to chipotle expanded to nine states and now the c.d.c. says a total of 52 people have reportedly become sick after eating at the restaurants. most of those cases are in oregon and washington. chipotle says it's hired a company to help improve the safety procedures, including testing produce before it ships. >> kevin: clouds will pop up this afternoon, typical when you get the cold air to come rushing in and the sun is out like we had this morning and as the sun goes down, we'll see the clouds go away as well. there have been snow flurries around central and southern new england, just western southern
5:48 pm
but to the north, still some snow falling from quebec and maine during the day today. significant because just had a snowstorm up that way. that's where the ski conditions are primo right now. 46 in boston. 41 in worcester and with a breeze, it makes it feel colder, so while it's not bitter cold windchills, it's a little more uncomfortable than those temperatures, those 40's actually seem to suggest. it feels like 33 worcester and 39 in orange and it feels like only 40 out there province town the gusty winds. these are the clearing skies we'll have through the evening tonight and by the time i'm talking to you during our late newscast at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., we'll be talking about the clear skies over us, or mostly clear. you're waking up to sunshine first thing in the morning, that continues through your lunchtime and into the afternoon tomorrow as well. here are the temperatures falling tonight in southeast vermont, for instance, the clouds will go away, we'll clear it out and drop down to freezing and below in that region tonight. northern worcester county, southwest new hampshire, same thing for you. clearing skies in boston, dropping down through the 40's panned 30's by first light in the morning.
5:49 pm
trip down to hyannis, around 40 right now and dropping down into the 30's. skies are mostly clear for you and they'll stay that way all night long. temperatures tomorrow, rebounding pretty nicely. but still, 40's on cape cod and the islands. so you'll stay a little cooler here. but 50's, metro west and points north. 50 in hudson, 51 burlington, lawrence, fenway park, 51. above average for a december day and the sun is sticking around for the second half of the weekend as well. this takes you into sunday, futurecast sunday, 6:30 a.m. and through the middle of the day, lots of sunshine, stopping it during the early part of the afternoon, when tailgating will be going full strength at gillette stadium, later in the afternoon, clear for the start of the game as well. temperature will be dropping from the mid 50's down to about 50 degrees by kickoff. here's your seven-day forecast. and with the weekend starting tomorrow, that weekend is always in view. let's start out with that. next couple of days, 51 saturday afternoon. 54 sunday. keep in mind, first thing in the morning for your morning plans, it is going to be cold in the
5:50 pm
locations, below freezing just about everywhere. afternoons. it stays that way into monday, but i do expect some rain to flirt with the area by tuesday, us. putting together a timeline to show for you as well. wednesday, clearing, but another shot for rain or snow mixing in on thursday, but saturday, being in the 50's, it doesn't sound like real cold weather, but we're collecting coats for families in need and we need your help. bring a gently worn coat to jordan's furniture in redding. 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. there are more details on the facebook page and on hope you can join me, shiri and sarah for the big event. see you there. >> mark: we are following several brand new stories ahead at 6:00 p.m. it rocked the boston area 21 years ago when the man walked into clinics that offer abortion and started shooting. new at 6:00 p.m., the brother of one of the women who died is speaking to fox 25 about what he thinks can be done to stop them. and a man dies on a fishing boat off the coast of gloucester.
5:51 pm
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5:54 pm
a report of a shoplifter, who just left the place. before long, he was able to identify the female suspect and track her down at her home, where he interviewed her and recovered the items. >> she admitted to the theft and stated that the only reason she took it was she took it because she couldn't afford it. police say what the woman stole was a number of baeking supplies from crisco to vanilla frosting. the officer learned the suspect was a desperate mother. >> the ingredients that we found out that she took were for a birthday cake for her daughter. >> instead of making an arrest. the officer opted to talk to the woman about the theft and pay for the stolen items out of his own pocket. >> it doesn't excuse what she did. but the officer, as he stated t you know, didn't think that the kitchen suffered from the actions. >> police say the officer isn't comfortable with the attention his actions are bringing him. >> he's very modest. he didn't do it for recognition.
5:55 pm
gestures we've seen, i've personally seen, we've seen here at the store. >> it was a witness who first reported the officer's charity to the local news, she too, does not want to be identified, but did say this. >> stories like that need to be told because all you hear is bad stories about cops. >> police say no one is condoning the theft, but in the end, the female suspect at the center of all of this was not charged. in new york, rick leventhal, fossier news. >> vanessa: dozens of boston senior citizens getting the chance to talk to senior citizens, all part of the 20th 20th annual phoneathon put on by at&t. seniors with families in other countries are invited to come down to city hall to talk to their loved ones during the holidays. mayor marty walsh says it's important given boston's diverse population. >> many of the people making the phone calls don't have the means to make the call at all and they get a chance during the holiday season to call back home and say hello. >> vanessa: mayor walsh says the organizers are looking into
5:56 pm
>> mark: quincy restaurant is trying something new when it comes to stopping drunk driving, handing outraged free out free uber rides. the norfolk county district attorney as well as quincy police support the program, but add that bartenders and wait staff should go by the policy, observe, not overserve. other restaurants can call the district attorney's office if they want to opt into the program as well. >> mark: the martin richard foundation launching a clothing line, to honor the boston marathon victims. the shirts were created to raise awareness from martin's no more hurting people peace message. money for the shirts will go towards supporting teen mr8. >> we are now investigating these horrific acts as an act of
5:57 pm
>> vanessa: as you just heard, the mass shooting in san bernardino, california, is now considered an act of terror. the f.b.i. made that announcement a short time ago. hello everyone. i'm vanessa welch. >> mark: i'm mark ockerbloom. federal agents are leading the investigation. the marry couple who carried out the attack showed no signs of radicalization and they do not appear to be part of a terror cell. investigators also say the couple tried to destroy evidence by crushing two cellphones and throwing them in the trash. tonight the francois beauchemin is trying to determine if the shooters had plans for future attacks and we're also learning about praise to isis. at some point while wednesday's attack in san bernardino, california, was underway, officials say 207-year-old female shooter, tashfeen malik, posted a pledge of allegiance to isis leader, baghdadi. >> as of today, based on the information and the facts' we know them, we are investigating these horrific acts as an act of
5:58 pm
officials have not said how they know she made the calls, only that malik's statement was made under a different name, that the attacks may have been inspired by isis. terrorism analyst paul crookshank explains. >> this is a very significant moment unfortunately, isis going to take ownership of this, i would believe, in a big way, they'll use it to try to inspire other attacks. isis are instigating these kind of attacks over social media, reaching out to people directly in the west, to encourage this form of violence. >> mark: today the landlord allowed the media into the couple's home, with no objection from police. a look into the life of a couple that law enforcement sources say was self-radicalized, though near malik for farook had ever been in trouble with the law and they were not on any watch lists. their family also says they had no idea, farook's sister says she's not sure if she can forgive her brother. >> do you think your brother
5:59 pm


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