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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 7, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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points to obscure religious ritual. complete new england coverage right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> catherine: good monday morning, everyone, it is just about 9:00 on december 7th, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. sarah wroblewski is in for shiri spear this morning and all week. >> sarah: 44 in new bedford and big improvements norwood finally at freezing mark and better than the 20s all morning long and temperatures climb into the 40s and 50s by your lunch hour this
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mostly sunny skies and drive home and 30s clearer to the north and west and by the time you wake up tomorrow this time we will have a few showers to be contending with, especially down the southcoast, cape and islands and still from furnace brook parkway to columbia road and volume remains heavy and steady. >> daniel: kyla campbell in
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and, kyla, president outlined several steps. >> kyla: yes, first said congress should make sure mobile home on the no-fly list able to buy a gun. >> what could possibly be the argument? this is a matter of national court. >> kyla: house republicans blocked the no-fly list last week and shot it down on thursday and needs to make it harder for people to buy powerful assault weapons used in san bernardino last week. republicans were quick to criticize the president's speech republican special candidate marco rubio said more gun control laws would make modifference. he also said no-fly lists are imperfect. he said americans journalists are on the list and late ted kennedy was on no fly lift when
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kyla campbell, fox25 news. >> julie: investigators looking into the background of 35 from san bernardino shooting to see when she may have radicallized her husband syed farook and looking to see if the couple received money overseas. the department will remain off the job for at least another week. >> julie: father of syed farook says his son supported the islamic fate and upset with the destruction of israel and told italian newspaper he was a momma's boy and very religious just like his mother and claims syed farook called him unbeliever and told his parents to divorce after historical. hayden miles an hour charged with attempted miles an hour and seriously wounded one man before
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saturday and second victim had minor injuries and looking into reports meyer yelled this is for syria during the attack. >> daniel: new this morning police in andover bringing new attention to brutal crime that remains unsolved. four years ago today john and geraldine mcgee were murdered in their home. luxury car was later found on fire in boston's north end. about 90 minutes police and prosecutors will make a new call for anyone with information to come forward. fox25 will stream the news conference live on our app. look for alert later this morning. >> julie: agenting say they are zeroing in on threats against cambridge middle school. police are on extra patrol this morning. jess? >> jessica: school getting underway at vassal lane upper school and enter the building
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back at first day since last week and we know there were three threats of violence here and over the past couple of hours we have seen police making rounds out here but they have a far smaller presence what we saw several hours thursday and new video now we shot this righta after 7:30 this morning and you can see police stationed at front door of the school and parents dropped kids off. there was a meeting held last night here in cambridge to calm parents fears with police officers and even fbi officials. that huge meeting was held at cambridge senior center after two sets of gun violence and one bomb threat were made toward schools last week. superintendent said anonymous good samaritan and hosted on message board but that tipster they actually neither one making the threats.
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out here today. >> whoever is doing this and attention to it. >> jessica: fbi officials says encryption technology says it is impossible to figure out who's posting the threats but the fbi special animal in charge of the boston area who was at last night's meeting says that the threats do not seem credible. all the police presence bit smaller than what we saw last week and officers going to be back here at schools in the district throughout the day. live here in cambridge this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: police at hand in school in warren. it is happening in response to anonymous threat posted to social networking app yesterday. warren and westbrook field police looking together to find
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>> julie: police say james derepentigny left a suitcase and they x-rayed the suitcase and bears and power source and only blown up by bomb squad shown not to be a threat and hours police arrested the suspect in lawrence. >> daniel: six people due in court for who was happened inside peabodya dark lane and anonymous tip sent two people to the house, two people lived there and medford, north adams, roxbury and lynn facing drug and trafficking charges. >> jessica: >> julie: 13 boy being treated in boston hospital. 14-year-old was hit by car in hudson yesterday afternoon. he was flown to mass general and no one in the car got hurt and neighbors in the area say drivers tend to speed on streets where this happened. >> 20 years ago when we moved here it was like a back road.
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>> i have small kids and walk them back and forth have the bus stop and rate of speed is out out of control. >> julie: police do not believe alcohol was involved. >> daniel: today trial continues for danvers teenager accused of killing a math teacher. psychiatrist testified the teen was in the midst of psychotic breakdown when he killed colleen ritzer two years ago and prosecutors expect the jury to get the case at the end of the week. daniel: telegram and gazette reporting three days at rutland animal shelter caught fire and deemed not suitable for the animals and found to be overcrowded with animals and many of them kept in kennels far
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hazard and 50 cats and dogs died in the fire last month. >> julie: injuries and big mistakes starting to hurt the new england patriots. 14-0 early but right before half time ryan allen punt blocked and tie game at the break and then in third, brady picked off by malcolm jenkins at 1 yard line and raises 99 yards for the score and pats made it close late but philly wins 35-28 and after the game tom brady took responsibility for the loss. >> first interception was bad quarterbacking so the team trusts you to put the ball in your hands and make decisions decision. >> julie: new england lost two straight games after 2-0 and they travel to houston on sunday night. we check traffic and weather together every ten minutes and look at live drive time, 28
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peabody to the tobin bridge. sarah? >> sarah: temperatures improving from the 20s and 30s to the 40s in some spots and now 50s for the vineyard and nantucket and wide range and still need the jacket and temperatures climb well above average getting into the 40s and 50s and this warm weather not going to last too long. i will show you what to expect cooler weather and risk of showers i'm tracking. >> daniel: two would be car thieves try to carjack a woman at gunpoint and loud horn put
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>> daniel: three men could be charged with murder in deadly shooting in south boston. fox25 was on shooting saturday night as police combed colony avenue for clues and tells fox25 the big break came when a car matching the description of one seen speeding away was pulled over. right now the men are only being charged with assault with intent to murder. police tell us the charges will likely be upgraded since the victim died and working to find out the victim's name this morning. daniel: investigation continues into a quincy hit and run that left elderly woman in critical condition.
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bergin parkway and checked and looking for a boxy station wagon. >> julie: police say kidnappers abducted two students sometime on saturday. swat team stormed the building late last night and rescued the men but not before they shot one of the students in the leg. right now motive isn't clear and police arrested four people. julie: leading religious leader drawing criticism for remarks about guns. >> more people had conceal carry permits we could end the muslims before they kill. >> julie: that's the reverend jerry falwell junior speaking to students on friday. falwell's father found the religious school and leaders in virginia say the statement is
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all muslims as extremists. >> daniel: infant pulled out from pieces of asphalt and debris and authorities say it was only day or two old when found and attempted murder and child endangerment charges and baby was taken to the hospital for treatment and expected to be okay. >> daniel: police in cleveland say the priest is latest victim of violent crime spree at 61-year-old was pistol-whipped and robbed seconds after leaving church on saturday night. priest says three men were involved and suffered cuts and bruises on his hands and face but refused medical treatment. two other victims have reported similar attacks in recent days. >> julie: group that helped keep olympics out of boston now working against olympics in another city. members of no boston olympics and no boston 2024 helping activists in toronto ramp up to keep olympics away before city decided not to bid and activists
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hamburg to reject a referendum last week. >> julie: mbta may decide on future of green line extension to somerville and medford and fox25 says state transportation officials haven't ruled out scrapping the project altogether. >> daniel: city leaders in boston are considering ending ban of bringing own booze to boston. lifting ban would initially apply to eateries like hyde park and also be limits on how much one can carry in. casino operators are desperate to bring in more gambling and benefit and slot machines are loosened to doll out winning line-ups more often. since plain ridge park casino opened in june and raised pay out percentage by nearly point and a half and more than
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revenues to the player's pocket. >> julie: no tipping policies are taking ahold across the country and unions may actually be pushing the new trend and efforts to create fair and equal wages and some restaurants means menu prices are up and earning higher, steadier pages and some experts say employees may not be the ones to benefit in the end. >> makes easier to take payment out and higher minimum wage by the union is really just play at end of the day to get more people to join the union. >> julie: restaurants in boston, seattle, san francisco already tried no tipping policy to mixed reaction. julie: see where red spots indicate the highest slowest volume. 128 southbound through lexington 93 south as southbound through medford and into somerville. expressway still problematic from furnace brook parkway past
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here are live drive times 21 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin and 38 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector and 39 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. fox25 storm tracker sarah wroblewski joining us now and we have another warmer than average day ahead. >> good morning to you. good morning, everybody this weekend really nice, temperatures were above average. in fact, ned boston climbed to 59 , 60 in norwood, 60 in fitchburg and low clouds early in the morning tomorrow, limited temperature through connecticut river valley and what we really are going to take away from this is fact that yes, we had some low clouds early this morning too but once again anticipating above average conditions and highs this time of year low 40s, below freezing and ten to 15 warmer than average and take that, right, sunset too earliest
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we head into the evening hours and two inches of snow in boston, under five in worcester and last year we were above average to start and record breaking year but this year boston and worcester well below the average just a trace of snow we have seen in really doesn't look to see much in the way of snow for the next seven days and temperature may drop back to near normal and another warm-up heading our way and visibility it is improving. hey, keene, good for you and o dropped back to less than mile visibility and overall clouds beginning to break apart across the southeast and temperatures they are responding to sunshine into the 40s now and boston, farve, worcester, also in the 40s and been in the 40s for the cape and vineyard and like to be right now. low 50s. again, normal high 44 this time of year. so high pressure keeping this
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cold front comes on through today, just going to allow for winds to shift direction. starting to notice that too, mainly out of the southwest earlier this morning, starting to turn out toward the west-northwest adding chill to the air, 41 in boston and wind is light but feels like it is in the mid-30s, so something to keep in mind when head outside, still need the jacket and by the afternoon as well as partly and mostly sunny skies temperatures climbing into the 50s and said million time this morning but boy, look at it, so nice to see spring like conditions for the first week of december you should say heading into the second week here but currently to the northwest and potential through the connecticut river valley and southwestern new hampshire and once the cloud clears, sunshine clears on out and notice the clouds thickening up and tracking storm system well offshore but it is going to
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risk of showers and lunch hour into the afternoon and then that cooler weather, wind turn out of the northeast and sal 40s through thursday with another chance of showers before we warm up by next weekend. over to you. >> daniel: babysitter under arrest and what he is accused of doing to four-year-old child. >> julie: and churchen ship off south america and why they are certain th [barks] are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked!
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>> daniel: former president jimmy carter showed the most recent brain scan showed no signs of cancer. he shared it to his sunday school class and posted online in video. in august he announced he had melanoma that spread toys brain and he is on autoimmune drug that it is help fight the disease and doctors can't say for sure what the effects of the drug will be because it is so new that he will continue to take it. daniel: president of boston university highest paid college president in massachusetts in 2013 and only one in the state to earn more than $1 million. robert brown made just under $1.2 million. nationwide 32 private college presidents earned more than $1 million. highest paid college president
9:23 am
university that made more than $4 million. >> julie: world's largest sunken treasurer has been uncovered and $11 billion worth of gold coins and jewels were aboard. the treasurer would now be billions if recovered. no one has dove down to the ship yet but underwater cameras have photographed it while the cameras didn't find gold shots of special symbol on cannon proved it is the right ship. >> julie: grammy nominations are out this morning and taylor swift could break records. this is going to be stuck in my head the rest of the day. swift nominated for awards and if she wins all of them she will be beat both beyonce and adele for most awards forfemale won on
9:24 am
adele. rapper up and megan trainer also up. >> daniel: hero for acting quickly to stopping a carjacking memphis gas station. whole thing caught on camera as you can see here. police say those men trying to steal a woman's car but interrupted by a bus driver. people on the bus say their driver leaned on the horn when she realized what was happening. >> it was special she was there at the right time and reacted as well as she did. >> daniel: was not hurt and police are still looking for the men. >> julie: breaking news on friday morning and fire kills four people in lynn and why the city's crews will be back out at the scene to rip the building down before fire marshal has come up with a cause.
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tomorrow with cooler weather and how long the cooler pattern will last coming up. >> anchor: if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i approve this message we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> julie: welcome back, everyone. take look at temperatures on your screen. mid-december day mid-50s and 10 above average temperatures, is that what you're saying,
9:28 am
>> daniel: i'm not complaining. >> julie: me either. >> sarah: saturday and sunday really nice and 60 in boston and 59 actually and we got another day. got warm weather heading our way heading outside what is it talking about, frosty spots, 20s and 30s and sure enough that's where we are headed and live look at boston at 41, not too bad, winds out of the southwestern and slight chill and continue to see the temperature rise noticing those 20s still in places like keene and orange where we have some fog, visibility has been issue all morning long and starting to finally see improvements across the southeast and continue to see the clouds break apart and mix of clouds and sun will go with for the day today and temperatures climb into the 50s by this afternoon, normal high 44, so yes, we take it for this time of year and the sunset right around 4:11 and temperatures do drop and warm-up
9:29 am
to expect also risk of shower this week but check of traffic with julie. >> julie: accident on 93 southbound right after 228 and 128 southbound a little bit slow through lexington. also an accident on the pike eastbound near cambridge street. live look at the pike we are used to seeing this sort of heavy volume. usually by 9:30, 9:40 it starts to really lighten up and live drive times, 32 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave, 23 minutes on the expressway braintree split to the pike and 34 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: local man with long criminal history in trouble once again for causing a panic near the seaport and man went to great lengths to make a suitcase look like a bomb before placing it near homeland security vehicle. fox25 stephanie coueignoux live this morning outside the courthouse and waiting for that man's arrival. >> stephanie: actually going
9:30 am
behind me and face a judge on a charge of planting a hoax device now, lawrence police told us that he is been arrested several time before and when we looked into it we actually found rifts rifts -- arrests in other states dating back years. this is the reason why he is appearing in court and reaction right there and explosion when the bomb squad detonated the suitcase and police say put next to the homeland security vehicle but they also say that apparently he took a selfie as he was dropping the suitcase off, that's according to source telling fox25 and because police didn't know what was in that suitcase, just as extra precaution, they actually used robot to take it across the street and that's where they detonated it. they did not find explosive
9:31 am
wires and a power source in that suitcase and again, as you just mentioned, source telling fox25 it was actually made to look like an explosive device. police arrested james derepentigny the same day after an officer spotted him in lawrence and when we looked into the history we found several incidents one stemming from 2007 and involved trespassing in florida and then another one in 2009 when he reportedly took out a knife inside a new hampshire bar and threatened to kill everyone inside. lawrence police also saying that he does have a history of mental illness and head into the courthouse and let you know what happens at arraignment later today on fox25. in boston i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> julie: third oval office speech to the country president obama told the nation he
9:32 am
worried. president made it clear no evidence in the san bernardino terror attacks were overseas like isis and he said they got down the dark path of radicalization just like the boston marathon bombers. >> as internet races distance between countries and terrorists to poison the minds of people like the boston marathon bombers and san bernardino killers indecent assault president does not want the controversy involved in another ground war in the middle east and americans should not single out muslim community and west not at war with islam and called for more gun control in the united states including cause to keep anyone on the no-fly list from owning a weapon. >> daniel: senator congressman joe kennedy and mayor marty walsh reacted to the president's address while taking part in
9:33 am
leaders -- all the leaders all american need to -- all americans need to come together to fight terrorism. >> conditions that help create these lone wolf terrorist. >> see something outside the ordinary please call it in and never know where the phone call will lead to. >> daniel: americans need to know the threat of terror is coming from extremist, not any nationality or religion. >> daniel: government employees in san bernardino, california will return to work since last week's terry cotton. 14 people were killed, 21 hurt when 35 and tashfeen malik opened fire and they are looking to see if the couple received money from overseas. employees in the department where farook and many of the
9:34 am
the job for at least another week. >> julie: man accused of stealing bones will face charges connecticut man drove to worcester and raided mausoleum. fox25 michael henrich outside the cemetery with look at strange items found in the man's home. >> michael: worcester police said bizarre and disturbing crime. bones easily seen by people display. inside the hartford, connecticut home police say 32-year-old amador medina kept real human in worcester. >> practicing centuria priest and skeletal remains used in the
9:35 am
>> michael: it is a caribbean religion. bones were stolen nearly two months ago in early october from mausoleum in hope ceremony last used some 71 years ago. belonged to three adults and two young children. >> why would he do something like that? >> michael: fox25 spoke with one family who's family is buried at the cemetery. >> i heard about it and disturbing and can't imagine it being done to my dad and got my grandmother, grandfather buried over here and just disturbing. >> daniel: >> michael: suspect will be arraigned and eye bringing him back toward massachusetts to face charges on more specific worcester. reporting in worcester, i'm
9:36 am
henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: man charged in connection with death of woman in bridgewater will be in court. obie cruz was charged with misleading police. new hampshire couple already facing similar charges. ashley bortner's burned body was found last month and they are still looking for him. >> julie: demolishing a building. fire engulfed on bruce place and reported the victims were all members of one family. a man, two aunts and cousin were all killed. the globe reports two more family members are hospitalized. the family's church is hoping to raise money to pay for the funeral. >> i was teacher. they were so nice.
9:37 am
been ruled out as cause of fire and still want to talk to anyone that saw the fire. julie: this morning a propane gasoline leak blamed for gutted in worcester and reports of explosion before the fire happened and fire crews got out to look at the damage which included a large crack running could see here. no one was hurt but putting out fire was tricky because firefighters say there were no hydrants in the area. >> daniel: huntener plymouth has close call with deer and manages to get it on video. nick dedoto's camera rolling and veered off at the last minute and wasn't hurt and told fox25 he has dealt with similar situations before but this is the first time he has caught it on camera. happening this morning right now the third day of controlled deer hunting underway at blue hills reservation. it is all to curb the deer population but been a lot of protest.
9:38 am
and last day of controlled hunting is tomorrow. >> julie: live look at the pike, there we go, things really starting to lighten up like i mentioned, usually between 9:15 and 9:30. today was a little bit later but having a little bit of relief on the pike eastbound through bryant. here is sara with weather. >> sarah: temperature now 41 in boston, wind chill still a father of 36 but expecting to see the mercury climbing into the 50s this afternoon and above average temperatures but we do return to normal and show you when coming up in just a little bit.
9:39 am
gadgets could keep you under information. >> daniel: today winner suzanne brown from worcester. congratulations.
9:40 am
>> julie: richard pinheiro is charged with assault and battery someone reported disturbing and police found four-year-old boy with fresh bruises and welts. neighbors tell fox25 they often saw the suspect around the complex. >> seemed like sweetheart, very nice, willing to help me when bringing groceries in, dib seem like anything would ever happen. >> julie: pinheiro is held at bristol county house of corrections and treated and released and okay. >> daniel: this week justice department begin investigation department. it comes in the wake of shooting death of black teenage by white police officer. officer jason van dyke has been charged with murder after laquan mcdonald was shot 16 times. it was caught on camera. mayor has also forced the police superintendent to resign. daniel: colorado movie
9:41 am
$1 million in restitution to his victims. james holmes also ordered to cover all future expenses survivors may have including medical bills and lost wages. the ruling is largely symbolic. holmes serving multiple life sentences for killing 12 people and injuring 70 others in aurora three years ago. >> julie: scary moments at air force base in new mexico after someone thought she heard gunshots and wasn't quite what it seemed and investigators searched the area for active gunman and tactical crews did not find any threat. later investigators discovered the noise was actually heavy duty bubble wrap but official say reporting the noise was the right thing to do. air force base home to the nuclear weapons center which maintains u.s. nuclear arsenal. dozen trucks carrying wreaths made in maine convoy left yesterday and placed on grave of military veterans. this tradition started 23 years ago when company ended up with 5,000 extra wreaths. >> daniel: new clothing line
9:42 am
for the youngest victim of the boston marathon bombing. the martin richard foundation will be selling these t-shirts on website this after numerous requests from people online. some have the peace bridge logo and others just mr8 logo. proceeds going to the foundation martin was the youngest victim of the bombings. umass boston received grant money for the bombings and comes from the massachusetts office for victim's assistance and $315,000 is designated for survivors struggling and costs for victims that changed careers or stopped working as a result of the injuries. >> julie: 93 southbound and felsway and moving along nicely, bright green and spot near the accident, eastbound at cambridge
9:43 am
live look through brighton nice and clear, over to those live drive times, 28 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave and 17 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and 32 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. fox25 storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri spear today. >> sarah: clouds this morning and fog too and notice there's break in the cloud cover now, really looking spectacular in boston and going to be very similar to how it was yesterday as temperatures started off chilly but quickly will be warming up, 41 right now, that wind out of the southwest making it feel like it is still in the and stilt pretty chilly in the 20s and keene and orange and depending where you are you're going to see the difference in temperatures. bedford and norwood in the 20s earlier now into the 30s, 40
9:44 am
40s and 50s down across the cape and islands. the clouds and continued to be persistent in orange, new hampshire and less than mile visibility and seeing improvements across the southeast. so we will continue to see that trend through the rest of the morning. in fact, by this afternoon temperatures will be back into the 50s, very untypical for this time of year considering usually we are in the mid-40s. we will drop later on tonight and clouds will thicken up in city of boston. in fact, we are looking at temperatures it upbling furthermore. so today this is what you can expect, 40s through parts of southern vermont as well as southwestern, new hampshire. 50s elsewhere, some areas could even top near 60 . now, overnight tonight we will see temperatures fall back into the 20s and 30s, 40s for
9:45 am
cover will continue to thicken as those winds will turn out of the north. looking at risk of few showers ahead of a coastal storm that will bring most the moisture out to sea but still bring chance of showers across the southeastern areas but look at temperatures back into the 40s. now, this is more typical of december so it is no the that we are cooling down, we are just getting to where we need to for this time of year. winds will also be on shore out of the northeast and high pressure keeps us dry for the day today, and notice all the moisture now developing off the southeast. so we will increase the chances of showers, especially across the southeast, cape and islands come tomorrow, elsewhere to the north and west, likely going to stay dry, dry on wednesday and then on thursday another system will head our way bringing another threat of shower, so high pressure scoots to the east, stays mild and here is system i was talking about. mostly offshore but by tomorrow morning the clouds are in place and risk of those showers will be possible through about lunch hour and during the afternoon we
9:46 am
sunshine in some spots, clouds may hang tough across the eastern areas due to persistent onshore flow and by wednesday we get a break in the action and then we are tracking this cold front that looks as though it should weaken as it heads toward our way so watch the track of that closely. nonetheless, 7-day forecast with weekend in view, showing the difference in temperatures from 50s today, 40s next couple of days but then we ride back up into the 50s, late week into next weekend, look as though temperatures will be above normal. look at forecast. >> julie: visiting santa
9:47 am
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[phone rings] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> daniel: multiple billion dollar deal to threaten to send appliances soaring. it would given the company control of most of the stoves, refrigerator and dishwashers and merger being contested in federal court. daniel: weight beachers
9:50 am
latest fat fighting plan. the company tells the wall street journal will focus on guidelines, fitness and motivational tools and weight watchers says customers no longer want to think about diet or deprivation as way to slim down. the company's stock prices tripled since oprah winfrey signed on as investor in october. daniel: jab holding company will pay under $14 billion for the holding company and privately owned under the deal and jab one of the healthiest families and owns caribou coffee, pete's coffee and beauty brands. >> julie: holidays are here and means gift giving and most popular gifts could put people at risk for cyber crimes.
9:51 am
fitness trackers, drones and other devices and hold a lot of personal information. >> reporter: what hits the heart the most and doesn't hit the heart more than health, fitness and children. >> julie: experts advice could download security software to keep them as secure as possible. >> daniel: 1500 assistanters ran through the streets. annual charity run at camp caitemca and caters to children who have or have had cancer. >> always wanted to do it and got everybody registered to do the race this year. >> daniel: santas come together to raise $20,000 this year and this weekend burlington mall opened to give children special time with santa and give
9:52 am
crowds. for their kids, even parents and even big guy, it is a special day. >> couldn't do santa before this and epilepsy and really good for them. >> a lot different than normal day and really special, very, very special. >> this was the fifth year for the program and had 66 families, 66 families visit with santa. how awesome is that? >> julie: i wonder what they wished for. >> sarah: boys saw santa and ought to written a lot of -- and hope he brings a lot of legos. climbing into the 50s once again above average after hitting 59 yesterday and back to where we should be tomorrow, risk of showers down across the
9:53 am
through about thursday and then back to above average temperatures by the weekend. fairly dry stretch although there are a few chances of shower and again, less than ten of inch. >> great weather to do shopping for legos. >> daniel: thank you so much for joining us. don't forget the fox25 morning news at 5:00.
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