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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  December 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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those with loved ones buried are heartbroken to hear about this. >> well, my grandparents are buried here, and my great grandparents are buried here, so it's kind of a terrible thing to have your family violated like that. i can't imagine why someone would want to do that. >> ok. so right now, here on your 32-year-old medina. we told you about him last week. investigators in hartford arrested him for fugitive from justice. three adults and two young children were stored in medina's apartment, hartford police tell me that the child, one of them was as young as 15 days old. medina told hartford police he had the remains for religious purposes, saying that he practices satanria. detectives are not releasing any other information in terms of exactly which mausoleum they were stolen from. they are still trying to get a hold of family members, but at 6:15 a.m., we will be going up
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tonight at 10:00 p.m. for now, live in worcester, >> vanessa: updating breaking news now. two students in millbury accused of creating a hit list. fox 25 obtained a letter from the principal sent to millbury junior and senior high school parents. tuesday. the school found out about it last thursday, and they say the situation was addressed and resolved. the principal also saying in part, we have recognize the seriousness of this type of primary concern and responsibility. more breaking news tonight, a live look from sky fox, high above a bad crash on i-95 south in danvers. this is happening near exit 46. right now, we do know that the two left lanes are closed. you can see this major backup tonight. police say a car crashed deep into the woods and there are injuries. major delays again is it seen happening on i-95 south in danvers near exit 46. avilla void this area if you can.
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tonight who travels through this area, chances are they're going to be very late. >> we are learning about possible changes coming to fenway park. right now, this highlighted section is protected by netting. but new recommendations by major league baseball could extend the netting to this highlighted area. as you can see, it's a lot more seats. a lot of fans paying big bucks to sit there. it's all about safety though. fox 25's john monahan is live at fenway park with the red sox' reaction. john? >> well, tonight, the sox issued a statement saying they are looking at how to implement this idea, but also talking to those fans who paid the big prices and fans, well, they have a mixed reaction to this. these recommendations follow a review by major league baseball this summer. the idea is to include netting that would shield all field level seats, between both dugouts and within 70 feet of home plate. the red sox put out a statement in regard to the mlb recommendation that says, in part, the club is in the process
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design options, to identify the best solution for fenway park. and is pro actively reaching out to the ticket holders, most affected by the plan changes. we caught up with some fans, and here's what they think. >> if you're going to pay for seats that close, you should be able to experience it and have the signs right there, that said there. >> i think it's great. really. the safety of people. >> two sox fans were seriously injured this summer. stephanie was hit by a ball. the other, tonya carpenter, suffered life-threatening injuries after being struck by a broken bat. and tonya carpenter's attorney sent out a statement, it says in part, the risk of injuries to patrons of fenway park has been apparent to ownership for many years, at least, something good will come out of her injuries and suffering and most teams, including the red sox are expected to implement the new recommendations. we're live outside fenway park in boston tonight, john monahan, fox 25 news.
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our fox 25 facebook poll question asks, will you be more or less likely to purchase tickets at fenway park if they are behind the protective netting or will it make no difference? votes was a few minutes ago show most people think it will make no difference. to cast your vote, go to our fox 25facebook page. >> vanessa: the father of one of the shooters is breaking his license. the father of tashfeen malik is condemning his daughter's actions. the husband and wife game radicalized two years ago and that means syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik were radicalized before they were married or even met. >> we're investigating into whether anyone was assisting them, equipping them and working very hard to understand, did they have other plans, either for that day or earlier and that work continues. >> vanessa: the evidence also
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discussed jihad hand martyrdom as early as 2013. more details now. the infant daughter of the terrorist remains in state custody. the 6-month-old was left with a grandmother on the morning of the attack. her aunt and uncle have petitioned to gain custody. a hearing is set for next month and the girl will remain in foster care until then. experts believe it's unlikely she will be returned to a family member. >> it is disturbing video that shows accused killer -- teen killer, phillip chism before and after the murder of the danvers ritzer. but could this same video, right here, prove to a jury that chism was not mentally ill. our bob ward was in court and shows us how a final witness broke down this video for the jury, step by step. >> after weeks of testimony, it is over, the case against 16-year-old phillip chism now about to go to the jury, but first, a key prosecution witness testifies, phillip chism was not
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mentally ill as the defense contends, but instead was a sane teenager when danvers high school teacher colleen ritzer ago. >> my opinion is that at the time of the offense, that mr. chism was not suffering from the requisite mental disease or defect. >> forensic psychologist testified, danvers high school surveillance video shows chism taking steps before and after the colleen ritzer murder to hide his identity from wearing a hood to changing his clothes to wearing a mask when he moved colleen ritzer east kingston body. the doctor said chism sexually posed colleen ritzer's body in the woods behind danvers high before hiding it behind a pile of leaves. >> is that a crazy thing to do? >> posing the body is something that is done in sexual homicides, by persons who do not have a mental illness.
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found wandering along route 1 in topsfield, the police found her underwear in his backpack, which says that's a trophy. all the witnesses in this trial have been heard, hall that's left now, closing statements and deliberations. the jury could get this case on friday. in salem, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> and when the phillip chism verdict comes down, you'll see it right here on fox 25 and you'll get an alert on your fox 25 news app. >> vanessa: the norovirus outbreak at boston college now affecting at least 120 students and as we've been reporting, some of them play on b.c.'s basketball team. in less than an hour, that team will take the court in providence for the first time since news of the sickness broke. this all traces back to a local chipotle restaurant. many people feared the illnesses were connected to the chain's national e. coli scandal. >> mark: now to fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, it's dry right now, but you are tracking the chance for rain later on. >> kevin: through the evening hours, it's going to be
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south producing drizzle and fog developing. steadier showers will wait until tomorrow and what they'll wait for is the cold front back in here pushing our way. that will produce the showers, but those are going to tend to dry out as they come in to the boston area. may make it into the worcester hills, but it's going to be a tough go of things. you'll see that moisture increase tonight and overnight, drizzle and showers being produced, during the morning drive, sarah will be telling you about those and guiding you through it. then the steadier showers to the e the front hitting the berkshires with heavier rain and starting to fizzle. we'll see showers in worcester and boston through the middle of the day and even through your lunch hour. already starting to see breaks behind the front by lunch time and afternoon, i expect most of us will see a glimpse of sunshine. better than today. 40's out there right now. these temperatures will continue to drop for an hour or two, but look at this, with the winds shifting tonight and the clouds rolling n even some showers in brattleboro by 6:00 a.m., the temperatures will start to rise. it's the beginning of a warmup. i'll show you when we'll hit 60. coming up. >> mark: we are learning more tonight about a deadly shooting in boston's south i understand. this story was breaking on the
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boston police say a many in his 20's was shot near rutland square about 1:30 a.m. this morning. he later died at boston medical center. no arrests have been made. investigators ask the public to contact them with any tips. >> vanessa: a popular new hampshire restaurant heavily damaged by fire this morning. flames ripped through the gas light company after 10:00 a.m. by the time sky fox got over the scene, those flames had spread to the roof. it took several dozen firefighters to get the fire under control. throughout both buildings, and some structural damage of course, due to the gas light company specifically on the third and attic and roof area. >> vanessa: the cause remains under investigation. no one was hurt. traffic is back to normal after being tied up for hours. >> mark: the patriots haven't lost three straight games since 2002, and that's what they're looking to avoid this week when they play in houston. >> vanessa: it is another primetime game for the pats. fox 25's sports director tom leyden is here now and tom
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everyone pretty calm. >> that's what quarterbacks do and it is a tom brady specialty. there will be some pressure entering sunday's game with the texans, but brady will undoubtedly be at his best. he typically is under these circumstances and that bodes fans. rob gronkowski not on the field for practice. unlikely that he will play this sunday, so brady will be undermanned, out wide yet again but james white stepped up last week and the most important factor will be the officer dougherty owe --offensive line keeping brady upright. however, brady says he's no worse for the wear. >> fresh as lettuce. believe in each other. when you face the adversity we faced the last couple weeks and nobody likes to lose games, all of our quality of life sucks when you lose games, but that's the way it is. it should be important, it should hurt when you lose. because we put a lot into it. >> fresh as lettuce, that's what we like to hear.
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behind the broncos an bengals. houston will bring the best night. tom leyden, news fox 25. >> police say it was a twisted threat by high school girls. >> vanessa: ahead at 6:00 p.m., why two teens held a gun to another girl's head after handcuffing her at a party. >> new insight in to a story breaking last night at 6:00 p.m. we are hearing from the 911 operator who talked a 16-year-old through a terrifying home invasion while she hid in her room while her pregnant mother was tied up down stairs. >> vanessa: next and all new at
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>> vanessa: the mayor of boston target the city's middle class with a change in the affordable housing policy. >> mark: mayor marty walsh signed an executive order approving those changes. fox 25's crystal haynes dug deeper into the issue and what it will mean for residents. crystal? >> the reporter: well, mark and vanessa, mayor marty walsh wants to take that 20% of available aid affordable housing in the city and spread it out throughout middle and low income people, but advocates i spoke to say they're concerned that low income percentage will actually be pushed right out of boston. a change in the grand design for boston. mayor marty walsh signed an executive order today aimed at changing the city's affordable housing policy, to make renting
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class. the mayor has been very clear that while we're building just additional supplies, we really need to be building more affordable and housing for the middle class. according to the city's housing plan rolled out last year, the median income for a family is between 50 and $125,000. $53,000 for a single person. 20% of the city's housing is designated affordable, with the average rent for a two-bedroom still more than $2,000. >> we'll moderate the rents, people are now being charged. >> currently, if a developer doesn't build the required number of affordable units in their building, they have to pay a fee to the city. one of the major changes announced this week, setting that fee based on new affordable housing zones. >> as boston grows, we want it to grow for everyone and this policy helps to ensure that happens. >> the reporter: some advocacy
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the middle class could push low income residents to rely on rent vouchers out of the city up rents. >> more and more section a10's are being pushed out of boston because the rents are higher than what the government will pay for rents, so we're concerned. >> now on that point about the developer, if they choose not to put in affordable housing in their building, they could pay up to $380,000 per floor of that development. and that money, the fee that they pay, is going to go right in to building units elsewhere to be used by the city. reporting in boston, crystal haynes, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: police are still searching for one of two men involved in a violent home invasion in quincy. one suspect, kevin murphy, appeared in court today facing a number of charges. his bail was set at $100,000 cash. police say murphy and another man broke into a home on
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they tied up a pregnant woman who was inside, but the woman's daughter was able to hide and call 911. the 16-year-old girl hiding in an upstairs bedroom told a 911 operator on the other end she could hear the men down stairs and she thought they were hurting her mother. we spoke to the 911 operator today about what etc. like to take these kinds of calls. >> instincts come into play, and you know, you just picture it could be somebody, you know, your family or your friends or whoever, and you just try to do the best you can. >> vanessa: thankfully, both the mother and daughter were checked out at the hospital. they are ok. a police source telling fox 25 there were tens of thousands of dollars inside the home. and take a look here at these surveillance pictures, showing the suspects in a convenient store burglary in southborough. police say they broke into a golf gas station after closing two sundays ago, they drove off in a car, the car you're about to see in this picture here.
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nissan sentra with a damaged hood. >> well, drizzle, fog, coming in tonight alcs the winds continue to come in from the south and southeast, so we're not seeing the warmup just yet, but temperatures are actually going to start to moderate later on tonight and it's all happening ahead of this cold front pushing our wave and this front has some snow on the northern fringes of it but that cold air staying away from us, so we're going to have a weakening front come at us and bringing milder air with it, believe it or not. there are the clouds over us right now. sprinkles and some drizzle, sometimes the drizzle show up so well on the futurecast data. it will be out there and there will be fog first thing in the morning for your morning drive. keep that in mind. more substantial showers show up as the morning progresses. 5:00 a.m., sarah will be talking to you about what happens out there on the roadways for your morning commute. to the west, tracking this front coming our way into the berkshires, heavier downpours, southern vermont, you too and then it makes its way eastward into worcester and eventually boston and the north shore and scattered showers.
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shower from this, but there will be some around lunchtime and early afternoon, where they finally push off on cape cod and we'll see breaks of sun arriving. tomorrow night, the clouds increase again. another week disturbance sliding by to our north. along with that wind continuing to blow in off the atlantic waters, will campaign to produce more clouds over our area. i don't expect much much p if anything in the way of showers showing up. temperatures will steady out like it will be everywhere and start to rise back up during the early morning hours. out here on hyannis, 44 degrees right now, cloudy skies, again, you'll have fog and drizzle during the morning, you see the raindrops falling right in here on that icon, but rising up through the upper 40's and that will be the rule tonight. temperatures moderating and then slightly going upward through that morning drive. so your high temperatures tomorrow are going to be generally in the 40's, just about everywhere you look. i'm expecting temperatures to get up to about 58 natick. 56 dedham by the afternoon. so the warmer air comes in. you have the 40's through the
6:19 pm
hopefully with breaks of sun out there finally. you're going out to the west in worcester county, 54 worcester. 53 for you in fitchburg. to the north shore, temperatures will be in the 50's, ipswich at 52 degrees, nice for december. i'm sure you're liking this, out on cape cod, 50's attorneys for sampson well. but it gets even warmer by this upcoming weekend. friday, clouds over us, they'll break up again in the afternoon and sunshine to end the day and stays that way for much of your weekend. this is your view in the seven-day forecast. 59 degrees saturday and 61 sunday. significance of that is we're chasing a couple of records. now, the records on saturday don't seem obtainable to me. 68 boston, 67 concord. 69 providence. just seems too warm. even that 63 in worcester, i do not think we'll get on saturday, but sundays just happen to be lower. just luck of the draw here and i think sunday we have a chance at hitting those records, forecasting 61 for boston, so it's only a couple of degrees cooler than the record, which by the way was set in 1984. we'll see if we get to that. stays warm on sunday ahead of the next cold front, bringing us
6:20 pm
before we cool it down on tuesday. >> two 15-year-old girls were arrested for taking a fake gun and telling another girl, they're going to kill her. we have court documents with new information. >> mark: first, four people found fishing in the vice-president's backyard. and a man getting to president obama by impersonating a member of congress. new at 6:00 p.m., new secret service breaches and the strong words from long congressman
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>> mark: also tonight, fox 25 is exposing it more secret service breaches. >> vanessa: new at 6:00 p.m., jacqueline feld spoke with a local congressman who says the agency is protecting protecting the agency by being lucky, not skilled. >> new concerns about protecting the president of the united states. a new report exposing untold stories of security breaches. >> we've got to step up our game. >> a bipartisan from the u.s. house oversight committee details the breaches from a shooting at the white house to people scaling the fences. incidents also include four people who went fishing in the backyard of the vice-president's delaware home in 2013. secret service didn't notice until a neighbor called police. and in february, two people walked past a secret service checkpoints unnoticed and in to a secured area of the white house. >> we've been lucky so far.
6:23 pm
we've protected him by being lucky. >> the report uncovers new evidence in a case where an armed guard with an arrest record was able to ride an elevator with the president in atlanta at the c.d.c. it happened last year, and investigators say the president's security was breached three times that day. >> there are multiple holes that have been revealed where they are not doing their job. >> the report found budget related hiring freezes have left fewer officers and fewer agents protecting the white house. after a series of humiliating scandals, a new director was appointed. joseph clancy testifying to the committee, about to make reforms. in washington, jacqueline feld, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the report says there have been 143 security breaches or attempted breaches at secured facilities in the past decade. of those, 13 suspects were jailed. >> republican presidential candidate jeb bush spending the day in new hampshire, he spoke
6:24 pm
manchester and held a town hall meeting in hooksett. he's confident voters will choose a person that could lead and guaranteed that person would not be donald trump. >> vanessa: donald trump will be campaigning in new hampshire, as he deals with fallout from his recent comments about banning muslims from entering the u.s. his new controversy is even giving the presidential race attention overseas. more than 100,000 people have signed a petition that aims to ban trump from entering the u.k. secretary of state john kerry was even drawn into the debate at the climate talks in paris. >> we in our policies, have a policy of nondiscrimination and a policy of religious tolerance. what mr. trump has shade said, it runs contrary to all of that. believe congress has the power to issue the type of blanket ban trump is talking about, but then the ban would be struck down by the courts. fox 25's sharman sachetti will be in new hampshire for donald trump's visit tomorrow night. be sure to watch for her reports tomorrow on fox 25 hat
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tonight, two high school girls are accuse of terrifying another student using a gun and handcuffs. >> mark: why police say it all started over a boy. >> vanessa: is the green line expansion project going off the rails? it could be $1 billion overbudget. the option the mbta has before the state calls it off completely. >> mark: how much money the federal government is giving massachusetts to fight old man winter this year. here's a hint -- pholiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place.
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baseball issuing new recommendations to all 30 clubs, aimed at enhancing the safety of fans, who attend their games. it's one of our top stories at 6:30 p.m. these recommendations come after a safety review by major league baseball. the idea is to include netting that would shield all field level seats between both dugouts within 70 feet of home plate. this follows two incidents at fenway when sox anna nicole smith were seriously hurt this summer. one by a ball, the second by a broken bat. more skeletal remains are now missing from a second mausoleum at hope cemetery in worcester. we've been following the story for several days. medina has been charged with stealing the skeletal remains from one mausoleum this fall. medina has been described as a satanria priest. three sets of remains from a second mausoleum are also missing. they say they do not believe medina has been acting alone. we will have a full report for you tonight at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. >> mark: also tonight the gun looks so real. the victim had no idea if her life was about to ends.
6:28 pm
with the police. robert goulston is in plainville where the dispute appears to be over a boy. >> one of the 15-year-old suspects was upset that another girl was talking to her ex at the party, so police say she handcuffs the girl and held a real looking gun up to her head while her friend videotaped the whole thing. the night of torment unfolded at this apartment complex in plainville according to several court documents. plainville police say that's three adults, all 18, posted an underage drinking party late last month. police say a 15-year-old girl at that party used this replica handgun to threaten a 16-year-old girl, who apparently talked to her ex-boyfriend outside the party. police say when the 16-year-old came back into the apartment, she was hit with something, and then handcuffed, saying, it was boyfriend. police say another 15-year-old girl started videotaping it. that's when the girl started pointing the .9-millimeter replica at the 16-year-old's head saying, i am going to shoot
6:29 pm
and continued taunting her by pressing the gun against her head. after the 16-year-old got the handcuffs off, police say she ran down busy route 1 to a north attleboro dunkin' donuts. police got involved a couple of days later, after the victim and her father showed up at the plainville police department to report it. a search warrant was done at the home of the three adult suspects, where several replica guns and real bullets along with other items, including a stun gun were seized as evidence. the two 15-year-old girls are charged with armed assault and kidnapping. we were able to talk to the landlord of the apartment where police say that party happened. he told us that he evicted the three adults who held the party and tomorrow, those two girls, those two juvenile girls will have a;_::*e dangerousness hearing, meanwhile, they were being held in custody. in plainville, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a scare at auburn high school when a man tried to get in, carrying a knife. worcester police say the school resource officer found the 21-year-old man outside of the school crying, while he talked to the principal. this happened yesterday morning.
6:30 pm
medical center in worcester for an evaluation. he will be charged with carrying a dangerous weapon on school grounds. and also in worcester, one person has been hurt in a scissor lift collapse. sky fox over the scene on marian avenue. early reports are the victim fell after that lift collapsed. we are still working to find out exactly what caused the collapse and exactly what the victim's condition is. >> mark: haverhill police say they have charged two grinches with stealing holiday packages. 20-year-old keying an mccay and his 18-year-old girl pleaded not guilty to nine larceny counts in court court today. the packsages were stole african door steps in bradford and riverside areas earlier this morning. neighbors gave police a description of a suspicious black sports car seen in the area which helped them make the arrest. firefighters injured after fight agoxd sky fox overhead caught smoke coming out of the top of the three story home on st. paul street around 10:30 a.m. this morning. all six people inside when the fire started made it out ok.
6:31 pm
to figure out the cause. >> vanessa: massachusetts will get federal help to pay for last winter's record snow cleanup. the governor announcing today the state will receive $120 million in fema disaster relief. >> the fact that this was deemed the largest federally reimbursable disaster in massachusetts history is from my point of view, a representation of the fact that the feds took this very seriously, and we did a good job of making our case. >> vanessa: governor baker says half of the money will go to nonprofits and state agencies an half the cities and towns and it will be critical as they prepare for another winter. fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, about snow just yet. in fact, you're telling us we could see some temperatures into the 60's this weekend. >> kevin: i'm ok with a mild winter, vanessa, but i want to sandwich in a few snow storms an none of they will coming our way. rainshowers the best i can do right now. they're back to the wells. there is snow but you have to go to canada.
6:32 pm
toronto, southward to western p.a., pittsburgh and virginia and we'll see sprinkles, drizzle showing up especially after midnight, the early morning hours. during the morning drive, showers around but on the lighter side. mostly drizzle and fog. the steadier showers are back here through 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., and moving eastward. a couple of heavier showers are possible to pop up, but most of this is going to be light activity. temperature in boston right now, 43 degrees which is mild for this time of year and with the winds from the south, that temperature is going to tend to rise overnight through the 40's and continue to rise tomorrow when we'll get sun in the forecast and when we could hit a record high temperature. >> mark: new information on a story fox 25 investigates. first broke two weeks ago, surrounding the green line expansion project. >> vanessa: we uncovered never before seen reports revealing the mbta new the product -- project's price tag could skyrocket over $1 billion. >> mark: and why the project could collapse altogether. >> the reporter: a $2 billion
6:33 pm
now the state transportation building the mbta's fiscal control board and the massdot birdies trying to -- board of directors trying to decide if the green line has a future. >> you're not taking full cancellation off the table? >> we can't take full cancellation off the table. the t could find plenty of other places to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, the board says. they could flatout cancel the project, trimming expenses and what probably won't happen, building it as is. >> it's the one option that is the least likely to build the project the way it was designed under the contract that we currently have, because it's an unaffordable project. >> a consultant hired by the t found ways to cut between 10 and 40% of the costs and called the green line extension project's costs way up there. >> if they were to proceed in the way we currently are, they would likely result in the most
6:34 pm
>> the green line extension is a proposed 4 1/2 mile extension through somerville and medford, but mbta officials did reveal the state's share of the cost could be up to $1 billion higher than expected. proponents say it's needed. >> there is so much value that this project cannot be overestimated. more than $300 in net new revenue, tens of thousands of new housing. >> the board did vote to ensure the t could not spend any more money for at least 90 days on the project without the approval of the fiscal control board. a decision on the plan isn't expected for months. in boston, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: fox 25 investigates first reported the mbta knew about big cost overruns two weeks ago. if you want to see kerry kavanaugh's original investigation, go to our web site,, and search green line expansion. six metro boston cities are joining forces to help address economic development.
6:35 pm
the greater boston regional economic compact will help not only identify regional issues, but hopefully solve them as well. the cities involved will meet once a week, they will also decide if they want to hire someone who works full time on the regional economic compact team. >> tonight, we are learning more about the sudden dismissal of swampscott high school's principal, as of right now, students and parents have more questions than answers as to why he was abruptly put on administrative leave but as fox 25's heather hegedus refrees, state police and beverly police went to the principal's home to investigate. >> according to this beverly police document we obtained, the principal is being investigated by both beverly and state police. but for what, remains the big question tonight. >> somebody has to -- whatever the principal did. >> the mystery over what happened at swampscott high's principal continues and it seems to be becoming a distraction for some students. >> a lot of people have had just like, a lot of rumors, but no one knows anything for sure.
6:36 pm
district announced president edward rosemarek is on administrative leave. the district offered no explanation only saying he'll be gone until further notice. today, fox 25 learned edward rosemarek is not being investigated by swampscott police but beverly police where he lives. fox 25 obtained the police log that shows police went to beverly's home around 6:30 a.m. in the home on monday. the log says it was for an investigation, but police wouldn't elaborate and say there's no police report. state police referred us to the d.a. who says they can't confirm or deny whether rosemarek is being investigated. swampscott parents say rosemarek was usually very visible. >> he's outside, most of the time, when i drop my kids off. >> the reporter: fox 25 has learned that rosemarek came to the area in 2013 from lowell high where his contract was not
6:37 pm
many swampscott students telling us offcamera, rosemarek had mixed reviews. an announcement was made hover the loud speaker in school that the assistant principal is now temporarily in charge. they were also told that more details may be coming by the end of the week. we'll continue to stay on top of investigators for you and bring you any new details as soon as they are released. reporting outside swampscott high school, heather hegedus, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: local universities arming police officers with semi-automatic rifles. why they say they need the high power on campus. >> vanessa: plus, a biologist, a sting ray and a trip to the emergency room.
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>> vanessa: northeastern university plans to equip its campus police officers with semi-automatic rifles. it's a policy already in place at some other surrounding universities. >> mark: fox 25's christine mccarthy tells us were northeastern is following suit and spoke to m.i.t.'s police chief that says he would feel irresponsible if he didn't allow >> the reporter: police has experienced gun violence here with the loss of one of their own in 2013, but even before that, in 2012, the 62-person police force rolled out the use of tactical weapons just in the case of emergencies. >> i would love to see the day that police will put their guns away, but i don't know if that's
6:41 pm
>> m.i.t. police chief john believes there's never been a better time for his officers to have semi-automatic rifles like this one, used in the san bernardino shooting that left 14 people dead. >> i would be irresponsible if i did not go down this road. >> gun sidelines hit m.i.t. at sean collier. >> the officers realized we are in fact police officers that are dealing in that situation, just as dangerous as any. >> northeastern university decided to equip officers with the high powered weapons this months. the university says in a statement, like other universities with police departments, our officers are trained to employ a number of capabilities to protect the campus community, including the use of tactical rifles if necessary. university officers work in close coordination with city and state law enforcement, including sharing information about the deployment of tactical capabilities. but boston police spokesman michael mccarthy told fox 25 off camera, the move goes against
6:42 pm
didn't and mayor marty walsh told reporters, he believes arming university police is the beginning of a slippery slope. >> i have some concerns about having not just -- university police have having potential long rifles on the campus. >> a boston university official also tells me that their police department has been using this high powered tactical weaponry for years. just in the case of emergency, though he did not want to comment specifically on their high powered tactical weapons. in cambridge tonight, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> mark: the man who made the boston pops 4th of july celebration legendary on the he is esplanade is planning to retire. it's also to try to renew interest in the esplanade celebrations. he's been the producer of the event for the past 20 years but 2016 will be his final show and he wants to make sure it will be in good hands. >> i don't want to wait for god
6:43 pm
david, ok, it's time. i'm telling you when to end this. i want to go out on my own terms and make it the best for boston, so it will be well organized for the future. >> he doesn't have any big surprises in store for this year's celebration yet, but he doesn't typically start planning until after new year's, which he also has a hand in by sponsoring boston's family fireworks celebration on the first night. >> vanessa: a biologist at the new england aquarium was taken to the hospital after getting stung by a sting ray, stung on her thumb while handling a baby sting ray. the sting ray was scheduled to have its barb cut off today. the 100 sting rays on display all have their barbs clipped regularly. a well-planned break in fitchburg. thousands of dollars which was stolen from a local store. tonight, the mysterious connection to another robbery weeks ago and the high priced
6:44 pm
tonight at 10:00 p.m. >> kevin: a lot of clouds out there and that will continue overnight and just thicken up and there will be drizzle and fog that will develop. there's a front heading our way and that front is back here to the west and that's a really bad drawing of one but there is the draw right there, stretching all the way through pittsburgh, pennsylvania and virginias, toronto, cold air on the northern fringe of that going in to canada and staying away from us, so we'll be dealing with just a front pushing at us tomorrow with mild air, actually streaming in from the south. here are the showers popping up, especially after midnight. a lot will be drizzle along with dense fog that forms, in and around the boston area, south shore hand into worcester during the morning commute, nobody escaping this threat. here comes the cold front into the berkshires. heavier rains into albany and western vermont and the berkshires. that front is going to be drying out has it comes eastward. we'll have showers out through your morning drive and of course, meteorologist sarah wroblewski will be guiding you through that. notice the temperature trend.
6:45 pm
when the winds are coming from the south and the clouds are in place, your temperature can go up a bit and we'll be doing that tonight in boston by a few degrees. look at there, all the way to 48 by 6:00 a.m. in the morning and worcester, same idea, hour-by-hour, going from the upper 30's into the low 40's overnight. so not dropping down to freezing temperatures, actually going back up and getting milder by your morning drive. so let's fast forward through the afternoon, thursday, any showers take off. breaks in the clouds, sunshine coming back tomorrow afternoon. and that will be nice to see. you might have seen a glimpse today but most of us did not. here's the problem, with the continued flow from the south, the clouds are tough friday morning and a spot or two of drizzle around and the sun is coming back out in the afternoon and temperatures will respond. check out the temperatures during the day. metro west area, framingham, 57 and whalen, 56 degrees. 60 degrees. there can be a couple of towns that hit 60 tomorrow. those will be the outliars, the 60's will wait mostly until the weekend. 58 in braintree. sciate, 57.
6:46 pm
hampshire, 57 in manchester, 56 for you in deerfield and seabrook checking in at 56 for a high temperature tomorrow afternoon. afternoon friday, clouds start to break up, we're back to sunshine, so another weak disturbance sliding by to our north. future cast shows clearing skies will be the rule for friday night and saturday morning. seven-day forecast shows that will start. clouds around, it's not going to be perfectly sunny and that's why temperatures will be held down just a bit but upper 50's to low 60's saturday and on sunday. now as far as records, we've been talking a lot about warm temperatures. seems like we should have some records. saturday is going to be tough to do. 68 standing record at boston. 63 at worcester. i just don't we'll hit either one of those. weekend in view looks very warm both days especially for deals. 59 saturday. 61 on sunday. on average and we stay warm into monday too. we'll be tracking a front coming through with rainshowers and some wind, which are bring in colder air on tuesday, to start next week.
6:47 pm
continue through the weekend. i'll be tracking where the showers are tonight, if any of them popped up, i'll show you exactly where they are at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. gronk. bryan salmond has that story from foxborough. who is this guy competing in the world series of bowling. is that the center fielder mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a
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>> suddenly, a little more urgency to the patriots matchup, looking to avoid the first three game losing streak since 2002. the boys got back to work. bryan salmond checks in with his report. >> when the patriots head to houston, it will be like playing against new england south as they have so many former players and coaches on the roster. romeo cornell, vince wilmoth ford, tom brady asked whether or not it would be more difficult in preparing for a team that knows him so well, not so much. i think there's a lot of
6:50 pm
so again, it's, you know, teams that we've played a lot. like a rex ryan coach defense, he's played against us a lot. billy being here, us knowing billy and george and romeo and you know, a lot of the players, from in their scheme and what they're asked to do, i think it's malt lit going -- ultimately going to couple down to how we execute, more so than we know each other's style. >> i think billy has got a good mix of, you know, those -- all those things, leadership, tough toughness, you know, command, intelligence, decision-making, poise, and romeo, you know, mike grable, george, all those guys, yeah, they certainly have a vision of the way they want the team to play. >> brady, who has been getting hit a lot more lately was asked how he was feeling today and he says, fresh as lettuce.
6:51 pm
and that means he feels good. in foxborough, bryan salmond, fox 25 news. >> let's stick with football. besides how painful it looked for antonio brown, that touchdown celebration also caused some pain in the pocketbook. brown was fined $11,000 for using the gold post as a prop. so that will teach you. we're all talking about it, so it was memorable. bruins on the road to face the canadian, national tv broadcast which is great for mike con den, who is expected to start tonight for montreal, filling in for terry price. con den is trying to seize the opportunities but bruins fans want to push back the success a little bit. bruins won 11 of the last 12, so let's turn it around. celtics meanwhile back home after mondaying rubbing of the pelicans in new orleans. chicago unlike the c's have enjoyed success at td garden. all right. we know betts is also committed to giving everything he's got. how many times has he sold out
6:52 pm
the wall in center field. he likes to challenge himself, which is why it's no surprise. mookie is pushing his limits, competing in the world series of bowling. it is something he has done for a long time. series, but bowling. holding an average of 196 yesterday in his first day. you never know what somebody's hidden talent might be. mookie is diversifying. he's 212 out of 244 bowlers, so there is some work to do. but that is much better than any >> vanessa: i'll say. >> mark: quite a history with that. dropped a 244 on you if you go out to the lanes with him. >> don't bet him on the lanes. >> vanessa: multitalented. warmup on the way tomorrow. >> kevin: it's going to warm up tomorrow the warmest days will be saturday and sunday. >> no kidding. >> the reporter: showers around overnight and tomorrow, grizzle and fog and not a pretty way to go into the warm temperatures, but friday through sunday are looking better but especially saturday and sunday. i'll be tracking where the
6:53 pm
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