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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 10, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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time proposing that the u.s. ban muslims from entering the country. the protesters and people to greet him as he enters the granite state. more bones missing from a cemetery in worcester. two teenaged girls are charged in a violent attack. why they attacked another girl because of who she was talking to. complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning, it is december 10. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. wonderful weather on the way. storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski tells us when we will see record highs. >> sarah: believe it or not, mid-december. talking 50 degrees and the thing you need to know when you step out the door right now that we have a few scattered showers breaking out across the region. a disturbance pushing on through is going to keep the windshield wipers going for
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temperatures now in the 40s. 50 for nantucket. some of these heavier downpours i guess could you say. we are talking mainly light rain and indicating here on radar darker shades of yellow throughout western parts of the state could allow for a quick burst of rain. these will all be traveling eastward, but still, pockets of a few showers as you travel along 93 and parts of new hampshire. what we are expecting today is the risk of these intermittent hours. temperatures will be climbing from the 40s into the 50s by your lunch hour and that is what you anticipate to start to dry out. clouds will pick apart. clouds in the mid- to upper 50s. mild this time of year. winds will be light and by the drive time home, we are talking about dry conditions and temperatures still on the mild side. it gets even warmer from today it gets even warmer from today. imtalk more about that coming up. a check of your traffic with julie grauert. how are things going? >> julie: things are going
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route 1, 93 south moving along from the north shore. i will have a check on those south south shore drive times in a moment. pikes looks good from framingham and wide open through brighten. 23 minutes on the pike from 49 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. eight minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 29 minutes from 495 south not leverett connector. sara and gene, back to you. happening today, donald trump is coming to new hampshire. >> gene: the first time the president hall front runner will visit the united states since proposing that the united states ban muslims from entering the country. jessica reyes is live where protesters and supporters and extra police are greet him. >> reporter: they certainly >> reporter: they certain will >> reporter: they certain will. and 12 miles per hour from now a much different scene outside the sheraton in downtown portsmouth with a meeting with a police union that represent officers in six different new england states. just about everyone had
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trump as his backlash of anti-muslim comments grows even worse. he is coming to portsmouth for meeting with the police benevolent association. at tonight's meeting the police union will vote on whether or not to endorse trump for president. several groups of protestors are expected here tonight and security is also going to be security is also going to be extremely tight near. the outrage here and over yos over trump's proposal to ban all multifamily muslims from coming to the united states. in an interview with cnn said he is not a racist saying he was act the in the islamic community's best have in proposing the ban. >> are you racist? >> i am the least person that you have met met. i am the least racist person. >> are you bigoted in any way. >> no, i don't think so, i don't think so. >> reporter: in a new fox news
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yesterday shows donald trump up 20 points in south carolina with primary voters. that poll was taken after the controversial comment and another recent poll here in new hampshire showed him with an 18-point lead but that poll was taken before he was making those comments. we are digging deeper in new hampshire coming up in the next half hour. jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. >> gene: fox25 reporter sharman sacchetti will be in visit. see her live report this evening on station news at 5 and 6. today is the first funeral for a victim of the terror attack in san bernandino, california. appear 27-year-old woman who worked with suspects syed farook will be laid to rest. one of 14 people killed last week by.uchl she and. the couple were radicalized two years ago before malik arrive on a fiancee visa. >> we are working very hard to
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involved in assisting them, supporting them and equipping them. >> reporter: the fbi is looking into information syed farook may have planned to attack a california high school. he reportedly had pictures of building on his cell phone. this gun was fake but looked very real to a teenaged girl who said it was held to her head. she was attacked at a party in an extreme case of bullying. catherine parrotta is live where the girls are facing very serious charges. good morning, catherine. >> reporter: is true and expected to be here later at the courthouse for dangerous the courthouse for dangerousness hearing facing serious charges after they threatened other teenage we are one of those fake guns and recorded the whole thing. police say this all unfolded late last month. there was a party held at a plainville apartment hosted by 1318-year-olds. however they say the two 15 however they say the two 15-year-olds charged with
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a 15-year-old girl with a fake handgun threaten a 16-year-old for talking to her ex-boyfriend outside a party. when the 16-year-old went back into the apartment she was hit by something and handcuffed while another 15-year-old recorded it. the 15-year-old threatened to shoot the victim in the head. police got involved when the victim and her father reported this several days later and searched the apartment where the party was held they found fake guns and a real gun and bullets. the landlord said the three 18-year-olds were evicted from the apartment and seizing evidence from that area.coming up next half hour or hour, the charges those 16-year-old party hosts are facing as well party hosts are facing as well. all of that coming up next hour. live in dedham, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. two millbury students accused of making a mitt list could face criminal charges. the millbury junior, senior
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students about the possible threat yesterday but police say school officials learned pwvt list last week. parents were angry they weren't notified sooner. officials are trying to reassure them that the threats are not credible. >> i have information that i know we are can't dent that we followed our protocols and working with the millbury mrecht to keep the schools very safe. >> the superintendent could not tell us whether the students involved will return to school. 5:07 this morning. service on the t is back to normal for this morning's commute. the redline was shut by down several hours. woman was hit by a train in downtown crossing. also two police officers were shocked by a power surge. forces commuters to wait in long lines for shuttle buss. >> i came from the green line and it was just a whole mess. >> gene: service was restore the late last night. the name of the victim has not been released but no signs of foul play.
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a deadly shooting in boston's south end. we followed this story as it was breaking yesterday morning was breaking yesterday morning. a man in his 20s was shot near rutland square around 1:30 yesterday morning. he later died at boston medical center. police are not released information about his identity information about his identity. a sex offender is found missing and may be in a stolen van. he stole a van and tried to still a two tvs from wal-mart. he kidnapped a child under the age of 16 and wanted on for a different crime. police are looking for one suspect in a violent home invasion in quincy. on monday police say two men rushed into a home on president's lane. they tied up a pregnant woman and stole more than 40,000 the cash was from a bakery run from the family. police caught one suspect just a short time later. he was arraigned yesterday and
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the murder trial of a danvers teenager accused of killing his high school teacher will go to the jury tomorrow. lawyers for phillip chism said he was delusional and hearing voices when he raped and killed colleen ritzer in a high school bathroom. they broke down evidence a say that it revealed chism knew what he was doing. >> object kuring his identity and making sure people were not in the hall to see him leave which would infer that he appreciated the wrongful he appreciated the wrongfulness of his wrongfulness of his mis wrongfulness of his misconduct. >> gene: they say chism was of sound mind. closing arguments tomorrow and then the jury will get the case. when the jury makes a decision we will send it to our fox25 news app and break in with live coverage on the air. general electric may set up shop in boston. according to the globe, spots in the seaport for you in location.
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high-paying jobs to the hub. charlie baker and marty walsh will be involved with talks with the move. ge is considering moving to new york and providence. the norovirus outbreak at boston college is affecting 120 students. all of the kids ate at the same chipotle in cleveland circle. we have been following this story in a new e-mail, the facilities staff has doubled efforts to clean commonly touched surfaces. the school -- dine the school -- dining halls are offering food to go options so students can get food for their sick friends. some of the infected students played on by basketball game. they played in their first game since the sickness boats. some of the most expensive seats at fenway park will have their views blocked by safety nets next season. major league baseball want jets nobody front of all seats
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the red sox are now warning season ticketholders. not all fans are in favor of the change. >> we should be able to experience it and the signs right here that warn you plenty over there. a a last year sox fan tanya carpenter suffered life-threatening injuries after being hit in the head by a broken bat. her attorney released this statement. the risk of injuries to patron the risk of injuries to patrons at fenway park has been apparent to ownership for many years. at least something good will have to come out of her injuries and suffering. we track weather and weather every ten minutes. right now 20 machine hin mute from 495 andover to the zakim bridge. sarah. temperatures in the 40s. a lot of clouds and area of drizzle. we are tracking showers out there for the morning commute. by the afternoon breaks of sunshine and temperatures candlelight climbing into the 50s. near 60 in some spots. the start of a big warm up for
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he details of what you can expect in your town ahead. it happened again, police say skeletal remains have been stolen from a cemetery in massachusetts. that thank connection that could have to a religious practice and he robbed a store wearing a president obama mask. this morning, how police finally caught a man after if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages,
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hampshire say they have arrested a man they say is responsible for a string of crimes going back for years. fox25's daniel miller joins us now with how a motorcycle helmet helped police connect this man with the crime. >> daniel: yeah, sara, police in pelham say the man who they arrested is keeping them busy the last four years. he was taken into custody after police searched his home yesterday. officers say he is responsible for bomb threat which was called into the pelham elementary school in september 2013. he is also charged with robbing a advance store on bridge street in september 2014 and again in september of this year. surveillance pictures from one of those robbery of those robberies show a man wearing a motorcycle helmet and carrying a bb gun. a person wearing the same helmet was seen on video driving away from a pay phone used to make the bomb threat against the elementary school. in addition, police say that he is now a suspect in two additional robbery additional robberies that took place in salem new hampshire
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now in one robbery, the suspect is wearing the same motorcycle helmet and the second wearing a president obama mask that you see in the photo here. during the search, they discovered a motorcycle helmet and are bb gun consistent with those used in the robbery those used in the robberies. they did not find the president obama mask. being held at a jail in manchester. he is due to be arraigned this morning by video conference by salem district court. in the newsroom, daniel miller in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. state transportation leaders say the best way to move the green line extension forward is to cut cost. green line extension to propose 4-mile extension through pedestrian. the state was spending $1 billion more than expected. the transportation secretary drill trimming expenses and been the rule out cancelling the project. the mbta can't spend any more money on the project for 90 days without approval by the
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5:16 on this thursday. good morning. what started on the pike moving along nicely from hopkinton to 495 northbound hopkinton to 495 eastbound and westbound. 93 south looks good as does route 1. live look at the zakim bridge. nothing slowing you down. 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave. 8 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist you muchl sarah wroblewski joining us. and you are seeing temps 5 to 15 degrees warmer today than they were yesterday when you were getting ready to head out the door were right. >> yeah, at this time. you will definite hee feel a little bit milder conditions this morning because a lot of clouds in place. the winds out of the south and moisture moving on into. in the 40dz in the 40s right now and the after high for this date. average low usually below freezing. sunrise will occur shortly after 7:00 with sunset at 4:11
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we are talking about unseasonably mild conditions as highs will be in the upper 50s to low 60s all the way through monday. we are going to have to watch these weekend temperatures though as we are going to be watching perhaps maybe some little bit cooler spots with back-door cold front. i want to point out these are the record highs for the weekend. this time of year, records usually occur in the 60s. so when we get to that 60 so when we get to that 60-degree territory. we want to look at tochlt swords records. worcester boston upper 60s for record highs on saturday. i don't think we will achieve that. by sunday with the lower 60s, it is possible. we will are to watch, though, again, i mentioned i am looking at new day coming in right now to see if perhaps we can reach that with the wind out of the south or might see a back-door cool front cool us off to the north and east and look at the current conditions look at the current conditions.
5:18 am
new england out to the midwest and satellite and radar showing that even with the warmth, we have this weak disturbance coming on through. it is stirring up some action out there. known for a few scattered showers. some raindrops that swiftly move to the east to the morning hours, anticipating this line of showers get closer to the coast over the next couple of hours. you will want to grab the umbrella as you are headed out the door. the risk of spot showers and mild conditions from fitchburg to worcester, you have the best shot of seeing some of those showers. point out in worcester too. the wind very light out of the southeast feels like 40 degrees. as we head on through the day, once the showers move on out of here by the lunch hour, we will start to receive a few breaks in the cloud cover and temperatures will be climbing into the 50s. in fact upper 50s in some locations. wouldn't be surprised to see it hear from.60 in spots. unseasonably warm unseasonably warm unseasonably that is the trend
5:19 am
trend. showers at 7:00. they will push off the coast and by the early afternoon and your lunch hour, we are drying out with the breaks in the cloud cover. partly cloudy and dry for your ride home, and then later on tonight if you are going to be out, be aware the clouds will fill back in. a risk of fog from areas of drizzle. even a chance of a shower or two over the cape, but then come tomorrow afternoon, we come back and see that sunshine and, boy, does that again. i want to show that you seven-day forecast with your weekend in view because tomorrow we do similar conditions with highs upper 50s to near 60 degrees. overall above average an we will have to watch those temperatures. 50s to slow 60s possible right up until a front is through wringing us we will and windy weather late monday into tuesday. that a look at your forecast. a cabdriver is dragged in the street. tensions boil over in
5:20 am
gunman lashes out. >> i want the truth to come out. >> gene: why he said he
5:21 am
chant "step down" to urge the city's mayor to resign. the mayor apologized for the death of a black teen killed by a white police officer in 2014. there have been weeks of protests and calls for his resignation since the video of the shooting was released. a state representative has filed for special election in the city to recall the mayor. the process started with a petition circulated to voters. a man accused of opening fire at a colorado planned parenthood clinic calls himself a warrior for babies. robert dear lashed out at his attorney in open court. >> a lot of things they don't want to be known. planned parenthood and my lawyer are in cahoots to shut me up. >> he also represented colorado movie shooter james holmes. dear said yesterday that evils guilty. garrett swazey was one of three people killed.
5:22 am
hoverboard busting into flames hoverboard busting into flames. witnesses say they have no idea how to happened. the latest in a string of incidents involving the hover incidents involving the hoverboard. they are band on the streets of new york city. police are meeting to discuss a growing nursing shortage in new hampshire. fox25 has been following this story for weeks. the family of a 5-year-old boy was struggling to keep up with his medical care. lucas donald was approved for eight hours of in-home nursing care to help with his track on me tubes but not enough nurses me tubes but not enough nurses. his family could not get his tube in place and the boy had to be flown to mass general. haverhill police have charged two grinches for stealing holiday packages. keegan mccrea and his girlfriend pled not guilty to larceny. the packages were missing from the bradford and riverside.
5:23 am
suspicious bark car. a guy in canada brings the elf on the shelf to life. look at this. instead of using his kid's elf on the shelf. it started as a sxwrobing to one his friends and ended up in a internet sensation. this is awesome. in one of the photos his wife duct taped him to the wall. >> gene: a full-time job a elf on a shelf. a special delivery leads a man in handcuff. what was you hidden inside his gifts. high powered guns are coming to college campus. while police in northeastern say it is the only way to keep the peace. stepping outside, a few showers across the region. and we believe dealing with, of course, a big this is gordon... downtown for a sales call. west side for a presentation. meeting after meeting. that's why gordon stops
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5:27 am
it is raining right now. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist sarah wroblewski showing us when the sun will return and when we will be warming up. >> sarah: yeah, that's right. a live look right there. rains starting to come down in worcester. looe knew the line of showers will push eastward and approach 495. darker shades of yellow indicating downpours in places like gardner. so you will need that umbrella early this morning because we have this line that will continue to push eastward toward boston within the next hour or como. as temperatures are in the 40s and near 50 degrees. it is all part of a disturbance moving on through and you can see we even have some showers out through parts of new york. notice they are starting to fall apart as they push eastward. we will have to watch this area showers too just to the south. it may just clip part of the cape and islands, but a lot of it staying off. so very active, i gthat uss you could say, this morning with some clouds around, areas of drizam ge.
5:28 am
notice by 7:30 as a lot of folks are headed out the door and at the bus stop dealing with temperatures in the 40s and hit and miss showers. the good nefox2 by your lunch hour, we are into the 50s and most of the shower activity has pushed offshore. we wilverystart to see a few indeaza in the cloud cover as we head into the afternoon that will help boost temperatures welveryabove average into the mid- to upper 50s in some spots. so we have got even better conditions headed our way. in fact we will talk about the big warm-up. a check your traffic with ward.lie xtauert. >> julie: last time i took you to the north shore and go to the south shore and where people wilverybe coming out, 28, 24 24, 9 any of those artery 24, 9 any of those arteries to the expressway, route 3 moving along pine. 28 looks good as you head up through dedham and needham to the pike. things wide auen on the bike through brighton. 10 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split.
5:29 am
12 minutes on 95 as you approach 1ast . gene and sara, back to you. a mystery over stolen bones growing in central massachusetts. three more sets of remains were reported missing. fox25's michael henrich live in haue cemetery and looking to see if a cult may be target to see if a cult may be targeting the area. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning. police in worcester are asking other cities and towns to chstak their cemeteries and their graves to see if anything is amiss where they are. investigators think a sstaond set of remains was stolen and they migbe it for months. this time they discovered possibly three human remains stolen from a different mausoleum. worcester police say the criminals cut the locks back in may and stole the roughly 1 in may and stole the roughly september. now as we told you last week, one suspect in another graiv grave rob something caught.
5:30 am
connecticut aharested 32-year-old ark mador medina saying they found five human remains had his home. they believe he stole three adults and two children from the musng in october. peaule with loved ones buried in haue cemetery are simply on edge about everything. >> my parents are over there in the corner to see -- to connell and check. >> reporter: worcester police h the second robbed mausoleum until they can reach out to any potential descendents. asking other cities and towns in massachusetts and state of massachusetts to search their cemetery cemeteries, to give it a once over and make sure nothing has been taken. up ahead in the next hour, hear from police and more from their theory this could be tied to a specific religious practice.
5:31 am
possibly cult-like activities. for now i am live in woey desteo g michntraveryhessaich, fox25 news. happening today donald trump is coming to new hampshire. >> gene: the first time the presidential fund presidential front runner will be visiting granite state since rstaommending that muslims not be allowed in the country. protesters and extra police will greet him, good morning, jess. >> good morning, gene. cher expstated to be here at the sheraton hotel in downtown portsmouth and he will be meetkwith the police union but his focus will be on his controversial comments of ban controversial comments of banning mpsslims from the united states. several groups of protesters are expected here tonight and sstaurity is e ststated to be extremely tight. although the outrage continues to grow over his comments about mpsportsimo leading the republican race in severaverystates. a poll of new hampshire voters
5:32 am
comments showed him with 18 comornients showed him with 18-point lead here. he spoke with cnn last night and continthat us to insist that he is not a racist. >> reporter: are you racist? >> i am the least racist person that you hed be ever met. 18am the least racist i am the least racist person. >> reporte are you bigoted in any way? >> no, i don't think so. no, i don't think so. >> reporter: and a new fox nefox2 poll released yesterday show trump with a 20 show trump with a 20 show trump with a epoof thll ben carson second with 15% of the vote. near in new hampshire tempt near in new hampshire severa pu6 3 3 prominent republicans have condemned his comments about thermometers insecuding the state gop chairwoman. we will hear what she has to say. >> glikacti f 18a25 political reporter sharman sacchetti will be from new hampshire for trump's visit. see her live rstoorts on the fox2g.nefox2 at g.and fox25 news at 5 and 6:00. new at 5:00, the operator
5:33 am
nearly $2 million a year for a passenger information center. the "herald" says keolis aleued the mbta to fund the center. cost for you in salaries, restaurants. keolis was sthe mornied by their inability to keep up with winter weather. the t spent $2 million on the new sstotemberer that dee olis was ndepposed to pay in penalty was supposed to pay in penaariies for that bad service penaariies for that bad service. investigation continues into what caused a fire at a pocauglar portsmouth new hampshire restaurant. flames ripped tpresioughout gas flames ripped throughout gaslight company. by the time skyfox got there the fire had spread to the roof. took several dozen fire fighters to get that fire under control. >> water damage across some buildings and structural problems to the gaslight company in the third and awill hic and roof air. >> they do not believe the cause of the
5:34 am
was injured. this nasty rollover crash on 95 south on 95 south in peabody. a suv and unmarked police cruiser collided, backing up a long stretch of practice. both drivers suffered nonlife-threatening ier curies. an everewill h police officers veteran. 4 4-year-old o oicer glen indiley of billerica passed away. he was found unresponsive in his crheyser with the car ist nning. children. >> parents and students in stamp swamnencowill h are waiting to see why their high school leed b re we hed be now leae oed that state police and beverly police are both investi ssting princthat bal edward rosemarek. students want tocesnow what is going on.
5:35 am
-- just, like, a lot of rripors and don't know for sure. >> parent received a letter from the school on tthat usday and they hed be been told more details might, leased by the end of the week. 5:37. northeastee o university police department now equipping officers with semiautomatic ries fes in case of emergency. northeastee o say the officers are huellly trained and work with with city and pthe ce. in the ligbe of shoosing. the campus police are respond it nip situation. arming university police with the weapon is the we beginning of a slippery slope. mit police began carrying ries fes in 20 on and its chief says it is if he can five >> the police department has gone tpresiough role of use gone tpresiough role of using a patrol rifele are not doing this irresponsibly. we are not dll of a welverythought out pthe sac >> glikacti boston police say caugep uic safety is the number have l re de
5:36 am
and a cape cod police foey de is first in the state to install cameras in all of their police cars. fox25 got a first hand look at devices in worcester. a microphone turns on as soon as the officer activates his lights of and it is always rollin ev the video will be used for drunk driving cases and alle sstions made among others. >> it is difs wcuari. it is a bit challenging and the officers do as well. >> sara: the chied a says anyone who is pulled over have to be told that their voice is gewill hing recorded. a nripber of the w enfoey dement agencies are testing cruiser cameras including the state police. >> a long time since the bist in beat the montreal canadian beat the montreal canadiens. rob months to be exa g. the indheyns were down a goal and short handed in the third and louie erickson gets the indeakaway and puts it home. nicely done. and 40 seconds later landon
5:37 am
the portsot and he puts is home. bruins on 2-1. patrice bergeron gets the insurance goal with six minutes left. indheyns win over montreal 3 bruins win over montreal 3-1. if the celtics are looking ahead to tomorrow night's game. the undefeated golden warriors coming to towsac look at the nice 360 dunk. that. turner will find david lee down low for the dunk. ceariics wins it. how about some bowling. why are we showing you this? red sox outfielder mookie bets. that's wile we are showing you. he is competing against professional bowlers in the world series of boreain ev he rolled a 196 average. not on the leaderboard. pretty good for the first time in the bowling world series. baseball, bowling, a bit
5:38 am
mr. bets. goe. 8-minute commpste on the expres4 ay. enjoy it while it lasts because that drive time will be headed up. here is sara sarter aey dhdiocese add rain and fog in some spots add rain and fog in some spots. starting to see lower visioliclity to the -- visibility to the central part of the state. traceing thecesinds out of the south-southeast bringing the mild air. when to see the rain clear and how high temperatures wilverybe in your town. kind and cud leeshingz form of science. these caugppy these caugppies can help save endangered animals. >> gene: it is going viral. video of an awill hack of a woman
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anncr: when the behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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. >> get out. >> you wilverynot awill hack me!
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himself after being attacked because of his religion. a woman started hstakling his group while they were praying. daniel miller has more on confrontatiosac >> daniel: that california woman could face hate crime charges. a cell phone v24resp ctright her attacking a attoup of mpsportsim men praying in a public mark. here is sound of one man telling her to stop. >> do you not awill hack me! >> daniel: the video posted to youtube has been viewed more than 1emp23,000 times that shows denise slater yelling at a group of praying muslims calling them mpsrderers. she notices one of the men recording, she attacks him with an umbrella and potie exng hot cofk ie on him. >> i donen because we were doing things that only a muslim person does. >> daniel: that woman is a state emplgaiee woreing for the det tment of corrstations and
5:43 am
charges and they could tack on hate crime chaeres as well. muslim crimes are on the increase. they have trac. td3 r a fo advocacy groups say the shooting is also to bthe me as well as anti-mpsportsim reman 1fox25 ges made by presidential candidate donald trump. in the nl msroom, as niel miller n the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. united airlines is indin! g back free snachone to its flight. the changes that apply to economy passengers from north america and latin america starting in february. passengers startingen flights before 9:45 wilverybe filled a nuttch caramel wafes fe and later flights can choose between two differentcesnack m waes. the aiwarrine got r24 of the fack nutring the 29 financial crisis. 5:46. good morning. route 1, 93 south moving along nicely. pike wide open from framingham through the weston tolls and a lot of st
5:44 am
cars as you head through indigbe n. 24 minutes from 495 and mass ave. a minute on the expressway from the braintree s usit to the p re re 21 minutes on 128 from route in peabody to the weston tolls in peabowarri to the weston tolls. storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski joining us now watching a fl m scawill hered showers and timing out our warm-up, sara. >> we have got temperatures that wilverycontinrat to warm as we head into the wee. tnd and we need to get through a few showers and drizzle this moe oing. unseason m ly mild conditions through the day and not only are we going to be mild but temperatures. now there is -- i am tracking some indications we could see a back ds. and nor eastee o areas. n that front hots to.north. at least. boston has a record of 63 on sunday.
5:45 am
but high pressure pushing off the coast and a weak distotibance rolling through new england. it's going to provide us with clouds and those showers thour c and those showers that some areas are experience radioing it now. you will need yooti windshield wipers. this band of showers right here is approaching 495 tampa likely will agh tstat the commute in some locations and closer to boston as the kids are headed out for school. so cotirent conditions, at least it is mild out there. temperatures 5 to 15 degrees warmer now than we were at this time yesterday. and were higher than our average highs of the day. you know where the temperature trends are glling. as these showers move on out and clear out, breaks in the thoud covethey temperatoties wilveryund mp in the 50s mid-morning. mid- to upper 50s by this remtee os. and we stay mild and dry for the evening commute. a loave at your temperatoties
5:46 am
we head thromorh the day. now tonight we will see the clouds fill back in and could see areas of fog as welveryas a risk of a fl m showers down across the southeast. temperatures in the 40s there. a k iw of those cs. as winds remain light out of the south and come tomon 1ow, although we could be wang ihing a few again of those showers down across the southeast. the remainder of the region could be dry and dry out and clear out and those temperatures once a nin come into the upper 5rum to nearbet0 degrees. this morning we do have those chance of showers pushing on a thromorh. decan he d. arees the risk and bring it back up. again, i think mc.t of us will be dry. futurecast show the showers pushing from the coast. by the midmorning we are drkidng out. mm the a chernoon sunshine break out and should be dry for the evening commpste. notice the cloy as e opll back in overnight as the winds will remain back from the south.
5:47 am
right tomon 1ow morning. around 7:00. showers will push no the north and east and sunshine back i. a 6 3 3 the forstaast mm friday afternoon. monitor for the weekend with the sunshine we tolle a loave at the seven-day forstaast because the more sun we will see. higherprarum andbetrum what to request with weekend in vil m. watching a back-door cold front that will bring more thour c in along the cki st and limit the temperatures. really watch that closely. nonetheless by monday, it gets windy. temperatoties climb into the low 60s ahead of a cold front that is going to inding us a ri on o some rain and cs. when the tops cauglled him over there are man started singing. you are so beautiful pre to meemppre. >> gene: how his vllice and a
5:48 am
new atbetce 0, we alreawarri
5:49 am
tension is increase tension is increasing in canada between taxi and uber drivers. wang ih this as a uber car drprares a tinei driver who is pounding on his window. drivers met at cis hall to protest uber. they say uber is ignoring bylaws and cutting into their bowill hom lin re t ents want tocesnow why their young daughter was dragged by a school bus for nearly a mil re she was trkidng to get out when the bus closed on her arm and her feet and legs dangled. she got r coay with they ang ihes and induises but her family wants to know why the driver didn't stop. >> d24e. >> gene: the school said the drprarer is suspended without t and they recodangended that the driver be dismissed. the incident is being investigated. cocaine in christmas presents sends a man to jail.
5:50 am
cocaine ins24e this u. t k15e sent from columbia. police arrested the man who wic. td on $2& t,000 bail. mayor walsh supports the comt dimasi. he has ton hee more years but his wife is pushing for his release so he can undergo radiation treas winent for prostate cancer. lobby ing his former colleagues tote gym him out. the golden globe nomiexptions will be announced. "spotlight" based on the new story of how the bc.ton gnobe uncovered the sex scandal in the boston catholic church. we will bring you the nomiexptions one they come out around 8:15 this morning. a gospel singer in florida genoo pulled over and tries to sing his way out of a ticket.
5:51 am
to meemppre. >> sara: the officer a on oed the man where he was coming from. the driver explained he was a singer and gra! d his sele ope stick to show per hi love it because it brought us together because it bromorami us togethethey both of us left smiling and they made my day and i am . arite h tre ton hough that belletiexpll song it made their day. it worked out very well. >> julie fr the driver betwe24 his song choice would have been different if a male officer pulled him over. he said "it's a raining men." >> gthe wekend i tried singing myself out of a ticket. they wrote me another tic. tt nooara put you behind bars. >> gene: that's how bad. an extreme case of bully anreasxtreme case of - tllkidng led tn the n teenaged girls in handcuffs. why two teenaged ellt >n to her head at a t ty.
5:52 am
education and african-american education and remrican-americans. a few nuisance showers with cloy as. most of that actprarity exit the reellon. highs today well above the average in the upper 50s. it's the holidays.
5:53 am
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well, just put on a breathe opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right 3 r a fo cloy as and drizzle this morning but the holiday season is feeling more like spring. y w timeline when we could hit 60 degrees. donald trump heads to new
5:55 am
muslim codangennoo continues to grow.
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