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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 10, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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muslim codangennoo continues to grow. his response to critics who betwey he is a raomest and why nl m tonight's event. a case of extreme bull a case of extreme tllkidng. the serious threats police say two teenagers made use two teen15ers made using a real-ls. now. this is the fox25 morning news news. morning. with us this morning. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am betwera undern the nod. rain on the radar and we have a big warm-up on the way. stormtracker meteorologist betwerah wrhoselelight60 is in for shiri. this time last year we were in the 40s. srz . >> saseah fr the highs were in fis which is what we are experiencing right now this morninhe m we will get better byom there with the rain activity clearing out. this is what we have to deal with.
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developing along the south coast, south of taunton. around 49 showera pushing along the mass d-. t and natick and wellesley. up along 495 toward littleton into town send, brookline, new hampshire, dealing with pockets of those showers, and wet weather. this is al atgoing to caugsh to sunshine boosting those temperatures. i will show you what torease istaed h6 3 3 in your town and a check of traffic with jewel yule. good morning. >> se in ton fr sara, got. route 1 in betwemorus. one of my sootices show therfri6 3 3 parkway. we are seeing average speeds ofpri0 miles per hour until you get past that accident site. over on the expressway a stalled car that. o boeer c of 45 miles per hour. a high number of tail lights
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livehourive times. 23 minutes alreawarri on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 10 minutes on the expres49ay byom the braintree ser eit to columbia road. 12 minutes on 24 from 23 to 128. gene and sara, back to you. happening today, donald trump will be in new hampshire to h that't his e oprat major campaignreasvent since announomeng that controversial proposal to ban muslims from entering the united states. >> the gop front runner has been doing high profile interviews to qnd wll the backcauglsh. tordy he will be in front of boaters. jessica reyes live in portsmouth where protesters are expel ted to greet trump right when he arrives, jess. >> reporter: that's righ loer: of protestersrease istated here later tt. trump gets to portsmouth, but noticeday sly absent wil atbe many of the stater c tthan republicans of the state's top rtobbinlicans. harlier this week the state go m-chaisinan for new hampshire condemn w
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expecting ramped up security for tonightr c reasvent her re the outr15e to it mow here and overseas over trump's proposal to ban all muslims from coming into the united states. but trump continues to defend himself. during an intervil m with co d cauglst nigami. he said it does not bother him when people call him a racist because he claise that it is simply not t site. >> reporter: does that bother you? >> if these were t site -- if that was t site it n the nuld bother me tremendously. of course in you are a racist yoh wn the nuldn't car re cho things were t site it would bother me and sofork alse and honestly i don't hear it omsen honestly ihouon, bu hear it often. >> reporter: a new poll in south carolina that was releasedts testeus tay showhouonalpass6 3 3 trump with a 20-point lead there over ben carson. another rstaent poll here in expvr before trwill hop made the comments about muslim.
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fox25 political reporter chaisinan chairman wil atbe in new hampshire for t sitmpr c visit. see her live report this evening on the fox25 nl ms at 5 and 6:00. service on the t+ back to normal for this morning's commut re the red line was shut doofp for severa athootis last night when a woman was hit by a train in doofptoofp crossing. the 42-year-old was killed. two fire fighters were shocked by a small power surge. the incvieent forced cohim uters to wait in long lines for shuttle buses. >> i came from the green linfri6 3 3 and it was seust a whole mess. >> gene: service was restored late last night. the name of the vil tim has not been released, - tt there are no signs of foul play. still no arrested made in ahoueadly shs. we followed this story as it was breaking yesteus tay moe oin sig a man in his was shot near rutland square around 1:30 yesterday morning. he laterhouied at b that'ton met cal center. they have not released any
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a teeexpger said she was handcuffed at a party and a gun put to her head. the teen15ers are justpri6 , doars old and thereasxtreme case of bullies have of bullies have led to serious criminal cha'tes. catherine new hrrotta lterse outside dedham court and said this all started because of a boy, catherine. >> rdedham urtsec thaajs correct, sara. police say that the gun used in the threat was fake; however, the victim in all of this certainly didn't know 15uldeaer w6 3 3 appear here in juvenile court in dedham at some point for rdngerousness hearing and the n6 3 3 were being held until they could go to those hearings facing serious cha'tes for what police say involved threatening another teenager and recording the whole thing. >> rdedham urtsec according to cootithou! will hoener: this all unfolded when three 18-year-olds hosted an underaged drin60ng par1 at er eaih eille anew hropment. two 15-year-olds charged with armed assault andndovieexppping. a e:uldeaer ld imi't k with a fd cfri6 3 3
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16-year-old for talking to her 16uldeaer ld for talking to her ex-boyby> fnd outside the when she went back in the apartment his hit with something and handcuffed while another person recorded it. the 16-year-old pointed a gun to her head and sviee eenie meany miney mow i am going to shoot you in the head. the host of the par1 are also in trobinle. accous ting to "the herald" they were being arraigned for bns ng minora in pds sesshoon of alcohol and pds sesshooina6 3 3 ammunition without a fid card. one was charged with possessing a stun a sn. while thds epri8-year-olds have already gone before a judge and faced their cha'tes, tord n6 3 3 will be thehouay for those dangerousness hearing for the 15-year-olds involved. because they are sxw sitv because they are sxwruv niles. we won't be able to see those proceedings so in casets tou were wondering all of this came to light when the victim and her father reported this
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this allegedly occurred and in case you are wonder being the yeuldeaer lstor and the anew hropment thther t were in when all of this happened. station was able to sped c with the lanr ord there and we will tellts tou what they told us coming up next hour. live in dey aam, catherine new h aotta, foxep morning nl ms. two millbury students accused of making a hit list could face charges. told parener: about the possible threat yesterday, but police say school officia i acvenially leae oed about the list last week. parents are angry they were not notithe ed ss. credible. >> i have informathoon that i l tiow i am conthe dent that we followed our protocol and we are doing everything we can and n the nrking with the millbotiy policehoutobarcrient to keep the school very safe. could not tel atus if the std fener: ih eolved will return to school. parents and svenidents in 49ampscowill h will wait to see 49am& 1cott will wait to see why a high school principal
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a sto min f taep first bromorht to you tuesday night. state and beverly police are both ih eestigating principal edwaus t rds emarek. rosemarek go not come to the door of his bs. werly hom re going on. >> a lot of people have heard, like, lot of rwill hoors hanpass6 3 3 nobodyndonows anything for sotie nobody knows anything for sure. >> reporter: parener: rstans ved a the rear byom the sutss. we t. werett police officers mourn the death of a 19-year veteran. 44-, doarblld glen brillther t of billerica passed away on du1 . he was found unresponsive in his cruiser at the stathoon with thereasngine still running. he died of naturals causes. he had a wife and two childrebei! he had a wie a and tn the n utsildren. the noro. virus has affected 120 studener:. all ate at the chipolvee on
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the facility staff has doubled efforer: to clean commoaity touched. thther t closedhouining halls and food to go options to get food for the sick frienstor. some of the infstated std fener: play on bc's basketball team and they played their first e since the sicl tiess bro. t. the g lds t that game to providence. fans in the most expensive seats in fenway new hout a wil athave thns r vi rels blocked by safety nets next season. major le15ee baseball is rstaommending that nets be er eaced on all sights that are less than 70 feet from home er eat re this image shoold u how many will be impacted right here. the ross is warning season ticketholders and not all fans are in e bvor of the change. >> if you were going to pay for seats that close you should be d cale to experience it and the signs right there that warn you plenty over ther re >> last , doar s ta fan tanya carpenter s >e a red life-threatening injuries after being hit in the heicl with a bro.
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her attorney released her attorney release statement. the risk to new htrons has been aped fr rent to owners for many years an at least something good has come out of thfri6 3 3 int iries and s >e a ring. a massachusetts gaming mission will hear from cownan> fs who want rdily e bntasy y norer: games to remain legal. representatives for boston-basedhouraftse gs and riva ate bn weeal will sped c anot6 3 3 the hine s convention center. attorney general maura heal why want age limits anpass6 3 3 protstated. new morning general electric may set up shop in accous ting to the globe, the cownany is looking at spots in the seaport for a new global heiclquarters ls lathoon. this could bring hundreds of high paying jobs to the hub. governor charlie baker and mayor mar1 walsh hed fe beepolice 6 3 3 talking about wi.
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and the count minaw largest used carhouealership is making moves in the bay state. carmax utssened stores in norws. a region. the it dealership is known for nonn ciotiale e prices and monther t ba sta gorubntees. carmax has been testing the market with a store in north atlve goro. theoutir. the nias dased comnew h c is hope to open up to eight stores in the bore area soon. tracse g tubon.ic and weather over ten minutes. skyfox flew over that accident i mentioned rule 1 southbound near route 6 rwin rs. wer re i will have a look at how it affects your drive times in a moment. here is sarah. >> sarah: dry and a few showers and a few areas of drizzle. gubb thehavmbrellas. only need it for a little while. talking about breaks of sunshinehous. welutssing this rwitenor s. waa m-up headed our way for the we tend in just a few minutes.
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missing byom a worcester cemete min. cominghavp at 6:30, the evidence that police found that show these r-yeabecr hed fe been casing these gubves for months. a new hampshire man accused of c-osing trobinle for , doars is the explly behind bars this morning. the string of climbs he is accused of commiwill hing catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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a pelham man wanted in a string of robbery string of ro prer> fs incid finy g6 3 3 one where he wore a barack this morning. he was r-yeaedsng stores for , doars and even called in a bomb threat. daniel miller is here with more on the cha'tes he is e be ang at an arraignment later today. police in pelham n rel hawnshire say the man they arrested have been keeping years. ta. tn into custody after police searched his home yesterrdy. he was respoes.ible for a bomb threat called into the pelham elementary school in september of 2013. he is also cha'ted witwere6 3 3 ro pring a convenience store on bridge street in september of str fo and a n in ssintey yer of thists tear. surveillance pictures from one of those robbery of those r-yeaberies shoer.a mapolice 6 3 3 wearing a motorcycie helmet and carrying a bb gun. a person wearing the same hee. t was seen onoutketeo drthinging away from a pay phone which was used to make the bomb threat agaies.t the
6:16 am
say he is a suspect in two additional r-yeabe min iclwe tional r-yeaberies that ts. and. in the second, the person is wearing this presketent -yeaama mask you see here. they recovered a motorcycle helmet and a besk gun coes.istent witres th& theehavsed in the robbery. they did not find the president obama mask. he is held at aot ail in mapshester and ishouue to appear in court. police department is now equi ving oon.icers witwere6 3 3 semi-otomatic rifles in case of emergency. northeastern says the ie a cr ci& theely with city and state police and in the wake of a rise in mass shootings, police need to be ale e to respond to any situations. boston mayor marty walsh says arminghavnivecrity police with the weapons is a beginning of
6:17 am
geen a caing chief says they are effective. >> the police department going effwn this role is not effiny g6 3 3 this iing res to mat of a well thougt e out plan. >> public safety is the number one priority - tt thther t would li. t to be part of ahoustaiseffwn to put the weapons on campus at north even.
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getting ready to just head out the door this should be clear by the time get out here. otherwise a look at how your drive time was affected in just a moment. accident near route 60 in revere back up stretching through saugus back to 128 in peabody. other slow spots the expressway heading near m+ orrissey boulevard. the live drive times. 43 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin bridge. like i mentioned expecting that to drop now that the accident has cleared. 27 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 14 minutes 93 south from the cloverleaf to the leverett connector. stormtracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri think week. you are keeping an eye on sprinkles making their way
6:19 am
>> sarah: a few light showers >> sarah: a few light showers. i just tweeted that. very mild out there. lower 40s for the afternoon. mid-40s right now. sunrise occurs at 7:02. sunset at 4:1. the start of the warm-up as we head through the day and through the weekend as temperatures will be climbing upper 50s low 60s. we will have to watch on sunday though. indications of a back-door cold front may cool off the coast in northeastern areas. we may not achieve those neared near record levels. i want to take a look at the record high temperatures. these are not the forecast high temperatures but but the tu records that stand. in boston, 68 on saturday. i don't think we will make it. and 63, we will have to see where that front sets up as it pushes further south, we are likely going to get stuck much cooler in the 40s and 50s, but stay still above average for this time of year.
6:20 am
record highs for some of those locations on a sunday. current temperatures 40s and 50s. you can see the mild air stretches all the way back into the plains, despite a weak disturbance coming on through. i say "weak" because not that much bunch and moving fast. it is providing areas of showers and drizzle this morning. i just tweeted out showing that the radar is picking up on light rain and drizzle inside of 128. if you were about to head the door, i do expect you will need the wind chill wipers. a lot of kids may need to have that umbrella at the bus stop because we have some wide hee scattered showers across the region but most of this activity will push to the east. temperatures mid- to upper 40s temperatures mid- to upper 40s. very mild out there. 46 in norwood. feels like 44 with the wind out of the south and take a look, once the showers push on out of here breaks in the cloud cover and temperatures will climb into the mid- to upper 60s.
6:21 am
with breaks in the cloud cover with breaks in the cloud cover. futurecast showing those showers pushing away. breaks. partly sunny through the afternoon. the clouds will fill back in overnight tonight. we could see the risk of a shower or two down across the southeast overnight early tomorrow before then again we find partly sunny skies in the afternoon. that seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view showing temperatures continue to be in the upper 50s to low 60s friday and saturday. and then again on sunday although cooler to the north. we warm it back up ahead of a cold front that will bring wet and windy conditions monday then even into tuesday before we coot back down. a look at your forecast. the fbi says a married couple responsible for the latest terror attack in california was radicalized well before that shooting rampage. the new timeline attracting their allegiance to isi and why they think the high school was the usual target. planned parenthood and my lawyer are in cahoots to shut me up.
6:22 am
planned announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa
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a man accused of opening fire at a colorado planned parenthood clinic calls him safe war of i don't remember for babies.
6:24 am
attorney in open court. >> a lot of things they don't want to be known, planned parenthood and my lawyers are in cahoots to shut me up. >> gene: dear's lawyer also represented colorado movie shooter james holmes. yesterday dear said he is guilty and does not want a trial. he faces 179 charges. nine other people were hurt in the shooting. melrose native garrett swanzey was one of three people killed was one of three people killed. a terrifying discovery on the trip to wal-mart. a 1-year-old finds a plastic bag filled with meth. it happened in kentucky. little girl picked up the bag and handed it to her mom. wal-mart used surveillance video to track the persons who dropped it. police were not surprised. they have seen people drop needles and pills out of their pockets before. in washington, another incident of a whoever board bursting into -- of a hoverboard bursting into flames. a mall shopper got the video of it bursting into flames and no one was hurt.
6:25 am
happened. the latest in a string of incidents involving hoverboard incidents involving hoverboard. they are even banned on the streets of new york city. police chief in california give the homeless family the one gift they wanted. the officer sawed a post on facebook that the family want facebook that the family wanted to by a car and didn't have the money. he sat and asked if they can use their christmas money to help out the family and they said yes making strangers forever grateful. >> brings tears to my eyes when i think about it. my wife when we first met cried on his shoulder. we will call him our guardian angel. >> ever since his wife died his goal is to do something kind for someone else every day. holiday miracle comes early for a high school basketball team in minnesota. watch how to game ends off the missed free throw. the kid grabs a rebound and heaves it down the other end. you hear the buzzer go off, and that bucket was good.
6:26 am
is a 3-pointer so they end up win big 1. hail mary pass that quarterbacks would like to see. the other group of guys bummed out that is the way the game ended for them. >> sara: i love the expression of the people in the crowd. oh, my god. >> gene: like something you never tee and they were there to experience it. the future affirmative action doesn't look good. what one of the supreme court justices said about minority students that brought gasps in the court room. along i-95 and places like franklin and the city of boston. coming up the timeline on when the showers exit. police say it happened again. somebody has stolen human remains from a massachusetts
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or fees. then you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? now at 6:30, happened again in worcester. more skeletal remains are stolen from a cemetery. the warning going out to cemetery cemeteries across the area. >> sara: good morning, everybody, thursday, december 10. thank you so much for joining us on what is going to be a lovely sunny day, i am sara underwood. >> gene: i am gene lavanchy. a few accidents out there already, julie grauert. so that commute is impacted. plus we have a warm-up on the way. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski will tell us all about it. >> sarah: talking about
6:29 am
and doppler radar, a few hints of green in the city. north as you head into nashua. manchester you will need your windshield wipers and franklin 495 too, steadier rain drops across the cape and buzzards bay you are seeing wet weather. all part a disturbance that will continue to push on through and look at those temperatures. 40s, 50 on the vineyard. nantucket 49 degrees. look at the rest of those showers pushing on by to the south. that. for the most part anticipating to see breaks in the cloud cover as we head to your lunch hour as temperatures climb into the 50 into the 50. we will take a closer look at what what to expect in your town and a check of the traffic with julie grauert. how are those things going. >> julie: unfortunately it is getting worse before it is getting better. residual delays from that accident that gene mentioned, route 1 in saugus as you
6:30 am
bumper-to-bumper as you are heading southbound. the accident has cleared but stretching back to 128. you will see this reflected in the live drive times. things also slowing down on the expressway as you head from furnace brook parkway to columbia road. here are those live drive times. look at this. i thought we would finish at 42 minutes. up to 51 on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 21 minutes on 93 south from the cloverleaf to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. more skeletal remains are missing from a worcester cemetery. a tsar we told you that five sets of bones vanished days ago and now police say another grave has been hit. fox25's michael henrich is live where other.cemetery lilive where other.cemeteries say to take a close look around. >> reporter: they want other emcemetery emcemeteries in sounds to look around and mike shower what
6:31 am
not happen anywhere at all. the grave robings can the patch the ultra religious practices and those who did it could be planning it for months. people with loved ones pureied in hope cemetery in worcester are on edge. >> i have both move parents here. if they go after my parents, i will go after them so they need to knock it off. >> reporter: police say they have once again discovered human remains stolen from a mausoleum in time possibly three skeletal remains gone. worcester police sergeant says the crime was planned well in advance, cutting the locks in may, stealing the roughly 1 may, stealing the roughly 100-year-old bones in september. >> we do believe there were others involved and trying to identify those as well. >> reporter: one suspect in another grave robbing was also caught. in hartford, connecticut arrested 32-year-old amador connecticut finding five human remains in his home.
6:32 am
skeletal remains. three adults and two young children. hartford police told fox25 via facetime these thefts could be connected to a religion. >> santoria or babalou. they use some of the shrines and some of the bones as well. a lot of -- a lot of sticks, branches, feathers. that sort of thing. >> reporter: worcester police are not releasing the name of the second mausoleum until they can reach out to the living descendents of the graves disturbed. they want to get the message to neighboring cities and towns to keep an eye out and inspect their area cemeteries. live in worcester, michael henrich, fox25 news. the murder trial of a danvers teenager accused of killing his high school teach killing his high school
6:33 am
lawyers for phillip chism said he was delusional and hearing voices when he raped and killed teacher colleen ritzer. they broke down surveillance video of the incident and said it reveals that chism knew exactly what he were doing. and obscuring his identity and make sure there are no people in the hall to observe anymore leave which is . >> gene: chism was of sound mind and closing arguments for tomorrow. when they are done, the jury will get the case. when the jury decision is in, you will see it right here on fox25. we will send an alert on our news app and break in with live coverage here on the air. police are still looking for one suspect in a violent home invasion in quincy. police say two men rush into a home on president's lane. they tied up a pregnant woman and stole more than $40,000. the cash was from a bakery run by the family.
6:34 am
called 911 while hide called 911 while hide -- while hiding from the suspects. police caught one suspect a short time later and a was arraigned yesterday and held on $100,000 bail. tewksbury police make a gun bust with the help of hoermentdz. these were the illegal guns confiscated. 36-year-old ronald moore charged with four counts of illegal gun possession and several other charges. cocaine hidden in a christmas present sends a randolph man to jail. they found 230 grams of cocaine inside these ups packages sent from columbia last week. police arrested the man who picked up the items and he is being held on $250,000 bail. a high-tech heist in fitch a high-tech heist in fitchburg took less than two minutes. look at the surveillance video look at the surveillance video. three men jump out of a minivan. sparking fly as they use a torch. the thieves stole $10,000
6:35 am
remote-controlled vehicles. police arrived on the scene three minutes later. so far no one has been arrested. happening today donald trump will be in new hampshire for the first major campaign event since he said that the united states should ban muslims from muslim s from coming into the country. and the controversy seems to be helping his campaign. the gop front runner is soaring in new polls. fox25's jessica reyes is live in portsmouth at the hotel where this big event is happening. jess? sara. all happening that the hotel behind me. the sheraton hotel in downtown portsmouth. later this afternoon he will be meeting with a police union union, but the focus, of course, will be on his controversial comments of banning muslims from coming to the u.s. several groups of protesters are expected to be here tonight and secured we know will be renight as well. although the outrage continues to grow over his comments about muslims, he is still
6:36 am
leading the republican race in self-states. a poll of new hampshire voters conducted before he made those comments show him with an 18 comments show him with an 18-point lead here. he spoke with cnn last night and continues to insist that he is not a racist. >> reporter: are you a racist? >> i am the least racist person that you have ever met. the least racist person. >> reporter: are you bigoted in any way? >> no, i don't think so. i don't think. >> reporter: a new fox news poll that was released yesterday show trump with a 20 yesterday show trump with a 20-point lead over ben carson in south carolina. here in new hampshire, however here in new hampshire, however, several top republicans are condemning his comments made about muslims and we will hear some of those comments coming up next half hour. live in portsmouth, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. and fox25 political reporter sharman sacchetti will be in new hampshire for trump's visit this afternoon. see her live reports tonight on the fox25 news at 5 and 6:00.
6:37 am
campaign, a new poll finds democratic president candidate hillary clinton in new hampshire by 10%. sanders has led in the granite state since august, but this is the first poll that show him with a steady lead over his -- over clinton. new hampshire is the only early voting state where clinton dpuntd have a substantial legal. the best way to move the green line extension forward is to cut costs. green line is proposing a 4 green line is proposing a 4.7-mile expansion through somerville and pedestrian. the state was spending $1 million more than expected. the transportation secretary said they are considering trimming expenses. the mbta cannot spend any more money on the project for 90 days without approval by the fiscal control board. massachusetts may be closer to banning all cell phones behind the wheel. the house gave approval yesterday to an early version
6:38 am
allows only hands-free mobile devices. the senate will review the proposal earl hee frequencies near. will allow to you make a call in an emergency. new this morning the operator of the commuter rail wants nearly $2 million a year for passenger information center. the herald says keolis has asked the mbta to fund the center that includes costs for employee salaries, new uniform employee salaries, new uniforms and recruiting. keolis was slammed by passengers and slammed for its inability to keep up with winter weather last year. the paper reports that so far the t spent $2 million on the new center using money that keolis was supposed to pay in penalty penalties for that bad service. good morning, everyone, we check weather and traffic he ten minutes. 20-minute commute from the braintree plit to columbia road. sara? >> sarah: a lot of clouds and mild. at the bus stop, expect temperatures mostly in the 40s temperatures mostly in the 40s.
6:39 am
hit or miss showers, mainly light. more of a nuisance out there for the roadways but this afternoon breaks in the cloud cover and we are talking temps well into the 50s. what to expect in your area coming up >> gene: look at this video reason an enraged taxi driver attacks an uber car and got dragged down the treat. how the protest got out of control. do not touch me!
6:40 am
target anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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lawmakers are accusing the white house of breaking the law new a controversial prisoner exchange swap. in 2014, five taliban prisoners were exchanged for u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl. a report released today said the obama administration
6:43 am
tight secrecy. it was made out of bergdahl's safety. he faces desertion charges for walking away from his post in afghanistan. today is the first funeral for the victim terror attack in san bernandino, california. a 27-year-old woman who worked with suspect syed farook will be laid to rest. she is one of 14 people killed last week by farook and his wife, tashfeen malik. the fbi says the couple was radicalized at least two years ago and that is before malik arrived in u.s. on a fiancee visa. >> we are working very hard to understand if there was anyone else involved in assisting them, supporting them and equipping them. >> sara: the fbi is looking into information that syed farook may have planned to attack a california high school. he reportedly had pictures of the high school on his cell phone. do not attack me!
6:44 am
after an attack because of had is religion. a woman heckled his group while they were praying. daniel miller has more on that confrontation. >> daniel: that california charges. here is that sound again of one man telling her to stop. >> do not touch me! >> daniel: the video posted to one of the victim's facebook page has been viewed more than 123,000 times and 13 00 people have shared the video that show denise slater yelling at a group of pray muslims. slater yelled at the group telling them they are brainwashed for believe brainwashed for believing in allah and al la is eve. she attacks one with an umbrella and pours hot coffee in his face. >> i don't know her and she doesn't know us and she came us to because we were doing things that only a muslim person does. >> daniel: the woman is a state employee working for the
6:45 am
she is facing misdemeanor battery charges, but the da could decide to tack on hate crime charges as well. anti-muslim crimes are on the run in the united states. they have tracked more than three dozen anti-muslim incidents. these are the terror attacks that paris next month. in the newsroom, daniel miller in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 morning news. a supreme court justice is now questioning if african-american students belong at the country's top universities. the high court was hearing arguments yesterday in a case dealing with affirmative action and admissions at the university of texas. justice antonin scalia asked the university lawyer if african-americans would benefit from attending a less advanced slower track school. the justice also cited a brief which said most black scientists in the u.s. come from lesser schools, with classes that are not too fast for them. the university's lawyer said courts had rejected that theory in the past. it is 6:47 already.
6:46 am
and on the rails. let's start with the rails. red line experiencing severe delays in both directions right now because of a disabled train. heading over to the roads, two accidents to tell you about. one is on route 3 southbound. this is in bedford right at route 62. the other is on 93 southbound. an accident at route 62 there in wilmington. both will affect your morning drive times on those locations locations. on those major roadways. that accident on route 1 has cleared; however, we are seeing residual delays and higher than typical drive times on route 1 times on route 1. live look in saugus. bumper-to-bumper. here are your live drive times here are your live drive times. 38 minutes florida 128 to the tobin. 48 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 46 minutes on the pike from 49 46 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. fox25 fox25 stormtracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri. thankfully we don't have a ton
6:47 am
will impede the community right now. >> sarah: yeah, watching for a few showers but not looking for that heavy soaking rain and you may come across a few raindrops. the weather headlines detail watching that through the morning hours and unseasonably amount of conditions move on in and hang on with us through the majority of the weekend. we could be nearing record warmth. tricky toward the later stages of the weekend. watching a back door cold front that may cool some of us down and limit that record potential. nonetheless high pressure pushing away. that dish tush bans that is bringing us the clouds and scattered showers across new england, but generally light. more nuisance than really bringing any type of heavy precipitation. be prepared you may run into a few raindrops. i am also watching this area of showers in parts of vermont as well as the berkshires. we will see how it travels to the north and east through the morning hours. anticipating to see the chance
6:48 am
otherwise as we head to the lunch hour and the afternoon gets better and brighter. so currently 45 in boston. typical high for this time of 43. so i think we are doing good. 50 on the vineyard right now. temperature trend in boston will continue to see the mercury climb into the mid-50s by your lunch hour into the afternoon. upper 50s in some locations. but looking pretty mild across of sunshine. by the evening, sunset 4:11. we will start to notice the bit. another round of clouds and high temperatures today well into the 50s if not near 60 in some spots. winds light out of the south. that southerly wind continues to bring in moisture off the ocean. areas of fog and a few showers off the southeast, cape and islands fairly dry to the north and west and perhaps some fog as i mentioned. temperatures falling back into the 40s. a few upper 30s already
6:49 am
30s in some locations jumping back into the upper 50s to low 60s tomorrow. we will hold on to this warmth we will hold on to this warmth. again, we will track a few showers, but the afternoon very similar conditions. we will see breaks in the dlouvr. so the chance of showers high this morning 37 this morning. we drop it this afternoon and bring it back mainly across the southeast. the future cost show the showers exiting 24 morning. don't be surprised to see the sunshine by the afternoon. show you the seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view, because what we are anticipate we are anticipating this weekend is a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures in the 50s to near 60 and with that back door cold front we will see in the next hour, we will see cooler conditions to the north with a few more clouds and the head of the storm system that will bring us wet and windy continues early next week. over to you. >> sara: all right, sara. the world's first attempt of test tube puppies was a success.
6:50 am
to help save rare breeds.
6:51 am
hampshire to fend off back it's holiday time, it's time for wegmans. there'll be entre es and trimmings, and shrimp cocktail too. all kinds of veggies, and cookies for you. but do you recall, the best thing of all... wegmans can help with everything, for your holiday. we are a family, brought here through destiny. living in harmony, we are a family. it's time to savor.
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with family. from the first toast, to the last dessert. we are a family. happy holidays... ...from all of us. one massachusetts company hopes this device will save
6:53 am
in local emergency rooms, the globe said arsenal medical of watertown received 45 million of funding from the pentagon. it has foam that is injected into patients who are shot in the chest. it plugs the wound rather until the victim can reach an operating room. arsenal hopes to launch clinical trials over the next two years. researchers introduce the first set of test tube puppies. here they are. the adorable pups are the first through invitro fertilization. at that has been used in humans for decades but until now certain biological differents allow it now in animal. a big step in the future of animal help. >> ivf is also important for the health of our pets because it opens up the possibility that we can identify certain genes that cause disease and fix those. >> and doctors say ivf can help preserve endangered species.
6:54 am
golden globe nominations will be announced. a movie based on true and local events is getting buzz for best motion picture "spotlight" is based on the true story how the boston globe handled a sex scandal and cover up in the catholic church we will bring you those nominations at 8:15. the new hello barbie is named the worst toy of the year. the blonde hair, blue eyed doll absentee fears with privacy. it uses wi-fi of what children say and store it is in a the doll is able to talk back to its owner and even answer questions but they say hello barbie is a prime target for hackers so beware. so that is off the christmas list at our house. >> gene: technology -- hacker >> gene: technology -- these days. >> sara: incredible
6:55 am
>> gene: it something sacred? i guess not. a pair of teenager are in jail accused of attacking another girl. a cloudy start to the day with temperatures on the mild side. we will see the showers exit and the sunshine come out as temperatures boost into the 50s in worcester. even milder in some locations. i will show you what to expect in your town at 7:00. a local veteran says he lost his hero.
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