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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 10, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> julie: new poll numbers just out about the race for president. >> sarah: temperatures on the rise. i will show you when and where we could break record highs. >> daniel: new this morning honoring the marathon bombing victim with a place that will make kids smile. complete new england news
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this is fox25 morning news. >> julie: good thursday morning, it is now 9:00. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. it is shaping up to be a beautiful day outdoors. live outside right now where we had some rain earlier this morning but now we are getting ready for a warm-up. fox25 storm tracker record highs today? >> sarah: record highs as we head into the weekend. today temperatures are above average, that's for sure, mid to upper 40s, 50s right now. in fact, we will be going into the mid to upper 50s, average high 43. record for today in the 60s though, so satellite and radar showing a few wet spots in some locations thanks to disturbance that will be pushing on through allowing for improvement toward your lunch hour. breaks in the cloud cover with mix of sun and clouds this afternoon will allow the temperatures to climb into the upper 50s. sunset at 4:11 and temperature trend it is going up, up and away into the weekend we are
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i will break it down where we could break record highs coming up but, of course, we need to get a check of that traffic. how is everything going out there, julie? >> julie: this is accident on 93 southbound blocked at purchase street, creating longer delay times. on the pike average speeds 15 miles per hour through the weston tolls bumper and bumper through brighton. here are live drive times, 49 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave, 37 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and hour and 11 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: 9:02 right knew. happening today protesters are expected to show up in full force at campaign event in portsmouth, new hampshire for donald trump. this is the latest backlash after trump called to ban muslims from entering the united states. fox25 jessica reyes is live in portsmouth this morning where
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jess, they are expecting plenty of extra security. >> jessica: they are and lots of protesters as well. this is trump's appearance in new hampshire since making protesters will be gathering outside the hotel where it is being held last night, and despite the intense backlash donald trump is getting from all angles, he refuses to apologize. >> are you racist. >> i've the least racest person that you have ever met. i'm the least racist person. >> jessica: donald trump sitting down with cnn wednesday despite calls to ban muslims from coming to the u.s., he is not islamaphobic. >> are you bigoted in any way? >> i don't think so. no, i don't think so. >> jessica: trump due in portsmouth with meeting with police union that may endorse him. supporters and protesters are expected but several state
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state gop woman for new hampshire bashed trump's proposed ban calling it unconstitutional and unamerican and once again trump's inflammatory comments may not hurt him. in south carolina over 20s points over ben carson. when asked if it bothers if he is called a racist and even compared to hitler, he says no. >> if things were true, if it were true it would bother me tremendously. if you were a racist you probably wouldn't care. if things were true, wouldn't bother me, but it is so false and honestly i don't hear it often. >> jessica: at this point it is not clear how those comments could affect donald trump in new hampshire and made him up on monday 18 points over ben carson live here in portsmouth, jessica reyes, fox25 news.
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new high in poll this morning. most interviews were done before muslims ban on entering the u.s. kyla campbell is live in washington to break down the numbers. kyla? >> kyla: good morning, julie, trump has 2:to one advantage over the nearest rival. they found 35% of republicans want trump to be the nominee and ben carson slipped into 3rd 3rd place and cut in half since october and at 13%. on the democratic side hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by 20 points, that is similar to last month. get this. 57% of people polled said they would be concerned or scared if clinton elected president. same goes for 64% of people polled if trump were to head to the white house. a lot of these numbers could change before we get to the primaries. more than half of people polled said they still haven't made up their mind about who they are voting for.
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campbell, fox25 news. >> daniel: two teens will gebefore a judge this morning using this fake gun to threaten another girl at party in plainville. police say this started over a boy. catherine parrotta that is more in dedham where the girls will face very serious charges. >> catherine: according it the court documents this all unfolded late last month when police say these three 18-year-old hosted a underage party at plainville apartment. police say 15-year-old girl with fake handgun threatened 16-year-old for apparently talking to her exboyfriend. police say one of the 15-year-olds pointed a fake gun at scene-year-old's head saying eeny meanie miney mow i will shoot you in the head and police got involved and searched the apartment they found several fake guns along with real
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hosts are also in trouble and they were arraigned on charge of alcohol and illegally possessing ammunition without a fid card and one was charged with possessing a stun gun. >> daniel: that was catherine parrotta reporting. fox25 spoke with the landlord where the party took place. they told us the 18-year-olds have been evicted. >> julie: a lot of complaints this morning about service on the red line. big delays. we are looking into what's going on. comes after deadly incident last night at downtown crossing. 42-year-old woman was killed. two firefighters were also shocked by a small power surge. they suffered minor injuries. the name of the victim has not been released but there are no signs of foul play. >> daniel: still no arrest made in deadly shooting and follow this story as it was breaking yesterday morning. police say man in his 20s was shot on agwa della street and later died at boston medical center. police have not released any
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>> julie: this morning the ceo of chipolte is apologizing for norovirus outbreak that made 120 boston college students sick. all the kids ate at the same chipolte at cleveland circle. we have been following the story all week and new e-mail facility staffed has doubled staff to clean commonly touched surfaces. they have closed dining halls and they are offering food to go for sick friends. some of the students play on b.c.'s basketball team. here they are playing the first game last night since the sickness broke. b.c. lost the game to providence. >> daniel: new this morning volkswagen will use road tests to trash track emissions level on all of its vehicles and level will be verified by a third-party. it has admitted manipulating results of emissions tests in
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down. vw ceo commenting. >> daniel: representatives from fanduel will speak. gaming commission wants input on proposed regulations of the industry. attorney general maura healey wants age limits and advertising restrictions along with other rules to ensure players in massachusetts are protected. >> julie: it is 9:09. fans in most expensive seats will have safety nets blocked next season. major league baseball recommending nets be put in front of all seats less than 70 feet away from home plate. this image shows how many will be impacted. red sox are warning season ticket holders, not all fans are in favor of the change. >> pay for seats that close you should be able to experience it
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warn you plenty over there. >> julie: last year tanya carpenter suffered serious injuries after being hit in head with broken bat. risk of injuries at fenway park has been apparent to ownership will protected. >> daniel: 3% increase from last year, busiest travel days coming up are december 18th december 18th and the twenty-seventh and january 3rd airlines say they will be using larger planes to support the influx. >> julie: let's take look at live drive times and check minutes. things still very slow on 93 south. an hour and 15 minutes from 495 in andover down to the leverett connector. sarah? >> sarah: 40s and 50s and nearly 50 in boston and tracking few showers exiting and tell you
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>> michael: it has happened again. police say that somebody has stolen more human remains from a cemetery in massachusetts. the warning one city's pd has for every other town in the state. >> julie: but first man accused of shooting at planned parenthood can't keep his composure in court.
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>> daniel: late last night police arrested a man in surveillance pictures robbing the same store twice in last 15 months and also the same person that called in bomb threat in 2013 and surveillance camera captured the person responsible wearing the same motor motorcycle helmet rob in one of the robberies and they are expected to charge him with two other robberies, including one where the suspect where a president obama mask. >> julie: man says he is guilty of opening fire at colorado planned parenthood clinic killing three people. robber dear calls himself a, quote, warrior for babies. yesterday he screamed he was guilty, he faces 179 charges.
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his attorney. >> a lot of things they don't want me to be known and planned parenthood and my lawyers are in cahoots. >> julie: his lawyer represented james holmes, colorado movie theater shooter. >> daniel: william porter first of six officers to go to trial in the death of eddie gray the trial is expected to wrap up by the end of next week. >> reporter: officer william porter testified he knew freddie gray and said, quote, freddie gray and i weren't friends but we had a mutual respect. when one of porter's attorneys said he was sorry gray had died. porter responded absolutely. gray died in april a week after officers put him in the back of a police van shackling him but not putting him in a seatbelt. during the ride somehow gray
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the van made six stops during a 45 minute ride to the police station. prosecutors alleged porter should have called for a medic after the fourth stop when gray asked for help. porter didn't realize gray needed immediate medical assistance until after the final stop. with one of the attorneys at times demonstrating gray's position, porter testified that people transported in wagons never secured with seat belts, not the people he put in wagons, roughly 150 of them, he says, since joining the baltimore police department in 2010. on wednesday porter told the jury, quote, it is the responsibility of the wagon drive to get the prisoner from point a to point b. during cross-examination the state's attorney accused porter of doing nothing to protect freddie gray's life. porter called that untrue. i'm andrew spencer reporting.
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chicago chant step down to urge the city's mayor to resign. the mayor apologized for the death of black teenager killed by a white police officer in 2014 and there have been weeks of protest there and calls for the reseg nation since the video the shooting was released and state representative has filed for special election to recall the mayor and process started with petition circulated to voters. >> julie: 9:17 and rough day on the roads for all of us. things start to look a little bit better. average speeds 9 miles per hour on the expressway as you head from furnace brook parkway to columbia road. slummish on pike eastbound through weston tolls also through the brighton area. that usually starts to lighten right between now and 9:30. here are live drive times, 38 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave. 34 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. a little over an hour on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector.
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meteorologist sarah wroblewski joining us thou. what do we have to deal with? >> sarah: dealing with sunshine, i think we can handle that, mild conditions in very cloudy start to the day, damp roadways too but boy, step outside, nearly 50 in boston, normally in the lower 40s for this time of year and average temperature in the morning below freezing. so yes, we will take that for this time of year. also wanted to point out sunset 4:11 and tomorrow we start to see the sunset later and later. so temperature trend will be going up as we head through the rest of the week and into the weekend, we will be tracking highs close to 60 near record levels, but there's one fly in the ointment and head to the weekend forecast and get to that in a second. satellite and radar showing disturbance coming on through providing the clouds, also the showers, nantucket now starting to see some wet weather out of this, temperature there 53. 49 in boston, 48 in lawrence and we are seeing the temperatures
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49 in boston and i mention the wind is lighted out of the south, doesn't really add too much as a wind chill but as we go on through the day, expecting to see the clouds further break apart and boost those temperature into the upper 50s in many locations, if not near 60. but i think 50s where we will hold during the day today. future cast wet weather out of here with the lunch hour and clouds continuing to break apart, dry for evening commute and overnight thicken up clouds once again and could see risk of shower down across the cape and islands, areas of fog to start your day, then by the afternoon, partial sunshine. so temperature tomorrow very similar today, if not a degree or two warmer, upper 50s to near 60 and that trend continues into the weekend, especially further south you go. further north you go maybe a little bit cooler because we
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monday we will hold on to mild conditions ahead of a cold front that will bring the risk of wet weather late monday and into tuesday and along with pretty strong wind gusts too and temperature will begin to fall back once the system clears the area. there's latest look at the area forecast. over to you. >> daniel: caught on camera. tensions boil over between cabbies and uber drivers. coming up the protest that led
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>> daniel: >> daniel: massachusetts company hopes this saves lives. they have received $36 million in funding from the pentagon. plugging the wound until the victim can reach a operating room. they hope to launch clinical trials in the next two years. daniel: supreme court justice questioning if
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at top universities. high court hearing arguments yesterday dealing with affirmative actions admissions at university of texas. justice scalia asked if they would attending less advanced school and justice also cited a brief that said most black scientists in the u.s. come from lesser schools and courts rejected the theory in the past. >> julie: lawmakers accusing of breaking law in controversial prisoner exchange. in 2145 taliban prisoners were exchanged for u.s. army sergeant bo bergdahl. it was made out of fear for his safety and bergdahl faces exertion charges for walking away from his post in
9:23 am
the bergdahl is at the center of newest season of serial. it debuted around 7:00 this morning and feature journalist sara conig figuring out whyburg doll walked away in afghanistan. they promise the first time we will hear from hip. the case is still ongoing. season one of serial focused on murder case in baltimore. >> daniel: baltimore first in states to install camera in police car. microphone turns on as soon as officer activates his lights and then camera is always rolling and drunk driving cases and allegations made against officers. >> it is different and challenging and i understand that as well. >> daniel: chief says anyone that is pulled over has to be told their voice is recorded and number of agencies are testing
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>> julie: new hampshire man behind bars after crash that killed service dog. brian drake served seven years ago and his therapy dog helped him cope with ptsd. his dog knocked into the back of his leg sending him into a ditch and car came by and hit sophia and then drove off. >> all of a sudden was hit and take responsibility for actions. >> julie: police charged man accident and driving on suspended license. >> daniel: woman accused of throwing coffee at man and using umbrella as weapon. >> julie: they can't afford to
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reason so many americans are if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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["the first noel" plays] from all of us at sanderson farms, we wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy hanukkah.
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>> julie: welcome back, everyone. look at map. these are today's high temperatures in the 50s. it is december. what are we on the tenth, 15 days from christmas? more like early fall than thick of winter. i'm julie grauert. >> i'm daniel miller. we could break record highs. this is unbelievable. >> sarah: really warm conditions as we head into the middle -- the weekend, couple weekends before the holidays. we are talking temperatures climbing about ten to 15 above normal. getting even 20 as we head through the weekend. so upper 50s that's where we are expected this afternoon but i want to point out, we have had a few scattered showers out there, most the activity has pushed offshore but nantucket seeing some wet weather. temperatures right now 40s and 50s continuing to climb into the mid to upper 50s as we head on through the day. we are going to notice still mild during your drive home while it is dry, but i have to point out, the clouds are going
9:28 am
through the overnight hours. this is just the start, folks. we are talking upper 50s near 60 next couple of days, there's some tricky questions coming into the forecast for the weekend though for sunday. some areas getting into the 60s, others may be a little bit cooler on break it down for you, show you which areas have the best chances of breaking record highs coming up and let's get check of traffic now with julie grauert you. >> julie: new accident on trapelo road and already see high volume during the morning hours. 93 south still sluggish medford into somerville and live look at the zakim bridge, leverett connector still backed up. here are live drive time, 35 minutes on the pike to mass ave, 32 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike, an hour on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: a lot of complaints this morning about service on the red line. big delays we are looking at
9:29 am
comes after deadly incident last night at downtown crossing. 42-year-old woman was killed there. two firefighters were also shocked by a small power surge. they suffered only minor injuries. the name of the victim haven't been released but there are no signs of foul play. glycogen families are keeping close eye on graves of loved ones this morning after more skeletal remains are stolen from a worcester cemetery. fox25 michael henrich is live at hope cemetery in worcester where investigators are worried a cult could be behind the missing bones. michael? >> michael: police telling cities and towns to look at ceremony to make sure what happened here at hope cemetery there. investigators believe these grave robings could be part of some larger religious practice and the people that did this might have been planning it for months. people with loved ones buried in
9:30 am
on edge. >> both of my parents are here. if they go after my parents, i will go after them. so they need to knock it off. >> michael: police say they have once again discovered human remains stolen from a mausoleum. this time possibly three skeletal remains gone. worcester police sergeant says the crime was planned well in advance cutting locks in may and stealing the roughly 100-year-old bones in september. >> we do believe there was others involved and trying to identify those as well. >> daniel: one suspect in another grave robbing is already caught. arrested 32 year old amador medina last week saying they found five human remains in his home. police believe they stole the skeletal remains, three adults and to young children from the houghten mausoleum in october. hartford police told fox25 via
9:31 am
connected to a religion. >> santeria or bobbalu and there were candles being used in some of the shah lines and some of the bones as well. a lot of sticks, branches, feathers, that sort of thing. >> michael: worcester police are not naming the second broke into on mausoleum. name on it publicly at least and still trying to get in touch with possible living descendents buried there and if you know anything about the investigation, about this case, who might have done this, encouraged to call detectives right now. michael henrich, fox 25 news. >> daniel: police are still looking for one suspect in a violent home invasion in quincy. on monday police say two men rushed into a home on presidents lane and tied up a pregnant woman and stole more than $40,000. the cash was from a bakery run by the family. the woman's teenager daughter called 911 after hiding from the suspects. police caught one of them a
9:32 am
yesterday and being held on $100,000 bail. daniel: tewksbury police make a drug bust to help with homeland security. these are illegal guns confiscated after police searched a home. 46-year-old ronald moore was charged with four counts of illegal gun possession as well as several other charges. cocaine hidden in a christmas present sends a randolph man to jail. state police say they found 230 grams of cocaine inside these upscale packages sent from columbia last week. police arrested the man that picked up the items he is being held on $250,000 bail. >> julie: murder trial of danvers teenager charged with killing math teacher will go to jury tomorrow. yesterday a forensic psychologist broke down surveillance video of the
9:33 am
chism knew exactly what he was doing. >> obscuring his identity and making sure there were not people in the hall that would observe him leave would be consistent with inference he appreciated the wrongfulness of his conduct. >> julie: he says this indicates chism was of sound mind. closing arguments are set for tomorrow. when they are done the jury will get the case. when the jury makes the decision we will send alert out on and break in with live coverage here on air. >> daniel: two millbury students accused of making a hit list being charged. parents were told about the possible threats yesterday and school officials learned about the list last week. parents were angry they weren't notified sooner and tried to reassure them the threats weren't credible. >> he have information i know i'm confident we followed the protocols and doing everything
9:34 am
millbury police department to keep the school very safe. >> daniel: superintendent could not tell us whether students involved would return to school. >> donald trump continues to stand by his words to ban muslims from coming into the united states. >> julie: happening today he will be in portsmouth, new hampshire at campaign event. that's where jessica reyes is now. jess, protesters are expected to show up in full force. >> jessica: they certainly are security is going to be tight. this is trump's first stop in new hampshire since making controversial comments about muslims earlier this week and he will be here in downtown portsmouth and several groups of protesters will be out here later tonight when the event is going on and despite the back lar that trump is getting of all angles at this point he still refuses to apologize. >> are you racist? >> i'm the least racist person that you have ever met.
9:35 am
>> jessica: donald trump sitting down with cnn wednesday insisting despite the calls to ban muslims from coming to the u.s., he is not islamaphobic. >> are you bigoted in any way? >> i don't think so. >> jessica: trump's comments condemned on both sides of the aisle and he will be in portsmouth to meet with police union that may endorse him. state gop woman for new hampshire bashed trump's proposed ban calling it unconstitutional and unamerican but once again trump's inflammatory comments may not hurt the momentum. fox news poll released wednesday shows him up in south carolina among primary voters there by 20 points over ben carson. when asked if it bothers him he is often called a racist and even compared to hitler he says no. >> if you're a racist you
9:36 am
true it would bother me but so false and honestly i don't hear it often. >> jessica: right now it is not how the comments could affect him. latest poll was before he made the comments but it had him up 18 points. live in portsmouth this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> want to get to breaking news at 9:00. new details on delays at red line we have been telling you about all morning. mbta now confirms they are investigating a potentially dangerous situation on the red line. they tell us inbound red line train left the braintree station, daniel, without an operator. >> daniel: what we are hearing is this train no stops and went past north quincy station when the mbta powered the line and they are investigating initial reports safety device in the train's cab may have been tampered with.
9:37 am
information on this. we just received a news release from the mbta within the last ten minutes talking about the situation and happened at 6:00 this morning. again, inbound red line train is without a operator and a serious situation there are people on the train and hearing from people tweeting there was another inbound train coming so that train had to speed up to miss this other train. >> julie: i spend six hours every morning watching the "t's" website and trying to keep track of delays, and we often have delays on variety of lines because of tech issues, weather, whatever it maybe, so when this happened, first it started with minor delay, then went to moderate red line delay and all of a sudden serious red line delay and led the traffic reports with the noise but didn't have the details about exactly what we were seeing such issues except they were calling it a disabled train and that's why we were seeing significant delays.
9:38 am
obviously tweeting about this. want to read a line in this news release that we are -- we just received. that train made no station stops, proceeded north just past north quincy station when mbta operators personnel depowered the third rail. this is a serious situation when you hear it because there are a lot of factors. dangers behind this. >> julie: we started getting tips about an hour ago, besides those tweeting about it saying hey, seems like something might be up here more than disabled train, then like you just said in news release, received confirmation from the mbta, in fact, the train was on the tracks running without an operator and they be someone may have tampered with the controls that allow it to run. >> daniel: read a statement from the general manager from the mbta. frank depaula, passenger safety is highest priority for the mbta and this highly troubling incident is under investigation
9:39 am
so they are calling this a highly troubling incident. and dangerous one. >> julie: and this is after yesterday we had a deadly incident on the red line as well so that was already something we were keeping track of and then to have this take whole other turn, we just received this news release, so we are working to confirm more details for you, and we will let you know as soon as we learn anything else. let's check in with sarah. >> sarah: -- >> julie: look at maps things target to look better on 93 south. down to 45 minutes. it has been hovering around the hour mark all morning plus even more than that in the thick of the morning commute. so things starting to look a little bit better as far as the volume is concerned. now here is sarah with the forecast. >> sarah: risk of showers moving on out and nantucket getting wet right now. high temperatures across new england well above the average 40s to the north, 50 to 60
9:40 am
warmer into the weekend and town coming up. >> daniel: we continue to follow breaking news regarding
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9:43 am
>> daniel: that's right. they tell us inbound red line train left the braintree station without an operator. that train made no stops and got just past north quincy station when the mbta depowered the line causing that train to stop. now, the "t" says it is investigating initial reports that safety device in train's cab may have been tampered with. we are going to go right now to fox25's catherine parrotta who's joining us with information. catherine, what are you hearing. >> catherine: arrived here at jfk umass and look over here it appears to be business as usual, although it is certainly not the case here a little while ago and passengers from the red line train were actually taken after the train was able to be stopped and mbta personnel boarded and this is where they brought the train. here is information they have right now, newly released by the mbta and there's an
9:44 am
incident underway, serious incident on red line train and the red line train started off with braintree station after 6:00 this morning and then proceeded to travel to the north quincy station without an operator. the train made no stops during all of this. mbta depowered the third rail, personnel it took to jfk so passengers could get off the train. no passengers were injured. train was actually taken out of service though and now mbta personnel they are looking into device in the train's cab was tampered with, but again, at this point, an investigation still underway. i have to tell you as this was unfolding passengers aboarded red line train, they are actually tweeting about some of this and pulled up some of the tweets here and one person asking twitter to the mbta, why isn't the red line train stopping anywhere, boarded at braintree, confused passengers and mbta actually responding to the person at the time. hello, our apologies for the confusion. red line supervisors
9:45 am
so again, a lot of passengers very confused while this is happening, want to show what was going on and mbta saying that nobody was injured in all of this fortunately but probably very serious situation for some people on board. investigation ongoing right now, but you could see it appears to be business as usual at least here at jfk. we also went to the north quincy stop within the past hour. business as usual there right now as well. so now we wait to find out what sort of information will emerge about exactly what happened. for now live at jfk stop, catherine parrotta, back over to you guys. >> julie: catherine, just to be clear, these people boarded train as usual to go to work and school and it didn't stop and then they were online here and they said why are we missing stops. that's what you found scrolling through the tweets? >> catherine: that's what it appears people going to twitter
9:46 am
desk at fox25, tweeting with some of the passengers as well and then a lot of confusion at the time, but this happened pretty early in the morning. talking about a few hours ago, just after 6:00 but when you think about the hour of the morning, very busy time for commuters on the red line. that's sort of the prime hour when people would be going to work and school, and again, investigation underway how exactly this happened and keep an eye on how this happened. you can get the latest on and, of course, on news tonight at five and six. for now we are here at jfk stop. back over to you guys. >> daniel: you mentioned number of people on the train at the time. 6:00 in the morning bunch of people going to work and kids going to school that use the public transportation and any idea how many were on the train and number of stops it made before it eventually stopped? >> catherine: you know, daniel, that's some information
9:47 am
again, the mbta just releasing information about this incident just a short time ago. you know, you can only imagine that is the height of the rush hour commute. but even at that time it is impossible to know exact how many passengers were on board and only information we have is no passengers were injured in all of this and once the train was depowered, it sort of came to rest past the north quincy station according to the information by the mbta. at that point mbta personnel boarded red line train which they say was unmanned between braintree and north quincy stop, boarded train, brought it safely here to jfk and that's when the passengers were taken off. as part of the investigation some of the passengers were interviewed to see what kind of information they might be able to give to investigators in the course of all of this, but still this is very early on and we imagine more information will become available as we go through the day here. >> daniel: catherine parrotta reporting live for us this
9:48 am
>> julie: i want to pull up something i tweeted, very first alert and in traffic graphics, i think we can pull it up right now. said red line experiencing severe delays in both directions due to disabled train. they updated that at 6:25 this morning. i pulled a green grab and tweeted it and appears that train took off without any operator behind the controls. we will continue to keep a very close eye on situation and bring you any details. let's check now with meteorologist sarah wroblewski. sarah? >> sarah: finally starting to see improvements in the weather department and spot showers this morning, nantucket still seeing wet weather. heaviest offshore. otherwise we got a lot of clouds, breaks in the cloud cover anticipated through the afternoon hours. look at this temperatures 40s and 50s, average high this time of year usually 43. so when you get to temperatures like this, it is unseasonably warm. mid to upper 50s is where we
9:49 am
out of the south expecting to see partial clearing as we will see this disturbance continue to move out of here and expect to see good conditions. now, by this evening it will be dry for the commute overnight anticipating to see more clouds roll on in, perhaps fog too and may be risk of shower to disturbance offshore and the islands and other than that again we will see mix of sun and clouds friday with mild conditions, conditions similar today and not near many spots and the weekend stays with us and then going to watch this cold front. it could be the culprit of cooler air that invades northeastern areas of state in potential of record highs. to the south of that boundary it will be warm. we will really have to watch the boundary and could lift a little bit further north and if it does so we could be battling highs in new england. i don't think 68 will be achievable in boston but 63 could be possible if the front lifts to the north.
9:50 am
always in view, showing that temperature trend well above average to near 60 on sunday, cooler to the north, wet and windy weather arrives on monday into tuesday and that will be cooling us down as we head into early next week. sarah: we are giving a prize everyday until christmas and chrissy mcfarland is the
9:51 am
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>> daniel: we continue to follow breaking news on the red line this morning where the mbta confirms a train left braintree station without a conductor. the train made no stops and got just past north quincy station when the mbta depowered the line causing the train to stop. >> julie: we have talked to passengers who were on board the train this morning. they are shedding very interesting insight what happened. one tells us the lights went out during the potentially very dangerous situation and safety
9:54 am
have been tampered with. >> daniel: this is what we are hearing from passengers on the train, keep it here to fox25, we have several crews working the story right now for the latest updates online on air and we have crews working it every angle. >> julie: join us tonight on the fox25 morning news at 5:00
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