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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  December 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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just before 5:00 that ing bleeding badly from multiple stab wounds. mel dez will be arraigned on the murder. >> a man is hit. state police just told fox 25 that the victim was not in the crosswalk and the driver is being charged with motor vehicle violations. >> the the investigation will determine if the charges are upgraded based on the death. no word on the identity of the victims tonight. breaking international news. a police raid targets a new hampshire man. his arrest captured on video. good evening i'm vanessa welch. >> i'm ted daniel. the suspect's nickname is the beast he is wanted for child sex trafficking. cameras rolling in peru as police broke into a building and took 64-year-old joshua david brown into custody. for years police say brown has been selling children for sex and may have even killed two of his victims. you during the raid of eight homes 36 people were rescued
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brown claims he's innocent. >> i know exactly what's happening a person whom i trusted has been trying for weeks to get me in trouble but i have nothing to do with this. >> police say the new hampshire native has been living in south america for more than a decade. brown could also be facing charges in the u.s. as well. turning now to the forecast the holiday lights are out but we're talking about a winter warmup. december meets spring and storm tracker meteorologist rob eicher not out of the question we could see 60 degrees on saturday. >> i think we'll see at least a you few 60 degrees on the map. got up to 58 at least this afternoon in boston. in fact those numbers more typical of what we see in mid-on to late october than the middle part of december. currently sitting at 50 degrees in boston enough of a wind to prevent any fog there. temperature also dip back into the upper 40s in the boston area.
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in southern new hampshire winds have been a little bit lighter but not expecting it to be nearly as widespread as it was out there last night. generally upper 50s to low 60s. some slightly cooler weather invading at least parts of the area for sunday. we'll talk a little bit more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> a new hampshire new hampshire army ranger killed this week during a live fire exercise in georgia. fox 25's erica richie spoke to corporal andrew amesbury's father tonight who was very proud of the hero he had the privilege of calling a son. >> when i rang his door bell tonight charles amesbury told me he was reluctant to come to the door because when the door bell rang yesterday morning he got that tragic news about his son's death. but he did answer the door then hesitated when he saw the microphone and camera. yet he did sit down and talk with me about his son and he had only one good reason why.
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>> reporter: so as we sit at carl amesbury's dining room table in new hampshire he shares his son with me. corporal andrew amesbury. >> he was humble. he didn't draw attention to himself. he would probably hate this right now to be honest. >> reporter: but when you die a hero at 21 years old you deserve the limelight which is why mr. amesbury stepped out of it tonight asking we don't show his face so the focus can remain on his son an army ranger who died wednesday after being shot during a live fire exercise at fort stewart, georgia. >> he told me he wanted to be in the military from the time he was 10 years old. he wanted to challenge himself. he wanted to be the best. and the rangers are the elite in the army. >> it doesn't make sense. he wasn't in a war don he's with the elite in the army. >> but accidents happen. >> reporter: that's what the department of defense is calling the tragedy right you now though it's still
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even of the details missing mr. amesbury is able to take comfort in his son's mission. >> he had his own reasons for going into the military. andrew had a very strong sense of honor and purpose. god's mission. >> it's not our time. it's god's time. there's a purpose for think don't know what it is but there is. mr. amesbury told me tonight that his son's comrades called him the phoenix because he rose from the ashes on so many levels. he never graduated from dover high school here he dropped out at 16 years old and got his g.e.d. then proceeded to rise to the top of his ranger program one of only handful to graduate from that program. his family certainly proud and yet hurting tonight as they're now in the process of making funeral arrangements. in dover, new hampshire, erica richie, fox 25 news. now to this on your screen a rocket. someone dropped off at a firearms store on bridge street in pelham, new hampshire. police say the rocket is
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inches wide. the person told the clerk at the store that they found it in a home that they're renovating. the bomb squad declared the rocket safe and took it for further examination. fox 25 learning new information today about the runaway red line train out of braintree. >> today we learned that the the mbta command center the dispatchers watched the train during the entire nine minute incident and we also learned that operator about wrap a cable around the throttle but did not set the brake when he stepped off the train. finally we learn the control center told all the trains ahead of the runaway train not to make any stops. >> however, the fact that this train was not making any stop had the decision been made by the dispatcher obviously that window would have diminished. >> reporter: at the same time, dispatchers killed power to the third rail you ultimately halting the runaway train at the red line station. vasquez faces a disciplinary hearing on monday and could lose his job.
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into this mbta operator's driving history as well. records we pulled from the registry of motor vehicles show he was cited eight times for speeding between 1984 and 2000. questions has also been found at fault in two accidents. fox 25 also checked mbta payroll records. we found vasquez was paid just over $96,000 in 2014. we first showed you these photos yesterday and right now you can get a closer look at that red line train control. the photos are up on as the surviving victim of a triple shooting in revere recovers police say they have the man who pulled the trigger in custody. news of that arrest broke during the fox 25 news at 5:00 and 6:00. christine mccarthy joins us live now and christine, since then you have spoken with a friend of the victim's? >> reporter: i have. that friend is also a neighbor who lives on the top floor in revere and she tells know that she is
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hearing the screams for help from one of the victim's on building. but she also tells me that she's grateful that finally a suspect is behind bars tonight. >> you think you're okay in your own home and some crazy lunatic shoots people in the face. >> reporter: neighbor diane champny knew 66-year-old peter seen here in his facebook picture as pops. >> he was a really good guy. very good to people. too good to people that i think he let people into his the right people. >> reporter: champny who asked you us not to show her face, lives in this revere multifamily at 70 wait street where shots rang out in a first floor apartment thursday night. >> when we heard like a rumble and like someone saying help. we rushed downstairs. >> reporter: a woman in the area sent fox 25 this video of the aftermath. police say patari and 35-year-old mother of 33
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a family members told us johnson was going through a rough time but was getting her life back on track. she had recently lost her mother and brother. neighbors found johnson's boyfriend injured outside patari's apartment. >> he came downstairs he. bleeding on his back and everything. so we went upstairs we called the police. >> reporter: revere police arrested 37-year-old michael deleon of lynn and charged him with two counts of murder. police have not yet said what led up to the violence. deleon is being held without bail until monday's arraignment. >> i'm just glad they caught him because i was afraid to leave my house today. >> reporter: deleon was arrested in quincy and was quickly brought here to the revere police department. an officer tells me that he's still here at this moment and will stay here throughout the weekend until he is arraigned in monday. >> police are investigating what caused a car to crash
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friday morning killing the driver. you can see the damage to the home. they're now looking to see if weather may have played a role. >> i just turned and heard that you awful sound. i can't get it out of my head. >> police say the driver was a 39-year-old woman from wilmington but are not releasing her name until they notify her family. >> now to the war on terror. isis may not have to sneak in to america anymore. intelligence sources say the terror group is working hard on developing fake passports. >> reporter: the new u.s. intelligence report warns isis and syria may have the capability to create fake passports for travel overseas. they happened to have a
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processed passports they have blank passports. this is obviously another level of concern that we have to pay attention to. >> reporter: u.s. officials are also concerned isis may have access to biographical the data and fingerprints for syrian citizens that could be used for phony identification. >> the the intelligence communities is concerned that they have the ability, the capability to manufacturer fraudulent passports which is a concern in any setting. >> reporter: following the paris attacks, investigators found fraudulent syrian presidents on two of the terrorists. the u.s. government has since expanded its efforts to flag other countries suspected of having documents terrorists could exploit to travel. today state department spokesperson john herbie said the department has been made aware for some time about the terror group's capability. >> we are have been aware of reports not just in the process that they may have obtained this capability.
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that we take seriously. >> reporter: we're told these individuals cannot just travel to the united states using a passport. they would need a visa and in order on to get a visa they would need to be screened by the state department. two big time players return to the practice field for the patriots. their stat yous for sunday minutes from you now. -- their status for sunday minutes from you now. slightly cooler weather to at least parts of the area. i'll show where you coming up. but first as massachusetts governor charlie baker getting ready to bypass the federal
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executive order it's the end of an era on nantucket. island air shutting down for good. and jim morelli the company didn't give a lot of notice about their decision. >> no, they certainly did not. employees of highland airline showed you up for work today and they got the kind of shock you never want to get but especially not two weeks before christmas. the airline announced it was closing as of noon today. we spoke with a pilot for island air who says he wasn't even given formal notification he's out of a job. >> it's not a huge company but it will make a difference to a lot of people. >> reporter: it was an aeronautical lifeline between hyannis and nantucket for 24 years you but today tiny island air announced quite suddenlyits
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immediately. >> we would see anyone who specializing in the route. >> reporter: they spoke with fox 25 by phone. he says in recent weeks there were rumors of something amiss at the airline but nothing to indicate the drastic action taken today. an action that will mean joblessness just before christmas for pilots, co-pilots and ground and administrative personnel. >> you putting their heart and soul into working for this company. they have just been let down by powers outside their control. >> reporter: also in for a letdown says brand are the people who relied on island air not to only transport them but to transport their goods as well. >> the construction workers and the islanders who relied on you us for their transport. so there's a niche there that needs to be filled it just needs to be done right. >> reporter: brand says one thing that wasn't done right the announcement of island air's closing. >> so you received no official word that you shouldn't come to work on monday?
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just from i had a text from the chief pilot and that's about it. >> reporter: brand tell us us that island airlines pilots were you instructed today to fly the company's planes back to maine from where they were released. nan you tucket millennium on airport will feel the absence of island air operations in a recent one year period the airline made up about one-third of flights from that field. in the newsroom, jim morelli, fox 25 news. massachusetts can soon be following connecticut's lead in possibly you using an executive order to keep people on the the federal no fly list from being able to buy guns. governor charlie baker says he's looking it into but there are some roadblocks including the including the government's reluctance to save the lift he is working with the governors to get access to those lists. new at 11:00 on saturday gun buyback programs will be
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guns contact money squeezed in drust busts help pay for the gift cards here's a photo of a $5,000 check being presented to someone in worcester county. making your weekend plans really the same numbers we've had we're expecting really for our saturday afternoon. >> that starts to sink a little further south but
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cooler especially in southern hachz as we head into sunday afternoon. >> other story the fog really thick last night and early this morning boston got a nice little breeze going out of the southwest at 13 miles per hour just enough to prevent the temperatures from falling winds help to keep the air circulating and prevent you from you cooling off in the overnight you hours. we do have a front that will bring you us scattered clouds during the day tomorrow then eventually
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head into sunday. either way not a bad looking forecast. it could be a few light showers during the day. but by far the best chance of rain will come monday night into tuesday with a second frontal boundary. gusty at times. this is not necessarily a bad thing. future cast indicating about half inch to maybe three-quarters of an inch of rain overnight monday night into you tuesday morning. right on the heels of that there's another frontal groundry that could also
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into friday. so we are significantly dry for the year and we could use a good soaking rain. again we have a couple opportunities to get that rain in the seven-day forecast. there its with your weekend always in view. 60 partly sunny skies on saturday. more cloud cover maybe a you few sprinkles on sunday. much better chance for rain monday night into you tuesday and again it looks like a good soaking rain and another shot at some good soaking rain thursday into friday. you by the way, next weekend looks a lot cooler than this coming weekend. well, since the feels like spring out it's only fitting that red sox tickets they go on sale on saturday. >> starting at 10:00 a.m. you can purchase package deals and select early and late season games. however there will be no tickets available tomorrow for the boston's last scheduled home game in october since david ortiz is returning this year. that game will be going for top dollar. those tickets likely won't
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>> and welcome back live to t.d. gardens. coming up after the break we'll talk about the patriots as they prepare for the houston texans but who may be on the field down in houston plus, i have to talk about one of the best games we have seen in the nba this season. the warriors against the celtics. double overtime. the highlights are you used to sleep like a champ. then boom. what happened? stress, fun, bad habits, kids. now what? let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. enter the sleep number bed with sleepiq technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or down. you'll know cuz sleepiq tells you. give the gift of amazing sleep. find our best buy rated c2 queen mattress with sleepiq. only at a sleep number store.
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if you gave your primary care a check up, how would it do? let's look at lahey health doctors and nurses who know who you are and care how you feel... check right where you live... check many locations and convenient hours check looks like we're off to a very healthy start. what's next in primary care for who matters most: you. lahey health. lahey hospital and medical center beverly hospital addison gilbert hospital winchester hospital >> welcome back to t.d.
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i caught my breath tonight looking to improve to 24-0 on the season taking on the celtics and folks this is one of the better games that you will see here inside the garden. >> steph curry had a good game 103-101 the warriors are up but the celtics would really keep up in your game. it's tied at 103. >> curry up to but kelly comes off the benefit and plays very well he will who is a monitor -- monster tonight then crowder who
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then at the end of the game 124-119 folks a great, great game. >> nothing was pretty about this game whole time. we have some stuff we have to shore up. yesterday was pack on the practice field.
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the new york giants. pats fans back on the field against houston but they can settle for jules talking right now. i like to be back as soon as i can but doing it safely and smart and trying to improve. he is listed as questionable. that's all we have from t.d. gardens. obviously hot in the garden tonight. a little bit warm out there. >> have a good week you
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