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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  December 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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hands, but first, attorneys on both sides presented for that jury two very different views of phillip chism. >> phillip chism, a kind, smart, 14-year-old, committed these terrible acts when he was in the throes of a serious mental illness. >> that is how defense attorney denise regan in a slow, motherly ton began her final defense of 16-year-old phillip chism. regan wants the jury to find that phillip chism was presently ill the day colleen ritzer was murdered and was not thus not criminally responsible for what he did. >> when phillip chism followed ms. ritzer into that bathroom, he was not himself. >> but prosecutor kate mcdougal reminded the jury that experts found no evidence of mental illness in chism, and some found he was faking. mcdougal played for the jury the
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video showing chism following colleen ritzer into the bathroom where she was brutally murdered with a box cutter he brought to school. but mcdougal went even further, arguing, colleen ritzer could still have been alive when chism loaded her body into a recycling bin and resumed the attack in the woods, violating her body with a tree branch. >> there is overwhelming evidence in this case, i don't understand any reasonable doubt that phillip chism was not suffering from a mental disease or defect. >> the reporter: i want to show you now live image of the verdict slip that the jury is taking with it into deliberations. this is just for the first charge. first degree murder. you can see that the jury can find him not guilty, they can find him guilty of the offense charged, which is first degree murder, they can also down here find him guilty of second degree murder, if they don't want to go murder one, but down here, check this out, they can find him not guilty by reason of lack of
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that is the insaint defense. so -- insanity defense. so the jury has a lot to consider here. this is just for that murder one charge, he's also facing two aggravated rape charges and an armed robbery charge. the jury reached no verdict today, it will be back to work at 9:00 a.m. in the morning. i will be here at the courthouse, and if there is a verdict, we're going to bring that to you live. for now, live in salem, bob ward, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: s and also whether the just reach a verdict, we will send an alert on our app. as bob mentioned, we'll bring you live coverage from court right here on fox 25. >> tracking rain, wet weather will be moving into our area in a few hours. let's check in with fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, for more on whether the wet stuff arrives. >> kevin: it's right on the edge of your screen right here, but it is on the way, certainly, it is plenty more off to the west and south from there, so far, just been clouds. you might have add a sprinkle or two around the area and say that's the worst of it, but certainly mild again. temperatures will stay mild all through the evening. i expect them to rise a bit ahead of this. that's the front headed our way.
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rain embedded within the line of showers coming toward us. put this in motion, hour-by-hour timeline. after 7:00 p.m., we'll start to see rain getting into western massachusetts. certainly by 8:00 p.m. and heavy and to the boston area during the 9:00 p.m. hour and pretty much everybody getting rain during the 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. newscast tonight. we'll be tracking where the heaviest hours are doing the newscast and this will continue all night and into the morning and first thing in the morning, shiri spear will be tracking the last of the showers moving on through for your morning commute. i do see sun coming back and mild temperatures continuing but even a big chill for the weekend and snowflakes. >> ted: finally snow. that rain will continue through the night, so be sure to wake up with fox 25 morning news, shiri will have your updated forecast. we get started at 4:00 a.m. >> vanessa: disciplinary hearings are underway for an mbta worker who may lose his job over that runway redline train. as we fiers reported last week.
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say the operator of that train made a series of mistakes that allowed the train to cruise nearly five miles unmanned. fox 25's kerry kavanaugh is live in boston now with what she has learned about the operator's employment history with the mbta. kerry? >> as reported last week, david vasquez is a 28 year veteran of the mbta, but today we confirmed that those were not 28 con second testify years. we're learning this as he faces disciplinary action for this runs batted away redline train that sailed five miles just shy of the j.f.k. station. massachusetts transportation officials called today a fact finding day. they're working to determine exactly what mistakes led to the run away redline train. >> all the different offices that have done investigations into the various facets of the incidents, we'll report them all through our labor relations office and a recommendation will be made. >> the reporter: a recommendation on the operator of the train's future with the mbta.
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week, sources identify that operator as david vasquez, a 20 pate year veteran of the mbta. fox 25 confirmed that employment wasn't continuous. vasquez worked for the manhattan from 1987 to 1991, then again, from 1994 to presents, leaving a three year gap. >> i think he left and came back. i'm not sure of the circumstances of those actions. >> the reporter: we asked massdot general manager if vasquez had ever been terminated or faced any past disciplinary issues but the mbta said in a statement, personnel records are laws. meanwhile, outside the mbta's operations center on hyde street ago, an mbta employee who wouldn't identify himself told fox 25 while the disciplinary proceedings are underway, david vasquez did not attend the hearing scheduled for today. fox 25 first reported one of the alleged breach safety procedures that set the unmanned train in motion, a passenger gave thus photo of the train's cab and
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around the throttle which controls the train's movements. sources close to the investigation said vasquez also failed to engage the train's brake, before he stepped off that train. that mbta employee tells fox 25 that the disciplinary hearings will continue. now we have made several attempts to speak with mr. vasquez, we went to his home, called but have not gotten response. live in dorchester, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: the t workers responsible for stopping that redline train honored for the quick action at the state house. governor baker joining mbta leaders to commend mark mcneal and aims live saunders, both center. other for instance safely out of the wave and cutting power to finally halt the run away train and whether the workers were honored, we carried it live for you on the fox 25 app. to check out live events throughout the day and for all of your breaking news, traffic and weather, download the fox 25
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tablet. free-for-all devices. >> >> tonight, quincy police are asking for your help in finding the driver involved if a deadly hit-and-run. a 78-year-old woman passed away from her injuries. stephanie quinu joins us live in the control room and stephanie, police told but a major their investigation. >> the reporter: the problem, is the city doesn't have any surveillance cameras where that hit-and-run actually happened. quincy police did tell us they have cameras across the city, just not at that intersection. and now they're asking anyone with information to give them a >> i don't understand why someone would leave a human being laying in the middle of the room. if this 78-year-old woman died after being hit by a car. she was crossing the street just before 4:45 p.m. tethering of the bergen parkway and dimmic street. >> the victim watts wearing puffy winter clothing, so we believe there would be minimal damage to the car, possibly denting or scratching. >> the reporter: police are looking for a blacks boxy
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they say what makes this even more tragic is the driver actually got out of the car to see what happened and drove off. >> this one ratchets it up just a little bit more because of the indifference of the driver. >> witnesses describe the driver as a man, about 50 years old, pants. did he district attorney michael morrissey told us the city doesn't have traffic cameras that could help show where that car went and surveillance cameras from businesses in that area haven't helped. >> so far, we've come up with nothing. >> police are asking anyone with information or surveillance video from that area to contact them. >> i would like to bring it to a closure, and for the family involved. >> the reporter: and again, there were people who actually saw the hit-and-run happen, but police say they were so focused on helping the victim, they weren't able to take down a license plate number. we've put the description of the driver and the car on our web site at stephanie quinu, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: two boston firefighters taken to the hospital today after being hurt
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new at east of fresno at 5:00 p.m., flames broke out at this home early this morning. everyone inside was able to make it out safely. firefighters' injuries are not considered serious. the investigation into what sparked the flames is ongoing. >> ted: state police are investigate egg the crash and the cause of the serious crash that shut down 93 south in methuen. the road had to be closed for 30 minutes, so rescue crews could pull a woman from the wreckage. she was alert whether they took her to lawrence general hospital. no word on her condition tonight. >> vanessa: the new england patriots getting back to their winning ways with a big win sunday night over the houston texans. >> ted: the pats dealing with more injuries, if can you believe it. fox 25 sports director tom leyden joining us and it seems every week, we are talking about key players being sidelined. >> injuries at the forefront. mccourty has an ankle sprain and shouldn't miss any extended time. but as for blount who left early with a hip injury, it is too
5:10 pm
belichick said. the pats ever back on track and back atop the avacin, once -- the afc, once again a top seed. rob gronkowski's return sparked the patriots offense and new england is back in the post-season once again, in many way, a foregone conclusion, but worth celebrating whenever it happens. >> it was just satisfying to come out here and get that win. that's all matters with this team. we wanted to get back out, get on the winning track and we did that. >> we fought out, defense played incredible. offense did enough. we took advantages of some scoring opportunities and didn't make really any big mistakes, so that was pretty important. >> the reporter: so the titans come to town next, tennessee lots to the jets yesterday. they are really struggling, but you can be sure that bill belichick will find something to compliment as next sunday's game approaches. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> the reporter: he was the first member of the military for massachusetts to die in the war
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want that sacrifice forgotten. why they say they need your help to memorialize him. new england. the rest of us mild again. that means when this gets here t will be heavy rain. we'll take you hour-by-hour and through the morning drive. >> vanessa: the commander-in-chief. >> more people are seeing isil they are. we are taking out isil leaders, commanders and killers, one by one. >> vanessa: the strategy to take down the terrorist group next on
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>> vanessa: a solemn day of remembrance in newtown, connecticut as three years passed since the sandy hook elementary hook school shooting. flags flew at half-staff in honor of the 21st first graders and six educator killed on that day. a new sandy hook school is set to open next fall at the site where the previous school was demolished after the shooting. and people here in boston paying tribute to the sandy hook victims by unveiling a new gun control billboard right across from the heinz convention center. for years, its massive billboard overlooks the mass pike by fenway park. counting the number of people killed by guns since the sandy hook tragedy. it was take be down from that location after the garage was sold. >> president barack obama says the battle against isis is moving forward with a great
5:15 pm
the commander-in-chief visited the pentagon to get an update on anti-terrorism efforts in syria and iraq. melissa rainy has the details of today's meeting. >> the reporter: isil leaders cannot hide and our next message to them is simple, you are next. >> the reporter: with his entire team in tow, president obama met with the military's top brass in the efforts to crush isis. he admitted isis needs to be happening faster. >> this continues to be a difficult fight. as i said before, eye still is dug in, including in urban areas, and they hide behind civilians using defenseless men, women and children as human shields. so even as we're relentless, we have to be smart. targeting isil surgically with precision. >> the reporter: while he did not announce major strategy changes, he did announce that he's sending ash carter to the middle east to secure more military contributions from u.s. partners. >> our partners on the ground face a very tight fight ahead and we're going to continue to
5:16 pm
they need to ultimately clear isil from iraq. >> his last visit to the pentagon was in july but since then the situation has changed. there have been isis-linked attacks in san bernardino, california and paris. the president did not announce any major changes. critics say the president's strategy is not working and he doesn't understand the severity of the risk. one analyst says clearing isis will not happen overnight. >> that progress is coming pretty slowly, and this strategy is going to take years and years to rout out the islamic state. >> melissa rainy reporting mark mark the white house announced today that the president will go to the national counterterrorism center to review efforts across the government to prevent attacks on the homeland. >> vanessa: social media sites are a recruitment tool for terrorists. tomorrow, the u.s. house of representatives is likely to approve a plan to require new steps to knock terrorists off line.
5:17 pm
obama to order an evaluation of how social media is used to radicalize people. the president would have six months to give congress a strategy for countsering terrorist use of social media. >> terrorists november the benefits of social media. social media is easy to use, it's free and it reaches every one in the world. >> vanessa: supporters of the bill requiring the social media terrorism report expect senate approval early next year. >> mark: university of new hampshire students are coming up with a plan to resist radicalism, including teaching curriculum and public pledge to battle extremism. u.n.h. is competing against 25 other schools to present their plan to state department officials in washington, d.c. >> kevin: another decidedly undecember-like mild day out there. a lot of clouds, missing hundreds of thousands much in the way of rainshowers just yet, but they're showing up right back here in new york. oswego, syracuse, southward to bingham tom, into wilkesbury,
5:18 pm
moving eastward at us. this is a front that extends from canada, all the way through that area and southward just west of washington, d.c. shapes on them. it's an occluded front. temperatures behind it will not be dropping allsvj!5 that much the next couple of days. this is like the rain hour-by-hour. western massachusetts during the 8:00 a.m. hour and approaching worcester county, through the 9:00 a.m. hour up to boston, faster than what we were looking at earlier, so this tends to update, depending on the speed of which the showers are moving along the front to our west. these showers will continue overnight and through the early morning hours, so when i'm talking to you at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., we'll be tracking heavy showers in the area. downpours really and i'll show you exactly which towns are getting hit the hardest be aware it's going to be out there. going to the bruins game this evening, be aware you'll get wet on the way out of the game, although not so much on the way in. with the showers, temperatures actually rise during the nighttime hours. notice how heavy it will get for a time on cape cod. morning commute, shiri will be
5:19 pm
showers coming on through, but generally a drying trend through the morning and into the middle of the day tomorrow with sunshine. now, visibility is down into spots. look at this, lawrence at a quarter mile. providence, a quarter mile. bottom line, driving along, can you hit areas where the fog is very deep. that's why all of the areas in the darker gray are in a dense fog advisory, at least until 7:00 p.m. this evening. that could be extended longer, depending on how long the fog holds on this evening. i'm keep you updated on that. if it gets extended, i'll tell you about it. 49 in boston. high temperature. some clouds out there for sure and look at this, zipping up to 60 by 5:00 a.m. that's some warm air coming surging in ahead of that front. worcester, 47. same idea, a lot of clouds and fog and that that going up into the upper 50's, keene new hampshire, where it's 48 degrees right now. under cloudy skies, still no rain, but your temperature rising in to the 50's tonight as well, so it will be a rising trend tonight. something you don't see a lot at night, but it can happen especially with a front heading our way. sunshine by mid to late morning
5:20 pm
a couple showers farther north you go in new england. most of us seeing plenty of sunshine through the day tomorrow. as far as your high temperatures, tomorrow, take it to the south and west of boston, brockton, 58. walpole, 58 and sciate, 59. plymouth, 58 degrees. up to the north shore, temperatures generally going to be in the 50's as well, from ipswich to salisbury to happen ton. the high temperatures likely to happen in the first part of the dave and drop a bit in the afternoon, despite the sunshine. this takes you through wednesday, with all kinds of sunshine, one more time and you'll see in the seven day forecast, we are staying mild much of the week. wednesday cooler behind the front but still above average for this time of year. the big cooldown doesn't come until the weekend. your weekend is always in view and this time, you want to pay close attention to it. on saturday, your high temperature won't make it out of the 30's hand that cold air will come with wind and snow flurries. flakes will be flying to start your upcoming weekends. take a close look at the winds for tomorrow.
5:21 pm
-- advisory already in place. >> vanessa: avilla del is saying hello to boston. the -- adele is saying hello to boston. she tweeted out a link to her tour schedule and be in boston september 14th and 15th. tickets go on sale this thursday. plenty of time to get your hands on some of the tickets before the holidays. >> all new in the next half-hour, doctors say could increase a pregnant woman's chance of having a baby with autism. >> vanessa: also new tonight, a danger on the road. how your family could be driving a recalled car and you might not even know it. >> but first, learning valuable lessons off the ice. how a local youth hockey team is
5:22 pm
to give back this holiday >> mark: it's the season of giving and it's also the season of learning especially for one youth hockey team in our area. >> vanessa: sports director tom leyden is back with the first of what the hockey equipment company ccm is hoping will be many special holiday stories. >> the reporter: in the age of social media and social awareness, ccm is taking a big step, an international challenge in fact that starts right here in massachusetts, with a team that practices in stoughton every week. eye ironic this team's name, given the mission they've chosen to accept. 11 and 12-year-olds from attleboro are southborough, are
5:23 pm
energetic, eager, impulsive, and in this case, generous. >> two kids your age, who don't have anything, we're going to be able to bring something to them and make it a little special for their christmas. >> devils may not be appropriate this week. angels may better fit the bill. less than 48 hours after their practice in stoughton, the devil ares in attleboro, giving back and making someone else's wishes come true. >> he's a laker fans, he looks fan. >> we want players and young teams to be actively involved in the communities, whether it's giving back donations of time to soup kitchens or animal shelters to kids. >> even the kids who don't have deserve to have a special feeling on christmas. >> at the end of the program, ccm will randomly select three teams and those teams will be rewarded for their positive
5:24 pm
being rewarded with sticks for all teams, or teams of their choosing. >> merry christmas. >> the reporter: tip the cap to the devils, the challenge begins today and runs through new year's eve. tell your story on line and bring joy to families in need during this holiday season. it might earn your team free hockey sticks. >> mark: that is terrific. >> vanessa: what a neat thing they're doing. one fallen soldier's heartbroken mother working to keep her son's memory alive. >> how one local town is working to honor their hometown hero. >> vanessa: also ahead, a local mom under arrest after police say she drove drunk with her son in the car. what else police say they found near that child that has her facing felony charges tonight. >> we've learned it was an elderly brother and sister, who were killed last night in a fire in their home here in worcester. coming up, what else we've learned about them as the investigation continues. >> kevin: we talked moments ago about the dense fog advisory.
5:25 pm
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>> mark: take a live look at the zakim bridge near the buries garden where the bruins fans will start arriving for tonight's game against the oilers. we have traffic moving along there despite the weather and if you're going to the game or going out anywhere tonight, bring the umbrella, this is why, wet weather is moving into our area this evening, so let's check in with fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. more on when the rain arrives. >> kevin: the clouds are out there right now and i should have put a better radar picture up here for you to see where the rain was. cold air in new england, if you're in the mood for snow, you have to go all the way to presque isle and the canadian border. the rain extends from oswego if upstate new york to utica, middletown and then southward to philadelphia. on the back side, embedded within the rain shield is a
5:28 pm
they're read, pennsylvania, getting heavy rang and binghamton new york and syracuse area, all pushing eastward toward us, so we're going to see this front push in to new england tonight and it's going to bring mild air out ahead of it. don't think the snow is coming our way backwards, it's going to be rain from here on out. rain getting into western new england, this takes you to 8:00 p.m. tonight and it's back here through the berkshires, litchfield, hilton, connecticut, bleeding over into worcester. stop this at 9:15 p.m. southwest new hampshire and into worcester county. some of it getting into the metro west area and boston during the 10:00 p.m. hour. we'll be tracking some of these later and some of it will be heavy, where the heaviest is coming on through, but this is taking you overnight, heavy rain through the morning commute, at least the first part of the morning commute and shiri will be here first thing to track these as they come to an end during that morning drive. there's actually very cold air in the seven-day forecast. i'll show you when to expect that. bill change. >> vanessa: portsmouth, new hampshire police want to know if
5:29 pm
all new at 5:00 p.m., they are sharing these surveillance photos with us. this woman may have shoplifted at a portsmouth boutique the weekends after thanksgiving. if you recognize her, give portsmouth police a call. >> mark: suspected heroin dealer is off the streets after a lengthy investigation. pepperell police arrested 27-year-old ryan kerst. in his home, officers found $2,000 overhear win, $1,000 in cash and a loaded gun. also found. >> vanessa: a new hampshire man accused of trying to burn hesperia mother's house down, telling a judge he's been suicide calle. justin cain dumped gasoline on the back porch of his mom's salem home after an argument. prosecutors argued for high bail, saying cain is on probation already and that the marine veteran is suffering from ptsd and poses a danger to the communities. a judge set his bail at $50,000. fire investigators are still
5:30 pm
fast moving fire that cause damage to an apartment complex in southbridge. the flames had residents running for their lives on sunday. the complex was hit by the springfield tornadoes in 2011. people who live there tell us it was rebuilt to stronger codes, which may have saved lives. >> mark: five car crash in new hampshire, landing a massachusetts woman under arrest for drunk driving. the crash happened last night on the everett turnpike in nashua. police say four cars and a tractor-trailer were involved and the vehicles were strewn across the highway.)@::f? 26-year-old amanda lutz of lawrence, massachusetts, was arrested and charged with drunk driving. she is due in court next month. chelsea police are investigating a crash that snapped a utility pole in happen. chelsea fear department tweeting that a tractor-trailer hit the pole at broadway and williams street around 10:00 p.m. sunday night. so far, police have not said what happened to the driver of the truck. >> vanessa: tonight a man is out on bail, accused of trying to break into a home in beverly farms before 3:00 a.m. this morning.
5:31 pm
>> yes, we hear someone in our house. my husband has walked around the house. hurry, please. >> vanessa: police say 21-year-old michael bonnugli was found in the bushes next to a home this morning. he tried to brick into the home while a party was going on. he now faces a carriage of unarmed burglary. tonight, we are learning more about the elderly man and woman killed in a fire in their home last night in worcester. they were a brother and sister. >> mark: those who knew them say they were loyal to one another until the very ends. heather hegedus has been speaking with neighbors and joins us live from worcester with more. heather? >> the reporter: just within the last 15 minutes, we saw contractors leave, they had spent much of the afternoon securing the home, but we can tell you tonight that this brother and sister had lived together in this home for 40 years, they took care of each other, they never had any children. and really didn't have many living relatives, so that's why
5:32 pm
their best to honor the pair. with tears in her eyes, aim in my opinion came to leave flowers at this home was last night, a brother and sister were killed. >> it's just really sad, you know, this time of year. >> the reporter: 85-year-old parry grace and her brother, 71-year-old nicholas, died after the fire broke out in the living room on the first floor of their home. another neighbor tells us the elderly pair had lived here for years, originally with their late parents. >> they were the last two that were left out of the family, but they were very nice people. >> the reporter: the fire broke out before 8:00 p.m. last night at the home on burncoat street is in worcester's greendale neighborhood. when firefighters arrived, the home was filled with smoke and mary and nicholas were firefighters say they tried their best to save them. paramedics performed cpr in the ambulance, but the pair were pronounced dead in the hospital. neighbors say the brother rand sister had health problems. but stayed by one another. it would appear, until the very end.
5:33 pm
walking. >> she said with him. and it's just real sad. >> tonight, the cause of the fire remains under investigation, but the fire department does not think suspicious. the damage to the home is estimated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars. now, coming up on the fox 25 at 6:30 p.m. the one thing the brother likes to do that investigators have not ruled out at than cause. heather hegedus, fox 25 news. >> the reporter: should the public have been given better information earlier about the run away train, the surprising information we've learned and what state leaders are saying about it. >> mark: why one watchdog group says the biggest used car dealership in the country is putting your life at risk. >> vanessa: first, a local university taking away bill cosby's honorary degree.
5:34 pm
you're watching the >> mark: drones are likely to be found under a lot of trees come christmas this time of year. >> vanessa: before you start flying yours, there are some new rules you need to be aware of. owners of drones will need to register their devices on line at an f.a.a. web site that will go live next week. after registering, owners will get a certificate, the registry will cost $5 per three years. but that money will be reimbursed if people sign up during the first months. >> we're encourage being
5:35 pm
be good citizens. this is about doing the right thing and being responsible. >> vanessa: drone owners will need to sign up by mid february. those who do not register within a reasonable amount of time could face a fine or prison time. >> now to the latest in the presidential race. new polls showing donald trump with a monster lead over his republican opponents. according to the new poll from man mouth university, trump has 41% support. his closest competition is ted cruz, coming in with just 14%. marco rubio came in third with 10% and ben carson took fourth with 9%. a casket on wheels. what prosecutors call the police car that took freddie gray. officer william porter did not properly secure gray in the back of of the van prosecutors argue and ignored his pleas for help. gray suffered a fatal neck injury. boston university taking action
5:36 pm
against bill cosby. bu trustees voting to revoke crosby's degree, saying the harm he brought to women was inconsistent with the school's values. cosby denied the allegations and has not been charged with a crime. ed to major league baseball. rose was banned from baseball for life in 1989 when it was discovered he bet on baseball while managing the cincinnati reds. rose pet with man ford to plead his case. this is the third time rose's appeal has been denied. >> vanessa: what would increase a baby's refreshing for autism. >> i'm tracking the heavy rain expanding within the line coming at us. hour-by-hour, we'll track it through new england and through the morning drive. >> mark: honoring a hometown hero.
5:37 pm
honor the life of a local and
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>> mark: a giant step forward honoring the service of a young serviceman killed in iraq. >> vanessa: more needs to be done before this tribute becomes a reality. fox 25's elizabeth hopkins sat down with the army specialist's mother who says the pain is still as fresh today as it was a dozen years ago. >> my moment now, sue expects her son matt to walk through the door. >> i expect even now, 12 years later, to hear his truck come down the street, because you could always hear it. >> but matt, army specialist matthew boulet is not coming home. >> tell me about the day you found out. knew? >> well, that's interesting. tell me about the day you knew. >> i went to work, i come home and as i'm backing the bus up into the yard, i turn to look
5:40 pm
light was out. the candle in my sewing room, i knew right there and there it was matt. >> in 2003, matt was the first member of the new england military to die in iraq when his helicopter crashed there. he was 22. >> he did something for his country. >> sue is as proud and heartbroken today as she was then. in the years since, she's been dedicated to preserving his memory and recently had a break through in that effort. >> absolutely unanimous about naming a parcel of lands as a matthew boulet memorial park. >> it is important that we memorialize him on a main road in our community so people never ever forget this young man. >> the park will transform this waterfront plot into a space with a dock, areas of quiet reflection, benches and landscaping. she set up a go fund me account. sue believes supporters will
5:41 pm
>> he gave his life for you, for me and everybody in this country, and my feeling is, that we should kill him, that he meant something. >> the reporter: elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. >> vanessa: a holiday light display is shining bright tonight, thanks to the kindness of a stranger. >> mark: for 25 years, the family has lit up their home in lester and this weekend, more than 3500 people stopped by causing a traffic advantage. the family had to shut off the lights because they couldn't get a police detail to direct the traffic but soon after, found out someone had made for one, so tonight, the lights are back on for everyone to enjoy. >> vanessa: they are beautiful. the holiday season bringing out a wave of generous donors across the area. according to the salvation army tonight. they tell us they've been finding more valuables in their red kettles in recent days. from engagement rings in boston and framingham to a vintage watch and emerald jewelry in swampscott, to valuable silver dollars in woburn, salem and lowell.
5:42 pm
this time last year. the charity is hoping to raise $3.4 million. >> kevin: just clouds for now and it is mild out there. temperatures are generally in the 40's, which feels kind of cool, i realize, but it's actually at or about average for this time of night, this time of year. here comes the rain at us, stretching from upstate new york. i tracked it from oswego, southward to philadelphia moving off toward the northeast at 50 miles per hour, so it's jogging off there very quickly. all bane before 7:00 p.m. and then into western mass, the berkshires, southern vermont after 7:00 p.m. this evening. and then, also, there's rutlands at 7:51 p.m. into hartford by hate by 8:00 p.m. springfield and wells field will get that. fitchburg, by 9:00 p.m. you can assume that worcester won't be too far behind. the northern fringes of this are going ahead of the southern part
5:43 pm
fitchburg may have to wait longer. 9:00 p.m., manchester, new hampshire, same for you. boston and the south shore. because the rain extends all the way down into the d.c. area and member marva. everybody will get some rain. this snow in northern maine will push on out of here as the mild air arrives. we saw the timeline there, futurecast, look at it, western massachusetts, again, 7 '30s p.m., so just after 7:00 p.m. worcester county, fitchburg area after 8:30 p.m. worcester between 8:30 p.m., 9:00 p.m. during the 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. hour, boston getting into this. so 10:00 p.m., tracking this closely, where the heaviest showers will be. remember this if you're watching tonight at 10:00 p.m. heaviest in southern new hampshire and southeastern new hampshire and landlords the some shore with a couple of spots in and around boston. we'll see how well we do with that later on tonight. more heavy downpours through the 11:00 p.m. hour. overnight, there seems to be a break that comes on through, but a few more showers to the west have yet to arrive, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., and
5:44 pm
spear will be tracking those for commute. out. afternoon. we talked a little while ago about the dense fog advisory being expanded. it had gone until 7:00 p.m., now midnight and that's the latest word from the national weather service because you run into places like lawrence and worcester, had a tweeter tell me it's a very dense fog, also in lawrence. stands to reason, quarter mile portsmouth and lawrence. boston, a half mile, you're going to drive along and suddenly hit the banks of fog, it will slow you down quickly. keep the low beams on going through those and be aware that they're out there. no rain yet but it's on the way. after 9:00 p.m. tonight especially on the north shore and through your morning drive. notice the temperature trending upward with that southerly wind kicking in. boston, same idea, going to 60 by 5:00 a.m. in the morning. high temperature will be realized during the morning and level out and start to drop a bit in the afternoon as the cooler air arrives. same thing in worcester, up through the 50's tonight but you
5:45 pm
is here. the dense fog advisory really if place for most locations. worcester, you certainly have that out there of all the places we went through. tomorrow. you get the showers on out of here after the morning commute. sunshine for your lunch hour. a few showers in northern new england, if that's where you're going to be tomorrow, be aware of that. otherwise a mixture of sun and looking day. as far as high temperatures, let's start here to the chelmsford, 54. dedham, 57, to the west of boston and out to the west, worcester, fitchburg, 50. 40's back in here where the cooler air will be arriving quickly tomorrow for your high temperatures. seven-day forecast. your weekend is always in view and it's a chilly one. 38 degrees on saturday for a high temperature. winds really kicking in here tomorrow night. i want you to be aware of this. during of at noon tomorrow, from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., there is a wind advisory for wind gusts as high as 50 miles per hour, possible, something we'll be tracking closely. >> mark: soon you might have to be at least 21 to buy a pack of cigarettes in boston.
5:46 pm
thursday on mayor marty walk's proposal to up the legal age for buying tobacco products. right now that age is 18. if approved, the law would take effect in 2016. maybe walsh hopes it will discourage team from making up smoking,. >> vanessa: a life saving device test owned the battlefield can be used by doctors an paramedics across the country the food and drug administration approved the use of an injectable sponge. we told but this last week. the device expands in a wound to stop the bleeding, used in areas where a tourniquet cannot reach and until now, it's only been approved for military use. a scare in california, after hundreds of newborns and their mothers may have been exposed to tuberculosis. the woman responsible for the exposure is a nurse in the hospital's maternity ward. her t.b. may have been active for more than a months before it was detected. just over 1,000 people, including 350 infants are being tested for the infection. taking anti-depressants during pregnancy now linked to an increased risk of autism,
5:47 pm
the researchers found women who took anti-depressants in the last six months of pregnancy were 87% more likely to have a child later diagnosed with autism. doctors saw no increased risk with apartments depressant use in the -- anti-depressant use in the first trimester. the study was published on line in the journal of pediatrics. >> first a child left alone on a school bus and the drive is only speaking to wmur news 9. what wmur news -- to fox, what we're learning about the communication gap between the mbta and the public during and after the runaway train scare. a woman held for years in the stabbing death of her husband could go free tomorrow. the warning the victim's family has. >> vanessa: new at 5:00 p.m., the big-time car dealership selling recalled vehicles,
5:48 pm
there's a better way to specialized surgery that's right for you: lahey hospital and medical center. cardiac teams pioneering
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and neurosurgeons at the forefront of spinal surgery... right here. america's largest live-donor liver transplant program... right now. and quality outcomes among the nation's best... the right outcomes... for who matters most. lahey hospital and medical center
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biggest. >> >> mass perg says on a recent visit to the car max lot in north attleboro, they found 17% of vehicles had open railroads the founder of the safety institute was able to buy the 2012 jeep from the north
5:51 pm
it has three recalls on t. he said the car max associate told him about the problems when he asked, but he thinks car max should fix the recalls before any vehicle is sold. >> these are not insignificant problems. these are real problems that have to be recalled under federal law. >> mark: car max told us, it provides vehicle specific information about open recalls to every retail customer prior to purchasing a used vehicle. on its web site and by its associates and it add added that mr. cain new about the recalls prior to sale and purchased the vehicle nonetheless. despite having the opportunities to walk pay way or return thelj@q vehicle. it's not illegal to sell repaired used cars but a bill in congress could change that and it's important to note only a manufacturer authorized facility can fix recalls. not i understandent used auto dealers like car max. >> vanessa: a massachusetts company is trying to change the controversial fur industry. petite mort fur is selling wrapped leg warmers, hats an
5:52 pm
the owner says it's an alternative to trapping wild animals or raising animals just for their fur. pulled the string animal rights groups are against the idea, saying it still perpetuates the fur industry. >> mark: university of maine looking to attract out-of-state students by slashing tuition. students in massachusetts could attend u-maine for the same tuition that they would pay to go to umass amherst. the children in worcester, by the way, will soon be rabelo to get a jump start on their college funds, starting next year, kindergarteners in worcester's public schools will be given $50 to start a college savings account. it's parts of a new program called, seed ma. state treasurer deb goldberg is hoping to make the program available for the whole state in the future. >> vanessa: gas prices continue the steady decline. reaching the lowest levels in six years. in massachusetts right now, drivers are paying $2.04 a gallon, two cents lower than last week.
5:53 pm
spring of 2009. and many stations around the state are selling for less than $2 a gallon. and in new hampshire, prices are also on the decline. a three cent drop in the last week to $2.03 a gallon. gas prices in the granite state are now 63 cents lower than this time last year. >> the sign on nasa's on-line front door reads, help wanted. nasa is now officially accepting applications for astronauts to blaze the trail to mars. part of the nasa ad on its web site reads, needs more office space, how about outer space. sounds pretty good to me. applications are being accepted through february 18th. amazon is taking action after a series of hover board fires. the on-line re tail giant is questioning makers about the board's safety standards and may even remove some of them from its site. there have been at least ten reports of hover board fires in nine states in resents weeks, including this one here if a mall, consumer product safety commission has launched an investigation into the fires.
5:54 pm
not appear on its $10 bill this year. the treasury department says it received more public feedback about the proposed redesign than expected. the secretary had originally planned to make the change by the end of the year, but because of all the input, it's being pushed off until some time in 2016. among the popular contenders are harriet truman, eleanor roosevelt, rosa parks and helen keller. >> mark: now at 6:00 p.m., he was solved to be at the controls of a runaway train. what we're learning about a redline operator's past with the t. >> vanessa: why it took so long for the public to learn about the close call on the redline. >> kevin: i have the latest timeline on this rain coming through the area. i'll follow it hour-by-hour through the morning drive. >> mark: mind games. the question a jury is asked to answer before deciding the fate of a new england teenager.
5:55 pm
we have new information about the 28 year mbta veteran responsible for a run away train on the redline. we are also learning more tonight about communication issues between the mbta and the public during and after that dangerous ride. >> mark: fox 25 is bringing you live team coverage at 6:00 p.m. our sharman sachetti asked the massdot secretary about the delays in getting information out, but we have begin with kerry kavanaugh with the latest on potential discipline for the mbta operator. she's live with that process stands. >> the reporter: outside operations headquarters today in boston, an mbta employee told us that this disciplinary process is underway, but that it continues. person also told us though that was not presents at the operation center today. >> massachusetts transportation officials called today a fact finding day. they're working to determine exactly what mistakes led to the run away redline train.
5:56 pm
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