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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 15, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> sara: deliberations and why legal experts say it is not going to be a quick verdict. >> julie: this morning the driver talking only to fox25 about why he missed boy on bus. >> gene: new this morning serrifying site that caused plane to make emergency landing, and what passengers reported right outside their windows. coverage starts right now. this is fox25 morning news. >> sara:. >> julie: good tuesday morning, everyone, i'm. >> gene: >> gene: sun now out and grateful for that and rain is gone, grateful for that too. fox25 storm tracker had 60 when we all came in at 3:00 this morning.
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>> shiri: don't want to short a degree. don't want to short a degree. it was a rare tweet. right now what i have whole system really starting to pull away which means mostly cloudy conditions, plymouth, boston looking at partly cloudy skies, same in bedford and lawrence, look at these temps near 50 , 51 in worcester, sunshine and fitchburg right now and as we head toward noon brightens up for everybody, we got mid to upper 50s during the afternoon hours and 54 to 58 going to be pretty common as it turns partly sunny with gusts as high as 50 miles per hour. i'm going to map out the wind coming up in a couple minutes check on the road. >> julie: let's start south of town right now, accident 128 northbound, it is right at the head of 95 in canton area as you could see backups into the walpole area and going to slow you down. i had leave a little early if you can. pike moving along eastbound as you could see orange traffic
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then 93 south sluggish through medford into somerville as you make your way down 93 which we with. here are drive times south of boston, avert your eyes. actually i will tell but. 95, up to almost an hour right now to 495 to 128 because of the accident i mentioned. >> gene: now danvers teenager accused of raping and killing his teenager are getting back to work. catherine parrotta live in salem where the jury has gathered and will begin the first full day of deliberations. good morning, catherine. >> catherine: good morning, gene. set to begin right around this time, so the bob ward is up in the courtroom right now. just sent out a tweet a few minutes ago. said philip chism just returned to the courtroom waiting for the deliberating jury. because jury brought into the courtroom, the judge will greet them and send them off to continue with the deliberations which they will do shortly, and they have until 4:00 today, if they don't have a verdict before them and if they don't have a verdict they will start the
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philip chism's fate now in their hands. the jury got the case yesterday around 12:45 yesterday afternoon after hearing closing arguments from both sides and painting a picture of philip chism who's accused of raping and murdering colleen ritzer. no mental illness was found may go surveillance surveillance videos from danvers high school again. >> premeditation. >> philip chism, a kind, smart, 14-year-old committed terrible acts when he was in the throws of a serious mental illness. >> catherine: jury can find philip chism guilty or not guilty and find him not guilty for lack of criminal
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the insanity defense and today the jury will begin wearing over the past few weeks to reach a consensus on the charges and come back with a verdict and did speak with a legal analyst brad bailey and one of the charges in particular could lead to lengthier deliberations and components the case and hear from him about that coming up in 9:30 and meantime i'm keeping an eye on bob ward's tweets to get the latest what's happening in the courtroom and we will have a live report in just about an a half hour. live in salem, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> gene: when the jurors do reach a verdict, fox25 will alert you on news app and bring you live coverage of the verdict as it is read in court right here in the air. >> julie: this morning school van driver opening up after he leventis a -- left a smile child alone on the van. he says it was a huge mistake. >> gene: police in lawrence,
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exactly how this happened and we understand he picked the little boy at his house yesterday morning to bring him to daycare, little boy fell asleep on the bus and apparently never checked and woman driving on prospect street and saw the little boy and called 911 and the driver telling our crew he felt awful about what happened. >> one mistake, little boy fell to sleep and i look back and i went home and that happened, feel so sorry about that. >> that little boy was alone for total of 45 minutes and his mother actually says he understands that mistake happened and forgive the bus driver. coming up next half hour, charges the driver could now face. live in lawrence, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news.
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delay commuter rail train. last night 9:30 kingston stopped between braintree and south weymouth and line was delayed for 70 to 80 minutes. twitter user on board the train tweeted out the last train lost all power before south weymouth leaving passengers to sit in the dark. it appears the train got moving again about an hour later and so far there were no problems this morning. >> gene: new at 9:00 artist from boston were found in india wrapped in sheets and near a cardboard drain. police have a suspect in custody that has confessed to the crime and police also believe there's evidence the woman's eestranged husband may be involved. her work will be 56 feature at mfa coming up in april and facebook post they are shocked
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gene: this morning gabby gifford has been advocate of gun control since then and her husband, astronaut, mark kelly, will be at event today and it will be today at 11:00 this morning. >> julie: neighbors who say brother and sister that died in worcester fire were very close. 85-year-old mary grace and her brother 71-year-old nicholas were killed sunday night at burncoat street home. fox25 was there as investigators return to the scene yesterday morning. we are told both siblings had hard time walking. neighbors say it seems like they stayed with each other until the very end. no word on cause of the fire. julie: new hampshire man accused of trying to burn his
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he dumped gasoline on porch and it is argued he has ptsd and his bail set at $50,000. >> gene: brewster police called to brewster farms market around 7:00 p.m. and man bought something and police say when the clerk opened the drawer he pulled out a handgun and suspect accused of reaching into the drawer, grabbing cash and taking off. gene: police in westfield warning people about counterfeit bills. it looks real but feels waxy and if you look closely it says for motion picture use only. police believe the couple is trying to pass out the fake bills. >> julie: today mother and teenage son heading to court accused of attacking neighbor as he was looking at christmas tree
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at him with a pair of scissors. >> caused me to have cuts on three of the fingers. >> julie: victim says there was ongoing dispute including cleaning up after a dog and was involved in protection from neighbors. >> gene: cost of green line expansion project. cambridge, surpriseville and medford should help pay for the green line expansion. strauss is house chairman of the state's transportation committee as fox25 reported the mbta fiscal control board says scraping project will remain option until affordable option is presented. gene: meantime "t" will be having subway late service. they asked "t" staff to begin the process of canceling service we have been reporting for months now how the control board has been considering ending it. the board says it costs too much and leaves too little time to maintain the "t's" aging trains and buses. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten
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here is another look at live drive times, happy to see the drive time on 95 starting to decrease just a little bit, still at 46 minutes because of that accident. however, it is heading in the right direction which is it is getting a little bit lower. here is shiri. >> if you have any driving that you're doing late this morning, great news is it is brightened up, so i hope you have the sunglasses with you, no longer need the umbrellas or raincoat, 50 now at 10:00 a.m., 53:11 a.m. 54. >> gene: 9:10 this morning. the plumber says his phone has been ringing off the for the followed release of terrorist video. coming up why the truck has company made tied to terrorism. >> michael: more people speaking out against the plan designed to make your commute a
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change to the tolls that could it's the holidays. which means a house full of people --
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>> julie: state plans to eliminate traditionalle to both and could mean additional charges unless you get an easy pass. michael henrich live at weston tolls with look at how all of this will work. michael? >> michael: good morning to you. the easy pass supposed to make lives a little bit easier, commute a little bit easier and we have easy pass lanes and cash only lanes. starting in october of next year the toll-takers will be gone, so you will need an easy pass essentially to get through the tolls unless you want to use what's called a pay by plate
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herald reports some state representatives are worried about the people who do not have easy passes. they believe that those people who don't want them will be forced to get them and that could be seen as an invasion of privacy. what's more quoted in the herald says that the fee that would be on top of -- for somebody who does not have an easy pass, fee that would be charged, they say would only be used to cover the cost, would not be revenue generating or punitive and two sides to this coin here again the toll-takers will be gone starting in october we do have some good news when it comes to your wallet and the roadways regarding prices at the pump, cover full detail coming up in 30 minutes, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> gene: man in new mexico has confessed to killing four-year-old girl in road rage incident.
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he tells police another car cut him off minutes before the incident and when truck carrying four-year-old lilly garcia cut him off he says he feared for his life and fired two warning shots into the truck. one of those killed a little girl. >> i started thinking what if i shot somebody [bleep] what if somebody was hurt and then little girl [bleep] dead are you kidding me. >> it was an accident. >> gene: he pled not guilty to first-degree murder after the interview and facing federal gun and drug dealing charges. his trial set for october of next year. >> julie: happening today new push to fight back against terror groups using social media house of representatives new steps to knock the terrorists offline. the bill would require president obama to order an evaluation of how to use social media and how
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strategy for use of social media. >> julie: teacher claimed to have stabbed in the neck by a man in a hood. we brought this to you as breaking news yesterday morning in paris. this morning cnn reports man admitted to making it up at interview at the hospital. france still under state of emergency follow last month's deadly attacks in paris that killed 130 people. police say they do not know how the teacher was hurt or why he made up the story. julie: army sergeant will face a court-martial. sergeant bowe bergdahl has been charged with deserting post in afghanistan. he admits to leaving on purpose. he was captured by the taliban and five years later freed in controversial exchange for guantanamo bay detainees and if convicted he faces anything from dishonorable discharge to life in prison. >> gene: southwest flight forced to land in texas.
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the picture was taken by one of the passengers that shows one piece hanging down. southwest is investigating to figure out what happened. >> julie: 9:16 is time and take look at traffic map and take look where we are seeing the steadiest, heaviest volume. new accident on 128 southbound, you're heading through lexington and approaching waltham. that's adding to the volume we already see in that area. pike sluggish through the allston-brighton area, you could see just jammed through brighton however, remember this is the time where it really starts to lighten up, usually between 9:17 and 9:35. here are live drive times, 50 minutes pike eastbound 495 to mass ave and braintree split to the pike and hour on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear joining us and, shiri, beautiful blue sky outside the studio in dedham right now. >> shiri: looks spectacular. 50
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rolling in at 13 miles per hour and wind something you will have to contend with today just because as winds increase temperatures are rising as well but almost going to counteract and going to be wind chill and don't really calculate the wind chill when temperatures in the 50s but you're going to notice that it feels a little bit cooler because of this winds right now coming in at 16 miles per hour in worcester, 13 miles per hour in boston, 12 miles per hour in chatham and sustained winds will be up to 20 miles per hour later this afternoon but the gusts are going to be much stronger. wind will gust up as high as 50 miles per hour. what that means is we have the potential for the wind doing some isolated damage. i've not seeing widespread wind damage but we could get a couple downed tree limbs, perhaps a couple downed power outages as a result. if you will be out there you will feel the wind. 50 in boston right now coming down from 61 earlier on this morning. so boston one of my milder spots i mean we got 54 in plymouth and
9:19 am
a little warmer but here are how things go in boston. you could see mostly cloudy skies now and look at how things brighten up, 11:00 a.m. 53 , 5:81 p.m. 57 at 3:00 p.m. and pull in couple of those afternoon clouds. so here you see future cast as well loads of sunshine in the picture at lunchtime today and then during the afternoon some more of these clouds start popping up, so clouds are going to build back in through the afternoon, brightest time of the day is going to be right around lunch time, right around noon, hours flanking it and deeper into the afternoon we go the more clouds we will see but about 57 this afternoon in boston, 56 in beverly and portsmouth, new hampshire, 58 in plymouth, 56 in chatham, upper 50s in norwood and bedford, fitchburg 55, worcester 53, only 51 in keene and you can count on more clouds out in that direction but tonight how about some 30s and 40s. i mean you have to consider that we spoke up to 60s in several spots this morning.
9:20 am
as we look at tomorrow's wake-up weather. going to be chilly out there, tomorrow's warm-up mid-40s and doesn't sound like a very big warm-up, sounds like we are being cheated out of the warm-up a little bit but temperatures still above average this time of the year. here is 7-day forecast with the weekend always in view. so we got 30s to wake up tomorrow, high of 48 , brightest day of the workweek. by thursday clouds fill back in, we got developing rain during the afternoon and evening so hour-by-hour you can see the heaviest steadiest rain is going to move in during the evening commute, if not later on at night while you're sleeping, heaviest rain right now is slotted to move over southeastern massachusetts. only hanging on to slight chance of a friday shower. then for the weekend, how about 30s on saturday with the chance for some flurries. it is going to be a blustery day with a few more clouds around and give you couple more degrees as we look toward the sunday forecast with middle 40s and partly sunny skies. back to you.
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coach has come clean ordered players to attack a ref. remember this video, it went viral. coming up while the punishment will last the rest of his life. >> julie: if you want to go into space you need to fit into
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>> gene: consumer watchdog
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lot in car max and they had open recalls and man able to buy 2012 location. it. he also said car max associates did them him about the problems when asked but said car max should fix the recalls before any vehicle is sold. >> these are not insignificant problems. these are problems that had to be recalled. >> gene: mr. cane knew about the open recalls prior to the sale andmy purchased the vehicle nonetheless despite having the opportunity to wok walk away or return the vehicle. bill currently in congress would make it illegal to sell recalled used cars but right now it is completely legal. important to know if only a manufacturer authorized facility can fix recalls, not independent used auto dealer like car max.
9:25 am
location is in norwood. >> julie: it is 9:24 viral photo receiving death threats and picture apparently released by islamic militants inia -- syria and they have received more than 1,000 angry calls since the photo went viral and man sold the truck to dealership three years ago. no word if the picture is real or fake. >> julie: stress of the dmv more than one woman can handle. take a look. we have a lived one. 31-year-old asked to leave and when she refuses highway trooper gets involved. she fights with him and wrestles her to the ground and woman did leave the dmv eventually in handcuffs and also let go on bond. >> gene: give rhonda rousey a
9:26 am
gene: 11-year-old told six grade students how drugs were sold, smuggled and profits they can make. >> i was shocked by it. it startled me. took me aback for a second. i mean i grabbed the paper immediately. >> gene: school official say the use of the worksheet is being reviewed. >> julie: nasa hiring astronauts and applications are pouring in. you have to have a bachelor's degree and science and engineering field. shiri, you qualify because you're a meteorologist. three years or more professional experience. you have to be a u.s. citizen, know how to swim, be between 5'2" and 6'3", works for both of you and fit into a space suit. deadline february 18th, so get the applications in. >> gene: didn't see anything in there about the weight
9:27 am
good idea. >> shiri: i think it is normal >> gene: 9:26 this morning. tom brady talking trump this morning. coming up next while he still supports the donald even after the candidate's controversial comment. >> shiri: things looking pretty amazing with 40s and 50s, mostly sunny skies developing, more clouds around at 5:00 p.m., a lot more wind as well. i will break down the increasing wind, what time it peaks next.
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>> julie: welcome back, everybody. great weather to go to the moon like an astronaut. i know you're applying. >> gene: temperatures are out of this world but stay. >> shiri: stay for now. >> julie: warmer than l.a.? >> shiri: l.a., atlanta, new orleans, dallas. we were warmer than so many. we were at 63 this morning at six. >> julie: perk at coming into work at 3:00 a.m. >> shiri: it is not going to last. taste of reality and where temperature have gone this morning. 50 in boston, cold front that came on through, you got to count them cooler air behind it. 49 in lawrence, wellfleet 53 , norton and bridgewater 55,
9:31 am
temperatures took a lot longer to drive over southeastern massachusetts, now they have. we have lower 50s in 51 riel at 49 . i got windham, new hampshire at hillsborough at 48, day planner has us going back into the mid-and upper 50s by noon time today, it is going to be dry, partly to even mostly sunny but then the clouds fill back in during the afternoon and returns pearl harbor -- partly cloudy at 3:00 p.m. and breaks of sunshine out there and it is going to be a wind whipped afternoon, 50 by 7:00 and actually got a look at where we are seeing the stronger gusts now coming up in less than ten minutes but, julie, back over to you with check on roads. >> julie: regular trouble spots, take you up to 93 south though, accident in wilmington, near 125 and see the delays almost creeping back to 495.
9:32 am
southward, accident on route 3 southbound as you approach route 62. 128 southbound right before route 2, christopher maxson turnpike and lexington area. here is live look through bryant, unfortunately we have not seen this lighten up quite yet. traffic remains steady and heavy eastbound on the pike. here are live drive times, 44 minutes on the pike from four might have to mass ave, 35 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike, about an hour on 128 southbound from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> gene: right now we are awaiting jury danvers teenager accused of killing his math teacher. insight from legal analyst how long the pros could take. good morning, catherine. gene. he said there's one charge in particular that might have the jury deliberating a little bit longer than some of the other
9:33 am
impossible to predict how long the deliberations may take. bob ward tweeting that jury entered back into deliberations around 9:05 this morning. right now philip chism is back in holding cell and wait continues until the judge hears from the jury that they have reached a verdict. of course, philip chism's fate now in their hands. the jury got the case around 12:45 yesterday morning after hearing closing arguments from both sides. each side painting a very different picture of 16-year-old philip chism on trial for murdering and raping his math teacher, 24-year-old colleen ritzer, in october of 2013. the jury can find philip chism guilty or not guilty and not guilty for criminal responsibility which is the mental illness defense. it could not be quick because of the aggravated rape charge. >> it will take a lot of time for the jury to look at medical evidence there and even if they
9:34 am
consensus on murder charge, that aggravated rape charge could keep them out for awhile. >> catherine: at the heart of that was colleen ritzer still alive and jury will need to carefully consider evidence about that and defense again made case that philip chism was mentally illinois when he committed the crimes and entered back into deliberations and they have until 4:00 today and if they don't have a verdict by our:00 they will come back tomorrow morning and start the process again and we will be standing by here and let you know if we hear anything inside the courthouse, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> gene: when the jury does
9:35 am
you to it on news app and cut in and we will have it live in court so stay with us all day. >> julie: fox25 says woman will be in court today and she may be set free. steven reed was killed in 2003. they found his wife covered in blood and arrested and found meant lie incompetent to stand trial and no word if she is incompetent and reed's family says they won't get justice. >> time heals but it is not healing us because we are in the same position. >> gene: >> julie: today judge will hold a bench trial to determine if she is guilty or not guilty by reason of insanity and fox25 looked into criminals found not guilty by reason of insanity and found criminal records since 2004, 162 men and women had been
9:36 am
85% are back in the community. >> gene: 9:35. tom brady says donald trump is good friend but wants to stay out of political debates. he was asked if he supports trump's presidential bid and added he thinks it is incredible he has become a star in politics but did not comment on policy including call to keep muslims out of the united states disagreeing only on -- gene: only on fox25, man could face criminal charge after leaving a boy on a bus. he could face criminal charges. >> jessica: child could face child endangerment charges and picked up a little five-year-old boy home to go to darker yesterday morning, little boy fell asleep on the bus and driver never checked to make sure everyone was off the bus.
9:37 am
was driving by saw the little boy all by himself and called 911 and driver told the crews he feels terrible about what happened. >> today is not my job because i love kids, love my job, i got -- little kids can go to school, learn, things happen. i feel so sorry about it. >> jessica: little boy was alone for 45 minutes and motor says she understands things like this happen and forgives the bus jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> gene: this morning the investigation is underway with the death of woman hit by commuter rail train at cherry street and tilton avenue. transit police say woman in 50s was trespassing and walking illegally on the tracks when she was hit. transit police and d.a.'s office are investigating. gene: police investigating new information about quincy.
9:38 am
while crossing bergan parkway on december 3rd. man in 50s was driver of the car that hit her. we are told the vehicle was a black station wagon, possibly a volvo and had front end damage. officers also said the driver got out of the vehicle after the crash, looked at the victim and then drove off. >> julie: attorney of driver who lost control of red line train says his client is sick because of all the stress surrounding the incident. david vazquez's lawyer tells fox25 vazquez is cooperating with the investigation. vazquez was operating a red line train from braintree when got out to flip a switch and fox25 has reported did not secure the break, sending train several miles with no one at the controls. he says vazquez denies wrapping a rope around the throttle of the train but would not tell fox25 what did happen, saying they need to gather more facts. the mbta is still investigating. meanwhile questions being raised how the mbta updated information about that runaway train. >> we don't have anything on that.
9:39 am
>> julie: fox25 obtraining radio transmission from braintree and transit police where braintree police actually tell police about the incident. police sent us a statement saying it is protocol and learned about it only a minute later. the other big question, why the public wasn't given information about -- until about three and a half hours after the incident. >> issue in the investigation is should we have communicated with the broader public in a different way? >> julie: a full report on the investigation is expected out within the next week or two and fox25 will stay on top of every new development for you. >> gene: this morning leominster police warning about a disturbing phone scam. caller claims to be from isis and threatens the person that answers. the fbi has now been notified. police reminding people never to give out personal information over the phone. gene: owners of north shore landmark facing federal charge. charging two owners of nick's famous roast beef with tax fraud
9:40 am
also been indicted. owners of the north shore beverly restaurant are accused of hiding nearly $6 million in income from the i.r.s. prosecutors say they destroyed the true cash register and receipts from the store and filed false tax returns instead. >> julie: it is 9:40. this morning bill cosby taking almost action against some of the women accusing him of rape. he is counter suing seven of those women and attorney says cosby never drugged nor sexually assaulted the women listed in lawsuit. cosby's lawyers states that the false opportunistic accusations caused cosby to suffer loss of jobs and mortification. b.u. trustees voted to revoke the hon harry trustee saying it brought lasting and discredit upon himself and inconsistent with the school's values. cosby denied all the sexual allegations from dozens of women and not been charged with a crime.
9:41 am
weather every ten minutes. live look outside through brighton and traffic remains steady and heavy as heading eastbound, kind of atypical because by now we are used to seeing it really lighten up, i will have look at drive times in a moment. first here is shiri. >> shiri: right now wind starting to pick up inland, worcester gutting at 28 miles per hour, orange 25, chatham still gusting at 23 as well and gusts doing to increase this afternoon and easily gusting into the 30s and 40s, couple gusts as high as 50 miles per hour, we will map out when the wind finally relax again next. >> gene: santa running a bit behind schedule this year. why you want to act fast to make sure gifts arrive in time for christmas. >> julie: boston swat searching for more than criminals. why the department is keeping an eye out for this cat.
9:42 am
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>> julie: as republican candidates prepare to take the stage tonight in this year's final debate, donald trump taking bigger lead over candidate in the field.
9:45 am
from washington this morning. justin, trump's poll ratings the higher they have ever been. >> reporter: two national polls were taken after trump made controversial statement saying that muslims shouldn't be allowed in the country, doesn't appear to be hurting his momentum. university poll has trump at 41% of republicans and republican high. also at 38% in new washington post abc news poll. the next closest and in both polls is texas senator ted cruz and more than 20 percentage points behind trump in both of those polls and first republican debate since the paris attacks and san bernardino and interesting to see how willing other candidates are to go after donald trump and attention the debate has been getting. >> other candidates should be thankful because i'm giving them
9:46 am
themselves in front of millions of people. but no, honestly, i'm doing a good job for the republican party. people are able to get their votes out. >> reporter: along with trump and cruz, third candidate to keep an eye on tonight is marco rubio, done well in the debates in the past and willing to take on trump recently about his comments over muslims. reporting live in washington this morning, justin gray, fox25 news. >> gene: former high school coach in texas will not be allowed to work as teacher for the rest of his life. coach admitted to have players year. he pled guilty to assault charge and given 18 months probation and 1,500-dollar fine and 120 hours of community service and also permanently gave up his texas teaching certificate. >> julie: 9:46. you might have noticed gas pretty cheap right now and expected to stay that way at least through the holidays.
9:47 am
tolls with the look at what's causing low prices. but hey, michael, we are not complaining right now. >> michael: this is a good thing. good news to pass along to all of our viewers and we obviously drive to work ourselves and i have enjoyed the lower gas prices at the pump. these are weston tolls here and mass pike will be packed. folk will be using cheaper gas to get to where they are going. according to aaa these are lowest since the spring of 2009. been awhile, folks. reupleaded in massachusetts $2.07 and even in new hampshire and post savings of 64 cents less per gallon to filling up this time last year and $1.50 at this point in 2013.
9:48 am
quite a bit to fill it and travel more. >> michael: of course, we have a different story when it comes to air travel. air fare watch are not passing along the savings, even though fuel in that industry has become cheaper. keep a close eye on all of that. reporting live in weston, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> gene: boston sweet team looking for a missing if you are cat. bpd special ops unit and set up home for her but she vanished two weeks ago swat team officers hoping someone spots her and brings her back to headquarters. >> sara: >> julie: 9:48 and look at traffic map waiting for issue and 125 in wilmington. as we make our way south still
9:49 am
accident at route 62. 128 southbound sluggish because of an accident before route 2 as you approach waltham. here is live look at the pike through brighton, very sluggish eastbound as you make your way into the city. 42 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave, 36 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and 41 minutes from peabody to weston tolls. if you're heading out the door now you have very different conditions when you left around 3:00 a.m. >> shiri: do not bother to hunt down the preston landers, not something you need today. afternoon winds will gust up to 50 miles per hour and what that means for most of you ladies you want to wear the hair up, going to be one of the wind whipped days and anybody that's driving any kind of high-profile vehicle, you're going to get caught every now and then by the wind and also a slight risk you
9:50 am
two with downed tree limbs. more thursday work and includes downpours and right now cold front out of here, dry and windy weather is in and you could see future cast does involve a lot of sunshine in your lunchtime forecast and best looking part of the day, now through lunchtime because this is when we get the most sunshine as we head into the afternoon, clouds beginning to mix-up with sunshine examine going to turn partly cloudy again and over to partly cloudy dry conditions and very windy conditions still. so boston right now at 50 , you got wind running about 13 miles per hour and about 2/10 inch of rain today, and yesterday night and we did get good amount of rain in here, much needed rain, in fact, but all about the sunshine, 1:00 p.m. 58 , 3:00 p.m. 57 and pulling in some of the those late day clouds loon with, of course, the one thing you can't see, the wind
9:51 am
ten to 20 miles per hour gusting as high as 50 miles per hour, boston 57, same in framingham and lawrence, 58 in plymouth and a little bit cooler in worcester at 53 , fitchburg 55 and keene, more clouds and only 51 later today and cooler and cloudier further inland you go and close to freezing wake up tomorrow morning, orange 32 and burbs fall into the 40s and compare that to the 60s and the 50s that we woke up to this morning and understand it is going to feel like an entirely different season. highs tomorrow only middle 40s and 7-day forecast with the weekend always in view, i think we can get as high as 48 tomorrow and thursday 50s are back, too bad it comes with rain because during the afternoon thing will turn soggy again and during the evening commute and dinner time they will turn soaking for some of you. southeastern massachusetts as seen here the more likely area
9:52 am
shower and more sun on sunday with high of 45. back over to you. >> gene: in case you missed it special document on historic needham wellesley football game can be watched in comcast on demand. tom leyden was with both teams in the huddle and squared off on fenway park and watched all the drama and needham wellesley on comcast on demand. >> julie: look at this truck, slamming into a hotel and barely misses two people at the front
tv-commercial tv-commercial
9:53 am
best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled,
9:54 am
sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. out of oklahoma. look at that. two women managed to barely escaped being plowed down by a truck when it slammed into the lobby of a hotel. police say the man in the truck was just talking to police moments before that car barreled through the hotel, then got behind the wheel and drove right into the lobby. local newspaper report that dispute. the man's credit card had been declined and forced to pay cash. he is depained on million dollars bond. >> gene: man hoping to
9:55 am
they set aside the plan for waterfront dark. it is for green space and seating areas and it has to -- money has to be raised. >> julie: orders placed on cyber monday took 20% longer. some say it is early sign that holiday rush may be too much for shippers to handle and late surge in online delays. julie: deadline to get all out for crispin fast approaching fed-ex needs packages by tomorrow and ups needs packages if running late all three carriers to ship on twenty-third in time for christmas. >> gene: so if stuff doesn't show up wait a little longer.
9:56 am
like making in the kiln forever. >> shiri: i admittedly order things late so i get better deal turn into windy situation this afternoon temps get back into the mid-and upper 40s. going to be mild and going to be wind whipped, look forward to sunshine tomorrow and dress for the 30s.
9:57 am
>> julie: shiri, thank y introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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