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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 16, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00. just ours after he was convicted 6 murder a local teenager will be become that court. why fill.chism will face a judge in boston this morning. breaking news on 128. a fiery car crash from overnight. what we are learning from the scene right now. plus the republican debate takes a combative tone. >> donald, you will not be able to insult your way into the presidency. >> julie: why national security became the focus for the candidates. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts now. this is the fox25 morning news this is the fox25 morning news. >> catherine: good morning to you, wednesday, december 16. i am catherine parrotta in today for daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, everybody, i am julie grauert. we are waking up to much
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morning. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear has 30s on the map, shir. >> shiri: 30s are coming to town. worcester at 38 worcester at 38. fitchburg at 39 fitchburg at 39. hanging continue to 40s from beverly down to boston. south shore, cape and islands temperatures will continue to drop here especially these early morning clouds actually erode to sunshine. temperatures 30s to lower 40s. there goes the clouds. we have this nice, bright morning we are going to tap into here, especially once we hit the late morning, the afternoon. by lunchtime temperature-wise lower 40s. a very slow warm-up here. even as you head home from work, 30s book on that. a 5 to 10-degree warm-up that's it throughout course of our wednesday. 42 to 46 are your highs. brighter and cooler and more seasonable highs.
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a little bit above average. i will break down that morning commute and right now speaking to commute, julie, back to you for a check of the roads. >> julie: shiri, things looking good this early hour. start with a live look at the pike where things are wide open. we will have more live pictures from you and those drive times coming up in just a few minutes. we begin with breaking news in wakefield where overnight a car crashed on 198 southbound just before 140. car caught fire. here is a picture from the person in the car was thrown from the car. no word on that person's condition. all lanes on 128. a teenager convicted of killing a danvers teenager is back in court. phillip chism will appear in court. the 16-year-old was accused of dorchester. that witness survived but the atabling was very similar to the murder of math teacher colleen ritzer. chism was found guilty of
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ritzer's death. it a jury found him guilty in rape and armed robbery. it normally carries a sentence life without parole. because he is under 18, a recent ruling means some day he may go free. >> no long remember juveniles able to be sentenced rest of their natural life in jail even after a hearing of murder charges in the commonwealth of massachusetts. >> catherine: a date has not been set for chism's been set for chism's sentencing hearing. he could be eligible for parole in 15 years. a presentancing conference is scheduled for next tuesday. >> julie: following his conviction colleen ritzer's family decided to carry on her work of kindness. they wore pink which was colleen's favorite color. they are pleased with the verdict but believe there will never be true justice. as they move forward they want
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to spread colleen's message of love. >> we will condition to follow colleen's story how one person many lives. >> julie: a scholarship in woman that have a passion to teaching. a christmas ornament with a message he lived by. every day may not be good, but something good in every day. ritzer would often share these words with her students. one her last tweets before she was murdered. our coverage of the phillip chism verdict continues throughout our morning newscast and we are in court in boston where he is expected to appear in person. a temporarily wall at malden center crashes down on five people including a baby and inspectors continue to investigate how this happened. take a look. surveillance video from a shop across that t station showing the wall slamming to the ground on pleasant street. the store owner and several
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>> we were just trying to get them out there. hopefully nobody was hurt. the baby was crying the whole time probably little bit in shock. >> catherine: police say the victims suffered only minor injuries and the baby's stroller kept it from getting seriously hurt. building inspectors took down what is left of that temporary law. 4 :05. the republican squared off and there were heated moments. >> reporter: start with silence. >> please join me in a moment of silence in memory of the san bernandino victims. >> reporter: but the quiet didn't last. >> i am angry at what is happening to our nation. >> protecting the homeland. destroys isis. rebuilding defense, these are all the things that we need to focus on, but we will never get there if we are divided. >> we must lead. we are the most powerful
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we need to begin to act like it again. >> reporter: the republican candidates for president told voters they are tough on terrorism. >> we defeat terrorism by showing them that we do not fear them. >> america has been betrayed. >> america is at war. >> reporter: they set their sights to donald trump hoping that he falls out of favor. >> donald is great at the one-liners. he is a chaos candidate and we be a chaos president. >> i am the most solid people up here. >> you won't be able to insult your way to the presidency. >> reporter: mary maloney reporting. julie julie one of the big takeaways. he said he is loyal to the republican party and will not run as and penitentiary. congress has taken a step of banning of boil to the u.s. republicans made the move a priority. democrat leader ace greed to lift the ban.
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restore tax cid its for wind and solar pow her. a bill that both parties agreed to. the tentative deal worth $1.1 trillion. it will fund all of government agencies through most of 2016. speaker paul ryan said the deal is done. house democrats say details are being worked out. congress plans to pass a temporary spending bill to allow the government to function through the holidays. happening today have rates are expected to rise for the first time in nearly a decade. this afternoon the federal reserve will wrap up a two-day meeting. the central bank will raise borrowing rates from the current low levels the increase is expected to be gradual. credit card have rates will seat biggest jump and mortgage and price also also increase. 4:07. the mbta operator accused of rigging a runaway train is suspended as the mbta moves forward to fire him. david vasquez attended a
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procedures. the transit chief is expected to fire vasquez for last week's incident where the red line train barrels through four stops without a conduct per. his lawyer said he never tampered with the controls. >> questions about the equipment that is there. my client has denied categorically wrapping a cord or rope around a brake. >> the union representing vasquez tells fox25 it will also do their own investigation into what happened. a rockland man still recovering from deep cuts this morning after he says his neighbors attacked him while he was looking at a christmas tree. jim cerafice said he was looking at his veteran themed tree when a mother and teen went after him. the teen attacked with a pair of scissors. the neighbors were in court. they will not give us details about the incident since it involves a minor. dozens of high school coaches and nursing
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taught how to use a life-saving drug. they will be trained how to use the overdose reversing drug narcan. 100 staff members from schools will participate. a high number of people became addicted to opioids following a sports injury. it helped trim the deer forest healthy. activists have tried tore week to cancel the hunt. they claimed the state had the wrong numbers about the deer population but wildlife officials say the hunt was necessary. this morning two long-time members of boston city council will be honored as they lead the panel. charles yancey and steven murphy lost their bid in november. yancey represented for 32 years. murphy has been on council since 1997. today is the council's final meeting of the year. we track traffic and weather together he ten minutes. a live look at the pike through brighton.
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where we can play count the cars because the traffic is just a so light. most of you getting up, getting ready and having that first cup of coffee. here is shiri with what to expect with the forecast. >> shiri: i feel like you can count the clouds. degrees. 40 at 5 a.m. by 6 a.m. 37 degrees. clouds will be melting away. i will highlight the bright spots and the cool spots for the afternoon coming up next. qulivrjing the division comes with its costs. coming up at 4:30, the new injuries tacking injuries tack stacking up for the patriots. voting to bring booze to
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the fight over introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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police in watertown are working to determine what caused a driver to run over a woman in a driveway. skyfox was over the scene after a victim was hit. it happened on mount alborn street. the woman suffered serious injuries and taken to beth israel hospital. the driver was taken to the hospital. the family of a teen killed in hit-and-run is desperate for answers. frankie fortuna was struck walking to work. a man turned him self in and said he might have hit him and not realized it at the time and police have not made any arrests at this time. fortuna and his family want someone to face judge. >> a person didn't really care >> a person didn't really care. a monster.
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whatever you want to call him. he is not a m+ oral human being. >> julie: worcester police say station they are actively trying to pursue the case. a man will be in court. 29-year-old michael blesinger is the person that robbed a market. fox25 showed you these surveillance videos of the market. he was arrested by police a few hours later. >> the department of transportation is looking to using drones. officials with a federal drone on the cape said the dot can inspect airports, bridges and tunnels and the drones can help gather footage of accidents. regulations need to be made so there is no invasion of privacy. mass dot said no policy decisions have been made yet. in january, ford will begin testing self-driving cars in california. the automaker will test the technology in the ford fusion. they will have to do extensive
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get the cars on the road. ford hopes to test the vehicles on the street by the second half of the year. leaders in boston could allow people to bring their own booze to restaurants in the city. boston city council will vote on the ordinance. the plan will allow customers to bring beer and wine to small restaurants and outlying neighborhoods. southie, dorchester, hyde park and roxbury. mayor marty walsh will have to approve the bill if it passes. 4:15. let's take a look at some of those spots downtown where things are nice and light. on the pike through brighton. that many cars out this hour. another shot at the pike moving along nicely. live act at the zakim bridge. the bridge wide open as is the leverett connector. those live drive times in a few minutes. first here is shiri with the forecast. >> shiri: tell you what. pattern. start and end today dry. temperature 44 degrees. because we have a little bit of wind it is making it feel
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your while is indeed 39 degrees. and you can see we are hanging on to that breeze. not all this strong in boston to the north and west. winds are generally under 10 miles per hour. but south shore, cape and islands, this will put a little nip in the air so your wind chills are in the 30s basically across the board. 39 in boston and feeling like freeze freezing in worcester with a wind chill of 32 degrees. here are your actual temperatures though. because actual temperature readings in the 40s in boston and 44 degrees. a couple of early morning cloud that end up shifting. by 6 a.m. keep us partly cloudy. temp 41 degrees. we go down to 40 at 8:00 this morning and then start warming back up. by noontime, 43 degrees and we never crawl out of the middle 40s. it will end up being a much cooler day today. only 38 degrees in worcester. we saw that wind chill though. it is down to 32. so that is your cooler weather this morning.
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temperature readings are temperature readings are going to fall back to freezing and will fall mid- to upper 30s. 36 degrees at 6 a.m. 8 a.m. 35 degrees. clouds, sunshine. do expect that we will get a few scattered showers popping up during the afternoon hours. futurecast highlighting a fairly bright day. a cooler day by comparison, but we have got some warmer air on the horizon. and this starts to come into play as we head toward your thursday forecast. next weather make is going to bring in more rain. forecast. here is how it goes. increasing clouds overnight night waking up tomorrow morning. futurecast at 7 a.m. one or two spot sprinkles. morning hours will be your quietest. by lunchtime a little patchy drizzle developing and we will continue with that widely scattered lighter showers through the remainder of any daylight hour. heavier steady heavier steadier rain still on the horizon likely moving in after the evening commute, continuing into the overnight
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you can see we are blasted by those heavier showers through about midnight. mostly evening rain on the way tomorrow. a lot of this is go going to clear on out and still a little disagreement of how much of it could linger into your friday. so this afternoon today. this is going to be a cooler, brighter day with 42 in boston beverly. 42 in worcester. 44 in keene. 43 down to plymouth and hyannis and then tonight we will see temperatures back into the 30s. 39 degrees in boston. but freeze but freezing in worcester by early tomorrow morning. luckily rain is going to hold off. so we shouldn't see any icing concerns. for the day tomorrow, high temperatures into the 50s. 51 degrees in boston. 48 in worcester. 54 in hyannis. beverly tomorrow about 5 degrees and upper 40s into southern new hampshire. too bad it comes with that rain. not going to be quite the kind of warm weather we can soak up and enjoy. notice that your friday as well with a high of 50 degrees well with a high of 50 degrees. i will keep a slight chance of a shower in there, and on
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some flurries. temperatures over the weekend are going to be much cooler. just in the 30s. all-day 30s on saturday with a high of 39 degrees. sunday the brighter and milder day going up to 46. it is going to be breezy both days this weekend, and here you can see the breakdown of those highs. 30s from orange to worcester on your saturday. i think this temperature will be a little bit overdone in boston as well. upper 30s to lower 40s. sunday, middle 40s with more sunshine in place. by monday, the clouds are going to roll back in along with warmer highs. highs back in the 50s and overnight monday rain and scattered showers through the day on tuesday. back to you, guys. >> catherine: looks about right for the weekend before christmas. speaking of christmas more bad news for one the season's hottest toys. a scary experience for one teen when her hoverboard caught on fire. a local college is putting
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a new a there's a better way to lahey hospital and medical center.
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this morning the federal aviation administration will be investigating what happened when a southwest plane skidded off the runway at a tennessee airport. the flight from houston went
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nashville. passengers got ought of the plane and went to the gate. french authorities are trying to figure out why a suspect in a paris terrorist attack threw a suicide belt away. it was found in a bargain can. investigators from matched terror suspect salam uses traces of sweat on it. he remains at large. gabby gifford is joining lawmakers for a new coalition to keep guns out of the hands much certain people. she was shot in the head in an dead. she has been an advocate of gun control ever since. >> we must never stop fighting fighting. fight, fight, fight. be bold, be courageous. the nation is counting on you catherine parrotta wants to
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mentally ill to buy guns. a judge from baltimore has asked jurors to give another shot after they couldn't come to a decision in the freddie gray case. a police officer is facing involuntary manslaughter and other charges following gray's death in april. prosecutors said he did nothing to help gray in the back of a police car and let him die. if they cannot make a decision today they will have to declare a mistrial. boston schools lost the internet connection after a hack. city officials quickly addressed the public to let everyone know there was no credible threat and say it was not linked to the threats in new york city and la. boston police describe the internet hacking as a minor act of cyber and have tlaichl is nearly impossible to trace. schools in los angeles will be open again today after a threat prompted the city to close the district's 900-plus schools yesterday after a thorough search, the fbi determined that the threat was not credible. new york city schools received
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determined that one was a hoax and held school as usual. bridgewater university has a new app that can help you keep students state. raise guardians. they can use it on their smart police. it shows the exact location of the students and tools that allow students to check in with friends and a direct tipline to the bsu police. today have rates are expected to rise for the first time in tense years. coming up, what this means for people looking to make big purchases in the new year. plus the local schools
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now at 4:30 now at 4:30, just hours after he was convicted of murder, a local teenager will be back in court. the other attack that has phillip chism in front of a judge in boston this morning. >> julie: the gop front runners clash in another debate. the one topic they actually
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a wall collapses on a group of people including a baby. the investigation under way near a busy t station this morning. new england news coverage startsd right now. this is the fox25 morning news this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good wednesday morning 4:28 on this december 16. i am julie grauert. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta in today for daniel miller. much cooler this morning. feels like december. >> julie: yes, it does. >> catherine: over to shiri biwhat to expect. hi, shiri. >> shiri: not temperatures like 20 degrees before. 20 degrees cooler in worcester and norwide like yesterday at the time. we have 60s on the map by don't have 60s. i have 30s and 40s. 43 in bourne and plymouth and provincetown. 45 in marshfield and taunton. 45 in marshfield and taunton. we have a little bit of cloud cover down across the coastal locations even in boston right now at 44 degrees. early morning cloud cover. malden, 43 malden, 43.
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39 in framingham and maynard. worcester at 38 degree. shrewsbury at 38 degrees. town send, 37. nashua, new hampshire, 39 degrees and keene new hampshire at 37. so the warm-up does not happen until likely after 8:00 this morning. so i expect temperatures to drop even a couple more degrees. 7 a.m. average 38 degrees. even into the burbs in boston, 30s on tap. cool start with sun and a couple of scattered clouds. sunny at noontime with 43 degrees. 44 at 3 p.m. still going with a couple of clouds especially southeastern massachusetts later this afternoon and 7 p.m., 34. in come the clouds and following the clouds, in come the showers. the breakdown on the timeline of the rain coming up next. now julie back with a check of the roads. shiri, start with the map and green is always a good sign at this time. overall volume is light. route 1 is good and 93 south.
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tolls into brighton.
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