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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 17, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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now at 4:00, a local woman stalked by a stranger while out walking her dog. >> probably the scary >> probably the scariest thing that i have gone through so far at this point. >> julie: her story only on fox this morning as police warn neighbors. new outrage in the wake of a mistrial getting national attention. the protest that spanned hours hours. it is already christmas morning for "star wars" fans. the early showings that had night. >>announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> catherine: good morning, thursday, december 17. happy friday eve.
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>> julie: i am julie grauert. we are keeping a close eye on temperatures this morning. shiri is watching where icy spots may form during the morning commute. shiri, how are things looking right now. >> shiri: out there i am fairly optimistic. above freezing. 40s in boston. 41 degrees. bedford and lawrence at 40. 43 in hyannis. 36 in worcester and 36 in portsmouth, new hampshire. nashua and portsmouth under a freezing rain advisory. could get to freezing and if we get any drizzle could cause patchy conditions. look at that drizzle. a couple of spot sprinkles forming around 7:00 and continuing in a very widely scattered fashion through noon scattered fashion through noontime. still plenty of spots and the dry spots are filling through the afternoon. widespread drizzle at 3 p.m. kids coming home from school. make sure you are sending them with any rain gear because wet
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degrees during the afternoon hours and there are some of your steadier wind as you shift toward the evening commute. 44 to 54. much cooler to the north and west of boston. boston kind of smack-dab in the middle about 50 this afternoon. the steady, heavier rain this evening. we will show you how long it lasts coming up, but julie over to you for an early look at the roads. >> julie: we will be keeping a close tab on any icy spots that form. pike moving along nicely from framingham, wide open through brighton. 24 minutes on the strike 495 to mass avenue. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 29 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. this morning littleton police are looking for a man that approached a woman while she was walking her dog. fox25. the 19-year-old said the man pulled up aside of her on king street and asked for direction
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when she told him she couldn't help, the man took off. she circled around and the man showed up at her house. she told fox25 that the dog charged the door and the man ran off. >> if my dog wasn't there, i was 100% positive he was going to try grab me and kidnap me or even worse. >> catherine: littleton police are warning police and neighbors to look out for the man, a small man with light skin and having an accent driving a white suv. >> the city of boston could raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. the city's board of health will vote on the proposal. mayor marty walsh will support the idea. hoping that it will prevent more teenagers from more teenager from preventing to smoke. ten years ago, needham was the first community in the nation to raise the smoking age to 21. the operator of the runaway red line train plans to challenge the mbta decision to fire him.
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vasquez yesterday and his attorney said it is a rush for judgment. last week vasquez jumped out of a train to trouble shoot a signal problem and did not secure the brake and the train went several miles without the driver. vasquez denies wrapping a cord around the controls before stepping out. >> mr. vasquez has been very clear. he categorically denies wrapping a rope around the accelerator or the braking system. >> catherine: hit attorney said he should not have been fired without a thorough investigation. he is working to challenge this dismissal. 4:04. quincy police are trying to identify a man that broke into a home and tied up a pregnant woman. he may be driving a 2004 ford pickup truck. nearly two weeks ago, fox25 brought you live, breaking news coverage of the home invasion on president's lane. a pregnant woman was tied up and more than $40,000 in cash was stolen.
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near the scene. a former umass medical school doctor accused of taking a picture of a student in a woman's bathroom plans to fight the changes. marcus cooper pled not guilty to secret sexual surveillance, intimidation of a witness and disorderly conduct. a student on campus said she heard someone take photo and she chased cooper outside. he is due back in court in february. an explosive find boxborough. several boxes were found in a warehouse that was once used by a construction company. explosive efforts were called in to handle the situation. and that's how they did it. the dynamite was put on a dump truck full of sand. the boxes were driven to this construction site and controlled by a explosion. a child porn arrest. they arrested ryan rough of best barnstable. police had just arrested rough
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him with oui. we know why a local principal is no longer on the job. fox25 first told you last week that swampscott high school principal edward rosearek. it was because of inappropriate use of high school computers. in a letter to parents none of the allegations involved any swampscott students. parent we spoke with are disappointed in what happened. >> it is just upsetting that you know you are raising teenagers and you want them to have good role models and it is upsetting that the principal obviously wasn't. >> catherine: fox25 has confirmed that state and local police have been at his home in beverly and they will not say if there is a criminal investigation. something is missing from a local christmas display and the man who run it is for years said he will do anything to get it back. paul grant set up this display in his front yard in fall river for 20 years.
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music and lights was missing. grant spent much of his childhood in an orphanage and loves seeing kids smile. >> they are all over with their parents and grandparents and they take pictures and dance to the music. it is really nice to have your kids have fun like that, and now it is gone. >> julie: grant said whoever took the box can put it back in his yard no questions asked. congress will begin voting won it bills that should avoid a government shutdown for the next few months. they are expected to pass a $3 they are expected to pass a $36 billion tax cuts, corporate tax cuts and exchanges that are favored by republican. the who us will pass a spending bill that has enough support from democrat to pass. new protests in baltimore but no violence following a mistrial in the case of a police officer charged with manslaughter. officer william porter is one
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death of freddie gray. the 25-year-old died in theback of a police van earlier this year. his death sparked days of riots. the family is calling for crime. >> the family not angry. nobody else should not be angry. >> catherine: jurors could not agree on the charges, involuntary manslaughter, assault. a marine killed in a terror attack will be awarded the purple heart. sullivan was one of five servicemembers killed during attacks on military recruiting centers in tennessee. muhammed aziz was motivated by terrorist propaganda, as a result they believe determined as killed or wounded in action. the white house has added a new level to the warning system. the color-coded warning were eliminated in 2011 because critics said it didn't work.
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includes general warnings of less defined terror threats. the goal is to give the public the same kind of information homeland security gave out to law enforcement. >> my goal is that we have an agile process, and so we issue one of these let's say on a day's notice if we believe circumstances that warrant it. >> catherine: the first new bulletin is about the threat terrorists. yesterday the federal reserve board voted unanimously for two key ending rates by a quarter of a percent. rates on credit cards will likely increase the fastest. home and auto loan rates are expected to move slowly -- higher. stocks soared following the move. the dow closed up more than 2 the dow closed up more than 200 points yesterday. well, it is a huge day for "star wars" fans. after months of hype surrounding "star wars: the
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is here. these fans were all dressed up and ready to go. some have waited months to see all seven move reese in a row. according to the "the wall street journal," 88% of tickets were bought in advance tickets were bought in advance. total sales in the u.s. and canada are already more than $100 million. theatres across the country are already sold out for the entire weekend. early reviews call the film a sacred experience. our michael henrich is talking with fans now. you can wait for live report in 30 minutes. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. maybe you are getting on road to go to one of those giant movie marathons, and if so you are flying through wide open. a look at those live drive times in a moment. here is shiri. >> shiri: i am willing to bet you are wearing a costume hopefully involving some type of umbrella or rain gear because dry at who degrees, we drop into the upper 30s at 5 a.m., 6 a.m. and the potential for drizzle. i will tell you when the rainfall rates pick up next.
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case is sparking changes at a local school. coming up this half hour, how a high school sexual assault case convinced one district to cancel school dances for the rest of the year. days after a deadly fire. an alert this morning. one thing homeowners need to
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. >> the person with shooters
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funeral surrounded by fbi agents. syed farook and tashfeen malik were bury were buried tuesday. only two members of their mosque attended the funeral. they shot and are killed 14 people and injured 21. they both side in a shootout with police. president obama will travel to california to meet with families of the victims. the body of a fallen army ranger will be flown. daniel aimsbury died during a training exercise. he was a stafford native. the dover baptist church will hold a public visitation. a marathon bombing survivor passes away unexpectedly. 37-year-old kevin white dialed at a bolton home after what his family said was an illness.he was at the finish line when the bomb went out. he suffered concussions and a perforated eardrum. he was draining to run his
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urging people to have working smoke detectors in their home. the fire that killed two siblings in their burncoat street home is still under investigation. according to the worcester telegram, the house did not have working smoke detectors. the fire chief said working smoke detectors would have been ben fish stall in all five deaths. taking a trip to cuba on airlines could be a reality. closer to restore closer to restoring regularly scheduled trip than ever before. allow airlines like jet blue, american and united to fly to cuba. right now americans have to fly on expensive charter flights that are difficult to book. the last time commercial airlines flew to cuba, tv was still black and white. a new hampshire taxi owner is threatening to pull his cabs from portsmouth on new year's eve. the owner of gray bay taxi is taking a stand against ub ir. he says uber drivers are violating the transportation ordinance in the city and portsmouth officials aren't enforce
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owner said other cabbies will join him and driving in dover on new year's eve. -- 4:15, look at our traffic map. bright green and overall light. expressway good moving along nicely. pike wide anticipate from framingham through the weston tolls. this is what you will see through brighton. 11 minutes from 106 to 128. 28 minutes from 193 south to the leverett connector. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split and the exit to the pike. as you get ready to head out the door, keep an eye out for little icy spots. we are talking about match. >> shiri: new hampshire is where we will keeping a close eye on that, julie. we are keeping the threat in the low categories because temperatures will come close but i don't believe we will drop back to freezing more of the you atious thing. keeping you on the lookout for
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rain as we enter the evening commute and evening hours. this is where i have the freezing rain advisory from nashua, pelham, nashua, new hampshire, eastward across the seacoast. it is southeastern new hampshire where we have to be on the lookout for a couple of icy patches through 9:00 this morning. otherwise shaping up dry. even though we are on the lookout, conditions are being very cooperative if you will right now. take an hour-by-hour look at the forecast in somewhere like portsmouth, new hampshire where we have potential for ice. 38 degrees. still pretty mild the fact that we have clouds in place now is really going to help prevent temperatures from dropping dramatically, at 6 a.m., 37 degrees. that will not be conducive to icy spots. 39 by 8 a.m. warm by lunchtime up to 46 degrees. showers becoming more wide showers becoming more widespread into the afternoon. hey, boston right now at 41 degrees. we have cloudy conditions. it is dry. i don't have any issue with fog.
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now making it feel like it is in the 30s but the 40s going strong all morning. 41 at 6 a.m. very little movement in your temperature. by 8 a.m., 4 by 8 a.m., 43 degrees. by lunchtime upper 40s and 50s on tap this afternoon. one of our hot spots like plymouth today at 37 right now plymouth today at 37 right now. kind of cool. you guys have the clouds as well, so you can see temperature-wise, we are going to climb not just into the low but possibly middle 50s later on today. one of my cooler spots worcester at 36 degrees with those clouds. you can see temperatures getting stuck into central massachusetts and some of our higher elevations in the mid- to upper 40s this afternoon. we are not going to have an issue with ice and a much cooler rain by the worcester hills and the monadnock region hills and the monadnock region. showers patchy and spot sprinkles that we deal with before 1:00 this afternoon. 1:00 this afternoon get ready because the drizzle will turn more wide spread, as you see here a lot of green with
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between 4 and 7:00, it intensifies, we see pockets of heavier rain yes in time for the evening commute. get ready for special going because we will add fog on top of this. evening is when we will take on the rain showers. last us until 10:00 and the showers are out and we have simply the clouds during the day tomorrow. rain totals overshooting it for the cape and islands a little bit but i think on average see half an inch of rain. it will all depemd on where to get the pockets of heavier rain where you have the higher half-inch totals. 50 degrees and raining in boston and beverly. 47 with rain in portsmouth, new hampshire. 46 and rain in worcester. 45 with rain in nashua versus the low to even mid-50s over southeastern massachusetts where it will be a lot milder along with those showers. tonight we have got 40s. we have got rain. we have got fog. and that fog could be dense which means visibility under a quarter mile. that is seriously going to
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if you have any dinnertime plans where we could probably have some of the worst of the fog. by tomorrow we hang on to clouds eastern and south eastern massachusetts. cape a risk of a shower. the rest of the area dry with temperatures teetering right around 50 degrees and you can see more breaks in the cloud cover tomorrow morning as further inland you go because of this whole frontal system gets pretty stuffed just offshore, close enough to the cape to maintain that risk for a couple of showers and slight risk at that and only going for 30% chance of rain. flurries, breezy and all day saturday. 46 looking much brighter. back to you, guys. a soccer legend wraps up her career with one last match her career with one last match. the touching tribute before and after the game.
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a baptist church in delaware burns to the ground and investigating as a possible arson. the second fire in the same church. parishioners say losing the
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it serves00 people a week. it will prebuild. the mayor of click speak with federal officials after a continues. chicago police officer jason van dyke is now formally indicted for the shooting death of 17-year-old laquon. six mounts of first-degree murder and one count of official misconduct. he is due back in court tomorrow. and this powerball and this federal investigation began officially. the video was on edge. protesters demanded the investigation and they are calling for mayor rahm emanuel and other state officials to resign. a convicted child killer has lost an appeal to change his name. charles james wanted a name change to coincide with his wicken religion. a judge said no and an appeals court has upheld that decision court has upheld that decision.
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plastic container that was found in maine. they are facing life sentences they are facing life sentences. restaurant officials have announced new food safety measures. they will now do more to guard against bacteria in central prep kitchens before food is sent to locations. they will throw fresh produce into boiling water for three to five seconds. 150 boston college students caught ino virus after eating at the cleveland circle chipotle. chipotle is apologizing by taking out a full-page ad in the herald saying they are deeply sorry. the statement continues to read, quote, we are committed to being the leader in food safety just as we are known for using the very best ingredients in a fast food setting. petsmart is recalling nutro chewy treats over mold concerns. all the information you need is on your screen. check the bottom of the bag. we circled the lot code in red
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the four other lot codes are on the other side of the screen. you may be soon able to bring your own alcohol to certain boston restaurants. the city council voted unanimously to lift the byob ban for small restaurants that do not have liquor licenses. it apply it applies to restaurants with fewer than 30 feet in outlying neighborhoods like hyde park and dorchester. patron also be limited to one six-pack or one bottle of wine six-pack or one bottle of wine. a restaurant in needham has operated under the byob policy successfully. >> a lot easier to open restaurants and still be able to serve alcohols. >> wonderful for people to bring their own. they can bring what they like and pay what they want to pay and enjoy themselves. >> the mayor of boston is expected to sign the measure, and the licensing boards will vote on the proposed ordinance after the new year. warm weather breathing extra life into a local tourist spot. the summerlandmark that could reopen after the winter.
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inspired the ice bucket now at 4:30, a dog walker said a stranger followed her all the way to her front door. the man police are searching for this morning. something is missing from from in elaborate christmas display. the heartbreak for the homeowner that has done this for decades. the force is open. fans get up early to binge watch "star wars" movie. up next. good morning, everyone, it is 4:30 on thursday, december 17. i am julie grauert. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta in today for daniel miller. "star wars" fans are so excited and might need an umbrella to get to the theatre umbrella to get to the theatre. storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear has the latest timeline when rain will move into your town, shiri.
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