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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 17, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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otherwise mostly cl skies. 41 in boston and beverly. 40 in norwood right now. 36 in worcester. but the spots that are potentially dropping to freezing nashua and portsmouth freezing nashua and portsmouth, new hampshire will come close. right past that freezing and above that freezing point as we head through 7:00. a little more green on the map because the showers this morning will be very, very patchy and a few more by noon patchy and a few more by noontime today with some in the upper 40s to lower 50s warmest across out southeastern massachusetts and by 2 p.m. we will see more showers turn widespread and by the evening commute heavy showers. temperatures right around 50 degrees. as for highs today from 44054 because it is going to be a much cooler rain further inland especially into some of the higher elevations today much warmer of southeastern mass. i will time out the worst of the rain coming up, but now back over to julie grauert
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julie, good time to hit the road. >> julie: after we got your forecast and we know what to expect as far as weather is concerned. we want to let you know of issues, fallen power line and a road block. route 1 a northbound in east boston blocked at boardman street. be careful if you are headed in that area. things are looking good on the pike cruising along from framingham through the weston tolls. wide open in brighton. 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 19 minutes from 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. back to you. all right, julie. first up this morning, a dog walker said a stranger approached her repeatedly even coming to her front door. >> gene: a story you will only see on fox25. fox25 is live in littleton with that woman's frightening or deal. jess, good morning. gene. that teenager walks her dog in littleton he single day but monday night's walk turned
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her name is a can dra and she is just 19 years old. she spoke owned to fox25 last night telling us she was out for her usual walk with her dog lucky when that man drove up to them on king street. he said he first asked for directions and then kept circling them in his white rav 4. she got nervous and ran home but that's when things took an even more terrifying turn. >> all of a sudden i heard banging on my door, and i look out my window and he was kinding hiding so i couldn't see his license plate. i was going to throw up. i was going to throw up. probably the scariest thing that i have gone through so far at this point. >> reporter: cassandra went to continue to say her dog was going crazy at this point. she called her mother who then in turn called 911. police are still trying to track this man down. looking for surveillance trying to get a look at her
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cassandra did get a brief description of what he looked like. we will have coming up at 6:00 we will have coming up at 6:00. live in littleton, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. the city of boston could raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. the city's board of health will vote on the approximately today. mayor marty walsh supports the idea and hopes it will prevent more teenagers from want possible smoke. if the board of health approves the plan it will take place in 60 year-over-year place in 60 years. needham was the first community to raise the smoking age to 21. the operator of the red line train plans to challenge the decision to fire him. t officials fire david vasquez yesterday and the attorney said a rush to judgment. to step out of the plane to trouble shoot a signal problem and did not secure the brake and the train went several miles without a driver. his lawyer said denies the controls.
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denies wrapping a cord or a the brake the braking system. >> sara: the attorney said his client shouldn't have been fired without a investigation. they are working to challenge the dismissal. questioning a second man that tied up a woman and tied up a pregnant woman. william mackin should be considered armed and dangerous and was driving a green ford pickup truck. fox25 brought you live breaking news coverage of the home invasion on president's lane. a pregnancy woman was tied up and more than $40,000 of cash stolen. a second suspect was arrested by the scene. a former umass medical school doctor accused of taking a picture of a number two a student bathroom plans to face charges. he pled not guilty to secret surveillance of a woman and disorderly conduct. a student on the worcester campus heard someone take a photo while she was in the path room and she chased cooper outside.
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an explosive find in boxborough. several boxes of dine mate were fountain in a warehouse once used by a construction company. explosives experts were called in to handle the situation. and that's how they did it. the dynamite was put on a dump truck full of sand and the boxes driven to a construction site and destroyed by a controlled explosion. 5:05. a child porn arrest at the coast guard barracks on the cape. they arrested ryan rough of west barnstable yesterday morning. right now he is being held at the barnstable county collection facility. they arrested him over the weekend and charged him with operating under the influence. we now know why a local principal is no long other the job. fox25 first told that you swatch scott high school principal edward rosemarek was placed on leave. rehe signed because of inappropriate use of high school computers.
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allegation said none of the allegations involved any swampscott student. parents we spoke to say it is disappointing what happened. >> it is disappointing. you want your children to have good role models and it is upsetting that the principal wasn't. >> sara: police have been to rosemarek's home in beverly and troopers would not say if there was a criminal investigation. congress will be voting won it bills that should avoid a government shutdown for the neck ten month. the house is expected to pass a $630 billion set of tax cuts. many cuts favored by republicans. tomorrow the house will pass a $1 trillion spending bill that has enough support of democrats to pass despite objections from conservatives. new protests in baltimore, but no violence following a mistrial in the case of a police officer charged with manslaughter.
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of six officers charged in the death of freddie gray. the 25-year-old died in the back of a police van earlier this year. his death sparked days of riots across the city. gray's family is calling for calm during the legal process. >> the family is not angry. no one else should be angry. >> sara: jurors could not agree on the charge against porter. they include involuntary manslaughter, assault and misconduct in the office. a marine killed in a terrorist attack will be awarded a purple heart. thomas sullivan was one of five members killed during july 'attack at a military recruiting center in recruiting center in chattanooga, tennessee. gunman was motivated by terrorist propaganda. the military will classify the victims as killed or wounded in action. the former color-coded series of warnings created
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2011 because critics said it didn't work. the obama administration has added a new alert level that includes general warnings of less defined terror threats. the goal is to give the public the same kind of information that homeland security sends out to law enforcement. agile process. and so we issue one of these let's say on a day's notice if we believe circumstances that warrant it. >> the first new bulletin of the threat of self-radicalized terrorists. 5:08 and today have rates in the united states will increase the first time in a decade. the federal reserve board voted unanimously. but that also hinted that rate could rise by another 1% by the end of the year. rates on credit cards will likely increase the fastest. home and auto loan rates are expected to move slowly higher expected to move slowly higher. stocks soared following the move. dow jones industrials average
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yesterday. it might as well be christmas morning for "star wars" fans. people are up early to get a first look at the new film. fans across the world have been waiting for there are day for years. fox25's michael henrich is live at the theatre where fans kicked off their viewing party at 3:30 this morning, michael? >> reporter: i am pretty jealous. i am pretty jealous. they paid $60 and seeing all seven "star wars" films in a row. yes, 7. the newest one capping off that big run. the "phantom menace" is on now. they are not stopping at $60 but another $15 for a this beautiful-looking bucket and eating popcorn all day long. popcorn at 3:30 in the morning. how does that sound to you. take a look at this jedi and what he means about eating pop what he means about eating popcorn all morning.
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dressed up in character, and that the explanation nationwide. it has been reported there is 100 million worth of presales for opening weekend for "star wars: the force awakens." some theatres are doing what this theater is doing showcase cinemas in revere and having the marathon playing up to it. we spoke with a bunch of fans who are really excited, one married couple politely said that the husband dragged the wife to the marathon and she added her own little flare at the end of the interview as well. >> one of those, well, if we can, i guess we might as well. >> i grew up really loving the first three movies. the first thing i wanted to be when i was little was r 2 d 2 and changed to a dolphin. >> reporter: changed to a dolphin, folks. he is going to pay for dragging her to this marathon because when "dolphin tale" comes out, he is in trouble. a lot of jedis and do you want
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report in 30 minutes. reporting live in revere, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> julie: how am i going to follow up that. i wanted to be a doctor when i grew up. not a dolphin. you are cruising easy 7 minutes from the braintree minutes from the braintree split to columbia road. >> shiri: okay, i wanted to be a lawyer and that didn't happen for me either. we have the morning commute and 40 degrees out there now. temperatures slowly keep cooling. by 6 a.m., 40 degrees. 30s on the map at 7 a.m. and highlight the spots close to freezing as we travel through the morning commute. where we have to watch out for some ice coming up. 5 :11 this morning. something missing from this elaborate display. the heartbreak for the homeowners who have done this particular display for decades particular display for decades. and days after a deadly fire, an alert this morning, the up with the one thing fire fighters say homeowners need to make
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen
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a consistent, principled, building a future sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. back here at 5 :15. the san bernandino shooters are buried in a small funeral. only two members of their mosque attended the funeral. the husband and wife killed 14 people and injured 21 in a terrorist attack. they both died in a shoot outwith police. president obama will travel president obama will travel california to meet with families of the victims. the body of a fallen army ranger will be flown into the
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andrew amesbury died last week during a training exercise. he was from stratford. tomorrow the dover baptist church will hold a public visitation before sunday's funeral. a marathon bombing survivor passed away unexpectedly. kevin white died at his home after the family said was an illness. he was at the finish line when the bombs went off. he was hit with shrapnel and suffered ear damage. worcester fire fighters are urging pooh tome have working smoke detectors in their home. the fire that killed two siblings in their burncoat street home is still under investigation. according to the worcester telegram, the house did not have smoke detectors. the fire chief says working smoke detectors would have been beneficial in all five deaths this past year. taking a vacation to cuba on. a popular airline could become reality.
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close to restoring regularly scheduled gift than ever before. like jet. flying to cuba. right now americans have to fly charter flights are fly charter flights are the owner of great bay uber. he says uber drivers are violating the transportation ordinance. the taxi owner says other taxi the taxi owner says other taxis are considering joining him and driving in dover on new year's eve. 5:16 on this thursday. good morning. we have fallen power lines on route 1 a northbound. the road partially blocked. the pike moving along nicely the expressway you can see in these live pictures are wide open as well and still early out there. the volume is very reasonable. live drive times. 23 minutes on pike from 495 to mass avenue.
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the braintree split to the pike. 21 minutes from 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. fox25 meteorologist shiri spear is joining us and you are tweeting out that traveler are tweeting out that travelers in new hampshire and maine need to be a little careful for icy spots when the drizzle develops. you are keeping an eye on that. >> shiri: absolutely. watching the radar for drizzle and temperatures when it drops down to freezing. a close call. most of the cities stay ice most of the cities stay ice-free. careful. ice spots that will exist through 9:00. rain and fog are going to be a much bigger weather threat or weather inconvenience. full, once we hit the evening commute tonight. this is where the freezing rain advisory is in effect until 9 a.m. from nashua, manchester, pelham over to the seacoast. we have southeastern new hampshire right now at risk for seeing that little bit of freezing drizzle this morning. free.
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for possibly a little bit of mist getting down to the ground but honestly all my reports are coming in dry. 41 in boston you don't have any fog or wind issue. 43 degrees. 45 at 9 a.m. a little drizzle that goes until about 1:00 this afternoon and then it starts turning steadier. we do get all the way up to 50 degrees later today there in boston but takes some time and a cooler rain as we look at points north. right now plymouth new hampshire -- sports mouth, new hampshire. one of the spots we will have to watch out for freezing continues and now 39 degrees and expected to be still around 39 degrees at 7 a.m. temperatures work temperatures work their way here into the upper 40s this afternoon and cooler spots places like worcester at 36 right now. our higher he will violations worcester hills, the monadnock region, all of you guys are going to get stuck in the 40s this afternoon. turn rainy with temperatures
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and spots like plymouth milder with 38 degrees with the clouds. temperatures get into the middle 50s late pearl different feeling rain if you were going to be in southeastern mass where it is going to be that much warmer versus inland a cooler rain. look how patchy that drizzle is straight through 1:00 this afternoon between 1 and 4:00, it becomes more widespread and still talking mostly light rain between 4 and 7, turns heavier again. we have pockets of steady and heavy rain in time for the morning commute and dinner morning commute and dinnertime. we will toss some fog that will be forming if you have particular, that's when we will have the worst of the rain, some of the worst of the fog and just when it will be messy messiest for traveling. this is all out of here by 10:00 this peeng. temperatures-wise today. and beverly. 53 in hyannis. upper 40s in bedford and
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and middle 40s in worcester. tonight still in the 40st. don't see much of a drop off. we have the rain and we have got the fog until midnight. tomorrow temperatures climbing similar to today into the lower 50s. but tomorrow is going to be a much, much drier day. here is your seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view, and for tomorrow, the spot to watch is going to be the cape and southeastern massachusetts for just a glancing shower. not going to be an all-day rain but we have the slight chance. you can see how close it comes to the cape and islands. that is the spot to have the umbrella on hand. and otherwise as we head into the weekend. cooler with highs only into the 30s by saturday. sunday, the 40s are back and also going to be the brighter of the two days. back to you, guys. >> all right, shiri. a heads-up for pet owners with gift under the tree. what is being recalled for a
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and a health recall is a but 'tis church is investigating a possible arson. a second fire at same church within two weeks. parishioners say losing a church is a crushing blow to the community.
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through their food pantry. they say they will rebuild. today the mayor of chicago will speak with federal officials into a civil rights investigation into a deadly shooting continues. chicago police officers jason van dyke is formally invite for the shooting death of 17-year-old laquon mcdonald. the officer shot mcdonald 16 times and a dash cam video recorded the whole thing. the indictment is six counts of first-degree murder and one count of official misconduct and he is due back in court tomorrow. the investigation continues tomorrow. the city has been on edge since the video of the shooting was released. protesters demanded the investigation. they are calling for mayor rahm emanuel and other state officials to resign. a convicted child killer has lost an appeal to change his name. charles janes wanted a name change to coincide with his wicken religion. a judge said no and of an appeals court appealed that decision.
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and killed jeffrey curly and stuffed his body in a plastic container later town in maine. both ren are facing life sentences. a judge is refuse a judge is refusing to release the gun used in notorious murder trial. the gun was a key piece of evidence in the trial against pamela smart. smart is serving a life sentence for having her teenaged lover kill her husband. the man who originally owned the gun wants it back. it belonged to the father of the teenaged getaway driver who helped with the murder. state prosecutors argued that the gun should be preserved in case it was needed to uphold the conviction. chipotle vowing to keep food safe after a e. coli and norovirus outbreak sickened people across the country. restaurant restaurant officials will do more to guard against bacteria in central prep kitchens before food is sent to individual locations. throw fresh produce dues in boiling water to sanitize them before of the use.
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norovirus after eating at the chipotle of cleveland circle. taking a full-page ad in the herald saying we are deeply sorry. we are committed of wanting to be the leader in food safety just as we are known for using the best ingredients in a fast the best ingredients in a fast-food setting. 5:26 this morning. searching for thieves who have big love for tom brady. hue team of people made off with thousands of dollars worth of number 12 jerseys. and honoring the man who inspired the ice bucket challenge. the surprise gift for pete frates and family. and we are looking at about half an inch of rain coming in t there's a better way to specialized surgery that's right for you: lahey hospital and medical center. cardiac teams pioneering innovative treatments... and neurosurgeons at the
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right here. america's largest live-donor liver transplant program... right now. and quality outcomes among the nation's best... the right outcomes... for who matters most. lahey hospital and medical center
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a short time ago in theatres not far, far away, "star wars" fans settled in for a long day. they are among the first to see the 7th film in the series, and they don't mind missing sleep to do it. we are live with those excited and interesting fans this morning. it is thursday, december 17. good morning, everybody. i am sara underwood. they are a dedicated group. >> sara: they are so dedicated >> sara: they are so dedicated. i am very impressed. >> gene: they can say they are the first ones to see it. they may need an umbrella if they are outside. a latest on the timeline when rain will be going into york rain will be going into yorktown.
5:26 am
because when you get out of the theatre that is when it will be handy. visibility, a little fog in west massachusetts and as well. reports of a little drizzle out across western mass. no reports into the worcester area at 36 degrees or leominster at 38 leominster at 38. hollis and londonderry at 37 degrees. auburn, newton, durham, new hampshire. those spots are under a freezing rain advisory. if we get drizzle with your temperatures still falling, there is the potential we will have a couple of icy patches. not in boston, 41 degrees and safely remaining above freezing freezing. 40 in reading and lexington. mans feel and brockton. lower 40s to the south shore and the cape and the islands mostly dry at 7 a.m. couple of spots, sprinkles that you will want to ran around and by lunchtime, 48 degrees. drizzle is still kind of hit or miss at noontime today. there will be a lot more spots getting that drizzle but not
5:27 am
hit the afternoon itself. by 3 p.m., 50 degrees, wide spread drizzle and heavy rain by 7:00 this evening and even a little bit before that. i will time out the heaviest and steadiest of rain coming up in a few. jewel yule, live drive times. how are the roads shaping up. >> julie: shaping up well and i want to tell you about an accident that brought down the power lines route 1 a northbound in east boston. that road blocked at boardman street. pike moving along fine. expressway a little bit of slowing northbound right now around morrissey boulevard. you can see past freeport live drive times. 11 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the braintree split. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. sara and gene, back to you. all right, julie. first up this morning, a dog walker said a stranger approached her repeatedly, even coming to her front door. >> gene: a story you will only
5:28 am
fox25 live in littleton with that woman's frightening or deal. good morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning, gene. she says she walks her dog along this road every single day but monday night's walk was one of the most terrifying nights of her life. her name is cassandra and she is just 19 years old and she spoke to fox25 telling us she was out for her walk with her dog lucky when that man walked up to her. he first asked for directions and kept circling around in his white rav 4. she got nervous and ran home and things took another terrifying turn. >> all of a sudden i heard banging on my door and i looked out my window and he was hiding so i couldn't see his license plate. i was going to throw up -- i was like -- i was going to throw up. probably the scary probably the scariest thing that i have gone through so far
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>> reporter: cassandra said the only i think that kept him from getting into her house is the fact that lucky kept charging at the front door. she called her mother and her mother called 911. they are still searching for they are still searching for this man. they are going through surveillance video from nearby businesses hoping to get a look at him and a brief description of what he looks like, we will have that for you in 30 minutes. live in littleton, i am jessica reyes, fox25 news. the operator of the runaway red line train plans to challenge the mbta's decision to fire him. t+ official fired david vasquez yesterday, and his attorney said a rush for judgment. last week vasquez stepped out of a train to trouble shoot a signal problem but did not secure the brake, and the train went several miles without a driver. his lawyer said vasquez denies wrapping a cord around the controls before stepping out. >> mr. vasquez has been very clear. he absolutely categorically denies wrapping a cord or a
5:30 am
the brake the braking system. >> his attorney said the client shouldn't have been fired without a thorough investigation. vasquez is working with his union to challenge the dismissal. something important is missing from a local christmas display and the man who run that display for years says he will do anything to get it back. paul grand has set up had display in his yard in fall river. on monday the control box that runs the lights and music was missing. he spent his childhood in an orphanage and he loves seeing the kids smile at his display. >> they pull over with their grandparents and they take pictures and really thighs to have kids have fun like that, and now it is gone. >> gene: grant said whoever took the box can put it back in his yard no questions asked. these two men are suspected of stealing $2200 worth of tom brady jerseys in natick.
5:31 am
clerk and the other made off with the jerseys. officers haven't said which store that happened at, but the surveillance video is provided by security officers at the natick mall. a new hampshire town rallies around a family who lost everything in a weekend fire. the word family home was destroyed after sunday's fire in hampstead. they lost their dog in the flames and all the pictures and memory memories of a relative who died of cancer last summer. friends of the family have already raised more than $60,000. victims are touched by the support. >> it just amazing that people want to love other people. and we don't do enough of that. we wait for tragedy. >> sara: the fire department is collecting donations as well and even patriots wide receiver julian edelman is joining the efforts. he tweeted out the go fund me site to his thousands of followers. state police want to know what caused the drive of the van to lose control and crash on route 1, 95 in marion killing one of
5:32 am
investigators will only say that a total of five men were in the van, and they were all part of a work crew. the four survivors have serious injuries. state police say a pickup truck was also involved in the crash. at this point, they are not releasing the identities of any of the victims. southbridge public schools are in danger of being taken over by the state. during a meeting, the board of elementary and secondary education say three of the town's schools are in the lowest 10% for academic performance.five schools with more than 2200 more than 2200 student. the worcester telegram say the district is being monitored by the state. a new hampshire high school has cancelled all school dances except for prom. exeter high school officials say the rape trial of an elite private school student as the reason. former softball student owen labrie was charged with three sexual assault charges of a female exeter student.
5:33 am
inappropriate behavior at school dances and labrie's conviction officials conviction president bush them . a safe images of a hashback a safe images of a hashback, dark pickup truck and a man ride a man riding a four wheeler. now we are getting our first look at the damage. you can see the tracks from that four-wheeler. damage will cost the course 30,000. happening now, the countdown is on for "star wars" fans. "star wars: the force awakens" opens across the country. many are settled into their seats watching a marathon of the series previous films. fox25's michael henrich is live at the revere theatre. we just talked to a fan between episode one and two. good morning, michael. >> reporter: oh, they are they are excited. people it not wait for the end of the phantom menace to come out before they refilled their unlimited bowls of popcorn. hundreds of people are here
5:34 am
they are very excited and all dressed up and ready to party. a "star wars: the force awakens a "star wars: the force awakens" party. look at your jedi on the screen look at your jedi on the screen. eccentric and enthusiastic. wonderful fan. even folks coming out to take their breaks are very happy with how things are going far. they are happy to be here and excited for the the new movie. hundreds of people excited for the new movie. "a force awakens" presales are in the country. more than $100 million in presales for this opening weekend. the fans here again very pumped to be here, and you can see it in their faces and in the sound of their voice. >> oh, so very excited. i have been waiting for this for 15 years or so. >> i am ready to just sit down in the theatre for the next 15
5:35 am
the experience. >> reporter: just revel for 16 or so hours. it no big deal. they are dedicated fans. we will go down the hallway and, yes, brave the hallway at showcase cinemas in revere and try to speak with more fans in between the "phantom menace" and "attack of the clones" and another report on this big "star wars" day. live in revere, michael henrich live in revere, michael henrich. >> sara: may be the force be with you. you soon will be able to bring your own alcohol to certain boston restaurants. the city council voted unanimously to lift the byob ban for small restaurants that do not have liquor licenses. it applies to restaurants with less than 30 seats. patrons, that is, will be limited to one six-pack or one bottle of wine. a restaurant in needham has operated under a byob policy successfully. >> a lot easy >> a lot easier to open restaurants and still be able to serve alcohol. >> it is wonderful for people
5:36 am
they can bring what they like, and pay what they want to pay. and enjoy themselves. >> the mayor of boston is expected to sign the measure and the licensing for it. will vote on the proposed ordinance after the new year. 5:40 this morning. high school student from newton is talking about the special meeting with basketball star lebron james. >> walked over -- he touched my heart. >> reporter: aaron miller was honored during the celts-cav. during a timeout lebron came over to say hello. after a lot of rehab he is on the basketball and golf team. he received another big surprise from the big star. >> i saw him taking his shoes off and i am like, no, no. and a -- and it happened. >> lebron gave miller the size 15 sneakers he wore during the game.
5:37 am
the arena and had to pay his respects. if you don't like lebron james before, you got to like him now. lots of props, lebron. very school. >> julie: totally submit and the kid who got the schools said he will put it in a locked case so his holder brother doesn't get any ideas. nobody is coming near those shoes. drive time on 93 south 495 bridge. shiri. we have the risk of rain today and start off pretty low which means extremely patchy drizzle at 7:00. chance will grow. widespread drizzle by the afternoon, by evening, much heavier and i will walk you through it hour by hour next. pulling no punches during a political fight. the assault caught on camera between a candidate and a teenager on the campaign trail. she has inspired countless little girls to follow their dream.
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career with a to how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... then you make it... nothing like this. you make a capital one caf\. someplace more relaxed. with free wi-fi and banking advice... without all the "double talk." and checking accounts with no minimums... or fees. then you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined.
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...the person will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush.
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experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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a popular dog street being recalled. pet smart is recalling apple pet smart is recalling apple-flavored nutro chewy treats over mold concern. check the bottom of your bag. we circled the lot code in red in this image where you will find it on the bag. the four lot codes are on the other side the screen. you can return the treats to petsmart for a full refund. warm weather forces a new hampshire ski resort to shut down. they haven't had one productive night of snow making since november 30 pop the resort is closed until sunday and hopes to make more snow this weekend. and the road that leads through mount washington may be open to cars this season. normally the mountain washington auto road son-in-law hope to hotel vehicles, but unlike decembers in the past, it is not covered in snow. self-driving and guided tours have been closed for two months, but officials at the mountain are considering opening it back up until any real winter weather arrives.
5:42 am
looking at the standingings. the bs in second place on their division and closing. former penguin max talbot skating again his old team and his first goal as a bruins. 1-0. ryan spoof ryan spooner off a penguin defender. hayes gets credit for the goal. he will take it. they will face penguins in the back end of a home-at-home. look how the first half end. former uconn star, the half court short and a buzzer beater and goes right on target. pistons up 3 at the break. could have tied the game with a 3, but instead he drives and he misses. detroit hangs on to beat the celtics 119-116. special sendoff to one of the most famous female athletes of her generation. abby wombach played her final game.
5:43 am
in new orleans. the. they played 255 games for the united states and scored 184 goals. she didn't have any last night though as the u.s. lost to china 1-0. framingham voter also have a chance to decide if their town should become a city. officials say yesterday that a pro-city group gathered enough votes to put a ballot question to voters. the group wants to create a charter commission to study other forms of government. that vote will take place in march. a boston police k-9 who served the department for seven years has died. k-9 rico passed away after enjoying 11 months of retirement. the news was tweeted out yesterday, but the department thanks rico for his service. good morning, julie. >> julie: good morning, sara. 5:47. route 3 south of town moving afine from 228 from hingham and weymouth to the braintree area. major roadways that feed on to
5:44 am
haven't seen the volume to start to increase quite yet except on the expressway and in the southbound lanes. a stall over by morrissey boulevard giving us sluggish conditions on the expressway. you can see northbound past freeport street still moving along at a decent pace. live drive times. 12 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the braintree split. from 24 from 106 to 128. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to columbia road. roads out there dry for the most part in boston, but i know most part in boston, but i know, julie, keeping an eye on what could be ice in the new hampshire, maine area. >> reporter: a couple of things going on. seeing moisture moving non. the video in littleton of the mist. perhaps a little bit of flurries even mixed in there early on this morning, but if there are one or two flurries out there, it will quickly change over to drizzle this morning. and with drizzle falling over a cold ground in spots like southern new hampshire. watch out for icy spots. i don't believe it will be wide i don't believe it will be widespread. rain and fog is a bigger
5:45 am
the evening hours. here is where we have that freezing rain from pelham to nashua and manchester, new hampshire. eastward toward the seacoast. any travelers in these spots bear in mind from town to town temperatures will vary. if you leave your house and you are above freezing, you could be driving across another community where it is a bit cooler and and could you see the icy areas. let's be cautious. portsmouth at 39 degrees with just the clouds obviously above freezing there and upper 30s at 7 a.m., scooting up to 42 by 9 a.m. and upper 40s for you. a little milder in boston. 4 degrees now. you do not drop back to freezing. we will see that drizzle move in by late morning and into the it turns steadier with temperatures getting into the lower 50s. one of my hot spots coming out of southeastern massachusetts. new bedford at 41. look where temperatures are going today, middle 50s. a lot warmer for the south and east of boston to the north and west. that is where we are going to see temperatures getting a
5:46 am
this is the picture at 1:00 this afternoon where we have drizzle developing. little more widespread as we shift into the afternoon hour and then by 4:00 this afternoon and then by 4:00 this afternoon. it is turning heavier. after 4 p.m., you want to you get ready for downpours continuing on and off throughout evening commute. this is 7 p.m., so dinnertime will be wet and foggy and moves on out by 10:00 tonight. and although we are still dry, we are going to hang on to fog after that. 50 in boston. 50 in beverly. 53 from beverly down to high an thinks. and versus the middle 40s in worcester and nashua and keene and colder rain out in those communities and the communities to start with one or two flurries mixing with the drizzle this morning. otherwise fog and showers ending before midnight tonight and tomorrow we are back in the lower 50s, and we have also got mostly cloudy skies along the coastline. a few more breaks of sunshine
5:47 am
your seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view now. and i have got over the weekend the chance for some more flurries here on saturday at about 39 degrees. you can see not much in the way of any kind of accumulation. maybe toward brattleboro or keene and we will see flurries to stick. sunday the milder day at 46 degrees and next week 50s are back for highs. back to you guys. from terror to reality star from terror to reality stars to maps, the top -- to math. the top trending topics.
5:48 am
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5:44. homeowners will not have to worry about a ice dam deductible. was trying to add a $10,000 deductible but state insurance regulator says no. ice dams form on a roof's edge and can cause interior walls -- and damage to interior walls and ceiling. they plan to offer the deductible to customers with multiple ice dam claims and were in danger of
5:50 am
policies cancelled. 242 years ago this week the boston tea party took place. it was december 16, 1773 when one of the nation's most iconic protests happened. to take a stand against taxation without representation. that time tea from london's east india company was tossed into the harbor and the tame product they used at the old south meetinghouse. the first time the actual tea has been used since a re-enactment 200 years ago. high honors for the face of the ice bucket challenge whose story inspired millions across the world. the ground was broken at a new building in endicott college named after feet fray tease. the ice bucket challenge went viral and raised millions for als. the whole family is honored by the dedication. >> it has always been about not him, but what it stands for for those who are come before him and those who are soon to be
5:51 am
>> sara: there was a surprise as well for pete's daughter, lucy. how cute is she. she was offered a full four she was offered a full four-year scholarship that includes tuition, room and board in the dorms named after her dad. >> gene: very nice. google is out with the top searches of 2015. the biggest news story was the paris. the most searched topic was lamar odom. google's round-up are the top trending searches. a politician under fire for posting gruesome photos of a local man killed by isis. the point she was trying to make with the bloody pictures of the new hampshire native's death. new at 6:00 reason an eerie sight a half a mile under water. a sunken ship brought down by a powerful hurricane. drizzle continuing this morning continuing through lunchtime and we change it over
5:52 am
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now at 6:00, a frightening encounter in a quiet town. a teenager has a stranger following her home. >> gene: what that teen did to protect herself. he was all on leave and a local principal submitted his resignation.
5:55 am
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