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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  December 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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inspection, you'll find some of the spots in cape cod. barren stable, yarmouth and dennis, rain along the coastline, south of 28, you all know that very well if you're familiar with cape cod. off to the northwest, heavy rain as well. this takes you to the north shore, new bury port, southeast new hampshire seeing some of the heavy rain. westward into woodward, barry, athey ,athel, heavy rain, along 202 and north and south of t. on south athal road that runs across 202, stratton getting some of the heavy rain. windham county vermont, heavy rain. heat in wilmington, moving toward you in bratborough along
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moves through, you can keep track of it using our fox 25 weather app. it has live storm tracker radar, severe weather alerts, and the seven day forecast. it's free to download to any apple or android device. >> mark: breaking news, a friend of the san bernardino killers is under arrest tonight. police say he is the man who supplied two of the guns used during the horrific december 2 attack. >> vanessa: meanwhile today, president obama and his national security team working to ensure americans that everyone will be safe this holiday season. steve nanitz is following the late breaking details. >> the reporter: two major developments in the investigation and aftermath of the san bernardino shooting. sources tell cnn that federal prosecutors are expected to file charges against enrique marquez, the friend and former neighbor of syed rizwan farook, one of the attackers. the charges will be based partly on allegations that marquez purchased two of the rifles used in the december 2 attack that left 14 people dead. >> if he is telling investigators that he purchased
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that if syed rizwan farook did, it would draw attention or you couldn't pass the background check, he is essentially a straw purchase early. >> marquez told investigators that he had no prior knowledge of the attack, but he admitted to purchasing the two ar-15's and plotting a 2012 attack with farook that they did not carry out. meanwhile, president obama spent the morning with his national security team, at the national counterterrorism center. >> good morning everybody. >> he received an update on the san bernardino investigation, and told americans that at the moment, there is no specific or credible information about an attack, but urged vigilance. >> anyone trying to harm americans need to know they need to know that we're strong and we're resilient, we will not be terrorized. we've prevailed over much greater threats than this. we will prevail again. >> the reporter: on friday, the president will travel to san bend, to privately meet with the
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>> vanessa: and this just in to our newsroom. we have just learned the man who bought the guns used in the san bernardino attack has been charged with terrorism counts. when we found out the charges were coming, we first alerted you through our fox 25 app. to get breaking news, traffic, weather, an other important information, download the fox 25 app for your phone or tablet. it is free-for-all devices. >> bail denied for a framingham man accused of threatening to kill police officers. prosecutors say daniel mcnulty told his brother in officers showed up to arrest him on domestic violence charges, he would kill as many of them as possible. mcnulty is charged with killing his girlfriend and many offenses connected to a suspended gun license. >> vanessa: 87% of the state's nearly 2500 workers are that's something governor baker tells us he wants to address as the department gets overhauled. i certainly think any time we have an opportunity to
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serving some of our most vulnerable populations it's important and it's something obviously we will continue to do and continue to work to improve on, so we get north of, you know, 90, 95%. >> vanessa: state lawmakers passed a new licensing requirement last year, after the death of a fitchburg boy. >> mark: an opening woman is asking fox 25 viewers for help tonight to find an irreplaceable christmas present that was stolen from her mailbox. crystal haynes is live in opening where the woman found out the terrible news. crystal. >> the reporter: i can tell you that jude david meant for one of these gifts to honor her father, who died after cancer last august. and after niece packages were stolen, they came here to the post off here in epping and that's where she discovered that her packages were stolen. it is certainly a heartbreak for her family. >> everyone calls him blue eyes, thaws he had the most beautiful blue eyes.
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>> it was our first thanksgiving without him. we're really not, you know, looking forward to the first christmas without him. >> but jude david wanted to honor her father who died from cancer last august. >> he was very down to earth man, and always wore flannel shirts, so i actually snuck one out of her closet,nd you know, after he had passed, she kind of locked everything away. >> the reporter: she sent the church to texas where a seamstress create this had memorial pillow for her mother, but it was stolen among other packages delivered to jude's home on december 4. >> they probably saw packages being delivered to my mailbox, and they weren't selective, they stole all of our mail and all of the packages. >> >> her family now suffering another loss. >> that memorial shirt, you know, my dad's shirt, doesn't mean anything to anyone. this means everything to our family. >> jude tells me local police are investigating, and in the
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rallied around her family, helping her to search for the pillow. one woman in near by hampton, new hampshire, offering to make christmas. >> it turned in to a good story, that there's so many kind people out there, that -- who care, and you know, they are in the spirit of giving, and the good outweighs the bad. >> the reporter: tonight, at 6:00 p.m., in our next hour of news, jude tells me the evidence she found just yards away from her doorstep. reporting in epping new hampshire, tonight, chris malhaynes,:w >{ news -- chris hall tins. >> mark: a man in custody on robbery charges being investigated for a dozen armed robberies in several states. >> vanessa: he was accused of robbing the brewster farm market. now police say he's a suspect in a few bedford robbery and could be connected to robberies in washington, virginia, pennsylvania and washington, d.c. the f.b.i. is also. >> mark: an s.u.v. splashes into a building in taunton, leaving this huge hole behind.
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who spoke with the driver involved seconds after the crash. >> he was trying to avoid another car, and he hit the gas instead of the brake. and ran through the building. >> the building is abandoned, and the 79-year-old driver is doing ok. >> vanessa: a close call for a student trying to make it on to her school bus in whitman. the 15-year-old girl was hit while crossing the street headed towards that bus. she has minor injuries. we're told this happened on washington street in whitman and the driver did stop. a traffic nightmare in charlestown after this talk rollover, the truck tipped on its side around 7:00 p.m. this morning, blocking all but one lane near bunker hill community college. that crash caused significant delays on rutherford avenue. no word yet on the cause or injuries to the driver. >> new at 5:00 p.m., everett police are sharing this video in hopes it will help them cash a cold hearted thief. the person in this video is wanted for stealing a snow blower on december 10 from a home on school street. if you have any information,
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there tonight, but plenty of rain out there and solve it is coming down heavily and cold air behind this rain will bring some flakes. >> mark: are playing fields making sports a dangerous game? why legislators are taking efforts to make artificial turf safer for your players. >> vanessa: is the gaming commission worried about opening for casinos? we get answers about the state gamble on casinos. >> major flooding issues have led to safety hazards. >> we have to go around canal street to avoid deep water.
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solution city officials say will comfort keepers can provide a of in-home services for your aging loved ones. we'll assess their needs and
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change. >> mark: heavy rains continuing to fall throughout our area. storm tracker radar pretty lit up with greens and yellows. kevin is tracking it all and his updated forecast is less than six minutes away on the fox 25 at 5:00 p.m. >> vanessa: tonight's rain could cause a big problem in salem. flooding on a major road in that city is so bad, they're calling it a public safety hazard. >> mark: the city has a $32 million project in the works to fix the issue. some drivers are steering clear of that area tonight because of the rain now. >> the reporter: and mark, they told me they are just not taking any chances. right here behind me, you can see we're here along canal street in salem and already, part of the road starting to fill up with water. the problem, of course, is if it
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about feet of water. >> i'm not going to take the chance. >> the reporter: this driver told us, whenever it rains, he avoids taking canal street and from the picture, can you see why. the city sent us this photo of a car floating after resents heavy rains. salem fire chief says chronic flood something a major safety hazard, and impacts how quickly they respond to emergencies. >> we are always end up on canal street with cars floating in the water, so it's just impossible for us or the police to actually make it through. >> codey says ambulances heading to and from salem hospital also have to use other roads and over at salem state university, this sign warns drivers the parking lot is a flood area. >> oh, yeah. you don't want to park there. the city is now working on a $32 million project to improve the 1 1/4 mild road, including adding a pumping stage under the university parking lot, large enough to hold four million gallons of water. they also wants to level out the
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raised in the middle. >> the road is at a 30-degree angle. the road is completely messed up. >> the project is set to start next spring and take 18 months, a major disruption, but one codey says will be worth it. >> being able to pass will be great for us. it will get us to the other side of the city a lot quicker. >> and flooding is has also affected local businesses like this one you're seeing. coming up in the 6:00 p.m. hour, the drastic measure the hone or told me he's had to take because of the flooding, and the reason why she's so skeptical about this plan. in salem, stephanie quinu, fox 25 news. >> >> vanessa: police are stepping up security tonight in advance of the premiere of the biggest movie of the year. >> mark: "star wars," the force awakens, opens in just two hours. while you were sleeping, we found fans already lining up and watching the entire series before the new episode premieres. fox 25's robert goulston is live in braintree, where there's a
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expected tonight, robert, and police their force will be strong inside and outside the theaters. >> oh, it sure will be, mark, and all of the shows have already sold out here, they're expecting huge crowds, in the next couple of hours. and as we all know, "star wars" fans love to watch the movie in costumes. police are also in place to make sure there aren't any problems. "star wars" fans never come up short when it comes to enthusiasm. >> first thing i wanted to be when i was little was r2d2 and then changed to a dolphin. >> 6:00 p.m., and instead of going to, would, i came here instead. >> kyle with his darth vader colors under here is going to the 10:00 p.m. show tonight. >> yeah. absolutely. >> the hugely hyped movie is
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police because of the huge crowds expected. >> we'll have officers in this other lobby and i'm sure if there's a problem, they'll go into one of the theaters, but for the most parks they'll be in the lobby area, so they're visible to the crowds coming in. >> amc theaters are strictly enforcing rules like no carrying or displaying weapons of any kind, real or city and making sure people -- toy, and making sure people know there is no mask or hood that obscures their face and some theaters are not allowing face paint. the good news is you can bring your late saber. but you have to turn it off during the movie. at 6:00 p.m., there's also another big problem that police are dealing with, that even if you aren't coming to the movie, you may want to listen. that part of the story tonight at 6:00 p.m. live in braintree, robert goulston, fox 25 news. >> mark: going down memory lane.
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"star wars" movies opened in 1977 and it was a big year for classics. >> vanessa: star check out some of the other movies hovering in the top 20. >> mark: drum roll please, with all the hype and buzz around this movie, we created our own the force awakens movie poster. kevin is hans solo, he can control the weather. vanessa is playing the role of ray. looking good there. >> vanessa: tom is a new jedi and ock went to the dark side. i was hoping for princess leah. >> mark: that's wrecking my hair. hans solo, let's bring any to this. >> kevin: that may be the favorite thing we've ever seen in our newscast. >> mark: may the force be with
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>> i saw the 1977 opener at the drive-in. let's talk where some of the heaviest rang is happening on cape cod. spots of yellow on buzzard's bay along the south coast, nantucket, heavy rain. focus in on a couple of the places showing heavy downpour activity on cape cod. here. bourne, wareham, buzzard's bay, you're seeing some of the yellows showing up on live storm tracker doppler radar. this takes you along route 28 into the falmouth area. foster howard road, portside drive getting some of the heavier rain and keith road and frederickson road getting heavy rain right now. off to the north of there, take it from here up to the north of plymouth, you're finding heavy rain moved offshore, getting on out of here, it just came through the marshfield area, we'll focus in on that. up to the north and west into gardener, seeing some heavy rain. northern worcester county and bleeds over into southwest new hampshire, rindge, heavy activity. gardener, 101 and 140, near the
5:17 pm
those two roads, along raymond street seeing heavy rain. stone street and heavy rain at this time. to the northeast now, up to southeastern new hampshire, near portsmouth, heavy rain, just south of raymond, in this area, seeing heavy rain. haverhill, massachusetts, north of the massachusetts border, sandown seeing some heavy rain at this moment as well. we can always track this on live storm tracker doppler radar, give you an idea some of the roads being affected and the towns in southeast vermont. this takes you from wardsborough, brattleboro and bellows fall, a lot of heavy rain coming in here too and moving toward you in southwest new hampshire. overhead, you can see the rain extends back in to new york, into the hudson valley, near the massachusetts border really, but a lot of it has been moving up the front, not so much west to east, as it is southwest to northeast. so it's going to be a while before we get it on out of here. here's a timeline what you can expect tonight. more heavy rain rolling on through during the evening hours, especially cape cod and the islands, but an end is near and just after midnight tonight, we'll see the last of these
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futurecast takes you to 1:00 a.m. in the morning. the last lingering showers especially in southeastern massachusetts through the morning. the front will stall just offshore and how far offshore will determine how much of this shower activity makes it back into southeastern new england. this is radar, but also your temperatures. boston is 50 degrees. clearly warm enough everywhere for just rain and not snow coming on in. temperature will stay fairly steady all night long in boston. here's what we're looking at for futurecast. you have the clouds, the front is offshore and here come the clouds through the morning and afternoon. steady rain may clip nantucket. sunshine breaking out northwest to southeast before it goes down during the afternoon tomorrow, but cold air coming behind the showers, going to change the temperatures. now, tomorrow, not so much, still in the 40's for high. framingham, 49. whalen, 48 tomorrow afternoon. but this sunshine, will give way to some clouds and some snow flurries on saturday. that's in your seven-day forecast. wait until you see how cold it's going to be. we've been talking about the
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your weekend is always in view, in this case, it's in view with cold temperatures. 37 for a high on saturday. raised a degree from what we had yesterday. bottom line, flurries and some very cold winds to start your weekend. >> mark: framingham voters will have a chance to decide if their towns should become a city, a pro-citigroup has gathered enough signatures to put a question to voters, they want to create a charter commission to stalled other forms of government. that vote will take place in march. framingham has the largest population of any town in the state. well, santa, may only work one night a year, but old st. nick, always knows what's going on. >> vanessa: he appeared early in stoneham days after a controversial story. fox 25 first told you about on tuesday, the substitute elementary school teacher who raised questions about santa. two days later, the posters start today appear around town. each poster comes with a red ribbon so show where santa's sleigh passed by on a practice run. >> mark: recipe for success.
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organization that's transforming people's lives through cooking. >> vanessa: plus, cutting you a tax break. tax breaks soon coming to families across america, but find out why they could:np$_s come at a big cost. >> mark: stepping up security at the happiest place on earth. how crews are making sure disney parks around the world are safer for families.
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fitzgerald. >> mark: infamous drug company c.e.o. who jacked up the price of a live saving pill has been arrested at his new york city home for an unrelated crime. >> vanessa: this is new video into the newsroom. within the last ten minute of martin shkreli after he posted a $5 million bail this afternoon. shkreli is facing security fraud charges from hedge funds he helped to manage. they say he took stock from a biotech company he started in 2011 to pay off debts. shkreli is the c.e.o. of turing pharmaceuticals. he raised a drug that fightsive and cancer from $13 a pill to $750 a pill. >> mark: the red cross deployed mental health professionals to san bend california where 14 people were murdered in the
5:22 pm
carolina where a man opened fire on a prayer service. licensed professionals and on-line classes train volunteers to offer emotional support. >> whether it's a mass shooting, whether it's a tornado, whether it's a hurricane, when it's over, there are people who need help. >> mass shootings were a part of what was an unusually busy year for the red cross. they responded to 176 u.s. disasters, that's more than each of the past three years. expect tighter security next time you visit a major theme park. disney has installed metal detectors at all of its parks in orlando and they plan to do the same in california. guests will be randomly selected for a check the company is also banning anyone over 14 from wearing a costume and stopping sales of toy guns at parks and resorts. universal studios and sea world are also upping security, using metal detectors and bag checks to keep guests safe. >> vanessa: a new hampshire judge will not release a gun used in a notorious murder. the weapon if question was pa key piece of evidence in the pamela smart trial. smart is serving a life sentence
5:23 pm
kill her husband 25 years ago. the gun belonged to the father another teen, also involved in the plot. he wanted it back, but the judge decided it should be held in case it's needed to uphold smart's conviction. >> today, the body of a new hampshire army ranger returns to nudge. corporal andrew aimesbury of stratford died this month during a live fire training accident. the wake is set for friday in dover. his funeral set for saturday and on saturday, all flags in the state will fly at half-staff. in springfield, a park will be named after a marine killed during a terror attack on u.s. soil. gunnery sergeant thomas sullivan died in a mass shooting at a recruiting center in tennessee. he will be moss hue miscellaneously awarded the purple heart. >> vanessa: local shoppers getting a big surprise, while thursday and friday fill up their grocery carts. >> mark: what big papi was doing in massachusetts this afternoon. >> are synthetic fields safe for kids to live on. parents want to know and so now
5:24 pm
>> revenues continue to slide at the state's only slot parlor. why the chairman of the gaming commission says he's not worried. >> kevin: tracking rain moving through in time for the evening drive. live storm trac i absolutely love my new york apartment, but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage belongings should they get damaged, x [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you
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fox 25 storm tracker chief fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz next few hours. >> kevin: more rain is what you can expect, as it rolls in from the northeast to southwest. live storm tracker doppler radar, right along the coast of cape cod, chatham, also have seen some heavy rain along the and nantucket, but most of that is out of the area, at least for now and on to cape cod, right in here, heavy rain, north of the
5:26 pm
along the coast here, just offshore of chatham and harwich. off to the north there, along the south shore, just south of plymouth t looks like, it may be just offshore, but we got some on the roadways here too, south of plymouth along route 3 and 3a, sandwich, heaviest rain happening as well. farther to the north, through cohasset and marshfield, this line of rain is pushing on through. some of the yellow that's showing up from norwell, sciate, 3a as well is where some of the heaviest rain is happening and off to the northwest, worcester county, a look at this yellow happening right in here. that's coming down hard as you get into the town of gardener, along 2 postal service 2 tanned 2a. focus more closely and see where the heavy rain is affecting the local roadways. orange up in there. templeton state forest and just like, heaviest is pushed off to the northeast. we'll keep tracking the heavy
5:27 pm
we can see flurries this weekend. >> vanessa: quincy police have arrested a second man who they believe broke into a home and tied up a pregnant woman. william machen was arrested without incidents in revere. macken was transported to quincy and expected in court tomorrow morning. nearly two weeks, fox 25 brought you live breaking news coverage of the break-in on president's lane. a pregnant woman was tied up and more than $40,000 cash was stolen. one suspect was arrested near the scene. a child porn arrest at the coast guard barracks on the cape. brian buff was arrested of north barnstable yesterday morning, he is being held at the barnstable county correctional facility. police had just arrested ruff over the weekend and charmed him with oui. >> vanessa: two men were sentenced in federal court, prosecutors say they made false statements about a hedge fund
5:28 pm
the pair received millions in fees, while the fund lost hundreds of millions of dollars. gabrielle pertrand was the associate professor of the sloan school of business. a man was calling a teenage girl while she walked her dog monday night on keene street. the man asked her for directions, then kept following her, asking her how old she was and where she lived. things took a terrifying turn when he showed up at her home and tried to get in. >> he was banging on my window, my door, calling me all sorts of names, and he wanted to get inside my house. i looked out my window and he turned on his high beams, so i couldn't see his license plate. >> vanessa: the man was driving a white rav4 and had some sort of accent. police are looking for him and believe he did the same thing to another girl on taylor street. >> mark: the boston board of health has passed a vote on a proposal to change the minimum
5:29 pm
mayor marty walsh is backing the change. lawmakers are considering a bill to change the age at a statewide level. fox 25 will have the outcome of boston city council has voted unanimously to allow certain restaurants to adopt a bring your own alcohol policy. it will apply to businesses with no liquor license, and fewer than 30 seats. in southie, roxbury, hyde park and dorchester. patrons will be able to bring a mayor marty walsh is expected to sign the measurement licensing board will vote on the proposed ordinance some time next year. >> vanessa: a portsmouth new hampshire taxi company is considering taking its business elsewhere on new year's eve. great bay taxi is threatening to hit the roads of dover instead. the owner told the portsmouth herald, uber drivers are not following the transportation ordinance and portsmouth isn't stopping them. meanwhile, earlier this week, the transportation certificate veries committee recommended the city get a court order to force
5:30 pm
>> mark: david ortiz getting the attention of some local shoppers for sure. the sox slugger making a surprise appearance at several local grocery stores. fox 25's sports director tom leyden with more on the product big papi is pitching. >> you know, ock, i don't think it matters much to sox fans what he's pitching. with david ortiz getting ready for his final season, they are scooping up any opportunity they can to spend some time with one of the greatest sox ever. today, in dedham, ortiz was at the stop and shop, unveiled new additions to the big papi's kitchen collection. ortiz' group created latin inspired snacks. a new recipe for ortiz' fresh salsa plus a black wean boone bean salsa. fans got a chance to take selfies and autographs as they got a holiday thrill from number 34. david was not the only red sox player giving back. ahead at 6.
5:31 pm
to 48 lucky kids at fenway park. happy holiday season for them as well. tom leyden, fox 25 news. >> a day care squeeze, why some child care providers say they're being forced to wait for their money when the state is picking up the tab. >> vanessa: also ahead, i'll take you inside a local organization that's using cooking to transform people's levels. their recipe for success coming up. >> mark: first, dozens of new tax breaks coming to families across the country. up next, why some lawmakers say
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problem. >> vanessa: the chairman of the gaming commission says he's not at all worried about the health of casinos in massachusetts. >> his comments come as the state's only one that's open isn't making as much money as it did when it first opened. fox 25's sharman sachetti talked with steve crosby at today's gaming commission meeting and joins us live in boston. >> >> the reporter: with more and more states along the east coast giving out licenses for casinos, and yes, declining revenues at plain ridge park, it is raising a lot of questions about the health of casinos. >> are you concerned about oversaturation in massachusetts right now? >> no. not at all. >> the reporter: game commission chairman steve crosby tells me despite steadily declining revenues at lynn ridge park, the casino generated money in state coffers and two other casinos yet to be built, he's noter worried. >> the reporter: do you have concerns about whether or not the casinos could be sustainable in massachusetts? >> the answer to that question
5:35 pm
>> the reporter: in june, with great fanfare. by july, it had lost revenues of $18.1 million. by september, that number had dropped to $12.6 million. and by november, down again, to $11.9 million. >> the revenues that have been paid to the community is in the millions. the tax revenues to the commonwealth has been in excess of $30 million. >> still, the dropping revenues for four straight months means the state has h to drastically readjust the amount of money it brought in from $105 million, down to $64 million in november. with the mgm casino changing its design and wynn resorts just getting started, questions remain about the viability of casinos here. >> the revenues are lower than they were expected to be, true, but that doesn't mitigate the fact that there's been this enormous economic impact of the casino. >> plain ridge park has put out a statement dismissing any concerns, calling the results not unusual and saying there's always a falloff in activity after a new facility opens.
5:36 pm
point, massachusetts taxpayers having to bail out casinos? >> that wouldn't be up to me. that would be up to the legislature, and i can't imagine the legislature bailing out casinos. if businesses don't make it, they go down the drain. >> the reporter: i did reach out to governor baker for comment, a spokeswoman telling me only the administration continues to track and monitor those developments. live in boston, sharman sachetti, fox 25 news. >> mark: mark your calendars, new hampshire's first in the nation primary is set for february 9, 2016. secretary of state bill gardener set the date today. he has the exclusive power to decide the date and must make it seven days prior to any other similar contest. the decision was widely expected given the lack of pressure from other states. the iowa caucuses are set for february 1. a bit of love happening between two highly controversial politicians. russian president vladimir putin says donald trump is brilliant and talented. the high praise came today
5:37 pm
the feeling seems to be mutual as well. trump has previously said he and putin could get along well. the fair recently appeared together on 60 minutes. >> vanessa: defense secretary ash carter's emails are being reviewed by the armed services committee a day after it was revealed he used his personal email for work purposes. carter admits it happened for several months when he took office, all while hillary clinton was under fire for the very same thing. both carter and senator john mccain, who chairs the armed services committee say carter should have known better. now his emails are being reviewed to make sure nothing sensitive was compromised. the pentagon is standing by carter, saying he did nothing wrong. >> massachusetts is adding more jobs, but the unemployment rate is also going up. in november, the jobless rate rose a tenth of a point. in fact, it's still under the national average. 5900 jobs were added in november, and overall, in 2015, more than 67,000 jobs have been created. >> vanessa: americans are likely to keep enjoying a long list of taxies breaks. the u.s. house of
5:38 pm
making a number of tax deductions permanent. that includes the earned income tax credit for lower income workers, and the enhanced child tax credit. there are also tax breaks for teachers, real estate developers, even makers of hard apple cider. the plan would add $622 million to the deficit. opponents say congress should have found a way to pay for the cuts. >> kevin: tracking heavy rain moving through during your evening drive. when this gets out of here and the cold air that replace it is. >> are synthetic fields safe for student athletes? local there's a better way to specialized surgery that's right for you: lahey hospital and cardiac teams pioneering innovative treatments... and neurosurgeons at the forefront of spinal surgery... right here. liver transplant program... right now. nation's best... the right outcomes... for who matters most. lahey hospital and
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>> mark: storm tracker radar, lit up right now. as heavy rains continue to fall in our area. kevin is tracking it all and his updated forecast is less than four minutes away on the fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. >> vanessa: one week ago tonight, i had the honor of hosting the salvation army luncheon, celebrating the many lives transformed by the greater boston salvation army centers
5:40 pm
a dorchester mom who says this organization provided her the recipe that changed her life. >> tucked away in the boston neighborhood of dorchester is the state of the art salvation army facility, where communities gather, inside is the ray and joan crock culinary center and it's in this kitchen where dreams are made. >> i really wanted to do it, but i didn't have the means to do it. >> pa frisch sharbaneau, a wife and mother of three, dreamed of becoming a chef, but without the resources, a high school degree or even a job, she didn't think it would come true. >> i would call and hang up the phone. >> but all that changed when her prayers were answered by chef timothy, creator of the culinary arts training program. he emailed patricia, offering her a free spot in his class. >> it was the best news i have ever heard hand so i came and i gave it 100%. >> she knew how important it was for herself to invest in the program. >> chef tim's program taught all things culinary and patricia
5:41 pm
but what she learned other than cooking she says, is invaluable. >> being confident, managing money and all these different things, this is where i found myself. >> and because of her new found confidence and skills, it wasn't long before patricia launched her very own business, but she will never forget the chance she was given, one, that in the end, all the money or degrees in the world couldn't buy. >> i didn't just leave as a chef, a knife set and a certificate. i left knowing, like, who i was, what i have wanted out of life. >> that's much better than the first one. >> oh-oh. i flattened that one's head. >> how long? >> four minutes. >> the reporter: and so she visits from time to time, to the kitchens she says feels like home. >> now that turned out pretty good. >> it looks breath terms of accumulation than -- it looksbetter than all the rest. >> from her journey, a message
5:42 pm
this time rings true. >> but you can do it. >> that's great. >> it's going to be hard, you're going to cry, and some days, might not be so great, but it's going to be worth it. it will be worth it. >> the reporter: she is an amazing woman and she is proof that dreams do come true. patricia is even working now on a patent to her own line of butters. you can check out her catering web site and crack a link to the crock culinary center at >> mark: it was great being at that luncheon last week with you and seeing the stories of many people whose lives were transformed through the salvation army and especially in the culinary center and chef timothy. he's like a rock star. he could go anywhere and he chose to help people in the inner city find careers. >> vanessa: he really is transforming lives. the majority of the graduates from that culinary program have jobs, have their own catering
5:43 pm
how the salvation army is providing them a means to the jobs. >> mark: he was so enthusiastic at that luncheon as well. he wanted to give out the cookies, they were good. he gave me a couple. i appreciate it. >> vanessa: they were good. >> mark: nice job. special treat for sick children in vermont. four trucks full of toys arrived at the university of vermont children's hospital in burlington yesterday. police, firefighters, the red cross, an other agencies worked together to collect hundreds of toys for children who will spend christmas in the hospital. yes, jolly old st. nick was there as well on hand to greet the children and hand out the toys. >> vanessa: today, fox 25 cares gave the hard-working people of break. >> mark: as is tradition, our team took over the bells, and the bell ringing duties in downtown crossing today. vanessa and i had a great time meeting all of you, and of course, we were not alone. the morning team kicked off the event and tom and kevin joined us, later on sarah wroblewski to
5:44 pm
organization. >> vanessa: we met a lot of neat folks out there and collected a lot of money. >> mark: and the rain held off. until we were getting ready to leave, then the drops started falling. >> vanessa: a little cold out there. made it festive. >> kevin, you had it right from the get-go, you said it would not rain on us. >> kevin: well, you know, it got to the point where there was drizzle and fog on the way in, but the rain did hold off, the steady rain, and now we're dealing with it all across southern new england, moving into much of new england and we're seeing some of the heaviest rain south of boston, but also showing up to the north, so we're going to examine a couple of these spots. this takes you out to the new bedford area, to the south of boston and cape cod, martha's rain. there is heavy rain in spots, just south of the immediate plymouth area along route 3 and off to the east toward the shoreline, seeing yellow showing up in here. and the roadways being affected, zoom down with live storm tracker and you'll see that
5:45 pm
to the yellow and orange. there's beaver dam road, you're about to get some of the heavy rain come through your area. to the north we go. this takes us out to cape ann, gloucester, rockport, manchester by the sea, seeing some of the heavy rain happening now. we'll zip on down here and check it out. rockport and gloucester. beech street getting heavy rain and corey road. 127 between rockport and gloucester, getting heavy rain. manchester, and milford and weare and henniker, crossing i-93 for the evening drive there. into worcester county, bellingham and men den, heavy rain, milford as well, along 495 and route 16 of course just to the northeast of menden and heavy rain along highland street and along country club lane too. go down closer, look at that more closely. taft street, you drive into the heavy rain and west fountain road there is, so that continues into worcester county too, so just about everywhere you look, there's heavy rain happening and we're able to track that closely.
5:46 pm
end also coming to it here in western massachusetts, at least an end to the steady rain that here's futurecast showing you the timeline with the heaviest rain coming through southeastern massachusetts, just after 7:00 p.m. this evening. but all the rain breaking apart after that. and then, outside of a few showers around through the late night hours, we'll see an end tonight. the clouds will still be around and into the morning. we'll watch a couple of showers, southeastern massachusetts. the question for tomorrow will be how close the front stalls offshore and how much of this rain coming up the front from the southwest makes it back into southeastern massachusetts. hat this point, i'm thinking, not very much. there are temperatures out there right now. look at manchester, new hampshire. 42 degrees right now, so a colrain is going to fall there and these temperatures are kind of waffling back-and-forth in the 40's all night long. norwood is 52. new bedford, 53. so definitely warmer, than southeastern massachusetts. clouds first thing in the morning. here comes the rain rippling along the front to our south. steadiest to the southeast,
5:47 pm
southeastward from the northwest. boston and south shore, a lot of clouds, but some breaks of sun by the end of the day and we clear it out tomorrow night, leading to a colder start to your weekend, after high temperatures tomorrow, generally in the 40's. i expect the warmest to be in the morning and then temperatures will start to fall during the afternoon as the colder air arrives. this is the snow shower activity that will be blowing into new england during the day on saturday. look, it's just flurries, we're to the talking about accumulating snow, but that's how cold the air is moving in. you'll see it in seven-day forecast. weekend always in view. 37 degrees, flurries on saturday. patriots are playing about 40 degrees at kickoff sunday afternoon. >> vanessa: first night this year will be capped off by a fireworks show, put on by boston mayor marty walsh. and the view guard foundation the organization which produces the 4th of july fireworks. this year's show kicks off at 7:00 p.m. on new year's eve. >> mark: we are following breaking news ahead at 6:00 p.m. why a friend of the san bernardino shooters now faces terrorism charges, plus,
5:48 pm
them. fox 25 investigates exposes why some child care providers are being forced to wait for their money. a popular port turned in to a
5:49 pm
the evidence confisc >> mark: this elaborate christmas display has wowed a local neighborhood for 20 years, but tonight it sits silent after a thief stole the control box. the man who sets up the decorations every year tells fox 25 he's devastated.
5:50 pm
him about why this display is so important each holiday season. >> for paul grant, when someone stole the control box to this display, it was almost like they stole a little bit of his christmas. after a rough childhood of his own, he puts this up every year, as a gift to the other kids in the neighborhood. >> this is where the box was. >> it was the heart of paul grant's annual christmas display. >> they used to dance out there to the music with the lights going and stuff. >> and part of the soul of the neighborhood. >> it's really nice. you know, to see kids have fun like that, you know. >> but now the control box that sat here triggering the lights and music outside grant's home for the last 18 years is gone. >> i don't do this for nobody but the kids, so in my heart, i feel like they stole from the kids. >> grant knows about disappointment at christmas. he spent many holidays being shuffled between orphanages as a boy, that's why lighting up his end of the block on anthony street for neighbors and their families is so important. but monday, he went to plug in the control box that powers the display and found it missing.
5:51 pm
anyone would target something that brings so many happiness. >> they probably heard us playing music and they decided they wanted to come back late at night when everything was down and take it. they just wanted it for themselves, i guess. >> grant says he won't let it ruin christmas for his four grandsons or the other kids in the neighborhood. each night, he continues to turn on the lights, even if the music is only playing in his heart. >> if i can't find a music box this year, then i'll get one next year. hope flip, i won't have to. maybe the grinch will return it. >> the reporter: grant has promised that he won't press charges or report it to police if the thief who took it will simply return it here to his front yard, no questions asked. in fall river, katherine burcham, fox 25 news. >> mark: exeter high school is cancelling every school dance except for prom. they've been trying to deal with inappropriate behavior for years and school officials says the owen labrie trial was the tipping point.
5:52 pm
student was convicted this year of three sexual assault charges against a 15-year-old female student during -- as part of a so-called tradition called the senior salute. >> kevin: i'm tracking heavy rain moving across southern new england. where the hardest is coming down right now. >> then breaking news. why police just auressed a friend -- arrested a friend of the california couple who carried out an attack in san bernardino. >> the reporter: coming up short for the holidays, why some child care providers say they're having to wait longer than normal for money from the state. >> vanessa: and the priceless package stolen from outside her home. >> that memorial, my dad's shirt, doesn't mean anything to anyone. it means everything to our family. >> vanessa: the gift she planned to give her mom honoring her late father that's now in the hands of a heartless grinch. >> mark: we begin at 6:00 p.m. with a live look at the radar, we are tracking plenty of
5:53 pm
hi everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm van well. we have a lot to get to -- vanessa welch. we have a lot to get to over the next hour, but first we begin with fox 25 storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. >> kevin: if you look over my right shoulder, there's an end to it in western massachusetts, but much of the rain is. coming from the southwest to the northeast, so it's not going to be a direct cut on out of here during the evening hours. it will take a while and there's still heavy rain out there. around providence, southeastern massachusetts, over to nantucket with heavy downpour activity. middleboro into new bedford, to the south of us, there's some rain right here in yellow, showing up on live doppler radar in lakeville. this right along 105 into town. showing that heavy rain. to the north of there, we're going to take it to the north shore. we talked about cape ann. up in the salisbury area, heavy rain, northwest of there. exeter, new hampshire. aimesbury with heavy rain.
5:54 pm
up in aimesbury. righong stacy lane, you're
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