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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  December 18, 2015 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> come on, bring it! oches shots fire into a local home. a woman was inside. tonight who may have pulled the trigger. >> taking chipolte to court. what we're learning about the first lawsuit against the
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people get sick. >> i'm tracking on radar as this system moves out of here but behind it much colder air. a timeline when you can expect that. >> as a young man battling cancer tries to get a dog but loses all his money instead. he was the victim of a scam. the way an officer came to the rescue after that family filed a mr. police report. first at 10:00, bullets flying right into a stoughton home.
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i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa walsh. a bull shattered glass and just missed a woman inside. malini basu just talked to the homeowner. >> i was stunned. i couldn't believe it happened. >> reporter: at 83 years old, carole thought she was going to die after a bullet came flying through her kitchen window. >> it's so shattering, it almost takes your breath away. >> reporter: it happened early friday morning at her bay road
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>> i'm having a big argument over a refund because they didn't credit my account properly. they put me on hold, played music, went back and forth for about 15, 20 minutes. >> reporter: carole was on the phone with customer service when the bullet hit this window and ricocheted off the cabinet. >> within 4 or 5 minutes, there was a huge noise and at first i thought the garage door maybe fell down or something. and when i come over here, it counter. and what had happened, i looked up, and i could tell a bullet had come through. >> that's where it came through,
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>> reporter: the family lives close to two gun ranges. >> it isn't the terrorists but our neighbors. >> reporter: carole truly believes everything happens for a reason. >> i really wanted to call customer service and say thank you for being so rude to me the other day. >> that was malini basu reporting. a soggy rainy mess out there tonight but things will drive out for tomorrow. storm track weather chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz, you're still talking about the snow for the weekend, flight is. >> it's gonna be cold, no doubt about it, and i believe we'll see snow flurries and squalls come in to start your weekend. the steadiest rain is here to the north and west of boston but even on to the northshore, as well. let check out a couple of those spots. darker green showing up and not
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live stormtracker will down into the area and find some of the streets that are being affected by the more moderate rain like townsend farm road. that's in fox ford and if you're familiar with the area, you know very well that there's gonna be right across i-95 in that part of the world, too. the back edge is right here not too far away from there. right at fitchburg and northern worcester county and nothing much behind that. that's certainly good news. i want to show you what's coming up for tomorrow as far as the timeline on this. finally after midnight tonight. while there will be clouds in the morning and no showers, by the middle of the day, another batch of showers wants to work along that front and make it on to the south shore of massachusetts.
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that and the snowflakes this weekend. o. charges just filed today against a friend of the san bernardino shooters. the fbi says the one who supplied the killers with guns used during that horrific attack. prusident obama is working closely with the national security team to make sure americans are safe this holiday season. mary bologna reports. >> reporter: two major developments in the investigation and aftermath of the san bernardino shooting. enrique marquez, the trend and former neighborhood of sighed a farook, one of the attackers, has been arrested by the fbi and will face charges. investigators say marquez purchased two rifles used in the december 2nd attack that left 14 people dead. >> if he is telling investigators that he purchased these weapons because he felt that -- if farook did, it would draw attention or he had a background check, he's the purchaser. >> marquez told investigators he had no proper knowledge to the attack but admitted plotting a 2012 attack with farook that they did not carry out. meanwhile, president obama spent the morning with the national security team of the national counter-terrorism center. he received an update on an investigation and told americans at the moment there is no specific or credible information about an attack but you wered vigilance. >> anyone trying to harm americans need to know that we're strong and that we're resilient. that we will not be terrorized. we've prevailed over much greater threats than this. we will prevail again. >> friday the president will travel to san bernardino to privately meet with family members of the victims. i'm mary maloney reporting. >> the man seriously hurt after being hit by a car in whitman. these are pictures on the scene from south avenue near the post office there. victim is 68 years old and the driver involved did stop. the investigation into this crash continues tonight. an suv smashes into a building leaving this huge hole behind. fox 25 caught up with the driver
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>> he was trying to avoid another car and he hit the gas ead of the break and ran through the building. >> the building is abandoned. the 79-year-old driver is doing okay. according to the taunton gazette, the driver just bought the suv two days ago. first lawsuit just filed tonight against chipolte after the norovirus outbreak that sickened dozens of people including a huge group of boston college students. john monahan joins us tonight with reaction from the attorney leading the charge. >> this is a lawyer who specialize inside food-borne illness cases dating back to an e. coli outbreak from 1993. he says the recent problems at chipolte to include e. coli and salmonella outbreaks throughout the country, are the worst he's ever seen. >> reporter: the cleveland circle chipolte closed down on december 7th. it remains closed, some 136 people, many boston college students, who frequent the popular fast-food chain, sickened from a norovirus outbreak. tonight a local family is suing. >> we got the lawsuit filed today. >> reporter: bill mahr a is a seattle based attorney, representing a 16-year-old brookline boy who was hospitalized for half a day. muller spoke with fox 25 by phone. >> this is chipolte's second nor oh outbreak in the last few months. >> reporter: the other case in california in august sickened 300 people. >> caused by a worker handling your food and the virus gets in your food, you consume it, and that's what makes you im.
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are about 20 million norovirus cases a year, but muller says they are easy to prevent. >> even a sick employee can prevent the transmits of norovirus if they wash their hands properly. >> reporter: gloves when essential. restaurant. you know, regardless if they knew that the employee was sick or not ... >> reporter: tonight maller tells fox 25 he's also spoken to several bc students after what he calls a pattern of illness at chipolte that needs to be investigated. >> i have never seen a chain restaurant have five outbreaks of food-borne illness within about a four-month period of time. never. >> reporter: we reached out to chipolte and they sent us this statement, as a matter of policy, we don't comment on details surrounding pending legal actions. incidents like, this it is our aim to work with customers to
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resolved. o maller expects to file more he cases on behalf of for bc students when they get back from break. have you to be 21 years old to buy tobacco in the city of boston. mayor marty walsh is supporters of the plan, the switch has been made in dozens of communities and lawmakers are considering changing the bill at a statewide level. a framingham man accused of threatening police officers held without bail tonight. daniel mcnulty made the statement to a relative just before being arrested for domestic assault wednesday. police found the salve began native with a belt at the time of the arrest. >> and tonight dcf workers are off the job. the state agency fired them. nearly 2500 workers are currently licensed, something
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to address as the department gets overhauled. >> i certainly think anytime we have an opportunity to credential the folks who are serving some of our most vulnerable populations, that's important. and it's something obvious we'll continue to do and continue to work until we get north of 90, 95%. >> state lawmakers passed the new licensing requirement last year after the death of fitchburg's jeramiah oliver. >> tiny pieces of rubber tire lawmakers. in the next half-hour, the update on health concerns over synthetic turf and the students using them across the state. the force has awakened. the latest star wars movie has fans coming out in the thousands tonight. how local police are keeping theaters safe. >> and adults and kids marching tonight for peace. >> i'm scared of like people shooting, actually. >> the recent violence that has
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money from the state is taking account. a child care provider says she depends on the state to pick up the bills for many of her clients who can't pay on they are own. she also says those checks are arriving later than normal. >> from baby to growing boys and girls. >> these are precious little people that we take care of every day. >> reporter: this woman has her hands full running a daycare out of her house in central massachusetts. she doesn't want to be identified but says she's recently racked up late fees in overdraft charges waiting on thousands of dollars of reimbursements from the state. >> our life insurance was canceled because the money wasn't that. >> in the last year how many times has the money come in late?
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>> at least later than she's used to in her 15 years running a daycare. she's among many providers who get referrals from kids unlimited in charleston who has a contract with the state to help about 200 families in need through the department of early education and care. >> providing nutritious meals for my daycare along with my family is becoming a struggle when you don't know when you're going to get paid. >> reporter: kids unlimited insist it's not holding up the money but acknowledging some bills have to go through yet another outside agency before the they can process a payment. in a statement the department of early education and care says it is paying all submitted inviteses on time, typically within 10 business days of receipt, which is substantially quicker than the 45 days required under state policy. despite those answers, this woman says all the red tape is making it hard for her to stay
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>> for now the process is essentially handled on paper and that could change early next year. >> fox 25 news. take a look at the three people, salem new hampshire police say they are loading a stolen three-wheel motorcycle into a stolen van. call police if you know anything about the crime. >> a man in custody in bruster on robbery charges is now being investigated for more than a dozen armed robberies in several states. police say he's a suspect in a new bedford robbery and could be connected to robberies in d.c. and pennsylvania. the fbi is also involved. quincy police have arrested a second man who they believe broke into the home and tied up a pregnant woman. police say 48-year-old macken transported in quincy and morning. nearly two weeks ago, fox 25
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coverage on the home invasion on president's lane, a pregnant woman was tied up and more than $40,000 in cash was stolen. one suspect was arrested near the scene. people in boston's south end say they are concerned about a rise in crime. kathryn burcham is live in the south end where she walked with residents during tonight's rally. katherine. nearly 100 of the residents walked in the rain tonight ending the march here at a memorial of the most recent victim of the violence who died on this spot last week. >> though they are weary, they walk. their feet may be heavy but so is their burden after four shoot things the last month in this section of the south end.
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meant to discuss safety in the wake of an upparticular in violence and hours later another man was shot. >> i'm scared of like people shooting, actually. because that happened to my cousin. >> after 6 years old, anjuli is already aware of the devastating effects of gun play. her mother says the safety threat is a daily concern. >> they were shooting i guess near the park and we was going to go home and my mother said you can't leave yet. >> reporter: the fact that much of the violence has been happening in boston's gentfied south end may come to a shock as some of the newer residents but mayor walsh says it's proof crime happens all over the i
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effort to stop it. >> it's a great neighborhood and there are great people living here and i don't think that any shooting or any type of violence will stop people from supporting and loving their community. >> police say the man who was shot last night was not seriously injured. however they haven't yet identified a suspect in his shooting or in the murder of wellington ruiz that happened here last week. live in the south end, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. framingham voters will have a chance to decide if their town should become a city. the group wants to create a charter commission now to study other forms of government. framingham has the largest population of any town in the state. massachusetts is adding more jobs but the unemployment rate is also going up. in november the jobless rate rose a 10th of a point, it's average. in 2015 more than 67,000 jobs have been created.
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enjoying a long list of tax breaks. the u.s. house of making a number of tax deductions permanent. that includes the earned income tax credit for lower income workers and enhanced child tax credit. there are also tax breaks for teachers, real estate developers, even makers of hard apple cider. the plan would add $622 billion to the deficit. opponents say congress should have find way to pay for it. >> controversial leader and new controversial candidate. what russian's president vladimir putin is saying about donald trump tonight. plus, a lot of families are headed to disney o world for a school break. tonight the big changes could
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into the suspect. a transit bus and suv collided sending the bus that has a building. this is just north of pittsfield and western mass. a witness described the can
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>> i was hysterical. people getting in the ambulance and stuff. >> the driver of the suv suffered injuries and several people on the bus were also hurt. the cause is unknown. >> a new hampshire drug will not release the evidence fused a notorious case. smart is serving a life sentence for having her teenaged lover kill her husband 25 years ago. another teenager was involved in the plot. the judge decided it should be head in caseth needed to uphold smart's conviction. the red cross is preparing for more than just fires and floods but training for mass shootings. earlier this month the red cross mental health professionals in san bernardino california where 14 people were murdered in a terror attack and also in chairs, south carolina after a gunman opened fire there during a church prayer service. licensed mental health professionals and online classes
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emotional support is mass shootings were part of what was an unusually busy year for the red cross. they responded to 176 disasters. more than each of the past three years. disney has snailed medical detectors at all of its parks in orlando and plan to do the same in california. guests will be randomly selected for a check. the company is also banning anyone over 14 from waying a costume and has halted sales of toy guns at parks and resorts. universal studios and seaworld are upping security using metal detecters and bag checks to keep guests safe. jetblue is planning its flights to cuba. last night we told you the u.s. and cuba reached an agreement on air travel. jetblue officials say they hope to fly to havana and possibly other cities on the island.
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flights to cuba since 2011. in southern mexico, they're recovering tonight from a 6.6 magnitude earthquake. the quake struck around 2:00 p.m. local time in the southern states of with a hawk came and tobacco and there are no reports of damage or injuries. last month this. i pick up was about to be put down. tonight he has a new home and there's an amazing story behind
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>> i'll show you where i i say for three months to buy a dog you saw advertised
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>> that's the bad news but ted tonight. rescue. >> christopher san oh wanted the dog as a present to himself. he has leukemia and recently spent four months in the hospital. tonight we asked to speak with him about the scam he fell victim to and but that wasn't >> reporter: it's not just the appreciates. it's everything. an 11-year fight with cancer has taught him in life there are no guarantees. >> when i was 9 i used to be in the 200 point range but after the lengthy hospital stay i dropped over 125 pounds. >> reporter: friends are hard to come by in a hospital bed or at home feeling hill. his dog breaker passed away a few years ago from old age. >> i love dogs. >> reporter: when chris saw this little guy for sale online he couldn't resistant, wired $250, all the money in his bank
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promised the husky pup was on the way. the dog never arrived and chris was told he'd need to spend $1200 more if he still wanted it. >> i wasn't going to ask anybody to borrow it. i just said forget it. i guess, you know, they were only in it for the money and i guess there was no dog. >> reporter: on tuesday chris went to the revere police department to alert them of the scam. officer angela took the report. >> we surprised him with a dog. the officer found a pup in everett, a month before someone saw the emaciated pickup at a shelter and rescued it on the day it was supposed to be put down. >> and he's just gotta take in
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>> reporter: chris has named the dog nitro and he appears to be adjusting well in his new home. a dog saved, a young man very happy, thanks to those who serve, protect and on this day make a sick young man smile. >> chris is in remission for the third time and says his type of leukemia has better than a 90% cure rate. hopefully he'll have lots of good days ahead with nitro. ted dan, fox 25 news. everett police are sharing this video on facebook in hopes it will help them a a coldhearted thief. the person in this video is wanted for stealing a snowblower on december 10th. if you have any information, call police. >> flatting along a busy street in salem is a problem. the fire chief is calling it a public safety hazard. the city is now working on a $30 million project to improve one and quarter mile road
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station that would be large enough to hold 4 million gallons of water. the fire chief told us the project will help speed up how quickly they respond to emergencies. >> we always end up on canal street with them floating in the water. >> the project is set to start next spring and take 18 months. there was some rain out there today, kevin, but didn't cause too many problems. >> that's for sure, vanessa. many times we've talked about the problem they have up there and nice to see they're finally gonna get some relief. tonight the rain is just light up that way now but there was some heavier rain earlier, had some downpours on the outer cape when i was talking to you a few minutes ago and now the heavier has moved offshore, not even as heavy as it was and there's still some rain on chatham harbor and along the national seashore out there on cape cod, to boston and north ward, you're seeing showers right along the coast and off to metro west, you're seeing some of that as well, up near the city of lowell, seeing some showers.
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show you some of the darker greens that are showing up. moderate rain north of lowell. there's fox avenue, and the lune hill road, as well. nothing real heavy out there, that's certainly good news. in fact, not much happening in the city. off to the west it gets even less. there's more of a change coming overnight with the rain moving on out and the clouds starting to break up for the north and west. the satellite radar showing these showers continue to progress off to the north and dry out. we'll see the clouds breaking up. however, this is a front coming through now and that is actually going to stall just offshore and as it does, all this rain wants to ripple right along the front. some looks like it wants to clip southern new england. here's the futurecast data. here are the breaks in the clouds. the bottomline is it's going to be cooler where the clouds break up for the north and west, opposed to southeastern mass
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57 on the vineyard right now and will stay mild all night long with the clouds overhead and showers will be moving out. temperatures dropping to low 50s for lows. meanwhile in the boston area, mostly cloudy here, as well, but the temperature will level out, perhaps drop a couple of degrees in the upper 40s. meanwhile back in manchester, new hampshire where there are breaks in the clouds and more breaks as the evening goes on, temperatures will tend to bottom out in the low 40s and some upper 30s up that way, as well, if the clearing persist for a longer period of time in your town, southern vermont and new hampshire especially. 9:00 tomorrow morning, after the morning drive, not gonna have any rain during the morning commute but then the showers start to approach and these move on to the southshore and perhaps as far north as quincy and boston by 11:30 and then they start to dive back southward during the early afternoon. notice the heavier rain right along the front offshore. this is still something waffling back and forth, will all be
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front stalls offshore. a little fairly off, the rain will, too you'll be out of it in quincy for instance. the rain may go farther to the northshore. the farther north and west you can tomorrow, better chance you have of seeing this. the cold air then comes pouring in behind all of this. and we're definitely gonna see that coming up over the next 48 hours. brockton 50 tomorrow. walpole 49 for high temperatures. the farther north you'll go temperatures will be in the 40s for sure and nashua at 47 degrees. on saturday, the cold air is blowing in. there are gusty winds, and notice the snow flurries showing southern new england. certainly into vermont, new hampshire and at times even into massachusetts, most susceptible will be the berkshires and worcester hills. here's the seven-day forecast, your weekend always in view, showing you how cold it is going to get. temperatures will start to fall in the afternoon, and the
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how cold it will be on saturday. and snow flurries. we'll talk about sunday and that patriots game forecast coming up. precious gift stolen from a local woman only months after her father died. >> it was our first thanksgiving without him. we're really not, you know, looking forward to the first christmas without him. >> how someone in her community is coming forward to make sure her family still has a merry christmas. hello from the picket line. were you one of the fans left hanging today online? you're not alone. how fast north american particulars sold out coming up. plus, he's the ceo who jacked up the price of $4,000%.
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after the today corporal andrew amesbury of strafford died this month during a live fire training accident. on saturday all flags in the state of new hampshire will fly at half-staff. in springfield a park will be named after a marine killed during a terror attack on u.s. soil. thomas sullivan died in chattanooga tennessee at a training center.
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the purple heart. the ceo who jacked up the price of a life-saving pill is free on bail tonight after he was arrested at his new york city home for an unrelated crime. this is video of martin screlly after he posted $5 million bail this afternoon. he is facing security fraud charges stemming from hedge funds he helped manage. today's indictment says he took stock illegally from a biotech company he started in 2011 to pay off hedge fund debts. he is the ceo of touring pharmaceuticals. back in september he raised the price of a drug that fights hiv and cancer from $13 to $750 a pill. a former professor and his son will spend time in prison. gabriel and marco patran were
1:34 am
court. prosecutors say they made fault statements about a hedge fund company that they managed. they lost hundreds of millions of dollars and gabriel was the associate dean of the prestigious sloan school of business at m.i.t. new hampshire's first in the nation primary is set for february 9th, 2016. experts say the decision was
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the lack of pressure from thehehe synthetic turf scattered across high schools throughout the state are catching the attention of three lawmakers. the fields contain tiny pieces of recycled tires. and as jim morelle shows us, the lawmakers are demanding answers from the government about possible health effects. >> reporter: last spring fox 25 found extraordinarily high temperatures, wafting often surface of synthetic athletic fields. but what's got some concerned, the stuff below the surface, the recycled tire underlay known as crumb rubber. tracy stuart of medway works with a group urging federal regulators to look into crumb rubber could be harmful to children. >> right now the only thing for paints to do is look out for
1:36 am
push their legislators to get on board. >> reporter: this week three massachusetts legislators did get on board, sending a letter to the consumer product safety commission asking whether crumb rubber is safe. one of the three, representative jeffrey roy of franklin. the massachusetts lawmakers write as children are coming into contact with this material on playgrounds and artificial surf sports fields, we ask that cpsc label this as a children's product. >> we should get this issue to the experts, have the scientists evaluate it, and have the scientists give us some guidelines on how to safely use these. >> the cinethetic turf council point out that dozens of studies have already showed no elevated health risks yet the tear data sheet mentioned potential health effects, including irritation to the respiratory tract, skin irritation, and abrasion to the
1:37 am
potentially severe damage. >> regardless of what does or doesn't happen in washington, the town of medway is actually taking a step in the next couple of tweaks address possible health concerns with the synthetic fields. the board of health will begin to post signs around the the program of the fields and advise among other things for users to make sure they wash the chrome clothing. in medway, jim morelle, fox 25 news. exeter high school canceling prom. they've been trying to deal with inappropriate behavior for years. and school officials say there was a tipping point where a you new hampshire prep school student was convicted this year of three exalt students against a 13-year-old student as part of a so called tradition called the senior salute. a taxi company is considering taking its business elsewhere on new year's eve. great bay taxi is threatening to hit the roads of dover instead.
1:38 am
herald uber drivers aren't following the ordinance and they're not stopping them and meanwhile earlier this week, the transportation committee recommended the city get a court order to force uber out. old st. nick always knows what's going on and he appeared earlier in stoneham days after our controversial story -- that we first told but. on tuesday we told you about the substitute elementary school teacher who raised questions about santa and two days later the posters started appearing around town. they say santa was here. each one comes with a red ribbon o to show where santa's slay passed by on a practice run. if you bought tickets to buy adele -- there was a good amount of anger on the internet today directed the scalpers who bought the tickets in bulk and jacked up the prices as high as $10,000 on secondary ticket sites.
1:39 am
humaner from outer space. you're looking at a photo tweeted by astronaut scott kelly tonight. kelly is spending a year in space on board the international space station. he writes, no lines for star wars, but we do have to wait for it to get to the station soon. people have been lining up all day to see the newest movie. unfortunately not a great view like astronaut kelly there, but the big crowds also have police very busy. >> reporter: star wars fans are besides themselves with excitement. >> the first one i saw was r2-d2. >> reporter: this morning i woke up at the normal time, 6:00 and instead of going to work, i came here instead. >> reporter: the hugely hyped movie is a security concern for police because of the huge
1:40 am
visible. >> when people come, they sue the marked cruiser, know the police is there, the bad guys know it, as well. >> reporter: in boston, police met with theater managers to go over plans and push them to hire extra private security. >> hope these guys know what do. >> amc theaters are strictly enforcing rules like no carrying or displaying weapons of any kind, real or toy, and making sure people know there's no wearing a mask or hood that obscures the face. some theaters are also not allowing face paint. kyle is confident he will get a good seat and that everyone will be safe. >> i think that it's gonna be just a theater full of nerds who want to be watch star wars. more details now, the first star wars movie opened in 1977 and it was a big year for movie-goers with some other classic releases. how about this bunch, star wars was number one at the box office but check out some the other
1:41 am
'77... and with the hype and buzz around this movie, we've created our own, the force awakens movie poster. middle? that's heaven and han solo and vanessa is playing the role of >> what a smile. they got the hoody like belichick and han solo, you've got the forecast. >> that lightsaver is going right through your head. >> and mark ockerbloom on the dark side, my goodness, that's poetic right there. let me show you showers out there right now, hanging around right off boston. a couple of showers, in quincy
1:42 am
for you. ed? breaks in the clouds off to the north and west to see those in the satellite picture right in here. that'll be the trend overnight, breaks in the north and west and this rain going down the coast, that will move right up the coast along a front that's pushing offshore tonight with that brain and that means we'll see another batch of showers coming in. the cold day will be saturday. saturday will feature strong winds and also some snow flurries. the timeline when you can get the showers out of here tomorrow evening, the last of them coming through tomorrow and when those cold temperatures will arrive this weekend.
1:43 am
>> the hardworking people in the salvation army got a little break today. >> our team took over ringing the bells in the downtown crossing area today. ock and i had a lot of fun meeting you and the morning team kicked off the event, tom and karen joined later on and sarah wroblewski also joined in to organization. the woman who denied is speaking out. new at 11:00, she's talking all about what happened when she met pope francis. a bullet misses a local woman who was in the safety of her own home, next at 11:00, where she thinks it was fired from. >> and the pats gear up for tennessee. some of the new guys getting their feet wet. and charlotte and lebron james
1:44 am
wife of pro gol
1:45 am
pack by just under 500 votes. for one reason or another he's not played in the pro bowl game the last 8 times he has been selected. the mission much larger than the pro bowl for the pats. >> you get better and move on and as a patriot you cannot complain. >> s no, you can't. whatever david ortiz does it's going to be a big deal. when he showdown up at the stop and shop to surprise shoppers, you can imagine how some fans reacted.
1:46 am
new black bean salsa, caribbean hummus. got a chance to take some selfies and got some autographs so no holiday thrill in dedham, and holiday cheer at fenway park. a mother hit a half court shot for her daughter that she bounced in. that is solid in every way and the reaction is absolutely priceless. she gets free tuition for a year. wait till you see what happened to the raptors. jamar nails the shot but guess
1:47 am
right before he let it go. of course it goes to overtime and of course charlotte rolls to victory. they win the game by 10. that's brutal. and just minutes ago in cleveland, lebron james barrels into the front row. look out, that woman, ellie harvey is the wife of pro golfer jason day. she was taken out on a stretcher, that's gotta make lebron feel terrible. that's a lot of force coming at
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