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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 18, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, fire breaks out in a milton home with a 6-year-old girl inside. the investigation into what sparked the flames and why that child was home alone. breaking this morning bernie sanders' campaign gets in trouble. the information of hillary clinton that sanders staff accessed without permission. the family is taking on chipotle. long history the restaurant chain has in making people sick sick. complete news coverage, the fox25 morning news starts now. >> catherine: good morning, everyone, you made it to friday, december 18, friday. i am catherine parrotta in for
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out. some of the rain caught by our photographer on the common last night. stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear tells us a little bit about the fog and how it commute. >> shiri: one those foggy, wet drives into work. you don't see much rain. it is misting where we don't have the significant showers. 47 in boston and beverly. 45 back through bedford. 49 in worcester. 50 in plymouth. 42 in nashua, new hampshire. but fog will be the biggest pest this morning because we have visibility at or and you mile in portsmouth, new hampshire and bedford and boston and down to mrit plymouth. i don't really seat fog improving until 8 owe 9:00. futurecast doesn't have much wet weather as we travel throughout morning and i do want to be on the lookout for a little mist, damp roads still. better chance to see showers develop into the afternoon. noontime from boston southward. even in the city at lunchtime,
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south shore down to the cape and island. temperatures close to 50 by lunchtime and lose a couple of degrees during the afternoon. let's dress for the middle 40s later on today. not much of a warm-up. further inland you go the brighter it will be. high 54 to 60 degrees. best chance showers southeastern massachusetts. best chance for sunshine out withest. i will break down that weekend forecast coming up. julie, to the roads. >> julie: you mentioned the fog and the pike ibd. look how soupy and thick it is at the moment. you may be seeing wet roadways as well. another vantage point of the pike eastbound and westbound through brighton. jake you imbridge nice and dark but that mist very low hanging. your live drive times coming up in just a few minutes. a 6-year-old girl left alone when a fire broke out in -- breaks our in her milton home. two investigations. it happened last night at this duplex.
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and was already outside by the time the fire fighters arrived. the fire started in the right side of the duplex in the oven and spread to the attic. the little girl was hurt but not serious. and they are investigating why the girl was home alone. a stray bullet nearly missed her when it came through her window. police want to know where it came from. it happened at a bay road home near a pair of gun ranges. the homeowner was feet away when the bullet ricochetted off the cabinet. the incident shattered her nerves as well as her window. she heard a loud noise and at first didn't know what happened first didn't know what happened. >> at first i thought the garage door maybe fell down, and when i come over here, there were pieces of glass all over the counter and when this happened, i looked up, and i could tell a bullet had come through. >> the town has promised the family they will look into this incident. now the children are wondering
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in a nursing home. president obama will trough travel to california to meet with victims and relatives of those killed in the san bernandino terror attack that comes hours after the initial court appearance for the first person charged in connection with the attack. enrique marquez is charged with providing material support to the terrorist. the 24-year-old was a long-time friend of gunman syed farook. he did not take part in the plot but purchased two assault rifles used in the massacre. marquez called 911 date after the shooting and said my neighbor did the san bernandino shootings, the expletive, used my gun in the shooting. prosecutors say marquez and farook planned another terror attack in 2012. the pair wanted to place pipe bombs in the cafeteria or library of the community college and they planned to throw bombs on to the freeway and open fire on those who stopped and the first responders. that plot was cancelled following the arrest of another group of accused terrorists in california.
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where a man was killed last flight appear before the city's licensing board. the man was shot outside who's on first at fenway park. in september. the owner has been before the licensing board eight times for public safety issue. the bar's licenses were suspend the bar's licenses were suspended three times. the family of a local teenager is suing a fast food chain for making him sick. this is the first lawsuit of a norovirus outbreak. 136 customers became eupl, many are boston college students. a 16-year-old from brookline ended up in the hospital for a day. we spoke to his seattle-based lawsuit that filed lawsuit against chipotle. >> i never seen a chain restaurant is five outbreaks of food-borne illness within a five-month period of time. >> catherine: chipotle said they can't comment on litigation but plans to work
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like this. it remains closed. major problem for bernie sanders. they suspended his campaign's access to a crucial voter database. one his staff members were able to gain a hold of hillary clinton's campaign data. they blame a software glitch and fired the staffer involved. sanders takes on euclidean none a debate tomorrow. the date for the new hampshire primary is now set. voter also go to the polls february 9 in the first primary of the 2016 presidential campaign in morning a new boston herald is out showing donald trump continues to hold a large lead among new hampshire republicans. the billionaire has 26% support. senator ted cruz and marco rubio are tied for second at 12%. among democrating bernie hillary clinton. the vermont senator 48%
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clinton 46%. fox 25 will have live in-depth coverage from new hampshire a full week before the primary. happening this morning, the second man accused of breaking into a home and tying up a pregnant woman will be in a court room. police arrested william mackin hours after they released his name to the public. fox25 brought you live, local breaking news as police searched for the suspect. 40,000 in cash was stolen from that house on presidents lane. another suspect was arrested near the scene. a man charged with robbing a convenience store on the cape is a suspect in a dozen armed robbery in several states. michael slesinger was arrested on tuesday. he is accused of robbing a market at gunpoint. he is suspected of a robbery in new bedford. he is being investigated in connection withhold-ups from washington d.c. and pennsylvania. fox25 is working to get more details after a car hit a
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quite a bit of damage to the passenger side of that car. it happened on south avenue near the post office and a 68-year-old man was seriously hurt after being hit. the driver remained on the scene. the crash remains under investigation. and this crash marks the 2nd person hit by a car in whitman yesterday. as we reported as breaking news yesterday morning, a teenaged girl was hit crossing washington street to catch her school bus. the high schooler had minor injuries. the "herald" reports the driver will not be charged because the bus driver waved her around the school bus. people who live in the area are sick of the violence after four shoot information a month. one of them deadly. the rain couldn't keep them from coming out. 100 people including police and mayor marty walsh held candles and marched through the streets and marched through the streets. the mayor tells fox25 that it is time to take the neighborhood back. >> i don't want to see nobody die. >> a great neighborhood and
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don't think any type of shooting or type of violence will stop people from loving and supporting their community. >> catherine: last night's rally happened where a man was killed. the latest shooting happened hours after the community met to talk about the gun violence. an audit for boston public schools that could save the district millions. look at the numbers. the "globe" reports that half of the schools are underpopulated if closing the buildings and firing some of the teachers they could save $2 million per school and the district could make money $4 million a building by selling buildings that are closed. there are about 125 schools in the district. mayor marty walsh tells the paper no plans to close any of them at this time. in two months, teenager also no longer be able to buy cigarettes or tobacco products in the city of boston. the city board of health decided to raise the legal smoking age from 18 to 21. the switch has been made in dozens of communities, and lawmakers may make the move
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the change in boston happens february 15. workers at dcf are losing their jobs for not having the proper licenses. ten dcf employee have been fired for not earning social work permits. 85% of the department's workers are licensed. governor baker tells fox25 that he wants that number to be higher. >> i certainly think any time we have an opportunity to credential the folks that are serving some of our most vulnerable populations is important and something we will continue to do and continue to work to improve on until we get north of 90, 95%. >> catherine: state lawmakers passed the licensing requirement after the death of 5-year-old jeremiah oliver from fitchburg. the force has officially awaken. even though some "star wars" fans are sleeping in. they are already breaking records. movie record web site fandango
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record for most tickets ever sold. we caught up with fans coming out of the theater this morning out of the theater this morning, and they say the movie did not disappoint. >> incredible. absolutely everything that could you want from a new "star wars." it was funny. it was action packed. >> julie: whoo, that makes me feel better. a lot of people were worried. box office analysts predict it could make $200 million this weekend alone. gives it the shot for the biggest opening weekend ever. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. a live look outside and who o, this is the pike, i promise, foggy and hazy making it kind foggy and hazy making it kind of you have to make out the handful of cars on the road. ch neck with shiri with how long that fog will linger. drizzle. a couple of noontime hours. rain around winding down this evening. we will take you through it
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spots next. a holiday thief makes out with more than just a gift, the deeply personal present stolen. why a flannel shirt meant so much to the woman it was taken from. and red cross volunteers are used to fighting because hurricanes. why they are now being trained
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happening today, a wake will be held for a fallen new hampshire army ranger. 21-year-old corporal daniel amesbur y died during a live fire incident. petition graduated from dover high school. his funeral will be tomorrow at dover baptist church. springfield's mayor will dedicate a park in memory of a marine killed during an attack on u.s. soldier. it gunnery thomas sullivan died after a mass shooting at a recruiting center in springfield, tennessee. he will be awarded posthumously the purple heart. earlier this month, the red cross deployed mental health professional to san bernandino, california where 14 people were killed in a terror attack. in june they were also sent to charleston, south carolina after a gunman open fired during a church prayer service. licensed mental health professionals and online classes help train volunteers
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>> whether it is a mass shooting, whether it is a tornado, whether it is a hurricane, when it is over, there are people who need help. >> catherine: the red cross said they have an unusually busy year. responded to 176 disasters in the u.s. including mass shootings. salem is planning a multimillion dollar project to help with flooding on busy street. flooding on canal street is so bad that it is a public safety hazard. $32 million to add a stormwater storage tank and a pumping station. the project will help speed up how quickly they can respond to emergencies. >> we always end up on canal street with cars floating in the water. so just impossible for us or the police to actually make it through. >> julie: the project is set to start next spring and expect to start next spring and expected to take 18 months. a major company designed to protect people's identities is paying millions for allegedly failing to do so. life lock is paying the federal trade commission $100 million for making false claims.
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social security and bank account numbers. 68 million were used to refund customers to file the class action lawsuit. and pay pal is giving new moms more time at home with their babies. starting in january, the company is double company is doubling parental leave to 16 weeks.full pay. new dads will get eight weeks, a perk that was only previously offered in california. several tech giants have made the move to extend maternity leave beyond the standard three months. 4:17. let's take you back outside. a live look at the pike. that fog remains very thick. here is another view of the pike eastbound and westbound through brighton. overall volume is light and leave a few minutes early because visibility is low. live look at the zakim bridge right now where sfooing little bit lighter but not well lit. harder to see in this shot. hard to check in with storm hard to check in with stormtracker weather meteorologist shiri spear. how long can we expect that fog to stick around for the morning
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>> reporter: i expect it to basically last the entire morning commute and we should see things lighten up through 8:00 this morning and we will see things begin to thin and a foggy start for the day. in fact many of us it will be rain and most of the rain will be contained to the cape when yesterday. today will be more evident, more further inland. we will bump up your chance of rain. pretty solid chance from boston pretty solid chance from boston, southward. and to the north and west, we will see fewer showers and a little bit of rain out there. now 47 in boston itself. just the clouds and the fog. visibility down to one mile right now. no improvement for the next several hours, so this is something that you will have to cope with, plus temperatures don't really move very much today. upper 40s to lower0s. that's all. we are kind of bouncing back a lot of cloud cover. best chance for steady rain and steadier more substantial rain will be as you hit the afternoon hour. so let's take look with
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the morning, you don't see very much popping up on future cast because it will be primarily just a little bit of mist that comes with the fog, but after about 1 p.m., southeastern massachusetts will be the more likely area to see some showers reaching up to about boston, so for the evening commute, mass pike southward is where you have the best rils can of showers, but there is that slight chance all the way up to the mass new hampshire border as you hit the evening hours and things start to wind down. as you make your way into the 7 to 10 p.m. thyme frame, i expect the showers to push offshore. heaviest rain from the cape and islands where there is a potential for half an inch of rain in boston itself. we are probably talking between 1 and 2/10 of an inch and trace amounts to the north and west where it is much, much lighter and we see far fewer showers. we have more breaks of sunshine we have more breaks of sunshine, in fact, the further west you go. you may want to go to keene at 44 and orange at 44 to see
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worcester should see a couple of breaks in the clouds. and 50 in plymouth and that's where we will have the rain. southeastern massachusetts, sorry, you guys, going to be another wet day. highs over the weekend, at least we dry out tomorrow. we are likely going to stay dry versus inland areas which we will see a couple of flurries. highs lower 50s cape and island both said as we travel a little bit further northward. lower 40s up and down the coastline. a lot more cloud cover tomorrow and then further inland door sunopee, laconia, why we will look out for some of the flurries that we will be mentioning. the next chance will be pittsfield out toward the berkshires and will mining noon southern vermont. i could see a couple getting through southern new hampshire to the worcester hills. not going to be able to stick to anything and as we move into the sunday forecast, things brighten up very nicely now. more cloud cover out west again because a little closer to our
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seven-day forecast for the weekend falls view and what a weekend cooldown it is from 0 today to 39 degrees. your high tomorrow and highs in the lower 40s on sunday. totally normal this time of the year. warming back into the 50s, even the 60s by next thursday, christmas eve, but an unset cancelled pattern along with warm weather and lots of chances for showers. back to you, guys. >> catherine: santa may have trouble with that 60-degree christmas eve. lebron james making news for collision on the court. why a fan had to be taken out on a stretcher. the local boy had the dog
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it alm new in morning, the defense secretaries in afghanistan this morning. secretary ashton carter is there to assess the situation as violence has been on the rise in the country. officials are warning that isis could be attracting former members of the taliban. this comes as carter is facing criticism for using personal e-mail for government business. he says he used his iphone to send administrative messages but says he knows he made a mistake. >> i have to hold myself to
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terms of cyber security and doing things that are appropriate. i didn't in this case. it's a mistake. and it's entirely my own. >> catherine: the pentagon is standing by the defense secretary saying carter did nothing wrong. a video of a family in texas driving around to look at christmas lights is going viral this morning. take a close look. you can see three kids riding on top of this minivan that you see there. police say that probably breaks several laws as you might imagine child endangerment and reckless driving and officers have no way of identifying the adult driving that car. the now infamous drug company ce thooshtion jacked up the price of a life-saving pill is out of jail after getting arrested for an unrelated crime arrested for an unrelated crime. video of martin shkreli after he posted $5 million bill. he is facing fraud charges from hedge funds he helped manage.
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illegally from a bio company to pay off debt. back in september, he raised the drug that raised both hiv and cancer from $13 to $750 a bill. well, fox25 cares, so we headed downtown to downtown crossing yesterday. that is shiri, gene and i ringing the bell for the salvation army. a bit of a tradition here. our team took over the bell our team took over the bell-ringing duties in downtown crossings right outside of macy crossings right outside of macy's, vanessa, kevin and ock. people came by to give us hugs. took it off with the morning team and evening team took over for us and it was a fun day out there. we have the salvation army press waving to people. we have a couple of kids swing on by and drop their dollars in the buckets and a fun afternoon and thank you for everyone that donated. another nice story. a revere police officer surprises a young boy battling cancer with a new puppy. >> surprise. [laughter]
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when officer angela brought christopher sarno a puppy. earlier this week he faunl victim to a scam. he wired $250 for a man in ohio promised him a husky puppy. after hearing his story the officer brought him a puppy. >> my heart was broken and he was sick and it is just not fair, especially for the holidays. i called anybody i knew had anything to do with a dog to get a dog for him. >> well, sarn o named that puppy nitro. he was rescued from the animal shelter the day he was supposed to be put down. more good news for the young man. he is in remission for the third time. his type of cancer has 0% rate. and new restrictions at the magic kingdom what people can and cannot wear. caught on camera, an officer jumps into a runaway
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