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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 18, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> gene: police interested in something else found inside a burning building. >> sara: >> julie: why no one facing charges yet this morning for bullets going into a kitchen. >> gene: this is >> gene: fog is gone but now we are bracing for rain. showers before the day is done. >> shiri: right here, people, down across the cape, that's
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otherwise starting out the day with whole lot of cloud cover again, 52 in boston, temperature actually going up another degree this hour, still in the lower 40s in worcester, 46 in nashua, 43 in portsmouth, new hampshire, 48 beverly and lower 50s southeastern massachusetts, still dry and the fog is so much improved down across the cape where i had dense fog last hour. you're on track and fog lifting right now and visibility is fine future cast by noon time has couple pops of showers and boston and southeastern massachusetts that's where we have the best bet of seeing showers. as you had out into metrowest i think the chances for rain going to diminish out to 495, i think
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today, showers eastern and southeastern massachusetts, more sunshine out west today but i have that latest timeline on when to plan around some flurries this weekend coming up. julie, back to you for a check on the roads. >> julie: issues yesterday with the rollover box truck and look at the map though, really no red traffic flows and always a sign of trouble. things look good on 93 south and expressway still a little bit heavier volume there but that's just how it is all the time. 25 minutes on the pike, 495 to mass ave, 16 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike, 22 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> gene: we continue to follow breaking news in foxborough where a car slammed into a home on cocasset street around 6:40 this morning. fox25 catherine parrotta live at the scene where there's a giant hole in the home, catherine. you could see right into the living room.
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the new thing that's happen right now, you can actually hear it happening, construction work, where the living room wall used to be, trying to reinforce the structure so doesn't completely collapse and wanted to walk you through what happened here and basically what official tell us is this is a couple hours ago, car was traveling on the opposite side of the street and it would be facing us right now and car lost control and come across the lawn, might be able to make out the tire tracks here as for who was behind the wheel, official tell us it was a 16-year-old boy from wrentham and car ended up traveling right here, crashing into the front of this home. i wanted to walk you through some of the dam here, take a look, this has just been taped ago. you see a cracked window, see the large crack right next to the door way which is warped and starting to collapse. of course, the biggest thing you see right here is living room that's exactly exposed after the wall has been torn down, collapsed, even see where the
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see the greenery there on the side of the wall but looks like garland and used to be the family's christmas tree. as for the family in this house, we can tell you fortunately they are okay. i spoke with the homeowners when we first got here to the scene, shaken up as you might imagine and man that i spoke with he was going to be taking out the trash, started to to that, unfortunately he wasn't in the room. that's when he heard the noise, had no idea what it was until the teenager driver came around the back of the house saying something to the effect of i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry, but this man hasn't had close encounter with traffic, nothing like this, but take a look at what he said. >> hit this tree, that tree, i don't know if it was the grade in the road but seems like there's been a lot of accidents in this area. >> catherine: here is the homeowner taking look at work that is going on.
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the cars were also damaged and cars there in the driveway and spoke with the homeowner's wife and the wife was distraught because it could have been a closer call for her. this hour in the morning she had have been right there lifting the shades for the day and hasn't gotten around to doing that just yet and planned to host about 17 people here for christmas dinner and, of course, right now they will not be able to do that. the building inspecteddor was on the scene and told us at this point this was a load bearing wall, that's why the work is going on right now so the structure doesn't collapse, and because of that the home will be uninhabitable until they can rebuilding what was there. certainly long, long process but at least one piece of good news, nobody was injured in all of this. for now live in foxborough, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> gene: as all of this was breaking during the 7:00 newscast, sent alert out on our app. you could get up-to-date news alerts like this one any time,
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phone, find apple store or on google play. >> julie: six-year-old left home alone when fire breaks out. this morning there are two investigations. happened last night at duplex on hudson street. the little girl wasn't hurt and already outside by the time firefighters arrived. fox25 is told the fire started in the girls side of the duplex, possibly in the oven and then spread to the attic. firefighters was hurt but injuries were not considered serious as firefighters look into the cause and why the girl was home alone. >> julie: ted president barack obama will continue to california to meet victims and relatives of the san bernardino attack. this comes after the initial court appearance of the first person charged in the attack. enrique marquez is charged with attack. he did not take part in the plot but purchase the two assault
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court documents showed marquez called 911 saying my neighbor did the san bernardino shooting. he exploitive used my gun 1349 shooting. prosecutors said marquez and farook planned another terror attack in 2012. the pair wanted to place pipe bombs in an area that was dangerous in cafeteria or in a library of a community college. they also planned to throw bombs on to a freeway and then open fire on drivers who stopped and scene. the plot was canceled following the arrest of another group of accused terrorists in california. >> gene: happening this morning man accused of breaking into a home in quincy and tying up a pregnant woman will be in court. police arrested william macken yesterday in revere hours after they released his name to the public. fox25 brought you live breaking news coverage as police search for the suspects just after the home invasion happened. more than $40,000 of cash was stolen on president's lane. another suspect was arrested
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>> julie: man accused of giving 17-year-old heroin before the death was a confidential informant for the d.a. according to the union lead court documents show mark ross of dorchester was paid by the agency on a number of occasions. those documents came to light because of another undercover drug case involving ross and the dea. 17-year-old eve tarmey died in october in motel in rochester and ross put heroin on motel table and watched the girl take the drug when was laced with deadly pentanol. julie: local family taking on chipolte this morning. their son wound up in the hospital after eating at the fast food chain. fox25 michael henrich live in cleveland circle outside the restaurant now at the center of the lawsuit. michael? >> michael: good morning. this is the cleveland circle chipolte restaurant and the door has the same sign on it it has had for a couple of weeks. nobody has been in, no customers have been in to eat since it
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much at the center of newly filed lawsuit. chipolte turned ugly for dozens of people in cleveland circle sickened by norovirus. >> i have never seen a chain restaurant have five outbreaks of food-borne illness within 4-month period of time, never. >> michael: seattle based attorney who specialized in food-borne illness cases. marler spoke with fox25 by phone about lawsuit he filed against chipolte on behalf of a 16-year-old brookline boy who says he was hospitalized for half a day with norovirus after eating contaminated food at the cleveland circle chilly. public health officials have since cited chipolte for having an employee work while sick. >> it is the fault of the restaurants regardless if they knew the employee was sick or not. >> michael: in total about 136 people including boston college men's basketball team players were sickened. chipolte sent fox25 this statement.
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comment by details surrounding pending legal actions. generally speaking, however, incidents like this it is our aim to work with customers to see that these issues are resolved. that could be the beginning of chipolte's legal issues. the attorney for the brookline family duds intend on filing additional lawsuits representing some of the additional boston college students. live in cleveland circle, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> gene: man was shot outside of who's on first right near fenway park early thanksgiving morning. there was also a shooting at bar in senator. the globe says owner has been before the licensing board eight times for public safety issues, suspended three times. >> gene: >> julie: check traffic and weather every ten minutes and right now down to 15 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split for the exit for
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overall pretty quiet day on the roads, especially after that fog burned off in the early hours. shiri, what do we have to expect next? >> shiri: peak around the evening commute at 5:00 p.m. but as that ends the wind pick up, the flurries move in, i will tell you how long that lasts into the weekend coming up. >> julie: heartbreaking story coming up this morning, young man giving up christmas in order to memorialize the friend.
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>> gene: officers throw at least three punches to the students and takes the student to the ground and they are investigating and officer has been reassigned to another post but will keep his job while the investigation continues. gene: brave police officer in nebraska puts himself in danger to stop a runaway truck. see him here run out under the truck. truck slows down just enough for him to hop in there and officer says they chased the truck through neighbor of towns not knowing what was going on and
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truck was sick. >> tell he was not conscience. >> gene: the driver is diabetic and blood sugar was dangerously slow and managed to grab the hand brake and came to stop and amazingly no one was hurt. >> julie: 19-year-old's license plate was run and it was realized he was stolen and told the police he just wanted to get out of rhode island. >> gene: ceo that jacked up price of lifesaving pill is arrested after unreeled crime. this is video of martin shkreli after he posted $5 million bail in new york city. he is facing security fraud charges stemming from hedge funds that he helped manage. he is said to take stock illegally in 2011 to pay off
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shkreli is ceo of pharmaceuticals company. shkreli will remain in possession of rare wu-tang because they didn't have warrant to seize his things. earlier this month he spent millions of dollars on album and only one and fans are desperate to hear it and he says he has no intention of listening to it. >> julie: 19-year-old believed to launch or help with attack in u.s. investigators say they found load high capacity assault rifle magazines and other evidence in closet in the teen's home and reportedly used dozens of twitter accounts against the u.s. and help would be isis fighters with travel.
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shavie indicted on providing material support to the alnoosera front. he made contact with the group after disappearing from a family vacation last year and arrested after recently booking one way plane ticket to the middle east. >> gene: daycare operates help low income families. daycare owner that did not want to be identified says payments have been late for ten of the last 12 months and provider depends on the provider to pay overdraft charges. >> all of my income comes from the state so if i don't get the checks on the 15 and get thirtieth i don't have money. >> gene: they are processed by private agencies that can cause delays and state hopes to have early next year. >> julie: 9:17 and look at map where it is a pretty nice site because overall traffic has
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we have an accident right after you make way over to zakim bridge and seeing delays in somerville area and pike moving along fine, even the expressway not too bad. they are those live drive times for you. i will have more on those coming up in a bit. first, let's check in with shiri spear. >> shiri: thanks, julie. what we are going to be looking at this morning is the last of the fog really lifting right now over southeastern massachusetts. we just got this. a ton of clouds in place, ends up being brightest inland today, further inland you can get, more chance of getting breaks in these clouds. in boston they are going to be pretty stubborn, rain redeveloping this afternoon, mostly to boston south and then we got gusty flurries for any of us during the day tomorrow, 52 right now in boston though, talk about a mild morning. kind of hard to believe it is december. in fact, it is not december like at all. temperatures this month running almost 10 above average. and we are still going to be sitting at about 50 at 11:00 this morning. slow descend though through the
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going to be cooling down. 3:00 p.m. comes along and risk for showers in boston and take away here, it is not raining all afternoon long but all afternoon there will be the risk for showers and some showers out there. they are just going to be in and out of boston and mostly focused over the southeast, south shore down to the cape and islands, 52 right now in hyannis and this is one of the more probable locations to take on those showers this afternoon. so let's go through a future cast here hour-by-hour and you can see by 1:00 this afternoon, we will have just basically spot showers out there. they are going to be closest to the outer cape, so of all the spots here that is where i'm most confident we will have rain and it is here by the evening commute, in fact, i got rain stretching as high up as about the mass pike, best chance in and pretty limited in massachusetts, so let's have the umbrellas on hand, southeastern
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area, lowell, fitchburg, worcester, west and north, let's plan on dry conditions today with partly to mostly cloudy skies. heaviest rain totals coming in from southeastern massachusetts where we have the steady rain forming over the cape. their temperatures will fit in the middle 50s this afternoon, 52 in boston, 59 in bedford, 50 in fitchburg and 46 in worcester and upper 40s in southern new hampshire. high temperatures over the weekend take a big hit tomorrow, highs are only going to be the 30s with 37 in concord, 34 in worcester, lucky if you get up to 41 in boston and hyannis because i think a lot of the burbs will be stuck in the 30s where you see the blue that's where we have the best chance for a little patchy coating of snow, it is not really going to be able to stick very well because temperature will be above freezing but here you have blustery flurries throughout the day here on saturday. they will likely get into spots like worcester, manchester, lowell and i think some of them will even get down to boston and
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so looking at your saturday night plans, cold, partly cloudy but where we have the clouds we have the potential for few of those flakes and sunday dry day, going to be much brighter, also going to be a little bit warmer and therefore it is the pick of the weekend, 7-day forecast with the weekend always in view today, 50 but tomorrow it is all day 30s with those wind gusts. we will wake up to more freezing temperatures this 30s and get up to 42 and anybody that's thinking pats they are playing at home this sunday and i got mostly sunny skies and about 40 here on sunday afternoon, 50s are back into next week with rain wednesday into thursday and check out christmas eve high of 60 . back over to you guys. >> gene: disney stepping up security and clothing you could no longer wear if you want to go into the theme park.
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>> gene: school district in virginia is closed after students sent home with
9:22 am
koran on it. students had to copy the calligraphy of the koran and artistic complexity and teacher's way of teaching islam on the students. >> i will not have my children to have indock train ate from teacher of islam. >> gene: school district standing behind the teacher but because of the backlashes they had to cancel classes. >> julie: vatican taking big step toward making mother teresa a saint. pope francis recognized second miracle linked with the nun. she cured a brazilian man that had a miracle. two miracles are to be a saint and previous miracle in 2002 and she is expected to bein ducted
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>> gene: joseph martin returning presents he had have received this year in order to help fay for the funeral of the grandmother's best friend. she suffered a heart attack on thanks and had no insurance and family needs to raise money to pay for funeral. >> something like he would do and never know if kids would be there. >> joseph's grandmother is proud of them and also returning some of her own presents. >> julie: stoughton woman says bullet ripped through the home and this wasn't the first time. she says she knows where the bull restraining coming from but unable to solve the problem and haven't filed any charges this morning. >> shiri: best chance of shower here over southeastern massachusetts, solid 70% chance in nantucket and hyannis, 50% in boston and likely staying dry further inland. timeline on those showers and
9:24 am
>> jessica: house fire in milton sparked two
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coming up next wi praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments
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than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> julie: huge hole where you
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used to be in this house. they put a tarp up over the front wall where it is completely knocked down, car struck the home on cocasset street and we have spoken with the homeowner and that is coming up in just a minute. >> gene: pretty wild, see right into the christmas tree, luckily no one was hurt and catherine parrotta will have all the details coming up. fog lifted early this morning and then that lynned -- thinned out and worried about the rain. >> shiri: seeing green here in cape and southeastern mass, those are so high up in the atmosphere, not even reaching the ground right now. all you folks have are clouds and temperatures in the lower 50s. 52 in boston, 47 in lowell and in boxford, temperatures into central massachusetts, worcester at 43 , 45 in leominster and 48 in nashua, new hampshire and you will get more breaks in the clouds out there. now 52 in boston with fog has
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a lot of cloud cover at noon time 50 , it is going to be brightest out west at 3:00 p.m. today, kids coming home from school, they are ready to get the weekend going and we got a couple scattered showers south of boston, 7:00 p.m. it is going to be cape rain, so i will go over the timeline even when boston you will see a couple of those passing showers and when to plan around snowflakes this weekend in just a few. julie, back over to you for check on roads. >> sara: >> julie: see where trouble spots, backed up on zakim and see live photo in a moment and things starting to move a a little bit better on the zakim, see some of the rain drops lingering on the camera, even though they are not coming down at the moment, leverett connector eight moderate. 11 minutes on 93 south -- on the expressway rather braintree split to the pike and 29 minutes
9:29 am
leverett connector. >> gene: breaking news in foxborough, incredible crash leaving a gaping hole in the side of the building. catherine parrotta has been on the scene since this first broke on cocasset street and told fire fighters the living room is gone >> catherine: evidence of that here behind behind us in the past half hour work here ongoing and mostly shield the contents from the elements and put cardboard in the window and big tarp around the front of the house which is just gone at this point. but i wanted to walk you through what we know about this. as we mentioned this is cocasset street and where this vehicle had been traveling, coming toward us, traveling on the opposite side of the street and where officials say it lost control, 16-year-old behind the wheel, 16-year-old from wrentham lost control of the car and that's when the car traveled here across the lawn and you can see here the tire marks that's just all across the grass here and vehicle came to rest right
9:30 am
and you could see the damage it did. first of all, knocked out window there's also a large crack that's right next to the door which has now been covered up with the tarp. tarp extend here across the front of the home because that has been removed and showing you that all morning, you could see some of the contents inside the home including a christmas tree that the had just been pressed up against one of the walls there and building inspector on scene and load bearing wall and wall inn habitable for quite sometime and actually rebuild the structure and right now put up post to try to hold it up in place and homeowner was inside at the time. fortunately not the front of the home and getting ready to take the trash out, heard a loud noise, no idea what happened until the 16-year-old who had been driving came around the back of the house said something to the effect of i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry. here is what the homeowner describes what unfolded. >> getting ready to put the
9:31 am
when got to there, i looked out and no front and around the corner and then realized it was a car accident and wasn't hurt. >> catherine: see the car damaged as well, not just the house but car. i want to move the car here to debris next to the home and see a christmas decoration been severed in all of this. keep in mind 1 week away from christmas and feels somewhat lucky typically that hour of the morning she would have been right in the front room raising the shades for the day and hasn't gotten around to that yet but did tell me they were planning to have 17 people here for christmas dinner and now, of course, they are not even going to be here for christmas themselves and a lot of work to figure out where they should go next and, of course, getting the work done to try to get the home put back together again after
9:32 am
here this morning. but gen, one good piece of information nobody here injured. live here in foxborough, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. >> gene: elderly woman says a stray bullet nearly missed her when it came through the window. this morning police want to know where it came from. it happened week ago at pair of gun ranges. 83-year-old was feet away when bullet ricocheted out of cabinet fox25 the incident shattered her nerves as well as the window and heard a loud noise and first wasn't sure what happened. pieces of glass all through the counter and when it happened i looked up and i could tell a bullet had come through. >> gene: town promised the family they will look into the incident and now her children
9:33 am
better off in a nursing home. >> julie: 9:35. duplex goes up in flames and dcf is investigating why six-year-old girl was left alone in the house at the time of the fire. jessica reyes live outside with look at that investigation. jess? >> jessica: julie, good morning, i heard back from dcf in the last hour and they say they are investigating, looking into why the six-year-old girl was left in the duplex by herself and crew working to get windows boarded up but fire department does say the most damage, worst damage to the duplex is in the back of it. they say likely started in the kitchen and right now they are focusing on the oven. they believe it may be where it started, a lot of damage to this duplex on both floors, so the fire department does say they believe it may be salvageable.
9:34 am
jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> gene: fox25 looking to get more details about a car in whitman. man was seriously hurt after being hit. driver remained on the scene and crash still under investigation. gene: crash sparks the second person hit by car in whitman and teenager girl was clipped while crossing washington street to catch her bus to school. high schooler only had minor injuries. herald reports driver will not be charged because bus driver waved her around the school bus. >> julie: look at huge hole in the old drummond printing building. went through a wall and fox25 driver told him he hit the wrong pedal. >> trying to avoid another car and he hit the gas instead of the brake and ran through the
9:35 am
abandoned and driver was not hurt. the 79-year-old driver told gazette he only bought the suv two days ago. >> gene: pair of teenagers charged with breaking into several cars. 18-year-old sabrina croft of hyannis and 17-year-old accomplice were spotted trying to break into a truck parked behind a hotel
9:36 am
so bad it is a safety hazard. $32 million stormwater storage tank and punching station. >> gene: 9:38 boston based gillette suing the boston shave club. they are accusing the popular razor description company using own patented formulas to make copy cat blades. earlier this year they started their own service to fend off companies like shave club. company commands nearly 70% of the u.s. market for men's blades and razors. gene: 115-year-old la cordon bleu has 16 locations in the united states. famed chef julia child learned how to cook there and current students learned on you to finish degrees but the boston location has stopped accepting locations. parent company says federal aid to career colleges help them make the decision to close.
9:37 am
>> julie: audit of boston school district could save look at numbers. more than half of the schools are underpopulated. by closing the buildings and firing some of the teachers the district save about $2 million per school and district could also make money to tune building that are closed. there are 125 schools in the district and there's no plans to close any of them at the time. >> gene: grand prix of boston tells the globe the high speed race will follow a street course around the boston convention and exhibition center. if the plan approved today, tickets could go on sale within a week and race expected to be held labor day weekend. >> julie: seeing green. none of the yellow and red what we kind of worry how long we are
9:38 am
to the tobin bridge. shiri? >> shiri: 52 in boston, mostly cloudy skies and coming home from work and wet roadways we are going to deal with and break down the extent of today's showers and tomorrow's flurries when we come back. >> julie: keeping tabs one of the hot new services in demand right now to keep nanny's on their toes. >> julie: what would you do if you found a bag full of cash. coming up next how restaurant worker went out of her way to return more than a year's salary left in booth by busy diner. >> gene: we are giving away praise everyday until christmas, today's winner in phyl your stocking contest is tammy catture of lawrence. congratulations, tammy, you just
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>> julie: bernie sanders is being suspended with a major blow. >> reporter: dnc voters are considered a gold mine and help campaigns tremendous low,
9:41 am
out and plot out the next move but heard from the dnc this morning and they say that bernie sanders campaign is being kennedyed accessing rival hillary clinton data and software glitch allowed one of the staffers to review private campaign data and sanders campaign has pulled multiple media outlets it has fired the staff member calling it unacceptable. the dnc says the vermont senator's campaign will remain suspended until it explains what happened and provides proof any collected data have been thrown out. this is all happening, of course, just a day before the third democratic debate that's happening in new hampshire. reporting live in washington, jacqueline fells, fox25 news. >> gene: 9:45 this money, beefing up security the happiest place on earth. metal detectors will be at the front gate of all walt disney theme parks and more officers will be inside and outside as well and toy guns will be banned
9:42 am
no one age of 14 will be allowed to wear a costume even at halloween and officials will not say if they are responding any special threat made against the parks. gene: clock is ticking to make destination by christmas. today deadline to ship packages by ups. tomorrow first class mail with the post office otherwise you will have to pay more to get things to the destination on time. and post office says the lines are line and only getting worse so be ready to wait. >> julie: i'm sorry, family, if you are watching you're not getting presents in time. julie: check out you have to look pretty closely, there are three kids riding on top of the minivan. neighbor took video of it. police say probably broke several laws including child endangerment and reckless driving but officers have no way of identifying the adult driving the car. julie: four-year-old girl
9:43 am
she spent four years to bring christmas tidings. >> merry christmas. >> julie: two years ago hazel was fighting for her life and this is video from when she was sick and she is back bringing homemade presents to the kids in the hospital now and family says she is bringing them more than just gifts. makes me so happy and makes me stronger and helps not to give up. >> julie: online fundraiser has been set up in hazel's name and research the kind of cancer that nearly cost her her life. >> gene: applebees customer left $32,000 in cash. turned or to police and tracked down the owners. the owners of the cash, they own several rental properties and going to deposit the money into a safe deposit box and couldn't find a bank that had one available on short notice and no
9:44 am
get a reward. gene: earthquake proof bed when worth starts to shake. >> julie:'s you. >> gene: it drops several feet into kind of tomb, if you will, and supplies down at the bottom to help you survive a few days so you will be in there in a few days and i imagine very select group of people, julie, interested in the product. >> julie: gas mask down there, looks like a fire extinguisher in case there's a fire in your coffin. >> gene: like a game show disagree instead of getting slimed you get trapped. >> gene: no thank you. >> julie: route 193 south, nice and green, traffic slows moving along fine as you can average speed on the expressway 54 miles per hour.
9:45 am
connector and backed up here this time of the morning and live drive times, 13 minutes route 113 minutes to the tobin and nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike, 21 minutes 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. i think i will have nightmares about being trapped in the earthquake bed. >> shiri: as long as phone is charged. scary. not so city square of forecast and rain loon the front. tomorrow we have the cooler, windier air moving in and going to stir up a couple flurries and then by sunday we start clearing on out, temperatures start moderating a little bit because we are all over the place with temperatures. today we are mild, 52 , this is what happens today, temperatures actually start to slide as we get into the afternoon and through lunchtime we will sit in the lower 50s, once we hit 1:00 p.m. 49 and also around
9:46 am
for shower in boston into evening commute, although it is not going to be rainy at all times and probably one or two showers. further south we will see more in the way of rain. future cast in youly updated here and point out i know you don't see very much here at 1:00 p.m. but plymouth down to the cape and islands in the southcoast that's where we still have the risk for rain. you can see it filling in as we head toward 4:00 p.m. today, anywhere cape ann, down to boston, down into southeastern massachusetts at 4:00 p.m. and for the evening commute and then during the evening hours we are going to find that those showers start sinking south of boston, takes a little time at 7:00 p.m. and close enough here halfway up the shore and close enough to have me tell you to be on the lookout here at 7:00 tonight but by 10:00 they are out, areas inland today are actually going to see more in the way of not just dry, but perhaps partly sunny skies. this is where we have most of our steady rain forming with
9:47 am
provincetown to hyannis down to plymouth, marshfield, bridgewater, the islands as well and even the risk for rain in foxborough, norwood, over to boston, beverly, rockport and start getting into the dryer spots. lowell, hudson, shirley, a lot of cloud cover and close to the disturbance and clouds break up further to nashua, mildford, over to worcester and orange that's where we have some breaks in the clouds. saturday and sunday they cool down, look at 30s on the map tomorrow, saturdays and sundays high, 38 in nashua, 35 in orange, 34 in worcester, that's the high. 41 in boston if you're lucky and there will be some flurries around. no accumulating snow, my friends but couple flurries and look and feel like december, especially when you tack on the winds that will start gusting anywhere from 30 up to 40 miles per hour tomorrow, so we will have major wind chills in the 20s, even in the afternoon. sunday 42 and brighter we got more clouds around and 50s monday, tuesday, wednesday,
9:48 am
time for christmas eve. back to you. >> julie: cleveland basketball player helps his wife in risky delivery and item paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
9:49 am
puffs knows winter... hard on your nose there's the endless runny noses. and of course, the biting cold of snow day play. that's why puffs is soft. puffs plus lotion tissues... ...are gentle on skin. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better. so you can get out and enjoy winter a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. for softness that fits
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["the first noel" plays] from all of us at sanderson farms, we wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy hanukkah. and we mean that, 100%. you'd see all the sickness you're spreading. new robitussin cf max severe soothes and delivers powerful relief of cough, sore throat, stuffy nose and fever. new robitussin cf max severe.
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>> gene: background check started at $300 and tail the nanny can cost thousands per day and investigators say they see a lot of nannies dozing off and ignoring the children supposed to be watching and many nannies are texting when they should not be. >> julie: don't text when nannying.
9:52 am
delivered his own daughter. his fiance went into labor a month early. he used a head phone cable to tie off the umbilical cord. how about this gorgeous royal family photo from the duke and duchess of cambridge. it was released overnight with announcement the little prince will start preschool in the new year and he is going to montessori school in the countryside. >> gene: hard working people in salvation army a little bit of break yesterday. team took over the bell ringing duties in downtown crossing yesterday and took off as the morning team out there ringing the bell and helping people stuff red kettle with cash to help raise money and evening crew took over for us a little bit later and very proud to represent fox25 to represent the salvation army. a lot of great work with
9:53 am
>> julie: trying to ring in time. >> shiri: very hard to do. cold out there into the weekend. finally look and feel like december for one day of my 7-day forecast and why do i feel like i've not getting any complaints about that from you guys. >> gene: christmas looks like it will be warm too. >> shiri: yes. >> gene: car washing hit put into use.
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