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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  December 19, 2015 1:00am-2:00am EST

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now at 10:00, rain moving out but snow showers moving in. i'll show you when and where. six robberies in just two weeks, the search tonight for the suspect accused of holding up local delivery drivers. the reason the brady questionable the reason the pat's q.b. is listed that way. it's brig and bright and raising a lot of eyebrows. the reason we had behind this billboard that we had to blur for tv. >> announcer: this is fox 25 news at 10:00. first at 10:00 the last weekend before christmas is here and it may actually feel like december for a change. hi everyone i'm mark ockerbloom.
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there's a chance of flurries tomorrow. storm tracker meteorologist rob eicher is here to tell us where? >> finally for the first time it will feel like december. saturday likely to be the coldest day of the month so far. got 40 degrees in boston currently but watch as we head through the overnight hours. temperatures make a more noticeable dip after midnight. eventually down to the low 30s tomorrow morningens and the warming you much from. there along with that radar things are now quite. the rain got out of here right on schedule. these snow showers blowing in off of lake ontario and watch over last several hours so those snow showers they're creeping ever so closer to this area. they should move into northwestern massachusetts late tonight then across the head into tomorrow. you can probably tell from
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more starting to get the over 20 miles per hour. some showers on stay up date to the fox 25 weather app. right now a reports that chaild was struck in the lowell. let's get right out to fox 25's john monahan with the very latest outside police headquarters. john? >> reporter: good evening, mark. three people including a woman and a baby were crossing that busy lower street this evening. that's when a car reportedly struck the stroller with the baby inside of it. neighbors tell fox 25 tonight that it was so loud they heard it from inside their homes. >> we just heard like a thump we heard the lady screaming. >> reporter: francis who asked us not to show her face says it sounded like another car was hit not a person. but the front windshield of his subaru outback tells another story snerp all
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was sitting next to the baby and she was crying. >> reporter: according to the you lowell sun, that baby, a 3-year-old, was in this stroller when it was struck in the crosswalk. >> then you heard the baby cryig. >> heard the baby cry. then the baby stopped crying. >> reporter: later that baby was reportedly unresponsive. skyfox shows the streets flooded with emergency vehicles. >> it filled up with ambulance, fire trucks, you name it they were here. >> reporter: police questioned the driver of the subaru on scene. no word tonight if he'll face any charges. in the last half hour we checked with police and the baby's condition there's still no update. now coming up at 11:00 we spoke to neighbors who tell us what they think may have contributed to this accident. for now we're live in lowell, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. a 26-year-old man is recovering in the hospital tonight after he was hit by a stolen jeep in somerville. meantime two people are under arrest in the crash that happened this afternoon
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state police say the jeep sped away after the driver saw a state trooper who was checking on the vehicle that's when the s.u.v. drove into the median and hit the man who was walking there. 18-year-old arthur woods from arling off and on and 19-year-old sanchez from malden were arrested on multiple charges. both are expected in somerville court next week. a man in his late teens was shot and killed in roxbury today. this was breaking on fox 25 news at 6:00. police say the man was shot on enunciation road in roxbury around 4:00 this afternoon. officers have not yet made any arrests and urge anyone to come forward with information about a possible suspect. medford police say this man is suspected of robbing the eastern bank today. officers say 37-year-old michael moran walked into the bank around 3:00 p.m. dressed in all black, sexually threatened a teller and demanded cash. he was found walking on riverside avenue a short time later. he was arrested without incident and is due in court on monday.
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two weeks in worcester all delivery drivers. the most recent happened just last night. fox 25's erica richie spoke with that driver who's already back on the job tonight. erica? >> reporter: vanessa he says he has no choice he has to be back on the job because he has to earn a living to support his family. though he did admit he was pretty nervous to make his first delivery tonight still very shaken up over what happened last night. that's why he only agreed to talk with you us about it if we agreed to conceal his identity. >> somebody come in put their gun in my body. the guy take everything my money. >> reporter: he says one of the two robbers punched him in the face. but look at this, that delivery driver is picking up his order at golden pizza on lincoln and heading back out on the road. >> i'm scared to go on my
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i don't know what happen tonight. >> reporter: around 9:00 that 42-year-old driver was robbed. the suspect approached him as he got out of his car. it's the latest in a rash of delivery driver robberies in the city, according to police. on each of these streets in the last two weeks delivery drivers have been held up with some sort of a weapon. it's a dangerous job and delivery drivers know it. they can shoot you for a few hundred bucks. >> reporter: so the ones we have talked with have procedures in place to prevent that from happening. >> i always lock my doors after i get in the car. i try always to look around if anything suspicious. >> reporter: and now they say they'll be doing that even more. it's going to be more careful. watch what out what i deliver. >> definitely i will be more cautious. >> please be careful. >> worcester police are looking into whether there's any connection between those six robberies in the last two weeks.
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arrested in any of those robberies. in last night's incident the two suspects are described as hispanic men between 5'7" and 6 feet tall. they were wearing dark clothing and masks at the time of the robbery. if you have any information about that incident or any of the others you are asked to call worcester police. live in worcester tonight, erica richie, fox 25 news. tom brady not at practice today and now we know the reason why. brian salman is here now to tell us why the pats q.b. is listed as questionable for sunday's game and a chance he will you actually play. >> well, ock news on a friday that no patriot fan ever wants to heart. tom brady missed practice for an illness well, yes he did. not only was brady absent from practice today but he was listed on the official injury report as questionable for the patriots game versus the titans. even with that said let's say it's a soft questionable. also now on the practice field today was rob gronkowski but his actions was for personal reasons not for an injury. later on in sports i'll have
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latest on devin mccordy. >> scary moments for an elderly couple when a scar crashes right into their living room in foxborough. it happened this morning at this home. the couple was home at the time but luckily were not hurt. a homeowner tells fox 25 he's not surprised something like this happens. >> well, it hit that tree, i had a tree over there. i don't know whether it's degrading the road or whatever. it seems like there has been a lot of action in this area. >> the driver is just 16 years old and apologized profusely after the accident. no word on whether he will face any charges. boston police working to track down a possible serial bank robber. authorities believe the same woman could be responsible for three bank robberies this week. the most recent happening this morning on adam street in dorchester. on thursday, a bank was robbed on somer street and on wednesday one was robbed on dorchester ave. the suspect is described as a hispanic woman with a thin build in her 30s. the mbta operator fired
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incident is appealing his termination. he tells fox 25 a here that appeal will be happening at some point in the future. the 53-year-old was supposed to be at the controls of the red line train last week when it left braintree station on its own and rolled through four stops. 50 passengers were on board. the mother of the little girl once known as baby doe faces trouble new charge tonight. it comes as a grand jury returns with an indictment of rochelle bond the in the death of her daughter bella. as fox 25's kerry kavanaugh reports the? you new charges center around something rochelle bond continued to do even after her death. >> reporter: six months after 2-year-old bella was bond was found a grand jury has indicted the two people accused in her murder, her mother rochelle bond and mom's boyfriend michael mccarthy. fox 25 broke news of the indictments that were handed out friday afternoon at the suffolk superior you courthouse and they include a new charge. they accuse michael patrick mccarthy of the first-degree murder.
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indicted on being an accessory after the fact of that murder, and with larceny for allegedly continuing to accept public assistance from the department of transitional assistance after she knew of bella's death. prosecutors believe bella was murdered in late may or early june. police arrested the couple in september. the case captured hearts across the country when a passerby discovered bella's body in a trash bag on deer island in june. for months she was only known as baby doe. no one claimed her. a tip led police to the child's mother and boyfriend. they believe the couple kept bella in a refrigerator before discarding her like trash along the the waterfront. kerry kavanaugh, fox 25 news. a holiday season one father will never fork. if 15 minutes the incredible gift he's already received thanks to his own two sons. the final countdown is. on it will be a busy day at the malls tomorrow and the next half hour the plan retailers and police have to keep everyone safe while shopping. a local billboard so
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the words on tv.
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>> happenings now the president is on his way to california to visit with families of the san bernardino shooting victims. this is some video from when the president and first lady departed for california around 5:45 tonight. president obama will meet with victims families in san bernardino. the president has met with the families of several major mass shooting incidents in his presidency including sandy hook and aurora, colorado. the president is expected to land sometime around midnight our time. fire marshal ruled the cause of this house fire accidental saying it started --. >> reporter: right here is now too damaged to live in after a fire tore through both of those units.
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the fire chief says the mother left to pick up her two other children just down the street and moments later this house went up in flames. >> reporter: this is what's left of this home on hudson street after a fire tore through both stories. a neighbor caught the flames describing it as surreal. >> i'm watching the house just going up in flames and i'm thinking of people being there. are they okay, are they safe. >> reporter: milton fire chief jack grant says the woman living in the first floor unit turned on the kitchen stove and left. leaving her 8-year-old daughter home alone. >> the mother went to pick up 2-year-old daughters which were a street away. so you know in reality she shot next door to grab the kids it and all transpired in that period of time. >> reporter: grant says the stove caught fire the flames quickly spreading to the rest of the duplex. the 8-year-old was able to safely run for help. the department of children and family sent us this statement saying "the
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on this matter and we are d.c.f. wouldn't comment whether they've investigated this family before citing privacy requirements. meantime, just days before christmas three families are now without a home. albert lives upstairs, he didn't want to give us his last name but told us a neighbor had set up this go fund me page to help them. >> it's really helpful. these people they're great all of them. they're great. can't ask for for more. >> reporter: we have listed that link on our website and the fire chief also urging anyone to turn off any heat source whenever they leave the room. so far no word yet on whether police will file any charges against the mother. in milton fox 25 news. tonight we have learned the man of the -- the name of the man who died in marion. fred santos was a passenger in the van that crashed early wednesday morning. four others were injure in the the crash. one seriously.
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investigating the cause of the crash. the second man accused of breaking into a quincy family home and tying up a today. police arrested william macken just hours after they public. a judge set bail at $100,000. fox 25 brought you live breaking news coverage of this home invasion last week. more than $40,000 in cash was stolen from that home on president's lane. >> a new bedford man is under arrest after police say he instantly assaulted a woman on an mbta train. officer were called to the downtown crossing station yesterday afternoon for a disturbance of for a report rather of a disturbance. a woman told police the 25-year-old attacked her on the mbta orange line. several passengers witnessed it and fronted alvez. police found he was also wanted on charges out of wareham. a new hampshire man is under incident. police got reports of gunshots heard on sunday
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mount st. mary's way. officers found road rage incident took place not too far away. during which 23-year-old philip of loudoun fired a gun at the other car involved and was arrested and is due in court next month. an electronic billboard stirring controversy in manchester, new hampshire with vulgar words and bright lights. the sign was put up by a manchester businessman to protest alleged corruption by politicians. tonight he tells our kathryn burcham he's trying to shock people into listening. kathryn? >> reporter: yeah, mike owns this building and two others in new hampshire. all three have electronic billboards like this railing against alleged corruption by state leaders and included in those messages is a word that we can't even show you on tv. on one of the manchester's busiest streets the words are you enough. >> that's pretty horrible.
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in their tracks. >> it's not good. >> reporter: the electronic billboards shines brightly with a message against chashe and ayotte calling them an obscenity. >> i think it's appalling that's out there on the front of a business. >> reporter: but asked the sign's owner mike gill and he will tell you he's trying to shock parents into listening. >> i'm not offending children, i'm protect the children in what i'm doing here. >> reporter: gill runs a website said the state of corruption which lists mid-deeds and extortion. while many on social media criticized the vulgarity on his sign they're missing the point. >> it just you think [bleep] is an obscene word then you need to step your [bleep] because the truth is the word is extortion. >> the city says they're investigating if the the billboard violates city ordinances. gill claims protection under
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he won't be silent. >> well, you know what, it stays the way it does, all right. i changed that for jesus that's it. >> reporter: so i asked gill if he would consider changing his message during the the holiday season but he told me that it's too important that and that it should be heard year round. he says it's also part of his campaign to run for governor in 2016. live in manchester, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. the force has officially awakened. some star wars fans are sleeping in because of it. it's no surprise it's already breaking records. the movie ticket website fandango says presales broke the are record for most tickets ever sold. we caught you up with fans and they say the movie did not disappoint. >> incredible. absolutely everything that you could want from a new star wars. >> it was funny, it was action-packed.
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predict the movie could make at least $200 million this weekend alone. that gives it a shot at setting the u.s. record for biggest opening weekend ever. could be historic. drivers paying for their registration but finding it's expired instead. >> coming up fox 25 investigates travels to springfield to get answers to that mix-up. plus, the important data hillary clinton's campaign says bernie sanders' camp stole.
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students in north brookfield had the day off today. the car slammed right into a hydrant overnight. north brookfield elementary and the high school had to shut down. customers connected to town water were without service for several hours. >> the new hampshire man accused of giving a 17-year-old heroin just
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confidential informant for the d.e.a. court documents show mark ross of report was paid by the agency on a number of eindications. those documents came to light because of another undercover drug case a 17-year-old died in october in a rochester. she watched the girl take the heroin which was laced with deadly fentanyl. lawmakers reauthorized money for all victims of 9/11 for another five years. john stewart and the new york police department they spent months pushing to deep the funding going. congress let the program expire before bringing it back today. >> this is not a christmas present or a holiday present, quite frankly, this is owed a debt owed to these men and women. >> the 9/11 fund is part of
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the president is soon expected to sign into law. the democratic national committee has suspended bernie sanders campaign database. tonight the sanders campaign is responding. the "washington post" is reporting that at least one of the staff members was able to gain access to hillary clinton's private campaign data. tonight hillary clinton's camp manager says that data was stolen by sanders camp. the sanders campaign blames the software glitch and says they have fired the employee who was involved. the campaign manager is responding saying the d.n.c. is "actively talenting to undermine his campaign -- actively attempting to undermine his campaign." gain access. the democrats will face-off tomorrow in another debate. in boston a poll is out showing donald trump with the lead.
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among democrats bernie sanders is now just two points of being clear of hillary clinton. stocks that closed down sharply to end the week. analysts say the drop was led by banks and tech companies erasing gains from earlier this week. here's a look the at those closing numbers. the dow jones industrial average dropped 357 points that a more than 2% fall. the nasdaq and s&p suffered similar drops. giving the gift of life this christmas. after the break how two sons saved their dad with a selfless act. combination strong gusty winds and cooler temperatures means kind of a
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i'll show you what boston appears to be moving closer. today promoters of the race signed a letter of intent promising to pay entirely of the cost of setting you up the course. four straight agencies also
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and the mass conviction authority. during labor day weekend of 2015. waltham animal control is trying to find the owner of a dog found tied up outside a veterinary clinic. this guy was found you outside of the blue pearl that's an animal clinic on bear hill road. a sign a son gives his father the ultimate so his dad can spend this christmasm and up. >> uncle henry do you have a 10? >> reporter: one look and you can tell the collins family is a close up. >> do you have a four. but for a while the family didn't know if a healthy life was in the cards for patriarch timothy who was
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with deliver disease. people are dealt a hand and you do your best. he needed a transplant but wasn't high on the waiting list so his doctors suggested a living donor. his children all wanted to help. oldest son tim was a match but when he was on the images showed he was no longer suitable. >> he goes in with this great game plan that you you're going to help and you know i wasn't able to do that. >> so i think that was one of the hardest days for me. >> reporter: but this family's bond never breaks. they werecies appointed but not defeated. he told doctors he wanted to help. i was ready when can we start the testing process again and a couple weeks later he ended up calling saying i was a go. another team removed his dad's diseased liver and
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of kevins. >> and it will grow to become the size the recipient needs and it will become the size the donor needs. a you touching photograph captures the first moment kevin and his dad saw each other after the operation. a handshake and the phrase the two most important things in life family and loyalty. >> great and just feel the love right there. there are 16,000 people in need of a liver transplant in the country. log on for links to learn more to religionster to become a donor. >> such a beautiful story it's going to be here for a while. you can tell their bond is even stronger now.
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>> announcer: now your local forecast from meteorologist rob eicher. let me just remind you 40 would be normal for this time of year and we will be there tomorrow afternoon sunday also temperature also feel fairly december like if you are a fan of the cooler weather enjoy it while it lasts. we could be close to record-breaking temperatures again by thursday christmas eve. right now we have 40 in boston, 38 in plymouth, cooler weather will be moving in as we head through the overnight hours. let me show you what's on the way. have this disturbance kind of rolling over the great lakes. winds. the strong wind gusts leading to some lake effect snow showers. you see how that's creeping
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getting a little bit closer that's that's moving in here late tonight and into tomorrow. sunday definitely the quieter of the two weather days not that tomorrow will be all that bad but it definitely will be gusty that will add to the chill. to the overnight hours a mix southern portions of vermont the green mountains and berkshires mainly. then as we head through the day the snow showers continue to spread a little bit further east through new england. now the wind direction will tend to you push these so far more likely to get snow showers and snow flurries north of manchester but i still think we'll see at least a flurry or two in boston. but that might be it just a flake or two in boston tomorrow. but that continues through most of the day. in terms of accumulation as might expect really not
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whatsoever just maybe a through the day tomorrow but only a flake or two as you get further east in massachusetts. the other story will be the wind gusts with a you few gusts over 20 out there right now. through the night into early tomorrow morning then the winds really pick you up tomorrow afternoon where we're likely to see frequent gusts over 30 and possibly a few gusts up to 40 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon. that combined with the cooler weather moving in means it will really feel like winter finally for the first time so far this december. wind chill temperatures waking up in the upper 20s. the winds get a little bit strong sorry in reality there's not much change in the wind chill temperatures as you get to the lunchtime hour still it will only feel like it's in the upper 20s to low 30s. middle part of the day it
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upper 20s to low 30s finally feeling like it's december. we have some wind chill readings down in the teens, so keep that in mind if you are going to be out late on your saturday night. >> upper 30s to low 40s tomorrow afternoon again that's about average for this time of year but really the first time we have seen numbers that cold so far this des. when you wake you up sunday morning it will be in the mid-20s so again still fairly chilly but get into next week it gets hot. we will be close to that. >> she wants to ride her bicycle but isn't able to do it. >> coming up tonight new at 11:00 the people stepping up for a little girl after a teenage grinch tries to ruin christmas. >> plus, shopping late and shipping late. the dates you need to know so your presents will reach their destinations on time.
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the verdicts the new hampshire teenager convicted with having sex with a 15-year-old at st. paul school is speaking out. new at 10:00 he is glad he rejected plea deals during the trial because he knew he told the truth. he also said he would do it the same way again and that he had "done what was right. i walked outside of the
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labrie was sentenced in together one year in jail followed by probation. he was also ordered to register as a sex offender. the scituate parishioners are taking their fight to the u.s. supreme court. they have been occupying the church since it was closed in 2004. as part of a reorganization after the priest sex because scandal. now word whether on whether the high court will. fighting openid so addiction is part the governor was joined in addition to that meeting for opioid addiction
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in main today they won the lawsuit after arguing in court that she might not live long enough. saying they are looking forward to serving. indoor from the the u.s. food and you drug administration it would ban again younger than 18 from using a tanning bed. experts say people who have been exposed to the you u.v. light are nearly 60% more likely to develop the deadly type of skin cancer known as melanoma. >> although it may look attractive to them now it's really going to be unattractive to have skin cancer and scarring related to it down the line. plus, it could be life-threatening. the f.d.a. estimates 1.6 million teens use indoor stanning beds each year.
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rules are not necessary. >> but next at 10:00 breaking down the r.m.v. mix-up. what fox 25 investigates just press clean and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba from irobot
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>> tonight fox 25 is learning more about a mixup
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with a eric travelled to springfield today to get some answers. massachusetts you the taughting a better faster experience in line at the rmv. it was fast we were only there for like half an hour. they found some drivers who mailed a check are still waiting. if you don't get your stickers in town will be able to go out on the road? >> legally no. >> grim range star apologizing for what the r.m.v. called a mailing issue on their website delaying renewal of registrations that expired in november you the but were paid on time. they point to a mix youup by a state vendor globe direct responsible for mailing out renewed registrations once they're paid for.
1:38 am
vendor did wrong and we're going to make sure it doesn't happen again. fox 25 investigates went to speak with globe direct in mill bourne its presidented to they're still looking into what went wrong and are now mailing out new registrations daily to catch up. the contract was recently expanded. the r.m.v. says this latest mamg mix-up was nothing but a nomly. some drivers want to know if waiting on a new sticker road. >> is the r.m.v. prepared to handle the demand out there improvements every day. meanwhile the r.m.v. is asking state police to give drivers with expired registration a great period. drivers with a simple request of their own. >> they need to do a better job i guess. in bring speld, erik rasmussen, fox 25 news. >> it is a holiday season and the salvation army's red
1:39 am
more valuable items. anonymous donors have dropped off a number of items including a half carat on a gold chain. another donation included two wedding bands. >>. someone dropped off an engagement ring in billerica and other valuables have been dropped on the locations around massachusetts. so far the drive has raised almost $2 million in massachusetts alone. trying to mark off the last items on their list it is busy on the malls to say the least. fox 25's robert goldsston has details of that plan. don't get to find give thes for 10 people six days out. work, kids, everything in your life.
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know when you can. this is when i can. sneeze she's not the only one telling us saturday before christmas is the busiest shopping day all every year. last year there was a near 4% increase this year retailers are expecting a 6.50% increase making it six years in a road of holiday sales increases. the mild temperatures are also you fueling the increased volume. >> any time you have you good reason it will be an neff for folks to get out and do some shopping. they have been planning for this weekend for a while. because the you are in star wars blockbuster movie is playing right across the street. we meet with them weeks in advance. >> sarah duffy is trying to knock out her list tonight. it's a little crazy.
1:41 am
to get in the mall. any lessons learned. >> no, i just do it every year. and the best advice according to the g.m. is to get here early. they open tomorrow at 8:00 so can you have all your shopping wrapped up by 11:00 you should be okay. get after it this weekend for sure. >> it's crunch time if you want to get your package delivered in time for christmas. this was the last day to it will arrive after christmas. tuesday the last day to ship via u.p.s. second day air. wednesday is the last day to ship via next day air for deliveries on christmas eve and as always we say good luck. how are you coming. fingers crossed. >> i'm doing about the the same i was at 6:00.
1:42 am
getting throughout this weekend. going to be a little crowded but we'll make it. how are you doing? >> i'm almost finished. one more person to go. i will be honest i was going to do a lot of this afternoon and this evening then poor kevin called and said rob, i'm really sick. my family i apologize gifts will be arriving late. you know who's really happy with about the forecast the skiers. just for an example here should be at or below freezing for most of the weekend with the exception of the middle of the afternoon tomorrow and sunday. they're hoping to get 95 snow making done to maybe reopen on sunday. it has been an unusually warm sen so far. but again things are looking up for the skies this weekend. across the board sunday probably two better of the
1:43 am
it will feel a lot better with much lighter winds enjoy it while you can you. the set up is for a much warmer weather pattern. we'll show you just how wet coming up in next half hour. >> there's a you new face it's not a human. trooper mark greedy and his new partner stars has graduated from the training course at the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms in virginia. will now be helping out federal state and local fire investigators in massachusetts. there are now seven units within the state police force. >> we continue to get new information on a developing story in lowell there are reports tonight's that a child was hit by a car. new at 11:00 why neighbors say this is a dangerous stretch of road. >> up next in sports more on the injury bug that bit the patriots. plus, a look back at the celtics as they try to get back to their winning ways and bruins have three straight wins can they make
1:44 am
i'll make that more. a new royal family photo. charlotte and george this was released overnight with the announcement that the little prince will soon start preschool in the new year. he's going to go to a montessori school near their home in the english countryside. lebron james ends up crashing into the wife of pga champion jason day. lebron landed on top of ellie day her seat ended you up back on the floor. paramedics were called in to check her out. they took her away on a stretcher. she was awake and conscious and coherent. we have learned she is okay and has left the hospital. could the bs improve on those numbers. you got to push ahead to these games.
1:45 am
bruins they get to lead. ed bruins gore wild it's second goal of the game the hat trick for the rookie. the bruins they would win this things 6-2 squeezing the home at home with the penguins. the held ticks and the gardens. look at this. looking pretty good out there. it's a 3-pointer a foul. game high 29 points. he had 22 points for the
1:46 am
bananas in the third quarter. now if the patriots wanted to get the attention of tennessee titans i would say the goal was achieved. the bronx was not due to an injury but will be out. the past players they're not worried. you but it's come you up a time or two over the last several years. it's a good day for us to get work. optimistic. devin mccordy who is limited today. he is probable because his
1:47 am
injury. which is why belichick signed ball and kicked the tires on 17 jackson. working hard. focused on them we will talk about guys that are some where else.
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