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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 21, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> julie: now at 4:00, pwraeings news on the vegas industry. a woman plows her car through a crowd of people killing at least one person. >> it looked like she wasn't trying to stop her car. both of her hands on the wheel and looking straightforward. >> julie: what witnesses are saying about the chaotic scene and what they are saying about tint. and breaking news in new hampshire. a local city tells people to stay home after they investigate violent threat. the violent e-mails sent to two separate high schools. 'tis the season for stealing. a crystal-clear surveillance video a local homeowner will help track down a christmas
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good morning, it is 4:00 on this monday, december 21. i am daniel miller. back. i hope you had a nice break. >> daniel: good to be back. >> julie: winter is still here >> julie: winter is still here, but you won't need the hat and gloves for christmas day. christmas temperatures are hard to believe. i know you will get to those. >> shiri: record-breaking temperatures. we are freezing. in the 20s nashua and keene. 34, hyannis. obviously the cape and islands much milder in the 40s. generally right around freezing. same deal at 6:00, breaks in the clouds early this morning and and tend to build in. around 50 degrees lunchtime. highs into the 50s this afternoon but by 4 p.m. that little blip of green.
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shower and 99% of us stay dry. nice and cloudy mild and breezy nice and cloudy mild and breezy. 48056 degrees. we will get a closer look at what kind of wind to expect. julie, a check of the roads. >> julie: things are moving along nicely at 4:00 not morning as they have a tendency to do. route 1 looking good. through the weston tolls and what you will encounter through brighto n. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 8 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 21 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. it is 4:02 right now. we are following breaking news this morning. one person is dead and several others critically hurt on an accident on the las vegas strip strip. a woman drove her car through a crowd of people near the paris hotel near the planet hollywood resort. 37 people were hurt. the strip was closed as dozens of fire trucks and ambulances arrived on scene. police say they are treating act. witnesses say the driver made
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>> it looked like she wasn't trying to stop the car. she had both of her hands on the wheel and looking straightforward and there were men running after her trying to stop the vehicle. >> daniel: the crash happened while the miss universe pageant was taking place in hollywood. the driver is being tested for alcohol use or medical problems that could have caused the crash. so far she has not been identified. a 3-year-old child was also in the car and was not hurt. we will have more on this breaking news story throughout the morning. developing news in new hampshire. there is no school for kids in nashua in morning after a serious threat is e-mailed to both high schools. fox25 was on the scene last night as police dogs spent the evening sweeping the building. police aren't going into details but tell fox25 the threat was extremely violent. parents tell us they are terrified. >> as a parent, i am scared. i am sick now. i don't want to send my kids to school because it feared me if they are going to come home alive julie sglooul a statement yesterday, the --
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yesterday, the superintendent said it was detailed threat of violence to harm students and staff at the high school. state police and fbi are determining if the threat is credible and new hampshire governor is keeping a close eye on the situation. schools will reopen tomorrow. station broke this story on the news app. download it to get important notify cases right away. a free download through google play or the app store. and a third person will be charged in the theft of military weapons from the worcester armory. fox25 has obtained court documents identifying tyrone james as the suspect. federal prosecutors say he lied to investigators and was also in possession of some of the stolen weapons. the dorchester man is already in custody on unrelated charges in custody on unrelated charges. prosecutors suspect that he may have sold some of the stolen weapons. former army reserve former army reservist is charged with stealing ten pistols and six assault rifles from the armory earlier this year.
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is accused of helping morales sell some of those weapons. together. a police chase that ended across state lines with a crash. in seabrook, new hampshire. police have covered the drive's side of that sus from view. all started with a traffic stop. mass state police tell us the driver took off across the highway heading north into new hampshire. within 30 minutes the car crashed. no word on that driver's condition. happening today the driver accused of causing this head-on collision in saugus will appear in court. ronald gerosis is accused of leaving the scene after the crash but he turned himself into police yesterday morning. three people were hurt in the crash. two critically. this morning a mother and daughter remain in the hospital as investigators search for the cause of the fire that killed a little boy. 4-year-old caleb nardolillo was trapped on the second floor as flames destroyed the family's
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the mother and 6-year-old sister suffered severe burns. one neighbor ran into the building but could not reach caleb and had to jump from the second floor to save his own life. >> he was so close probably, and he had to get out, and toad jump. christmas is this week. and he was looking forward to seeing santa. >> caleb's greatgrandfather said the boy was going to receive his first bicycle for christmas this year. address where the fire happened is the site of the deadliest fire in westport's history. back in 1952 nine people were killed including eight children killed including eight children. fire fighters in brockton say 68-year-old man is a victim of a deadly fire near city hall of a deadly fire near city hall. robert samuels was killed in a fire in his third-floor apartment yesterday. fox25 has learned that samuels was a double amputee. we are told the fire was contained to his apartment. no word on a cause, but investigators say it appears to be accidental. a worcester couple is hoping crystal clear
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down a man who stole christmas gifts right off their front take a look. the story plays out on this home security footage. ups drops the package off and within five minutes according to the video time stamp, this man walks up to the house and swipes the package. homeowner said she discovered the video after ups reported couldn't find it. >> we looked it up on the video surveillance and sure enough there was the guy walking in, took my package, and then walked out. >> julie: police say the man will likely be charged with a misdemeanor and fine if he is caught, but that homeowner hope caught, but that homeowner hopes that someone recognizes the thief and turns him in. 4:07. metheun police could be the first in the commonwealth to bear body cameras on duty. the city council is set to vote tonight whether to approve the purchase of body cameras for the police department. counselors approved a pilot program for the body cameras earlier this year. the officers used them for three months and reported positively to the cameras.
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out and say how are you doing, sir, ma'am, you know, just being audio and video recorded those people on the initial stop who were hostile changed their tune to be nice. >> opponents of the body camera proposal feel the money close to $300,000 could be better spent elsewhere. boston police have also approved the use of body cameras. the new england patriots have won 12 games this season and earned a first-round bye in the afc playoffs. patriots are in the holiday spirits and the home fans had plenty to cheer about. the first quarter, tom brady will hill rob gronkowski in the corner of the end zone. pats up 7 early and never trail pats up 7 early and never trail. in the second quarter, the defense comes up big. chandler jones will force a fumble in the back field. the ball pwounlss around. scoop -- bounces around, scoop it is up and the big man falls into the end zone for a touchdown. the defensive lineman's dream. the pats would cruise to
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the pats hit the road to face the jets on sunday. >> daniel: love that win. a new champion has opinion crowned in the most awkward ending. miss columbia was crowned the winner by mistake. this played out on fox25 and look at the moment that has everyone buzzing. >> there's -- i have to apologize. the first runner-up is columbia the first runner-up is columbia. >> daniel: oh, steve harvey, that's right. he read the card wrong. miss philippines was the winner. both women were confused as you can imagine and miss columbia handled situation with grace
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from her head hadn't show cut out when miss philippines was crowned. steve harvey began his twitter apology that he apologize today miss columbia and miss mistake. he feels terrible. in a late tweet, harvey said, i don't want to take away from this amazing night or pageant as well as the wonderful contestant. they are all amazing julie daniel, that is cringeworthy. >> daniel: it is cringeworthy. hopefully he can make up for it hopefully he can make up for maybe it was a joke. >> julie: not a funny one for miss philippines. a live look outside. pike through brighton, a handful of cars on the road this early hour. a look at your live drive times in a few minutes. but first here is shiri. >> shiri: good morning, guys. if you were hitting the roads, a quiet pattern. 34 degrees dropping down to 33 at 5 a.m. at 6 a.m., i will show you what
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unbelievable warmth that will be in place this entire week. home improvements land a local man in the hospital. coming up at 4:30, what saved a homeowner's life when fast homeowner's life when fast-moving flames torched his house. fire fighters check thousands of homes after carbon
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at a new hampshire pla new hampshire's governor now calling for a full investigation into this weekend investigation into this weekend's carbon monoxide scare
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at least six people were treated for gas exposure after a mixing issue at a local plant. the cell phone video captured fire fighters going door to door to 1,000 homes making sure no one else was in danger. a man who took that picture said he is thankful that the fire fighters acted quickly. >> that is very scary and you think of everything that is happening, a lot more could have to these people. it took more time for them to find out. >> reporter: according to an investigation. the governor urged all residents to buy carbon monoxide detector. federal workplace investigators are trying to find out why a tire exploded at a local sears auto garage. location. worker justin almond was killed when a truck tire exploded and hit him in the head. a customer was also hurt. sears sent fox25 statement saying the company is working closely with investigators. no prior safety concerns that the location.
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the fbi believes a foreign government is behind a massive security breach at a tech firm. hackers intercepted jupiter hackers intercepted juniper networks and allowed them to spy. they provide supplies to the department of defense, the justice department and several big companies. the fbi said the hack is so sophisticate there has to be a foreign government involved. a private space company will attempt to resume its rocket program. space x hopes to launch an unmanned rocket from cape canaveral in florida. yesterday's launch was postponed by weather. there is a one-minute launch window tonight. in june a rocket exploded delivering supplies to the international space station. they are testing rockets. set a record for box office sales. maybe you are among those who saw it. it saw the biggest opening in history bringing in an
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and canada alone and whooping $517 worldwide. whoo. back in 1977, the first film in the "star wars" saga set the record for the time. the newest film beats out jurassic world by $30 million. and aid "star wars" marathon this weekend in preparation for seeing this film. and they are amazing. >> daniel: i saw this one this weekend. i won't spoil it, but you won't be disappointed. >> julie: you were part of that $237 million. still going up. i can't wait to see it. and take you out to the roads and things moving along nicely. i am getting my lingo like destroyers -- trying to find some of "star wars" reference. >> daniel: lightsabers. >> julie: you don't need anything to speed up the process because things are light. 11 minutes from 106 to 128. 21 minutes from 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector.
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from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. fox25 stormtracker weather meteorologist shiri spear joining us and hear there is a "star wars" marathon at your house as well. >> shiri: yes, i was. i can't think of anything to throw in there. what is that snowy planet. hath -- yes, i am getting confirmation. none of that in the forecast. nothing that will look like winter. nothing that will look like christmas. in fact today it turns up being mild and breezy. our winter soltice at 11:48 tonight and i can officially say winter. not just meteorological winter but winter as of tonight. no hope, guys, i any kind of christmas snow. that is where hath comes in. no rain here. today nothing more than isolated shower and even at that hard to muster up. tuesday, wednesday, thursday i do have rain come do have rain coming into town. currently we are waking up to the 30s.
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so a little bit frosty, not freezing. i don't expect boston itself will get down to freezing, but you probably stay steady through about 6 a.m. 36 degrees still at 8 a.m. 40 degrees. 45 at 10 a.m. and then we have mostly cloudy skies and 50s for the afternoon skies and 50s for the afternoon. not freezing in worcester at 3 not freezing in worcester at 31. check out what is going on here check out what is going on here. we do have some thin clouds in play. these aren't the thick clouds, though, that we will tap into this afternoon and i do hope you will hang on to breaks in the clouds a little bit longer than the coastline, but 32 degrees at 6 a.m. so we are gaining very little here. by lunchtime 44. highs get trapped in the upper 40s so we are starting in the 30s. we land mostly in the 50s. breezy and warm. we don't see a lot of moisture overhead. but when you start pumping in the southwest winds, it comes not just with warmer temperatures but comes with higher moisture that boils down to clouds and you will find
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this is 6 p.m., the evening drive home from work, and really the only shower popping is out across southern vermont. the chances will be slight and will be a little higher out across person with new england. overnight tonight, clouds build in and anticipating drizzle on the roads. main rain will develop during the afternoon and even late morning. so at lunchtime tomorrow, we have pockets of rain, potential have pockets of rain, potentially pockets of heavy rain that will continue through the afternoon, winding down during the evening commute tomorrow. so by 7 p.m., those showers are fading pretty fast. we have kind of waves of rain we are dealing with this upcoming week. today expecting mostly rain rain-free conditions. 54 in boston. 53 5 3. 49 in worcester. 48 in orange. i think the breeze will be a bigger story than any kind of clouds because the winds will be gusting as high as 45 miles per hour over southeastern massachusetts. tonight the winds die down.
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skies. but during the day tomorrow, expecting some rain, especially from about late morning straight through the afternoon. more 50s on the map. here is your seven-day forecast with the weekend always in more showers that come into town on wednesday night with a high of 56 degrees. temperatures. this is going to be on christmas eve day. 30ing with record highs. in fact the record in boston is 61. the record in worcester, 57. concord, new hampshire, 54. and this temperature is going to be all of those. slight chance of showers. i see a lot of those showers falling apart, and for christmas, i am giving you dry weather at about 59 degrees. same temperature that we had last year in fact for christmas, and then over the weekend going with about 50. slight chance of a saturday shower. better chance on sunday. back to you, guys. >> that is so warm. local police officers are taking part in the season of giving.
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turkeys, a whopping 24 turkeys, a whopping 2400 pounds worth to the dedham food pantry pantry. a picture of that service. not to be outdone, fire fighters dropped off their bank. check out the bags and boxes in the back of that truck making a family families. 4:21. a major u.s. company is hoping drones will lessen its workload drones will lessen its workload. devices could soon be used when filing insurance claims. and incredible video out of china.
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the man accused of conspiring with the san bernandino gunmen will be from court later this afternoon. enrique marquez has been charged with conspiring to support terrorists. he is accused of illegally purchasing the two assault rifles the gunman and his wife used to kill 14 people. today the judge will weigh in on the bail amount for marquez. the head of the house judiciary committee says immigration officers were sloppy when they approved the visa of one of the san bernandino shooters. congressman bob galott of virginia said not enough evidence to prove syed farook and tashfeen malik had ever met
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requirements for a -- for a fiancee visa. federal authorities are reviewing the visa approval process and will examine the social media pages of all applicants. coming up on 4:25 this morning. an air france flight is forced to make an emergency landing after a passenger found a suspicious device in the toilet toilet. the plane was headed from paris hand to land in kenya. it was a square device made of cardboard and displayed a timer that was counting down. authorities searched the plane and found that the item was a hoax. all 459 passengers and 14 crewmembers you were safely evacuated. air france's ceo said the fourth bomb hoax again their airline in recent weeks. more than 90 people are missing in southern china after a massive landslide. take a look at this damage. a 30-foot wall of mud completely destroyed several buildings. chinese officials say search and rescue efforts are under way. they believe the landslide happened when the land beneath
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became unstable. police in texas are investigating a deadly crash involving a greyhound bus. one woman was killed and several others injured when the bus crashed into a suv in arlington. the suv was driving erratically and stopped abruptly in the highway and that is what was left in the suv. the woman in the suv was killed and her passenger seriously injured. people on the bus were injured but they are expected to be okay. investigators in central california hope to identify the five people killed in a small plane crash. the plane went down near bakersfield and took hours to find the wreckage. the faa said it could be months before they know what went wrong but they are not ruling out bad weather as a cause. a masked robber gets more than he bargained for at a convenience store in florida. you can see on the surveillance video the store's clerk and a customer attack him before he even gets to the counter. they were able to get the suspect on the ground until police showed up. 4:26 right now. a south boston family who lost
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are now the victims of a thief. 14 months ago a fire destroyed their condo. just two weeks ago, they were able to move back home, but they returned home to find someone had entered their gated courtyard and made off with their patio furniture. president family said that furniture meant a lot to them since they are starting from scratch. >> to have somebody take something that was donated to us even though it was just patio furniture, it has deep meaning. >> the family's message to the thief is simple, please just return the furniture. if human remains weren't creepy enough, police say they recovered more bizarre items inside the home of an alleged graverobber. the frightening find coming up. plus, a mystery on the cape as crews try to pull a car from this house.
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weekend' now at 4:30, breaking news
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