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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 21, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us here on the fox25 morning news on this monday morning. it is december 21. i am gene lavanchy. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta in today for sara underwood. winter officially starts today, tonight. >> gene: hard to believe. >> catherine: i know. >> gene: temperatures we had are remarkable. >> catherine: chilly for today but not that way the rest of the week. shiri spear is here with a warm-up for the holidays. >> shiri: only chilly during the morning hours and the warm the morning hours and the warm-up starts and it is not going anywhere. although you see a little bit of cloud cover. thin enough clouds -- and we get a little bit of sunshine as the sun comes up at 7 a.m. 37 degrees in boston right now. freezing in bedford at 31. 32 in worcester and orange. 25 in keene, new hampshire to 3 25 in keene, new hampshire to 32 in plymouth. 40s for the cape and islands. beverly waking up to 35 degrees beverly waking up to 35 degrees. good morning to you. and futurecast over the next
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temperatures moving much. expect our warm-up to kick off after 7:00 this morning. it carrying us into the upper 40s, lower 50s for lunchtime and those clouds are thicking up. i will go with partly to mostly cloudy skies today. and at 4 p.m., do have a little blip of green on the map. not a lot of wet weather out there today. keeping it mops ly dry. only the slight chance for a shower for your monday. 48 to 56. highs mostly cloudy. mild and breezy for sure and wait until you see how warm it gets in time for christmas eve coming up. now send you over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. julie, anything happening on the roads? >> julie: shiri, right now roads are looking good route 1, 93 south on the map. bright green and volume is light the speed limit ride. pike is open through framingham and the tolls. what you get through brighton. 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector.
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you. we start with breaking news in las vegas this morning. one person is dead. dozens are hurt after a driver plows through a crowd of people on the strip. fox25's daniel miller joins us with the investigation. and daniel, police think this accident was intentional. >> daniel: yeah, gene, that is right. police don't know why that woman drove into the crowd of pedestrians but witnesses say it looked like she meant to do it. it happened on the las vegas strip near the paris hotel and the planet hollywood resort. 37 people were hurt. the strip was closed as dozens of emergency vehicles arrived on scene. police say they are treating this accidents as an intentional act. the driver made no efforts to avoid the victim. >> it looked like she wasn't even trying to stop the car. she had both of her hands on the wheel and looking straightforward and there were men running after her trying to stop the vehicle. >> daniel: the crash happened while the miss universe pageant was taking place at planet hollywood. police are telling us that the driver just moved to the las vegas area.
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her car but wasn't hurt. the driver is being held at the clark county jail and awaiting results of blood tests to determine if she was under the we will continue to follow this morning. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news. there is also developing news back home. students in nashua, new hampshire are getting an extra day off, but not for christmas. fox25's stephanie coueignoux is live at north nashua high school with the violent threats that forced the city to cancel classes. stephanie? >> reporter: catherine, police told us that threat was sent in a e-mail specifically targeting nashua north high school which is where we are this morning, school. but as you can see, we haven't really seen any police this morning, but we do want to show you some video from last night when we saw new hampshire state police and dogs sweeping the school. nashua police say a threat was e-mailed in yesterday and again listing nashua north and south
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now they didn't say what that specific threat of violence was specific threat of violence was, but they did tell us that e-mail stated students and staff at both schools boo be home today. as a precaution, school administrators decided to close all 17 schools. parents were notified yesterday about though threats through a reverse 911 call and though threats through a reverse 911 call and some about though threats through a reverse 911 call and some parents that we spoke with say this is very scary for them. >> so many things going on. sending my son to school and i am having this text is scary. i love my kids to death, you know. and i can never -- i could never sees ging oi will die with them. >> reporter: right out in fbi is working with state agencies to determine the credibility of the threat and also who sent that e-mail. the superintendent says that they do hope to reopen school tomorrow, and coming up in 30 minutes, the first person who
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notified police. in nashua, new hampshire, i am stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> gene: 5:04. happening today a third person expected to be charged in the theft of military weapons from the worcester armory. fox25 obtained court documents identifying tyrone jane as the suspect. he lied to investigatorsing also in possession of some of the stolen weapon. the dorchester man is in custody on unrelated charges. prosecutors suspect he may have stole some of the stolen weapons. former army reserve former army resestodist james morales is accused of stealing army rifles. bigsby just pictured there was also charged with helping him. tyrone and bigsby lived together. the crash in seabrook, new hampshire last night. you can see police have covered the driver's side of that suv from view. all of this started before 7ia0
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mass state police say the driver took off aarmoss the history headed north into new hampshire. within 30 minutes that car armashed. no word on that driver's condition. happening today, the driver aco bsed of causing this head-on collision in saugus will appear in court. ronald jarosz is autoused of fleeing the scene after the crash and he turned himself into police yesterday morning. four people hurt in that crash, two armitically. fire fighters in brockton say a 68-year-old man is the victim of a deadly fire near city hall. robert samuels was killed in a fire yesterday. station has learned that sao aels was a double amputee. we are told the fire was contained to his apartment. no word on the cause but it appears to be accidental. new hampshire's governor calling for a full investigation into the carbon monoxide scare. the cell phone video captures fire fighters going door to door to more than 1,000 homes making sure it no one else was in danger.
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tells fox25 he is thankful the fire fighters acted quickly. >> that is pretty scary. i mean you think of everything that is happening and a lot more could have haadedened to these people. it wasn't more -- if it took more time for them to find out. >> gene: in addition to a full investigation, the governor urged all residents to buy carbon monoxide detectors. federal workplace investigators are trying to figure out why a tire exploded a at a lectal sears auto garage at a rockingham mall on saturday. worker justin almond was killed when a truck tire ehamloded and hit him in the head. a customer was also hurt. sears sent fox25 a statement on the incident saying the company is working closely with investigators. there were no prior safety concerns at that location. a pepperell man is getting a mental health evaluation after he is autoused of charging at a police officer with a machete. it happened at his hollis street home on saf crday night and there a look right there at that large weapon. police say the suspect was
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to commit suicide by cop. police used a taser to top him. the suspect's name has not been released and charges are pending. a south boston family is picking up the pieces after a fire more than a year ago, but now they are having to deal with a thiin s as well. 14 months ago they lost all of their possessions at a fire at their condo in south bostolod only two weeks ago they were able to move back home and returned home to find someone entered their gated courtyard and made off with the patio furniture. that furnif cre meant a lot to them becwas se they are starting from scratch. >> to have someone take something that was donated to us even though it wasyaust patio furniture and has deep meaning >> the family's mess to be to the thief is armple, please just return the furniture. 5:08 and ne tmeonis hand patriots have won 12 games and they would a nvshltion c nvshltion afc s. e. the home fans had plenty to cheer about.
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gronkowski. pats up 7-0 and they never trailed in this one. second quarter the defense comes up big. chanur er shomelons force a fumble with the strip stack in the back field. the ball bounces around. hake3 3 knicks, and falls intase 6 3 3 the end zone with a touchdown. the d-lineman's dream. 36-16. they face the road to face the jets on sunday. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. good morning, a 19-minute commute on 93 southbocusd from 495 in andover down to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> if you were leaving the house, a whole lot of nothing going on. good as knr as the weather is concerneexp a little chill in the air. 34 degrees. mid-30s are back at 7 a.m. i am gnew hang to time out an amazing warm-up today when we come back. coming up, a heartbreaking tr to bedyyaust days before christmas. what we know of a deadly fire that claimed the life of a
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neighbor who tried to save his life. caught on camera, a crystal clear image capf cres a lectal package thief in the act. now homeowners are hoping those now homeowners are hoping these
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lly fife a worcester residents want everyone to take a good look at this crystal clear surveillance video.
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a christmas package from her porch. >> catherine: the homeo3 er it haadedened minutes after that package was delivered. michael henrich mass more. >> reporter: a lectal mom wants her christmas present back. worcester police have really good surveillance video to wosat with to find this person. look at your screens once again look at your sarmeens onco this -- this is the whole situation. a surveillance video shows the entire grinch-like scenario unfolding. it happened last wednesday. ups resops off the pacim ge. then a man with a cell aone on his ear passes the worcester house multiple times bin sore walking up in broad daylight looking right in the camera at one point and walking away with a kabing age in armply didn't belong to him. the victim who shared this surveillance video tells fox25 the pacim ge contained about $1 the pack to be contained about $100 worth of christmas gifts with the holiday right arocusd the corneris h >> the fact that someone came up and stole it. that's not their property to
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so whether it is $5 or $1,000, there should be something done. >> the victi fasahe a police told her if the person is caught, it will likely be a low fine and a misdemeanor charge. and police here in worcester tell us they are investigating. live in worcester, i am michael he gooich, fox2o hnemas . season of giving is well under way and dedham police got well into the dhirit. this truck pulled up to the food pantry with 110 turkeys ready for donation. that is 24 that is a lo mu pounds the gatind. nde of food. nearby in norwood fire fighters held a similar mis aron. a few picf cres of the faresopfeng off donations to the norwood food pantry. should make a dick ference for any local family any local families. nice job in dedham and norwood. double check your holiday candy because a recall for dove chocolate. 6700 cases of assortment snowflakes could be ri08y for anyone with allergy anyone with allergies. pieces of other candy may be mixed in and those canons miartd in and those candies
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the dove chocolate snowflakes could be sold only at wal-mart and could be ref crned to the store for a full refund. good morning, everyone, we check weather and track fic for you every ten minutes. start with 128 northbound, you are flying through dedham and needham up to the pike. tell you about an accident on route 16 right at 145. overall volume is light know, that it shouldn't slow you down yet. live look at the zakim briw ye. seeing a fpi more heaur ights than the last time we checked in on this shot. 13 minutes on route 1 fro fawith a8 to the tobin. 23 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 22 minutes on with a8 fro faroute 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shir fawdhear jnew haning us. shiri, when i headed out the door my jacket and gloves and i had a scar had a scar un- a scarf that will be changing. >> peel them off. sacame y thick the fae say. this is priefably gnew hang to be one of our coolest morning that
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winter ock ficially starts. we htme the winter soltice today at 11:48 p.m. now the sun comes up at 7:10. the sun goes do3 at 4earoco this is going to be the second shortest day of the year, because tomorrow is gnew hang to be one second shorter. oh, man, that sunset going down at 4:15. that is what really gd. me and makes it feel like winte au it turns mild and breezy not getting colder as we heaayl& t oward winte au we are actually gd. ing warmer for this first week of winter. for this first week of winter. the soltice at 11og8. zero hope at christmas. it will not happen. it will be way too warm. what sieve plenty of chances for rain this weee lo the chance will be very slight. no more than an isolated shower as the clouds thicken h. tomorrow in the meats and potatoes of the day, right in the middle of the day rainfall with 80% chance of f cesday rains and again late wednesday we will have rain and thursday
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so currently leaving the house, totally dry out there. thin, high clouarb in place. 37 degrees. so we are going to get some sunshine as the scus comes up able to pend. ate those clod ans and a wind chill. our winds at 14 hours right now. and feel v-like temperature is alle datedrees now. so kind of dressing for the 20s even though you are seeing t hose t3 3peraf cres reading in
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lunchtime comes along middle 40s and doesn't get much warmer than that this afternoon. here is your future cast today feeling breezy and warm. a lot of patchy clouds out there and you will not find very much wet weather. the deep neither day we go we have that slight risk of a shower mostly to the north and west of boston. we are looking at northern new england, western new england for a couple of sprinkles today. otherwise tap into southern mass, eastern mass. increasing clouds this afternoon and overnight tonight afternoon and overnight tonight, we get a little patchy drizzle forming and that's what we have on the roads for the tuesday morning commute and then for lunchtime, we have a more substantial rain that forms. this one containing downpours that will be on and off straight throughout afternoon. tomorrow rainy afternoon expected.
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turn a little heavier in will be winding down during the evening commute so by dinner evening commute so by dinnertime tomorrow, showers are shutting off. 7 p.m. on tuesday. and things are starting to look better. this afternoon 54 in boston. 53 in beverly. 56 norwood and plymouth. 55 in hyannis. more lower 50s in portsmouth and nashua, new hampshire. fitchburg at 42. worcester at 48 degrees. same in orange and above the middle 40s out in keene. you will find, like i said, clouds and wind. tonight back to the 40s. tomorrow morning. tomorrow we bring back the 50s a couple of degrees warmer 54 in boston. and beverly, 53. and tough for anyone to dodge those raindrops tomorrow. pretty widespread rain we have for lunchtime. 54 today. a slight risk of a shower. better chance of rain tomorrow. 57 degrees is the high after waking up to the 40s. more 40s for wakeup weather on
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degrees. these showers expected to develop late in the afternoon or evening. you can see early afternoon so looking okay. likely the kids head home from school, still dry. dinnertime is when it turns soaking wet. those showers in a big way on thursday. thursday's high 67 degrees which is right now beating all of the record highs from boston to worcester up to concord, new hampshire. it will be really warm here on christmas eve. even christmas itself, 59 degrees and partly sunny. that is as warm as it is last year and lower 50s saturday and sunday. back to you guys. check out the pictures from the sky over washington state. talk about holiday lights, the northern lights with a spectacular show. the bright green color illuminating the skies near spokane. winter is the best time to see the northern lights and this year have been very bright in the pacific northwest and alaska. a beautiful picture pick.
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an emergency landing after they found a suspicious device. the fake bomb looked like the real thing.
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>> the force has awakened at the box office. the movie set a record for box office sales. bringing in $238 million in the u.s. and canada alone and a whopping $517 million worldwide whopping $517 million worldwide. back in 1977, the first film in the "star wars" saga set the record for the time. the newest film beats out jurassic world for the new record by $30 million. tonight a private space company will attempt to resume its rocket program. space x plans to launch an unmanned rocket from cape ca and a half xwrel in florida. yesterday's launch was postponed by the weather. a one-minute launch window. in june a space rocket exploded while delivering equipment. testing booster.rockets. did you see this moment last night. imagine if you are at the miss universe pageant in the final
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but then find out you didn't. >> gene: we do want to talk about that. >> julie: leaves us -- and you piped in and said steve how are you doing. he made a joke i am going to mispronounce the names. he did more than mispronounce the names. he got the names completely wrong. take a look. >> there's -- i have to apologize. the first runner-up is columbia the first runner-up is columbia. julie julie just lasts and lasts. steve harvey accidentally said miss columbia was the winner. she gets the crown on her head, and then miss philippines is the true winner. and her english wasn't as good, so you see miss usa patting her on the back saying you won.
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>> gene: i can't watch. >> julie: he will be able to recover, but -- >> gene: survey says, ooh, big boo-boo. donald trump used to run miss universe and he would say this wouldn't have happened if i was in charge. awful for steve harvey. he is a wonderul guy. you feel bad for him. but in the end they got it right. i want to talk about this story. any star out there that gets it more than taylor swift i want to meet them and hear about that person. taylor swift did something amazing again sending holiday cheer to a very lucky fan out in colorado. the pop star surprised a 12-year-old girl battling cancer out there on social media. what does she do go to the girl what does she do go to the girl's house says hey, here i am. posed with her. the family got selfies. just lifted her day. lifted her spirit. she has done this a lot and does so many things for her fans that are so surprising. downwoman. i am amazed -- not only the
5:24 am
her and she can impact somebody by showing up or sending a card. it is very remarkable. >> julie: do you think it is t swift herself or a rock star swift herself or a rock star pr. >> gene: if she didn't want to do it then it wouldn't come from her. >> julie: a good role model. i know you thump to . >> gene: won't tell anything to you anymore. shiri, are you a t swift fan. >> shiri: big time. i have a daughter with the big curls. the old school taylor swift makes me feel like a part of the thing. great role model. 28 to 30 degrees. 50s on the way home. time out that magnificent warm-up when we come back. a horrific weekend fire
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at 5:30, what we know of the this is the best block of all. it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully
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i was just thinking... maybe it's time we finish and head back to the dealership? that is so jeffrey... soooo jeffrey... so jeffrey... oh. elves.. but we still need your signature. nthe volkswagen sign p p p p on a new passat
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now at 5:30. we are following developing news in nashua, new hampshire this morning. the city has closed all of of their schools after receiving violent threats. the very latest on this active investigation in a few minutes. good morning, monday, december 21. i am catherine parrotta in for sara underwood. >> gene: i am gene lavanchy. 60 degrees in the seven-day forecast. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear. we start winter officially at some point here, shiri. but more like we are going into spring, maybe even summer with these temperatures.
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december, friends. and winter officially begins tonight after 11 p.m. -- actually just before midnight tonight. it will officially turn into winter. right now early morning cloud cover. i think the clouds will be thin enough. we have a little sunshine through them in the next couple of hours when the sun comes up. 37 degrees right now in boston. peabody at 36. randolph, 35 degrees. 32 freezing in dedham and upper 20s in wellesley and pelham and -- you do need to watch out for a couple of chilly spots. plymouth at 32. by lunchtime at 50. afternoon with highs in the middle 50s. i will time out an even bigger warm-up coming up shortly. here is julie grauert with live drive-time traffic. shiri, what is happening. julie things are looking good route 1, 95 south moving along route 1, 95 south moving along fine. things reasonable. moving from the allston/brighton tolls no the. here the live rife times. 24 minutes on the pike.
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the braintree split to the pike. 22 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. back to you. breaking news this morning, one person is dead and several others critically hurt on a crash on the las vegas strip. a woman drove her car into a crowd of people near the planet hollywood hotel. 31 people was hurt. the strip was closed. dozens fire trucks and ambulances on scene. police are treating this incident as an intentional act but not an act of terror. witnesses say the driver made no effort to avoid the crowd. >> it look like she wasn't trying to stop the car. she had both of her hands on the wheel and she was looking straightforward and men running after her trying to stop the vehicle. >> the crash happened while the miss xwroovrs pageant was taking place at planet hollywood. police now say that the driver just moved to the las vegas area. 3-year-old son -- a 3-year-old child, by the way, also in her car and was not hurt. we have more on this breaking news for you throughout the morning and will bring you the
5:30 am
back to that developing news nashua, classes have been cancelled throughout the city as police and the fbi investigate serious threats. fox25 stephanie coueignoux is live in north nashua highway where parents are concerned. stephanie. >> reporter: they say they are definitely shaken up after the e-mail came in threatening two schools. on a typical day, school will be starting here at nashua north in just about two hours. you can see most of the lights are off. and the doors are locked as well. and they will stay closed today. in fact all 17 schools here in nashua are closed today because of that threat. right now the fbi is working with state agencies to determine the credibility of that threat, and who actually sent that e-mail. now we did ask if a student sent an e-mail, but police told us at this point, we don't have any information that it was a student, and they are looking at all angles. nashua police say a school administrator received that e-mail yesterday and
5:31 am
now police not saying what specific threat of violence was in that e-mail. but they did tell us the e-mail stated students at staff that nashua at the middle and high school will be harmed today. they alerted parents through a reverse 911 call. they hope to resume classes tomorrow. police say they are not taking any chances. >> definitely a tightrope. we have to keep in mind the safety of everybody involved, you know, students, teachers, other workers in the building. >> reporter: and, of course there are comes as school systems in la and new york also received threats. so far in this case, no arrests have been made. and, of course, we are going to continue to reach out to police and the school system, and to give you any updates as soon as we receive them. meantime coming up in 30 minutes, the action police took here at the high school yesterday right after they
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stephanie coueignoux, fox25 morning news. fire fighters are searching for the cause of a deadly weekend fire that claimed the life of a 4-year-old boy. that child was trapped on the second floor when those flames broke out. >> fox25's jessica reyes is live at the scene in westport this morning where a neighbor went in looking for the child but had to jump out a window because the flames were so fierce. jessica. >> and catherine, this morning the fire department is still working to determine what caused this fire as this family continues to deal with this absolutely unspeakable loss. 4-year-old caleb nardolillo were killed in the fire on mount pleasant street in westport. caleb was one of three people inside the home. his mother and sister got out safely, but he was trapped on the second floor. a neighbor plan in to try to save him but jumped from his window to save his own life. >> i was praying the entire time he was inside that house that someone would go and get him and, please, just let him
5:33 am
>> reporter: fire department in westport said this was the site of another fire that killed several people back in 1952. coming up in one hour, how caleb's mother and sister are doing this morning. live in westport, jessica reyes live in westport, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. fire fighters in brockton say a 68-year-old man is the victim of a deadly fire near city hall. robert samuels was killed in a fire in his third-floor apartment. samuels was a double amputee and the fire was contained to his apartment and no word on a cause, but investigators say it appears to be accidental. a sturbridge man is lucky to be alive after his home quality fire. a fire detector said of the homeowners. when crews arrived they found the man collapsed outside. he was taken to the fire department for smoke inhalation department for smoke inhalation. the fire chief tells fox25 that the fire spread quickly because the house was under construction. >> when you have dryball on the outside. behind it is studs and channels
5:34 am
and when the dry wall is missing, it has the ability for the fires get into these channels and travel throughout the entire structure. that is exactly what we were encountering. >> the fire chief tells fox25 that the fire was likely an accident, but the cause is still being investigated. well, that is the sound of a chain snapping from that car in falmouth. police tell thus crash happened some time overnight saturday into sunday. the shows on the corner of jones and peterson road. no sign of the driver. the crash remains under investigation this morning. 5:37. and more unusual items tounld and more unusual items found in the home of a man who stole human remains from a cemetery. they not only found shrines, but a pig's head, dead snake and turtles in distinctive pots. medina told police that he is a
5:35 am
human bones for healing ceremony. metheun police could be the first in the commonwealth to wear body cameras on duty. the city council will vote on whether to approve the purchase of body cameras for the police department. they approved a pilot program for the body cameras and officers used them for three months and responded positive hee to the cameras. >> notice when we say how are you doing, sir, ma'am. you are being audio recorded and videotaped, those people in the initial stop who were hostile changed their tune to be nice. >> reporter: they feel the money close to $300,000 could be better spent elsewhere. boston police approved the use of body cameras and the brewster department. a candidate say some debates are being scheduled it help his riv al bernie sanders claims the democratic national committee put a debate the weekend before christmas to
5:36 am
it was to insure it was to insure would be low voip. he complained of a previous debate. last week the dnc punished the sanders camp for breaking voter roll rules. former governor jeb bush is hosting a town hall inial our top stories. tomorrow bush will appear in burlington and littleton. john kasich will also be in new hampshire new hampshire today. the governor will be holding several events around the granite state. a woman for kasich event and will hold town halls in rochester and concord. republicans ben carson, chris christie and marco rubio will be in new hampshire along with democrat martin o'malley leading up to the new hampshire primary which is, of course, in fish. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. right now if you were taking the expressway, an 8-minute commute from furnacebrook parkway to columbia road. shiri. >> a little breezy down across
5:37 am
around 20 miles per hour now. and gusts this afternoon going up to 45 miles per hour. the wind advisory southeastern mass. i will time out the winds as well as the warm-ups next. well, fewer lobsters are crossing the atlantic. coming up new at 6:00, why our friend across the pond won'ting getting shell fish from new england. incebldable video out of
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paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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a family tragedy for former president jimmy carter. his 28-year-old grandson jeremy died suddenly over the weekend. the former president went to church and held back tears and searching sunday school hours after learning what happened. jeremy carter wasn't feeling well sunday night and had sudden cardiac event. a air france flight was forced to make an emergency landing when a passenger found a suspicious device in the toilet.
5:41 am
cardboard and displayed a timer that was counting down. they searched the plane and found out the item was a hoax. the plane was evacuated. ceo of -- ceo of air france said this is the third bomb knows few weeks. a massive landslide. a 30-foot wall of mud destroyed several buildings. chinese officials say search and rescue efforts are under way. they believe the landslide happened when the ground beneath a huge mound of soil and waste became unstable. a masked robber got more than he bargained for at a convenience store in south florida. you can see the store's clerk and a customer attack him before he even gets to the counter. they are able to get the suspect on the ground until police show up. well, a big ticket is coming back to boston. kevin garnett and the minnesota timberwolves will face the bs at the garden.
5:42 am
they hosted new jersey last night. louie erickson. first period goal is 13th of his season and the devils will put on the heat in the 2nd. andy green with the redirect of the puck that tied the game at one. go scoreless to the third. into a shootout, and watch the move by ryan spooner as we comes in and snap it is home. that is your game winner. bruins take it 2-1 in the shootout and they host solution tomorrow night. good morning, everyone. let's start on route 3 south of town moving along just fine on 228 in rockland as you make your way through hingham and way newt braintree. 24, 28, 95 looking good as they speed up to 128. expressway starting to slow down just a little bit. you can see more brake lights making your way past the gas tanks. 11 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the split. 12 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. and nine minutes from the
5:43 am
fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. and you tweeted out these current conditions. not too bad in the 30s considering we normally wake up in the 20s, shir. >> shiri: boston ten degrees warmer than we would normally see it in late december. this afternoon no exception, more than 10 degrees above average because the normal high is 39 degrees today. we will be sitting at 54 this afternoon. even warmer tomorrow at 57 degrees. middle 50s continue on wednesday and we jump all the way into the upper 60s for christmas eve on thursday. this so you are warmest day. and even friday, even christmas has passed as 59 degrees will be just as warm as last year. boston waking up to 37. there is a little chill in the air. winds at 14 miles per hour. that will create the wind chill. now feeling like the 20s in most towns and cities. dress yourself for that and then the 50s this afternoon. 39 degrees.
5:44 am
by 11 a.m., 47. we hit the lower 50s this afternoon. increase. so we have got this really warm and breezy air that is going to be moving into town today, but along with the warmer air comes that higher moisture content. and this will boil down to more clouds for us. i don't really have rain in the forecast for today, only the slight chance that we will get lonely shower out there. futurecast highlighting that mostly dry weather. as we hit the evening hours. best chance for one those lonely showers will be out across western new england. otherwise looking good, feeling good today. as long you don't mind winds. the way the winds are strengthening, winds will gust as high as 45 miles per hour after 11:00 this morning after southeastern massachusetts. south shore southward, we will have to watch out for that stronger wind, but even boston back to worcester and southern new hampshire spill gusty. one of the first things you will notice if you were outside and of course mid- to upper 50s and of course mid- to upper 50s. this is our breezy spot with
5:45 am
over the cape, the islands, south shore to boston at 54. bedford at 53. worcester at 49 degrees. and we will change on to those lower 50s and upper 40s. futurecast by tomorrow morning, drizzle in place and expect to wake up to damp conditions tomorrow morning. our main rain actually dove our main rain actually develops so afternoon here. this is lunchtime tomorrow, commute. i have got rain and some pockets of heavy rain in there. this will likely wind down tomorrow during dinnertime. this is your seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view. i have mostly cloudy skies. and breezy conditions. only the slight chance of a shower but tomorrow at 57. much better chance we will get that rain developing by about lunchtime. wednesday a pretty healthy chance of rain and not morning rain, but a pretty late-day rain, that, too, contains some downpours.
5:46 am
we hit thursday. thursday is our hot day christmas eve and 57 degrees beating. if we i hate it 57. we will beat all of the local high temperatures from boston to worcester to concord to providence over to hartford, connecticut. it will be toasty here on thursday. now i don't have a lot of wet weather as i mentioned but day 50s. lower 50s. the cooler weekend but this weekend, a slight chance of a saturday shower followed by an even better chance that we will get some sunday rain out there. you can see upper 40s to lower 50s all weekend. so you don't get too much temperature variation from day to day here. back over to you, guys. an insurance company is taking to the sky to help when natural disasters strike. next year, allstate will be launching drones to assess property damage and help with claims. the program will be used for sings like hurricanes and tornadoes and also for claims that could be dangerous for adjusters like roof damage. >> they don't have to climb up
5:47 am
steep, very steep lines up on a large latter. really to get a complete picture of the damage of the roof. >> julie: customers can opt to deal with a person instead, but allstate hopes it will help move along the insurance process so it is quicker. 5:50 this morning. women by the hundreds donating something special to a new dad. coming up how complete stranger coming up how complete strangers are helping this father overcome tragedy. they want to keep her memory arrive.
5:48 am
plans to honor a announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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a boy scout leader in new jersey is recovering after being attacked by a bear. the leader and his scout were exploring a cave. he went in first alone and started screaming for help. the scouts tried to get the bear out of the cave so they could get to their leader by using snacks and bananas. when that didn't work they tried to smoke the bear out by starting a fire. they called 911 but took first responders about three hours to get to the boys. when they did, the scout leader was flown to a hospital. he is expected to be okay. the man who recently became a single father is receiving overwhelming support after asking for breast milk to feed his baby boy. alex green of oregon is the father of 8-month-old brody.
5:51 am
accident four months ago. he said that brody's mother wanted to breast feed him until he was at least a year old and he asked for breast milk donation in a facebook post. hundreds of people responded wanting to help. >> i am not a hero in the situation. the people who denateed their time and breast milk are the real people to be acknowledged. i am an average ordinary guy trying to take care of his son. >> gene: green is thanking the generosity of so many mothers. he believes that he can feed his son breast milk until he is at least 1 years old and his first birthday. discovering thousands of dollars while at work. johnny duckworth was working his normal shift when he found an envelope with $3,000 in it. he handed that envelope over to the diner's owner who found the rightful owner. >> he was here at the counter and i was back at the booth and i had one of my grandsons with me. i just wrote him a note on the
5:52 am
xhae s to a super honest man. >> came up and handed me the envelope and gave me $300. to the heart. gave me some heart. >> catherine: this morning people are digging into their own pockets to help johnny. he sdrunlt a car and having his paycheck garnished to pay for medical bills. someone set up a go fund me and raised $3700. decline declining oil and gas prices have given shoppers extra money to spend and a lot of people decided to use that extra money to shop online. according to the national retail federation,line shopping sales are expected to jump from 6% to 8%. >> catherine: maybe they are buying sweaters because runners donned their ugliest afire donned their ugliest attire. the ugly sweater run was held in atlanta from tutus to onesies. they displayed their christmas worst. and for ugly sweaters, a little
5:53 am
>> i had to strip halfway through. >> very hot. >> that and we are unconditioned for this. great stuff. a lot of chest pain. leg pains. yeah. but we made it. >> catherine: baltimore, denver and tempe, arizonaing will held ugly sweater runs. >> gene: ugly sweaters have become a cottage. somebody who wears a ugly sweater like that you run away from them. >> catherine: i can't imagine running in those. that will be hot. a local girl ditching her birthday present to help others in need this holiday season. why this girl's family said this generous act is not out of the ordinary. and our top local story this morning. a major new hampshire city is forced to make a holiday week shorter. the serious threats that have cancelled classes. >> we have winter officially starting. the winter soltice at 11:48. the sun comes up at 7:10. the sun goes down at 4:15.
5:54 am
new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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breaking now at 6:00, a terrifying scene at one of the biggest tourist spots. woman drives her car into a crowd at the vegas strip. why police think she did this on purpose catherine parrotta on purpose catherine parrotta@shutting down all schools. the violent threat that has parents terrified. and a big mistake that has everyone talk this morning. >> i have to apologize.
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