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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 21, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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home from school. >> daniel: breaking news on the vegas strip. woman goes through crowd of people killing at least one person. >> she kept mowing everyone down. >> daniel: what witnesses are saying about the chaotic scene and deadly accident. >> julie: beauty queen's mistake. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good monday morning, it is 9:00, i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. shiri spear chilly weekend but the cold snap is breaking and heading back toward warmer
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>> shiri: don't say it like that, daniel, i know you're excited about the warmer temperature. here is what we have, 42 in norwood and bedford and beverly, 42 down to plymouth. i still got some 30s out there from portsmouth 38 just updating there, nashua at 35 and worcester 37 but a warm start to the day even though it is 30s and 40s and warmer than the typical high temperatures for this time of the year and 50 extend to thicken up during the afternoon at 4:00 p.m., temps in the 50s what i've -- i'm planning around and southwest sustained winds ten to 20 miles per hour, even stronger gusts under mostly cloudy skies. going to break downwindy spots when we come back and if first isn't warm enough for you, wait until hot it gets from christmas eve. >> julie: things looking
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relatively stress free commute and finding slow spots on 93 south with average speeds about 12 miles per hour through medford. pike though moving along nicely and look at this, 9:01 wide open as you head eastbound or westbound through brighton. here are live drive times, 27 minutes on the pike 495 to mass ave, 18 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike, 34 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: 9:02 right now. we continue to follow developing news out of nashua, new hampshire. where students are home from school this person. school official closed the door after they received very serious threats. fox25 broke the story on news app last night. stephanie coueignoux outside one of the high schools involved this morning. stephanie, the fbi is working with local and state police on this. >> stephanie: 30 minutes if you were watching fox25 you saw several police cruisers controlling miss area.
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they since left but again, they are circling around school just to make sure everything is running smoothly and show you video we took about two hours ago and two police cruisers circling the perimeter of the school. last night we also spotted new hampshire state police officers and their dogs sweeping the school as well. now, nashua police say a threat was e-mailed in yesterday and again, it listed nashua north and south high schools specifically. police not saying exactly what the threat was of e-mail but they say the e-mail stated students and staff at both schools would be harmed today. so as precaution school administrators decided to close all 17 schools today. parents were notified about the threats through automatic phone call and some parents we spoke
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>> sending my son to school it is scary. >> i love my kids to death. i will die with them. >> stephanie: fbi working with state agencies and who sent the threat e-mail and superintendent hopes to open schools tomorrow and coming up in 30 minutes, person who first received that e-mail who immediately then, of course, called police. in nashua, i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> julie: now to breaking news taliban is breaking responsibility for deadly airfield. that's the biggest facility. six nato soldiers were killed. hurt. no word yet on nationalities of the victims and deadliest attack on foreign troops since august. julie: nevada woman is
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woman drive her car into a crowd of people near the planet hollywood resort last night. one person was killed, several others critically hurt, 37 people struck. police say this was intentional act by the driver but not act of terrorism. three-year-old child was also in the car but not hurt and we will have more on story as it breaks throughout the morning. >> daniel: third person charged in the worcester armory, identifying tyrone james as the suspect. federal prosecutors say he lied to investigators and also in possession of some of the stolen weapons. dorchester man is already in custody on unrelated charges. prosecutors suspect he may have stolen some of the stolen weapons. former army reservist james morales charged with stealing
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ashley bigsbee is accused of helping sell the weapon. bigsbee and morales lived together. >> julie: in keene six people treated for gas exposure after a mixing issue on saturday. cell phone video captures firefighters going door to door to more than 1,000 homes making sure no one else was in danger. man that took the video tells fox25 he is thankful the firefighters acted quickly. >> that's pretty scary. think of everything that's happening and a lot more could happen to the people and took more time to find out. >> julie: in addition to full investigation governor urged all residents to buy carbon monoxide detectors. julie: this morning federal workplace detectives are trying to figure out why tire exploded in local sears auto garage. it happened in rockingham mall on saturday. worker justin almon was killed when a truck tire exploded and hit him in the head and sears
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incident saying the company is working closely with investigators. there were no prior safety concerns at that location. >> daniel: scene in seabrook, new hampshire last night and covered the driver's side from view and all started before 7:00 with the traffic stop on 95 south in danvers and mass state police told us driver took off across the highway heading north into new hampshire. within 30 minutes of the crash no word on that driver's condition. >> daniel: happening today driver accused of causing this head-on collision in saugus will appear in court. three people hurt in the crash and two critically. that's the sound of chain snapping from that car in falmouth. fox happened sometime overnight
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is on the corner of jones and peterson roads. no one was home at the time and there was no sign of driver. driver remains under investigation this morning. >> julie: it is 9:07. pepperell man getting mental healing evaluation after charging at police officer with machete. it happened at hollis street home on saturday night and here is look at large weapon. police say the suspect was holding large knife and threatening suicide by cop and police used taser to stop him and suspect's name has not been released but police say charges are pending. south boston family who lost everything are now victim of thief. 14 months ago they destroyed the condo and two weeks ago they moved back home and someone made off with the patio furniture. >> the fact that somebody took something that was donated to
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furniture and has deep meaning. >> julie: family's message to the thief is simple. furniture. >> daniel: this morning there will be decade long hearing over a church. parishioners at st. frances xavier have been keeping a 24-hour vigil since it was ordered closed following the sexual abuse scandal and archdiocese trying to kick them out and hoping the judge will let them stay while they petition the u.s. supreme court to review the case. >> julie: city council set to tonight whether to approve the purchase of body cameras for the police department. counselors approved a pilot program for the body cameras earlier this year. the officers used them for three months and responded positively for the cameras. >> we noticed when we get out to
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audio or video recorded those were hostile seemed to change their tune to be nice. >> julie: opponent feel money could be better spent elsewhere and boston police have also approved use of body cameras. >> daniel: new england patriots have won 12 games and earned a first round buy in the playoffs. home fans had plenty to cheer about. tom brady will hit rob gronkowski in the quarter of the end-zone as you see right there. pats up early and they would never trail. second quarter the defense comes up big, chandler zones will force the fumble in the backfield, ball bounces around, scoop and touchdown right there and defensive lineman's dream and pats crews to victory 33-16 and up next the patriots hit the
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>> julie: it is now 9:10. two of the most powerful men in soccer have been banned for eight years. they were suspended this morning by ethics committee. this is more fallout from the criminal investigation into corruption by dozens of soccer administrators. both men have already said they will appeal. >> julie: 26 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave and average speed there 58 miles per hour and i would expect got some glare out there as well. >> shiri: i think it would be wise to grab sunglasses, temperature 41 , 42 at morning 45 and make return to next. >> julie: coming up heartbreaking tragedy,
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christmas. >> christmas is this week and he santa. >> julie: what we know about a deadly fire and who tried to rescue the little boy.
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>> julie: caught red handed stealing gifts from a woman's front porch and homeowner hoping
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will help catch the crook. fox25 michael henrich is live in worcester where that suspect swipes the box from the front porch and this is some of the clearest surveillance video we have seen. >> michael: this woman tells fox25 she simply wants the christmas presents back. e-mail alert let marcy bark witts pamphile was delivered on time about you when she checked last wednesday the package was not there. >> looked it up on video surveillance and sure enough there was the guy walking in, took the package and walked out. >> michael: surveillance video shows the entire grinch like situation unfold. ups drops off the package and then man with cell phone on his ear passes marcy's house multiple times before walking up in broad daylight looking right in the camera at one point and walking away with a package that
9:16 am
marcy tells fox25 the man seen in this screen grab stole about $100 worth of christmas gifts with the holiday right around the corner. >> the fact that someone came up and stole it, that's not their property to take and whether $5 or $1,000 there should be something done. >> michael: looked through the arrest logs and no arrest has been made from the case and worcester police say they are still investigating. live in worcester, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: season of giving is well underway and dedham police got into the spirit yesterday. pulled up to the food pantry ready for donations and 2400-pound of food. and nearby norwood firefighters there had a similar mission here a few pictures of them dropping off donations to the norwood food pantry sure to make a big difference for so many local
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low gas prices helping boost holiday sales. oil and gas prices given shoppers extra money to spend and a lot of people decided to use the extra money to shop online. according to the national retail federation online shopping sales were expected to jump six to 8%. >> julie: see pike wide open. this is a beautiful site. we will celebrate this on monday at 9:17 in the morning. 24 minutes on 495 to mass ave, 14 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike and 28 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. fox25 storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear
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system doesn't -- december, doesn't feel that way. >> shiri: winter solstice, first day of winner, officially 11:48 and no hope of christmas snow. i have rain many days this upcoming week, only slight chance i will count. % of us staying dry, tomorrow we got rain straight morning through the afternoon and wednesday going to happen late and thursday we will have a couple stragglers, so like i said, lots of chances for plain rain out there, 42 out there in boston, partly cloudy skies, 17 miles per hour winds so it is going to be a blustery day ahead and now that the sun is up, winds really going to start cranking and creating a wind chill, feels like it is only 34 and warm-up for 11:00 a.m., 47, 50 at 1:00 p.m. and we peak today in the lower 50s before we start losing a little bit of heat here after 3:00 this afternoon, cooler and worcester now at 37
9:19 am
today will sum it up, 25 miles per hour breeze and feels like it is 20s if you're going to be out in the open and impacted by that breeze at all in worcester. highs here only get into the upper 40s, versus somewhere like plymouth at 42 right now where you have a little bit of sunshine to wake up this morning, mixing with clouds as well and see clouds really creep in here and gustiest and warmer temperatures in the middle 50s this afternoon, so future cast on and off clouds, breezy warm weather, not much wet weather sneaking in until we get tomorrow's forecast so late, late today, cape and islands to the southcoast and got a cloudy set-up forming by this evening and clouds grow thick and her thicker and early tomorrow morning we have drizzle in your tuesday morning commute and
9:20 am
afternoon and we got some yellows and oranges passing through and pockets of heavier, steadier rain and 7:00 p.m. winding down and 7:00 tomorrow night the last of it and honestly most of the day rain for tuesday and good day to get errands done and boston and beverly, 54 in plymouth down to hyannis and 51 in lawrence and upper 40s southern new hampshire and upper 40s into worcester and tonight we got steady 40s on the map and then during the day mid to upper 50s and 7-day forecast through the weekend always in view, honestly wednesday not that bad, wake up to 42, 56 is high and rain that will develop during the evening hours so a lot of your day still features dry weather here, you can see it is not until after probably 4:00 p.m. that we even start to see the rain move on it and going to be heaviest here while you're sleeping overnight.
9:21 am
high 67 and coming up i will show you how close that is going to come to breaking record highs that's ahead. >> daniel: dozens of endangered sea turtles being cared for on the cape. you could see them on the cardboard boxes here. strong winds caused nearly 120 sea turtles to wash up. 60% were still alive which is very unusual for this late time of the year. high school student shot and killed after trying to protect his friends. coming up what the president of the united states is saying this morning about heroic act. >> first taylor swift at it again and pop princess deserving
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from all of us at sanderson farms, we wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy hanukkah.
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and homegoods stores live in. where there' s no need for sales because we offer amazing prices on thoughtful gifts everyday. let' s put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays. with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. >> julie: world's richest lottery, $2.5 billion is up for grabs. the drawing is called el gourdeo and grand prize tapped at $435,000 but there are thousands of winners. 75% of population takes part in the lottery. >> daniel: beauty queen is in trouble for a twitter tirade.
9:25 am
suspended miss puerto rico. she called muslims terrorists it was in of michael moore. >> julie: steve harvey called the wrong name and crowned the wrong woman in the miss universe pageant. >> i have to apologize. first runner up is colombia. >> daniel: people are talking about this all over social media this morning.
9:26 am
wrong location on the card. here is card here he was supposed to read which was in his hand and looked at the wrong area. >> julie: she thinks the thumb might have been covering philippines. >> daniel: glad it wasn't a brawl on stage. >> julie: that could be crazy. another queen in own right. spreading lots of holiday cheer to very one lucky fan. >> daniel: 12-year-old girl battling cancer in colorado homemade special stop after social media campaign aimed at connecting singer with one of the biggest fans and grabbed her attention. >> julie: she always does sweet things for her fans and
9:27 am
>> daniel: that's why people like taylor swift, including me. >> shiri: 30s and 40s on tap right now with breaks in the clouds. this afternoon heading home from work, how about 50s, mostly cloudy skies and windy conditions and time out today's
9:28 am
spots next complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: winter officially starts today or tonight but we are expecting temperatures that are very mild as we head into christmas a lot warmer than year's past. right, shiri? >> shiri: yeah. daniel is all pumped about it. don't feel like it is christmas coming. >> daniel: afternoon kids can ride new bike and it works. >> shiri: we were watching home alone and snowy scene and everything. still at top spot here, still at warmest boston so far and based on forecast i have probably spot
9:29 am
spot number one and this is what we have few early morning clouds, a lot of them warm enough still get the sunglasses out there and filtered sunshine out there now, 42 boston, 43 in watertown, 41 in randolph, upper 30s in dedham up to portsmouth, new hampshire, pelham, new hampshire at 39 , i got worcester at 37, same in auburn and in webster and middle 40s bridgewater and marshfield and cape and islands where we have 50s popping, definitely hot spot today but right now from 42 in boston we slide to 50 at noon time it is going to be mild and mostly cloudy, clouds take over this afternoon, expect it to be breezy at 55 and 49 and cloudy here at 7:00 this evening. i'm going to bring you though to the spots in particular that we
9:30 am
coming up in ten minutes. >> julie: ready to do last minute christmas shopping. slow spot on expressway around morrissey boulevard, 93 south and approach somerville but moving along fine on the zakim bridge and leverett connector. 13 minutes on route 1 and 12 minutes on the expressway from the brant split to the pike, 24 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. >> daniel: firefighters are searching for the cause of weekend fire that took the life of four-year-old boy. flames broke out. fox25 jessica reyes is live at the scene in westport this morning where neighbor went looking for the child that he had to jump out of the window because the flames are just so fierce, jess. >> jessica: they identified the mother and sister of little
9:31 am
32-year-old melody and sister seven-year-old. all three of them were inside the house in pleasant street late saturday night when it caught fire and this morning the fire department is still working to determine how this fire started. unimaginable loss of four-year-old great grandson five days before christmas. >> never know from one minute to the next about your children and what will happen to them. >> jessica: great grandson was killed in mount pleasant street late saturday night. fast-moving fire broke out around 11:00, catching everyone inside off guard. mother and sister were able to get out okay but kaleep was trapped on the second floor. >> praying entire time someone would go and get him and let him be alive. >> jessica: neighbor ended up trying to save him but he ended
9:32 am
story window to save his own life. >> we were so close and he had to get out and jump. >> jessica: once again bristol county d.a.'s office identifies caleb's mother and sister remain in boston hospital and both are expected to survive. live in westport, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> julie: developing this morning in nashua, new hampshire where a violent threat has shut down city schools. >> daniel: live at nashua north high school where fib is involved in the investigation, stephanie. >> stephanie: school would be technically underway now but taking look at parking lot you can see not really one single car and last five minutes we have seen one car now parked
9:33 am
curious onlooker taking photos and all schools here in nashua closed for the day because of the threat and working with state agencies and credibility e-mail. asked if a student sent the e-mail, police saying at this point they don't have any information that it was a student and still looking at all angles and nashua police says it was a school administrator that received e-mail yesterday and immediately called police and they didn't say what threat of violence it had but stated students and staff at both nashua north and south high schools would be harmed today. the superintendent alerted parents through an automatic call yesterday. he says he does hope that classes resume tomorrow but police again say they are not taking any chances. >> definitely a tightrope we have to keep in mind the safety
9:34 am
you know, students, teachers, other workers in the buildings. >> stephanie: comes as school systems in l.a. and new york have received threats. so far no arrests have been made and see the front door here at they have been locked all morning long and we have seen a lot of police presence here as well. several police cars either parked here or circleling the perimeter. of course, we will continue to reach out to police as well as school administrators and as soon as we have an update we will let you know in nashua, i'm stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. >> julie: surgery man recovering after his home caught fire. they said the fire broke out around 1:30 snell street home saturday and when crews arrived they found the man collapsed outside. he was taken to hospital treated for smoke inhalation.
9:35 am
>> drywall and channels that go from floor to floor and when drywall missing and channels and travel throughout the entire structure so that's exactly what we were encountering. >> julie: fire chief tells fox25 the cause investigated. julie: 68-year-old man is victim of deadly fire near city hall. robert samuels was killed in fire in third floor apartment yesterday. fox25 learned that samuels was double amputee and told the fire was contained in his apartment and no word on cause and investigators say it appears to be accidental. julie: more unusual items found for man that stole human remains at cemetery. they not only found shah lines in his apartment but also found a pig's head, dead snake and turtles in distinctive pots.
9:36 am
and used human bones for ceremonies. >> daniel: in las vegas driver accused of intentionally plowing her car into a crowd on the strip. woman driving down the las vegas strip in 1996 oldsmobile as she left the road and drove alongside the sidewalk. here is more. >> daniel: driving down the las vegas strip in 1996 oldsmobile leaves road examine drives down the sidewalk crashing through more than two dozen pedestrians. >> standing there looking straightforward and not even moving and windshields are busted and running after him. >> she went up the street on to the sidewalk two or possibly three times. >> daniel: inside the car child.
9:37 am
to try to stop the driver. >> daniel: >> came at stop and trying to get child out of the back seat andac sell rated again and kept mowing everyone down. >> daniel: police say the child was not hurt and police don't know why the woman drove down the sidewalk. >> we know this was not an act of terrorism and ruled that out. >> daniel: investigators are looking at all the surveillance video from the area, interviewing dozens of witnesses trying to pinpoint exactly what happened. police have drive in custody and checking her out to see if she system. >> julie: enrique marquez is in charge with conspiring to support terrorists accused of illegally purchases assault rifle and today the judge will weigh in on bail amount for
9:38 am
julie: head of the house judiciary committee were sloppy when they approved san bernardino shooters. congressman bob goodlot of virginia says there was not enough evidence to approve syed farook and tashfeen malik ever met in person which is one of the requirements for a fiance visa. federal authorities are reviewing the visa process and planning to examine all applicants. >> daniel: insurance company taking to the sky to help when natural disasters strike. next year they will help with claims and program will be used for things like hurricanes, tornadoes but also for claims that could be dangerous for adjustors like roof damage. >> when roof, very steep lines or up on large ladder and really be able to get a complete picture of the damage of the roof, be safe in doing it.
9:39 am
opt to deal with rep instead but drones can help more quickly. >> julie: drive times reasonable right now, back to 11 minute commute on the expressway from the braintree split for the exit for the pike. shiri? >> shiri: pretty breezy, sustained winds 23 miles per hour in worcester, 17 miles per hour in boston and 20 miles per hour in nantucket but then this afternoon windiest spots end up with 40 miles per hour and well above average warm-up next. >> julie: bernie sanders crying foul. why he says he is being set up to fail and giving rival a leg up. julie: plus the force is raking in big books. still ahead this morning the record the new star wars movie shattered in opening weekend. >> daniel: giving away a prize
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>> julie: vermont senators
9:43 am
treated fairly by the democratic party. what he said about a data breach that has him in hot water. >> reporter: when asked whether dnc treated him fairly, in this instance they did not. dnc suspended sanders campaign from national voter database and critical tool for campaigns. here is one of the first discussions in this weekend's democratic debate in new hampshire. sanders apologized to clinton and blamed the breach on the dnc, not his team and sanders now calling for independent investigation of the dnc data security failures and here he is on meet the press monday morning. >> there was a breach caused by incompetence of the dnc vendor and that came into the campaign. first time it came in staffer
9:44 am
campaign we we don't want this and came to the dnc. >> reporter: sanders and campaign manager are also accusing the dnc of leaking news of the data beach to reporters and sanders says as far as temporary blocking his access to this role is an overreach and it hinders his campaign. reporting live in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> daniel: breaking news from the senator site lindsay graham has suspended his presidential nomination. that came in in the last five minutes. several republican candidates will be in new hampshire today. jeb bush hosting a town hall in alton and tomorrow events in berlin and littleton. john casein will also be in new hampshire today, he will be holding several events across the granite state. he is attending women for kassig event and hold town halls for
9:45 am
marco rubio and chris christie will be in new hampshire all leading up to primary in february. >> julie: days after person arrested for securities fraud, martin shkreli dealing with twitter hack. these messages popped up on his feed yesterday. he tweeted i'm now a god and as shkreli promised donate big bucks to charity before going to jail. he will face decades in prison if convicted. he famously became the face of greed earlier this year after raising the price of aids drug by 5,000% overnight. >> daniel: this morning we are hearing from the teenage girl saved when classmate jumped in front of hail of bullets. high school football player man was shot in knoxville, tennessee and used body to use three girls walking with them and one of the
9:46 am
after the shooting stopped. >> you could get up now. didn't get up. >> daniel: police say the teens were shot at random and revenge for another shooting which they were not involved in and community held a candlelight vigil for dob stone over the weekend. daniel: president obama took break from vacation to tweet about the shooting. he died from saving three friends from getting shot. last sentence is reference to the president's desire for stronger gun control legislation >> julie: 9:48 and things looking nice, expressway moving along at much better clip than what we have seen all morning, medford and somerville and nothing slowing you down on zakim bridge or leverett
9:47 am
4:00 a.m., 12 minutes to the ontario and ten minutes from the braintree split and exit for the pike and 22 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. fox25 storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear, what can we expect, shiri? >> shiri: warm, warm, warm, as well. 54 high today, 57 tomorrow, pix on wednesday, bump all the way into the upper 60s by thursday you 59 on friday for christmas itself. normal high for christmas this time of year, 39 going 30 of the week. 42 right now in boston and winds 73 miles per hour and a little cool, wind chill that we have to consider so if you're going to be caught by the breeze it will feel like it is in the 30s. so 11:00 a.m. 47 , by 1:00 p.m. 50, lower 50s for highs this afternoon and we will see the clouds get a bit thicker as we
9:48 am
clouds right now from satellite and radar and breezy and warm conditions, rain will hold off until tomorrow and future cast here we will ride through the monday because you could see the clouds and see maybe one or two blips of green and slight chance of shower today. chances aren't at zero but basically real low out there, 99% of us to stay dry, if there's a shower today, western new england or perhaps south shore down to the cape and islands, those are more prone locations to see a quick drop and dash and honestly be just a sprinkle. hour-by-hour winds strengthening as we speak no you that the sun is up and during the afternoon we will see a lot of winds gusting into the 30 miles per hour range, but south of boston is where we will see the strongest wind gust as high as 45 and although i don't expect it to create any damage, what i do think it is going to do, i think it is going to blow away christmas decorations, so make
9:49 am
otherwise might find a wreath or blowup, kind of across the street when you get home. i think that's the worst that you would see, otherwise highs back into the middle 50s and hyannis and sandwich and plymouth today, 54 in marshfield, boston gets up to 51, same in beverly and lawrence, 50 in lowell down to bedford, upper 40s, new hampshire, 47 in oxford and steady rain forming by late-morning, continuing through much of the afternoon and going to be a wet day all around and showers wiped down around 7:00 p.m. and plan around tuesday rain with high 57 , 56 here on wednesday and these will be primarily evening showers, a lot of errand running on wednesday will be fine and dry and not until after 4:00 p.m. and start seeing the rain, worst dinner time and overnight hours, thursday 67 and that is the hot day and that would be record breaking heat and even christmas
9:50 am
chance for rain next weekend. back to you guys. >> julie: most parents love their kids but new survey shows
9:51 am
they turne >> julie: new study shows baby boomers aren't happy how children turned out. they are whining, feel entightled and aren't responsible. ouch. this according to accused social trend survey. problem that has been going on for generations. experts think it could be resentment because the younger age groups don't face some of the same challenges as previous generations. >> daniel: nine-year-old girl in weymouth making big gesture for children in need. she is giving them her own birthday gifts. story about facebook page and donated gifts to toys for tots and this morning story has gone viral. her mom says she was brought up in a way that was selfless acts. >> julie: runners dawned ugliest attire.
9:52 am
ugly sweaters a little too warm for them. >> unconditioned for this so pretty tough but we made it. >> julie: they made it. baltimore, denver, philadelphia, tempe, arizona also had them. julie: set record for box office sales. it was biggest opening in history bringing in estimated $238 million in u.s. and canada alone and get this, 517 million worldwide and nineteenthousand seven hundred seventy-first film in star wars saga set time and $30 million. >> daniel: i was impressed. >> julie: totally worth it?
9:53 am
seeing it in 3d. i didn't. >> julie: old school. >> daniel: old school tootie, i love it. >> shiri: warm and breezy and go to movie. >> daniel: go to movie and temperatures looking watt i they look right now, might go with short sleeves on. why not?
9:54 am
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