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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  December 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> these temperatures may be realized after that first batch of showers goes by, so don't expect it to be warm in the morning, but it will be mild first part of the day. wednesday lot of sunshine coming to start the day but there's more rain on the way. you'll see that on the seven-day forecast many on wednesday, more showers in the afternoon, thursday more showers, but look at that on thursday, 67 degrees coming up on thursday, a potential for a record high temperature which stands at 6 1. here's something else for christmas eve, first full moon on christmas aoech since 1977. >> i have to apologize. the first runnerup is colombia. >> vanessa: a crowning moment turns to a major mistake, how the wrong contestant was named miss univerps and what the top
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>> mark: before tonight a big part of population wasn't allowed to give blood. why the fda lifted a three decade ban on blood donation and the one restriction still in place. >> vanessa: first, a local city
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internet, tv and phone for your first year. plus, with a 2-year agreement, and all the premium movie so go online or call now for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. >> vanessa: the town police force could be the first in the
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cameras the city council will vote whether to approve them. the counselor approved a pilot program this year. officers used the device for three months and say they helped to de escalate difficult situations and keep them on their toes. >> we notice when we say how are you doing, sir, mom, you know you're being audio and video recorded those who were hostile change to nice. >> vanessa: the body cameras will cost nearly $300 and opponents say it could be spent better somewhere else. >> mark: drone owners have new rules. all u.s. residents must register their devices by february 19th and registration is free for the next 30 days. after that it will cost you $5. >> because of the tremendous progress advancement in drone technology, we've got a lot of
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the air space that are not i have a yaiters. >> mark: the faa reports about 100 complaints a month about drones near aircraft and adds that failing to register a drone could result in a hefty fine. faa is reporting over a nine-month period there have been 26 close encounters with drones, massachussetts in seven total drone encounters of any state and 17 of the 26 of those came in boston as well, which is the sixth highest total in any city nationwide. >> vanessa: the fda has listed -- lifted its lifetime ban on blood donations from gave and by sexual men. it bars men from donate hog have had sex with a man in the previous year. the policy has been criticized by activists. millions of americans left in
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>> we are still in this area where everyone believes it's secure by default. >> mark: how the u.s. is vulnerable to attack from cyber criminals, and hack attacks are starting and you may not know. >> kevin: if you gave your primary care a check up, how would it do? let's look at lahey health doctors and nurses who know who you are and care how you feel... check right where you live... check many locations and convenient hours check looks like we're off to a
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>> mark: breaking news, lakeville police on the hunt for a mom and her two kids who have been missing since 5:00 last night. valerie mcgrath was supposed to bring her kids back to her ex-husband but never showed. police are searching for a lan rover suv that's broup in color. elizabeth hopkins is working the story, new information at 6:00. >> vanessa: school will be in hampshire. investigators received a threat specific to today. the school superintendent said
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>> mark: the nfl has filed a response in its appeal of a judge's decision in the deflate-gate case, tom brady filed his brief days ago. the nfl is taking aim at that brief, saying brady's camp has continued to ignore goodell's strugsz. the league calls judge berman to overturn the suggestion pens and attack the commissioner's findings and interpretations. >> vanessa: things are warming up as we head into christmas. i'm vanessa. >> mark: rain an mild temperatures coming our way. >> kevin: should be cold and snow but not this time. you want to find snow, northern maine, northernmost new hampshire and canada. otherwise rain showers. this is a front pushing toward us that's going to shove warmer
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to see temperatures drop a lot tonight. maybe a few degrees an they'll start to rise toward morning with the clouds and southerly winds. some breaks in the clouds out there, but mostly cloudy night, staying dry during the morning. we will start to see showers develop. we will be tracking those showers south to north during the morning drive. getting wet into the berkshires. same thing in southern new england, another batch is going to increase in coverage right through the middle part of the day, so for your lunch hour, it will start to get wet one more time into the evening commute. hour-by-hour temperatures southern vermont and new hampshire not falling much from now. to worcester, temperatures will be in the 40s much of the night in the city of worcester, then to boston, temperatures dropping out of the 50s but staying in the upper 40s all night long.
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lows where the highs should be this time of year, and we are chasing records later this week. i'll show you that. >> mark: no matter where you're heading for the holidays, you can take it with you with the stormtracker and weather alerts. it's free to download for apple for android de voices. >> mark: stephen was convicted. during the trial, he testified he let tsarnaev borrow a handgun before the terror attacks. prosecutors say that was used to kill mit police officer sean collier. >> vanessa: investigators in king new hampshire hoping can you help on the anniversary of a man's murder. witnesses told police say they saw a buick speeding away from the scene.
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on pearl street that night is asked to calm king police. >> mark: we know the names of the people hurt and keld in westport this weekend. caleb died when a fire broke out at his mother's him. his mother an sister are still in the hospital tonight being treated for burns and smoke inhalation. the children's babysitter says she sometime can't come to terms with what happened. >> christmas is this week, and he was looking forward to seeing santa. and i just want to say my prayers are with her, and i help that we can help her out in any way possible. >> she says her brother went into the house to try and find caleb but he was overcome by the smoke and had to jump out of a second story window. the cause of the fire is under investigation. revelations about what police
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who stole remains in a cemetery. they also found a pig's head, a dead snake, turtles in pots. medina told police he was a santeri priest a using the bones for healing. >> vanessa: two people charged in a sommerville hit-and-run appeared in court. this was breaking news friday. arthur woods of arlington and 19-year-old elvira s*nchez appeared in court facing charges including hit-and-run an receiving stolen property. police say they driver of the jeep was speeding away when he saw a state trooper and trove onto the median, hitting a man there. that man suffered serious injuries but is expected to be og. >> mark: we are going to learn if the video of a grinch will give any leads.
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package. he even looks at the home security camera. the woman said she just wants her stuff back. >> the fact that someone came up and stole it, that's not their property to take. so whether it's $5 or a thousand something done. >> mark: worcester police say they have plenty of evidence to work with finding the suspect. >> vanessa: new hampshire governor is calling into this week's crocs i'd -- carbon monoxide scare. at least six people were treated for gas exposure after a mixing issue. new today we learn one woman was discovered unconscious in a hallmark store on main street. this cell phone video captures firefighters going door to door to more than a thousand homes to make sure no one else was in danger. 13 people are out of their homes after a fire in nashua. it started sunday morning on cedar street.
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started in a first floor kitchen. >> mark: small victory for member of a shuttered church. a judge ruled the parishioners a stay until march 3rd. parishioners will have two weeks to leave. members of the church have been holding vigil 24/7. the archdiocese closed it 11 years ago. a mother and twin babies trapped in their burning home. >> vanessa: hear from the heroes who face the flames and race to their rescue. >> i have to apologize. the first runnerup is come bat. -- colombia. >> mark: the world was watching that major mistake, how the wrong contestant was found miss
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>> the nbta could consider a fare increase every two years. >> vanessa: the fiscal control board says that would be illegal under state law. >> reporter: solid 10% increase out there, but it is one in the board believes they can consider come the new year, as they also look at ways to control cost and that also includes examining employee pay. monday was the last time the
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the board closed 2015 as they began tackling how to rein in the costs. >> the fare policy leaves an increase up to 10% on the table. >> what do you say to those who say that's against state law. >> that's not an interpretation of state law. >> a 10% increase doubles the current biannual increase. >> massachussetts taxpayers are paying over a billion dollars a year and ride researchers paying $600 million a year toward the tee. >> stefanie pollock says with fare increases should come increasing efforts at increasing ridership. she says they're also working to control costs, part of that is examining employee compensation. monday, the nbta revealed their highest earning employee comes from the maintenance and wage division them. say that person earned $315 in
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that's at the base salary of $85 objection,000. another proposal to close the tee's deficit cuts to the rides, the service for seniors and population with disabilities. >> we are requesting a task force be formed to look into other alternative financing. >> reporter: so, as for the fare proposals, the mbt will be begin drafting proposals with the new year and a public hearing bench anything is decided and it should take effect next sunday. >> kevin: where it's dry but i'm tracking showers on the way. there will be some for the morning commute. how long they'll last an the warm weather heading our way. >> mark: first, how cyber
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>> vanessa: a frightening year long investigation reveals the power grid is vulnerable to foreign hacks. >> mark: experts say it wouldn't take much more cyber attackers to knock out electricity for millions. >> vanessa: there have been several attacks to hack into the power grid and the public has no idea. >> reporter: security around power stations around the country are high but digital barriers may not be as tough. an investigation into the vulnerability of power grids find them risk of attack. >> we are in an era when everybody believes it's secure and it's not. >> reporter: the a.m. has learned that hackers have gained access to the network that runs the nation's power grid nearly 12 times the last ten years. fed energy grid provides electricity to millions of americans.
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this year that foreign governments and criminals probe american systems every day. president obama: much of our critical infrastructure, our financial systems, our power grid, health systems, run on networks connected to the internet, which is hugely in power but also dangerous. >> reporter: the largest power grid is in ohio. cyber experts there monitor for attacks around the clock and the company says it's doing everything possible, to defend itself. >> we are seeing people looking for vulnerability, people scan to go see what types of opening they can find looking for things they think might be available. >> reporter: it can be very difficult to track exactly who is behind these kinds of attacks but the department of homeland security says isis is among those trying to access u.s. power companies. in washington christy fisher shall fox news. >> mark: two bucks is all you need for a gallon of gas in
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the price dropped to $2 in the past two weeks. aaa says cheaper gas prices have saved $115 billion this year. prices are a penny more in new hampshire. a below to framing ham staples in a bid to acquire office depot they have rejected the offer to ease monopoly fears. ftc says it would reduce competition. staples says it will continue to negotiate. >> vanessa: if you want allergies, candy maker mars says it's recalling 6700 of dove chocolate assortment snow lakes. those candies could have nuts or other allergens in them. they're sold only at walmart.
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>> mark: christmas tradition in european countries is not getting to tables. lob sher shipments are down because of a strong dollar and down european economy. lobster men say consumers in asian countries are making up for the loss. >> vanessa: crews rescued more than 100 sea turtles from the cape this weekend. can you see them in these boxes. ought upon said strong winds caused them to wash up in several areas. >> kevin: high temperatures like would you expect in late december, 52 degrees in boston, 50 in bedford, 46 worcester. it may end up being the warmest december on record. i don't see why we won't stay atop the leaderboard.
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degrees, down a degree to 45 in worcester. showers to our west, but for the most part we are staying dry this evening, couple of these showers we will be watching closely, southern vermont you're getting activity and this line of showers back in here will be headed our way tomorrow, but also during the morning hours, "futurecast" shows expecting a line of showers to develop along a warm front that will be pushing through ushering in milder air. so those showers during the morning drive by 9:00 north of the pike moving to southern new hampshire and more developing over the top of us, things are going to improve for a short time but there's a active pater we are going to be in this week, i'm expecting more rain showers to come our way. high temperatures tomorrow worcester county.
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there, 57 in kingston, 56 and in the immediate boston area, temperatures right along the coastline in quincey 57, watertown 56 degrees. going to be mild tomorrow. wednesday evening second part of the commute into wednesday night. forecast shows the mild temperatures. 57 tomorrow, 59 wednesday. now that tie temperature will actually come late in the day or night for wednesday, another warm front has to come by, but once it does, warm air will be in place, no doubt about it. christmas eve 67. christmas day 59 degrees. the record for the date states
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the average is in the 40s. last year was 46 degrees for a temperature. going to be different this year. there's the temperatures for the weekend. your weekend is always in view. 50 degrees both days. it comes with a shower threat saturday into sunday morning, so late saturday into sunday. things will dry out in the afternoon for the patriots game in new york vs. the jets, but temperatures this weekend even at 50 degrees, not as warm as the holiday. still well above average for this time of year. >> vanessa: mother nature puts up a spectacular show in the sky near spokane, washington. take a look at these gorgeous images of the northern lights just east of the city. best time to see the lights is usually in winter from places like northwestern canada or alaska. the northern lights can sometimes be seen as far south as new orleans. >> mark: two astronauts took an unplanned spacewalk to make repairs. they spent a little more than
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space station as it orbited 250 miles above the earth, but they were able to secure a rail car that got stuck a few days ago. >> vanessa: we are following several news start ahead at 6:00. first we hear from the two police officers to ran into a burning building to a mother and two babies, and how a local police department is using an suv packed with presents to improve its community relations. >> mark: first, next at 5:00, everyone is talking about the mistake of crowning the wrong miss universe including the man who used to own the rights to
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trump says he would have you want i fix this mess? a mess? i don't think -- what's that? snapshot from progressive. plug it in, and you can save on car insurance based on your good driving. you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this. okay.
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>> miss universe 2015 is colombia! miss universe 2015 is philippines! >> vanessa: a stolen crown in the miss universe pageant has the world talking. the host steve harvey apologizing for crowning the wrong winner. >> mark: they're talking the about situation an the awkward moment it concrete. >> for a brief moment sunday night, miss colombia celebrated being crowned miss universe but minutes.
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the first runnerup is colombia. miss universe 2015 is philippines! >> reporter: miss universe 2015 host steve harvey misreading his cue card and naming the wrong contestant, the two women paralyzed by the snafu. >> this is exactly what's on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. >> reporter: miss colombia stripped of her crown, stunned viewers watching as it was placed on the head of miss philippines, the show abruptly cut to go credits. judge nash tweeting this video. >> oh my god, this is crazy. >> harvey i am self tweeting after the show saying quote, i'd
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to miss colombia and miss philippines for my huge mistake. i feel terrible, even post ago picture with miss philippines backstage saying he was able to apologize to her and miss columbia personally. they tearfully also spoke out after the show. >> everything happens for a reason, so i'm happy. >> but the newly crowned miss universe perfectly summing up the shocking turn of events. >> it's a very non-traditional crowning. very 2015. >> reporter: republican presidential hopeful donald trump weighing in tweeting. he suggested making the contestants co-winners.
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all involved. steve harvey seems like a nice guy, but he just needed to read the card. >> mark: the winner was over here on the card if you looked at it, but he did take to social media and said it's all on me. i felt for him. i felt for the women. it was incredible, and unforgettable for those women and steve harvey. >> vanessa: with social media it lives on forever. >> mark: nine-year-old girl from the south shore shows the meaning of giving back this holiday season. >> vanessa: when police posted a story about savannah on their facebook page they say she donate her birthday gifts to toys for tots. her mom says she was brought up to focus on selfless acts. >> vanessa: breaking news, police help finding this mother and her children. also breaking, schools shut down
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new at 6:00, what goes into making the difficult decision. >> mark:. >> kevin: this run coming through this hour, hour-by-hour and through the day tomorrow. >> mark: a mother an twin babies rescued from a fire. new at 6:00, meet the officers who didn't think twice about run nothing a burning building. >> mark: police frying to find this woman and her children. >> vanessa: the father has full custody. he gave her mission but -- permission to take them out but they never came back. elizabeth is live in lakeville where the search is intensifying. >> reporter: i'm in front of the house where those children live with their father and they were supposed to come right back here yesterday at 5:00 p.m.
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