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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  December 21, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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police are on the hunt. >> want my children back home safe, and you know. >> reporter: five-year-old stephen and seven-year-old eden were due back at their dad's house 5:00 sunday night. they were out with their mom to celebrate stevie's birthday, but what was meant to be an afternoon outing has led to a kig warrant. >> it's unfair and scaredy thought when you don't know where they could be. >> reporter: stephen has sole custody of his children. he says he hasn't been able to reach their movement neither has police. >> you feel this is out of the blue? >> it's the holiday season right now. i have the custody of the children. so i don't know. >>. >> reporter: but kerrigan says a month ago the kids returned late. sunday's day out was the first time that stevie and edie had been with their mom.
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was an exception. kids. >> reporter: lakeville police say mcgrats has made statements and taken action in recent weeks that led them to be concerned. they're looking for this vehicle and ask the public contact with any information. that leaves kerrigan hoping for his children's safe return. >> i pray they get returned safe sapped we just resolve this. >> police looking for that land rover. it was at the station where the call came n. turned out it was the wrong color will these are the kinds of tips police want the public to come forward with the they think they see this vehicle. this is a continually developing story. stay with us an we will bring the latest updates. >> mark: and one more look at the woman and her children fflt
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they might be, you are asked to call 911. breaking news in brockton, sky fox where fire officials a person has been struck by a car. no word on injuries. >> vanessa: we are learning about a vibt threat that forced a entire city to close its school. heather heblgs is live in new hampshire where investigators have released new information. >> reporter: it's still a very active investigation. they can't be sure of the intent who made this threat. the superintendent tells me this was an unprecedented threat and the decision to close schools involve a very delicate balancing act. >> i'm not saying it's a hoax. what i'm saying is right now it does not appear to be a credible
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mean it wasn't at one time. >> nashua police chief going on to say they fully intend to prosecute to the fullest extent. the person who emailed the threat to a school administrator over the week causing the district to close all 17 schools monday and forcing more than 11,000 students to stay home. >> saying there would be actions taken against students and staff in our two high schools, and the high schools were specifically named and identified that the actions would take place today on december 21st and cited the means by which students would be harmed. >> reporter: police aren't saying exactly how the email claims students will be harmed. they also aren't saying whether the threat came from a student or may have be influenced by recent terrorism events or last week's threats in the los angeles and new york school districts. in nashua, police spent the day sweeping all 17 schools in the district. >> hand checks of doors, windows at every school. >> nashua superintendent telling
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close their schools today and says there are a lot of different factors schools must way in this day and age. >> you don't want to constantly close when the threat comes n. if they're a hoax, and that response just leads to further threats. >> reporter: the superintendent says the last time he made the decision to close schools because of a threat was a decade ago, but school is back on tomorrow for all 17 schools in the district, and counselors an staff will be available to help students feel safe. police will also beef up their presence at the schools. reporting live in nashua, heather hegedus. >> mark: beginning to look kind of like christmas. only if you go to the man made ice rink on boston common. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz has been to some openings over the years. >> kevin: we could set a record high temperature. when you zoom in real tight open
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winters with the caps on whuchlt widen up and see the brown around the rink and factor in what's going on outside, clouds and showers couple of showers in western new hampshire a massachussetts. there will be more as a system england. some during the morning a warm front comes through, develops more showers. south coast of massachussetts a new england makes it north to the mass pike. then into southern new hampshire a break in the action, later in the morning, and then through lunchtime more showers developing, they continue to develop over the top of us
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afternoon making for a wet drive home. timeline through the evening, talk about that record high temperature on the way. >> mark: coming up next half hour we will show you how this warm weather can actually save you money. >> vanessa: a new hampshire company is being ordered to pay $150,000 for hazardous waste vit laigsz that led to an explosion. in 2014 fox 25 reported people hurt in peter broe. >> mark: robbery on surveillance photos on this new hampshire store. police say the suspect came in the market on front street armed with a handgun and demanded cash. the man was able to get away. nobody was injured. officers are investigating.
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their home after a fire in nashua. i started monday afternoon at this apartment building. firefighters believe the flames started in a first floor kitchen >> mark: we now know the names of people hurt and killed in a face, lilo died when a broke out. his mother melanie and his sister, seven-year-old bella are in the hospital being treated for burns and smoke inhalation. the children babysitter says she happened. >> christmas is this week. i hope we can help out anyway possible. >> reporter: he was overcome by the smoke and had to jump out of a second story window. the cause of the fire is under
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>> vanessa: two team charged in a somerville hit-and-run appeared in court this was break on "fox 25 news" friday at 5:00. 18-year-old arthur woods and 19-year-old elvira s*nchez appeared in court facing several charges including hit-and-run and receiving stolen property. police say woods as the driving and is accused of speeding away when he saw a state trooper and drove onto the median on lombardi way, hitting a man. that man suffered serious injuries but is expected to be okay. police say five students under the age of eight were on the bus when it crashed into a pole on chestnut hill avenue this morning. the bus driver an one student were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police say the students were going to a school in briton when it happened. >> mark: man charged with armory theft in custody for now. tyrone james faced charges he
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in possession of stolen guns. fox 25 obtained federal court documents identifying james as a third suspect. james is in custody on unrelated charges. he will be back in court next month. former army vis james morales is charged with stealing ten pistols and six assault rifles from the worcester armory. fox 25 has learned that tyrone, james an business by live together. >> mark: nick roberto is a junior from wakefield. the school is not telling us why he's off the team but the announcement comes the day the university rumors one player was involved in gambling. the university would not name the player involved in the gambling probe. >> vanessa: breaking right now the nfl has filed a response in its appeal of a judge's decision in the deflate-gate case. tom brady's camp filed a brief.
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brief saying their camp has koptd to ignore commissioner goodall's findings the patriots are feeling good, knowing they locked up the first round bye. sports director tom is here. >> he's among the top 20 in the all-time rushing list, stephen jackson updating his twitter page to identify himself as a new england patriots running back. jackson has not played in 2015 after being released by the falcons so he will be fresh, but will he be effective? 32 years old, in his career he's a big back, leader throughout
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for the patriots who need to win one more game to clinch home field advantage. today the red sox announce plans for a special ceremony to honor number 26 will finally be retired. well deserved for boggs who was thrilled by the news. he tweeted, don't know what's worse, tears in high eyes or goosebumps. tom, "fox 25 news". >> mark: local police department going above the call of duty. >> vanessa: were police suv are packed with presents. >> mark: plus it cost more to
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rescued from >> mark: the missing children have been found. let's take you to lists hopkins for the latest. >> reporter: you know what i'm going to do is just as we are live here at the home, i'm going to ask my photographer nick if
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sticks and go in live toward the scene because what he's showing right now and forgive us, because this is a live breaking situation, but what he's showing you right now is police car that is coming down the driveway at the home. we are going to actually just approach the police car here. give us just a moment. this officer just approached the home, stepped out, and let the family inside. i understand officer there was >> yes. we are all set. we found them. >> they're safe. >> everybody safe. >> how did the father react when you were able to tell him his kids were safe. >> he was quite satisfied. >> lakeville police department leaving the scene and we are going to approach the home where the children's father is just stepping out. again bear with us.
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take -- taken by their mother. >> they were able to locate that somehow. >> where? >> oh. >> they're in new york now? >> no. they're local. i believe in rainem. >> in a house? >> rental car. >> so going get the children now and great news. i don't know any particulars about where she was or what she with a doing or whatever, but the bottom line is i'm there. >> they were found at a birthday party? >> yes. they were found in rainem. she got the rental car. i don't know why or how. i guess something happened to
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>> where was she this entire time? >> she i guess told the police she was driving around. i don't know. >> has she been placed under arrest? what's her stat us? she did have a warrant for her. i'm assuming that's probably the next step. >> we spoke earlier with you. you were concerned when the police showed up. what were your thoughts? did you think they were safe the whole time? >> well, i know she left the kids, so i was praying that because of the holidays she wanted to spend more time than she was allowed, and she didn't go the right way obviously, and they'll probably deal with her. i was just afraid she was going to take off somewhere and not bring them back.
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with you in your custody. the plan? >> there's a lot of questions i'm sure they're going to be asking me, why they were with their mother overnight an gone. so i'm just going to grab them an never let them go. >> what do you make of this situation, how difficult it has been not knowing? >> well, i just thought it's going to happen to me. just take it from there. >> so you're going to pick them up at 1:48? >> yeah. >> we will probably be there with you. >> so that's father, steve kerrigan who last received word his children have been found safe. you have to forgive us for some
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breath lessness. as we were covering this story, a police car came to this residence here on settler's drive to let the family here know that these children, ages five and seven, stevie and eden that the children were safe. they've apparently been taken by their mother, valerie mcgrath. they were spoetd to be dropped at the home here yesterday at 5:00 p.m. obviously their father relieved and happy ending to a story that could have turned out differently. elizabeth hopkins, "fox25 news". >> vanessa: he says he feels like a thousand pounds has been lift off his shoulder. >> mark: the republican at all car is another issue they have to address. but again, the children are
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seven-year-old girl. steven kerrigan coming up in minutes, but to hear that officer saying that this ended well, the kids are safe, they'll be reunited with their dad, couldn't ask for a better christmas present. >> vanessa: he's going to get them live and we will bring you more details at 10:00. kevin we will send it over to you. >> kevin: clouds and a few showers moving into new england right now. i've been tracking those showers on live stormtracker in southern vermont, they're breaking apart. i don't expect showers through tonight, but tomorrow will be heading our way. "futurecast" taking us through tonight where it will be cloudy for the most part. few random showers north an west.
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meteorologist shiri spear will be tracking this front boston through worcester, then tracking northward. then heavy rain showers likely through the evening commute. of course i'll be tracking those with you tomorrow evening, and we will start to dry out during the nighttime hours. temperatures tomorrow are going to be mild. braintree, temperatures, 53 nashua and bedford tomorrow afternoon. by christmas eve the record stays at 61. going 67 on thursday, near 60 on wednesday and again on christmas day, 59 degrees. your weekend always in view. although it's not quite as warm as the holiday, 50 degrees both days with the risk of showers saturday and sunday. >> vanessa: we are learning about the driver who plowed into a crowd of people on the las
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universe pageant. what investigators say happened before the tragic scene that might have caused her to do it. plus. >> kevin: december wrapping up with no snow, record warmth and
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weather to come. >> vanessa: a deadly scene on the las vegas strip. >> mark: one person is dead,
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terrorism yet. >> reporter: the suspect was keyshia holloway, repeatedly drove her car over pedestrians. some jumped on her car trying to get her to stop but she didn't. >> that 24-year-old suspect drove her oldsmobile onto the sidewalk. witnesses jumped on the car and bapgd on its windows to get her to stop. >> people were flying. a child i saw literally hit. >> holloway came out after driving a mile open a flat tire, the strip shut down for hours. one person was killed, at least 35 others were hurt. >> it was mayhem, and it was very intentional. >> holloway looked stoic at her arrest. her three-year-old daughter was in the car.
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they say they cannot rule out terrorism. >> we are having difficulty obtaining her backround. she is believed to be from the oregon area, and we are going to do the best we can throughout the day to determine her backround n. light of that, and not having those unknowns, we are not 100% ruling out the possibility of terrorism. >> reporter: investigators believe holloway had a falling out with her father, a drug remembering innings -- recognition expert determined she was under the influence of a sometime hasn't. >> vanessa: the long list of candidates trying to sway voters in our area, and the g.o.p. hopeful who just bowed out. >> kevin: the warm weather is throwing a lot of people off before the holidays. next at 6:00, the deal though
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what's >> vanessa: we are following breaking news at 6:30, two children allegedly kidnapped from lakeville by their mother are found safe. the father is on the way to pick them up. police say the child's mother, who does not have custody of them, took the children sunday and did not return them. >> i'm going to get the children now. so far, it's great news. i don't know any particulars
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was doing but the bottom line is they're safe. >> vanessa: she will bring us complete coverage at 10:00. schools will be open in nashua, new hampshire tomorrow. the schools were closed today after investigators received a threat that was specific to today. late this afternoon, police and the school superintendent told tuesday threat was not credible. >> kevin: taking advantage of the warmer weather taking a stroll along the boston commons. kevin tells tuesday warmer weather comes with this rain. >> kevin: there's going to be rain showers coming in. we are seeing snow but only in northern maine. temperatures right now, not even your highs for the day. 51 degrees in boston right now. there are clouds out there and rain showers. tracking through southern
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massachussetts. line of showers moving in, the first part of it is going to be a surge of warmer air. just another surge of it. the clouds overnight and through the morning hours will allow temperatures to stay where they are. then that line of showers developing along that surge of milder air will make its way to boston, worcester and the berkshires and shiri will be tracking this in new hampshire. while it's dry for your lunch, by the time you get back, more showers will be developing over the top of us. we will track these through the evening commute and talk about record waterman on the way. >> vanessa: everybody is talking about how warm it is. >> mark: a lot of people say it
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because of how warm itsr it is. warm, windy and wacky. what will likely turn out to be the warmest december on record is closing out in dramatic fashion. >> incredible warmth. we are looking at record breaking high temperatures, especially christmas eve. >> how unusual is the weather? stungly so. -- stunningly so. >> the second warmest has been 41 degrees, so we are killing i.. >> and make no mistake about it, the likely record warmth is affecting many things, most notably businesses dependent on a drop of temperature to survive that is the hope at the blue hill ski area where the trails come in one color, brown. >> we have added new snow guns,
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>> what's discouraging for snow lovers is the long-range forecast. >> temperatures are expected to continue into springtime. >> that weather is cutting into sales of warm weather apparel nationwide. as for the sale of skis, hope the snow is eternal. >> looking at it every day, outlook. >> what is responsible for this warm air? it is el nio. that is a pool of warm water in the pacific ocean, and the effects could linger into spring. >> mark: could consider a fare increase every two years. the control board said that would be legal under state law. kerry kavanaugh is live. >> reporter: monday was the last
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the board closed 2015 how to rein in the costs of the bleg erred. the >> it leaves an increase up to 10% on the table. >> what do you say to those who say it's against the law. >> that's what the control board has taken. >> massachussetts taxpayers are paying nearly over a billion dollars a year towards the. the and riders paying $6 million. >> transportation second pollock says with fare increases should come increases in ridership. she says they're also working to control costs, part of that is examining employee compensation. monday, the nbta revealed the
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and wage as for the rate increases, the nbta says they'll fwin begin drafting proposals in the new year and there will be public hearings an meetings. then there will be a vote. that fare increase will take effect next summer. >> mark: any estimated budget for the green line expansion is months down the load. the expansion project was expected together over budget.
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original contractor. the project would extend the green line from cambridge nearly five miles. >> vanessa: most of the remaining g.o.p. hopefuls are focused on new hampshire. >> with just about seven weeks to go until the february ninth primary, new hampshire is a hot spot for pre-holiday campaign swings. retired neurosurgeon ben carson addressed a national security forum. marco rubio hosted a town hall meeting before stopping at
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new jersey governor christy campaigned in the granite state. ohio governor kasich holding several events in addition to town halls in rochester and concord, he a woman for kasich event. former florida governor jeb bush also in the mix, holding a series of events in new hampshire. as for the democrats, martin o'malley has an aggressive schedule. he will stop in manchester, rolling on momentum from the weekend debate in new hampshire and hillary clinton is showing up on december 29. the first in the nation primary. >> vanessa: fox 25 blair miller sat down with trump for his first interview with a boston television reporter. like his campaign trump was not shy about throwing political punches. >> if you are the candidate and you go up against hillary clinton, what do you think that
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>> so, hillary made some very bad decisions. i mean she is a very flawed candidate, and frankly, she shouldn't be allowed to run. >> vanessa: we will air portions of blair's interview tomorrow morning at 5:00 and 6:00. and a surprising admission about a possible running mate. that's tomorrow night on the "fox25 news" at 10:00. next, how a local police department is using the 25 days of christmas to surprise children with holiday cheer.
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saved >> vanessa: two medford police officers are being called heroes. >> mark: they pulled a mother and her babies from a burning home. >> reporter: when the fire broke out in the basement here, most of medford's fire crews were fighting another fire. that's why knows two officers were the first to arrive and rushed right in the front door. >> thank god they were there at the right time. i thank god my partner was right there. >> officer paul and his partner sheila share more than 50 years combined experience as police officers but this morning was the first time either walked into a fire. >> we got the call. we didn't know who was inside. >> he says he walked into the
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he found a woman on the second floor in shock. >> he was standing in a panic on a stairwell, holding the infant in her arms. >> officer giordano grabbed the twins while officer quinn helped the mother. the officers took the family to an ambulance where mom and babies were treated for smoke inhalation. the fire chief says the officers quick anges saved three lives today. for him, carrying that family out of the fire is a moment he won't soon forget. >> think about your family and everything like that. >> while the family stays elsewhere you can see the cleanup crews remain on scene. the fire chief says they're investigating the cause of the fire n. medford, kathryn burcham "fox25 news".
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a suspect grinch in worcester. we showed you the videos yesterday on fox 25. a man-lingers, comes back and takes a package. he looks at the home security camera while doing at this time. woman says she just wants her stuff back. >> the fact that someone came up and stole it, there should be something done. >> worcester police say they have plenty of video evidence to work with in finding their suspect. >> mark: santa is getting help reaching the boys and girls in everett. >> vanessa: as you're about to see, police officers have been delivering presents and christmas cheer in their community. >> hey, girls. how are you doing? >> reporter: officer russell doesn't look like an yef but you could say he's helping santa in
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instead of a sleigh he uses a police suv packed with presents. we caught up with them in downtown everett. >> any time we have an opportunity to have police officers engaged in positive means is a plus for everybody. >> pictures of the 25 days of christmas cover the department's facebook page. sometimes you can't tell who enjoys this more, the child or the officer delivering the gifts. the chief told us this type of police outreach is different than when they rush to a call or write a ticket, and the response from the community has been overwhelming. >> a lot of smile comes to people's faces, ice been very positive. people are appreciative. >> vanessa: officers donated a
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they announced the 25 days of christmas, some of santa's secret helpers have been dropping off gifts to hand out well. >> mark: chief and men in blue getting it done. who had the bigger smile? the kids or the officers giving the toys? >> vanessa: hard to tell. >> mark: online shopping during the holidays hits a high, the postal service rorth a 15% increase in volume this year over last year. today is expected to be the busiest delivery day of the holiday season with more than four million items delivered in the greater boston district today alone. the season of giving is well underway. we will tell you that for a while. one local police department is getting into the spirit, denham pulling up with this truck full of turkeys to donate to families in need this holiday season. >> vanessa: a similar mission in norwood. here is firefighters dropping
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those donations are sure to make a difference to local families. >> mark: lower gas prices are helping boost holiday sales this year. experts say declining oil an gas representatives have given shoppers extra money to spend. a lot of people decided to use that extra money online. according the national retail federation online sales were expected to jump 6-8%. saving an average $550. >> kevin: hard to believe, but winter starts tonight. not going to feel like it this week either. we are sitting at 45.6 degrees for an average temperature for
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bottom line is we are running away with the number one spot. from what i see in the forecast, we shouldn't have a problem staying there. snow totals for the season, i had december this warm. this one doesn't count because we've only had zero so far f. we don't have .10 inch of snow in worcester by december 24th, no way we will have a tenth of an inch by december 24th. the median number will be about 18 inches, the average factor in that big one 234.5 inches, but that would be half a normal year and well below last year. so that, the record i've been talking about in worcester, 12/24/23 the latest, a 92-year-old record we are running after this weekend. we will talk about the warm temperatures.
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showers in southern v. couple sprinkles in southern v. that's about it. we will watch these showers push toward us tonight. going to be mostly cloudy all night long, any showers being brief north an west, but by morning seeing showers develop in a line offshore off the south coast of massachussetts and new england. going north, shiri will be tracking these by 8:30. a break in the action middle day but early afternoon the showers blossom over the top of us, especially to the north. southern new england we are going to see during the latter part of the afternoon and evening drive heavy rain starts to fall before that pushes off wednesday morning. not the last time we will see rain in the forecast. for southern new hampshire, concord 42, those are the coolest temperatures you're
6:42 pm
5 3, 55 auburn, 57 in milford. done ham at 52 and came cod here two temperatures well into the 50s, near 60 degrees. take you into wednesday, clouds start to move back in during the morning. fair amount of sunshine around during lunchtime, but batch of showers push in toward the evening commute on wednesday. seven-day forecast takes you all the way through the holiday, your weekend in view. look at that thursday. 67 degrees. the record for the day stands at 61. we are chasing the record for snowfall in worcester and that high temperature in boston on thursday. than the other thing about christmas eve is that it's a full moon, first time we will see a full moon since 1977 on christmas eve. won't happen again until 2034.
6:43 pm
into early sunday, but a mild weekend, not quite as warm as the holiday. near 60 on christmas day, but still above average all weekend long. >> mark: number 26 will join the immortals. coming down on max talbot after
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>> for the patriots just one win away from clinching home field advantage throughout the playoffs the defending super bowl champs have added to the fwechld stephen jackson. up you dated his twitter file to identify himself as a new
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he's rushed nearly 11,400 yards, released february by atlanta. should be fresh but will he be effective. low risk proposition with a reliable presence. the team turning the page from yesterday's win over the titans, it was an mobile day for rob gronkowski. his trainer passed away. he went to retrieve the ball. james white has played well in the backfield. the patriots still atop the afc with a 33-16 and for gronkowski it was a memorable trip. >> i love the game of football. i love being around my game. they always have my back. i know he was up there watching, and just definitely made that for him. i was dedicated to him.
6:47 pm
because -- boggs, the former sox third baseman, eight allstar seasons. when he left new york wasn't pretty. bruins continue their run of success, another win against new jersey that got them within a point of montreal, but bad news as max talbot was disciplined by the nhl. talbot went high on new jersey luisi. he was clearly disengaged from the puck. the nhl suspended talbot for two games. the real play convincing, the nhl doesn't take much time to debate punishment on top. odell beckham, jr. against carolina was out of control. josh norman under his skin.
6:48 pm
been ejected yesterday. he will sit out the giants game against the vikings without pay suspended today after a total loss of control on the field yesterday. celtics tonight home for the timberwolves. always fun with kg -- kevin garnett comes to town. they need a win, but i heard the a approval back. whp somebody gets under your skin that badly, you got to control yourself. maybe the star power kept him on the field yesterday. >> mark: just like that. no place for it. >> no charge for the commentary. >> kevin: here's the seven-day forecast. showers come in in the morning. more showers later in the day. by thursday christmas eve 67 degrees would break the record for the day.
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