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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 22, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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what time downpours reach your town. >>announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody, 6:00 on this tuesday morning, december 22. thank you for being with us. i am gene lavanchy. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta in for sara underwood. a couple of people on twitter saying they would like snow and ice. grab an umbrella. none of that on the way. showers and downpours on the way for most of the day instead way for most of the day instead. stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear joining with us which town also see the heaviest rain and how long the unsettled stretch will last. >> shiri: it will last us some time. so much rain to go once it starts moving in. barely a hint of rain. 47 degrees. you are not going to get anything more than a little sprinkle. same across the cape down to the vineyard patches of light rain down mr. there. boston at 49. worcester, 47 worcester, 47. 49 in lawrence and bedford and 39 in nashua, new hampshire.
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encounter any freezing temperatures unless you are at concord or northward. steady, lighter rain reaching the boston area. this will be in the form of some sprinkle, some drizzle. it continues as tracks northward. planted by noontime with some of the steadiest rain newspaper southern new hampshire, but i anticipate some pretty wide anticipate some pretty widespread showers by about lunchtime today and during the afternoon we see some waves of heavy rain ha continues through 5:00. future cast just updated. the very latest information out there and has showers hanging tight just a little bit longer there. now during the early half into the drive home from work it will be wet and those showers will be fizzling out from west to east. to 52 to 58 for highs today. developing rains will be heavy at time. we will talk about fog and a lot of of that this afternoon as well. and so let's send you over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic. julie, probably one of the better times to hit the road weather wise. >> yes, it is.
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head out early, this would be the good day to do it. a new accident on soldiers field road eastbound. an overheight truck -- not an accident but a truck running into an overpass near cambridge street. take taking a wider look at the roads. you see the pike moving along fine. starting to see a little bit of volume on the expressway though volume on the expressway though. things looking good through brighten. 23 minutes on pike from 495 to mass avenue. it minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams. 19 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. catherine and gene, back to you. new this morning a tree trimming crane brought back on its wheels after crashing home. >> one person was home at time home. michael henrich is live where there is a big hole in the roof of that house. good morning, michael. >> reporter: substantial damage here, gene. substantial damage indeed. lisa avenue is the road.
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the large hole on the left side of the roof. you can see some of the shingles even lifting up on the left side as well just to show you the impact that this had, even spreading out further from the hole itself. you also see the gutter flying down, half of the front of the house there. again, this bucket of the arborist, the tree trimmer went through the roof into the second floor of this home. plymouth fire fighters again say nobody was hurt. you take a look at the video from earlier this morning, and in the overnight hours. you can see it took substantial heavy equipment to get that tree trimmer's equipment up and righted after it fallen down around 5:30 yesterday evening. osha is investigating along with the building department. we will keep an eye on the situation and to see what kind of damage estimate they come up with in the coming hours, but also to keep an eye on.
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over and boarded up and the rain is expected to come. so hopefully not too much more damage, water damage is done to inside of the house. we will keep an eye continue to again to see if any crews will come out in the next couple of hours to take care of that. live in plymouth, michael henrich, fox25 morning news. also new this morning boston fire fighters some of boston fire fighters stomping out the flames in an abandoned building in brighton. the fire first broke out around 3:00 at the corner of western ave and soldier fields road. majority of the fire was in the courtyard area. the flames were knocked down quickly. no one was hurt in that fire. the man that gave a gun to one of the boston marathon bombers will be sentenced in federal court. stephen silva was convicted of weapons and gun charges. he testified that he let tsarnaev borrow a handgun two months before the terrorist attack. that handgun killed mit sean
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bombing. a lakeville mother will answer to kidnapping charges after she is disappeared with visit. cameras were there when that young boy and girl were reunited with their dad after a week long search. live at the lakeville police department where that mother is being held, jess? >> reporter: catherine, we understand she did not have kut of her children but was permitted to see them from time to time. we understand she picked them up for a visit on sunday afternoon but when she didn't bring them home in time, their father called police. steve kerrigan sick to his stomach hours after getting his children back. is ex-girlfriend valerie mcgrath took them sunday night. >> i am still worried. knots in my stomach and starting to subside a little bit and just -- just a feeling -- i am just glad they are back with me. >> reporter: mcgrath was supposed to bring 5-year-old stevie and 7-year-old eden back, but when she hadn't show
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showed up by 7, he called police. they spent much of the day monday searching for this older model land rover. it turns out mcgrath rented a different car with new york plates and in fall river monday afternoon. state police found the kids in this rental at a mcdonald's drive through in raynham. >> the police department at my house told me that someone must have saw something and told them they were driving a rental vehicle. >> reporter: the kids had no idea what had just happened to them. they thought mcgrath had just taken them out for stevie's birthday. >> a great time for my birthday >> a great time for my birthday. >> reporter: carrigan said she was three hours late from a visit last month. yesterday was the first time they had seen her since. >> she likes the keys and could are gone north and likes the beach kind have gone south. i didn't know where she was heading. >> reporter: mcgrath is set to be arraigned in wareham and a crew inside as that is happening. live in lakeville, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. from his new hampshire are searching for the armed robber caught on camera holding up
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you can see that the clerk's hands are in the air. someone in the orange mask approaches the counter and it happened yesterday at exeter market on front street. the suspect had a gun and got away with cash. one of the americans killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan has been identified as a new york police detective. detective joseph lemm was also a member of the u.s. air national guard. he was deployed once to iraq and twice to afghanistan. he leaves behind a wife and two children. lemm was one of six americans killed but the only victim identified so far. news of the attack near bagram air base was breaking yesterday morning. the biggest u.s. military facility in afghanistan. officials say suicide bomber on a motorcycle targeted a joint patrol. the taliban has claimed responsibility for that attack. a new hampshire company will have to pay $150,000 for hazardous waste violations that led to an explosion. 2014, fox25 reported 15 people were hurt when an explosion happened at the about ball
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acid was somehow mixed with another chemical causing a violent explosion. $5,000 of settlement money will go to local first responders. the rest will go to a hazardous waste fund. boston university now confirms it has investigated members of its hockey team for gambling. junior forward nick roberto for the season. he has not dressed this year but the school won't confirm at the is involved with the gambling forecast gambling probe. players did not bet on college or professional hockey games and have turned over the results of their investigation to the ncaa. back and forth continues in the deflategate saga. a new court filing quarterback tom brady they say continues to ignore roger goodell's findings in the wells report. that document claims that brady had knowledge that staffers had let air out of game balls and that the judge was wrong to overturn the nfl's four-game suspension. the nfl appealing that decision and both sides are back in court in march.
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candidate gets hit with a tough question on the campaign trail in new hampshire. new jersey governor chris new jersey governor chris christie was speaking to voters in new london. one person asked the governor to convince that's not shady. >> what makes me shady because -- cause i am from new jersey? [laughter] well, hell, i can't change that. um -- [ laughter ] >> catherine: several other candidates are in the granite state. republicans jeb bush and john kasich and democrat martin o'malley. new hampshire's primary is february 9. i am suspending my campaign but never my commitment. >> catherine: lindsey graham is no longer seeking the gop nomination. graham said he is proud of the campaign he ran but time to step aside. metheun police officers will be equipped with body cameras. the city council voted to buy cameras and tasers for the apartment. cost more than a quarter
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the police chief tells fox25 that some things like how long the recordings will be stored is still being watched out. the boston and the brewster police department on the cape cameras. a small victory in court church closed by the archdiocese. yesterday a judge ruled that parishioners holding vigils at cabrini church can stay until march 3. if the supreme court doesn't hear their case before then, parisher will have two weeks to leave. members of the church have been holding vigil 24-7 at the church sin it was closed 11 years ago. it is now 6:10, and we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. right now 25 minutes on 93 south from 495 in andover down to the zakim bridge. it is still dry out there and shiri explains how that will change change. >> shiri: we have rain coming in for the cape. a couple of pops of green. 49 in boston. 7 a.m., 51 degrees. and by 8:00 this morning, we
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the city itself. i will show you how long it lasts and how we get some downpours neck. 6:10, the woman accused of driving in a crowd on the vegas strip is set to be charged with murder. the person she blames stressing her out right before the crash. and governor wake we are strong words for the proposed green line extension. this is not going to be
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>> sharman s announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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governor charlie baker wrapping up his first year in office. he is managed to deal with the mbta failures forj agreements with dcf and keep his popularity rating at an all-time high. what is his plan for next year? sharman sacchetti sat down with the governor at the statehouse and tell us what he tackled and what his biggest fight ahead is what his biggest fight ahead is. nearly a year after taking office, governor charlie baker sits down with me to talk about record snow fall, a broken mbta record snow fall, a broken mbta, a failing child welfare system and a green line extension that went a billion dollars over budget. cities and towns now worry they will have to pay but the governor says they have a lot to gain. >> reporter: governor, people want to know are taxpayers going to get stuck with the bill. the bill. no, taxpayer also not get stuck by the bill. >> reporter: this not going to be another big dig. a big dig. >> reporter: governor that
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to look into the details and stay away from touchy political topics. >> reporter: if donald trump is the nominee for your party, will you support him. >> too early to talk about party nominees. we haven't had a single caucus or single vote. >> reporter: of weeks after calling donald trump's comments about muslims disgusting. he wouldn't tell me if he would support trump if he should win the nomination. >> reporter: you are not willing to say if you will support donald trump. you are not willing to say yes or no. >> what i am willing to say we have a long way to go. >> reporter: when it comes to dcf we asked if he should have done more earlier. his major reform evident in the fall after we heard of cases of the death of avilina conway the death of avilina conway-coxson and of course bella bond. >> reporter: do you regret not tackling it early on. >> i think the process we took is the right one. and i would always prefer to tackle stuff sooner rather than later. nine feet of snow and a few other things got in the way. >> reporter: governor baker tells me the biggest fights ahead include his energy bill,
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legislation. essaying this before any snow has fallen. sharman sacchetti, fox25 news. the tables are turned on a randolph man who once filed a lawsuit against dreamworks animation. he pleaded not guilty to perjury and wire fraud stemming from his lawsuit. look at these two pictures. jamie gordon is accused of copy jamie gordon is accused of copying the picture on the right from the disney coloring book picture on the left. he used his image to complain that producers of "kung fu panda" ripped off his work. he faces a hefty fine and up to 20 years in prison if convicted 20 years in prison if convicted. and taxpayers are paying big bucks to. the department of revenue a60 million in film tax credits were awarded. the denzel washington movie "the equalizer". governor charlie baker has tried to eliminate the film tax credit because supporters say it creates a large number of jobs. the plan to save the mega
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staples and office depot shot down. rejected the plan for the companies to sell off 1billion in corporate contracts in order to complete the deal. staples says it is still willing to negotiate with the government, but they may also take legal action. good tuesday morning. at 6:17 at 6:17, i am watching two accidents for you. the first on 24 northbound near 1238 123 in the brockton area. the second is in a much more problem matter location. on the expressway northbound right before granite avenue up if take a look at the live look at the expressway, you can see the tail lights really starting to increase. the number of brake lights. and it is very slow going as you head past freeport street. the live drive times. up to 19 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. 10 minutes on 24 from 123 to settle. 24 minutes on the strike 495 to mass avenue. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear joining with us some news that there is rain that thank will
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commute and may slow you down as well. >> absolutely. across the board we have 100% chance of rain. the rain is here to stay for the day. this is probably going to be some of your best travel times right now. just because of the weather. because it is still pretty quiet yet out there. i have got rain and fog becoming quite the nuisance. once we hit late morning through the afternoon. lightning will be in the low threat category today. you can see a little rumble of thunder but i don't expect any widespread thunderstorms or any kind of severe thunderstorms but you can see the rain already moving into western massachusetts. i have reports of light rain out there. also reports of light rain down across new bedford. i wouldn't be surprised if the arm of the cape you are seeing drizzle in place right now, but all things considered, we are shaping up mostly dry at this very hour. 49 degrees in boston. fog is not yet an issue, but as these rain showers mohr move in, the rain turns steady they are afternoon. the fog will get thicker and we
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10 a.m., 51%. the steadier rain by noontime at 53. then turns heavy at times during the afternoon straight through 4 or 5:00 today. hey, plymouth will be a warmer rain for you right now at 52 degrees. check out where where you are temperatures are this afternoon. 58 degrees with showers. it will be considerably warmer there versus somewhere like worcester now at 47. still dry, but rain is inching closer and closer. worcester you will pick up drizzle likely within the hour of 8 a.m., 46 degrees. highs only in the lower 50s and i can see a couple of spots in southern new hampshire getting stuck in the upper 40s this afternoon. 7 a.m., showers anywhere from new bedford. and filling in and lifting northward and by 10 a.m. southern new hampshire. by 10 a.m., we have rain out there and wet roadways for just about everyone, a steady rain
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you can see it intensifies. a lot of yellows and oranges on the map and by 5:00, still have heavy rain in and around the boston area and at the coast coastline. further inland, i expect showers will be tapering off and by about 7:00 this evening they are out for good and then we will dry out overnight. 56 in boston today. 55 in beverly. 58 in plymouth. we have 56 in bedford. mid-50s in fitchburg. only 52 in worcester and orange. 50 in keene, new hampshire. 50 in portsmouth, new hampshire 50 in portsmouth, new hampshire. tonight how about some 40s. a little dry break. the clouds even break apart. start tomorrow partly sunny, but we have got rain reforming. we have got more middle 50s. so this warm trend is not budging. the seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view. by christmas eve day, thursday, 67 degrees. and still talking the potential for some record heat that is going to come with a chance of a couple of spot showers. christmas itself, i am keeping dry with highs 55 to 60 degrees
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we will have to keep an eye on a front to the south. it it wavers could bring in showers. dry with a risk of rain back over the weekend. back to you, guys. >> 6:20. taking a closer look at who should pay fort mbta. still ahead on the fox25 morning news, the new plan to shift the burden away from taxpayers and how much it could cost riders.
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>> gene: upstaging santa spend less time chasing sales and more time going the extra mile. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls
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back here at 6:24. two pedestrian police officers being hailed as heroes for saving a mother and a newborn twin. they were the first to arrive on the scene of a fire at a home on main street. they rushed into the burning building on second floor. they found a woman and her 5 they found a woman and her 5-month-old children. >> she was standing in a panic child holding infant in her arm and in shock kind of. i said hand me the infant. >> gene: one fire fighter suffered a minor injuries during that fire. the cause still under investigation this morning. right now send it over to kathy -- catherine and julie
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and have a couple of story to be talking about julie yes, we do, gene, i don't know if you have seen this making the rounds on social media yet. this girl is doing the whip nae this girl is doing the whip nae-nae and she has moves that you wouldn't believe. >> catherine: there is santa and putting him to shame. upstaging him a little bit. >> julie: she is all over the place. >> catherine: she has serious moves. >> julie: vaguely resembles the whip naenae that exists. let's look at it full swing. let me whip, watch me nae nae look at her. >> julie: great evident, guys. i think it needs a new name. something to do with a blue leotard because she has coined other own dance. always fun to see parents capturing these moments -- i feel bad when she is a teenager feel bad when she is a teenager. this will come back to haunt her. >> catherine: maybe she will
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she will be on "so you think you can dance" some day. one more cute story to tell you about. polar bears at a zoo. having a lot of fun in the show. looks like a coke commercial for me. >> catherine: perfect this time of year. can't bring a white christmas and some polar bear enjoying time in the know. >> julie: this is what we can bring you.polar bear of cute polar bears getting after it. shiri, we are not seeing any snow any time soon. >> no that is the close toast any kind of snow. all rain in the forecast and looking at pretty widespread. a couple of inch. and could go above that due to downpours. the timeline on those next. and a thief's getaway sends him to the hospital. the desperate move to try to this is the best block of all. it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully
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cleat new england news coverage starts now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> next at 6:30. two lakeville children back home with their father. the mother heading to court accused of kidnapping the kids and driving them around in a rental car for hours. coming up in a live report, why it took so long to track her down. >> catherine: good morning and thank you for being with us a little before 6:30. 6:29. i am catherine parrotta. >> gene: and i am gene lavanchy.
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were doing any last-minute shopping. stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear has a timeline how long this stormy weather will stick around. >> shiri: absolutely. the fog gets worse as the rain gets worse. visibility is in great shape. just a little bit of fog on nantucket. otherwise, showers restricted to a couple of showers along the cape. not whole lot of rain but provincetown down to orleans. we have a little bit of that drizzle. patchy stuff back through bourne and marshfield at 52. taunton, 52. primary primarily clouds. clouds in boston at 49. 51 in woburn and malden. 48 in shrewsbury and leominster 48 in shrewsbury and leominster. barre, you are just starting to get into some of the lighter rain out of western massachusetts. it is going to be very, very light for a good part of the hour. and clouds for 99% of us. expect rain. at this point by late morning,
6:28 am
the board. rain turns steady at time. heavy through afternoon. 55 degrees. kids coming home from school, foggy, rainy, don't forget to pack an umbrella or rain gear as they leave the thousand morning. 7 p.m., we are done with the rain. that is the timeline. that is when it ends for good. we will walk you through it and where the fog is be here as well. and right now julie grauert live with drive-time traffic. shiri, where -- julie, where this is latest accident? julie the accident is in the worst spot for it to be because we are a highly traveled accident. northbound the accident is at granite avenue off to the left-hand side. so in the far left hand lane, we have the left hand lane that is blocked. you still have the three right you still have the three right-hand trains are getting that by will really slow you down and continue to watch those drive times and update those drive times and up-- update you as they increase and as soon as the accident is clear. you can see the traffic flow stretching back to the braintree split. that will be in addition to the volume we are already see on the expressway.
6:29 am
average speeds of 31 miles per hour as you head from medford into somerville. over to your live drive times. 25 minutes from mass avenue. 27 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 27 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and catherine, back to you. happening today, a lakeville mother will answer to charges she took her children for more than a day without anyone knowing where they were. a story we followed all day long until the kids were found during the fox25 news at 6:00. fox25's jessica reyes was live in lakeville this morning with the kidnapping charges the mother now faces. good morning, jess. >> good morning, gene. police spent most of the morning searching for the two children, and this morning we can report that they are back at home safe and sound with their father. yesterday their mother valerie mcgrath was supposed to have them home by 5:00 on sunday night. their father we understand who has full custody of both children called police since
6:30 am
mcgrath was spotted around swansea around 3:30 yesterday but rented a different car in fall river. that car had new york plates but no word where she was plan to go from there. later on yesterday and state troopers spotted the kids with their mom at a mcdonald's drive through in raynham. >> i am still worried. i have knots in my stomach. and finally they are starting to subside a little bit. and it is just -- just a feeling that -- i am glad they are back with me. >> reporter: police say they believe mcgrath just wanted more time with the kids but of course went about it the wrong way. she is set to be arraigned later on today in wareham and we will have a crew inside the court room as that is happening. live in lakeville, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. happening today, a man who gave a gun to one of the boston marathon bombers will be sentenced in federal court stephen stephen silva was convicted of drug and weapons charge. during the trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev, he testified that he let tsarnaev borrow a handgun
6:31 am
attack at the marathon. prosecutors say that handledgun was used to kill mit police officer sean collier days after the marathon bombing. new this morning a crane topples into a house in plymouth and crews had to bring in a whole other crane to get it out. the scene on lisa avenue. the truck that crane is attached to almost appears to be floating the air there. the crane went through the roof of the house into the second floor. a person was inside the house but fortunately they were on the first floor when all of this happened. the train was being used by a tree-trimming company but unclear what caused it to osha is investigating along department. a burlington mother of two is out of jail just in time for the holidays. has spent the last eight months in prison accused of murdering a six-month-old girl in her care. the original autopsy showed a baby died of blunt force trauma and shaking injuries. different car. >> and an expert that i retained who is the former
6:32 am
island looked at the entire medical record and concluded that this case, in fact, was not a homicide but a natural death of the infant. >> gene: despite the new findings the medical examiner is firm and prosecutors are pursuing murder charges in the case. the third recent chase in middlesex county where a shaken baby diagnosis has been challenged. kids in nashua will head back to school of a the entire district was shut down. it all happened sunday when a serious threat was e-mailed to the high school. nothing was found, but superintendent tells fox25 there is a reason nothing was found. there is a reason multiple agencies and the fbi were called in. >> one of them was the specificity of the threat which is highly unusual, and -- and i think the superintendents have been trained over time that the more specific you have on a threat, the greater the cause of concern. >> the district is taking steps
6:33 am
students are comfortable returning to class. there will be counselors on hand as well as extra police. the investigation into that threat is ongoing. 6:35 this morning. the woman accused of driving in a crowd on at las vegas strip will be charged with murder. likisha holloway is being held without bail and on a suicide watch. prosecutors say holloway i think tension alley hit dozens of people. in a police report, holloway claims she was stressed out because security guards kept chasing her and her daughter out of parking lots where they were trying to sleep. police believe that the homeless woman may have run out of money trying to drive to texas to find the father of her child. one person was killed in the crash identified as jessica valenzuela, a 3 2 mother of three from arizona. she and her husband celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. 34 other people were hurt including four member of a college wrestling team. three victims remain in critical condition. get ready to pay more to
6:34 am
a 10% fair hike will be coming as early as next year. fox25's daniel miller joins us live from south station with more on that proposed plan. daniel? >> reporter: yeah, good morning. the mbta is considering that fair increase of 10% every two years. on monday, the fiscal control board voted to improve that increase and said will be legal. current fair increases will be drafted for public consideration upping the increase to 10% more, and it doubles the current biannual increase by 5%. wind also transport more of the cost to people who actually ride the rails instead of taxpayers in general. >> massachusetts taxpayers are paying over a billion dollars a year toward the t and riders are paying $600 million a year toward the t. >> reporter: the mbta moo said they will have a series of public hearings and meetings once the fare proposals have been submitted.
6:35 am
for monday, january 4. now coming up on the next hour at 7:30, we will talk to t rider and get what they have to say about this proposed fair increase. report live at south fox25 station, daniel miller, station news. with record warm weather possibly on the way, the coast guard is warning boaters to be careful over the holidays. temperatures may be hitting 60s 60s, but officials say the water in boston harbor is only 46 degrees cold enough to cause hypotherapy i can't. the coast guard is telling boaters to wear life jackets over a wet suit if they hit the water. and the bst host solution at the garden. a win will -- and the bs host solution at the guard -- st. louis at the garden. watch what he does at the end of the first quarter. launch one to beat the first quarter and. then in the 2nd, avery bradley
6:36 am
hits for a 3 ball. beating minnesota 113-99. and a long time coming, but red sox going to retire number 26 for wade boggs. the team plans to honor the hall of famer during a special ceremony on may 26. boston played 11 seasons for the red sox and won the american league batting five times. there was hard feeling when he chose to sign with the yankees in 1993. we track traffic and minutes. take a look our drive time on the expressway still 27 minutes. that accident i showed from you skyfox near granite avenue has just cleared. so hopefully it will whoever around 27 or stay -- even drop a little bit a little bit since we have another lane that will be opening up. shiri. i have travel conditions that will start to deteriorate around 8:00. going good to fair conditions because it is just going to be drizzle but by noontime, heavy rain and fog creating pretty messy conditions into the afternoon. improvements start at 5 p.m. we will take you through it hour
6:37 am
a 13-year-old boy takes his younger sister on a joyride and the whole thing is captured on a police dash cam. how the boy was able to seek out with the keys. fox25 goes one on one with donald trump at his new york city tower. >> do you need to finish first. >> gene: what the republican front runner is saying about his success in announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause)
6:38 am
tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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happening today, army sergeant bowe bergdahl will appear in military court on charges of desertion and deserting his fellow soldiers. he was caught and held captive by the taliban for five years. bergdahl was freed after the u.s. released five taliban detainees in a contentious prisoner exchange last year. if convicted he could face life in prison. the grand jury decided not to indict anyone it the death
6:40 am
she was seen hanging in her jail cell hang bayings into made by a plastic trash bag. police say that blandy death was a suicide but her family rejected that finding and an attorney for bland's family said they still have questions about the case. donald trump is by far the most outspoken candidate for president. he says what he thinks and his poll numbers continue to surge. what does the gop front runner think of his success. blair miller sits down with donald trump. >> how are you doing sir. >> reporter: when donald trump is not selling his political message, he is at his office overlooking 5th avenue in new york city. it is here that trump spoke to me about his familiar pain and the controversy which started soon after the campaign began in the summer, a time when many didn't take him seriously as a real presidential contender. >> reporter: are you surprised by the success you've had? >> well, i must tell you, i thought that i would be successful i wouldn't are done
6:41 am
but i had no idea it would be this fast. i had no idea i would be number one in virtually every poll. i had no idea it was that much that fast. i mean ultimately i expected to win. that's what i like to do, i like to win. but i had no idea that fast and that much. >> reporter: analysts are quick to point to polls that show many voters are very much undecided including in new hampshire that will hold the early primary in 49 days. for trump, new hampshire is key for trump, new hampshire is key. >> new hampshire is really important to me. >> reporter: do you need to finish first. >> i don't know if i need to finish first. right now i am leading by a lot and i want to finish first. i developed an amazing relationship with the people of new hampshire. imup there a lot. it is really important. >> reporter: to have the poll numbers and getting the response you are getting. so many people are scratching their heads saying i don't understand how this is happening. >> because i am speaking the truth. and i am letting people have it. it. i mean, i am giving them the good, the bad and the lugely. >> reporter: when you talk
6:42 am
out speaking passionately about issue, how much of this is strategy and how much of it is talking about issues and shooting from the hip? >> i don't think about anything >> i don't think about anything. i think about doing what is right because i don't need to do this. for me not something i need to do. i am several funding my own campaign. >> reporter: that is just the beginning of our conversation. my interview lasted for about 30 minutes in trump tower in new york city. starting today at 5:00, i will much more of my exclusive interview. i asked about his regrets and if he has any regrets after all the controversial things he has been saying on the campaign trail now for months. i am blair miller for fox25 news. presidential candidate hillary clinton is now expecting a special delivery around the time of the democrat around the time of the democratic national convention. clinton's daughter, chelsea,s that just announced she is pregnant with her second child. the baby is due in the summer right around the time of the nominating committee. chelsea clinton and her husband have a 1-year-old daughter named charlotte. good morning, everyone, it
6:43 am
and this accident on the expressway has cleared. things starting to get a little bit lighter right around granite avenue because one lane opened back up. still seeing slow conditions on route 1 in saugus as you approach lynn fell parkway. slow on 93 south medford and somerville. the volume significantly increased the last time we checked on this, and pretty typical this time of the morning commute. live drive times. 27 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 29 minutes on the expressway to the pike. 29 minutes from 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with a look at what we can expect today and see how the rain may slow you down on your commute. >> shiri: absolutely. rain showers spreading in. between 7 and 8 what we will find is areas of drizzle forming not just in western mass, but kind of closing in on the boston area. afternoon rain and fog and just
6:44 am
continuing all the way into the weekend. not a one-day thing. we have several days with chances for rain almost every day. 49 degrees in boston. right now at no measurable rain yet. visibility es do just fine. as we get to 8 a.m., we will start seeing the light rain, sprinkles in the city at about 52 degrees. lower 50s straight through the rest of the morning. 53 at noontime when rain turns steady land intensify. at times heavy rain this afternoon on top of that, some fog. so just going to turn kind of gross out there this afternoon. middle 50s and a warmer rain. we have a lot of warm air along with the showers that are shifting toward us as we speak and check how far back the rain showers go and we get quite a period where we are tapping into wet conditions. this is 7 a.m. pockets of rain any. where from southeastern mass to western massachusetts. passes through the boston area around 8:00 this morning. by 10 a.m. over the border into new hampshire.
6:45 am
by lunchtime, we have got. i am going with a widespread kind of lighter rain. not necessarily heavy by lunch not necessarily heavy by lunchtime, but look at that right after it, we have the yellows, the oranges, that means we have the downpours this afternoon. for the evening chute, heavy rain lingering across eastern massachusetts. the central western mass will see the showers taper off through the evening commute and by 7:00, the showers are going to be out, and the clouds actually break apart overnight tonight. so rain totals will end up averaging about half an inch of rain. where we get downpours we could see in and around the boston area getting slightly more than that. temperature-wise this afternoon 58 in plymouth and 59 in new bedford. and 58 in hyannis. middle 50s. framingham, 57 and worcester, 52. orange 52. and low 50s. even upper 40s probably mixed in southern new hampshire. a cool irrain north. a pretty mild rain to the south and again, tomorrow, a near 1
6:46 am
going to be skewed much later in the day. thursday for christmas eve day, we have got a couple of showers. and for christmas itself, only the slight risk of a shower. here is what is going on the seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view. check out all those 50s this week. even 67 degrees on thursday. some record-setting heat. if you were at that high, record high is 61 degrees. 57 the record high in worcester so it looks like we are on track to beat that. spot showers will be a lot lighter than what we see today or tomorrow night. for christmas, 59 degrees. but the range of high also be from 55 to 60. really warm, partly cloudy. and the reason for that slight risk of showers is because we have a front to our south that we need to keep an eye on. if it wobbles and comes closer, it will sfwhing some showers. otherwise over the weekend slight chance of a saturday shower. better chance on sunday. back over to you, guys. and an elderly woman throws on a coat and runs to her neighbor's house after spotting
6:47 am
>> my grandchildren putting me on facebook and my neighbors. and people calling me, oh, my lord. >> catherine: coming up what that 84-year-old did that saved an entire family. a sight that fans dream of, now create
6:48 am
new at 7:00, energy supply rates
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any more than you do. it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price of the energy we buy for you has changed. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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a getaway gone bad for a suspected thief in ohio. look at this video. a man leaping off an escalator trying to evade police. the suspect landed on his head, but he is already out of the hospital. all when he is accused of ripping off macy's with the help from his cashier sister. the pair are facing misdemeanor charges but they could be upgraded. a ride in seaworld stuck in the air but back on the ground. the three-hour ride carries them up high to see the entire theme park. >> everybody was laughing at it for the most part. annoying but frustrate approximating with he knew we couldn't go anywhere. >> passengers did make it to the ground safely. sea world said they are investigating a problem with the lift. that ride is closed until the
6:51 am
chipotle is under the microscope again after more customers are sick with e. coli customers are sick with e. coli. the cdc is investigating this latest outbreak in the midwest. it happened about a month after a widespread outbreak in october. chipotle previously said it expected more people to get sick before the problem was resolved. this is the third outbreak of the illness in as many months linked to the chain. more than 100 boston college students got the norovirus after teating at a branch in cleveland circle. all the bad news is calling chipotle stocks to take a hit. down 3% at closing time. take taking a spacewalk to make repairs to the international space station. the video of scott kelly and tim kupra floating outside of the station. took them a little over three hours to finish the job which involved fixing a railcar to a russian cargo spacecraft can dock tomorrow. we have liftoff.
6:52 am
forward for space x. yesterday, one of its rockets launched and deployed 11 satellites and landed again without issue. the first successful launch for the company. the three previous unmanned rockets exploded after liftoff. space x has two more launches planned to deploy more satellites and in february. plans resume for a supply mission to the space station. a lowell family is thanking their 84-year-old neighbor this morning from saving them from an early morning fire. judy kneely noticed flames. called 911 and ran across the street. she woke up the family and they were all able to get out, but judy said she is no hero. >> my grandchildren putting me on facebook and over the hills and people calling me. oh, my lord. >> reporter: you don't feel like a hero. >> no, i don't. . >> reporter: investigate are not yet determine the cause of the fire but several tires were same morning.
6:53 am
and her grandkids certainly recognize. gambling allegations rock a major college hockey program. >> catherine: coming up at 7:00, what a new investigation has found. shiri? >> shiri: 40s and 50s out there right now. showers beginning to fill in and winding down at 5 p.m. with temps in the 50s. i will time out when in between we tap into downpours next. two lakeville children reunited with their dad after being taken from their announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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