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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 22, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EST

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nice and security cameras overlook a busy street. how she taught mr. touchy feely a lesson with her fists. rescuers go after a blind animal trapped in a well. >> for over a month. >> the miracle over a dog named christmas. 'tis the season for skiers doing black flips. how they're sticking the landing in a bad way. plus behind the scenes of a glamorous shoot for a bride and groom to be. and what dogs and cats do when you're not there. >> this is what happens in my house.
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fu battle. in new zealand, the buy about to walk into the frame ordered a meal, sat down, approaches the cash register, puts a few things down on the counter her has his bag, turns back around. you know what, i'll have that. >> oh, you dingo. >> what's in there? >> maybe 20 bucks at the most. >> he already paid for the food. did he just want a free meal? >> his meal cost about 14. $14.90. >> there was only 5 or $10 in the tip jar. >> that's where karma comes in. you pay for your meal, you got $10, and now police are looking
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guy who is in front of a preschool, bingo, buddy. they can't confirm that it's him but if you look at the face of this person and the face of the other person on the other video, not to mention all the tattoos. >> i think we got our guy. >> why would you risk your freedom? >> why if you're a thief would you walk up to the cptv camera and smile into it? to him. in morocco, you see a woman leaning over her moped. she's having none of it. watch. bam! >> he laid there on the ground
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him. that moment in the show where we get to laugh and point fingers at other people's pain and misery. >> i tend to like this part. >> this guy coming up and over the jump, attempting a back flip. but instead -- >> it's more of a belly flop. >> i think he came out of it looking pretty cool. >> you have to try this stuff otherwise you never know how to land the back flip. this guy realizes the extreme sports people get to do the fun stuff. he is again attempt a back flip on cross country ski. >> this is going to end so well. >> oh, no! >> stuck in the snow head down. they're going to have to go pull
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>> look how much snow he was in. >> it's so bad. >> he says it's so bad. i'm about to show you the heroes that saved christmas, christmas being a blind dog living in bosnia. that dog was running through a field looking for food and it fell into a well. the poor dog was in that well for over a month. >> the dog was stuck in a well for a month? >> it was stuck in a well for a month. for weeks children knew it was down there. they were tossing it food. people were alerted that there was a dog down there. animal rescue got involved. they say no hole is too deep, no space too dark, they will come and get you. there you see a man in climbing gear. and there you see a dog with an orange safety jacket being lifted up to safety.
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getting saved. in this next video, we find an abandoned puppy. this video was posted by james mchugh. >> i'm miles from the nearest interstate. >> he says he was riding along, saw the boxes moving, and went to investigate. this puppy is cute and friendly. along. >> he can stuff it down his shirt, a trick we girls all know about. >> the puppy is currently being fostered. these two videos come to us from the uk and they show some pretty aggressive driving from
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we're riding on a dash cam on a lori e lorry, a truck in the uk. in a high visibility, a yellow jacket with reflective things on it. you have the right-of-way, anybody trying to enter the circle has to give way. >> whoa. >> just from nowhere, the left hand side, this car just drives straight through milliseconds before missing the rider, and all of those wheels lock up. you'll be happy to know that this required ider, the worst that happened. we have another video from the uk as well, aggressive driving and choice language as well. the guy running around town doing deliveries. he approaches the right hand side when the most annoying pedestrian in the world runs by.
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self-entitlement comes screaming from behind as the guy on the motor bike rides off. he shakes his head like he's trying to get the thought out of his head. good thing not going to see that guy again. the guy jumped in his bmw, comes speeding at top speed. and the best part of the video is he starts driving away. the internet coming down on this driver as well for just being such an ass. but let's enjoy him scratching up the rims on his car again. hey, guys. >> veto the kid is about to get a taste. >> i've been waiting for this a long time. >> see what happens when he finally takes his first step. >> have a good day. and --
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when i have a breakout from eczema, i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. brooklyn, new york. the last place in the world you want to look for a parking space. 26-year-old alex has been looking for a parking space for 30 minutes. but the car that pulls up alongside and in front of him has other ideas. >> can you back up? >> why would i back up? >> you're not going to get that spot. >> that's my family's spot. >> i was waiting here for a
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>> you guys are about to see a parking maneuver executed so he can give a family member his parking spot. >> it was a coordinated handover. watch how they do it. the driver of the green mazda tells her to back up, goes up on the curb, backs up. >> no! >> are you kidding? >> she moves forward and he moves back. that prevents alexander from driving into the spot. it gives the driver the ability to drive right into the space. that maneuver blocking alexander her. >> i would have had a stroke right then and there. my mind would have imploded. >> can you remember the last time somebody stole my parking spot when i had an aneurysm? >> i call this one gone in about 16 seconds.
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that guy is looking for something to take, he busts open the window, and somebody left valuables in their car. he gets in the car. did you see that other person? that wasn't some random person. >> the again getaway driver. >> don't leave valuables in your steal stuff. we're finally ready to relaunch crystal pepsi. >> i thought they shut that division down decades ago. >> we never shut down. >> you knew that, and you know who's going to get you dry, crystal pepsi. >> crystal pepsi! >> crystal pepsi. >> that's been around five times
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>> crystal pepsi was canned in '93. >> let's get word out. >> and vito and his dad are going to be trying this together. >> we're so lucky and so honored. they sent us two of the very first crystal pepsis. >> after all that time he spent getting crystal pepsi, they're just going to give two away? >> this is cool. let's not forget, it's sod did a. -- soda. >> it tastes like regular pepsi.
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any time we have a video on this show we defer to ours are pretty boy oli pettigrew. but who is the cowboy now? >> that's right. they wanted her to model some gowns so i tagged along with her. they even shot a video which was really slick. they shot the photos and video in north phoenix. >> did she have a ring by any chance? >> she does have a ring because i gave it to her last august. >> let me tell you this is one of the my favorite places in town. it's beautiful, the grounds are gorgeous. you guys look great.
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>> this is all hand-made out of succulent live plants. they were going for this kind of dark wintry look, that's why the flowers are kind of dark. it was fun to be with my girl and watch her work. she's a professional model. i was sitting there kind of goofing around. >> very handsome. >> it was just a fun experience that i got to share with rosalie. i thank the folks for thinking of us. want to cook a turkey? try spinning it. >> wait a minute. what's that going to do? >> see if this wacky idea pays off, next "right this minute."
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idea for "sister" stars amy poehler and tina fey. >> is that actually going to work? >> of course it is. >> how he turns their funny interview into music magic. plus -- >> are you excited? >> yes. >> the precious moment when a soldier reunites w reunites with his son
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yours, our chocolate. one day it appears. is that a dark spot? new gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. are you excited? >> yes. >> why are you excited?
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i mean, he is absolutely adorable. >> he is adorable. and he's overjoyed because his father surprised him and came home earlier than expected. >> daddy's home. what do you want to say to daddy? >> i love you, daddy. >> you know that man thought about that all the time while he was gone. these kids are crying puppy dogs here, literally. they're opening up the box and out pops this little guy. >> aww. >> merry christmas. >> this is a part maltese, part
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>> it's got the curliness factor going on. >> it's cool, especially this one, he's the happiest christmas ever. guess who's back. >> a couple of pretty famous buddies with him right now. >> we're talking to amy poehler and tina fey, on the press junket for their new movie " "sisters." it must be a nice break from everybody asking you the same questions.
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to help promote the movie. >> he was like, i don't have to do anything. >> he's got these random sounds, and the high hat. amy decides to help him out. >> lovely. work? >> of course it's going to work. >> it's the new christmas number one, ladies and gentlemen. >> that's very hot. >> no one cares during these interviews. but it makes it that much more viral.
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and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. and you've really changed the world. >> i would love to take this thing and explore. christmas fail. for the people out there who have a cat and a dog, do you ever wonder what goes on when you leave the house? >> be good. >> she warns the pup, don't destroy anything while i'm gone.
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and it's on. >> of course the cat, the pro vacatur, the dog now -- >> this is so fun, this video put together by corridor video. they specialize in special effects. >> this is so good. >> they're in mid-battle. of course kitty gets distracted by the yarn. both kitty and doggie seem to have of equal skill level. >> this is what happens in my house. >> this is so perfect. and i love the editing. >> these guys are pretty legit. >> i hate to say it to the dog lovers but kitty gets to win
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>> no! >> he plays dirty. >> the dog just the needs to lie on the floor. >> not exactly, oli. >> bad dog! what did you do with the cat? >> the dog has been framed. microsoft surface put together a
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