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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  December 22, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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when you can expect the next batch of rain to arrive tomorrow. >> and stolen from several local homes just days before christmas. how police are making sure the holiday won't be ruined for everyone. a man catch as suspect in the act, feeling his donald trump side. his shock when he realized he knows who the suspect is >> runny night across much of massachusetts. video taken in brookline showing the boston skyline. more bad weather though on the way along with some possible record warmth in time for the holidays. >> good evening. kevin lemanowicz is watching all the rain and the christmas forecast. kevin. >> and you know part of this is
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it is, even tonight. but will be even warmer by the time we get to the holiday. lots of rain earlier today and all of it is pushed on out of here. the clouds are broken up in a few spots. the temperatures will drop a little bit more and get fog to develop and the temperature and dewpoint will close together. to the southwest there are more clouds here and a rain attached to those clouds, as well. we'll be tracking that into our area tomorrow. we'll be dealing with rain again and it's going to impact not the morning drive but the evening drive. in fact, tonight there are the breaks in the clouds, some fog and low clouds start to form again by the time you're going out the door in the morning. by lunchtime it's just clouds and breaks of sun. no rain in sight just yet. that's certainly the good part of this forecast. check this out. in boston at this hour, it's 57 degrees. closer to 40. average high temperature is closer to 40. and we are 57 in boston. 51 even in worcester. coldest spot, manchester new hampshire at 41 degrees. know we'll be going down to freezing tonight.
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we'll take it hour by hour for the rest of the timeline. i'll tell you when the worst will be here. >> and be sure to download the free fox 25 weather app. search fox 25 weather in the app store. packages and cards stolen from several homes, all of this shirley. several streets in town. but all is not lost. police are coming through to help out just in time for christmas. >> reporter: mark and venessa, we're here at the shirley police department where officers are going around certain neighborhoods and returning the stolen christmas presents. we even saw some homeowners constantly looking outside to see if that special package came in the mail today. fox 25 cameras were there as the shirley police officer was returning a stolen christmas present. it's one of dozens of packages
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porches in shirley. >> i was in the u.s. post office around 10:00 in the morning. >> reporter: randy's neighbor saw the package sitting there. >> i came home about 9:30 and it was gone. so i found the remnants up the street. >> reporter: the same night randy took his dog for a walk and saw the box. gone... >> the brown box it was in plus were in were just a little ways up the street but obviously no contents in the package. streets were hit. among them, lake view drive, chap and he will phoenix streets. neighbors are stunned it would happen in such a tight-knit community. >> you see packages on the porch all the time i never gave it a them. >> police tell fox 25 not only packages were stolen but christmas cards too. >> people steal christmas can
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why would you steal a christmas card? maybe because somebody never writes them a christmas card. >> reporter: neighbors say some of them were caught with the precious gifts and will be spending their christmas in jail them. >> tonight shirley police will not release any information and tell thus is still a very active investigation but tonight their experiment to return the stolen christmas presents and hopefully get it to everyone by christmas. for now, we are in shirley news. >> a grinch captured on camera in lynn. this surveillance video is new at 10:00. police say the person you see here stole a light projector and equipment that was used for a christmas light display at a home in westland. it happened on december 16th just before midnight. you can text anonymous tips if police. the aaron hernandez double-murder trial is delayed
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as both the defense and prosecution requested the delay. they are waiting for a state supreme court decision if january on a piece of evidence. the defense believes hernandez's cell phone was illegally seized from their law office. they also want a claims that hernandez shot a man in florida kept out of this murder trial. former patriots tight send accused of the shooting daniel and from a taught oh outside a boston tight club in 2012. he's already serving a life sentence for the murder of odin lloyd. police say a lowell firefighter was threatened by a man with a butcher knife. it happened early this morning near garnet and appleton street. police say the firefighter was sitting in an unmarked car with 26-year-old shaun confronted him with a large knife. officers tracked down the
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and placed him under arrest. a knife pulled at a worcester dunkin' donutsphotographer a drive-through order. 29-year-old was arraigned on assault charges today. he walked into the dunkin' donuts complaining and started waving around a knife yelling and threatening employees. police arrested him nearby and confiscated the knife. a friend of the boston marathon bomber is a free man tonight. he gave the gun to abu musab al-zarqawi sew car tsarnaev and says he was just young and gun. >> the tsarnaev brothers used that gun to shoot m.i.t. officers shaun collier. crystal haynes was in court when he was given time served for in exchange for his testimony in the trial. >> i want he to know i'm human and we all make mistakes.
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that killed m.i.t. officer shaun collier days after the marathon bombings. his testimony and dzhokhar tsarnaev's trial earned hip his freedom. a judge ordered him 17 months time served and probation, still with an apology walking out of court. >> i definitely want to give my deepest cone dole lenses to the victims' families. condolences. >> when somebody cooperates in a case like this, when -- >> reporter: silvia is up to five years in prison for possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number and heroin charges but took the government plea deal. during the tsarnaev trial he testified his trend and former classmate told him he needed to borrow the ruger .9 millimeter hand gun to rob a university of rhode island student but tsarnaev kept making excuses why he didn't give it back.
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and, quote, cut against the entire argument that dzhokhar's older brother tam lynn was the driving force behind the entire operation. >> it's just sad a close greened do that. the moments later, he told reporters their family is glad to have him home for christmas. i'm crystal haynes, fox 25 news. police are looking for candidates for a scholarship in officer shaun collier's name. it will send one recruit through the lowell police academy. this is the scholarship's third year and the first two recruits were in the top of their class. we've posted a lot more information about the scholarship on our web site, a pile of concrete fell on a construction worker today. it happened this morning at a warehouse on shuman avenue. a section of the wall weighing at least a few hundred pounds
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the man was flown to boston hospital. firefighters say he was conscious and alert while being transported. chill month -- chipolte restaurant in boston could re-open this week. earlier this month it was shut down after 140 people fell ill, including many boston college students. the boston business journal reporting all staff have since been tested for norovirus and one manager was not let go for not sending a sick worker home. a new drug to prevent heroin overdoses is now available at a pharmacy in new hampshire. rite aid will seminar can over-the-counter. katherine, you spoke with an additional specialist who tells where you this is so important in the battle against the opiate epidemic. >> yeah, that public private partnership with rite aid stores like this one will give people immediate access to narcan. but it's not just about immediate treatment but also
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addiction a second chance at recovery. >> because i see the devastation that addictions has caused this community. >> reporter: holly is on the front lines of the war on heroin. she runs manchester's hope for new hampshire recovery center, and this... >> you want to put it into the muscle and push. >> reporter: is a process she's intimately familiar with. >> doing the same thing, training people how to use narcan, arming families with something that can save their children's lives. >> reporter: she showed us how to administer narcan, a drug that when given to someone who's their breathing. >> basically, it comes with the >> reporter: the same life-saving exercise that she's known more than 200 parents who have come here in the last six months seeking help for their addiction. >> the number one fear is that their child's gonna die. how do i save my child. >> reporter: this week health officials announced narcan will now be available to families over-the-counter at 68 rite aid
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for sacolla who used to drive across state lines to purchase the drug for her recovery center, it was a ground-breaking home like if you have a child with a peanut allergy, have you an epi pen in the house. you if you have a child withstands abuse disorder, you need have narcan in the house and you need know how to use it. and it has two doses in it and cost about $45. though some of the insurance companies will cover most of the costs. and as for the locations that carry it, we know that this rite aid location already has it available over-the-counter. i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. school is re-opening in nashua today but a large number of students never showed up. new at 10:00, we're hearing 40% of students were absent from nashua high schools one day after the schools were closed because of an email threat. 20% of middle-school students were also absent. police say the threat was not credible and they had extra patrols throughout the district.
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later on at 10:00, how a local town came through for a mom whose three sons are serving in the military. >> also ahead, a local woman is celebrating her miracle baby. the ordeal she went through just to get pregnant and her message for other mothers. and donald trump taking on his critics. >> well, i think all when you're number one, they're shooting at you. a lot of it is false. i'd tell you almost all of it is false. >> up next, fox 25's blair miller sits down with trump. how he responded when asked if there's anything he said that he j@ on average, it takes three hundred americans
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. in new york investigate remembers trying to find a man who prepared security at jfk airport. the man jumped over a fence and on to the taxiway near to the terminal used by american airlines bringing operations to a halt. he was never found. tonight investigators are looking at surveillance video frame by frame to try to figure out the intruder's identity. the mother accused of kidnapping her own children is being held in jail on $50,000 bail. we brought you live coverage last night on the fox 25 news at 6:00 minutes after the children were found safe. tonight fox 25's elizabeth hopkins is learning more about mother's rental car and about their father's criminal record. >> reporter: outside court... mother. >> reporter: but inside drawn and silent, valerie mcgraph appears before a judge on two counts of kidnapping. on sunday she was due to return the children to their father following a birthday outing and
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police who had cause for concern when they learned about a conversation mcgraph had with her sister. >> that she didn't want to drop off the kids and said next time i have the kids there will be an >> reporter: after going missing with steven 5 and eden 7 for more than a day, mcgraph texted a friend saying she wrecked her car and ready to turn herself in. but when police arrived, she was gone. inside the range recovery a suicide note. >> i can't stand to be away from the kids for another minute. please do not attend the services. the bodies are not important, we've always this her hearts. after taking a taxi, police finally located mcgraph at a mcdonald's. earlier this month mcgraph was charged with larceny and obtaining a credit card using improper identification. and her ex-husband has a record
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up doing time. >> it was the action of a desperate mom whom feared for they are children's safety at the hands of their father. >> bail is set at $50,000 and mcgraph is due back in court next month. at wareham district court, elizabeth hawkins, fox 25 news. fire investigators in new hampshire are trying to figure out what sparked the fire at this home in merrimack. fire crews say flames were coming out of the chimney when they got there. the homeowner was inside at the time but able to get out safely after he smelled the smoke. a new poll shows voters would be more embarrassed than proud to have hillary clinton in oval office. according to a quinnipiac survey 33% of voters would be proud if clinton were president and 35% said they would be embarrassed and 39% said they didn't care either way. on the republican side, the same poll showing presidential hopeful donald trump may not be
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50% of voters asked if they would be embarrassed, 23% said they would be proud and 24% said they didn't care either way. candidates on both sides trump. his latest controversy, he's being called sexist for saying hillary clinton's bathroom breaks during the last debate is too disgusting to talk about. today hillary mentioned trump. >> that's why it's important to stand up to bullies wherever they are and why we shouldn't let anybody bully his way into the pathsy. -- the presidency. >> donald trump is opening up about what's behind some other controversial things he said on the campaign trail. the republican presidential candidate sat down with fox 25's blair miller in new york city at the trump tower. >> reporter: 25 floors up the trump tower is where donald trump opened up. >> you how you doing, sir? >> how you doing? >> good. >> reporter: at age 69 he's
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trump knows that he's crossed lines and makes no apology. >> it would lead to getting the truth. i don't need this. >> their continues. it's one of those things. i want to do what's right. >> to have the poll numbers and getting the response you're getting, so many people are scratching their heads saying, i don't understand how this is happening. >> because i'm speaking the truth. and i'm letting people have it. i mean, i'm giving them the good, the bad and the ugly. >> reporter: with that has come harsh criticism from all corners, including attacks at trump calling him hateful, even racist. trump is quick to dismiss it. >> i think always when you're number one, they're shooting at you. a lot of it is false. i can tell you almost all of it is false. but you're number one in the polls and therefore they're shooting at you. >> overnight course of the campaign you said a lot. is there anything you regret saying or how you said it. >> i guess i can always say
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i'm very happy about it. >> but no regrets on things you said? >> always there's regrets but what's done is done. >> so many people support you because you're saying it the way they want someone to say it. there's a whole other part of the population that's saying i'm offended, this is wrong, it's too much. i'm curious. what does your wife say to you? does she ever ask it to dial it back? yes, frankly. but she thinks i'm doing the right thing. she knows i love the country. she also knows -- and i can be as politcally correct as anybody that you've ever interviewed. >> reporter: much of this controversial comments have come during the debate. jeb bush remains his top target especially after bush suggested last week he would not support trump if he's the nominee. >> he's a very weak person, not the kind of person we can have as president. >> do you worry about a divide
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>> i'm doing what i'm having to do. i'm running. >> if you had to decide today on a possible vp, who would you pick? >> well, i really don't like to think about it too much because i like to get victories done. i know a lot of very good people. even on the stage with me there's good people. >> would you consider any of those people? yeah. a couple. >> how about two of them? well, i don't want to say that because i'm running against these people. >> if you are thed and go up against hillary clinton, what do you think that will be like? >> well, a poll came out and said if i'm thed and running against hillary clinton it's going to be the biggest turn-out in the the history of elections. in the history of the country. >> how much of a battle do you think would be with her? so people say it would be so fascinating to watch, and others say it would be a nasty race? it'll be nasty, by you have to understand hillary has done a terrible job. >> reporter: then there's the
10:21 pm
days away, trump's leading many polls there. >> new hampshire's really important to me. >> do you need to finish first? >> right now i'd like to finish first. >> trump says before he announced in the summer no one was taking him seriously and told me he no idea he'd be number one in the polls this fast but many analysts say it's key to watch what happens after the holidays as the primaries take focus even more. i'm blair miller, fox 25 news. later on at 10:00, one man says donald trump's signs were stolen from his yard. why he says he won't back down. >> but first people taking the new star wars movie very seriously. what one young man did that led to his arrest after someone
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enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force.
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leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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woman accused of plowing her car into a crowd of people on the a las vegas strip has been charged with murder and also charged with child abuse and felony hit and run. police believe holloway
10:25 pm
on to the sidewalk and into friday. one person was killed and hundreds of others hurt. her daughter was in the backseat during the rampage and she faces a judge tomorrow. in court today, facing the possibility of life in prison here at home, army sergeant bill berg adult appears before a military young to face charges of designation and misbehavior before the enemy. he told the makers of the podcast serial he walked away from a combat outpost in afghanistan to try to bring attention to what he calls poor leadership. >> the lives of the guys standing next to me were literally, from what i could see, in danger. >> berg adult was released from the taliban as --burg do was -- berg do was released as part of a trade with the u.s.
10:26 pm
15-year veteran of the department and served three tours overseas with the international guard. lamb was part of a joint convoy of the u.s., nato and afghan forces targeted by a suicide bomber monday. he is survived by his wife and two children. gunshots at a local mall full of christmas shoppers. it was at the roosevelt field mall. the suspect was quickly arrested and the 67-year-old victim is in serious but stable condition. >> new at 10:00, a man in montana taking his love for star wars a little too far. police say he threatened to shoot someone for spoiling the new movie for him. according to court documents, 18-year-old arthur roy wrote on facebook he was going to come to school and shoot the victim for revealing the plot before roy has seen the movie. he also reportedly posted that he had a cold pistol. if convicted, roy faces up to 20
10:27 pm
two-month-old coroline is a healthy happy baby but her mom went through a lot to get to this point. we'll share with you some of her health struggles and her message to other moms, coming up. no more rain falling out there tonight but the possibility of some fog for your morning drive and another batch this is the best block of all. it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there. i was just thinking... maybe it's time we finish this test drive and head back to the dealership? that is so jeffrey... soooo jeffrey... so jeffrey... oh. elves.. it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. nthe volkswagen sign nthen drive event. p zero due at signing, p p zero down, zero deposit, p p and zero first months payment p p on a new passat
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est. a big thank you for searching our country. >> new at 10:00, a local mother brought to tears when her town came together to write hundreds of thank you cars to all of her sons serving in the military. fox 25's ted daniel is live in randolph tonight. ted, you spoke with his mother tonight. >> the mother and father. they have three sons. each of them a different branch of the military. this is the first time that not one will be able to be home for christmas. it's tough on the parents but they are getting by, thank to some kind souls. cornelius is 26 in the air force, malcolm 23 in the army, and william, he's 21 in the navy. it may be an understatement to say that juanita and martin are a proud mom and dad.
10:29 pm
very proud mom. >> i have always been of my three sons. accomplishments. >> that is also shared in randolph, the family's hometown, but janita and martin didn't realize just how many people called. she had seen a post in the local paper about william following in his brother's footsteps and wanted to do something for the brothers. >> the community had a winter fest in this year, several families and children that wanted to reach out to our sons and write letters, and i said i would love that. >> reporter: a few days ago janita picked up nearly 300 letters wishing her sons well. she sent williams to california, where he's stationed, malcolm's to fort drum in new york where he's stationed, and the letters for cornelius, those were shipped overseas to his base.
10:30 pm
back from the library, i'm like wow. >> reporter: it's about as good as it get for this military family. thousands of miles away and still feeling the love from home? basically we're in anticipation waiting for them to receive their packages to be felony away. >> for the last time the three brothers were together was back in 2014 and mom and dad aren't sure when the family will be together again as a whole. the packages have been delivered to the bases where the brothers are if the mom just waiting to get the news that they have opened them, fox 25 news. clouds breaking up a bit inland and gonna allow for some areas of dense fog overnight but the rains earlier today, that's gone. split on out of here. but down the coast, we're
10:31 pm
this one is moving off the gulf of mexico and into the southeastern u.s. looks like it's far away but this is a beeline for southern new england. we'll see some of that rain coming at us tomorrow, let's track that closely hour by hour. overnight, the breaks and the clouds are happening. you're gonna get some fog along the coastline but also in the valley locations especially northshore, merrimack valley, watching for dense fog there, as well. be aware you're gonna be dealing with that first thing in the morning, to see how it takes over the area and clouds coming in off the water by noontime tomorrow, as well. ahead of the next system. that's not cold at all. obviously the temperature for a normal high will be closer to 40 clouds out, there your temperature dropping to 46 overnight in boston. back here to manchester, 41, one of the cooler spots. temperatures can drop into the 30s overnight, still well above freezing though.
10:32 pm
ice or danger with that. 51 in worcester. temperatures gonna be falling in the 40s tonight, flirting with the upper 30s, maybe worcester county that drop into the upper so you get the idea. there's a mild night out there tomorrow. here are the clouds at 1:00 in here comes the rain from the south, pushing into western massachusetts, western new england with heavy rain by 6:00 in the evening. this is coming in slower in our futurecast model data than i would show you at 5:00 and 6:00. looks like closer to 4:00 then, now it's pushed back a bit. make sure you stick us with because the computer models change and it comes ashore and pushes off the coastline and will vary. we'll keep you posted. the bottomline moving into worcester by 8:00 and into the boston area during the nighttime hours. the heaviest rain staying in worcester county, southern vermont, certainly getting some of that heavy rain.
10:33 pm
early-morning hours of thursday, the last of the heavy showers will move out and wake up thursday morning with a lot of clouds around still. high temperatures tomorrow even with the clouds rolling a back in and the morning fog you'll be dealing with 52 boston... 53 brookline and 55 for you in newton. back in worcester county, temperatures in the 50s... to the southshore, 55 in plymouth, 56 in braintree, walpole 56, and 60 degrees in taunton. this is not even the warmest day of the week. that. and interesting thing is, the last of clouds and showers moving out in the morning. we get some sunshine but again not a full day of sun yet it's going to be incredibly warm coming up on thursday. 70 degrees. i'm forecasting 67 degrees right now on thursday as the shower the afternoon will be drying back out. look at the high temperature.
10:34 pm
you're absolutely right about that. the record for the day on thursday stands at 61 degrees. set in 1996. so 67 would clearly beat that. keep in mind, the average high temperature on christmas eve is 39 degrees and last year we were already milder, 46 degrees. this year we're going to crush all of that. in a few minutes i'll show you another interesting facet of the christmas forecast coming up. >> incredible. may not even need a jacket. >> chasing 70. >> 70, he said it. i heard him. a suspect accused of trying >> and just look at what happened when he got back to the police station, next at 11:00, we'll tell you what led to this. same thing in security are top of mind in the wake of the
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next at 10:00, how the final countdown to christmas is here. gary, is this teleprompter right? sweet molasses! i need to start shopping immediately. save on thousands of last
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announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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op glen was a devoted police officer serving the citizens of everett for the last 19 years. tips from the community helping to put two wanted criminals behind bars in new hampshire. 27-year-old michael masterson and 26-year-old laura rishi were both arrested yesterday. masterson is a known gang member and was wanted for several charges. rishi was wanted for skipping out on a court date for heroin sales charge. a tip led authorities to her mother's vermont home where rishi was found and arrested. >> a local man died in a hit and -- indicted of a hit and run death is due in court in the morning. the 29-year-old drove into gina and george while they were
10:39 pm
he is facing 2 counts of motor vehicle homicide. >> in the wake of several deadly terror attacks, security is high on many people's minds. aaa expecting more than 100 million americans to travel over the next week and a half. authorities are keeping a close eye on potential threats and president obama says every precaution is being taken to keep people safe. >> you've got dedicated patriots working around the clock all to protect us all. >> the president also saying intelligence and counter-terror official does not have any specific or credible information about any threat out there right now. >> donald trump signs stolen from a local homeowner. >> i'm not gonna stop and believe in what i believe because of that. >> next at 10:00, how he responded when the suspect tried to apologize.
10:40 pm
been serving this burn john kasich's an impatient rascal. paces, pushes. but, unlike some, his state is now booming. unlike some, john kasich has proven he can do the job. brought back jobs from mexico and china. keep us safe, make us boom. because he's done it before. only an impatient rascal can bring america back. john kasich. responsible for the content of
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campaign signs stolen out of a man's yard and they caught it all on video. a donald trump supporter from bridgewater says he's recently become the target of thieves and it turns out they didn't have to look far to find the prime suspect. eric as muss reports from bryn water with the tough stance that the trump supporter is taking
10:42 pm
>> what do you think? >> i'm angry. >> reporter: joe rishi says this was the final straw, surveillance picture that captured what he says has been going on for months, someone taking the big blue trump signs right out of his yard. >> he grabs the sign and off he runs. >> that camera's pretty easy to see. >> very easy to see. >> reporter: close enough and clear enough he says to identify the person in the video as his neighbor's teenaged son. we've blurred his face because he's under age. rishi called police who came out for the second time in a week to take a report. but look who else's cameras recorded later monday night. the suspect in his dad coming back with one sign to apologize. >> the father actually had the nerve to ask me if i needed yardwork done as retribution i off my property. >> reporter: mr. trump known for taking some hard line positions of his own, rishi says he wants topress charges. not okay. you have the right to you your opinion. >> we went to the neighbor's house and a woman who answered the door didn't want to talk about it. rishi says he knows these signs don't make him popular in this neighborhood but says they're not going away. >> i'm not gonna stop believing that.
10:43 pm
living in fear now and i'm not that way. i'm not gonna stop doing anything because of this. >> fox 25 news. a holiday treat for workers at boston medical center. new at tern, those employees inked a dealton sure a minimum salary was at he $15 an hour. service, technical and claire can can workers are affected beginning in january. the deal makes boston medical center the first hospital in the city to set a $15 an hour starting wage standard. massachusetts are looking to stop the federal government from using robo calls to collect student loan debt. congress recently passed a bill allowing phone collectors to use computers to call the cell phones of people who fall behind on student loan payments. the senator and ed markey are among those who signed a letter to the department of education saying the practice could be abused by debt collectors. a warning about essentially
10:44 pm
it would restrict importers to chemicals. the bill gives the epa new authority to test and ban dangerous chemicals but only would allow the epa to ban the toy with the chemical if it harmful. >> it makes it harder for epa once they decided the chemical is a problem to actually intercept that chemical coming in in imported products. supporters say it strengthens protection to keep toxins away from kids. a southshore mother defied the odds to get pregnant only to be hit with a second larger challenge. fox 25's heather hegedus sat down with her and doctors to find out how she's doing and share her message to other moms. three-month-old coroline and her mom are meeting with the
10:45 pm
cora. dr. katherine economy is a major reason that today jody and her husband nate have a child. >> she's great. she's like -- i have the perfect kid. >> reporter: jody spent the past two years pregnant on and off but miscarrying four different times. and an emotional roller coaster for the braintree couple. >> we were both worked up and found that there was absolutely nothing medically wrong with us. it was just, you know, bad luck. >> reporter: but then on their fifth try, their luck turned around. jody made it past the 12 week mark for the first time. >> i'm like, okay, i think this is gonna happen, and bam, that's when we got hit with the diagnosis. >> reporter: the diagnosis was breast cancer, something jody even have a family history of. >> the first thing obviously is am i gonna have to choose between me or the baby. >> reporter: thanks to dr. economy and jody's oncologist, jody didn't have to
10:46 pm
and came up with a plan for jody that included surgery and chemotherapy while she was pregnant. >> it is possible for women who are pregnant to undergo chemo and still deliver a healthy baby. >> we can't do chemotherapy but routinely do surgery during pregnancies. >> reporter: the doctor said jody's determination and positivity made you all the difference. >> she comes in with a smile on her face, even when things were down. >> and coraline made it to term and a perfectly happy and healthy infant. still the fight isn't over for jody. she's getting ready for a mastectomy followed by radiation to target her lymph nodes but she says coraline is her daily motivation and inspiration. >> god will not give you more than you can handle. you can handle a lot more than you think. >> jody blogs about her experience to reach out to other women with breast cancer. her web site is sweet baby sour
10:47 pm
web site to help with medical expenses. you'll find those on in boston, i'm heather hegedus, fox 25 news. gonna be a nice christmas this year for some and for all of you, who don't like snow, this is about as good as it gets. let's start out with some numbers. if you don't have any snow, by christmas eve, will you break a 92-year-old record. that doesn't even show up in the latest measurable snow there in worcester. but as far as total snowth not one of the top ones. january 13th of 2000, we're going to be chasing that this year. i don't see anymore snow coming that way. it's this month so far, crushing the record in 2006. looks like we're gonna finish as the warmest december on record. and now more warm temperatures and more rain to track. i'll show you a timeline at 11:00.
10:48 pm
entire family in the fire getting a very special christmas card to add to her massive collection. tmz reporting president barack obama and the first a lady sent a card to sapphire terry, sapphire suffered severe burns and her father and two siblings were killed in a fire set by an arsonist. all she wanted for christmas were some cards to decorate the tree. sapphire got thousands of cards including one from all of us here at fox 25. >> packages and cars stolen from one local town. coming up why christmas may not be ruined for the victims after all. new at 11,, the 70 going to make a lot of kids' christmases brighter. seven patriots named for the pro bowl but none of them want to play in the game. i'll explain why. and when's the last time you
10:49 pm
soundtrack of we wish >> bruins had a chance tonight to get into first place with a win over st. louis and help from minnesota but did not take care of business at home. it was a physical game, which included a fight between ryan reeves and tyler randall. you would have to see it and hear it. we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year you know why he has got 22 of those this year. a few minutes later, this one sealed the deal. robbie got it on the left wing, st. louis skates out of here
10:50 pm
>> every once in a while, a loss will bring you back to earth, i guess, and will have to make you understand like when you play a team like st. louis, those are the kind of teams that you'll have to beat if you want to have success down the road in the play-offs. >> steven jackson joined the patriots on the practice field as they started gearing up for sunday's game against the jets. when you're playing for championships, that's the game you don't necessarily want to play in. are they really headed to hawaii? congrats to tom brady, rob gronkowski, malcolm butler, chandler jones, and matthew slater are all pro bowlers. that is an impressive list. boston college inned for um is squared off in brooklyn today. eagles looking to get that string to three straight. that's inside all alone. clifford slams home and jerome
10:51 pm
the eagles. got back to 500 a after a 64-55 win this afternoon. gonna wrap it up with this, bill shepherd chick's news conferences a thing of agency, not only for what he says but what he doesn't say. so kudos to the crew at fox sports for coming up with this doozy. have yourself a little merry christmas, coach. >> have yourself a merry little christmas, let your heart be light... from now on our troubles will be out of sight. and have yourself a merry little christmas now. [ laughter ] >> stay with us.
10:52 pm
chip shot you do not want to miss. up next on the fox 25 news at 11:00. >> reporter: we track this rain on out of here today but i'm already looking at next batch coming. when it will arrive hour by hour tomorrow. >> someone swiping holiday cheer from doorsteps. >> those people are nuts. >> a thief on the loose and homeowners angry. >> at the military -- and a military mom besides herself. >> if anybody knows me, i'm a very proud mom. >> reporter: the outpouring of love that's allowing her to serve a bit of home to three brothers serving overseas this christmas. >> rain the story all day and week. we have record-breaking warmth headed our way in time for christmas. hello, everyone. >> with that warmth comes a tracker weather chief
10:53 pm
is here with what's ahead.
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