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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 23, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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people inside that somethin just was not right. >> completed new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox25 morning news. >> morning, everybody, 6:00 on this wednesday morning. it is december 23rd, and we're getting ever so closer to christmas. appreciate you being with us this morning. i'm gene here's a look from norwood a little bit earlier this morning. fox25 meteorologist shiri spear has a look at the rain showers heading shiri. >> in time for the evening commute we'll see some pops of light rain. here's the thing. fog is going to be four big issue this morning. especially south of boston and into southern new hampshire. that's why i have dense fog advisories. those areas reporting fog that is a-okay right now. this is, though, where we stand now. 49 in boston. 46 degrees in worcester.
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and beverly. some some thirties on the map from norwood and bedford. and in nashua, new hampshire. future cast has clouds creeping in in the morning. we don't have the fog. they're going to see some partial sun here at 8:00 a.m. noontime comes along. lower 50s for your large break. still a couple breaks in the clouds. the fog is out, but after about 2:00 p.m. we are at risk for one or two sprinkles. i see some light rain forming between 4:00 p.m. which is on your screen here and 7:00 p.m. so we are going to have a couple of showers out there in time for the evening commute. 52 to 56 for your highs after morning fog. just remember. rain is on the move. actually gets much heavier overnight, so i'm going to time out those showers coming up in a couple of minutes, but here's julie grauert with live time traffic. >> we are keeping in close touch to say, hey, are you seeing it on your
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latest information. i do want to let you know about a closure. it's the exit ramp that's partially blocked as you head to route 3 in burlington. otherwise overall volume very manageable. things a little bit sluggish on the expressway as you can see starting to see a few more people head out on the expressway during this hour. here are those live drive times. 4095 to massachusetts avenue. 16 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. route 1 in peabody. >> new this morning, a weymouth woman will answer to charges after leading police on a chase through the south shore. it all started when police say she threw a bottle at a man at a gas station in. this is a picture sent to us from the end of that pursuit. police are charging cheryl ann kelly with several charges including oui, she will be arraigned later today in quincy district court.
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police say this guy stole a laser light display at a home in lynn. thieves have been targeting these new decorations all over town. fox25 jessica reyes live in dorchester this morning where she talked to another homeowner who had his lights stolen. >> that's right. the man would lives in this house right here in dorchester said he walked out of his house about 5:00 yesterday morning to find all of his lights had been stolen. these are some of the most popular christmas decorations this year. how it works is it's set up as a projector that shows lights all over your house and the victim here in dorchester, he first e-mailed us the surveillance video of the theft and in the video you can see someone leaning over the fence here trying to grab one of those boxes. that man who lives here says he cannot believe someone would do this just two days before christmas. >> what did you think when you saw that? i don't know. some crooks, i mean, nothing else to do, just no life, just come
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>> and dorchester isn't the only place where this is happening. as gene mentioned just a couple days ago in lynn another man had his lights stolen as well. this is surveillance video from that theft. police put out this video hoping to catch the person. if anyone knows anything about either one of these thefts should call police. live in dorchester i'm jessica reyes. >> a lakeville mother facing charges this morning that she kidnapped her own children. police found some disturbing items inside her rental car. daniel is live in the newsroom with a look at the evidence. >> police uncovered a box of wine in and a hoes in -- hose in her car. that wouldn't be concerning, but she left a suicide note in the other car. she abandoned her car with the note in it before she took off with her kids in the rental vehicle. prosecutors say she also had a troubling conversation with her sister before disappearing on sunday.
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off the kids, that she might as well drive into traffic. next time she also stated that next time i have the kids there will be an amber alert. >> mcgrath and the father of the charges. she will be back in court in january. >> in the newsroom this morning, i'm daniel miller, fox25 news. >> this morning a friend of marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev months. stephen silva walked out of court shortly after being sentenced to time served on drug and weapons charges. silva is it the man who loaned tsarnaev the handgun which was used to kill mit police officer sean collier days after the 2013 terror attack. he was a key witness for the prosecution during tsarnaev's death penalty trial. after being set free he apologized to collier's family. >> i would like to give my deepest condolences to the family. i'm very upset. i had no idea whatsoever what his intentions were. >> prosecutors did recommend the
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testified against tsarnaev. he will remain on probation for three years. >> mit police are looking for candidates for a scholarship in officer sean collier's name. the fund will send one recruit through the lowell police academy as a student officer. this is the scholar shin's third year and mit police tell us the first two recruits were in the top of their class. we posted a lot more information about the scholarship on our website my fox >> police catch a mom and her daughter stealing from a local store on the same day that that mother was arraigned for a different shoplifting case. police say 33-year-old adalena jordan and her daughter stole about $1,000 worth of merchandise from the kohls in salem, new hampshire yesterday. an 8-year-old that was with them was released to family members. >> a local chipotle restaurant where over 100 people got sick could reopen soon. the chipotle in cleveland circle
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after more than 140 people got sick, including many bc students. the boston business journal reports all staff have been tested for norro virus and a manager was met go for not sending a sick worker home. the restaurant will open if it passes its next inspection. >> new this morning a member of the opposition group that helped sink the boston olympics. he will take on the role as manager for the company. this comes as lawmakers across the country try to regulate services like uber and lift. >> if a proposed luxury condo gets approved, whiskey priest and atlantic beer garden will be demolished to make way for the 22 story tower. the company hopes to get the new building approved by 2017. no word yet for the bars will reopen in different locations. >> cape air is stepping up as much as. the airline will begin round trip trip services between barnstable
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cape air also added 24 additional flights between hyannis and nantucket last week. before it shut down it flew most of the market. >> and the faa and an appeals court have shut down eye boston start up that aimed to create a air flying share service. >> it would connect customers with private pilots who had empty seats on their planes, similar to services like uber and lift. according to the faa she shut it down because those pilots need a commercial license. >> family in new hampshire overwhelmed by the out pouring of support they've seen in the past few days. 15-year-old maura has a genetic disorder andy uses a wheelchair hermione mother pam could not lift her in and out of their old van. the community stepped up raising more than $50,000 to help them buy a new wheelchair van. it was delivered to their home just in time for christmas and pam says their lives are changed forever. >> we really want to thank every --
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we want people to know that the end of our story is a happy one. >> a charitable organization out of manchester helped with the final stretch of donations and is also helping to cover the cost of registering and insuring the van. chelsea police teamed up with the charity for the second year in a row to give presents to children. the gifts were donated by the police department staff and were presented by who else? santa himself. >> all my family who came in today, they are very grateful to be here and everyone is happy and besee a smile on every kid's face and i think it's been a great outcome. >> and chelsea police chief says his officers were excited to see those smiles on the kids' faces and they're always willing to support worthy causes. >> we track traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. right now we're looking at a 22 minute commute on anyone three southbound from 495.
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is some fog that we are watching. shiri. >> watching until we hit about 10:00 this morning. which means right now 40 degrees. 7:00 a.m. 42-degree and by 8:00 a.m. we like the warming temperatures, the warmer is gets, the quicker the fog will left. i'll time that out next. >> 6:10 this orange county and that could be the last day for this original picasso painting. coming up where the owners of this $150,000 work of art wants it cut into pieces. >> why the u.s. government is
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>> a new poll shows more voters would be embarrassed than proud to have hillary clinton in the oval office. according to a university survey. 35% said they would be embarrassed if clinton were president. 33% of voters said they would be proud and 29% said they didn't care. the numbers are even less flattering for the current republican frontrunner. 50% of voters would feel embarrassed if donald trump was elected president. 23% said they would be proud and 24% said think didn't care. a campaign crime is caught on camera. a bridgewater man tells fox25 people keep stealing donald trump for president signs from his front yard. the surveillance camera recorded the latest theft. the homeowner says it is person in the video was the teenage son of one of his neighbors. this is the 13th sign to disappear this year and he may press charges.
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this is not collier family. you know, you have the right to your opinion. and it matters. >> fox25 contacted the family of the teen accused of stealing the signs, but no one wanted to talk about it. police say no charges have been filed and they are still investigating. >> holidays a busy time for travel examiners after several deadly terrorist attacks, security is high and on many people's minds. president obama says every precaution is being taken to keep america safe. >> you've got dedicated patriots working around the clock all across the country to protect us all. >> president also says there's no information about any specific or credible threat against the country right now. >> police in texas are searching for thieves who trample edelman over a 1-year-old -- >> it's all caught on this surveillance video.
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the little boy is playing under the clothing rack and then seconds later the thieves trample him. the father says they have no regard for his son. he saw kids right there. he wanted to do what he wanted to do and it looked like he didn't care who was in the way. >> child's father ran after the thieves, but they managed to get away. that 1-year-old is expected to be okay. >> the u.s. military says it now knows what caused a strange show in the sky. people in three western states say they saw a bright fireball yesterday morning. military experts confirm it was a debris from a russian rocket that was launched on monday. the body of the rocket booster burned as it reentered the earth's dozens of people posted pictures of it on social media. a technical problem delayed nasa's next mission to mars for at least two years. the space agency had planned to launch a new rover. it failed during recent testing.
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will miss the new launch window. 2018. >> it is 6:15. i think it's safe to say we're in holiday mode. especially on the roads. slow spot i'm finding. average speeds of 22 miles an hour. the pike looking clear as you head from 495 through framingham, the weston tolls and things still wide open in brighton. here are those pretty low live drive times. 24 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 17 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes on 128 from route 1 to peabody in the western tolls. however the one thing that will slow you down this morning are some foggy conditions out there and explain. there. not in boston, not in booster. in the bushes this morning -- burbs this morning. i think fog probably our biggest inconvenience today. otherwise it's going to be mild all
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here because we're fog free we'll see a little bit of partial sun before the clouds come back into town with some widely scattered lighter showers in time for the evening commute. the real heavy stuff is going to roll in while we're sleeping tonight. it's going to spin all the way up the east coast here and as it spills towards us it really is not moving in and packing a punch until later this evening. so i think that the heavy stuff is going to miss the evening commute. but this is a snapshot of what we've got going on now, this is clouds and fog, my friends. in plymouth 42 degrees. it's going to end up you can one of my milder spots. visibility now is at zero. so with visibility under a mile. dense fog has developed there. south shore travelers be ready for the fog over the next couple of hours. by 10:00 a.m., temperatures climb all the way up to 51 degrees and as we warm up we start to stir the air and we're going to be able to mix-up that fog. i think you get improvements between 8:00 and 10:00 on the south shore. temperatures middle 50s this
6:18 am
first of the sprinkles after about 4:00 p.m. spots like lawrence now at 40 degrees. you can see that we have a little visibility concern there as well. visibility under a mile. and temperatures here going to reach the lower 50s this afternoon under mostly cloudy skies so the clouds take over later today future cast to highlight that. 10:00 a.m., fog gone. still a couple spots in those clouds, but the clouds real beef up this afternoon and around 4:00 p.m., this is when we're going to start to see some of the first rain popping on radar, but between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. we've got patchy showers. but it will hold back until 10:00 tonight and we'll see some waves of heavy rain overnight by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. high 51 in boston. 54 in plymouth. 52 in beverly to 55 in spots like bedford and 53 in fitchburg. how about some middle 50s for the cape and the islands. tonight we've got a low near
6:19 am
really not losing much heat overnight. it's going to be real warm around here, it's also going to be real wet around here. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning no more than a lingering sprinkle. most of today really warm with 65 in boston. how about 69 degrees in foxbourough and bedford. i've got nashua at 69 degrees even 71 in lawrence. that is your forecasted high for tomorrow. record high is only 61 in boston so we're basically on track to break all our record highs in southern new england for the day tomorrow. just that patchy sprinkle in the forecast. average high, 60 degrees. christmas with some fog in the picture for christmas itself it's still going to be real warm at about 60 degrees with some on and off clouds. here's your 7-day forecast for the weekend always in view. you can see santa waving there approving that friday forecast. we'll wake up to about 50 degrees, high 60. over the weekend 49 degrees on saturday with the chance for a
6:20 am
rain on sunday with a high of 56 degrees, and late monday into tuesday, another round this time, cooler rainfall back to you guys. >> all right. the nation's biggest mall is taking on black lives matter. still ahead in the fox25 morning news why the controversy protest group is now banned center stepping foot on the property. a qb controversy in the nfl, but it's not the player who has them
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happening today, real house wives of new jersey star teresa giudice will get out of jail just in time for the holidays and for season seven of the show. teresa will head home to new jersey before a filming of the bravo reality show could start as early as this week. she is her husband both pled guilty to bankruptcy fraud. she'll be under house confinement until february. >> school officials in maine changes their minds after a hello kitty tree -- the controversy went viral. the bangor teacher katherine gordon was upset when the district told her to remove the pink tree from her classroom. they say it violated school policy, but after all that talk about it, the principal called her into his office and told her she could put the tree back up.
6:24 am
out of all of this hubbub is that it did open a really good dialogue between students and parents and staff men's and when the kids come to school tomorrow the tree will be back up. >> the school superintendent stood by the decision to put the tree back up saying educating students about religious freedom is important. the hello kitty tree has been in that classroom for 30 years. >> a salvation army army -- adhd lotta of cans. said standing was too boring, so he decide to do spice thing up a bit. now he dances while ringing those bells. the moves are paying off. he's collected the most donations of all the bell ringers in his town. >> we should have tried that, gene. >> yeah. when we were ringing. >> we do want to show you some stories. you've just got to check out. take a look at this athlete. he's a florida sophomore and as you can see he was born out part of his left arm. he scored his first collegiate points on tuesday. >> that's absolutely incredible.
6:25 am
athletic. >> are you serious, on the court there very competitive. >> don't mess with him. he's not going to let him hold him back. he actually ended up walking on to the team and was a star in high school he's having a lot of success. his way. very bright career. >> so this next one, this has gotten the wife of an nfl player in a little bit of hot water and it all has to do with a social media media post. it's the wife of the quarterback matthew stafford. she asked her to help her sell five tickets to the monday night game between the lions and the saints. they should you should have given those tickets away to somebody who needs them. >> and then' also got mad add her for ditching the game. people have lives even if your husband is on the team. >> she said shiri grandfather was very sick and so she couldn't make it to the game. >> it would have been a nice gesture to give them away, however maybe it didn't dawn on her. >> next time. i hate judging people.
6:26 am
>> social media can be a little bit that. >> well, listen to this. time may be running out for a pablo picasso. they asked fans to donate money to buy this picasso. they raised more than $150,000 and bought the painting. >> now, the game owners are asking fans to decide by today if the painting should be donated to the chicago art museum or cut into 150,000 pieces and sent to every person that is donated. >> that's outrageous to me. that seems painful. >> this is a work of art. >> yeah. >> an original. i mean, the last -- it would -- the only one that exists. >> if you donated those and you could see you had a picasso. >> right. >> but i would rather be able to go see it at the human. >> 150,000 pieces. how minuscule would that be? what would you do with it. >> a sliver. and what would do you with it.
6:27 am
today is when everyone is vote to figure out what happens to it. >> those are some of the stories we'll be talking about today. let's check in with shiri now who has a look at our forecast. first, gene. >> give me a piece of that picasso, if you would. thank you very much. pardon me. 6:27. a drug designed to fight deadly overdoses is now as easy to get as a pack of gum in one new england troopers. coming up why you may find it harder to get cough syrup than narcan in one part of new england. >> i've got temperatures right now 38 to 48 degrees. watch out for some early fog. i'll time out when the fog lifts and our next round of rain in time for the evening commute moves in next. >> shirley police not only looking
6:28 am
before christmas, but they're also complete new england news coverage continues right now. this is fox25 morning news. >> hey, right now it's 6:30. by, a tough ride for some folks this morning. here's a look at our fog map. it shows the areas where you could run into trouble as you head into work. morning. it is pretty thick. we can all testify to that, because our rides in this morning we had >> good morning to you. it is 6:30 on your wednesday morning. december 23rd, christmas eve eve. >> today is the 23rd, that's right. >> we'll air our grievances later. for there are many. >> are we starting with the fog on
6:29 am
>> i like how there was a collective turn towards -- >> i've got a warm christmas forecast, okay. we do have some -- a pretty decent range from 49 degrees in boston to 43 in plymouth and new period. 36 in portsmouth. 39 in fitchburg. lawrence waking up to 40 degrees on the nose. so visibility anywhere you see quarter mile visibility or lower means that we're dealing with dense fog across the islands, provincetown, plymouth, taunton into norwood this morning. visibility reduced in bedford. looking okay in beverly and lawrence. you're going to find some light fog out that way, but it's not quite as thick as it is in in orange. i actually see fog thinning and lifting between 8:00 and 10:00 this morning. right now 49-degree. we've got patchy fog. 52 at 3:00 p.m. with increasing clouds by 5:00 p.m. 55 degrees.
6:30 am
about the time that we're going to see the first of the rain coming into town and by 7:00 this evening 52, here come the showers. i'm going to time out when it transitions from some light rain this evening to some heavy rain overnight coming up in a couple minutes. let's get you over to julie grauert. julie where are our problem spots. >> we have a couple problem spots that have popped up within the last few minutes. i'm talking about accidents. one on 128 southbound right at salem street. another is on route 1 southbound, an accident near sergeant street? revere. the good thing is that the volume is light as people get ready for the holiday, but still something to keep track of as you head out the door. expressway northbound an accident on now on the shoulder over by granite avenue. >> here is a live look at the bridge where you can see volume pretty typical for this time of the commute. here or your live drive times. 22 minutes on the expressway where the braintree split to the pike. 25 minutes on 93 south from 495 to
6:31 am
gene. >> one thing about his story just didn't add up. fox25 daniel miller is live in the newsroom with more on the arrest. >> good morning. people who live at an elderly complex in winthrop felt there was something about suspicious about the man, but only after he entered an apartment pretending he was from massport. he told people inside the complex he worked for the state agency and needed to check their windows. they say that's not uncommon since those people live near logan airport, but he didn't have an id. a woman actually let him inside her home to check her windows. he told her he was looking for air pockets, she got suspicious when he left, so she and the maintenance worker talked with him while another neighbor called police. when officers arrived they found a knife, meth and stolen items on him. she says she feels violated and has this advice.
6:32 am
make sure you ask for id first. always ask for i did. >> well, he was also caught on camera here attacking officers back at the station. you can see in this video he actually throws glass cleaner during the booking process. now, police are also investigating him for separate crimes, including a deadly crash in lynn. >> in the newsroom i'm daniel miller fox25 news. >> packages keep vanishing from a quite local community. thieves have ripped off cards and gifts at homes on tech different streets. we're live in shirley where police have recovered some of those presents, but they say this remains an active investigation, jim. >> this seems to be happening in a number of cities and towns this holiday season. we covered it down in south boston. a source told us it was also happening in australia australia in-- in my neighborhood >> apparently not, at least not
6:33 am
police tell fox25 that a number of packages and christmas cards have been stolen in recent days. >> you see packages on the porch all the time and never even gave it a thought that anybody would steal them. >> police say the thefts have happened in a number of neighborhoods, including lakeview drive, chapel and phoenix streets. randy twist is one of the victims. i look at the tracking it came into the u.s. post office somewhere like 10:00 in the morning. i came home about 920, 9:30 and it was gone, so -- and the remnants of my package up the street on the side. >> a bit of good news. some of the packages have been recovered, which has put shirley police in the position of playing santa claus as they return the pilfered items to their owners. >> a little town so you don't really expect that. >> a quaint little town but not immune to crime apparently. what we don't know at this point is whether or not anyone has been apprehended. a police officer did tell randy
6:34 am
found someone, but we haven't gotten any official word from shirley police and at this point they're just saying it remains under investigation. live in shirley, engine morelli, fox25 news. >> this morning a friend of marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev is free for the first time in 17 months. he walked out of court after being sentenced to time served on drugs and weapons charges. silva is the man to loaned tsarnaev the handguns which was used to kill mid police officer sean collier. he was the witness during the prosecution during tsarnaev's depth penalty trial. after being set free he apologized to colorado engineer's family. >> i would like to give my deepest condolences to the family. were. >> prosecutors recommended a reduced sentence because he testified against tsarnaev. he will remain on probation for three years. >> 6:36 this morning. a local mother accused of kidnapping her own kids is being
6:35 am
this as we learn more details about her arrest. police say they found a box of wine and a hose in her rental car. investigators say she rented that car after a ban bone -- she had a troubling conversation with her sister before disappearing with her kids on sunday. >> she did not want to drop off the kids, that she might as well drive into traffic. next time she also stated that next time i have the kids there will be an amber alert. >> mcgrath and the father of her children have a history of domestic assault charges. he has sole custody of the children. she'll be back in court in january. >> the double murder trial of former patriot aaron hernandez is delayed once again. a judge now says the case will not start next month as planned. hernandez and his attorneys were in court yesterday. both sides said they're waiting for a ruling from the supreme judicial court about evidence taken from hernandez's cellphone. the defense also wants the testimony of alexander bradley kept out of the trial.
6:36 am
in florida nearly four years ago. >> we will be prepared to go forward on january 19th if the court rules that this alleged shooting of mr. bradley is essentially off the table for the murder trial. >> hernandez is accused of killing daniel de abreu and safiro furtado outside a boston nightclub in 2012. the former patriot is already serving a murder sentence for the murder of owed enlloyd in 2013. >> loved one of a math teacher killed by one of her students will be allowed to honor her hermione mother. a judge will allow clean fritz's family and friends to wear pink. it was her favorite color. he was convicted in her murder last week. sentencing is set for january 29th. police say a massive load of cocaine found in new york came from massachusetts. here's a photo of the 135 pounds of coke found in the bronx last week. police found the stash in a rental
6:37 am
two suspects, both of them fraudulently puerto rico were arrested. the stash is worth about $3 million. happening today a man accused of killing a brother and sister in worcester will be arraigned. on monday a grand jury indicted him on manslaughter and motor vehicle homicide charges. prosecutors say he was drunk when he hit gina and george burdic. >> they were unloading groceries from a car when they were killed. >> a worcester man faces assault charges this morning. he's accused of threatening dunkin' donuts employees with a knife. police say 29-year-old joseph hannin walked into a store on lincoln street complaining about his drive through order. he took out a knife and threatened employees. police arrested him nearby and confiscated a knife from his car. an emergency drug to help people from overdosing on heroin is available over the counter. officials partnered with rite aid to offer narcan in the pharmacy across the troopers.
6:38 am
3,000 people from overdoses this year. immediate access to narcan is key and they're happy the troopers took action. >> thank god they're listening. thank god they're listening. lives will be saved. >> over the counter narcan kits contain two doses and they're about 45 to $50 without insurance. good morning, everyone. we check traffic and weather together every 10 minimum i nits. as you can see 16 minutes on the expressway right now up to columbia road. keep an eye out for patchy fog, though. shiri joins us with more. >> yes, so the fog is going to last us until about 10:00 this morning, then our warm up takes off. 55 your high today. how about 68 degrees tomorrow. that is about 30 degrees above average normal, pickup they are 30s this time of year. i'm going to break down this warm stretch and when you'll have to dodge some raindrops. >> 6:40. a discussion about "star wars" lands a teen in trouble with the police. the threat he made to another fan
6:39 am
>> an active of kindness before the holidays has cost a cafeteria
6:40 am
why her employer is standing >> an embarrassing scandal for a secret service agent. the agency says a member of the president's protection division had his gun, badge, radio and handcuffs stolen from his car. it happened in broad daylight outside of secret service headquarters which is about a mile from the white house. agents aren't supposed to leave their gun or badge unintended in a car. >> marriage licenses in kentucky will no longer display the names of the clerks that issue them. this comes after county clerk kim davis made headlines in september for refusing to give licenses to same sex cums. she said putting her name on the documents violates her beliefs. clerks still have to issue the licenses, but their names will not be on the forms. the largest ball in the country hopes the court order will stop a protest planned for today. members of black lives matter have used social media to call for a demonstration at the mall of
6:41 am
it follows a deadly police shooting in minnesota last month. last year more than 1,000 people took part in a similar protest. the small has object stained a rest against three organizers of the protest. >> investigators are combing through footage of a man jumping a fence at jfk airport. the intruder climbed over the fence and on to the tarmac. they still don't know who or where the man. jfk has sensors in some parts of the fence but not everywhere. the intruder was able to find where the gaps were and climb over. >> we don't know whether or not they were casing the kansas city international airport. whether they were testing security, what the purpose was. >> officials say they're not only concerned about how he was able to get into the airport, but also the fact that he got away. >> and boston's logan airport takes a big hit in a new survey. the group travel math ranks local 305th out of 322 commercial airport in the country.
6:42 am
delays, lost luggage and tsa wait times. only worcester cranked the 100. providence was 123rd. manchester 153rd. many airport received the lowest scores. >> an idaho -- lunch lady. last week she was working when a 12-year-old girl told her she couldn't buy large because she didn't have the money. the school district fired her and called what she did a theft. she said she couldn't let that girl go hungry. >> kids are hungry. what do you do, send them out there so they can get it taken away and thrown away, no. >> many people have rallied around her on social media. an online petition for her is growing. >> good morning, everyone. i am keeping track of two accidents as you'll see in the traffic flow map is there isn't a lot of red
6:43 am
volume is so light. 128 southbound there's an accident at salem street. the other is on route 1 southbound. so we shift down to the expressway. there was an accident right at granite avenue. it was off to the shoulder, but it has since cleared. here's a live look at the expressway. you can see volume remains preed tea steady over those live drive times. 25 minutes on the pike. 23 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 24 minutes on 93 south from in our 95 to the leveret connector. even though you couldn't see it in the live look at the expressway, there is some heavy fog that is lingering in different patches around town. shiri your map said, some places was it only .25 visibility. >> the problem is, julie it happened so abruptly on the roads. in the suburbs, not boston, not worcester, but in the suburbs i do have some fog hanging on until about 10:00 this morning. rain comes back into town this
6:44 am
and tomorrow going with a mostly dry forecast and really warm. in fact, i was split between using the word warm or just flat out calling it hot, because it's going to get hot and even kind of humid here for our thursday for christmas eve. 49 degrees in boston. nothing to sneeze at. this is 10 degrees above the normal high for this time of the year, and our warm up hasn't even started yet. so this is where we're going in afternoon. do count on some breaks in the clouds here this morning. afternoon clouds will eventually by about 6:00 p.m. tonight lead to some showers. these are the showers coming into town. it's bringing along a warm front, by definition bringing in some warmer air. in fact bringing in temperatures that are 20 to even 30 degrees above average. so that's where our near 70-degree readings are coming from for tomorrow. >> for today we start out with the fog. by 10:00 a.m. it's out. we still have breaks in the cloud cover. this afternoon keeping it mostly cloudy but also mostly dry until we hit the 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. timeframe
6:45 am
showers that will be moving in during the evening commute. thing turn heavier after about 10:00 at night. so after 10 we start seeing some pockets of heavier rain that pass on through. occasional willing leading to about .5" of rainfall showers will turn to drizzle and taper off between 4:00 a.m. and 7:00 tomorrow morning. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning if you somewhere to go early in the morning. you're going to find in the morning some dance roadways but not much falling for the sky. today's hot spot will be southeastern massachusetts. i've got today, bridgewater at 57. car veer 56. 58 in taught on, 56 in -- versus some of my cooler spots coming out of northeastern massachusetts with reading and andover and lawrence at 53, 50, to essex. worcester is going to hit 51. same in worcester today, framingham let's take you up to about 54 degrees and hyannis 53 with late developing rainfall tonight the
6:46 am
around 50 degrees and tomorrow we're going to bounce all the way up to 68 in boston, 69 in framingham and check out the lower 70s tomorrow in lawrence and in norwood. that is very very warm. and it stays really warm on christmas as well with a high of 60 degrees. 49, a little cooler. we have the chance for showers on sunday as temperatures warm back into the middle 50s. chance for rain late monday into tuesday. back to you guys. >> 6:50. and sometimes a little attention helps. coming up, how the president put on a show as he got back to golfing during his hawaiian have a investigation. >> three local brothers all in the military, all deployed far away from home for the holidays. next at 7:00.
6:47 am
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back at 6:53 this morning. the american soldier once captured by the taliban did not enter a plea in military court. army sergeant bowe bergdahl was court martialed and faces charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. he sat in court stone faced and did not say whether or not he wanted a trial by jury. he said very little in the hearing. his case is the focus of the
6:50 am
hear his side of the story for the first time. he's recorded as saying that he walked away from a combat out post in afghanistan in 2009 to try to bring attention to what he called poor leadership in his unit. his next hearing is set for january 12th. a montana man takes his love for "star wars" too far and he could face some prison time because of it. 18-year-old arthur roy threatened to shoot one for spoiling "star wars" for him. he said that he was going to go to the victim's school and shoot him for telling him what happened before he saw the movie. he also reported that he had a colt pistol. if convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison. >> some dramatic video of a teen being pulled from rubble in china. crews found a 19-year-old. he was buried for two and a half stays. he was taken to the hospital and officials say he is in stable condition. more than 70 people are still missing.
6:51 am
the victim of a brutal attack. police say the man was punched, kicked and had his kettle thrown at his head while standing inside a burger restaurant on saturday. the victim is blind and has cerebral palsy. despite those injuries, the bell linger is already back out at work. >> because of my disability i'm not supposed to be able to work, but i'm doing this so i can gain a lot of experience and i can get some earnings. >> police believe the attack hooped because a man and a woman thought the man cut in front of them in the restaurant. the pair now charged with assault. >> toys beneath the christmas tree be. that's what some in washington are saying after a vote in the senate. it could make it more difficult for the epa to keep poisonous toys out of the country. it would let the country ban any toy with a chemical. but first they would need to declare that substance harmful.
6:52 am
once they've decided the chemical is a problem to actually intercept that chemical coming in imported products. >> supporters of the bill say it actually strength he know protections to keep toxins away from kids. the senate approved the legislation last week. >> any golfer will tell you nothing beats a great shot on the 18th hole. check out what president obama did yesterday while on vacation in hawaii. the chief commander ends his game with a nice roll, nice roll, and it's in the hole. love the reaction too. president doing a drop in the mic routine. everybody get that? everybody get that? they did and that he plodded as well. >> maybe some people golfing on christmas. >> 5:56 and a particular political sign keeps vanishing outside a home. next where the fish didn't have to go far to find the person responsible. >> we've got fog, but over the next couple of days we've got rain to go and we're talking record high temperatures by christmas eve day,
6:53 am
>> two popular bars on the water front may be gone by next year. next at 7:00.
6:54 am
force them t >> catherine: how at 7:00, packages and christmas starts stolen from dozens of local homeowners in the same town, but this morning police may be close to finding those glinchs. -- grinches. the gifts they have already
6:55 am
>> gene: local mother accused
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