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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  December 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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about it last night. we have so much moisture in the air that continues to stream in. now as the rain comes down some of that fog will for lack of a better term wash out but the rain is enough to cloud your vision out there. for fog a rain still there, not quite as dense but the rain copping down heavier with every passing hour. late tonight. stead any the boston area. here the northern fringes of the city seeing heavy rain happening. there's 122. some of the streets in between those highways here. this is holden street that goes southward, saratoga heavy rain. northwest lancaster, chribton. we are seeing yellow showing up
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rain falling here. >> mark: amazing instance into our news room you're looking at more than one billion of embezzeled taxpayer money. the u.s. attorney says this money was in the safe deposit boxes belonging to former state rep john george. george was convicted in july from stealing money from a taxpayer subsidized bus company. prior to sentencing he told the court he only had $160,000 in bank accounts and $28,000 in cash.
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looking for a person who shot two people at an apartment complex. john is live in jamaica plain. >> they're getting back to normal after two men were shot inside the housing project here in jamaica plains. police on scene investigating what took place. this all happening around 3:30 inside one of the apartment buildings. police swarmed the area around 277 center street. they closed it down after report of shots fired and victims in the building. we have learned the victims were found on different areas of the building. the two victims, one a man in his 30s another in his 40s were taken to a local hospital. police say one was hit in the shoulder, other in the thigh. boston police commissioner telling fox45 where and when this shooting happened is concerning.
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the area for witnesses, but it's trouble. a lot of people walking by the key station. that's what's real alarming for us. >> he says police are not sure how or why the shooting happened and would not say for sure if the man shot himself or anyone was involved. police are asking anyone with information about what happened to call. live in jamaica plains, "fox45 news". >> vanessa: breaking at this hour a person rushed to the hospital with serious head injuries after being hit by a car not far from the commuter rail stop there. we are told the driver did stop. we are reaching out to police to get more about the investigation. >> mark: it's enough weapons and ammunition to fill a room. s.w.a.t. teams search a man's
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licensed to have him. heather where a man faced a judge. you learned this was triggered by comments the man made. >> reporter: that's right, mark, there was concern about a comment he made about police. we also learned from the court documents we obtained there was concern about a comment he had made in a bar at one point. he threatened to quote shoot up the place because he was drunk and they didn't want to let him drive home so this led to yesterday police confiscating more than a hundred guns and thousands of rounds of ammo from his home. >> a lot of what we confiscated were bolt action military grade. he obviously was a collector with an affinity toward military weapons. >> warren police say even they're confident daniel had no intention of harming anyone with this cache of weapons. still, he wasn't supposed to have them. he had been notified to surrender them because within the last few years he received several oui's.
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it's all an innocent mistake. >> he was unhappy with the way things are going on in the country an he believes the police are doing things and shouldn't be. >> did he threaten police? >> no, he didn't specifically threaten. >> he faced a judge. his father says his son is a veteran who suffers from ptsd and depression his father is worried these latest charges will push his son over the edge. neighbors we spoke with say they're frightened. >> knowing that he's only a few houses down from me you don't know what to expect nowadays. was he one of these guys that
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place. >> reporter: we also learned from court documents that among his encounters with police had been outside a bar drunk a few years ago an police had to pepper spray and taser him. he will spend christmas in jail. he will be back in court tuesday. >> vanessa: police seized dozens of animals from a home accusing the owner of cruelty. the majority of them are farm animals. fox45 kerry kavanaugh is in new hampshire where the owner says she took in those animals when others could no longer care for them. >> under weight horses with mated manes. >> you can see the burrs running
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>> a half dozen alpacas with burrs in their fur. the spca is caring for 37 animals that police seized from a local home. police say one woman owned all these animals an neglected them. >> one thing that always makes this unique is the variety of animals. >> and the spates they need, a vet will examine them monday as they begin recovery. but the owner of the animals says that's the same thing she was trying to do for many of them on her seven acre property. >> we would take an animal and quite often those that were neglected. >> she says it was a hobby for her a her son until his passing. fox45 brought the story of christopher chester in september. she and her son often sought out animals online. >> she says some of the animals have only been with her a few
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of the horses who she claims she took from another couple. >> are you going to fight these charges? >> i'm always glad that we come in when the police call us, because there's always calls. regardless how that plays out, i know the animals are safe. >> mark: a family loses everything in a fire, the kmupt is rallying to help them. you can see firefighters battling the flames. >> vanessa: you see a thief walk through this home in deutch lights. he reaches over the fence and grabs another. the homeowner can't believe someone would do this two days before christmas. >> some crook, i mean nothing
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just no lights, comes for the lights. >> vanessa: the victim says he is not planning on replacing the display. now information about this holiday heist we told you about last night. police say the man in this video turned himself after seeing this video on the news. officers say he confessed, returned all the equipment and apologized. the homeowner decided not to press charges. >> mark: boston rescue crews jumped into action to help two men in the harbor. you can see the fire department trucks there. in the area near west fourth street. boston police tell us two homeless men jumped in and were treading water. police say they were intoxicated and suffered hypothermia. new england prapts running back addressed the media the first time since joining the team today. sports director tom leyden. >> gave them a nice paycheck the rest of the season and chance to play for a championship.
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the chance to do throughout his career. jackson was on the field today. don't know if he will be on the active roster this sunday but he's doing all he can to get up to speed with the playbook. he will bring leadership once he gets comfortable but in this time of giving it is the patriots giving jackson an incredible opportunity. >> exciting. couldn't ask for a better christmas gift. just looking forward to the team to get better and learn the way of the patriots. i think initially when the phone calm happened it was a little surreal, but now kind of settled down an playing football, doing what i love. >> coming up in sports, we hear from danny who played with jackson in st. louis. if you can figure out by what he says, more power to you. tom leyden. >> mark: s.w.a.t. team rolled through several neighborhood. >> but it was a good reason.
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made the holidays brighter for deserving kids. >> mark: police need help finding a bank robber wanted in two states. he is armed andrus and might be dressed like a lady. what you're asked to not do if you run into him. >> vanessa: first, food born
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across t >> vanessa: the cleveland circle
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norovirus scare is set to reopen. the building is clean an disinfected and all the employees cleared to work. more than zoo 150 people who eight there became sick. most students at b.c. the inspector says the restaurant knows the source of the issue. >> somebody mentioned he was sick and was towed to stay until tend of the shift. bad mistake. >> vanessa: inspectors are going over paperwork to make sure workers have passed retraining. chipotle has had issues with e-coli, and mark you have the latest on that part of the investigation. >> mark: this week we learned choate has been lirngd to five more reports of food born illness. food safety groups tell jacqueline in washington that washington could do more to stop outbreaks. >> reporter: chipotle is making cooking changes as it responds to a second wave of reported
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five more people in oklahoma, north dakota and kansas said they got sick a week after eating at the chain restaurant. the cd krp doesn't know what food is making people sick. some safety groups say it's like tracking a serial killer. >> you know how you operate but you don't know who the next victim is going to be. you don't know where the next victim is going to be located, and you usually don't know why. >> food poisoning exposed a difficulty officials face when trying to track illnesses. >> some states do a very poor job. >> laurmts passed a massive spending plan that included a boost in food safety effort. new money for the food and drug administration to stop outbreaks before they happen, to keep
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tables the fda will test cucumbers and hot poppers part of a surveillance program beginning next year. >> mark: each year one in six americans suffers a food born illness. >> vanessa: two bars in jeopardy whiskey priest and atlanta beer garden will be demolished to make way for a tower. the condo was proposed by the same company that owns the two bars. that company hopes to get the new building purdue by 2017. >> mark: engagement ring, jewels and now a gold rolex watch left in the salvation army kettles throughout the state. we are told anonymous don'ter said he felt guilty with so many in need that watch appraised for thousands of dollars. the al investigation army is hoping to raise $3.4 million in
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>> governor baker and mayor walsh doing their help. they rank -- rang bells. >> kevin: plus -- less than a week ago, same bells trying to get money for the salvation army just fine mr. mayor. we are seeing some places getting steadier heavier rain. everybody getting rain now. what you're looking for on live
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focus attention there some of the streets being impacted in here, including acorn park drive. to the southwest there into the town of auburn we are seeing moderate rainfall, southward toward oxford we are getting into southwestern worcester county. we are moving south bridge road, gale road and misty meadow lane also seeing that downpour. off to the north you're getting new hampshire lit up southward to hisboro and that bleeds into southwestern vermont as well. tornado watches or warnings.
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system there's snow falling so a little of everything but a spring-like tornado outbreak happening. in all these places near taylor, myrtle, mississippi and middleton kentucky. you can see hooking with each of those radar echoes. we've seen some that have touched down damaging dozens of homes. let's hope the casualties are low. heavy rain moving through, right before a after midnight. during the morning hour, we take you to showers during the "fox45 news" morning news and sun will start to come out northwest of boston. the more sun the warmer. that's down a few december. -- degrees. shooting off the scale into the low 50s.
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too jumping up to 61 by 6:00 in the morning. so the warm front goes by, temperatures go up tonight. the more sun you get, the warmer you're going to be tomorrow. i expect there will be some towns when the temperature reaches up through the 60s an into the low 70s for a couple of you, so those towns are more likely to be to the north and west. it will be closer to 70. christmas holiday looks mild. sunday we jump again. check this out. that is snow and ice to start the day on tuesday. at least that's what i'm thinking right now. >> vanessa: armed and dangerous. >> the bank robberies are
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>> vanessa: new hampshire u.s. marshals an police on the hunt for a serial bank robber. >> mark: a wild scene inside an airport when a coyote checks in at baggage claim. you're watching the "fox45 news"
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>> mark: somber ceremony in afghanistan remembering six troops killed in a taliban
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ness images staird shared from that ceremony at bagram air base. servicemembers from several units paying respects, those killed included a new york city police officer. full slide show of the tribute on our web site. >> vanessa: donald trump wants to ban muslims from entering the u.s. and other leading presidential candidates place the blame for isis on radical islam. we are learning how the vast majority of the middle east views the terror group. >> reporter: fighting isis is the focus of attention but new results from face to face interviews with more than 18,000 people across the arab world find their view of isis looks a lot like americans view. >> they see isis as constitute ago threat to their national security as a people, so their way of life. >> reporter: the survey by the
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people in the middle eastern countries had a view negative of isis. 98% responded viewed isis negatively. director khalil says the vast majority of the muslims in the arab world see isis as a threat. >> they share the same fear, the same anxiety, and the saman anticipation. >> 7% of respond ents did express a positive view of isis, what the arab world thinks of the terror group important in a presidential election where ted cruz wants to ban refugees from countries where isis controls territory and trump wants to ban all muslims. >> until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> reporter: the survey found the percentage of people in the arab world who oppose isis have increased since a similar poll
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>> mark: 1,000 new hampshire employees will get training on active shooter training. the class is based on a national model that types run if you can, hide if you, can, if not you've got to fight. >> vanessa: just in time for christmas agents can allow full body scans for travelers. legal experts are complaining the new rules are even more ambiguous than previous ones and worried this move with create more complaints from people with disabilities boston's logan airport taking a hit, the group travel map ranks them. in new england, only worcester cracked the top 100. it ranked 84. >> mark: providence was 13rd.
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lowest scores. a coyote somehow found its way into the baggage terminal in myrtle beach. animal control managed to capture the coyote in 45 minutes. took a while. imagine being down there trying to find your bags. >> vanessa: police in three states are looking for an armed and very dangerous man. >> mark: he's accused of robbing banks across the area. the video police hope will track him down and why he might be dressed as a she. >> reporter: wait until you hear what she told police after she was arrested. >> vanessa: a presidential
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newspaper cartoon poking >> mark: live look at radar. we are tracking rain moving through for a second night in a row. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. for us. >> kevin: heaviest some spots, latest stormtracker will pinpoint areas, everybody
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off to the north, look at the orange showing up in marlboro. streets hit hard. darker orange, places like newton street, towards 85, down through howe street, 85 southward some of the heaviest happening. marlboro into southern worcester county. there's ox bridge getting hit hard. scattered on 122 in this part of town, there's aspen avenue and pollard road getting heavier rain and southward getting some stillwell. it's in warren new hampshire and weir getting heavy rain at this time.
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shooting out of jamaica plain. boston police are look position -- looking for a suspect. they were both taken o'a boston hospital. you're looking a more than $1 million of 'em best eld taxpayer money. filled to the brim with rolls of bills. the u.s. attorney says this money was in a safe deposit box belonging to george. george was convicted an sentenced in july for stealing money from taxpayers sub diesed bus company he controlled. he told the court he only had $160,000 in bank counts. a warren man faces charges after police found guns in his home. officers searched daniel's home tuesday after they say he made some concerning comments.
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say they also seized hundreds of rounds of ammunition. >> vanessa: police in three states the trying to find this man, they say matthew martin is behind robberies in new hampshire and vermont. crystal has a look at the man detectives say is armed and dangerous. >> good evening. the u.s. marshal service is offering a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of mad umartin. i dug into his past. he has an extensive criminal record that includes other robberies and drug charges. >> he's been traveling between new hampshire vermont an massachussetts, and the bank robberies are getting more frequent. >> law enforcement tells fox45 the rhode island native is suspected in at least seven robberies in vermont and new
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ago on december 21st at this heritage credit union. fox45 obtained these surveillance images. >> sometimes he walks in with just regular hiding his identity. other times he's gone in dressed as a woman. >> reporter: december 14th brattleboro say he robbed a bank dressed as a woman, taking an unknown amount of cash, cameras captured his suspected get away car, but marshal cargill said martin became a fugitive about two weeks before on december 1st when he jumped bail on a case for three robberies from january and february this year. three days later on december 4th
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with a semiautomatic gun. marshal cargill tell me they believe martin has acquaintances in the vermont area. he also spent time in springfield, massachussetts. >> i would suggest them not to hide him out. so if they know where he is, call us. >> reporter: investigators do believe that martin is free of robbery, -- spree of robbery could be motivated by drug addiction. i'm crystal haynes. >> vanessa: one more good look at matthew martin. he's considered armed and dangerous. if you know where he might be, you are asked to call police immediately. >> mark: police tell fox45 a woman led them on a high speed chase through several south
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it ended with the woman allegedly cussing out the cops. saying she was the queen, the king was dead, another eyewitness saying she was throwing things. >> she was yeg save me, save my children. >> john had just gotten back in his truck when he says the woman opened the door and threw a bottle at him. >> thought she was just having issues and she left and came back with more issues. >> reporter: police say 43-year-old kelly left in a hyundai and refused to stop. they say she hit speeds 65 miles per hour. police say she even made it over the four river bridge with the narrow lanes, due to construction. police say kelly crashed into a police cruiser as they maneuvered to stop her. place say she reeked of alcohol. after getting her into custody
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but they loved you, but my stepfather and donald trump own the mobile. my mother was an fbi investigator. we tried her parents home where police say she lived tlut about but there was no answer. >> he's just happy he called police. >> reporter: in court the judge bumped her bail up to $10,000. we also learned that she has had problems with police before. four out of the five cases however were dismissed n. cohasset, "fox45 news". >> vanessa: the driver who ran down a huge crowd of people on a las vegas strip faced a judge. lakeisha holloway did not enter a plea. police say holloway plowed into the crowd intentionally, killing one woman and injuring dozens. her three-year-old child was in
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>> mark: today the national highway transportation safety administration some of the tack ka air bags can kill a car's occupants. about 23 million inflaters recalled in the u.s. to the race for president where tonight donald trump's lead in the g.o.p. field continues to grow. >> vanessa: jacqueline is in washington with the results of a new poll. >> reporter: donald trump is heading into the new year with a sizeable lead over other g.o.p. presidential candidates. trump with a double digilead over his closest competitor picking up 39 support from voters. texas senator cruz is in second place and florida senator rubio and carson are tied for third. the rest of the g.o.p. presidential hopefuls place in the single digits with no other
6:35 pm
presume has led all but two national surveys since this summer. ted cruz is campaign is -- campaigning as if he's in a two man race with trump. >> i'm going to keep focus on my record, on my positive optimistic conservative vision for this country. >> the survey was conducted following last week's g.o.p. debate in which voters said trump won. it's believed trump can handle the top issues facing the nation. >> vanessa: yesterday on "fox45 news" we showed you blair miller's interview with donald trump. we posted it for you on our web site. >> mark: florida senator marco rubio continuing his campaign
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up the bacon today. he met with supporters. he has been traveling the state all week. >> vanessa: republican candidates date ted cruz is furious after a washington post article made fun of his daughters showing help as monkeys. >> that tweet i sent, i checked that out on my yip phone. all of us learned in girls.
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>> mark: congress is working to bring college saving plans into the 21st century. another change allows students to get sick can withdraw to recomposite -- redeposit their refund. 529 is a popular way to save tax-free for college. >> vanessa: s.w.a.t. responded to several homes. >> mark: new at 6:00 how santa and his helpers made the holiday special for some very deserving local families.
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about steve harvey's mistake at >> mark: usually when you see the swalt team in neighborhoods it's not a good situation but that was not the place. >> vanessa: how the nashua police helped families celebrate the holidays by making special deliveries. >> reporter: at first glance it may have looked like police were on a scene with hands full and part of that was true. officers with the nashua police department loaded with gichts and groceries showing this community what christmas is all about.
6:39 pm
christmas in our community for a lot of families. >> these s.w.a.t. officers and their trish natural uniforms and others in the uniuniforms have the season. >> reporter: the police athletic league raised the money, their second year for the event, but through it all shall it's a chance for this community to see that these officers have a mission that goes well beyond keeping the streets of nashua safe. >> at the end of the day it allows us to give back to the community to be vested in that community. >> good for people to see that.
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>> mark: quite a sight with the santa by the armored car. >> vanessa: i'm sure little boys were just as excited to see the s.w.a.t. vehicle. >> mark: looks like castillo harvey may get another chance hosting miss universe. >> vanessa: he announced the wrong winner. they want to give him the chance to reteam himself. >> mark: he's a good guy and deserves a second chance. >> vanessa: one thing you don't want to do is call the wrong name. >> mark: put the name on the card. one name. >> kevin: if my forecast is wrong, will i get a second chance? forecast is out yesterday, happening just as we expected it to.
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through. live stormtracker right now. yellows of course into orange and red. we will stop here in northern worcester county. there's lancaster and some of the heavy rain happening. this stretches over toward bolton and moving toward shirley. this stretches down into northern rhode island around cumberland. and then through the sea coast of new hampshire going from one radar site to another. there's some other spots in southern new hampshire getting heavier rain too. this is the first part of the warm front that's pushing
6:42 pm
bring warmer air so temperatures will rise overnight rather than fall as they typically do at night. then there's the cold front. in this red tornado watches and warnings. right now these cells in particular, this one in mississippi and this one in kentucky are tornado warning cells, two of the many we've seen this afternoon. there's much damage being reported an seen in pictures on twitter, certainly. hopefully there aren't going to be casualties. we know there's a lot of damage for homes an buildings. more rain, heavy rain tonight, so we are not talking -- i'll be tracking that through the area. it will continue into the early morning hours. let's fast forward into the morning. showers first thing in the morning. clouds start to break up but they're going to be tough tomorrow, so where you get the most sun is where your
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at night, 50 degrees with rain in f tchburg. rain happening in the low 60s by first thing in the morning. you have a chance of 07 degrees for high temperatures tomorrow. when we look into the middlesex county southern new hampshire, the farther southeast you go the more chance you'll stay in the upper 60s.
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high temperature average 68 degrees for christmas eve but december 24th. the records stands at 61 in boston. we will have no problem breaking that first thing in the morning, just a matter of how far that goes. the real bonafide cold air arrives next week and may coincide with the arrival of another storm system. that would be a wintery mix. what i'm forecast are for tuesday before it changes to rain. >> a lot of interest in that weather as far as what is going
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announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on the bully... jeb bush: donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. (applause) announcer: one candidate tough enough to take on isis. jeb will destroy isis... and keep america safe. jeb bush: the united states should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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>> he's working his way back from an ankle injury, did not play against tennessee. one win clinches the top season afc, that's a heck of a place for steven jackson to find him self in. >> i'm just coming here to be the best running back i can. >> good guy, great football player, big, strong, fast, and we are happy to have him. >> let's talk about amendola while we are at it, danny tweaked that left knee as he was returning a punt distribution not return to action, early reports indicated he will be ready for the playoffs, but what about a game that can clinch the
6:48 pm
>> it's a big game going into an awesome environment and we are going to have to play well. >> i see what he's doing there. what about the stakes? home field advantage big deal in the playoffs, does that affect the urgency? >> it's a goal of ours an starts with the jets this week. >> not about him. team, team, team. bruins lost last night to st. louis, they're off saturday until they host buffalo, three more games before next friday's winter classic against montreal at gillette. the preparations continue in foxborough, stadium undergoing a transformation workers bulling the rink setting up stages necessary for entertainment. reminder a live web cam is set up. you can watch the progress 24/7. in fact i just tweeted a link to that page on our web site. uphelding odell beckham's suspension for anges on the
6:49 pm
issued a written apology saying among other things a lot of kids look up to me as a role model. many of the parents of those kids have asked since sunday what they should say to their children about my conduct. i don't have the perfect answer but i think one thing they can say is how i handled myself the other day as an example of how not to conduct yourself. you know, there had been an erroneous report this afternoon they may overturn that suspension and it's good thing they did. that would have been a big problem. >> absolutely. it is under appeal. >> no, he went through appeal. it was upheld. >> mark: he's out. >> vanessa: at least he spoke up for those kits. >> mark: kevin, what do you have to say about this weather? >> kevin: the rain is going to continue and get heavier. last showers tracking through friday and then a race to get to 70 degrees tomorrow. it's going to be the 60s an break records.
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