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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 24, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. developing now at 4:00, two dozen tornadoes devastating the south president of search efforts under way to try to find anyone trapped in the debris. a security rule change during one of the busiest travel seasons. how passengers are able to opt out of the full body scan. chipotle is clear to reopen chipotle is clear to reopen. what the restaurant is waiting for before letting customers back in to eat nouns complete new he thinks land news coverage starts right now in is the fox25 morning news. merry christmas eve, everyone. little bit of rain clearing thought morning after we got a good soaking. here how to looked in littleton here how to looked in littleton.
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is dripping, an ornament -- >> catherine: just an ornament. no snow. just rain. >> julie: just rain and the temperatures we are talking about or sarah wroblewski is talking about will blow your mind. if you haven't done your christmas shopping, head out there -- >> in a t-shirt. >> shorts and t-shirts. >> an ugly christmas sweater because it is too warm. >> i know it will be unseasonably mild this morning. of course i have been tracking of course i have been tracking this rain that comes through the overnight hours all part of this cold front that still has a ways to go. it is going to push on through. so until then, we will see a lot of clouds for the day today and any breaks in the cloud cover, these temperatures are going to soar. and look at it, it is already in the 60s down across the southeast. there. 51 in boston. 48 in bedford. i want to let you know normally for christmas eve, we see the upper 30s. fog this morning. visibilities will be reduced if you are headed out, but this
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into the 60s to near 70 degrees, but there is still a chance of a spot shower. i will show you the latest timeline in just a few minutes. a check of your traffic with. >> julie: julie things nice and light. 4 a.m. on christmas eve. you are moving along just fine on route 1, 93 south. remember those roads will be soaked in so many places. if you were heading out the door. leave a few minutes early and i have a feeling that traffic will be nice and light. 25 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 13 minutes on the weston tolls to the ted williams. nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. developing news this morning, seven people were dead morning, seven people were dead, including a 7-year-old boy and severe storms that hit the south. rescue crews worked throughout the night going door to door to try to find anyone trapped under debris from the storm. >> this morning the threat is looming for tennessee and the mississippi valley for more severe weather. reed binion show you the mess left behind. >> reporter: a sight no one
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roof gone and worse, whole homes destroy. >> did see it happen. he looked out the window and saw the grass moving and tons of -- well, it wasn't really trash but tons of mr. metzer's house blowing down all the way to the interstate which is quite a ways over that way. >> reporter: the nightmare for many residents from the mississippi valley to the ohio valley, storms so powerful they knocked down trees and power lines and even a tractor-trailer. forecasters said the storm could bring damaging wind up to 75 miles per hour and several tornadoes. and it did. cameras were rolling in clarks cameras were rolling in clarksdale, mississippi as tornado touched down. in arkansas, family in arkansas, families are left cleaning up the debris. >> everything was just moving sideways and just -- the sound of the wind and -- i just dish jumped and i ran. >> reporter: the damage was minimal in some areas, but down
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story. an 18-year-old woman died when a tree fell on her roof. four other people inside including a 18-month-old child survived. the baby was later taken to the hospital. i am reid i am reid binion reporting. >> julie: if you are away from your tv, you can get alerts through your station news app. free to download from the app store and google play. a last-minute change in airport security rules during the height of the travel season the height of the travel season. passengers must have full body scan it is they are chosen for enhanced screening. before this passengers could opt out of those cans and request a pat down. the change follows several recent terrorist attacks around the world. passengers we spoke to at logan had mixed reaction. >> i think it is reactive instead of proactive and thinking it through. >> i would rather be safe than sorry.
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change only effect thoseen for the enhanced screening. a local chipotle is clear to open after more than 100 people including many bc students got the norovirus from a sick employee. we have been following this since the city shut down the the restaurant has been trained the restaurant has been trained, the manager who allowed the sick employee to stay at work has been fired. >> somebody has asked a boss -- mentioned he was sick and he was told to stay until the end of his shift. mad mistake, serious consequences. >> health officials gave chipotle the okay to reopen after the inspection, but it is today. a spokesperson said they will be reopened as soon as the restaurant is resupplied and ready to go. meanwhile, chipotle restaurants are reporting to a second wave of e. coli illnesses, oklahoma, north dakota and kansas, few people said they got themselves
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finding the source of the sickness is like tracking down the serial killer. >> you know how they operate but don't know hot next victim is going to be or where the victim is located and you usually don't know why. >> julie: food poisoning at chipotle show the challenges to stop food-borne illnesses. a spending plan in congress is food safety efforts to tackle this problem. confirm a red line driver fired from tamper with the controls of the runaway train was not the only driver punish punished for the same reason. another red line driver was disciplined in 20111 for use disciplined in 20111 for using a telephone receiver to keep place. july of 1999, a reporter reported seeing the blue line employee doing the same thing. that employee was also disciplined. last week the mbta fired david vasquez from allowing a red line train travel from braintree to dorchester without a operator on board.
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train's throttle and two brake systems were disabled. he is appealing the t's decision to fire him. a warren man is in custody after police seize a stockpile of handguns, rifles confiscated from his home. look at this stash. they took the weapons from daniel oslesate because he has two dui. he got on their radar after a family member told them he was concerned of the comment he made about police. a neighbor only talked to fox25 and says the whole situation really scares her. >> everything that has been happening in the news. this is the type of guy that has been at the back of someone has been at the back of someone's mind what happens. he doesn't converse with anyone on the street. >> court documents show he once threatened to blow up a bar because they didn't let him drive home because he was drunk. his family and even police said they don't believe he planned on hurting anyone with all of though weapons we had. police are investigating a
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people to the hospital. around noon yesterday, this car was going south on winter street when it crossed into oncoming traffic and hit a petd and an utility pole. emergency crews flew the police have not filed any charges. a car also hit a pedestrian in dedham. the victim suffered serious verse and is now in the happen on russ craft road near the commuter rail stop. police haven't released much information about the crash, but the driver did stop. we will let you know if we get an update on the victim's conditions. u.s. marshals are hunting for a serial bank robber on the loose in new england. matthew martin is considered armed and dangerous. a suspect in seven robberies in vermont and new hampshire. martin has close ties to the springfield area. investigators believe else addicted to drugs. >> that is what makes us so worry worried about him he is so braze about it and does it so frequently. nobody knows his state of mind. >> reporter: the latest robbery
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in ludlow, vermont. he has been a fugitive since he skipped a court appearance. from his florida killed a new hampshire man after an armed robbery at a dollar general dollar general store. this surveillance video capture this surveillance video captured the robbery. the man taking money at the counter is michael silver of rochester. the 911 call that the clerk made after he ran off. >> he's headed -- headed on the back road. headed toward auto zone. they are chasing him. >> sheriff deputies chased hilber and another suspect kelly. police in new hampshire any the pair may have dragged a deerfield police officer with a truck earlier this month. and police take a providence, rhode island man into custody after spending two hours trying to get him down from his roof. officers were looking for thomas morrison ever since a robbery last week. when police showed up at his home, they say he climbed on to the roof and refused to come
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morrison is undergoing a mental evaluation. boston police are looking for a gunman that open fired in an apartment complex in jamaica plain. the shooting happened just before 4:00 in a building on center street. a black from a jackson square t stop. one bullet hit a person in the shoulder. another in the thigh. both are expected to survive. police swarmed the area immediately after the shooting. >> the broad daylight here. a lot of people walk big not far from the t station, and that's what is real alarming for us. >> julie: boston police don't know the motive for the shooting. two homeless men are safe thanks to boston rescue crews who pulled them out of the harbor. the felt's trucks there in the area near west 4th street. boston police tell us two homeless men jumped into harbor and were treading water. they were drunk and suffered hypothermia. one police officer sawvd minor injury during the rescue effort injury during the rescue effort. after seeing this video on tv, the man seen in the surveillance video stealing
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turned himself in. police said he confessed, returned everything he stole and apologized to the homeowner and apologized to the homeowner. no charges are being filed against him. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. a look at those live drive times. right now an easyy 25 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. it is a little bit foggy out there. i tweeted a little picture of the fog early this morning. check in with meteorologist sarah wroblewski with the forecast wrobz wrobz we will deal with fog -- >> sarah: we will deal with fog, low clouds. 50s, 40s, 50s. if we are traveling across new england near record highs -- no, we will pass record highs for the day today. set new records. we will take you through the timeline when to expect the warmest conditions and attract those showers coming up in a few minutes julie we will talk to you soon. chickens, ducks and alpacas taken from their owner's home.
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animal. look at this guy. how police say her hobby spiraled out of control. safety deposit boxes filled with cash around the state. the politician it belongs to and how he stole it from taxpayers.
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despite the record warm weather, passengers are seeing lots of delays at u.s. airports. the rain and the fog in the north east have slowed traffic
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hubs at washington, new york, chicago saw weather-related delays and cancellations yesterday. 38 million people are expected to fly over christmas and new year's. airline s have added 700 flights per day. more than 100 million americans are hitting the roads for the end of the year holiday. aaa says the highest number of drivers they have projected. falling gas prices and warm weather is the big reason for the increase. theage price is below $2 for a theage price is below $2 for the first time since 2009. many questions after u.s. marshals found $1 million of embezzled taxpayer money in the safety deposit boxes of a former state rep. all that money was in cash. the boxes belong to former dartmouth select men john george. a judge sentenced anymore july for stealing taxpayer money but george said he only had $2 george said he only had $200,000 of the missing money. people tell us they are outraged. >> need to get our life in order and think about what you are doing to so many people
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life. >> the money was just discovered over the last couple of days. we reached out to george we reached out to george's attorney to get some answers but haven't heard back yet. hyatt hotel customers are warning people to keep an eye on their credit card statements following a data breach. working with cyber security experts to see what happened. hyatt said hackers got to computers that processes customers payments. they have not determined if any sensitive information was stolen. illinois to the number of states cracking down on daily fantasy sports game. the state attorney general has declared the games a form of illegal gambling. illinois joins new york and several other states to ban companies like boston-based draft kings and rival fanduels. lawmakers are considering a bill that will. there the games. federal judge has rejected a call from the aquinnah wampanoag tribe for the earlier
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in december said could not turn a community center into a gaming parlor. the tribe is expected to make another appeal. now 4:16 and start with the map. what you are going to see is bright green traffic flow because we are moving along at a very quick pace. expressway wide open. 128 looks good. pike pike moving along fine from framingham to the weston tolls. a little bit of fog . >> we finally got much machine needed rain. the rainfall we got yesterday. three quarter of an inch in
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nearly an inch in worcester. that helped with our rainfall for the month. in fact worcester now above average. so we are still dealing with that deficit, and really it is going to take a lot of precipitation to come our way to end the year normal if you want to call it that for rainfall amounts. but the chance, it's still there because we still have a risk of a spot shower throughout the day. the heaviest rain is pushing offshore. we will see some clouds around and breaks of sunshine and sure enough, that means we will be seeing some very hot conditions. i think that because christmas eve and usual will he we are in the upper 30s and we will be pushing 70 in some spots. smile pattern, it also continues right into the weekend and turns unsettled throughout weekend. record high temperatures throughout day today, 61 in boston. 54 in providence. likely going to surpass these record highs. something we will be watching already. we are seeing temperatures in the 60s. down in places like new bedford and plymouth and in the green on the map, we do have a few showers out there.
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the roadways are wet. a lot of ponding on the road a lot of ponding on the roadways from that heavy rainfall overnight and there is fog. while we have temperatures in the 60s right now, we also have dew points that arrive in places like norwood. want to show you humidity, 96%. visibility around 3 miles. wind is calm. going through the day is off the charts. we will be talking about highs well into the 60s if not near 70. visibility i wanted to show you visibility i wanted to show you. not, you know, completely dense although parts of the cape showing visibility under a mile showing visibility under a mile. it will be changing through the day and tough to move on out especially across the cape and islands but anticipating to see improvements throughout morning. the winds pretty gusty too down across the southeast. gusts pushing near 30 on the vineyard. the southwesterly wind direction is bringing in that warmth. low to mid-60s for the cape and islands for the day with that wind off the water. you get inland where we see any breaks. that is where we will be pushing the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. future cast showing the risk of
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morning, and toward the lunch, notice the clouds really hanging around, but you may find some breaks out there, etch as we head into the afternoon. cold front will be pushing southward for showers down along the south sammy sosa, cape and islands and here is the time we could be touching near 70 in some spots. we will start to see clearing through the overnight and for tomorrow, set up to be a pretty nice day. a mix of sun and clouds and still mild. temperatures overnight back in the 40s, 50s. this is what to expect christmas morning and by the afternoon we are climbing into the upper 5s to near 60 degrees. that wind is light. this cold front -- tushld out this will be the culprit through the day or the risk i should say. will continue to bring some showers and possibly severe thunderstorms down across the southeast. and this front as it pushes eastward, that warm front lifts northward and tachs mild air. the front washes out as it gets to us and we don't get that urge of cold that comes on through, for your christmas day just a really nice one.
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high pressure begin to build and sure enough the clouds will thicken up and late in the day, we will be talking about our next chances of rain. as we take a look at that seven as we take a look at that seven-day forecast and the weekend always in view, you will see the risk of that rain, especially saturday night into early sunday, and then a cold front will come on through late sunday bring in much cooler weather for the start of the week. breezy too. by tuesday, taste of winter, we shall be tracking a pwintry mix into next week. right now we are talking record warmth. over to you. 4:21. a candidate for president firing back at a political cartoon. >> not much ticks me off, but making fun of my girls, that will do it. >> catherine: why that cartoonish is defending her illustration poking fun at ted cruz's kildz. and a bear found wandering the neighborhood 65 miles away from her home and he is
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how wildlife black lives matter protesters spread theirs messages to holiday travelers and shoppers. they held rallies at two
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america in minneapolis. shop to close and turn away procrastinating shoppers. it was peaceful and they left after an hour. they arrested 14 people from the protest. the driver that ran down people in the las vegas strip refused to speak. she stood in shackles and faced murder charges and charges for leaving the scene of ability accident and child endangerment endangerment. she intentionally drove to the sidewalk killing one woman and others. her lawyer says his distraught. >> just because she is charged doesn't mean she is guilty. all kind of things to look into before making a determination of guilt. it is too early to tell. >> catherine: she is expected back in court in march. the gunman is undergoing a mental competency when dear acknowledges that he open fired last month in colorado killing
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native officer gary swaze y who responded to the scene. an 8th death is blamed on explosive air bags made by takata. a teenager from pittsburgh is the latest victim. the feds say some of of the takada air bags can deploy explosively killing or injuring people in the car. 20 million air bag inflators have been recalled in the u.s. a truck driver in california gets the surprise of his lifetime. >> it was a bear. [laughter] >> it popped out of a dumpster that had been loaded on to the back of the truck. >> opened the door and he come running out and one of our other drivers -- he ran right by him. and then took off this way. >> wildlife experts say he most likely climbed into the dumpster looking for food and fell asleep fell asleep, and he was 65 miles away in fresno. they got away from him and tranquilized him and when he wakes up he will be back in the
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>> julie: like goldilocks. respond to a rather unusual scene. they put their guns down and picked up shopping bags. officers went shopping for five local families with the help of whole foods, they and christmas dinner for the family. >> we identified some families in need. some family some families working hard in the community and a way of thanking the family thanking the families for being positive members of a tough community. >> at the end. day, it allows us to give back to the community. >> julie: definitely not their typical scene. the police athletic league raised the money. the second year of the event. a muslim family plans for months to go to disney world is turned away at the airport. they say they were given no explanation. coming up the high-profile help they are getting to make their vacation dreams come true. celebrating christmas eve
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ringo, the new place beatl developing now at 4:30,
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