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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 24, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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in tornadoes across the south with threats reaching that region today. here at home record warmth on christmas eve. storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski breaks down the mild holiday forecast and shows us where temperatures could soar into the 70s. and a local fast-food spot reopening their doors. the wok chipotle has done to prevent another norovirus outbreak. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> catherine: it is 4:30 on your christmas eve morning and take a look at that rainy night trickling into the morning. our photographer captured the rain coming down there overnight. rain, not snow, for this christmas eve. good morning to you. happy christmas eve to you. i am catherine parrotta. >> julie: we were saying where did year ago. it has flown by. feels more like spring than winter. sarah wroblewski tracking potentially record-breaking
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>> sarah: i know if you ever wanted to go to florida on christmas eve, you want to know what it feels like? it feels like today. we are talking about temperatures typical of northern and central florida than southern new england, but, boy, look at that heavy rain pushing on out of here. just the rain because it is so mild right now. as we take a closer look as we take a closer look, a few spot showers toward providence as well as up toward attleboro and foxborough up to norwood too toward dedham. you head further north and west along the mass pike, running into a few hours. northern worcester county, middlesex county and parts of new hampshire like hollis and new hampshire and travelling along 93. a few showers right now but we are anticipating to see improvements as we head on through the morning hours. the clouds are going to stick around though, and we will be dealing with areas of fog too, but, boy, take a look at these temperatures ranging from the mid-40s in places like keene to the mid-60s for plymouth. the warm fronts that pushed northward right acorrect me if i'm wrong the southeast. the winds are gusty down here
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that will be the story. it will start to feel a little bit muggy as it gets mild and these showers begin to exit. as we head into the morning hours, few breaks in the cloud cover. not ruling out the risk of a shower as a weak cold front comes through. best chances southeast throughout afternoon. look at that 3:00 we are looking into the mid- to upper 60s. record highs effective for the day today. we will talk more about those records coming up in just a few a check of the traffic now with julie grauert. >> julie: sarah, things looking good. nice and light. the pike wide open. good. a little bit foggy in this live look at the zakim bridge. the flashing lights just overnight work being done just be wrapped up by 5 a.m. 25 minutes from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls.
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all right, let's go. >> julie: scary images here in our developing story. a 7-year-old boy as severe storms hit the south. rescue crews work throughout the night going door to door to try to find anyone trapped under debris from the storm. >> this morning the threat is still looming for folks in the tennessee and mississippi valleys for more weather. reed binion show us the mess left behind. a sight no one hopes to see the day before christmas. roofs gone or worse, home homes destroy. >> we have seen it happen. he looked out the window and saw the grass -- and ton of -- well, it wasn't really trash, but tons plaintiff metzer's house blowing in our yard all the way to the interstate which is quite a ways over that way. >> reporter: the nightmare for many residents from the mississippi valley to the ohio valley, storms so powerful they knocked down trees and power
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forecasters said the storm could bring damaging wind up to 75 miles per hour and several tornadoes and it did. cameras were rolling in clark cameras were rolling in clarkdale, mississippi. and in arkansas families were left cleaning up the debris. >> everything was moving sideways and the sound of the wind. i jumped and i ran. >> reporter: damage was minimal in some areas, but down the road a much different story. an 18-year-old woman died when a tree fell through her her roof. four other people in the home including a 18-month-old baby survived. the child was later taken to the hospital. reid binion reporting. >> julie: all the developments from tennessee and mississippi throughout the morning. you can go to our fox25 news app free to download. new rules across the country as the holiday travel rush swings into high gear. out in tsa say some passengers
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scan. fox25's jessica reyes is live at logan airport with the reason behind the changes. jess? >> reporter: hi, catherine. good morning. well, sure to be a busy day here at logan airport. you can see the line is already growing here for security in the jet blue terminal. the new security measures they were just announced yesterday so many people who are just getting to the airport this morning are just learning about this now. yesterday the tsa announced travelers picked for enhanced screenings will no longer be able to request the patdown. today they will be required to pass through body scan machines pass through body scan machines. this only applies for passengers who paid for enhanced screenings. people on the regular security line, they will be still able to request a patdown. passengers we spoke to say they don't mind the change provided we keep them safe. >> i think it is a good thing personally. we travel a lot internationally with a young child and would rather be safe than sorry. >> reporter: well, the body scanners don't have the ability
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software uses a generic image of a human body rather than the person being screened. the tsa says this change should effect a small percentage of passengers. those picked for enhanced screening and not everybody is thrilled about this new poly. we are talking about passengers and many of them coming up on the fox25 morning news. live here at logan, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. happening today, a local chipotle is cleared to open after more than 100 people, including many bc students got the norovirus from a sick employee. they have been following this since the city closed down the cleveland circle location on december 7. since then, crews have cleaned the restaurant, employees underwent additional training and the restaurant fired the manager that i lowed the sick employee to stay at work. >> somebody has asked a boss, mentioned he was sick, and he was told to stay until the end of the shift. bad mistakes, serious consequences. >> julie: health officials gave chipotle the okay to reopen after the inspection
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if they will open again today. a spokesperson said they will reopen as soon as the restaurant resupply restaurant resupplied and ready to go. new this morning the mbta confirms a red line driver fired for tampering with the controls for a runaway train is not the only driver punished for the same reason. another driver was punished in 2011 for using a telephone receiver to keep the throttle in place. in july of 1999, a customer reported seeing a blue line driver do the same thing. that employee was also disciplinelast week the mbta fired david vasquez after allowing a red line train to travel from braintree to dorchester without a driver on board. a picture from inside the department show a cable wrapped around the throttle and two brake systems disabled. a warren man is in custody after police seize a stockpile of rifles, handguns confiscated from his home. take a look at this stash.
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daniel paris and he has two ouis which are grounds for losing a gun lie sense. he got on their radar after a family member said they were concerned of a comment he made about police. a neighbor spoke only to fox25 and told us the whole situation really scares her. >> everything that is happening in the news, this is the type of guy that has always been in the back of everyone's mind that you never know what would happen, you know. he doesn't really converse with anyone on the street. >> reporter: court documents show he once threatened to blow up a bar after they didn't let him drive home because he was drunk. his parents, police say they didn't think he planned on hurting anyone with the weapons we had. a crash in allison that sent two people to the hospital. around noon a car was going south on winter street when it crossed into oncoming traffic and hit a pedestrian and a pole and hit a pedestrian and a pole. police have not filed any charges. it is now 4:38. u.s. marshals are now hunting for a serial bank robber on the loose in new england.
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dangerous. he is a suspect in at least new hampshire. martin has close ties to the springfield area. investigators believe he is addicted to drugs. >> that is what makes us so worried about him he is so brazen about it and doing if so frequently. nobody know his state of mind. >> julie: the latest robbery at a credit thousand in ludlow, vermont. he has been a fugitive since december 1 when he skipped a court appearance. the marshal's service is offering adds 5,000 reward. police in florida killed a new hampshire man after an armed robbery at a dollar general store. the man taking money at the counter is michael hilber of rochester. the 911 call that the clerk made after the man ran off. zone. they are chasing him. a .09-millimeter. >> sheriff deputy chased hilber
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they shot hilber in the woods and took kelly into custody. they believe they dragged a police officer during a traffic stop earlier this month. police take a providence, rhode island man into custody after spending two hours trying to get him down from his roof. officers were looking for thomas morrison ever since a robbery last week. when police showed up at his home, he climbed on to the roof and refused to go down. morrison is undergoing a mental evaluation. boston police are looking for the againmen that open fired at an apartment complex in jamaica plane. it happened before 4:00 on a building on center street. one block from the jackson square t shop. one bullet hit a person in the shoulder the other in the thigh shoulder the other in the thigh. both are expected to survive. police swarmed the area immediately after the shooting. >> so broad daylight and a lot of people walking by not far from the t station and that's what is real alarming for us. >> boston police don't know the motive for the shooting. after seeing this video on tv, the man seen this surveillance the video
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christmas lights in lynn has turned him self in. he confessed, returned everything he stole and apologized to the homeowner. against him. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. a look at your live drive times a look at your live drive times. right now an easy 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the mass pike. as you head out the door, you will see wet roads, a little bit of fog out there. here is fox25 stormtracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski. >> sarah: we have visibility and lead less than a mile for chatham and nantucket. low visibility at a nile portsmouth. something we will be tracking through the morning. otherwise temperatures mimed otherwise temperatures mild. 40s to the north and west and 60s to the south and west. yes, 60s. sunrise at 7:11. the clouds sticking around for the majority of the day for a risk of a shower before those temperatures climbing into the 50s to near 70s. 50s to near 70s. what to expect in your town coming up. a frightening helicopter crash caught on camera. coming up on the fox25 morning news, how seven people on board
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from this violent crash. a local woman's hobby leads to animal cruelty charges. the conditions that led authorities to seize dozens of
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several people are homeless and two dogs are dead following this fire in boston. fire fighters say it broke out around 8:00 at this apartment on revere street. the fire started on the second floor of the five-story building. all the people were able to get
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the blaze caused about $60,000 in damage. this morning officials are caring for 37 animals seized from a new hampshire home following an animal abuse allegation. police say sharon owned all the an mals malls and was neglecting them. she took the animals in when no one could take care of them. this was her son's hobby and she continued after he died earlier this year. but the spca say the animals are not getting cared of. >> she has many birds here. you can see them running down the main. and toward her eye especially. >> catherine: she said she will fight the animal cruelty we are hearing from a woman -- a man rather who said a woman attacked him shortly before he led police on a high before he led police on a high-speed chase. officers chased cheryl anne kelly from cohasset to quincy police cruiser. the chase started at a gas station in cohasset. one customer tells fox25 that
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suddenly approached him. >> she was yelling at me. came over to the door. threw a botle in my truck. >> kelly is being held on $10,000 bail. fox25 has learned she has been arrested on five other occasions. senator ted cruz's familiar pain runs a spoof ad with his kids poking fun at hillary clinton. >> i will use my own servers and into one will be the wiser. >> but the cartoon that ran in the "washington post" that had everyone talking. a pulitzer prize as a argan grinder and daughters used as monkey. the cartoonist said when children are off limits but when someone uses their kids as political props, they are fair game. cruz disagrees. >> when i saw that cartoon, not much ticks me off but making fun of my girls. don't mess with my kids, don't mess with mare koshing's kids.
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don't miss with everybody's kids. >> catherine: she took down and hillary clinton and lap dog and hillary clinton and lap dogs bear the names new york times and washington post. the boston celtics are getting a big lift from kelly oly nyk. land do one better in charlotte land do one better in charlotte. follows the miss and gets right there. the monster jam. great play. then later in the game, you can hear the announcer going crazy. isaiah thomas with olyny k. celtics beating the hornets 102 celtics beating the hornets 102-89. take a look at your traffic where things are moving along that the early hour. no major issues to tell you about. i can warn that you it is a little foggy out there on 93, route 1. i saw it on the pike as well, and you can see it in the shot with the zakim bridge. overall volume extremely light. your live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south from 495
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23 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski joining us now and telling us more what could be a record-setting day. >> we are talking about record highs likely in the boston area. in fact they have already tied in providence at 64 degrees right now. visibility fine in providence, but you go outside and sure enough, we have got some lower visibility throughout. less than a nile chatham and nantucket tampa take it easy. not only the wet roadways but that fog too and we will be dealing.mild and muggy conditions and low clouds pretty much throughout the day. as we were watching this cold front well out to the west, it will be pushing east ward and the warm front pushing northward. we will get into that warm and muggy sector through the day today. boy that rain has pushed well offshore. we are looking at temperatures, though, in the 40s and 50s in most spots, but 6 5 in plymouth most spots, but 6 5 in plymouth. 64 in providence. the roar high for the day.
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and you have record-breaking temperatures. lower 0s for nantucket and the vineyards too. noticing there are some showers out there, most of this activity is light. and i wanted to point out there are the dew points. we look at the dew points to see how muggy it is. sure enough in the 50s and 60s. not kip cal for late december. those winds too really pushing out of the southwest. gusting over 30 in some spots. bringing in that warmth. we have got those temperatures over that 60-degree mark. in boston we still have that wind out of the northeast so that front has yet to come through and still in the lower 50s right now. so anticipating once that front moves northward, we will see temperatures jump into the 60s throughout morning, and by the afternoon, although we will have some clouds around, we could see a break or two of sunshine and this will boost those temperatures well above average into the upper 60s. i say well above average, 25 to 30 degrees above where we should be this time of year.
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. temperatures in the upper 60s. record newscast 91 in '96. sure enough it was mild and had heavy rain but in the 40s. it was mild for that time of year, but, of course, we will be talking about upper 60s, low 70s in some spots. again, a lot of clouds around for the day today. could find a few sunny breaks, but there will still a risk of a shower or two. where we will see any glimpse of sunshine. see the temperatures get to the 70-degree mark. something we will be watching. closer to the coast, wind off the water keeping the temperatures i guess cooler in the low to middle 60s. the chance of rain still continuing this morning through comes through. still that chance really dropped down for tomorrow. the quietest day on christmas but by late saturday, we bring back the risk of showers and here is that front and comes through and could allow for an isolated shower toward the evening hours along the south coast but notice right around midnight when santa is flying,
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fairly mild with temperatures in the 40s and waking up into a dry christmas day with a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures still stay on the mild side too. we will be in the 50s. high pressure with us the beginning part of the weekend, but notice what happens, the clouds increase, and sure enough, we have rain arriving late saturday. although we stay mild. the seven-day forecast with the your weekend already in view. i want to break down the temperatures for tomorrow too, because with christmas, we will be in the upper 5s and low 60s and we stay in the 50s for the weekend bringing a chance of more showers late sunday as well as late saturday that will bring in the cooler weather. we drop back into where we should be this time of year and with that being said, we are possibly going to be watching for a wintry mix by tuesday. there is the latest look at your forecast. over to you. >> julie: just got about everything could have had, sara everything could have had, sarah. she has been around longer
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the 110th birthday thrown by the team and her secret for living longer. up next, a price watch is found inside a salvation army kettle.
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needed t a drug company is denies an ohio army veteran the drug that is saving his life. he has a rare soft tissue can and the last year and a half, doctors say a clinical trial drug has been keeping him alive drug has been keeping him alive, and now the drug company has stopped the trial because
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doctors say they have appealed for compassionate use of the drug for brad but the company turned down their request. >> what if this is your son or husband. put yourself in their shoes. for just a minute. >> i fought through all this chemo and fighting to get back on the drug. not wanting to give up. i will keep fighting. >> brad's oncologists said his treatment rounds will be extended through the holidays. doctors are working hard to find him other treatment options after that. a family in britain said they were barred to a flight to the u.s. for a planned trip to disneyland. we first told you this about yesterday morning during the news at 9. the family 11 said u.s. officials would not give them an explanation other than they could not travel to the u.s. even though they already had visas. their children had been looking forward to the trip for months. >> we have kids -- because the way it was dealt with. >> british prime minister david cameron's office says it will
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investigate the matter. camera drones are being banned from world cup ski races after one of them crashed and nearly hit a skier midrace. cameras captured the moment the drone came down hitting the austrian skier. a close call. the drone wasn't supposed to be on the course. it was posed to be off to the side. the salvation army is getting a boost from the governor and bostoner a mayor. >> thank you. >> julie: governor charlie baker and mayor walsh both rang the belt. mayor walsh raised more money than anyone last year and i don't know if he gained the title. i felt like we raised a lot of money when we were out ringing. an anonymous donor took his gold rolex watch off his wrist and handed it to the bell ringer. he felt wearing it when so many were in need. that watch appraised for
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the salvation army is hoping to raised 3 million in massachusetts alone. christmas came early for fans of the beatles. she loves you yeah, yeah, yeah note it's been a hard day's night help, i need somebody help cause i am the tax man >> the legendary rockers popped up on streaming services spot up on streaming services spotify, apple music and amazon prime. the big boost from the industry that saw push back from artists like adele and taylor swift because of low royalty. my dad will be so excited about that. big changes at the airport. the tsa says opts out of the full body scan may no longer be an option. after weeks of being closed after weeks of being closed, a local khipz gets the
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what the restauran is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in. you're ready. get ready to experience a cup above. is that coffee? nespresso. what else? now at 5:00, rain and fog
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story, the warm temperatures
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