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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 24, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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story, the warm temperatures for christmas eve. i will sho you where we are expected to shatter records over the holiday. nearly two dozen tornadoes devastating the south. the search efforts under way right now to try to find anyone trapped in the debris. and the security rule change during one of the busiest travel seasons. why some passengers won't be able to opt out of the full body scans. complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> take look at that. the christmas tree and an ornament, but on that ornament, a christmas coating of rain, not snow today. that's how to looked in littleton overnight as rain dripped off the decoration there is. good morning to you and happy christmas eve, i am catherine parrotta. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. thank you for joining us. rain is moving out now, but later today, you probably won't need a coat of any time as we head to record-breaking warm temperatures. stormtracker meteorologist
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will get to -- get this -- 70 degrees. >> sarah: i know, christmas eve. and this warm front lifting northward that is really allowing for that mild air to move right in right now. current temperatures in the 60s from providence to plymouth. 63 in new bedford. 1 in norwood. 50 in boston. the 40s through the north. noticing some green. still few isolated shows out there that is suspected through the morning. also isolated. lower visibility down less than a mile for chatham and nantucket as well as portsmouth nantucket as well as portsmouth. pockets of fog as well as a few showers and as we head into the afternoon, mostly cloudy skies. it will be mild and muggy with those temperatures in the 60s. if we do see some breaks in the sunshine with some expecting to the north and west, take a look at these, these are 70-degree readings. north and west of the city. very possible, but, again, we shower. i will show you the full timeline in just a few minutes. a check of your traffic now with julie grauert.
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>> julie: sarah, good morning. things looking good on the road. route 1, 93 south from the north shore, nothing slow you down. pike through familiar pike through familiar -- framingham from the tolls. roads are wet. a little foggy as well keep that in mind as you head out the door. here are the live drive times. 25 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 13 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tum. 9 minutes on the expressway from the split to the exit to the pike. back to you. they are coming right at us. let's go. >> we are following developing news this morning. storms have left seven people left in mississippi, tennessee and our can saw. >> catherine: the severe weather impacted the midwest and south as families were travelling to see family. >> a near death experience report report some people made
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>> we heard the alarm and dash to the storm cellar. we walked out of the storm shelter, everything was gone. >> reporter: a large tornado formed in northern mississippi that left a travel damage from miles and miles moving well into tennessee. >> when it was over, i couldn't even find my house. it was just that bad. trees were just everywhere. >> reporter: overnight, first responders this several states worked to make sure no one was trapped under debris. >> our number one priority someone that is stranded to are trapped, we are trying to clear each tree, each county road, each highway, going door to door to make sure that we can eliminate all the possibilities if there is still someone that needs help. >> reporter: the storm system left damage across the midwest and the south flooding roads, downing trees and damaging homes in parts of kentucky, illinois, indiana, and alabama as well. i am andrew spencer reporting. >> daniel: fox25 will bring you all developments from the
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the morning. if you were away from your television gets alert through our fox25 news app, free to download from the app store and google play. new rules at airports across the country as a holiday travel rush swings into high gear. the tsa says some passengers cannot opt out of full body scans. fox25's jessica reyes is live at logan airport with the reason for the changes. jess? >> and, catherine, sure to be a busy morning at logan airport. the new measures they were just announced yesterday. a lot of people this morning they are just learning about them now. yesterday, the tsa announced travelers for enhanced screening will no longer be able to request a patdown. instead they will be required to go through body can machines to go through body can machines. only for passengers picked for enhance. people in the regular security line will be able to request pat down it is they want. passengers we spoke to say they don't mind a new change provided if it is safe.
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we travel a lot and travel a lot internationally with a young child and would rather be safe than sorry. >> reporter: now the body sceneers don't have the ability to store images and the software unit uses. they say they want to remind everyone this will only affect a small number of passengers as a very small percentage of people are picked to go out of line for these enhanced screening. not everyone is happy about in you this change. coming up in 30 minutes, we are hearing from more passengers this morning. live from logan airport. jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. five minutes after the hour this morning. happening today, a local chipotle is cleared to open after more than 100 people, including many bc students got the norovirus from a sick employee. we have been following this since boston. health officials closed down the cleveland circle location on december 7. since then crews have cleaned the restaurant and employees underwent the initial training and restaurant fired the
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employee to stay at work. >> somebody had asked a boss -- mentioned he was sick, and he was told to stay until the end of his shift. bad mistake here and consequences. >> reporter: health officials gave the chipotle the okay to reopen after the inspection yesterday, but it is not near this morning if they will open today. a spokesperson tells us they will, quote, be open as soon as the restaurant is ready and resupplied to go. meanwhile, chipotle restaurants in other parts of the country are responding to a second wave of reported e. coli illnesses, five more people in oklahoma, north dakota and kansas got sick. food safety group say finding the source of sickness is like tracking down a serial killer. >> know how you operate but you don't know hot next victim is going to be. you don't know who the next victim is going to be locate and you usually don't know why. >> food poisoning at chipotle exposes the challenges that
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and track down food pornography illnesses. part of the new spending plan in congress includes food safety efforts to help tackle this problems. new this morning, the mbta confirms a red line driver fired for tampering with the controls of a runaway train is not the only driver funished for the same reason. t officials tell the globe forered line driver was disciplined in 2011 for using a telephone receiver to keep the throttle of a train in place. a customer reported seeing a blue line driver do the same that employer was also disciplined. the mbta fired david vasquez after allowing a red line train travel from braintree to dorchester without a driver on board. a picture from inside the operator's department shows a cable wrapped around the train's throttle and two brake systems have been disabled. vasquez is appealing the t's decision to fire him. police seize a stockpile of rifles, handguns from his home. look at the stash.
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daniel par rilsstare because he has two duis which is reason for losing his guam violence. a family member told them he was concerned about a comment he i need police. a neighbor told fox25 and told us that the situation really scareser. >> everything that has been happening in the news. this is the type of guy that has been on the back of everybody's mind you never know what will happen. he never really converses with anyone on the street. >> daniel: court documents said he threatened to blow up a bar after they didn't let him drive home because he was drunk. they don't think he planned on hurting anyone with the weapons he had. a crash in hanson that sent two people to the hospital. the car was going south on winter street when it crossed into oncoming traffic and hit a pedestrian and an utility pole. emergency crews knew the pedestrian to a boston hospital pedestrian to a boston hospital. police have not filed any charges.
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we know the victim suffered serious injuries and is now in the hospital. it happened on russ craft road near the commuter rail stop. police haven't released much information about this crash, but they tell us a driver did stop. we will let you know with we get an update on the victim's condition. crossing over to 5:09. u.s. marshals are hunting for, a serial bank robber on the loose in new england 37 martin is considered armed and dangerous. a suspect in several robberies in vermont and new hampshire. martin has close ties to the springfield neighborhood. investigators believe he is addicted to drugs. >> that is why we are so worry >> that is why we are so worried about him he is so braze and doing it frequently. nobody knows his state of mind >> the last robbery at a credit union in ludlow, vermont. he has been a fugitive since december 1 when he skipped a court appearance. the marshal's service is offering a $5,000 reward.
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man after an armed robbery at a dollar general store. surveillance video captured the robbery. they believe the person taking money is robert hilber of dorchester. we have the 911 call. >> he is headed to the back road. to auto zone. they are chasing him! >> catherine: sheriff deputy >> catherine: sheriff deputies chased hurricane ilber and another suspect kelly. they hit it pair may have dragged a deerfield police officer with a truck during a stop earlier this month. police take a providence, rhode island man into custody after spending two hours trying to get him down from his roof. officers were looking for thomas morrison ever since a robbery last week. when police showed up at his home, he climbed on the roof and refused to come down. morrison is undergoing a mental evaluation. boston police are looking for the gunmen who open fired in an apartment complex in gentleman make ca plain. it happened just before 4:00. it was one block from the
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one bullet hit a person in the shoulder. another hit the person in the thigh. both are expected to survive. police warmed that area immediately after the shooting. >> in broad daylight here, so a lot of people walking by not far from the t station. and that's what is real alarming for us. >> boston police say they don't know the motive for the shooting. breaking news now overseas. police in belgium have arrested a 9th suspect linked to last month's deadly attack in paris. he had been in contact with the suspected ringleader's cousin. the arrest was made last night and they are not releasing the person's name but a 30-year-old belgium citizen. 130 people were killed in the november attack in france. we track traffic together every ten minutes. right knew 20 machine-minute commute on 495 in and is over to the zakim bridge. sarah. temperatures climbing into the 60s down across the southeast. cooler 40s still above average
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as we head on to the day, that warm front will lift northward. a lot of clouds, a spot shower and the clouds stick around. we will be climbing into the mid- to upper 60s throughout the day today. feeling muggy. feeling kind of mild. i will tell where you we will see record warmth as well as how long the warmth will continue coming continue coming up in a few minutes. chickens, ducks, even alpacas all taken from a home. their owner charged with cruelty against the animals. coming up the next half hour, how police say her hobby spiraled out of control. safety deposit boxes filled
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just coming up on 4:15. despite the record warm weather despite the record warm weather, passengers so seeing a lot a lot of delay at u.s. airports. the rain and fog in the northeast have slowed traffic at logan. hubs in new york, washington, chicago and atlanta saw weather chicago and atlanta saw weather-related delays and cancellations yesterday. 38 million passengers are expected to fly over christmas and new year's. airline s have added up to 700 extra flights per day. more than 100 million americans are hitting the roads for the end of the year holidays. aaa says this is the highest number drivers it has ever projected. falling gas prices and warm weather are the big reasons for the increase. the average price of gas is below $2 a gallon for the first time since 2009. many questions this morning
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than $1 million in embezzled taxpayer money in the safety deposit box. the boxes wronged to former say the rep john george. a rep sentenced him. a judge only told the court he had $200,000 of the missing money. people tell us they are outrage people tell us they are outraged. >> you need to get your life in order and think about what you are doing to so many people that struggle to have a good life. >> catherine: the money was discovered over the last couple of days. we reached out to george's attorney, but we haven't heard yet. hyatt hotels are asking customers to keep an eye on their credit card statements. they are working with cyber experts to figure out what happened. the hackers got two computers that processed customers' payments. officials are not confirmed if any sensitive information was stolen.
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merry christmas eve. start on the pike. you are flying from framingham through the weston tolls into the allston-brighton area. things are looking good on 95 south and route 1. the zakim bridge, a little hazy fog out there near the zakim and we have seen it in the shot from the pike. something to keep in mind as you head out the door. the live drive times, 24 minutes from the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway president braintree expressway to the pike. and 20 minutes from i-95 to the leverett connector. storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri think morning and you are forecast. a particular. it will be warm today. >> sarah: i am wearing a sleeveless dress. i would normally not do it on christmas eve, but so warm record warm nighttime boston. taking a look at what happened. we have some rain out there. out there too. you see some of the glare from the head lights. i know driving in from 128,
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roadways. take it easy. sure enough boston picked up three quarter of an inch from the overnight hours and worcester from yesterday through the overnight just under an inch. month. but we are still well below average for rainfall for the entire year and we have a few chances. spot shower through the day and more in the way of clouds as well as fog through the morning well as fog through the muggy too as we will be chasing those record highs in the 60s, even near 70 is where we are headed. the mild weather will continue right throughout weekend and we will bring back the chance of showers during the weekend as well. record highs 64 in providence, 2014. that was just last year. guess what, guys, 65 already. we have already broke that record. boston, your record high 61 back in '96. also in '96, worcester, 57. concord, your record high of the day 54 in 2003 and hartford
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1996. we are likely going to really see the warmth move on in, and we are starting to see that down across the cape and islands where thursday have in the upper 50s to low to middle 60s. 50 in boston. 40s to the north. noticing some green right here. this is what we have left over from the heavier rain that pushed through the overnight hours. just a few spot showers possibly may need the wind chill wipers and need your low beams because we have areas of fog. visibility being reported across the region. variable although it has continued to fluctuate in portions like portsmouth and for chatham and nantucket, we continue to see less than a mile visibility. i am expected to see the fog lift throughout morning but the cape and islands, it may linger through a good morgues of the day. we look at these winds right now, current wind speeds out of the southwest gusting over 30 miles per hour. that is just bringing in that warmth. but also bringing in some moisture too. likely going to see a lot of clouds around down across the
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will be quite gusty. we do see a few breaks in the cloud cover and anticipating to see those temperatures nicely climbing into the upper 60s, even near 70 degrees. so taking a look at that futurecast, you can see a lot of clouds around. there are those breaks in the cloud cover down across the southeast a risk of a spot shower, a weak cold front comes through and start to see improvement and clearing into the overnight hours and leading to a mixture of sun and clouds for your christmas day. your holiday forecast in the greater boston area upper 60s. a sprinkle out there. overnight we could see some fog and we will see the clearing. temperatures back toward 50 degrees. and come tomorrow, it is still warm. upper 50s to low 60s with a mix of sun and clouds. the seven-day forecast. their weekend always in view showing that temperatures stay mild through the weekend in the 50s. clouds increase on saturday ahead of rain overnight and a cold front comes through on sunday bringing another chance of showers and the real cool air moves back in on breezy winds on monday and noticing
5:19 am
normal, and by tuesday, well, we could be tracking a wintry mix of precipitation going from record warmth to a wintry mix. lots to talk about in the seven lots to talk about in the seven-day forecast. over to you. just about 5:21. a candidate for president firing back at a political cartoon. >> not much ticks me off, but making fun of my girls, that will do it. >> catherine: why that cartoon >> catherine: why that cartoonist is defending her illustration poking fun of ted cruz's use of his kids.
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from home. praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled,
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to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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5 :24 right now. check out this dramatic video of a helicopter crashing at a tourist resort in fiji. strong wind gusts hit the chopper as it tried to land at the treasure island resort. the aircraft surged forward and slammed into palm trees. eventually it landed near a swimming pool at the resort. seven people were on board including two children. no one was seriously hurt. that is just incredible. a truck driver out in california gets the surprise of a lifetime. >> it's a bear. >> it is a bear. >> daniel: that is cinnamon the bear.
5:23 am
loaded on the back of a truck. >> we opened the door and he come running out and one of the other drivers standing out there, he ran right by him and took off this way. >> reporter: wildlife experts say cinnamon most likely climbed into the dumpster looking for food and fell asleep. when he woke up he was 65 miles away in fresno. it took crews a few hours to get him but they eventually tranquilized him and when he wakes up, he will be back home in the sequoia national forest. >> julie: he looks fuzzy but he is a bear. our first story from walpole. alice fisher. she turned 110 years old. the oldest person in she looks great too. >> catherine: quite the party. pat the patriots. the patriots threw her a big birthday bash and gave her a special jersey. number 110. >> catherine: she earned it
5:24 am
and the patriots alum wishing her well on her 110th birthday. a milestone. >> julie: her secret to a long life is working hard. >> catherine: nay. >> julie: now we know the secret. the last-minute gift for a cat louver in your life. the local animal group has the perfect gift. >> from the kitty rescue and adoption in jaffrey, new hampshire. it is selling this calendar called cats and tats. trying to raise money to buy a new facilities and this calendar will cost and we vice president had any snow yet. quite the contrary, but a professor in california is trying to make tomorrow. >> catherine: a lot of people are saying doesn't feel like christmas without the snow. and this professor is trying to figure out the reason why no two snowflakes are alike and he has been making snow and create has been making snow and creating snow under controlled conditions in his lab. >> he makes them under the
5:25 am
>> catherine: they are beautiful to look at. >> julie: much better than the construction paper. >> catherine: i can deal with the single snowflake, but the feet of them that can become problematic. >> julie: the snow mound, the snow. took forever to melt. check in with. >> sarah: . >> sarah: now. not all about snow but warm. >> sarah: i am used to cutting out the paper and making my snowflakes. i am fine with that right now. no chance of snow in the forecast for the day today, because, yes, we have got temperatures climbing to record levels today. 60 to near 70 degrees, but i do have the chance have the chance of snow in our seven-day forecast. i will tell you when coming up. a muslim family planning for months to go to disney turned away at the airport. they said they were given no
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a tropical-like feel to our christmas season. muggy and mild weather is in the forecast for today. we are expecting temperatures in the 70s once the sun comes up. good morning to you, i am daniel miller. >> catherine: i am catherine parrotta. if anybody was planning for a ugly sweater day, cut the sleeves off. it is too warm. >> daniel: i can totally see that happen. >> catherine: fox25 sarah wroblewski is pinpointing the
5:29 am
break records, sara. >> sarah: the christmas parties will not have to deal with those ugly sweaters. that's for sure. we are talking about record we are talking about record-breaking temperatures in the forecast today. feeling more like what would you typically see in south florida. so with that being said, also will feel like that with the muggy conditions. the rain now pushing off to the east. there are still just a few isolated showers out there, mainly for the arm of the cape and clouds and fog too. as you head closer to the boston, metro area out toward 495, seeing a few raindrops. and as we head further north traveling along 95 and parts of seacoast, new hampshire. just isolated out there and that is what we will anticipate as we head out to the day. drying conditions with breaks in the cloud cover. temperatures 40s, 50s, yes, we are already in the 60s from prove doan's plymouth. winds very gusty too out of the southwest. as we go throughout day we will see some drying as temperatures will climb into the 60s by midmorning and a lot of places. noticing some breaks in the
5:30 am
isolated shower, but as we head into the afternoon, some spots will be in the upper 60s to near 70. i think best chances will be to the north and west and we see the breaks in the cloud cover. down across -- down across the south coast, the cape and islands, lots of clouds. fog throughout day and also a risk of that shower as a weak cold front comes through. we will talk about how long this warmth continues, plus other chances of showers, even some snow in the seven-day forecast. let's get a check of your traffic now with julie grauert. >> julie: sara, good morning. i am expecting a light day as many of us are getting up and taking eve and last-minute errands we have to run. things looking good on route 1 and 93 south. moving to the pike, nice green traffic flow and what we will see a little bit of fog like sara mentioned. wet roadways like sara mentioned but nice light volume mentioned but nice light volume. live drive pipes. 13 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 12 minutes on 95. 11 minutes on 128 northbound
5:31 am
weston tolls. catherine and daniel, back to you. >> they are coming right at us. let's go. we are following developing news this morning. storms killed at least seven people in mississippi, tennessee and arkansas. >> andrew spencer reports this morning, the severe weather impacted much of the midwest and the south just as people are traveling out of the state to see family and friends for christmas. >> we came back the second -- >>reporter: some people made it to safety just in time. >> here in the house we heard the wind picking up and went to the storm center and 45 seconds and it just hit. we walked out of the storm cellar, everything was gone. >> reporter: others were not so lucky. 11 people died when a large storm from mississippi. storm from mississippi. left damage from mississippi to continue opinion is. >> before it was over i couldn't find my house. it was just bat. >> reporter: overnight first responders in several states worked to make sure nobody was
5:32 am
for help. >> that has been our number one priority if we have someone that is stranded or someone that is trapped. we try clear each street, each county road, each highway going to door to door to make sure we can eliminate all possibilities can eliminate all possibilities. >> the storm system left damage across much of the midwest in the south flooding roads, downing trees and damaging homes in parts of kentucky, illinois, indiana and alabama as well. i am andrew experience reporting. >> daniel: fox25 will bring you all new developments from the south and the midwest throughout the morning. if you were away from your tv, you can guess the alerts through our station news app free to download from the app store and google play. new rules at airports across the country just as the holiday travel rush swings into high gear. out in tsa say some passengers cannot opt out of full body scans. fox25's jessica reyes is live at logan airport with the
5:33 am
>> reporter: and catherine, the psa say passion injuries were selected for enhanced screening and may opt out of the body scan. at logan they have gotten busier over the last half hour. a lot of people out of here for christmas eve. a lot of people we are talking to this morning are just learning about his new measures now. yesterday the tsa say travelers pay for enhanced screening no longer request a pat down but instead will have to go through body scan. only for passengers pegged for the enhanced screening. those waiting the regular line and aren't pulled out of line, they will be able to request a pat down if they want. we spoke with several people and many of them -- they said if they don't mind the new policy if it keeps them safe. >> not a big problem of requiring people to go through it rath than people having to bypass it for one reason or the other.
5:34 am
tighter security and spend a couple more minutes in line. i think it is worth it for everybody's sake. >> reporter: now these new body scanner also provide a detailed image. the psa wants to remind everyone that this is going to apply to a very small number of passengers a very small percentage of people are pulled out of line for enhanced screening. in the next half hour, we are hearing from more passengers, some of them who don't understand why the psa needs to go through measures. live in logan airport, jessica reyes, fox25 morning news. 5:36 right now. happening today, a local chipotle is cleared to be open after more than 100 people, including many bc students got the norovirus from a sick employee. we have been following this since boston health officials closed down the cleveland circle location on december 7. since then crews have cleaned the restaurant. authorities underwent additional training and a restaurant fired the manager who allowed the sick employee
5:35 am
>> somebody has asked a boss -- mentioned he was sick and he was told to stay until the end of the shift. bad mistakes and serious consequences. >> health officials gave chipotle the okay to reopen after the inspection yesterday, but it is not clear this morning they will open today. the spokesperson tell us they will, quote, be open as soon as the restaurant is reopened and ready to go. the mbta confirms a red line driver fired for tampering with the controls of a runaway train was not the only driver train was not the only driver punished for the same reason. another red line driver was disciplined in 2011 for use telephone receiver to keep account throttle of a train in place. in 1999, a customer reported seeing a blue line driver do the same thing. that employee was also disciplinelast week the my me fired david vasquez after allow fired david vasquez after allowing a red line train travel from braintree to dorchester.
5:36 am
operator's k-martment show a cord wrapped around the throttle and two brake systems were disabled. thanks to bostons re quu crews two people are safe after they pulled them out of the harbor. the fire department's trucks there and the area near west 4 there and the area near west 4th street. boston police tell 2000 homeless men jumped into the harbor and were treading water. they were drunk and suffered hypotherapy i can't. one police officer suffered a minor injury during the rescue effort. 5:38 right now. after seeing this video on television, the man seen in this surveillance footage stealing christmas lights in lynn has turned himself in. police say he confessed, returned everything he stole, and then apologized to the homeowner. no charges are being filed against him. a surprise discovery following a large fire in downtown portsmouth. the portsmouth herald say several people were living in illegal apartments. the building burned earlier this month.
5:37 am
of the company that rented tanning beds and indoor hot tubs. the old hot tubs covered with plywood and mattresses were placed on them. electric space heaters. several people are homeless and two dogs are dead following fire fighters say it broke out around 8:00 at this apartment on revere street. the fire started on the second floor of the five-story building. all of the people were able to get out safely. the blaze cost $65000 in damage. officials are caring for 37 animals seized from a new hampshire home following animal abuse allegations, police say sharon milanson only all the animals and neglecting them. she took the animals in when others couldn't care for them anymore in was her son's hobby. she continued after he died earlier this year, but the new hampshire spca says the animals aren't getting taken care of. >> she clearly has many birds in her main here.
5:38 am
the main toward her eye especially. >> lilansin will fight the animal vult charges. >> the boston celtics is getting their big lift from kelly olyny k, look how the big man gets the monster jam and a great play there. later in the game, eye jay thomas will find olynyk downcourt down court with the easy too 37 . finished with 20 points on the night. beating the hornets 102-89. tracking weather and traffic he ten minutes. seven minutes on the expressway heading northbound from the braintree split up to columbia road. sarah. >> sarah: good start to the day and sure enough tracking wet roadways, areas of fog this morning. take it easy for the outer tape have as well as nantucket. the morning temperatures are going to range from 40s to north and west. mid-60s across the southeast and 60s where we are headed this afternoon.
5:39 am
a very mild day on tap. i will show you what to expect in your town coming up. 5:40. a violation of a christmas tradition gets a young girl to call 911. why she told why she told police santa was not going to make a stop at her house.
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senator ted cruz's campaign runs a spoof ad spreeture runs a spoof ad spreeturing his kids poking fun at hillary clinton. >> i'll use my own servers and no one will be the wiser. >> reporter: but this cartoon that ran in the "washington post" that has everyone talking post" that has everyone talking. a pulitzer-prized winning cartoonist depicted the presidential candidate as organ grinder and his daughters as monkeys. cartoonist said an unspoken rule that children are off-limits but when someone uses their kids as political props, the children are fair game.
5:43 am
>> when i saw that cartoon. not much ticks me off, but making fun of my girls, that will do it. don't mess with my kids. don't mess with marco's kids. don't mess with hillary's kids. don't mess with anybody's kids. >> reporter: the editorial page took down the cartoon, but fought back saying . now denying an ohio army veteran battling cancer the dlawing saving his life. he has a rare soft tissue cancer. the last year and a half, a clinical drug has been keeping him alive but a drug company has stopped the trial because it doesn't work for most patients. doctors appealed to the company for compassionate use for the drug for brad but the company turned down the request. >> what if this is your son or your husband. put yourself in their shoes for just a minute. >> i have fought through all this chemo and fighting to get
5:44 am
so i am going to keep fighting. >> brazil's oncologist said his rounds will be continued throughout holiday but they are looking for other treatments after that. a muslim family in britain said they were barred for a flight to the u.s. for a planned trip to disneyland. we first told you about this during the news at 9. u.s. officialsly not give them an explanation other than they could not travel to the u.s. even though they already had visas. their children had been looking forward to the trip for months. >> we feel humiliated, alienated. the way we were dealt with is out of the ordinary. >> british prime minister david cam lon investigate the matter. christmas came early for fans of the beatles. we love you yeah, yeah, yeah it's been a hard day's night help, i need somebody help cause i am the tax man .
5:45 am
midnight, the legendary rockers popped up on streaming services spotify, apple and the industry had saw push back from taylor swift and adele because of low royalty payments to the artists. this is pretty cool. >> julie: people will be rocking to the beatle now that it is so readily available. good morning, everyone. merry christmas eve. flying up from 229 in rockland, hingham into braintree. the major roads is look good. expressway moving along fine right now. we aren't seeing high volume quite yet. we are seeing some raindrops on our lens. you can see it retracted there off of the lens. the payment is wet and there are still some foggy continues out. there and life drive times. 11 minutes on 24 from 106 to 128. 7 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to
5:46 am
station storm tracker weather meteorologist sarah wroblewski joining us now, and we are already breaking records and not even 6 a.m. yet. >> i know. we are talking about record we are talking about record-breaking high temperatures for the day today. providence hit 65 degrees. their record high 64. so they are going to continue to go from there. we are doing a lot of things this morning. not only talking temperatures. we have got some areas of fog. lower visibility. and especially out toward chatham and nantucket, but also we have some pretty intense rainfall last night over an inch to two inches down across the southeast. boston picked up under an inch. the weather threats, yes, will be the fog this morning. there are still a few raindrops and lower the chances, and then record heat. usually we don't see all these of these all together that will be high because we will deep see climb above average, and, i mean, above 30 degrees. and sure enough could be breaking records as we head into the afternoon. so the current conditions, lots of clouds.
5:47 am
green here. and we have temperatures in the 40s and northwest. 51 in norwood. already 64. 64 in providence and plymouth. and we are tapping into the mild air and very windy conditions from the. wind gusts from the southwest over 30 in some spots. we will bring in the wind. we will bring in the warmth. also the muggy conditions too. we will notice the dew point rising and will have a tropical feel i guess. it will feel like you are in florida for the day today. so currently in boston, 50 degrees. that wind is out of the northeast. once that warm front lifts northward, temperatures will jump from the 50s this morning into the mid-60s by midmorning. noticing mostly cloudy skies throughout the day today. and temperatures still getting into the upper 60s. our record highs 61 degrees. and in fact, last year was pretty mild, and we were in the mid-40s. average temperature this time of year upper 30s. our forecasted forecast in the
5:48 am
record set back in 1996. so we are really going to have to watch carefully though because some pots that get near the 70-degree mark. it all depends on sunshine throughout the day. these temperatures are pretty mild. the chance of showers although we have a few this morning. we could see some more later on especially along the south coast as the weak cold front comes through and drying out tomorrow. looks pretty quiet yet and saturday we bring back those chances of some showers. this cold front will be the one pushing eastward as we head throughout day and we will see some clearing at times. best chance of a shower will be down across the south coast. notice right around midnight when santa is starting to fly, looking good out there. wake up tomorrow to a mix of sun and clouds and the story tomorrow with mild conditions. cooler i guess could you say with temperatures in the uppers. low 60s compared to the low 70s low 60s compared to the low 70s. and for the weekend, a cool front comes through late saturday or -- a warm front,
5:49 am
then the cold front will come on through late sunday. bringing us back to near normal and sure enough by tuesday, could be tracking snow, ice, changing over to rain. a wet weather, a wintry mix headed our way. as for right now we are talking about breaking records, highs for the day today. over to you. >> all right, 5:51. a pricey watch is found inside a salvation army kettle. why the donor felt like he need why the donor felt like he needed to give to the charity. coming up new at 6:00,
5:50 am
sites, dr . six minutes until the top of the hours. the salvation army getting a boost from the governor and boston's mayor. governor charlie baker and mayor marty walsh rang the pwem for charity that happened outside the boston common. mayor walsh raised money, more money than anyone last year and don't know as he claimed the title again this year. well, another generous find in a red kettle this time in newburyport. an anonymous donor took the gold row locks off his gold row locks off his wrist and handed it to the bell
5:51 am
he felt guilty wearing it when to many in need. that watch appraised for more than 4,000. they are hope they are hoping to raise 3million this christmas alone. on this christmas eve, st. nick is about to begin his around-the-world adventure. santa is not the only one working hard. >> this is corporal banks. >> reporter: folks at the north american aerospace defense command will be busy as elves tracking santa's program go he is with their radar. old saint nick's itinerary is not always predictable but he does provide a flight plan. he usually starts off at the internation at the day line and moves west. >> so typically he will hit the down. moves across the united states, and then he will probably hit alaska and take a much-needed vacation in hawaii before heading home, which i think he deserves. >> reporter: hundreds of
5:52 am
springs will answer always from kids all over the world. >> santa has been doing this for 16 century for 16 centuries and i don't think he has ever missed a good little girl or boy. >> reporter: if you want to check in on santa's progress using your tablet, an app for that. >> when things are rocking and rolling on christmas eve and kids are able to call in and talk to a live operator, get an update where santa is. have a conversation. go on a website, check the app, that's what it is all about. the camaraderie, the christmas spirit. >> reporter: little kids and big kids alike can also log on to noradsanta.toring find out where in the world santa is on christmas eve. norad volunteers will be manning the phones around the clock on christmas eve. they can even answer questions like whether or not you are on the naughty or nice list. in denver, alicia acuna, fox news. >> daniel: i hope we both have
5:53 am
>> catherine: you check where santa is and then you better get to bed or he won't come for the kids watching. why the tsa says opting out of the full body scan may no longer be an option. a local chipotle gets the green light to reopen. what the restaurant needs before it reopens for business. we have big changes in the weather department. 50s and headed into the 60s, near 70 today with a lot of clouds.
5:54 am
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