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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 24, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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the penn state sexual style lets you stand out from the herd. what's inside sets you apart. the 2016 cadillac escalade. >> jessica: changing security measures and what they are doing to keep you safe. >> daniel: new this morning taking closer look at new ink aaron hernandez was sporting in
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the gang affiliation it could be a sign of. >> julie: picking up pieces left behind after storms like this one. >> after the storm was over i couldn't even find my house. >> julie: search going on christmas eve morning across several states. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: merry christmas eve, everyone. i'm julie grauert. >> daniel: i'm daniel miller. it is december 24th but sure doesn't feel like it. sarah wroblewski, it is not snow you're tracking but record smashing temperatures. >> sarah: going to be pretty amazing as record highs for the day in the 50s low to mid-60s. 61 in boston set back in 1996. yeah, we will do much better than this. we will be climbing into the 60s if not near 70 in some spots today. this warm front does have to lift northward, so areas to the
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noticing the heavy rain from last night now pushed to the east but there's some more wet weather, scattered showers in nature to our south, that will be moving on in, so a lot of clouds, a lot of fog, mist this morning, not picture perfect but look at temperatures, 60s already down across the southeast, 40s and 50s as you travel further north and west, worcester i saw that pine and starting to see the warmth really build on in and track father and stick around for the islands as highs today travel to the 60s and fog burns off, may see some breaks in the cloud cover and could get near 70 and otherwise i think we will do just fine with upper 60s and mild air continues for the holiday and show you what to expect. let's look at traffic now with julie grauert. how are they looking. >> julie: if only everyday was like today.
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very slow traffic flow and 93 south speed limit rise, pike wide open framingham through the weston tolls and there we go through bryant, lots of space between those cars. here are live drive times, 23 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave, 13 minutes from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel and nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. >> daniel: last minute change for airport security rules holiday travel season. >> julie: tsa now says passengers must have full body scans if they are chosen for enhanced security screenings. fox25 jessica reyes is live at logan airport this morning. jess, this is in response to the recent terror attacks across the world. >> jessica: that's right. most of the people we have talked to her this morning, they say they are happy to hear about the new screenings, as long as they keep everyone safe. they were just announced yesterday, a lot of people showing up here christmas eve morning, they are just learning about the new screenings now. as security concerns mount in light of recent terror attacks,
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some of the screening procedures. >> i think you have to just surrender no privacy. >> jessica: agency announced wednesday no longer to request a pat-down. ned required to pass through body scan machines. the body scanners don't have the ability to sort images. instead, generic image of human body and not person being screened. >> unless images saved and steroid in database, it is just a kick check. >> jessica: important to know passengers selected for enhanced screenings. people in regular security line will soon be able to request a physical pat-down. >> i really don't mind one way or another. just something we have to put up with. >> jessica: dorothy o'dell has artificial knee and often pulled out of line for setting off the metal detecter and whether enhanced screening is doesn't matter. >> i find them both very intrusive and at the same time
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don't see change much of a difference. >> nothing more than people having to bypass for one reason or another. >> jessica: most people we spoke to agree. any time security is tightened, it is a good thing. >> most time i would rather have security and couple more minutes in line and i think it is worth it for everybody's sake. >> jessica: tsa wants to emphasize this will only affect a very small number of people and handful of people are selected for the security screening. live at alert, i'm jessica reyes, fox25 news. >> daniel: . >> julie: police arrested another suspect connected with the attacks in paris. police not releasing the person's name. he is a 30-year-old belgium citizen. 130 people were killed in the november took in france. julie: also new this morning the u.s. military may change engage the for iraq and
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at whether to loosen the rules for when bombs can be dropped. at issue the number of confirmed intelligent sources necessary before an air strike is approved easing rules could lead to more civilian casualties. >> daniel: mbta confirm red line driver confirmed for tampering with controls of runaway train is not the only reason. tsa officials say another red line driver was disciplined in 2011 for using a telephone receiver to keep the throttle of the train in place. 9999 a passenger reported seeing a blue line driver doing the exact same thing. that employee was also disciplined. last week the mbta fired david vazquez after allowing a red line train to travel from braintree to dorchester without a driver on board. picture from inside the operator's apartment showed cable wrapped around the train's throttle and two break systems were disabled. vazquez is appealing the "t's" decision to fire him. >> julie: it is now 9:06.
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aaron hernandez. the former patriot was in a boston courtroom on tuesday. instead of wearing a suit, he wore a t-shirt which exposed a prison 32 too. it has the word lifetime loyalty over a five pointed star. the star is symbol linked with the blood's gang. hernandez siserving life in prison for the murder of odin lloyd. he is also charged for killing two men in boston in 2012. julie: convicted child molester will receive a big check pennsylvania. jerry sandusky due to receive $211,000 from the state's retirement fund. last month the court stated his pension wrongly stopped after accused of abusing teen boys. he is serving 30 to 60 year prison sentence. >> julie: new this morning a prestige new england prep school
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by staff members but the abuse was not reported to police. it came from st. george's school in rhode island. new investigation found 23 students were sexually abused by three employees in the 1970s and '80s. three other staff members were involved with individual students. they are investigating. >> daniel: looking for serial bank robber now on the loose in new england. matthew martin considered armed and dangerous and suspect in at least seven robberies in vermont and new hampshire. martin has close ties to the springfield area. investigators believe he is addicted to drugs. >> that's what makes us so worried about him he is so brazen about it and doing it frequently. nobody knows the state of mind. >> daniel: latest robbery took place on monday at credit union in ludlow, vermont. martin has been a fugitive since december 1st when he skipped a court appearance. marshall service offering a
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>> julie: happening today local chipolte cleared to open after one over 100 people got the norovirus after a sickened employee. there was at least one worker there and sign taken off the door. it closed down the cloves on december 7th. they cleaned the restaurant and employees underwent additional training and the restaurant fired the manager that allowed the sickened employee to state at work. >> somebody had asked a boss, mentioned he was sick and he was told to stay until the end of the shift. bad mistake, serious consequences. >> julie: health officials gave okay to reopen after the inspection yesterday and they will open as soon as the restaurant is resupplied and ready to go. julie: second wave of reported e. coli illnesses at other chipoltes. five more people in oklahoma and kansas got sick. finding sickness is like
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>> now how he operators but don't know who the next victim will be and don't know where the next victim will be located and usually don't know why. >> julie: food poisoning at chipolte exposes challenges health official have been trying to stop food-borne illnesses. part of new spending plan in congress includes food safety problem. >> daniel: boston police looking for gunman that opened fire in jamaica plain. the shooting hand before 4:00 in a building on center streets. it was just one block from the jackson square "t" stop. one bullet hit a person in the shoulder, another hit person in the thigh. both are expected to survive. police swarmed the area immediately after the shooting. >> broad daylight here, a lot of people walking by not far from the "t" station and that's what's alarming. >> daniel: boston police don't know the motive for the >> catherine: >> julie: we check traffic and weather. drive times have been low and
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eight minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. fox25 storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski here. >> sarah: southeastern areas into boston, mile visibility heading up the north shore, also seeing lower visibility and going to be traveling northward into manchester, new hampshire and lots of clouds, mist this morning, temperatures though they are soaring into the mid to upper 60s, record breaking for christmas eve and talk about how long the mild shift will last coming up in a few minutes. >> julie: dozens of new hampshire animals taken from
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winchester hospital there are over 15,000 ways to take your coffee at dunkin'. every cup as unique as you. always fresh with that signature smooth taste. we take pride in every cup, but only one is your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. >> daniel: we continue to follow developing news this morning. storms left seven people dead in mississippi and arkansas and severe weather impacts much of
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traveling out of the state to see family and friends for christmas. >> we came that close. near death experience. >> reporter: some people made it to safety just in time. >> we dashed out to the storm shelter and 45 seconds and walked out of the storm shelter and everything was gone. luck. several people died as harm tornado formed in northern mississippi. left a trail of damage for miles tennessee. >> when the storm was over i couldn't find my house. it was everywhere. >> reporter: first responders in several states to make sure nobody was desperate for help. >> number one priority if we do have someone stranded or trapped or trying to clear each tree, each county road, each highway going door to door to make sure we can eliminate all the highway. >> reporter: storm left across
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damaging homes in parts of kentucky, illinois, indiana and alabama as well. i'm andrew spencer reporting. >> daniel: fox25 will bring you developments from south and west throughout the morning. if you are away from your television you can get notifications from our app. >> julie: lots of delays at u.s. airport. rain and fog at the northeast has slowed down traffic at logan washington, atlanta also saw weather related delays yesterday 38 million passengers are expected to fly over christmas and new year's and added 700 flight per day. julie: aaa says this is the highest number of drivers ever projected following gas prices and warm weather are too big factors for the increase.
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2009. >> daniel: keeping eye on credit card statements after data breach. the chicago base resort chain to figure out exactly what happened hyatt says the hackers got to payments. officials have not confirmed yet if any sensitive information was stolen. >> julie: 9:17 on christmas eve and getting ready to head out the door for last minute shopping. expressway a little bit slow but nothing compared to what we are used to seeing. wide open through bryant and drive times 19 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector and nine minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. fox25 storm tracker meteorologist sarah wroblewski joining us and looks like most of the fog beginning to burn off in traffic camera.
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>> julie: >> sarah: lower visibility and boston picked up three-quarters of an inch, worcester about an inch and some locations, gardner but also down across the southeast, oversaw two inches of rain. so we are near normal in worcester above average actually for the month, boston just a little bit below, but as for the year rainfall amounts we are well below the average and still seeing abnormally dry conditions, but the chances of showers, they will continue through the week, going to be unsettled, we still have risk of power today, a lot of clouds around, although it is going to be really, really warm out there, muggy too as winds will be picking up out of the southwest and chasing record highs in mildun settled pattern continues into the weekend. so record high temperatures 50s from worcester to concord to hartford, 61 in boston and 64 in providence and already broken earlier this morning. providence hit 65 before
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we will have to watch in boston as temperatures right now at that 50 degree mark expected to climb as we head on through the morning hours. 40s to the north and west and now 60 in worcester, so you can see exactly where the warm front is. we got 60s, that's where we are starting to see the warm front punch on in and i have to point out as we go through the day, notice the wind gusty through the southwest bringing in mild air and in worcester expecting to see the temperature continue to climb into the upper 60s with a lot of clouds around and continue to see few breaks and visibility out the there right now, yes, it is improving, still seeing less than mile visibility many places like portsmouth at mile in boston, current wind speeds, look at that, gusting over 20 in many locations across the southeast. in fact, hyannis, i think that was a gust of 30 miles per hour there and highs today climbing well into the sixties, if not near 70 if we see any breaks in the cloud cover through the afternoon hours. i think the clouds and fog may hang a little tough down across the cape and islands, so future
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1:00 noticing the breaks to the north, but risk of isolated shower still not out of the question, most activity will be light, less than tenth of an inch by this evening areas of fog down across southcoast and start to see clearing looking pretty fantastic for santa to arrive and shouldn't have any problems and traveling getting up early look at mix of sun and clouds and holiday forecast for you, temperatures in the upper 60s, spot shower, see santa flew right over my head. patchy fog right there, temperatures fall back to near 50, cooler through the interior and come tomorrow high temperatures still above average and usually upper 30s. so taking mid to upper 50s 60s on christmas day, not too bad. 7-day forecast with weekend always in view, also showing the mild air continues through the weekend. clouds increase on saturday ahead of a front which will bring wet weather late and rain
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temperatures sore into the upper 50s, low 60s and then another round of showers thanks to cold front that will come on through, knock temperatures back down, it will be breezy but bright on monday and then tuesday starts really cold as system arrives, we could be talking about snow to ice to rain, winter makes a comeback next week. there's latest look at forecast. >> daniel: coming up hick's latest online campaign getting backlash. while her attempt to connect with youngest hispanic voters
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>> julie: tattoo praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders
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>> daniel: one animal rights group using holidays to send message to sea world. treatment of ethical treatment of animals went to san diego yesterday and wanted mail carriers to deliver that to sea world. the group claims the mistake. >> julie: elf on shelf is christmas tradition and makes sure they are good before santa comes. isabella watched the elf on shelf movie and learn if you touch it it can lose the christmas majeck. >> i got scared santa wasn't
9:24 am
>> thought she killed the elf and elf was injured and santa wouldn't come. >> police department came by the house to make sure everything was okay and santa made a special stop at local fire station to let her know he knew it was an accident and still be coming to her house. >> daniel: time for check it out, first story from walpole and want to introduce you to alice fischer. alice turned 110 years old, making her the oldest person in massachusetts and her birthday party as you could see, she had a very special guest, pat the patriot, and team gave her a custom jersey, as you can see with number 110 and also given proclamation from the president and first lady. she told the globe secret to long life is working hard. >> julie: if you need a last minute gift for cat lover, animal rescue group has gift for
9:25 am
kitty adoption center in jaffrey, new hampshire selling a calendar. they are trying to raise money to build a new facility and it costs $7.95. >> daniel: our producer said it is not bad looking. >> julie: call up the cover. wonder what month he is, january? >> daniel: february, march. >> julie: haven't had any snow yet this 82er but professor in california is making some and trying to figure out why no two snowflakes are alike. he is out in the field and create controlled conditions in the lab and that's how you can get the images and records the images and posts the images of the designer snow online. he calls himself the world only snow crystal artist. >> daniel: got to be fun.
9:26 am
temperatures we will hit today. >> very, very warm and watching for snowflakes later on in 7-day forecast but cold air out to the west if you are going to be traveling, be prepared for snow out there, it is wet weather across the eastern seaboard and lots of clouds, morning fog and look at temperatures getting into the upper 60s. i will show you where we will be breaking records coming up. >> daniel: introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: rain moving in and as you could see in the picture a little bit of fog a lot of it this morning and guess what and some of it will hit near 70 today. >> julie: keep saying it. hard to believe because of timing and coming up on christmas. >> sarah: temperatures in the 60s in some locations, providence already broke the record high for the date and looking boston into upper 60s and expected to break the record highs for the date, 61 and set back in 1996 and lifting
9:29 am
last night still wet weather to the south and west, so going to keep the clouds in the forecast, there may be some breaks but also the risk of spot shower. temperatures you can see in worcester now, 61. i just showed you the last 15 minutes, it was 50. so temperatures are steadily improving, 50 in boston right now and visibility also improving and limited through the connecticut river valley along the sea coast of new hampshire, boston actually just dropped down to three-quarters of a mile visibility. so fog this morning mist, clouds will break out a little bit into sunshine, that could boost the temperatures to near 70, otherwise 60s, i think we can handle it for christmas eve. the mild air continues through the holiday weekend and show you what to expect coming up but let's get a check of traffic now with julie. >> julie: we can definitely handle the 60s and handle been seeing. pike moving along nicely, 93 south in route 1 wide open. few rain drops still on the lens of camera that shows us the zakim bridge but appears through the rain drops, traffic moving
9:30 am
here are live drive times, 22 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave, nine minutes braintree split to the pike, 22 minutes on 128 south from route 1 to the weston tolls. >> daniel: travelers taking to the skies this christmas eve morning and find changes as it operates and passengers now have to have full body scans as they are chosen for enhanced security screenings. fox25 jessica reyes live out at logan airport for us this passengers. good morning, jessica. >> jessica: good morning, daniel, the tsa wants to emphasize affect a small number of people, those chosen for enhanced screenings and heading out to the airport this morning keep in mind they are in effect. yesterday this announced new screening measures and they will no longer be able to request a pat-down. instead they are going to be requested to pass through body scan machines and important it
9:31 am
for enhanced screening, everybody else regular security lines they will still be able to request a pat-down if that is what they would like to choose instead. we spoke to several people here this morning. vast majority of people we talked to say they are okay with it as long as it helps to keep everyone safe. >> for nowadays i would rather have tighter security and spend a couple more minutes in linehan linehan -- line and i think it is worth it for everybody's sake. >> julie: >> jessica: they use a generic image instead of person being scanned. they only expect it will affect a very small number of passengers. live at logan airport, i'm
9:32 am
>> julie: new this morning the mbta confirm red line drivers fired for tampaeth with controls of runaway driver not the only driver punished for the same reason. tsa officials tell the globe another red line driver was disciplined in 2011 for telephone receiver to keep throttle in place and 1999 a passenger reported seeing a blue line driver do the same thing and that employee was also disciplined. last week the mbta fired david vazquez after allowing a red line train to travel from braintree to dorchester without a driver on board. picture from inside the operator's apartment showed a cable wrapped around the train's throttle and two break systems were disabled. vazquez is appealing the "t's" decision to fire him. julie: new this morning take look at car that crashed into car in derry, new hampshire sea tore through the deck. fire official say the crash actually knocked that deck off its support and no one that lives in the home was hurt and police say there was only one
9:33 am
how the crashed happened. >> daniel: happening today local chipolte cleared to open and many b.c. students got norovirus from a sick employee. we have been following this since boston closed down the cleveland circle location on december 7th. since then crews have claimed restaurant employees underwent additional training and restaurant even fired the manager who allowed the sickened employee to stay at work. >> somebody asked a boss, mentioned he was sick and told to stay until the end of the shift. bad mistakes and consequences. >> daniel: health officials gave the chipolte the okay to reopen after the inspection yesterday and not clear when they will reopen today. spokesperson tells us they will be quote, be open as soon as the restaurant is ready to go and resupplied. >> julie: after seeing this video on tv man stealing christmas lights turned himself in.
9:34 am
stole and apologized to the homeowner. there are no charges against him. >> daniel: portsmouth herald says several people were living in illegal apartments. it had been the company that rented tany beds and indoor hot tubs. old hot tubs had been covered with plywood and mattresses had been placed on them. electric space heaters were also in the rooms. daniel: several people are homeless after a fire in boston. it broke out in an apartment on revere street. all the people were able to get out safely. the blaze caused about $60,000 in damage. >> julie: official are seizing animals after animal abuse allegations.
9:35 am
others couldn't take care of them any more and her son's hobby that she continued earlier this year and new hampshire mspca says the animals aren't being taken care of. >> she clearly has many burrs in her mane here and see them running down the mane and toward her eye especially. >> julie: the woman says she will fight the animal cruelty charges. >> daniel: hearing from a police cruiser. chase started at gas station in cohasset. one customer tells fox25 kelly was acting strangely and then suddenly approached him. >> yelling at me and came over to me. >> daniel: kelly held on $10,000 bail and fox25 learned
9:36 am
other occasions. >> daniel: surveillance video caught person breaking in to cars and contacted him if there's any footage. >> julie: sky fox over the scene, see the fire department's trucks there and area near west 4th street and two homeless men jumped in the harbor and treading water and police say they were drunk and suffered from hypothermia and one police officer had a minor jury during the rescue efforts. >> daniel: senator ted cruz runs a spoof ad poking fun of hillary clinton. >> i will use my own. no one will be the wisest.
9:37 am
candidate as organ grinder and daughters as monkeys. there's unspoken rule that children are off limits but when someone uses kids as political props then they are fair game. cruz, he didn't agree. >> don't mess with my kids or anybody's kids. >> daniel: editorial editor took down the cartoon. they bear the names new york cartoon. >> julie: rain drops on camera and overall light, a lot of space between the cars as head over to the zakim and leverett connector. sarah?
9:38 am
providence and 62 temperature continues to increase and 40s and 50 as you travel north and boston expected to break records as we head into the afternoon, lots of clouds around though with the upper 60s to near 70 chance of spot shower and break down when we will see dryer conditions and how long it lasts >> julie: veteran losing cancer fighting drug that's keeping him alive. coming up the company that's taking medicine away from him
9:39 am
julie: hundreds paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm.
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and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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>> daniel: families that lost loved ones at sandy hook elementary school will split a $1.5 million settlement after eight lawsuits filed against the estate of nancy lanza. her son killed 20 students and six adults and killed his mother and took his own life. families claim nancy lanza was negligent because she kept a an assault rifle in her home knowing her son was mentally ill. >> someone put in the bullet in the back of my 14-year-old's head. >> daniel: the commercial will debut during nationally
9:42 am
messages from nba stars like chris paul, stef cure and he camilla anthony and emotional stories from parents who lost children to gun violence. commercial was directed by film star spike lee. >> julie: molly lion reports month long protest by black lives matter activist. in the final days before christmas shopping at largest mall in america was disrupted by the black lives matter movement. >> they talk about demonstrations being disrupted and think about an unemployment in african-american community three times unemployment rate that's disruptive think about
9:43 am
because they are black, that's disruptive. >> reporter: 80 stores shut down in the massive mall during the protest. even santa claus left the post. in addition to christmas commerce holiday travel was also targeted by the protesters. many left the mall of america and headed for minneapolis st. paul international airport. protest disrupted the flow in terminal for 45 minutes. called the rolling confrontation dangerous. protesters want to release a video between officers and july am clark. he was shot by minneapolis police responding to assault explain. releasing the video now can jeopardize federal and state investigations into the shooting in new york, molly lion, fox
9:44 am
>> julie: muslim family in britain were barred from a trip to disneyland. we told you about this during the news at nine. family of 11 says u.s. officials would not give them an explanation rather they could not travel to the u.s. even though they had visas and children had been looking forward to the trip for months. british prime minister david cameron's office says they will investigate the matter. >> daniel: army veteran has rare soft tissue cancer. last year and a half clinical trial dug has been keeping him alive. now the drug company has stopped the trial because it doesn't work for most patients. doctors say they have appealed to the couple for compassionate request for brad but the company turned down your request. >> what if this was your son or your husband.
9:45 am
just a minute. >> fought through chemo and fighting to get back on the drug and not wanting to give up, so i will keep fighting. >> daniel: treatment rounds will be extended through the holidays and working hard to find him other treatment options after that. >> julie: it is 9:47 and head back out to look at map where you will be able to see few incidents on some of the minor roads but on our major highways moving along nicely. route 193 south here is live look at the zakim bridge, rain drops lingering on the lens, volume though still very manageable. over to those live drive times, 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin and 28 minutes 93 south 495 to the leverett connector and 28 minutes on 128 from peabody in the weston tolls fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist sarah wroblewski in for shiri today and watching some unusually warm temperatures >> sarah: record breaking and
9:46 am
low 60s right now and broke the record in worcester and earlier 4:25 providence hit 65 trees and broke the record too and watching concord as well as hartford and boston and record set back in 1996, 61 and 50 now and region south to north and coolest to the north right now, a lot of clouds, had fog, visibility has been an issue and taking a look at the live camera from boston, really can't see the top of the building here and dew point in the upper 40s, temperatures at 50s and come close together get low clouds and clouds and 60 less than mile as well as the north shore, places like beverly and also seeing limited visibility through the connecticut river valley and across the cape and islands and be prepared to see low clouds with drizzle and going to be one of the weather
9:47 am
to the day there's a chance for spot shower or two especially go further south for the evening and record heat, i say heat because it is not normal. usually in the upper 30s. so having high temperatures in the upper 60s forecasted today, sure enough should break the record set back in 1996. last year i remember i was here tracking rain and warmth and so mild and mid-40s and feeling more like florida today and boston and tracking severe weather with it down across the southeast and still have tornado watches in effect and for us not the severe weather and winds gust out of the southwest bumping out temperatures and could be spot shower or two and afternoon and evening hours and few clouds examine breaks and help temperatures jump and some
9:48 am
could see one of those showers. clearing overnight and developing fog but looking pretty good for santa to come on in, mild conditions and come tomorrow looks as though we will see mix of sun and clouds, still on warm side and by the weekend high pressure in control, so starting off dry, although the clouds will be increasing out of next rain maker that looks to head our way late saturday so this afternoon low to mid-60s across the southeast, mid to upper 60s near 70 in some spots if we see the sunshine this evening it is going to be mild and i mince that temperatures falling back into the 40s to the interior, 50 in boston, areas of fog and come christmas morning sunshine, mix of sun and clouds, 7-day forecast showing that temperatures tomorrow in the 50s and sixties this time of year and showing you mild conditions continue and chance of showers late saturday and early sunday and again late sunday thanks to cold front that will cool us down as we head into next week and watch tuesday because right now looks as
9:49 am
a wintery mix of snow, ice and rain. back to winter. today it is record warmth. today it is over to you. >> daniel: and you could listen to beatles for free and why it could draw criticism from biggest artists agreed today's winner is judy perisco from norton.
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>> daniel: christmas came early for fans of the beatles. >> daniel: after midnight legendary rockers popped up on spotify, amazon prime and apple
9:53 am
this is a big step because of royalty payments to musicians. >> julie: around the world adventure for santa. >> daniel: santa will not be the only one working hard this evening. >> reporter: come christmas eve the folks at north american aerospace defense command will be tracking santa's progress with the radar. old st. nick itinerary isn't always predictable but he does provide flight plan. norad officials say he usually starts off at the international line and moves west. >> hit east coast first, travel up and down and moves across the united states and then probably hit alaska and take much needed valley ski area in hawaii before heading home, which i think he deserves.
9:54 am
springs they will interester it it -- answer questions from all over the world. >> reporter: if you want to check in on santa's progress, there's an app for that. >> when things are rocking and rolling on christmas eve, kids able to call and talk to live operator and update where santa is, have a conversation and go on website, check the app, that's what it is all about, camaraderie, christmas spirit. >> reporter: little kids and big kids alike can log on to norad to find out where in the world santa is on christmas eve. norad volunteers will be manning the phones on christmas eve and even answer questions whether or not you're on the naughty or nice list.
9:55 am
>> daniel: santa has already delivered 1 million presents. >> julie: you have been glued to it. >> daniel: favorite time of year. >> sarah: weather is fact today, record breaking and also risk of spot shower tomorrow looking fantastic for christmas. >> daniel: thank you so much for joining us this morning. don't forget this afternoon at 5:00. >> julie: have a great day and
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