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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  December 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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now, because we on't want to impede anything police are trying to do. this action all started early or mid morning i should say this entire neighborhood has been on edge ever since then. neighbors say they heard something come from a house there this morning on summer street. large boom. she wasn't sure if it was gunfire or no. the pressing question is has anybody been hurt in all this. of course as you would imagine there is a lot of speculation about what may have happened in that house today. police are being intentionally tight liped here as they continue to possibly negotiate with a suspect inside. we've heard from city officials in the last few minutes hotel us they expect the chief to come down here momentarily and brief us about what's going on. as i listen out of the corner of my ear here, i can tell you i'm hearing police addressing somebody inside this house on
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them to come out, to put the weapon down. i'm hearing more pops. we are not going to speculate on whether that's gunfire or something less lethal, but we are going to continue to monitor the situation, gather video and information in this very active scene and bring developments as they happen live this hour. "fox45 news". >> a crips morning in the dark gerkts ago bright finish for some people in brockton. several hundred homes were without power christmas morning and police are search for person responsible. those outages were caused by a pole. >> there was a big explosion h explosion. it was like three times the explosion, all the wires, they were explode everywhere and then it was that was it. it was very squarey.
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utility follow christmas morning. several people heard i.. >> was getting ready to go back to bed and heard the explosion. >> it was a big explosion many everything went off. >> police say the driver ran off before they arrived. jeep owner who lives down the street telling us he doesn't know who took his suv a he was not driving or in it when it happened. crash took out power to about 5,000 customers at first. national grid was able to restore power to all but 300 customers before sunrise. the timing could not have been worse. >> walking up with christmas power is one of the worst things to go through. >> police are looking to see if a crash in brockton was connected in any way. >> thankfully for those impacted by that outage it was very warm outside, certainly doesn't feel like christmas. stormtracker meteorologist rob
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it was warmer than l.a. >> believe it or not high temperature in l.a. is 58 degrees, 62 n boston, just missed the record, but worcester tied the record set 1964. providence off to breaking a record, the second day in a row record high temperatures. still, sitting at 57 right now in boston. here we are an hour after sunset. 56 in bet forward. we are watching the radar closely into the evening and overnight hours. rain north an west of boston in parts of vermont and new hampshire. these showers are moving east, so might clip southern parts of new hampshire. another hour just about to roll over the vineyard here and a few more down toward long island, so parts of new hampshire and vermont but i think the boston
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stay dry but cloudy through the evening hours. also mild on this christmas evening. temperatures will really stay in the 50s until about midnight an finally dip to the 40s very later on tonight. much cooler weather though in the seven-day forecast. we talked about a chance of snow. we will have that coming up in a about ten minutes. >> well, new york also shattering records today for the warmest christmas. today's high temperature in central park was 66 degrees. the old record, 64 degrees was set in 1982. this month is also on pace to be the warmest december ever in the city and as you heard, rob iker saying when flakes fall you'll want to download or fox45 weather app. it give you a town by town forecast even when the news is not.
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person to the hospital between exits 8 and 9. the rv was traveling southbound when it went off the road. police are trying to figure what caused i. no word on the victim's condition. >> concerning threats leading to a large amount of illegal guns in a man's home. the home of daniel was searched on tuesday after police got word of those threats. inside that home were over 100 licensed and unsecure guns along with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, police not elaborating on the nature of those threats but did place that man under arrest. a massachussetts correctional institute was on lockdown for most of the night after reports of gunfire near the facility in shirley. corrections officers say they heard those shots yesterday afternoon and saw a man running away thmt prompted the prison to go into lockdown. police don't believe that anyone was shot. >> police charged two women with
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making up a story about seeing a babe thrown in the merrimack river. they called officers to report the incident. however officials say surveillance video shows it is never happened. state police flew a helicopter over the river. divers searched the water and ambulance was on stand by. crews never found a baby. those two women will be arraigned on monday. this tree making it a little tough to go around in bourn today. it knocked out power for several homes. the power has since been restored to the area. >> today, cardinal sean o'malley held a prayer service at saint francis house after holding services last night. following today's service dozens of volunteers helped provide a christmas meal to hundreds in need. while there was food and decorations, it truly was the christmas spirit that shown brightly.
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down her face, hope davis shared with's us her story, one of struggle and survival, but she says hope isn't just her name. it's who she is, and with faith, she says god as provided. >> two more days. i can't give up. >> it's that inspirational message we heard from so many. murriel has been homeless since may. she want to know if you have strength you can overcome. >> it's in me. it's in all of me every day. we carry it even though we are going through our struggle being homeless and living day by day we still have that love in our heart, and we look forward to sharing with everybody. >> it was that christmas spirit. it's the day of a new beginning that shown so brightly at saint francis house, a shelter murriel goes through every day. today dozens of volunteers like
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meal for knows in need. >> that's what christmas is about, really itself it's about being able to give in such a very simple level. it's not about the gift of the it's about being there and being present and giving someone a smile and merry christmas. >> hope says gratitude is the greatest gift of all, because with faith, she has no fear. >> it will be all right. >> so many incredible stories there. saint francis house is the largest day shelter in the commonwealth and serves over 600 people a day. the cardinal has been holding services there over ten years. >> a local rock legend taking time out of his celebrations to give back to those in need. resident speech helping out with the town's food bank. he joined the police to do shopping for those in need. they may be far from home, but our troops overseas got a christmas celebration of their own today.
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great soldiers in at bagram air base in afghanistan. those soldiers say the celebration was pretty amazing but also made them miss their families back home. >> i would say i miss them very much and wish i was there having dinner with them. >> it makes me sad that i'm not with my family, but i have a job i have to do. >> we appreciate the work they're doing bagram is one of the main military bathe in afghanistan. it is maintained by a combined joint task force that includes military forces from all branches. >> well, if you or a loved one is missing a couple of gets, you are not alone. fedex being accused of ruining christmas for customers after storms slammed the south. allison reports on what fedex is doing to fix that problem. >> eye trait customers talking to social media furious fedex didn't deliver their packages in time for christmas, many calling
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shipping snafus are not new for shipping companies around the holidays, but usually it's ups getting the heat this year it's fedex's turn. a spokesman blaming heavier than planned last minute shipping volumes and severe weather outbreaks in some areas of the u.s. fedex has a make or air hub at memphis, tennessee an area hard hit by storms. today on christmas fedex said some of its employees have volunteered to deliver the delayed packages and priority is being giving to residential customers. although ups is having a better holiday, it's not immune to delays. ups has been getting angry tweets about angry packages not delivered. a spokesperson says there may be some individuals who massive panels delayed but overall most people got the panels they were promised. ups is trying to right the ship after having a couple of tough holidays will two years ago amazon overwhelmed ups with hundreds of trailers of last minute christmas orders that didn't make it on time. it's part of the reason
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journal" amazon may be looking for another carrier. pressure on the package deliver i industry comes at a time where shopping more online, e-commerce sales from just after thanksgiving to just before christmas are up almost 12% compared to a year ago. and delivery companies hire extra workers, seasonal workers to handle the extra volume but a lot of that is based on retailers giving an accurate forecast to shippers on what is expected for the holiday season, and they're expectations aren't always accurate could be a lesson to a lot of procrastinators out there. shop earlier next year so your packages have a chance of getting where they need to be on time. back to you. >> they traveled hundreds of miles to deliver their baby and her survival, definitely a christmas mir california still to come, the emotional story of sacrifice going viral. >> plus, a man wins the lottery for only a couple of days.
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the state department is now investigating. >> and despite the record breaking temperatures a blast of the seven-day forecast. i'll show you when and where coming snoop next, thanking those who aren't always around during the holidays, a special
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>> mark shows us the dedication this organization has in helping our heroes. >> inside the terminal, hundreds of volunteers were getting ready for a hero's welcome. >> i was completely overwhelmed. people. i cried all the way. >> colonel blair and many have been deployed overseas, the peas greet wrers there to give them a surprise salute. they welcome home more than 900 flights since 2005 and provided food care packages and much
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>> we are grateful to the troops going over to iraq, and we realize it's something that needs to be done. >> leo is a medal of honor recipient for the vietnam war. he knows how important it is for troops to be appreciated. >> i think this is phenomenal. i never heard of this. this is such a great program. the troops are going over there, coming home, contractors. they're doing so much. and a lot of them thank us. >> colonel says the short stop at peas will have a lasting effect on troops. >> just thank you. what you do is so important to us. it really makes a difference to know that people still care, that people still know that we are out there, because a lot of people really don't.
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those troops. >> that is the christmas spirit. >> it really is and they do this out of love for their country. they plan to keep doing it until the last plane comes home. >> to learn more about that organization log onto and there's a link on the home page. another holiday tradition, leftovers from the holidays, probably going to be on the menu for a lot of households this weekend there. are several simple rules to make sure that food is safe from dangerous bacteria. for one do not leave food sitting out longer than 24 hours. use air tight containers and get them into the fridge quickly. experts advise eating leftovers within three or four days a toss what is left after that. >> 3 would be the average high
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we got in the 6 0gs again today. tomorrow will be about 10 degrees cooler, 20 colder than yesterday but that leaves us 10 degrees above average for this time of year. notice how the bottom drops out just in time for the early part of next week. tuesday could be the coldest day of the month of december so far, and that also happens to be the day when we are expecting a pretty significant storm system. more on that in just a second. 57 the current temperature right now. winds are light out of the southwest about 9 miles per hour and that southwesterly wind will keep temperatures fairly mild through the evening hours, so we are likely to stay in the 50s until about midnight in the boston area. temperatures still near the 50 degree mark until about midnight so again very mild conditions for december standards, especially for the late december standards as we are headed out
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do have a front just barely to our south. there's moisture riding that front come from the baltimore washington area. you see where that's heading toward the cape and the islands. spotty showers vineyard, nantucket some heading for the careful. we will keep the chance of rain in the forecast for the short term. to the north we have slightly cooler weather, on the leading edge spotty showers. can't rule out a spotty shower in keehn or manchester. so those areas slight chance of rain until about 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. then the trend will be clearing skies will decent sunshine on saturday. probably more than recent days. clouds will be increasing late in the kay and we have yet another warm front rolling through here saturday night into sunday morning this.
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fairly widespread soaking rain but with the warm front as you might expect it warmer so again temperatures on sunday well up into the 50s. brief break in the action middle part of the day on sunday, so rain likely the morning, partly cloudy in the middle part of the day. then another front rolls through later in the day. this would be a cold front. with that another round of showers later in the day, so two chances for rain on sunday, one early and one late, but hinted that cold front, a blast of cold air that again likely will be the coldest we've seen so far this december and that will get here just in time for the early part of next workweek. meantime down to about 43 in the boston area, cooler and up are 30s north an west tonight. these numbers would be typical for the middle of the afternoon so well above average for the middle of the night. high temperatures tomorrow, generally in the upper 40s to low 50s. ten degrees cooler than today, but still about ten degrees warmer than average. decent amount of sunshine
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clouds late. rain likely saturday night into sunday morning and another round sunday evening. behind that cooler for much monday and tuesday. next storm system due to arrive tuesday morning. right now looks cold enough to begin this snow. talk about potential accumulations in the next half hour. >> well a day of giving at the st. peter's tea center in doch -- dorchester. it was started by the late boston mayor tom menino and his son is keeping the tradition alive. >> we made kids smile. you saw people earlier. today they were sitting on the front stage over there, all those kids got all those toys, big smiles on their faces, eyes gleaming, they knew there was something for them.
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than 500 kids and families. >> it is brady and the jets. still to come on the "fox45 news" what he -- revis says about this rivalry. >> the one thing we have been enjoying for months is finally having in the world travel business. >> next a message of humility,
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ple >> fox news has more on the christmas eve celebrations that have taken place on every continent. >> as the clock strikes midnight around the world, christmas is celebrated in lands peaceful and desperate. in the town of bethlehem, pilgrims are gathering at manger square near the church of the nativity. in iraq where religious differences can mean the difference between life and death there is hope for the future [speaking foreign language] >> our hopes are just like all iraqis. we want the security and stability in our country and our stolen lands to be returned and the displaced people to be returned to their houses an god willing we have hope in 2016? >> in syria miles from the front lines christians gather to light the tree and hope for peace. >> soon the war will end, and we will start a new battle which is
5:23 pm
only the reconstruction of buildings but also of people. >> at the vatican security is tighter than usual following the terrorist attacks in paris an san bernardino. pope francis says this is a time for people to rediscover who they are [speaking foreign language] >> in a society so often intoxicated by consumerism, wet and extravagance, this child calls us to act soberly. >> even cuba is changing. although christmas was banned after the revolution, havana is firmly in the holiday spirit. pope francis praying for world peace at his annual christmas message from the vatican. he hoped the agreement reached by the u.n. would succeed in stopping the violence in syria. >> we pray to the lord the agreement reached in the united nations may succeed in halting as quickly as possible the clash
5:24 pm
remedying the extreme grave harron situation of its suffering people. >> pope francis also urged christians around the world to be humbled and enjoy life's simpler things. they traveled miles to give birth to a miracle. that was only the beginning. the little story gone viral, how a family is handling this miracle. >> how a marine surprised his wife just before the holidays. >> but next we continue to
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everett as a s.w.a.t. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news tonight, a s.w.a.t. team surrounds an everett home an they've been there since mid morning. hello. >> that standoff continues right now. fox45 eric rasmussen has been watching the activity an joins
5:26 pm
latest. >> reporter: guys, i got to tell you there could be something developing right now. what we are trying to do out here for the last several minutes is listen to police talk to their possible suspect over a bullhorn here on summer street in everett. what i'm hearing the last few minutes san officer talking to this man saying come on out, come down the steps. possibly lift up your shirt. now we believe if you bear with me, this is happening right now. i'm going to stay out of the way. amanda go ahead and push in. we did not want to give up police positions but it appears this is developing right now. you may be able to see police moving in. it sounds like this standoff could be possibly coming to a conclusion. we are seeing a flurry of activity as obviously from this great distance police have pushed us back for our own safety it's difficult to tell
5:27 pm
has been going on virtually all day since mid morning when neighbors say they heard what sounded like possible gunfire. one woman described it as a boom. ever since then the s.w.a.t. team rolled in with this armored vehicle. i don't know if we can see a stretcher, rolling out of the area live in everett. very difficult to tell in the dark. it's not clear that anybody was on that stretcher. but again, we are seeing smoke come from the house. i don't know if there is possibly fire involved ordinary that was some the police ordinance they were using will starting to see quite a bit more smoke. now flames have erupted from the house. we can see someone being walked to the right, but just a incredible scene here on summer street in everett this.
5:28 pm
just an incredible conclusion from this standoff. i'm seeing significant flames from this house police had surrounded all day lock talking through the bull horn to somebody they addressed only as mark, aside from some teargas possibly being fired in the home there was not a lot of activity but now, again, the house here that has been their focus all day long, in flames. people are moving to the other side of the street. guys i got to tell from you this perspective this is about all we can tell from here, we have two cameras with fox45 here on scene. we are going to try to see if we can reposition ourselves in a safe way and get a sense whether in fabt this suspect has been apprehended and we are going to keep you updated on the fire. i'm talking to mike jones, one of our photographers here. he believes he's seen the suspect actually taken into custody, and amanda with our live camera here, you can see
5:29 pm
into position. this fire that has just erupted here on summer street after a day long standoff, a big fire, guys. this is putting holes in danger. and we'll send it back to you. >> eric, i know this is developing as we speak, but a couple of things happening here right now. it looked like they were taking someone into custody escorting someone from the house. as you've been reporting here over the last 30 minutes, they've been, police have been shooting something in there like teargas or some kind of flag bang. was that likely what resulted in the fire maybe? >> reporter: that's entirely possible, blair. i can tell you doing this job over the years, we've covered situations where teargas may
5:30 pm
i can recall where it wasn't the cancer itself but in fact the cancer knocking something over. now we have police coming. we are going to need to get out of the way very quickly but that is a question, what caused this fire. still a very fluid situation. we have officers runing in our direction. >> eric, we are going to let you reposition, this obviously a changing situation in everett, police coming his way. it looked like they were moving that possibly the person in that house. >> we saw them taking away someone. >> and they brought a paramedic gurney out. nobody was on that. we are going to take a quick break and let our crews get a situation an figure out what's going on there. we will get updates as we had. >> we will check with eric as soon as he's able to move. let's switch gears, weather a big issue, actually a great issue. it's been very warm out there. stormtracker meteorologist rob
5:31 pm
>> yes, these record temperatures will be a distant mel ri. the record goes back to 1889. manchester prove dense easily set records, so two days in a row, record high temperatures. 60 the current temperature. lawrence norwood 51. generally speaking, if you're heading out in ink, temperatures in the 50s, very mild. boston should stay dry but we are be watching the radar. two areas of showers, one south a east of boston. a few more just off to our north and west rolling through
5:32 pm
we are going to keep the chance of rain in the forecast for those two areas, but in the middle, boston immediate area should stay dry through the overnight hours. >> wey be seeing coast guard officials that area waters are cold. coast guard said the water temperature in boston harbor is 46 degrees which is ten degrees colder than last month but still cold. police in tewks bury on the scene near st. williams church. we don't know how that person is doing but officers say serious crash. >> trying to get stolen packages back to their owners. officers say they found a man with a ripped package and toilet
5:33 pm
someone called saying that man was acting suspicious lip. police identified that man as jeffrey of laurent, and they have him in custody. if you recognize those items there, call police. >> two worcester colleges are offering prospective students a two for one deal. students can first earn an associate's degree. after that they'll be guaranteed admission for bachelor's at anna maria college. kocht only $40,000. officers getting money to spend on the people they swear to protect. out it paid off ahead. >> plus he was set to take home thousands of dollars from the lottery but just one problem, the state department investigating after some numbers don't match up. >> next they wrote it without
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not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. find the lowest prices of the season, going on now. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed.
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not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. find the lowest prices of the season, going on now. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed. only at a sleep number store. >> a little girl in milwaukee didn't think her family would be able to afford christmas so she wrote a letter to santa. officers decided to given santa a hand. fox's kale shows us how they made the little girl's wish come true. >> i am writing this letter because i need you to give my
5:36 pm
because every year i mail a letter off and it never gets to santa. i'm asking you since you're the hero, can you please give the letter. this is not just fighting crime, but it's really effecting change in the families who need it the most. yes, me and my brother got your address off google. mom don't know about this. she thinks i sent it to santa. everybody is -- who hears those words are touched, and as we read it, we know that we have to do something. whatever we can do to make this christmas special is something we are proud of. >> thank you. >> what a wonderful story. that.
5:37 pm
lottery prize but might have to give it back. he's 20 years old but in iowa you have to be 21. he said a coworker bought him the ticket but investigaters found out he bought it himself using a fake i.d. >> the law is in place for a reason. we need to make sure the law is enforced, and i think the good news is that this doesn't happen very often. >> the 20-year-old now faces mischarges. the lottery officials are taking steps to punish the own fore selling the ticket to him. >> another one of our favorite stories at fox45, how this marine made this christmas more special for his family. >> after two days of record temperatures we've got snow in the forecast. how much snow we could get coming snoop a familiar story
5:38 pm
meet the christmas miracle d >> someone taken in custody as the standoff ends in everett. >> eric rasmussen is there. eric, you walked us through this as it was unfolding. what is the the latest now? >> well, this is still a very active scene out here, blair. i'm going to step out of the way. water onto this house. this was the focus of police all day long as a standoff was going on, and amanda, if i could ask you to turn to your right a little bit, it pa peers a neighbor who was right next door to this house is being led out, some reporters are speaking. they're asking for space many an
5:39 pm
of her fame after flames erupted i don't know maybe 20 minutes ago. as police were in the process of apprehending the suspect, who had been holed up here all day long since mid morning since neighbors heard something come from that house, whether it was gunfire or something else. if we have the video, if we haven't already showed it to you here, we want to show you some video we recorded just in the last 15 or 20 minutes. this was the culmination of this standoff here in everett on summer street. police over the bullhorn had been ordering a man to come out of the house, nothing had been working up to that point, apparently we had seen what possibly was teargas fired in, the man came up -- out with his hands up. he was taken to the ground and into custody. we don't know more than that. police had been keeping us back quite a distance as they took this man into custody. as we come back out live to give
5:40 pm
standing here on oliver and summer street. you're getting a look at this neighborhood with a lot of houses close together, a tight knit neighborhood. i've had a chance to smet some of the people out here as we've been waiting for a resolution to this standoff all day long, but now fronts finding out more about the man take mean can does and -- custody and making sure this fire is out and under control. no question about anybody hurt. we are going to stand by, bring
5:41 pm
it. wraoel send it back to you. >> tense situation in everett. still a lot of questions out there. >> walking outside, we are talking about the weather, it is christmas, but certainly doesn't feel like christmas. stormtracker weather meteorologist rob saying we are setting records today. >> got up to 60 this afternoon in worcester that ties a record back to 1964. 66 in norwood, numbers more typical of october. 60 in manchester. see specks of green on the map here, have this frontal boundary stalled out just barely to our south. we've got lots of moisture riding up along the front. you see the path that it's taking basically clipping the southern portion of our fox45
5:42 pm
rain this hour from new bed forward to chatham, continuing to the cape and islands until 2:00 a.m. to our north the leading edge of that cooler is hit or miss showers. most of this will stay to our north thechlts showers are fizzling out as they're moving out. can't rule out a sprinkle in keehn or a few in manchester the next hour. for those areas slight chance of rain this evening, but a much better chance later on as we head through our holiday weekend. saturday night into sunday morning, there you see the time on your screen. got actually two fronts heading our way sunday that gives us two opportunities for rain, first again will be very early sunday morning, more like pre-dawn hours sunday morning. could be a good soaking. probably get a break in the action middle part of the day. second front arrives late in the day towards dinner time that one likely to bring us another round of showers, so two opportunities for rainfall through our sunday.
5:43 pm
through, much colder air finally makes it in here, more typical of derx probably the coldes air we've seen so far rolls into here sunday night into monday. that will make monday and tuesday some of the coldest days of the month so far, not that that's saying much but still looks like that cold air will be still around when our next storm system arrives begins to move in here tuesday morning. looks like it's not going to be cold enough that the rain won't be falling as rain but begin as snow before changing over to rain. so how much snow we are expecting, lots of uncertainty but so one possible fairio. i -- scenario. i think from boston south an east it will change to rain and probably wash away accumulation. this is just one possible
5:44 pm
another thing to consider, it's been so warm, the ground is so warm, the snow may not be able to stick that could reduce our accumulation. this is just one computer projection, an this is kind of the extreme on one side. the extreme on the other side says that it will be too warm and this will be almost all rain everywhere and we may under with no accumulation, so take this with a grain of salt because there is a lot of uncertainly. meantime, 50 degrees tomorrow afternoon for your saturday, chance of rain late saturday night, more like early sunday morning. brief break in the action sunday. another round of rain sunday night. breezy cooler monday and looks like snow changing to rain tuesday, finally winter weather for the beginning part of next workweek. >> and we are continuing to follow breaking news. ahead, a tense standoff in an everett home. we will show you more from an
5:45 pm
new at 6:00 flames burn through the home where a former president was born, why investigators believe it was not an accident, and steve harvey messed up announcing the winner of the miss universe pageant. the three words he said today poking fun at himself.
5:46 pm
>> some police officers in florida going above and beyond
5:47 pm
their community. tuesdayens of families in need were surprised with gift cards. as ann reports it's thanks to a secret santa who donated $50,000. >> first a team huddle, then a special christmas delivery. miami-dade police surprising this hard working mom and her daughter. >> we've come by and brought you a gift card. for you and your daughter. >> it's one of 500 gift cards that are being handed out by the department to families in need countywide thanks to a $50,000 donation from a department secret santa. >> now she's going to have christmas, and i'm happy. if she's happy, i'm happy. >> to be able to knock on her door, see her face an the
5:48 pm
provide a gift card and brings some christmas joy is rewarding. >> we introduced you to this little gem earlier. her mom got there first christmas surprise. a bunch of those presents. foundation stepping in to give the duo an extra boost at a tough time. she had the same when she was young and just learned her cancer is back. >> monday when i went to the doctor they told me that i have it. >> news that makes the struggle more yel -- real, but she says the support from the police department and their secret santa makes her confident she will beat it again. in the meantime she plans to have a merry christmas.
5:49 pm
>> a christmas miracle for a military wife in florida, her husband is in the marines stationed in california. the marines made sure while kelly was taking a picture with santa she he was able to sneak into the back of that shot. >> oh my god. give me a second to put it together. it was such a shock, i didn't expect it at all. >> love those stories. the couple got married in september, and next february kelsey moving to california, stationed. take a look at this. hundreds of people dressed up in 08 degree weather for the annual surfing santa event in cocoa beach, florida. this year was extra special. the event actually set a new world record for the number of people surfing while dressed as santa claus.
5:50 pm
up this year. >> breaking news, officers armed with rifles, a s.w.a.t. team raced in a home. >> for the second week in a row, record high temperatures. i'll let you know when snow returns to the forecast. >> the violent crash that knocked out power to hundreds of homes on christmas morning an why police can't find the driver. >> and the three words steve harvey said, poking fun at himself after the miss universe debacle. >> right now, we continue to follow major developments in everett, where a house went up in flames, following a tense standoff that lasted several hours. custody. we showed thursday tratic scene live here.
5:51 pm
then we have learned new information. let's get right to fox45 eric rasmussen. you are live with some breaking information, eric. >> reporter: stefanie, the standoff is over but there's still a lost work to be done. we want to show you the effort by firefighters right now as they owe occasionally put a spotlight on this house. this is where the standoff was happening all day long. now you can see they are dousing it with water. you can see where flames burned right up the front of this house and the timing of what happened here is especially interesting. i know that we came out here around noon today a few hours before that, neighbors had called out police. they thought they heard a boom, maybe gunfire coming from inside the house. they weren't sure. that's when a standoff began. for hours police were talking to a man inside via bullhorn when he finally came out, is right about the time that flames erupted at this house on summer street here in everett.
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